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make telescopes. the giant devices used for observing fine detail

to use. the man was not far away. isa ac new ton, only tw enty-one

newton ground his telescope mir rors and diagonals from a special

the mir r

the moon and planets could be affor ded only by observator ies

years of age, had alr eady decided that the r efr acting telescope

meta l a lloy, still ca lled speculum meta l. the im age for med was


d wealthy men. the wor ld was still looking for a telescope which

had too man y in nate defects to mak e it useful and look ed around

shar p and clear but not very br ight since speculum metal is not as

seems no

ht have universal use, for the small galilean telescopes w er e

for some other means of producing a r eally shar p image in a tele-

r eflective as moder n metal coatings. in or der to gather mor e light

dwar fs t

from per fect. ( john dollond, the english optician w ho finally

scopic device. he found it in a paper published by the astronomer

and produce a br ighter im age, men began to incr ease the size of

tor was g

r k ed out the pr inciple of the achromatic [color-fr ee] lens, in

nicolas zucchi, in w hich the idea of the r eflecting telescope was

the r eflector, lik e that of the r efr actor befor e it. it culminated

being ev

ich two pieces of glass of differ ent indices of r efr action ar e

descr ibed. the r esult of new ton's wor k was the prototype of the

in such monstrous devices as the huge r eflector of w illia m her-


d, was not to ar r ive on the scene until 1785, and this was still

telescope w e have discussed ear lier, and such instruments still

schel, 4 feet in di a meter a nd 4 0 feet long, a nd the ev en la rger

system w

the 160 0's). as is so often the case in scientific discovery, the

bear his na me, the new tonian r eflector . since the art of coating

telescope on telescopes in gener al. this one was so big that a man



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