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the bone. a thir d, and, if necessary, a fourth or fifth, circular

parts would be produced by mak ing an incision through them all

one sw eep of the k nife. in this a mputation, w hich as simplified by

gr a n ul a

tion of the deepest muscular layers may be made with the gr eat-

in a conical for m ; but that such an incision is impr acticable in the

dupu ytr en is extr emely r apid and br illiant, the natur e of the cur e

rou nded

r apidity, and the bone is saw n in the tr ack of the last incision.

or dinary mode of oper ating, nor is it necessary for the for mation

will depend almost wholly upon the height above the first incision


this way the bone may be saw n as high even as six inches above

of a good stump." the extr emity of the stump pr esents the for m of

at which the bone is saw n. if the conical cavity be made too shallow,

this r es

e first in. sever a l older surgeons use this expr ession as appli-

a deep conical cavity w ith the bone at its apex. lar r eyt oper ated

or if it become so from subsequent shr ink ing of the soft parts, the

ar r ived

ble to their ow n oper ations, but it does not appear that they

in the sa me m an ner, w ith the single exception that in the first

oper ation w ill approach in char acter the very imper fect one of

the firs

lly attained, or indeed aimed at, an ything mor e than a flat, or

incision he divided only the sk in and subcutaneous tissue which

par e ; but if, on the other band, it be of sufficient depth to admit

equal at

most a slightly concave section of the muscles. mr . hey, w hose

w er e r etr acted by a n assista nt, dur ing the per for m a nce of the

of the coaptation not only of the sk in but also of the muscular

m ay gen

cr iption of his method is near ly identical w ith that of lar r ey,

r est of the oper ation. default m a de sever a l circula r incisions,

sides of the cavity, extensive union may take place by first intention



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