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in the entir e process. avoid fr iction, heat, and fla me. a few years back, a teenager i k new blew 4 fingers off w hile trying to mak e a pipe bomb w ith solidox. you have been war ned! 8. high tech r evenge: the beige box. have you ever wanted a linem an's handset? sur ely every fr eak has at least once consider ed the fun that he could have w ith one. after searching unlock ed phone compan y trucks for months, w e had an idea. w e could build one. w e did, and na med it the "beige box" simply because that is the color of ours. the beige box is simply a consumer lineman's handset, w hich is a phone that

ar, or sucrose. in theory, glucose would be the pur est energy

rce, but it is har d to find a solid supply of glucose. mak ing the

tur e: 1. open the can of solidox, and r emove all six sticks. one

ne, gr ind up each of the sticks (pr efer ably w ith a mortar and

le) into the finest pow der possible. 2 . the r atio for mixing the

a r w ith the solidox is 1:1, so w eigh the solidox pow der, a nd

d up the equivalent amount of sugar. 3. mix equivalent amounts

olidox pow der, and sugar in a 1:1 r atio. it is just that simple!

now have an extr emely pow er ful substance that can be used

yellow and black w ir es can be r emoved, although i would only them aside so that you can use the modular jack in futur e proje now insert your telephone's modular plug into the modular j that's it. this particular model is nice because it is can be ea made, is inexpensive, uses common parts that ar e r eadily availa is small, is lightw eight, and does not r equir e the destructio a phone. ther e ar e man y uses for a beige box. how ever, befor e can use it, you must k now how to attach it to the output dev this device can be of an y of bell sw itching appar atus that incl

beige box, follow along. the construction is very simple. first you must understand the concept of the device. in a modular jack, there ar e four w ir es. these ar e r ed, gr een, yellow, and black. for a single line telephone, however, only two matter: the r ed (r ing) and gr een (tip). the yellow and the black ar e not necessary for this project. a lineman's handset has two clips on it: the r ing and the tip. tak e a modular jack and look at the bottom of it's casing. ther e should be a gr ey jack w ith four w ir es (r ed, gr een, yellow & black) leading out of it. to the end of the r ed w ir e attach a r ed alligator clip.


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project 07

THIS DID NOT GO WELL Doomed Schemes and Damned Fools in the films of the Coen Brothers

in which, some of the gr eatest fools a n d crooks on film a r e celebr ated. the film festi va l r evolv es a rou n d the idea th at sometimes m a k i ng a n y pla ns at a ll is a mista k e, especi a lly w hen the moti v es a n d perspecti v es of others a r e disr ega r ded entir ely. k ey components i nclude a lcohol, homem a de w ea ponry a n d cursi ng.

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