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See the full report on the great Horizons Symposium in Sydney We visit Capricorn Automotive’s new CEO Bradley Gannon in Perth Talking Shop with Andrew’s Automotive Restorations in Melbourne

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Old dogs – new tricks Where there’s a will, there’s a way I have never believed in the old adage that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Take this old dog’s transition from running businesses for major multinationals to producing this very publication as a prime example. So, how do you teach an old dog a new trick? The answer is that if the old dog has the will and the opportunity, it is not only possible, it is highly probable. In the rapidly changing landscape that is the collision repair industry, there is no shortage of opportunities to learn something new. That, of course, leaves the “will”. The key for me was to build on my strengths and manage the areas in which I needed to improve. Let me assure you, I still learn something new every day. I once read that if you are the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room. Think about this for a moment and consider whether you are looking to be in a room full of people from whom you can learn something new. This month I’ve had the pleasure to once again meet a wide cross-section of our industry across three states, meeting fellow Baby Boomers, Gen-X, Millennials and of course Gen-Z, the newest of our Future Leaders of the Industry. The question on everyone’s lips is: “How do we attract and retain the next generation of technicians and those who will be the captains of our industry in the coming decades?”

At last month’s Horizons Symposium, about which you can read on page 24, it was very much a multi-generational room with so many opportunities for delegates of all ages to learn something new. Vehicle safety and technology, industry structure, and virtual reality were all on the menu, although it was the Gen-Zs who stole the show as they clearly articulated what we need to do to address the talent gap. There were plenty of “old dogs” in the room, and most of them got the message.

IF YOU ARE THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE ROOM, THEN YOU’RE IN THE WRONG ROOM! And speaking of “old dogs”, my old friend Doug Barber (I know he won’t mind this) shared his plans to take Robayne from the ashes of administration to become an even better business as he learns a whole raft of “new tricks” from the new owners. See our discussion on page 28. In a text-book example of generational change, we interview Capricorn Automotive’s new CEO, Bradley Gannon, as he takes over the reins from David Fraser, builds on the success of the past and develops plans to take Capricorn to even THE

greater levels. Bradley’s story is on page 14. Once again, Mark Czvitkovits is on the money with a most timely column about the importance of developing a learning culture in your business on page 40. Although he doesn’t say it, I believe Mark is speaking to all the “old dogs” out there. On page 32, John McCoy-Lancaster compares two great car shows that are half a world apart: the Shannons Sydney Classic and the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, while Owen Webb takes us to the Red Centre Nats in Alice Springs on page 42. In his latest Tech Tip on page 36, John Hristias of PPG explains the importance of cleaning between polish steps, we visit Andrew’s Automotive Restorations on page 30 and we induct Parviz Hasanyar and Shawn Buie as Future Leaders of the Industry on page 38. So, message this month is that you are never too old to learn, develop and grow in this great industry of ours!

As always, happy to chat.

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John Hristias of PPG explains the importance of cleaning between polish steps.

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The full story and lots of pics of the only collision repair industry event in Sydney this year.


We chat with Doug Barber as he shares Robayne’s journey out of Administration and talks about their new direction.


We chat with Andrew Melton of Andrew’s Automotive Restorations who tells us what he does and how he does it.


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We induct Parviz Hasanyar and Shawn Buie at a packed house at the IAG Research Centre in Sydney.

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The Car Guy

John reports on two great car shows, the Shannons Sydney Classic and Detroit’s Woodward Dream Cruise.

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An overview of the latest products designed specifically for your business.


Capricorn Automotive CEO, Bradley Gannon shares his background and his plans for the future.

Robayne’s renaissance

Motoclassica The SEMA Show Automechanika Shanghai.

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Mark shares his view on the importance of having a learning culture in your business if you really want to succeed.

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Owen reports from Alice Springs as he covers the Red Centre Nats once again.



John discusses dynamic calibration of ADAS and OEM-prescribed safety checks.


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Quicker. More Brilliant. More Efficient. Two clears, one hardener, same mixing ratio. Glasurit 923-625 HS Clear universal VOC. Spray painters love it, because they can use it for applications ranging from spot repair to overall resprays. Thanks to its excellent flow properties, the clearcoat can be applied easily and reliably in a single step without an intermediate flash-off time. Quick repairs are now even more efficient with Glasurit 923-610 HS Clear fast drying VOC. The new clearcoat needs no flash-off time and provides an excellent finish after only a short drying time in the oven at 60 °C panel temperature. 923-610 also boasts outstanding drying properties at 40 °C and at room temperature. Thanks to Glasurit 522-MC 600, when combined with Glasurit 923-6 series HS clearcoats, the Glasurit RATIO system concept now also applies for 22 Line VOC: one system, one hardener and thinner portfolio, and one uniform mixing ratio makes your work easy and reliable.

BASF Australia Australia Ltd, 231-233 Newton Newton Road, W Wetherill etherill P Park ark NSW 2164, Phone: (02) 8787 0100, Fax: Fax: (02) 8787 0133, email: contact-austr

W234446 09.2019

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Member’s fight with prostate cancer inspires Capricorn to help There are more than 20,000 very important reasons why Australasia’s largest automotive cooperative, Capricorn, has made a dedicated effort to accept donations to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Following the highly successful Capricorn Cares Farmer’s Drought fundraising initiative conducted last year, Capricorn is dedicating this year’s Capricorn Cares effort to increase awareness and collect donations from its vast member base for prostate cancer research. Prostate cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in Australia, affecting one in seven men. One of those 20,000 plus men diagnosed last year was Capricorn member John Spicer from John Spicer’s Mechanical Repairs in NSW. John was diagnosed following a routine blood test. “I never thought about prostate cancer at all, but I needed to get my prostate specific antigen (PSA) and cholesterol tested every year as part of my medicals needed for my speedway racing. It was this very simple blood test that showed something was going on,” said John.

The disease is a family’s cancer that impacts wives, children, mothers, fathers and friends too. “My four adult children were extremely shocked and wanted to help out in any way they could. I was initially diagnosed in September last year and I was OK until I had my first radiation treatment. I came back to the office and it hit me – I have cancer!” John’s wife took over running the business with a friend to keep the customers happy so he could rest after treatment every day, but he found that he really couldn’t leave the business full time as he had to still do the rego checks and vehicle diagnosing. John was more fortunate than most. By getting the simple PSA blood test every year, he was able to catch the disease early. And while he’s not out of the woods just yet, it’s clear that getting tested has significantly increased his chances of making a full recovery. “By the time symptoms show, that usually means it’s too late. I’m not ‘all clear’ yet, but my PSA levels have halved. I want to retire in a few years and enjoy travelling and fishing with my wife. But that wouldn’t be possible without getting tested. I can’t stress it enough.

Early detection is a must. Just do it.” While Australia and New Zealand recognise prostate cancer awareness month is September, the Capricorn Cares campaign will ensure that the message about catching the disease early receives continued attention. For the sake of your wives, your children, your friends and the other people in your life, ask your doctor for a PSA blood test this month. Even if your doctor says you don’t fit the likely profile, getting tested regularly is the best way to track changes in your PSA levels that can indicate the presence of the disease at some time in the future. The Capricorn Cares fundraising campaign is accepting donations to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. To donate, members should login to and complete the donation form. All donations are entirely tax deductible and 100 percent of all funds raised from this Capricorn Cares campaign in Australia will go directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. For more information on Prostate cancer visit

WorldSkills Regionals at Ultimo TAFE Garry Clear, Lifetime Achievement Award inductee and Head Teacher at Ultimo TAFE, and his team hosted the WorldSkills Regionals on Saturday 14th September. The competition was fierce over a six-hour day, with seven competitors in both the Autobody Repair and Refinishing categories. The Refinish competition involved recreating two colours from base through to clearcoat, incorporating a stencil design, and preparing for a decal application. Judges for this competition were: Axalta’s Paul Polverino and Stephen Bulman, Sherwin Williams’ Brad Franklin, and TAFE NSW’s Rainer Malkki. The gold medal as awarded to Stephanie Wilks of Capital SMART, the silver to Chris Woodger, also of Capital SMART, and the bronze to Ellie Glennie of Conventional Bodyworks. Each medal winner received a Sagola

4 – LO C A L N E W S

Spray Gun courtesy of Axalta Coating Systems, WorldSkills Australia’s coatings supplier. In the Body Repair competition, each competitor was required to complete a sectional repair on a sill, a full range of welds in situ, and a guard repair. Judges were Garry Clear, former Mount Druitt TAFE Head

Riley Skippen-Carlsson, Damian Nicollini and George Eddy.

Teacher Allan Ryan, and one of our Future Leaders of the Industry and TAFE Teacher, Trudy Camilleri. The gold medal was awarded to Damian Nicollini of Capital SMART, the silver to George Eddy of Exclusive Bodyworks and the bronze to Riley Skippen-Carlsson of BT Ryan Truck Repairs.

Stephanie Wilks, Chris Woodger and Ellie Glennie.





Inset image: Car-O-Liner’s CTR9 Spot Welder

Spot Welders

Huge Welder


CTR7 & CTR9 Resistance Spot Welders

SOLID, FLEXIBLE & INNOVATIVE The CTR7 and CTR9 resistance spot welders provide quality spot welds with all the new high-strength steels using cutting edge inverter technology. The telescopic support arm gives excellent reach to all welding spots while the innovative and compact power unit packs 12,000 A and is easy to move around the shop increasing your flexibility. A wide range of accessories and sophisticated software with semi-automatic control features guarantee perfect welding results. With the WeldloggerTM program you can document and save your work for increased precision.

TRADE-IN DEAL: The Trade-in deal is offered in conjuction with our Special Deals ‘Promotion’ on Car-O-Liner CTR7 & CTR9 Spot Welders ... so that means we will trade any type of spot welding system regardless of age or condition ... also there are further great savings available on other selected Car-O-Liner equipment!



Head Office: Unit 1, 25 Industrial Road, Unanderra, NSW 2526

Ph: (02) 4271 6287 ▲ Fax: (02) 4271 7899 Website: ▲ Email: ▲ NSW & Tas: Fritz Pfeffer – Ph: 0412 559 208 ▲ NT & Vic: Lindsay Batten – Ph: 0412 372 988 ▲ Qld & SA: Liam Hugo – Ph 0403 455 914

Car-O-Liner’s CTR7 Spot Welder

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Sheen raises the bar at the 2019 Variety Bash As a major sponsor of the 2019 Variety Bash, the team from Melbourne-based MSO Sheen Panel Service put in a stellar performance to complete the 5,102klm from Melbourne to Geraldton WA. This year, the Sheen Team was “Car 50” in recognition of 2019 being Sheen’s 50th anniversary, and PPG was proud to help sponsor the team on this epic journey. Car 50 was driven by three fly-in-fly-out teams covering three distinct stages of the trip: Melbourne to Whyalla: David Morgan and Mark Salvadori Whyalla to Kalgoorlie: Charles Camilleri and Kerry Smith Kalgoorlie to Geraldton: David Whitehead, Jake Pantas, Ben Stone and Simon Ross. Throughout the 11-day event, entrants stopped at local towns along the route to visit schools and organisations where they could see the direct impact of their fundraising efforts aimed at helping children and their families. And when it came to fundraising, there was none better

than Sheen Panel Service. Travelling in their Holden WB Statesman, Team Sheen raised a staggering $402,000 and was named the highest fundraiser for the 2019 Variety Bash. This year was a new record, with 345 entrants and officials across 94 variety bash cars, 20 official vehicles and 20 rookie crews. They smashed last year’s donations by $100,000, raising $1.82 million, which was a credit to everyone involved! The $50,000 in grants along the journey saw Variety funding an assistance dog, speech and safety enabling devices, equipment for

a blind gymnastics program, educational and sports equipment, and contributing to a dedicated reading area to support special sensory need students. Over the past 30 years, Sheen Panel Service has raised in excess of $4.5 million in charitable funds. As a family-owned business, they are dedicated to supporting those in less fortunate circumstances, particularly children and disadvantaged youth. The Sheen Community Fund has a proud and long-standing association with many charities, actively supporting them with regular donations.

Martin Stone (centre) with Team Sheen.

Car-O-Liner boosts support for OEM approval program Car-O-Liner recently announced the appointment of Frank Li to the position of Technical Sales Manager Asia-Pacific, with responsibility for the Australia and New Zealand markets, including the APAC Academy. With a wealth of knowledge and experience within the automotive industry, Frank has been with Car-O-Liner for over a decade and was previously Key Account Manager, covering customer communication, training, project management, business and workshop development. He is a certified trainer, with certifications from many OEMs, including BMW, Rolls-Royce, JLR and Tesla, to name a few, in addition to driving body and paint business consulting projects. Frank is based in Sydney and will have a clear focus on the development of OEM relationships, utilising his experience to ensure the market is aware of Car-O-Liner’s commitment to the industry.

6 – LO C A L N E W S

One of Frank’s initial areas of focus will be to reinforce the myriad of global approvals with the Volkswagen group. Volkswagen AG, parent of global brands Audi, Porsche, Skoda, Seat, Lamborghini and, of course, Volkswagen, has several approvals in place for a number of Car-O-Liner products. Central to the range of VAS approved products are: Car-O-Data, combined with Car-OTronic Vision2, the state-of-the-art CMI 3000II, the phenomenal, multifunctional bench Quick42, the BenchRack bench with scissor lift versatility and the Speed bench. Also reflecting Car-O-Liner’s commitment to the industry is that they once again supplied 23 workstations, including all equipment and curtains, for the recent WorldSkills International event in Kazan, in addition to their support with equipment and training for the National WorldSkills every year. Car-OLiner also runs a certified training

program on computerised measuring, a course that attracts I-CAR points. “I am so thrilled to be working in the dynamic Australasian market. I look forward to working with the team and assisting the body shop owners to become more efficient, effective and, of course, profitable,” said Li.

Car-O-Liner's Frank Li.

2019 Future Leaders of the Industry Forum

Congratulations Maxine Colligan, Cameron Killen and Jack Parkinson for a truly inspiring vision of the future.

Nominate your future leaders now! Contact: or call 0458 588 333

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PPG is up for the challenge Covering over 3,000 km between Darwin and Adelaide, the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is regarded as the planet’s toughest solar vehicle race and this year, two teams will be looking good with PPG support. Following up on its “Best Newcomer” award for its first participation in 2017, Team Sonnenwagen is making a return. Once again, it arrives with close support from Covestro, one of the largest global polymer companies, and PPG, the world’s number one producer of transportation coatings. Together, Covestro and PPG created a high-performance refinish clearcoat that is actually based on renewable materials. A key component is Covestro’s isocyanate hardener, Desmodur eco N 7300. Instead of using fossil fuels, 70 percent of the hardener’s carbon content is sourced from biomass, thus reducing its carbon footprint by around 30 percent, without compromising performance or quality. The car’s carbon fibre body was coated in the

eco-friendly, bio-based refinish clearcoat in a five-day application process at the PPG Training Centre in Hilden, Germany. Performance was also one of the key criteria for Western Sydney University’s Solar Car Team, and PPG was happy to provide close support. In 2018, it was the first non-American team to win the American Solar Challenge, a 2,837 km race from Nebraska to Oregon, and now its latest car, dubbed UNLIMITED 3.0, is looking to emulate that result at the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Crucially, PPG was able to assist with the team’s obsessive focus on weight minimisation. According to Trevor Duke, PPG NSW Training Manager, “After selecting the best PPG refinish products for the project and matching a number of colours for the team, we conducted tests to work out the best process for adding the least weight of paint to the vehicle while still ensuring excellent overall performance. The team sanded the primer back to minimal thickness

requirement before the ENVIROBASE High Performance waterborne basecoat was applied at our state-ofthe-art NSW Training Centre. That was followed by clearcoat that was sanded back and flow coated. All the way through, team members were constantly measuring film builds. The car left here looking fantastic in the team’s red colour scheme.” Both the PPG painted cars will now take to the gruelling course with proven coatings that are well and truly capable of dealing with the extreme environment, including temperatures up to 45°C, high levels of ultra-violet radiation and high dust content.


PPG meets demand with new WA Training Centre To better support the ongoing skill development of its customer base in Perth and across the Western Australian region, PPG has invested in a specialised training facility. Located in Fremantle, the new PPG WA Training Centre gives PPG’s local refinish team yet another tool to enhance its market-leading customer support services. Features include two reconditioned spray booths, along with ample space and a variety of equipment designed to deliver efficient and effective training programs. Also included are infrared and UV curing equipment, a VE Commodore training shell to simulate live jobs, and a fully equipped tint room, complete with SATA spray guns and the three-stage version of the SATA 0/400 modular filtration unit. A set of MIRKA Sanding Stations, fitted with the latest in MIRKA abrasives, power tools and polishes, showcase the latest technology

8 – LO C A L N E W S

available from the brand. In the past, training as been conducted in various locations, but the new WA Training Centre brings a more focused environment to meet customer demand for training, says WA Training Manager, Ruarc O’Connor. “As well as being able to choose from a range of PPG technical courses, such as Colour Matching, SMART Repairs and various applicationfocussed courses, a lot of customers are also looking to get their I-CAR certification. The ability to offer that through the new training centre will make it so much more convenient,” said O’Connor. “It’s also the perfect place to try before you buy – such as feeling what it’s like to use a premium SATA spray gun or MIRKA power tools or abrasives. We are excited about using the new WA Training Centre to help technicians sharpen their skills and get the very best out of

themselves and our products.” To find out more, contact Ruarc O’Connor on 0417 503 179. On a separate matter, since the September issue, PPG has revised the URL for the ‘Paint It’ platform, which can be accessed as simply as navigating your smart phone, tablet, laptop or even desktop computer to


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N E W S - - - - - - - - - - - -

MTA and Tradiebot Industries launch automotive innovation hub in SA The Motor Trade Association of South Australia (MTA), in partnership with Tradiebot Industries, have announced the launch of an Automotive Innovation Hub which will be based at the MTA’s Training and Employment Centre at Royal Park. The focus will be on delivering industry 4.0 automotive skills through new training programs and will be the space for the automotive industry to display R&D innovation in the service and repair sector. Tradiebot Industries, the inaugural partner of the Automotive Innovation Hub and an Australian-based innovative leader, has contributed several new technologies and training solutions that showcase advances in productivity, efficiency and developments within the automotive service and repair sector. These new technologies include the practical use of virtual and augmented reality and 3D printing. Demand for these products is now worldwide and they will bring them to the state through the Hub. The Hub will offer these exciting innovations and services to MTA members, local community groups and government organisations, and will also showcase them to schools to stimulate interest for trades in the automotive industry. The Hub will allow students to see, touch and try these new technologies and acquire new skills that will be required from our future workforce. The Minister for Innovation and Skills, Hon David Pisoni MP, congratulated the MTA and Tradiebot Industries on the launch of the Automotive Innovation Hub. “I commend the MTA and Tradiebot Industries for partnering on this initiative which demonstrates how important it is for vocational education and training to be up to date with the latest in modern technology,” he said. “The skills required for jobs across various sectors are increasingly being developed with the use of new technology and training methods, and it’s important

1 0 – LO C A L N E W S

that we continue to develop a skilled workforce in the automotive industry. It’s critical that we continue to grow the number of apprentices and trainees in South Australia by working with industry to meet the skills needs of our state’s existing and emerging industries, to boost our economy, build productive infrastructure, grow our exports, and create long-term career pathways.”

Paul Unerkov, David Pisoni and Mario Dimovski.

“We are excited to bring the Automotive Innovation Hub to life and to work with Tradiebot, a forwardthinking Australian company, to deliver these new tools and technologies to the automotive service and repair sector in South Australia. The Hub will be the core of delivering new skills, training and advancing technologies to our current and future workforce,” added MTA CEO, Paul Unerkov. “The centre will also showcase the latest in automotive innovation to schools and students, allowing them to see the latest technologies being used and developed in the automotive service and repair space. This will provide a new perspective to the trade and demonstrate the stimulating career available in our industry, which is starving for new, fresh talent.” The Hub will create new

opportunities for apprenticeship training, allowing those in training programs to experience a new way of learning through augmented and virtual reality. Tradiebot Industries was able to showcase several new technologies and training solutions, including a virtual reality spray painting simulator, augmented reality smart tools that allow automotive technicians to access live repair and service information on vehicles with a touch of a button on their mobile phone or smart devices, and their newly released 3D printed parts used for car repairs. Mario Dimovski, CEO of Tradiebot Industries, said, “This is a perfect partnership and location to launch such a venture and kick-start the local automotive service, repair and digital manufacturing industry in SA. Tradiebot is an industry leader in automotive innovation and we aim to transfer these skills and technologies through this centre to the local industry and students who will make up the future of our workforce. The MTA has set the trend and is leading the way in Australia, tackling ongoing issues and thinking about the future of the industry.” Dimovski continued: “We have some very exciting plans for the centre and the state and have already started talks with potential universities, industry and government partners to conduct future R&D activities in the Hub in order to develop ground-breaking innovation and technology that targets automotive repair and servicing, which is very exciting and new for South Australia.” The initiative is in its early stages, with talks continuing with potential collaborative partners from automotive manufacturers, suppliers, government bodies and industry associations who can add value to the Hub and its objectives. For further details on Tradiebot Industries, visit Editor: The National Collision Repairer is proud to be Tradiebot Industries’ media partner.

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Holden Project Monaro progress report Project Monaro is really getting to the business end of the build and it’s all starting to come together. Dominic Mazzeo and the team at B&A Motor Body Repairs have been working hard to get the Monaro ready for paint, so let’s look at the journey so far. B&A is a Holden Certified Collision Repairer, which is part of the Holden Accident Care program. Like all Holden Certified Collision Repairers, B&A’s workshop is home to some of the best ICAR trained technicians in the industry, who repair all Holden’s using new genuine parts sourced directly from their local Holden dealer, strictly adhering to Holden’s repair procedures to ensure safe and proper repairs every time. “The Monaro was picked up from the Holden dealer and brought to the workshop and for a 15-year-old car with over 200,000 kms on the clock, it presented really well,” said Mazzeo. “Before the team began to strip the car down, it was checked over for any gremlins hiding under the paint. We found a couple of spots on the car that weren’t up to spec, but overall it was a great base for the project.” Some parts required bare metaling to remove excess paint, while others just required blocking and minor bodywork to remove some imperfections. B&A even replaced some parts that were deemed to have one too many repairs over the years with brand new Holden genuine parts, which of course fit right, first time, out of the box. With the body work complete, it was ready to “hit it” with some colour, with the assistance of project partner, PPG. In 2004, Monaro came off the production line in Phantom Black PPG paint, so it made sense to utilise PPG’s latest and most advanced technology, the Envirobase High-Performance Waterborne basecoat system, in a special one-of-a-kind colour for Project Monaro that has been dubbed “Panorama Blue Suede”. Then it was off to the Holden dealer to complete the build. The rebuilt engine, fresh from the ACDelco Drag Racing team, was connected to the Holden genuine remanufactured transmission and all the bolt-on parts were then reattached.

1 2 – LO C A L N E W S

The Red Bull Holden Racing Teamtuned Sachs Performance Suspension was fitted and paired with a set of bespoke Eibach springs. A remanufactured ACDelco steering rack, along with new genuine bushes, ball joints and other suspension items were also installed, together with the completely overhauled Monaro’s LSD. To ensure the Monaro sounds just as good as it looks, a new Chevy Performance Pontiac GTO exhaust system from Eagle Auto Parts was installed with some new Holden genuine catalytic convertors and sensors. Rob Pandolfo, Service Manager at South Morang Holden, had the car ready to fire up for the first time. With Project Monaro running, it was time to get it rolling and ready for Lowndesys upcoming road test at the Holden Proving Ground. A fresh set of Bridgestone Potenza S007A tyres were being fitted to the 19” wheels and, after

Day one at B&A.

Transformation as it happens.

some deliberation, it was decided to equip Project Monaro with a full set of new AP Racing 4-piston brakes, as specified for HSVs of the same era. The vehicle also was fitted out with a range of interior and exterior bespoke instruments, plaques and badges, making it a true one-off Holden-built car. “Now that Project Monaro is up and running, I am really looking forward to the road test at the Holden Proving Ground,” said Lowndes. Holden is giving away this incredible prize to a lucky winner – a customer who purchases Holden or ACDelco genuine parts, including Holden Collision parts, under the Holden Trade Club program. More information is available for the trade at Well, that’s about it for the September update. We will keep you up to date as Project Monaro moves into the home straight in the coming months.

- - - - - - - - - M O V E R S


S H A K E R S - - - - - - - - -

Bradley Gannon CEO Automotive, Capricorn Society JOE MCFADRIES RECENTLY WENT TO PERTH AND FOUND THAT BRAD GANNON HAD WELL AND TRULY MADE THE TRANSITION FROM LEGAL COUNSEL TO CEO AND HAS A CLEAR FOCUS ON ADDING FURTHER VALUE TO CAPRICORN MEMBERS AND SUPPLIER PARTNERS. NCR: By way of introduction, what can you tell us about your background before joining Capricorn? BG: If I go back to my early days, at university I studied law and commerce, always having the intention and ambition to join the commercial sector, although this took a bit longer than I thought it would. Having got my law degree, I set out to practice law and was admitted as a barrister and solicitor to the Supreme Court of Western Australia and the High Court of Australia. I then joined a law firm that allowed me to get exposure to a whole range of different clients, which was a great learning and development

experience. The organisation allowed me a great deal of responsibility and accountability, which I really enjoyed – and it got the best out of me. I had worked my way up to become a partner in the law firm, and it was at this time I revisited my longterm objective. I decided to look for an organisation with an underlying purpose to help genuine, hardworking people. When the opportunity came up at Capricorn, I had already heard a lot of good things about the business from people who were members or who had worked with members. From the initial meeting, it was clear that we would be a good fit for each other as there was great alignment between the values of the organisation and my own personal values. I was appointed as Capricorn’s inaugural

Company Secretary/General Counsel in 2008, a time when the organisation had grown to the size and complexity that required such a role. NCR: Take me back to 2008. BG: I still remember my first Capricorn event where I was just blown away by the passion that the members felt for Capricorn and what it meant to them and their businesses – it really was clear back then that we were all working for the greater good of the collective. I even recall that in 2008 we were a cooperative of about 11,000 members with annual purchase of $750 million. Today we have 21,000 members and annual purchases of $2.1 billion. Although the size and complexity has increased, what hasn’t changed is the complete member focus – we still put the member at the heart of everything we do. NCR: What about the transition from practising law? BG: My previous skillset prepared me well, but I quickly realised that, unlike in the law firm, legal advice had to be much more concise and straight to the point. It was all about getting to know the customer, and the “internal customer” really just wanted “the short version”! One of the other big changes is that in the law firm I was giving advice “from time to time” based on when you were engaged and ideas could have already been fully developed, whereas in the commercial world I’ve been involved in so many different things, many of those projects from the ground up or even into the thinking on what the key projects should be.

1 4 – M OV E R S A N D S H A K E R S Bradley Gannon

- - - - - - - - - M O V E R S

NCR: OK, so let’s talk about some of these projects. BG: Sure. Since the outset, I’ve had a wide variety of responsibilities and accountabilities. I’ve worked with the board as their company secretary, where the focus was on the things that added the greatest value to our organisation and ensuring Capricorn was governed in the best possible way for our members. Of course, there’s the legal role, which includes ensuring that any third party arrangements and all new Capricorn products deliver the best outcomes for Capricorn and its members. I had accountability for the management of risks potentially impacting Capricorn’s business as well as management of the share registry, which is the share ownership piece that is so crucial to the Capricorn model. The member and the shareholder being one and the same and no conflicting priorities. We also delivered the Capricorn Shareholder Portal making it just easier for members to transact on their Capricorn shares. Finally, the marketing function, including Ignition magazine, the Purple Pages directory of Capricorn Preferred Suppliers, the launch of CapTV and the Rising Star Program. In my various roles I used to say: the legal part is getting it right, the risk management part is doing it right, and the marketing piece is saying it right! Getting our key message out there is crucial. The number of times I’ve heard members say, “I put off joining because it seemed too good to be true. Now my biggest regret is that I didn’t join earlier.” So, in summary, in my various roles over the past 11 years, one of the key questions I continually ask myself is, “How do we do it better for our members?” NCR: You take up the role at a time when Capricorn is going from strength-to-strength. What have been the key drivers of this success? BG: Fundamentally, it’s our cooperative principles as they go to the heart of why we even exist. What we have is a real sense of purpose, and our staff really do embrace our goals, which are


S H A K E R S - - - - - - - - -

to benefit our members and their businesses, in addition to that of our supplier partners. I’ve always believed that the Capricorn model only works when there are benefits for members, suppliers and, of course, Capricorn. It must be a win-win-win. So much of what we do is to find the equilibrium that benefits all to ensure everyone can grow their business. We all understand that we can achieve so much more together than acting alone – that’s the essence of cooperation. NCR: Do you sometimes wonder why you don’t have a queue out the door? BG: From a supplier perspective, we are constantly entertaining enquiries, although we are very selective to ensure we have the right suppliers in the group. In terms of the members, as mentioned, this is one of the more perplexing situations as we have such a compelling proposition, and each year we have had very strong member growth, but no doubt there are some who could join today who only join later. What I always say to people is, “Just try it, take your time to experience Capricorn,” and what we find is that those who do that, stay. NCR: Although it’s only been three months, what do you see as the initial challenges for Capricorn in the collision industry? BG: As the industry is undergoing

unprecedented change, there are different expectations of what the future may look like. We believe there needs to be an industry-wide solution, and as a cooperative we see ourselves having a key role in bringing the parties together. This came through loud and clear at the Futures Collide Conference we hosted in August. It is self-evident that cars are increasing in complexity and that to have them repaired correctly, sustainably and economically for all parties is in everyone’s best interest. We certainly don’t advocate the race to the bottom seen at present, but we all must understand the perspectives of the various parties as our primary concern is helping to ensure the sustainability of our members and preferred suppliers. Therefore, the key challenge we constantly put to ourselves is how we can help our collision repair members not only survive, but thrive in such challenging times. NCR: And the opportunities? BG: I think this is the power of the collective and if you look at how Capricorn has grown over the years, it gives us greater ability to return value to the members, be that through complementary products or financial returns. We are really pleased that we have been able to pay another $5 million trade rebate this year, in addition to the reward points valued

Perth Head Office

The National Collision Repairer – 1 5

- - - - - - - - - M O V E R S

at 1.5 percent members receive on purchases. The more we grow our membership, the more opportunity there will be to add even greater value and help them run an even better business day-to-day. Now, we realise that the recent strong performance fuels further expectation and we’ve been really fortunate with the calibre of suppliers that have come on board in the collision repair space in the recent past, particularly in terms of equipment and the diagnostic elements of this category. Combine this with our very competitive finance offer and it reinforces that we will continue doing the right things for our members. NCR: Would you tell us a bit more about the Women in Business initiative? BG: Certainly. Let me say right up front that I think it’s a bit of a myth that it’s a male-dominated industry when you consider the integral roles that the wives, sisters, daughters, mothers and other women play in the businesses of our members. It’s very pleasing that the industry has a real focus on attracting new talent, whether its spray painters, assessors or panel beaters, and very much recognises that this talent knows no gender. However, the Women in Business initiative is all about recognising the effort and commitment of those women we already have in the industry and the roles they play.


S H A K E R S - - - - - - - - -

We often speak about being part of the Capricorn family, because that is how we see our members and preferred suppliers, and that is no coincidence. We are very much a family that supports family businesses and the Women in Business program reinforces this message. NCR: How will Capricorn continue to differentiate itself from its competitors? BG: There are several compelling things that are part of the Capricorn offer today. In the collision repair space, one of those is the fact that you can maintain your independence, in addition to there being no annual membership fees. Going forward, we will continue to deliver these benefits and enhance them whenever we see an opportunity. A prime example was the Futures Collide Conference and I think you will see a lot more of this sort of event as we further engage with the industry as a whole. I like to describe it as helping our members cope with the changes and challenges occurring in the industry and to ensure they have stronger businesses as a result of their Capricorn membership. This is the challenge we set ourselves every day. The great things we currently offer will continue to be there, which are unique – you can’t get these products and services, or the financial returns that we offer all in the one package anywhere else in this industry. We will continue to provide our

members with choices, because not all things will suit all people. As mentioned, members’ independence is an important part of our model, so we never tell them how to run their businesses, we give them options and allow them to choose what’s best for them. NCR: What will a Gannon-led Automotive Division look like? BG: Given the success under David’s leadership, I think we are more likely to evolve and change with the industry, providing products and services directly or through supplier partners that meet a need. We will drive change for the greater good or help in the adaption process. Essentially, it will more likely be evolutionary than revolutionary. The essence will be making our members and supplier partners stronger as a result of their membership and association with Capricorn. NCR: So, what keeps Bradley Gannon awake at night? BG: Primarily, it’s the sustainability of our member businesses and supplier partners that keeps me awake at night. After all, this is why Capricorn exists. However, the other thing is when I hear people express regret about not joining Capricorn sooner. We are always looking for more innovative ways to get the message out there and “sell the value proposition”. We have 1,800 collision repair members across the region, which is great, but that still leaves us a great opportunity for growth. We are continually fine-tuning our message to ensure nothing is “lost in translation”. NCR: And a final message to your members and suppliers? BG: To all those existing members and preferred suppliers, I think it’s fantastic that you are part of Australasia’s largest and most successful cooperative and you should be confident that we will continue to create value for your businesses. If you have yet to join, do it sooner rather than later. As I often say to members, suppliers and staff: “Together we are stronger, and together we will survive and thrive in these challenging and ever-changing times.”

1 6 – M OV E R S A N D S H A K E R S


Making it easier to run and grow your business.

“We joined Capricorn back in 1994. The best part was, we weren’t just a so-called ‘small business’ any more. Instead we became part of a huge cooperative of thousands of other like-minded businesses – each pulling together as one. For us, and for the everyday running of our business, that’s the real power of being a Member.”

Woodenbong Driveway - Capricorn Member

JJoin oi n Capricorn C ap ricorn ttoday. od ay. c ap r icor n .co op 18 1800 0 0 560 560 5 554 5 4 | oi n @ c ap r icor n .co op |

Members initially join Capricorn on a trial basis. After successful completion of the 12 month trial period and having met the minimum required spend of $12,000 p/a, they may become full Members of Capricorn through the purchase of shares. As a shareholder, Members are eligible to receive dividends if declare

- - - - - - - - - - - G L O B A L

N E W S - - - - - - - - - - - -

Maxine Colligan delivers in Kazan The WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Closing Ceremony took place at the Kazan Arena Stadium, where the winners of the 56 skills competitions were announced. Outstanding top-scorers of the competition were also recognised, with the Albert Vidal Award, Best of Nation Award and Medallions for Excellence all being presented. Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the competition participants and spectators. “I sincerely congratulate the medal and award winners of the 45th WorldSkills Competition. I want to thank all the competitors! You have performed brilliantly, showing your excellent skills,” he said. “The 45th WorldSkills Competition has ended, and our common responsibility is preserving its legacy for citizens of all our countries so that everyone of any age and health condition is able to reach their potential, choose their own path in training and development, and master relevant skills throughout their life.” Australia picked up four medals at WorldSkills 2019, ranking it eighth out of 63 countries and regions that competed in Kazan. In the Car Painting Category, “young gun”, National Collision Repairer Future Leader of the Industry Maxine Colligan, excelled with three individual awards: The bronze medal in the Car Painting Category, second place in the Sustainability Award and the winner of the Best of Nation Award. Carl Tinsley, Maxine’s TAFE teacher said: “At TAFE NSW we are all very proud of Maxine's achievements. It was a stunning performance under the pressure of international competition. On behalf of TAFE NSW I would like to thank those who supported Maxine over this journey: Axalta at the national level and BASF, GM Holden and 3M Australia at the international level. Maxine has shown the rest of the world the capabilities of Aussie tradeswomen.” President of WorldSkills, Simon Bartley, directly addressed competitors, experts, sponsors and partners, volunteers, delegates and members, the Board and Secretariat of WorldSkills, as well as the audience.

1 8 – G LO B A L N E W S

“All ten thousand of us in the visiting WorldSkills community, the 45,000 of us in the stadium tonight, the millions watching on television and the Internet – we are celebrating with one single voice united in our passion for skills and skills competitions.” “To the competitors, I say a huge well done. To the medal winners of course, but also to all the young women and men who have taken part in Kazan: you are all champions!” Brad Franklin, Technical Training Manager at Sherwin-Williams and WorldSkills International Deputy Chief Expert added: “I’d like to start by thanking everyone involved with Maxine and her journey: TAFE NSW, BASF, Axalta, AMA Group, GM Holden, 3M and her friends and family for the time it has taken her away from them. Maxine thoroughly deserves her success. The time, effort and dedication she put towards her training paid off, with her performance on the world stage commendable. I am extremely proud of her in the way she has grown, not only as a vehicle painter, but also now from a WorldSkills competitor to an ambassador for skills excellence.” Maxine was over the moon with the results. “I am so thankful for the team of people around me that have helped me on this journey. I wouldn’t

The Winner’s Circle.

be here without all the support of my employer, AMA, the team at the BASF Refinish Competence Centre, my teacher and friend, Carl Tinsley, and of course, my mentor, Brad Franklin.” The Kazan 2019 Closing Ceremony concluded with the WorldSkills flag being handed over to the delegates from China, the host of the 2021 event in Shanghai. Editor: It’s such a thrill to see how far Maxine has come since she was first offered an apprenticeship in 2016. What an outstanding performance!

The Sustainability Award.

- - - - - - - - - - - G L O B A L

N E W S - - - - - - - - - - - -

Glasurit identifies historic colours Erich Bitter, a multifaceted personality and renowned car aficionado, recently visited Glasurit in Münster to mark the completion of the Glasurit and Bitter Club International colour project. Fifty years ago, Opel presented the Coupé Diplomat (CD), and it was Bitter who marketed the model as the Bitter CD. BASF’s premium paint brand identified the historic colours for over 90 percent of the 395 Bitter CDs produced and translated them into mixing formulas. The authentic colours are now also available in Glasurit’s colour database, the largest of its kind worldwide, and can be retrieved quickly and easily as needed. The project was divided into two parts: data collection, and transfer into the colour database. “Many of the colours on a Bitter CD come from other car manufacturers, which is why our first step involved inspecting the historic documentation, which included the colour designations and colour numbers of each vehicle,” explained Andreas

Hartel of Glasurit’s Passenger Car Process unit. “However, some colours were already available in the Glasurit colour database and, combined with the documentation, these colours could then be assigned to the respective car.” Thomas Ebert of Bitter Club International supplied the original colour samples so the original colour could be reproduced and the information transferred to Glasurit’s colour database. “Glasurit’s meticulous project implementation and the results demonstrate that we selected the right partner. The ability to reproduce historic colours with the latest technology is ideal,” explained Martin Wilhelm, the Bitter Club International board spokesperson. Erich Bitter, himself a club member, initiated the project was last year. “This collaboration is another of the numerous successful projects with several car clubs and car manufacturers for whom we have proven our colour competency. These projects enable us to expand our

Erich Bitter (far right) and the Bitter CD.

colour database and highlight our leading position in the area of authentic historic colours,” explained Jürgen Book, head of Classic Cars at Glasurit. The Bitter CD sport coupé was the first Bitter brand vehicle and between 1973 and late 1979, only 395 vehicles were produced. The Opel standard models served as the basis for the approximately 1,000 Bitter cars. In recent years, several Opel models have been remodelled with new Bitter brand design elements, which can be recognised by the well-known logo on the radiator grille, the “Bitter B”.

The National Collision Repairer – 1 9

- - - - - - - - - - - G L O B A L

N E W S - - - - - - - - - - - -

Fix Network announces two global partnerships Steve Leal, President and CEO of Fix Network World recently announced the addition of SATA and Spanesi to the Network’s official global supply partners. He believes the new partnerships support global growth and cement the position of all three brands as industry leaders in innovation and quality. As the Fix Network continues to expand its operations worldwide, building strong partnerships with industry-leading suppliers is paramount for ongoing growth and success. SATA SATA is the premier spray gun and associated products manufacturer in the industry and is known for its close cooperation with technicians, as well as for its research and development with leading paint manufacturers. Partnering with SATA will bring tremendous value to the Network SATA will supply a mix of its innovative and highly technological systems aimed at delivering industry-leading performance. The company’s commitment to quality and health and safety is well aligned to Fix Network’s goal of offering the best and safest solutions to its locations. “Fix Network is working hard to deliver a quality supply chain offering to its members. This global agreement with SATA is reflective of our ongoing objective to provide best in class, safe solutions to our locations so they can provide an elite experience for their customers," said Leal. Albrecht Kruse, CEO of SATA, also welcomed this new partnership: "SATA is committed to supporting the fundamentally changing collision industry with state-of-theart paint application solutions, thus contributing to professional and safe repairs. Our co-operation with the global Fix Network goes hand in hand with our mission to assist the industry in best adapting to the ever-increasing complexities of modern repair processes.”

Spanesi Spanesi, a global leader in the collision repair business, will supply a mix of its innovative, high quality collision repair equipment, custom-made furnishings and accessories, all aimed at delivering industry leading performance. Spanesi’s commitment to quality and productivity aligns well with the Network’s goal of making the best in collision repair equipment technology available to each of its locations. "The Fix Network team works tirelessly to deliver a consistent, high quality supply chain offering to its network members. The addition of the Spanesi suite of equipment will support us in our ongoing objective to provide an attractive, clean and efficient environment to our locations, which will help to elevate the overall customer experience," added Leal. Cristina Spanesi, Export and Marketing Manager, also welcomed this new partnership: "We have a 50-year long tradition in delivering tools and experience to help repairers succeed in an increasingly competitive collision repair marketplace. We are pleased to align with the Fix Network family of brands and are looking forward to a fruitful partnership." Fix Network’s supply chain portfolio of industry experts now includes 3M, AkzoNobel, Mirka, SATA and Spanesi, each a leader in the global automotive aftermarket space.

PPG reported partnering with PE firm to acquire Axalta Reuters recently reported that PPG Industries and the private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice LLC (CDR) are among groups considering acquiring Axalta Coating Systems. Also reported to be considering a bid for Axalta is a partnership between Platinum Equity LLC, and Koch Industries Inc. Apparently, the partnership between PPG and CDR could also include Singaporean sovereign wealth fund GIC and US asset manager BlackRock. The partnership would help alleviate antitrust concerns if PPG were to acquire all of Axalta on its own, instead allowing it to pick up complementary businesses. The report said the auction process for Axalta was ongoing and a deal might not result. In June, Axalta announced that its board of directors had initiated a review of strategic alternatives to maximise shareholder value and formed a strategic review committee. Consolidation in the coatings business has been a frequent topic over the past few years. In 2017, Axalta and AkzoNobel explored a potential merger of the two global

2 0 – G LO B A L N E W S

coatings companies. Those talks concluded without a deal. The discussion on the merger followed AkzoNobel’s rebuffing of an unsolicited merger offer from PPG Industries earlier in 2017. PPG ultimately declined to make a hostile takeover bid for AkzoNobel. In May this year, PPG announced that two separate and independent reviews of its business portfolio were completed by Goldman Sachs & Co and Morgan Stanley & Co, with each firm independently conducting multi-faceted evaluations of PPG’s business portfolio, including potential separation opportunities. Based on the reports and its own evaluation, PPG’s board determined that maintaining the company’s current business portfolio composition, including its architectural and industrial coatings businesses, provides the best opportunity to maximise long-term shareholder value. This article courtesy of Russell Thrall III, publisher CollisionWeek. Check out their website at:


Aussies know a thing or two about how to take a good thing and make it better. From adding a bit of sauce to your meat pie to chucking your beers in an icy esky, there are some things that just work better together. At Fix Auto Australia, we’re all about building partnerships so that your business goes from good to great.

Fix Auto is the world’s largest independent repair network, with over 700 locations in 13 countries taking advantage of our systems, resources, training and global buying power, coupled with the strength of leading collision industry brands. If you’re ready to go one better, call the team on 1300 FIX AUTO or visit



Minutes with ...

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N E W S - - - - -

Mario Dimovski to speak at IDEAS Collide SEMA event

David Shreeve Capricorn Society When did you join the industry? 1980 What was your first job in the industry? Apprentice mechanic What do you do now? Area manager for Capricorn Society What do you like about the industry? I just love of cars What don’t you like about the industry? Nothing comes to mind – it’s all great

The “IDEAS Collide” event will return to SEMA for 2019 with quick-hit presentations on topics ranging from augmented reality in collision repair to what counts as a “cost of doing business”. According to SCRS Chairman Brett Bailey (A&B), “It was one of our most talked about events of the series last year, and the format really seemed to resonate with attendees. There was a lot of input following the session expressing appreciation for the pace of presentations keeping it energetic and exciting.” He said that holding the talks to 10 minutes let the audience “get exposed to a broad mix of topics and ideas that they wouldn’t necessarily have chosen to attend as a standalone event, but ultimately proved to be really interesting.” SCRS said the “fast-paced” showcase during its SEMA Week Repairer Driven Education series was designed to stimulate thought, innovation and resolution of business challenges with brash, outspoken and provoking concepts from thought leaders both in and out of the industry. Topics could rattle the status quo with ambitious ideas that have a transformative effect on the industry

What music do you like? Rock Your Favourite Artist? Inxs Your favourite food? Thai Your favourite drink? Coffee Your hobbies? Harley-Davidson motorcycles Who in the world would you most like to meet? Willie G. Davidson


Mario Dimovski.

2 2 – G LO B A L N E W S

or offer keys to resolving existing market challenges. The 2019 format indeed demonstrates both. Amongst a star-studded line up is our own Mario Dimovski, CEO Tradiebot Industries, who will discuss how augmented reality technology could change the industry with repair information at your fingertips. Tradiebot’s new software, WorxAR uses augmented reality to help technicians perform service repairs by accessing the latest digital repair processes and service manuals. It almost acts as a digital assistant for collision repairers performing repairs on a vehicle. The technology can also be used for training, providing access to standard operating procedures, repair manuals, real-time information on workshop jobs and intuitive training in a digital format, accessible via smartphone, tablet or AR glasses. The IDEAS Collide is $75 if you register in advance. It’s also included in the $375 full series pass, which gives you entry into any Repairer Driven Education course on Monday and Wednesday, the three-part OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit and the Sky Villa afterparty on the Thursday, evening. Learn more at






ACM PARTS YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER, CREATING VALUE OVER Ɨljlj,ljljlj OEM/NEW & USED PARTS IN STOCK More Collision OEM, Certified and Recycled Mechanical and Collision parts than any other supplier, and we are adding to them daily. You can rely on us to deliver right to your door. Wherever you are throughout Australia, we tailor our delivery times to your needs.

226 727

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E V E N T - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Sponsors and delegates from all around the country gathered for the only Sydney-based collision repair event of 2019, hosted by John McCoyLancaster and Joe McFadries. Headlining the morning session was keynote speaker James Goodwin, CEO ANCAP Safety, who outlined how the ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program) rating system works and how the death rate for road accidents in Australia has halved over 30 years as more and more safety features are built into our motor vehicles. For example, the impact of autonomous emergency braking (AEB) has been amazing, with an almost 40 percent reduction in rear-end crashes and a 27 percent reduction in fatalities. Looking ahead, notwithstanding


the growing prevalence of autonomous technology, due to the average age of the car parc and the mix of vehicles on our roads, crashes will continue to happen in both the metropolitan and regional areas. The challenge for the collision repair industry will continue to be the skillset of the workforce and the growing need to understand the repair processes that these technologies will entail. James’ presentation was the precursor to the first discussion panel, where he was joined by Audi’s Gareth Wright, Hyundai’s Kevin Roberson and Hella Gutmann’s Gordon ScottWorthington to discuss the latest developments in OEM technology and the growing impact on the collision repair industry. The discussion centred on the technology behind the

connected car, the prevalence of OEM repair networks and access to repair information, and what they all mean to today’s drivers and repairers. In addition, the panel discussed the question of what really constitutes a genuine part, and Gordon ScottWorthington pointed out that Hella was indeed a Tier 1 supplier of genuine parts to most of the global OEMs. The audience was given an overview from our major sponsor, Hyundai, as Kevin Roberson provided a compelling case for the use of genuine parts, approved repair procedures, and fully trained and accredited technicians. He also highlighted Hyundai’s price matching policy against non-genuine parts and reinforced their commitment to the collision repair sector, their growing

- - - - - - - - - - S P E C I A L

ANCAP's James Goodwin.

marketing communication program with the National Collision Repairer and their strong and ongoing association with Capricorn. Immediately after the lunch break, delegates were given a “reality check” by Tradiebot Industries’ CEO Mario Dimovski, who outlined Tradiebot’s journey, their latest developments in augmented reality and robotics and their place in the today’s workshops. The presentation generated much discussion and it was clear that Mario really struck a chord with the younger generation. The presentation referred to several examples of augmented reality

E V E N T - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Maxine Colligan, Cameron Killen and Jack Parkinson.

in our daily lives and how it is already transforming other industries. Mario also showed several videos to illustrate Tradiebot’s WorxAR technology, which led to the team getting everyone involved with their interactive display during the breaks. The key message was that our industry has an opportunity to embrace this technology, and it was clear that many got the message as the Tradiebot team was inundated with questions for the rest of the day. Following Mario’s technologycharged presentation, John McCoyLancaster introduced our Future

Hyundai's Kevin Roberson.

Leaders of the Industry panel: Fix Network’s Jack Parkinson, Killen’s Smash Repair’s Cameron Killen, and, fresh from her bronze medal success at WorldSkills in Russia, AMA Group’s Maxine Colligan. The panel members shared their views of the industry and provided a clear message to the rest of us, the current custodians, to “get off our backsides” and proactively market all the great things about our industry. We must accept that the next generation of technicians are wired differently and is looking to embrace new technologies. Do this, and we will attract the next generation

The Hyundai Kona EV.

The National Collision Repairer – 2 5

- - - - - - - - - - S P E C I A L

of industry leaders. It was a truly inspiring discussion, full of passion, pride and enthusiasm. As we moved into the final bend, Lifetime Achievement Award inductee, I-CAR Australia’s CEO Mark Czvitkovits, presented an in-depth view of the development of electric and hybrid vehicles. Mark focused on the importance of understanding the complexities of the technology and how it affects the repair procedures. He highlighted the importance of deactivating the high voltage battery prior to working on the car, but reminded us that the battery itself is always live. He also reinforced the importance of following OEM procedures, wearing the correct PPE and having fully qualified technicians. Mark’s message: anything less and you will get hurt! And, to complete the racing references, a panel of industry stakeholders led us into the home straight with a multi-faceted

Selected comments “It is fantastic to see repairers, manufacturers and parts suppliers all coming together to work on the future of the industry and look at the horizons that are years down the track, rather than just today.” Troy Johns, IAG.

E V E N T - - - - - - - - - - - -

discussion about the changing collision repair landscape. Mark Czvitkovits and Troy Johns returned to the stage and were joined by AMBRA Chairman Tod Sarina, Macarthur Prestige’s Glenn O’Donnell representing AAPR, and Capricorn’s National Panel Manager, Rob Mildenhall, who discussed the challenges presented by the MSOs who are disrupting the industry, the changing involvement of the major insurers, and the role of the manufacturers. The discussion inevitably turned to training and investment as the keys to ensure an independent body shop remains current and commercially viable, notwithstanding the MSOs’ advantage in economies of scale. Throughout the day, co-host of the Symposium, John McCoyLancaster excelled himself once again and showed why he is the “master of the mike” and why he is in so much demand at motor shows around the country. He really is the Car Guy! We wrapped up the symposium

by recognising the support of our sponsors who really got behind the initiative, the speakers and panellists who contributed throughout the day, and the delegates who got involved in the discussions. As we always say, the world is changed by those who turn up, and last weekend was no exception. We were really pleased to bring our event to Sydney and overwhelmed by the level of engagement, which continued as we networked into the evening.

Tradiebot's Mario Dimovski.

“Very informative with lots of good information. I would have liked to have seen more repairers here – they are the ones that have missed out.” Murray Howell, Sherwin-Williams. “It’s been terrific – I’ve really enjoyed all the speakers, particularly the Future Leaders Forum. It’s so refreshing to see the quality of the next generation coming through.” Anthony Borg, 3M.

Gordon Scott-Worthington, Kevin Roberson, John McCoy-Lancaster, James Goodwin and Gareth Wright.

“It’s been a really good event. I really enjoyed both the ANCAP and Tradiebot presentations with lots of information that I hadn’t heard before. Well done.” Michelle Morgan, Saint-Gobain. “What great event. You’ve done well to bring everyone together and the keynote speakers have been sensational, giving their insights into what’s happening in the industry.” Kevin Roberson, Hyundai.


Troy Johns, Mark Czvitkovits, Tod Sarina, Joe, Rob Mildenhall and Glenn O’Donnell.

Thank you! We wish to acknowledge and thank the following industryleading organisations for their sponsorship of

“Horizons� Symposium2019

- - - - - - - - - - - S P E C I A L

R E P O R T - - - - - - - - - - -


Robayne’s renaissance I CAUGHT UP WITH ROBAYNE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT GENERAL MANAGER, DOUG BARBER TO FIND OUT WHAT’S NEW. THE PARALLELS WITH THE PHOENIX OBTAINING NEW LIFE BY RISING FROM THE ASHES OF ITS PREDECESSOR ARE ALL TOO APPARENT. I’ve known Doug Barber for almost 20 years, so we cut straight to the chase and I asked him how things were going six months since the business came out of voluntary administration. “Things have settled down nicely. We’re back to normal operations, all our suppliers are back on board, all our customers have settled in and day-to-day operations have smoothed out. We’re now looking forward to building back up to somewhere near the levels we used to be.” I suggested that the future needs to be quite different from the past and Barber reinforced the changes that they’ve made to the business. He highlighted the closure of four

Doug Barber.


branches: Burnie and Launceston in Tasmania, Adelaide, and Henderson in WA, which has been successfully relocated back into the Welshpool central facility. All the other branches remain fully operational, which he believes creates a more focused and streamlined business. “We also rationalised the product range and have discontinued our timber coatings and commercial graphics businesses, together with a few other segments that were more of a distraction than a strategic opportunity. In addition, last time we met I said we would focus on what we do best. Well, our areas of speciality are automotive and industrial service. These are where we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and the areas where our team can add the most value to the customer.” We spoke about the Voluntary Administration (VA) process, about which he was particularly candid. “Going into VA was not a pleasant experience, but coming

out of it, especially as quickly as we did, was even tougher. The process of reestablishing accounts with both suppliers and customers, restructuring our branch network, rebalancing the product portfolio and securing staff all at the same time as defending our market position from some very aggressive and opportunistic competitors, was one hell of a challenge.” Now, the Doug Barber I knew has never been one to back away from a fight, but he did surprise me by saying that the biggest test was actually the mental challenge to keep focused on the positive amongst all the negativity. He was very conscious that, as the head of the business, his staff were looking to him to instil confidence that things would be OK. When I asked how he dealt with the fact that many suppliers got burned by the previous owner, he reinforced that the entire experience was a horrible process for all concerned – staff and suppliers. Many of his suppliers had been with Robyane for a long time and Barber estimates that 90 percent of them were eager to continue to work with the new ownership structure, perhaps to recoup some of the losses. “However, some made us ‘re-earn our stripes’, including working within tight credit limits, something we fully understood. We are now past all that and are very pleased with the support we have from the supplier base.” I asked him to expand on the progress they’ve made towards getting the business back to previous levels and he highlighted the “resizing” process to create a base on which to rebuild. By reducing the operational footprint across the country and rationalising the product portfolio, their

- - - - - - - - - - - S P E C I A L

top line is now roughly 60 percent of what it used to be. However, on a “like for like” basis, RISE is trading slightly above where they were prior to Christmas before it all fell apart in January. “I have no doubt this is a direct result of a more focused, more responsive business model. When you also consider that our traditional market is down slightly, we are actually doing quite well. The other thing is that we have a new business pipeline that will come on before the end of the year.” These are the sort of positive messages that will no doubt give suppliers a degree of confidence in the decisions they’ve made and the direction they’re headed. With the revenue in good shape and an adjusted cost structure, Barber points to a business base on which they can build. They have a new business model with a network of good stores and a good product range. However, it’s a WA-based business that still harbours intentions of making its mark on the east coast. “We really need to be where the population is. Under the old regime, we made the decision to stay in regional centres, which with hindsight was a flaw in the model. We won’t make that same mistake as our strategy is to move into the metro areas and tap into the demand in the major population centres.” When I suggested that the execution would have to be different, he was very quick to state that not only have they learned a great deal from the previous expansion plans, but also pointed out that those who are now supporting the strategy have a much better handle on what to do and how to do it. He also reiterated that the recent branch rationalisation did not include any of the new stores on the east coast – they were all under-performing pre-existing operations. “We still believe in the expansion strategy, but in the past it all happened too quickly for us to manage. In addition, we have identified what we are good at, although we do need to ensure we offer the customers what they want. For example, we recognise the need to

R E P O R T - - - - - - - - - - -

expand our retail offer in, say Dubbo, Tamworth and Wodonga, much of which is over-the-counter. So, if we don’t have it on the shelf, the customer will go somewhere else. This is really an extension of what we do here in WA, so we know what we’re doing. As our business partners say: ‘that’s in our fairway’.” When I asked him to summarise their strategic direction, Barber had no hesitation. “Without doubt, further expansion into the east coast is our priority now that we have our base business back on track. This may be a combination of acquisition and greenfield sites. However, it’s important to note that any such move will be better planned, better executed and better funded than ever before.” When I then suggested that there will be those detractors who believe this will be more of the same, he was quick to remind me that the underlying profitability of the previous Robayne was solid. However, he acknowledged that the issue was that their rate of growth was beyond their capability and the preparedness and capacity of the previous owner to fund the growth. “The

various circumstances around the demise are well documented, but the new owners are ‘big end of town’ business- people, who understand the errors of the past and have a clear understanding of what’s required to fund sustainable growth.” He also reiterated the key point that they have restructured the business, which included a net headcount reduction of 50 percent. This included staff losses that they had to replace with a significant number of new staff in the east coast branches. “Of most importance, though, is that we have retained our large and loyal customer base and, as previously mentioned, when business picks up, we will be in a very strong position to satisfy the increased demand.” “To get to where we are after only six months has been a great achievement, although we feel this is really the beginning for RISE. However, if you ask if I’m happy, I’ll give you the answer I’ve been giving for 25 years – if I could sell more, I’d be happier.” This truly is the essence of the man charged with the regeneration of Robayne Industrial Supplies and Equipment.

Robayne’s Perth Head Office.

The National Collision Repairer – 2 9

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S H O P - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Andrew’s Automotive Restorations Classic vehicles deserve a premium finish In the small industrial suburb of Braeside, just 26 km from Melbourne’s CBD, resides a hidden gem for motoring collectors and enthusiasts: Andrew’s Automotive Restorations. Specialising in restoration work on older cars, ground up restoration or “nut and bolt” restoration, Andrew Melton commenced business 21 years ago in the neighbouring suburb, Moorabbin. “I have always had a passion for cars,” he said, “I tinkered with cars in my younger years and it went from there.” Melton explained that it all began with his first car, a 1980 Ford Escort panel van that was an ex-VACC service vehicle which he “done up”, dropped a Sierra Cosworth motor under the bonnet and painted it in Glasurit 21 line in the original bright yellow finish. From humble beginnings working solo and doing general repair work, resprays and even the odd “resto”, Melton has seen his business expand into the success it is today. “I started the business by myself in 1998 and it has grown from there. Originally, in a very small factory in Moorabbin, which I soon outgrew, then moving to a shop twice

A 1950’s XK Jaguar.

3 0 – TA L K I N G S H O P

the size, I was still on my own until early 2014, when Marty Ryan joined me as workshop manager. We made the decision to move to our current location in Braeside in May 2014.” Whilst businesses that specialise in restoration do insurance work, it is not their main source of business. Andrew and his wife Martine run a very professional and friendly family-owned business. The quality of the work is reflected in their customer referrals, where generations of car enthusiasts have left their prized possessions in quality hands. “Most of our business comes from word of mouth. We don’t advertise. We do a little bit on Instagram and Facebook now, but I think it is more people seeing the work we do and the referrals,” said Melton. Today’s old car is tomorrow’s classic, and people who invest in classic cars want the best look and authenticity for any restoration work completed on their vehicle. Therefore, Andrew’s Automotive Restorations uses BASF’s premium refinish brand Glasurit to complete their work. With the Glasurit Colour-Profi System showcased in their reception area, the business focuses on

ensuring their customers get the best colour options for their vehicles. “It was an easy choice to switch to Glasurit 90 Line,” said Melton. “We use the entire system and there are certain clears that work better for us – the medium solid (MS) clears, for example. For some of our jobs we are polishing, we want a flat finish and shine, which we find the MS clears are best suited for.” Using the Glasurit waterborne system may not have been an obvious choice for Melton, as the technology most likely did not exist when the vehicles he works on, such as the 1929 Austin 7 his team is currently restoring, were manufactured. “Waterborne technology takes a little getting used to because in certain ways it is so different from solvent, but once you get your head around how it works, it’s actually easier. We have time to get jobs through as some of our cars have taken months to get to the point of painting.” BASF’s ART Victoria supports and supplies Andrew’s Automotive Restorations with their automotive refinish requirements. “We get excellent service from ART Victoria. Darrin Jansen

The GTS HK Monaro at Motoclassica.

- - - - T A L K I N G

is our representative, and Stuart Mason, one of the original guys when we first gave them a call when we were in Moorabbin, also drops in.” Darrin Jansen, the Glasurit Technical Sales Representative for Andrew’s Restorations, believes the Glasurit colour offer was one of the main reasons why they decided to use Glasurit 90 Line waterborne paint technology in the business. “Andrew does not cut corners and gives his customers the best quality products available. He wanted to have access to our expansive colour range in our Colour Profi System and he recognised the value of having our spectrophotometer when dealing with custom or factory colours.” Customers who have had their vehicles restored at Andrew’s Automotive Restorations have gone on to show their vehicles at classic car events and, one in particular, a GTS HK Monaro, was shown at Motoclassica and won its class and the People’s Choice. This was a shared accolade for the team and recognition for the high standard of work they complete on all the vehicles that come through their shop. Picking a favourite vehicle that they have worked on was not possible. “There is a great deal of satisfaction in repairing a car and being able to bring those back to life, especially when it was considered too far gone and not salvageable.” Restoration work faces some challenges during the build as parts and panels are not always readily available due to the age of the vehicle and the materials that were used during the manufacturing process. “Marty, our fabricator is key to our success, being

S H O P - - - - -

Martine and Andrew Melton.

able to hand make any panel, shape and size we need, so we can restore any vehicle,” said Melton. “Just being able to work out situations where the parts aren’t available, whether it be mechanical or panel, requires us to find a way around to get it to work.” With a great many vehicles, including Fiats, Ferraris, Chevs, Corvettes and range of Fords already completed, Andrew’s Automotive Restorations continues their premium quality workmanship with many projects in the pipeline including two 1950s XK Jaguars, Falcon XB Coupe, HQSS Holden, Morris Minor 1000 and more. You can find out more about their business and follow their restoration projects on their website: www.andrewsautomotiverestoration or via their Facebook @andrewsautorestoration or Instagram @andrews_auto_restorations

The National Collision Repairer – 3 1

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G U Y - - - - - - - - - - - - -

M c C O Y - L A N C A S T E R

A big year for big shows In 2019 the classic car scene is really healthy on a global basis, and recently there were several big events held in Australia and one of the largest car events in the world was held in Detroit. These events are held on the same weekend, so it is quite a challenge to attend both in the same year, but it has been done before. A few years ago, we were able to go to both and it was simply mind-blowing. The similarities are many, but the most significant is that neither of them are static events. What follows is a quick summary of two events that should be on your list to attend. The Shannons Sydney Classic The Shannons Sydney Classic has been around for 55 years. It is hosted by the Council of Motor Clubs (CMC) and is now one of the largest events in Australia, with close to 2,000 cars representing almost 200 car clubs across NSW. Held at Sydney

Behind the pits looking out to the skidpan.


Motorsport Park, the cars roll in and park in their club locations, which are spread across areas in the back of the pits, the skidpan and the back of the grandstand on the other side of the track. Each of the clubs book in for their number of cars and will also nominate a representative to be in the Concourse display. There were over 40 cars in the Concourse this year and each of them were judged by the CMC judging committee. You have to feel for the judges. With so many amazing cars competing together and throughout the day, there are many different exhibitors and trade stands to visit. Every pit was full of car restoration related products, car memorabilia, restoration services (with working examples), and a range of general merchandise. The event is also supported by a couple of jazz bands. One of the highlights of the day is seeing the Sydney Bus and Truck

Museum turn up and offer to take people on rides. The double decker buses are very special, particularly if you get on the top floor at the front of the bus – enjoying the corners. Shannons also turned up with great support for the event. This year they had several auction cars on display for people to drool over. A Ferrari sat not far from a Lotus and next to a Sunbeam Tiger, and there was a beautiful gold Chevelle amongst them as well – but not for auction. Each year the scene celebrates special anniversaries so, along with the Concourse cars, there were a range of models with specific birthdays – either for the cars or specific clubs. As examples, it was 100 years of Alvis and Armstrong Siddeley, the Fiat Club of NSW was there 70 years young, and 60 years of the Goggomobil Dart. A few of the Goggomobils actually drove from Perth to Sydney to mark this milestone. Can you imagine that driving next to a road-train? This year also marked the 50th anniversary of the Boss Mustang, the Datsun 240Z and the Bolwell Nagari, and there were several amazing examples of each of these marques on display. Every club that attends has a specific time for touring the track. This approach to action means that throughout the day there are always different types of cars cruising around and providing colour and motion for the day. These parade laps are kept at a maximum of 80 kph and can be large groups of cars going for a full tour of the Brabham track at Eastern Creek. The general buzz is one of great enthusiasm for everything related to classic cars, motorbikes, buses and other automotive elements.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - T H E


G U Y - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Car Guy’s 1971 Chevelle Malibu.

Classics of all eras.

Cool cars coming through the tunnel.

This year the new regional Member for Roads and Transport, Mr Paul Toole, attended the day. Paul hails from Bathurst, so he has a bit of an affinity with cool cars. His passion for the classic car scene is obvious and he was given a special treat from the CMC – an invitation to have a ride

around the track in one of the classic cars, and he chose a Valiant Charger. Well, it just so happened that there was a recently restored Charger made as a tribute to the Bathurst Geoghegan car of 1972. So, while everyone else was limited to low speeds, the Charger got up to speed

around the track, and it sounded amazing. Paul was interviewed immediately after this and he was supportive of the whole movement and looking forward to coming back again next year. Overall, the Shannons Sydney Classic was another great event with great times in 2019.

Woodward DreamCruise On the other side of the world in Motor City, an event that has become the largest car show in the world was happening. Each year for the last 25 years Woodward Avenue in Detroit has hosted the DreamCruise, an event mostly for Muscle Cars but it also includes a huge variety of entrants that come from all over the USA. For 2019, there were over 45,000 cars that were on the nine mile stretch of road. There were all types of original, restored and modified cars that made the strip come alive for the four days of the event. The event was conceived to remember the great days of Detroit when the manufacturers would present their latest and greatest on the streets of Detroit for bragging rights from one traffic light to another. Woodward Avenue was the proving ground for low production and modified muscle from the both the OEMs and the aftermarket world in the 1950s through to the 1970s.

With so many cars to cater for, there is no single place that all these cars and people can come together in one place. Woodward Avenue crosses several different suburbs in Detroit, so each locale is host to a particular brand. The Pontiacs go to Pontiac, the Mustangs all herd together in another suburb, and then you have the people who are not part of any particular club who will turn up and sit on the side of the road at a service station or selected

carpark. It is truly amazing to see. The media loves the event, with radio stations and television usually in place for the week leading up to the big roll-up on the Saturday night. There can be over one million people lining the streets to see the parade. This is an event where you can grab a spot and watch for up to eight hours and not see the same car twice. And the road is three lanes wide in each direction! Apart from the range of muscle

Mustang Alley.

The National Collision Repairer – 3 3


Minutes with ...

- - - - - - T H E


G U Y - - - - - - -

Motoring in the Motor City.

Michael Mudford BASF Australia Ltd When did you join the industry? 35 years ago What was your first job in the industry? Spray painter What do you do now? Glasurit Trainer What do you like about the industry? Job satisfaction, helping people and seeing the final result. What don’t you like about the industry? Pressure on smaller body shop businesses. What music do you like? Rock, country, depends on the mood. Your Favourite Artist? Too many to list

cars, the manufacturers will often bring out a concept vehicle to run up and down the main road, which, in the past, has included Australia’s own 1953 Holden Efijy. Mark Reuss from General Motors (previously head of Holden) will often pull out his FC and drive it for the weekend, and there are a few other cars that were restored in Australia that now cruise the line in Detroit. There is also a range of oddities that hit the streets. The weird and wonderful creations – examples include a Skull Car, a super large shopping trolley, the Batmobile and other movie cars and upside-down trucks – all make their way up and down the avenue. There are even stars from Drag Week, with highly modified Drag Cars that rumble their way through the night. Detroit is a great place to have this event because there are so many car people that live or visit the city

and the weather in August is mostly fine. When in Detroit, there are opportunities to visit the private collections of Chrysler and GM, along with many other automotive related and historically significant locations. It is also always great to see the Henry Ford Museum and the Greenfield Village in Dearborn. So much to see and so much to take in. With events like these, any car guy or car girl will not leave disappointed. With our future about to change significantly, it will be events like these that keep bringing the great cars and cool people out to drive their beautiful and beasty treasures.

Your favourite food? Thai and Italian – not together Your favourite drink? Bourbon and pale ale beers again, not together Your hobbies? Fishing & water skiing Who in the world would you most like to meet? Zach Galifianakis.


A demonic 69 Camaro and a hot Javelin lining up.


John’s love of custom and restored cars has seen him become an industry leader in the activities of car clubs and automotive enthusiasts across Australia and around the world.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts. An exchange that pays off. When exchanged with eligible old parts, Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts can provide a cost saving when compared with the price of new Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts. Ensure that your repair centre retains its competitive edge with Mercedes-Benz’ comprehensive range of Genuine Remanufactured Parts. These parts provide a perfect alternative to new Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts with genuine cost savings for older vehicle repairs.

Air Suspension Strut

Water Pump

Steering Box Assembly

Starter Motor

Power Steering Pump

Air Conditioner Compressor

Rack and Pinion


For exchange criteria and to see how remanufactured parts can assist your business contact the Parts Department at your local authorised Mercedes-Benz Retailer or visit our website.

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T I P S - - - - - - - - - - - - - H R I S T I A S

Cleaning between polish steps It’s a situation guaranteed to get the boss hot under the collar and customers writing negative reviews – you think you have polished de-nib marks out of a job, only for them to return after it’s washed a couple of times. Generally, it’s known as “ghosting”, “holograms” or “swirl marks” and, while it’s a common mistake, it’s also an easy one to fix, no matter what polish system you are using. Tips and recommendations The key to avoiding this situation is as simple as taking a moment to clean the surface with a 50:50 watermethylated spirits solution after each polishing stage. For example, before moving from a lambswool pad to a foam pad and so on. To do this, there are super convenient options available, such as PPG’s SWX250 WaterMethylated Spirits Cleaner, which comes pre-mixed and ready to go. Seeing is believing The reason for cleaning the surface with “water-metho” is to remove any build-up of polish compound and let you clearly see if the de-nib scratches have been removed. During the polishing process, compound can be forced into the fine de-nib scratches where it dries. Unless it’s removed, it can appear as if the scratches have been removed when, in fact, they have not. The only step where you don’t need to clean is when all the scratches are removed and the final protective layer, such as MIRKA Polarshine 5 or Liquid Nano Wax, is being applied. Keep the job area small and reduce polishing time De-nibbing with something like a MIRKA Polarstar SR 32 mm disc makes it easy to focus on the tiny spot to be removed.


Don’t overload The biggest mistake I see is people overloading the polishing pads with compound. You might think “more is better”, but it actually works against what you are trying to achieve because pads are designed to work best with minimal compound. Just apply a small amount of compound to the pad and polish until there is none left before adding any more. Rather than helping to polish out the scratches, the excessive compound just builds up in layers and clogs the surface. Fortunately, it can be easily removed with water-metho. Keep pads clean Don’t let your buff pads get caked with compound. At the end of each week, get into the habit of washing all the buff pads in warm water, then leave them to dry over the weekend. Work to a best-practice process Full step-by-step polishing instructions are available via a handy Paint Rectification Process chart. Ask your PPG or Protec Territory Manager for a copy – it’s a perfect reference guide to have on your workshop wall.

This article supplied courtesy of John Hristias, Business Support Manager, Asia-Pacific at PPG Industries

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T R A I N I N G - - - - - - - - B Y

T H A T C H A M - E S C R I B E

Calendar of events KNOWING WHEN IT’S ON AND WHAT’S COMING UP Motoclassica 11th – 13th October 2019 Melbourne

The SEMA Show 5th – 8th November 2019 Las Vegas

Automechanika 3rd – 6th December 2019 Shanghai

Thatcham update Thatcham Research has announced the renewal of its contract with Suncorp, extending the successful collaboration that has seen Suncorp distribute Thatcham repair data in Australia and New Zealand since 2013. Under the renewed agreement, Suncorp will become the first ever Thatcham Research Global Associate – this provides one of Australia’s largest financial services brands with access to Thatcham Research’s wealth of vehicle research, data and services. Neale Phillips, Global Product Director, Thatcham Research said: ‘’We are delighted to welcome Suncorp as our first ever Global Associate member, building on the successful partnership we have enjoyed over the last five years. We are committed to supporting its needs and those of its repair network – starting with an upgrade to escribe which will shortly see the inclusion of vehicle manufacturer methods, to further increase vehicle coverage.’’

Thatcham’s online portal – escribe, provides insurance assessors and repairers with instant access to the very latest multi-franchised Thatcham Research crash repair methods, times and technical newsletters. Phillips continued: “The growth of escribe in Australia is a tangible demonstration of Suncorp’s commitment to delivering only the safest and highest-quality vehicle repair.” In response, Brett Wallace, EM Assessing & Repair Performance, Suncorp said: “Thatcham repair data helps to ensure that our customer’s vehicles are repaired in the most safe and efficient manner, so the decision to extend and strengthen our relationship with such a respected industry body was an easy one and aligns 100% with Suncorp’s overarching repair strategy” Significant enhancements to the escribe platform enabling the positive identification of ADAS technologies have already been deployed this year, with further updates on the way in 2019.

Training contacts 3M Australia George Di Scala Tel: 0400 382 649 AkzoNobel Tel: (03) 9644 1711 Axalta Coating Systems Product training Axalta services Tel: 1800 292 582

PPG Australia Pty Ltd MVP Business Solutions Greg Tunks 0411 288 451 Sue Lozano 0417 053 030 Cliff Reed 0413 851 433 Joe Esposito 0412 832 919 Mike Green 0412 742 160 Mindy Roberts 0407 528 869 Ben Doughty 0418 548 812 Helen Aird +64 211 765 943

Dents R Us Training Academy Laury Chibnall Tel: 0438 383 555

PPG Training VIC/TAS: (03) 8586 0000 NSW/ACT: (02) 9854 6600 QLD/NT: (07) 3823 8000 SA: 0412 832 919 WA: 0437 902 125

iBodyshop E: Tel: (03) 9548 7400

I-CAR Australia Dan Dobrin Tel: (07) 3219 9088

BASF Australia Ltd James Green Tel: 0402 110 378

Mipa Australia Pty Ltd Tel: (03) 9793 8800 LORD (Fusor and Farecla) Tel: (03) 9560 6060 Protec Tel: 1800 076 466 SAPE Automotive Training Academy Tel: (02) 9772 9000 sia Abrasives Tel: 1300 742 123 Thatcham-Escribe 1300 769 348 U-pol Tel: 0400 366 483 Valspar Automotive Tel: (02) 4368 4054

The National Collision Repairer – 3 7


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L E A D E R S - - - - - - - - - -




Future Leaders of the industry THE LATEST FUTURE LEADER PRESENTATION WAS MADE AT THE IAG RESEARCH CENTRE IN SYDNEY TO SHAWN BUIE OF HORNSBY PRESTIGE SMASH REPAIRS AND PARVIZ HASANYAR OF CARLINGFORD PRESTIGE SMASH REPAIRS, BOTH THIRD YEAR AUTOBODY REPAIR APPRENTICES AT CAMPBELLTOWN TAFE. Bruce Fleming, IAG’s Motor Assessing Manager NSW Rural North was MC for the occasion, which was attended by several representatives of IAG, Campbelltown TAFE, Hornsby Prestige, Carlingford Prestige and the National Collision Repairer. Fleming introduced Terry Teremoana, Head Teacher at Campbelltown TAFE, who said: “Both Shawn and Parviz have shown extraordinary commitment and dedication to their trade and have worked extremely hard to overcome the challenge of being deaf. This is also a credit to their employers who greatly assist with their integration.” Teremoana went on to thank IAG for their support of the Future Leaders initiative. Fleming then introduced IAG’s Paul Wood, Motor Assessing Manager NSW Metro South, who in turn invited both recipients to join him for a short Q&A, conducted in Auslan, the sign language of the Australian deaf community. Wood: Tell us what the best thing is about going to TAFE at Campbelltown? Buie: The ongoing support and the opportunity to learn something new


Parviz Hasanyar and Shawn Buie.

every day. Hasanyar: Our teacher, Daniel Nardalin, is so supportive – it makes learning easier. Wood: Now, a very important question – what footy team do you follow? Hasanyar: That’s easy – Manly Sea Eagles! Buie: I’m not into footy – soccer’s my game. Wood: And what do you think you will be doing in five years’ time? Buie: I’d like to go into business with my brother who is a truck mechanic. Hasanyar: I want to be the best I can be, buy a house and support my family. Wood: Shawn, what is it that you like about working at Hornsby Prestige? Buie: I fit right in, get no special treatment and I’m treated as an equal. Wood: Parviz, what is it that you like about working at Carlingford Prestige? Hasanyar: They are always there to help and have made me feel part of the team since day one. Wood: And finally, what is your dream car? Hasanyar: Toyota Hilux – I like the

practicality and flexibility. Buie: Mazda RX3 – it’s a real classic. Wood then congratulated Shawn and Parviz on their achievement and presented each of them with their certificate and the award of two I-CAR training courses. “IAG is proud to continue to support the Future Leaders of the Industry initiative and we see such recognition as critical for the future of the industry,” he concluded. On receiving his award, Parviz said he was extremely grateful to Carlingford Prestige for all their support, and to Daniel and the team at the TAFE. Shawn added his thanks to Hornsby Prestige and IAG for their support of the initiative. Editor: IAG’s ongoing support and sponsorship of these awards is greatly appreciated. We all wish Parviz and Shawn every success as they are both inspirational and worthy Future Leaders of the Industry. iag donates two I-CAR courses valued at more than $500 to the Future Leader that we feature each month in this section

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U P D A T E - - - - - - - - - - - C Z V I T K O V I T S


The learning culture must be embraced at all levels As we are now witnessing a newfound industry acceptance of training across many new sectors, the question as to how a “learning culture” becomes part of an organisation and why it is so important still remains. When an organisation commits to training, it should be across the entire organisation, not just for a select few to tick a few boxes. To commit to training to only tick a box is not a commitment to learning, it’s just an activity that must be done and no one will be committed. Training is about technicians and other employees learning, implementing and improving their skills on the job. This will lead to efficiencies and better quality being delivered. A commitment to training from everybody will change the culture within an organisation at all levels and, in doing so, nurture a workforce that is engaged in their roles. I have witnessed two businesses within the same group start a training program with I-CAR Australia to attain Road to Gold. In each business, the two managers had a completely different mindset: one was purely focused on the numbers, whilst the other had an emphasis on the process. The feedback from technicians who attended from each facility was chalk and cheese. The numbers-focused manager was always critical of having to send his technicians to training, and whilst the technicians learnt and grew from the training, each of them was concerned that the training may not be utilised within the business. The manager was asked to attend, along with the senior staff, but he was never able to spare the time! The second organisation was completely different. The manager,

4 0 – I - C A R U P DAT E

along with senior managers, attended the training along with their staff. The discussions during and after the training encouraged cooperation on how processes could be improved within the business. One business is Gold Class and the other is no nearer than before as there was no buy-in from management and staff turnover continues.

A learning culture, by definition, is the culture of sharing knowledge throughout an organisation for the benefit of all involved. Learning culture is something that is implemented and owned by everyone in an organisation, to develop and improve everyone, not one person. The ongoing developments occurring within the automotive industry are rapidly increasing and continue to place huge pressure on organisations to understand and deliver safe and quality repairs in modern vehicles. The question is often asked: “How is a learning culture established?” The most important factor in any organisation is its people. Without these, a business cannot deliver. So often we see enormous expenditure in equipment, buildings, facades and new products. Of course, these are important, but ultimately they are things that require people to make them work. However, the people are often ignored as there is no time to train them and productivity will be lost. We all know the connection between this commitment to training and absenteeism, and the subsequent

impact on productivity. Surely it is easier to plan productivity if a training plan is implemented. However, without a learning culture, there are only excuses. The decision to make the commitment to grow a skilled team ready to service your customers’ needs is not entirely painless but, like anything unfamiliar, it’s a plan that will help get great results over time. An organisation that embraces a learning culture will provide a platform of growth into the future. The car continues to evolve, equipment continues to be developed, and new measures of business efficiency are being asked for, yet in many instances, the collision repair industry still prefers to meander along with the ill-perceived and unknown “industry standard”. As we move towards the end of 2019 and face 2020, will your business be ready to embrace the next 12 months of change? The I-CAR Professional Development Program provides training paths for all the roles within a collision repair facility as well as offering the opportunity to have your training pathways managed. A learning culture is something that can be embraced and discussed by everyone in a business and will help everyone within, as well as help the business grow. For more information, contact us at Mark is the CEO of I-CAR Australia. His mission is to ensure that the collision repair industry understands the importance of having fully trained personnel and knowledgeable technicians

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A C H I E V E M E N T - - - - - - -

Acknowledging a lifetime of contribution Criteria for induction into the National Collision Repairer Lifetime Achievement Honour Roll 1. 2. 3. 4.

A minimum of 10 years in the collision repair industry Contributions to the collision repair industry beyond the scope of their local area Contributions to the collision repair industry beyond the scope of their direct employment Nominations shall come from within the collision repair industry on the nomination form with supporting rationale.

A nomination form can be obtained from: The National Collision Repairer PO Box 1258, Kyneton Victoria 3444 Email: Tel: +61 458 588 333

The National Collision Repairer thanks and acknowledges the ongoing support of our sponsors


Honour Roll Richard Nathan ................................ David Weatherall ................................ Terry Flanagan OAM ................................ Marshall Duncan ................................ Graham Winter ................................ Jeff Hendler (Int) ................................ Max Chanter ................................ John Howes ................................ Robert Renwick (Int) ................................ David Newton-Ross ................................ Wayne Phipps ................................ Richard Pratt ................................ Bob Rees ................................ Lance Weiss ................................ Mark Brady ................................ Don Wait OAM ................................ Tony Farrugia ................................ Bob Christie ................................ John Zulian ................................ Tom Vukelic ................................ Robin Taylor ................................ Ray McMartin ................................ Colin Edwards ................................ Ian Wilkinson ................................ Julie Thomas ................................ Brian Johnson ................................ Terry Feehan ................................ Owen Webb OAM ................................ Phil Nixon ................................ Trevor Parkes ................................ Tony Warrener OAM ................................ Brenton Abbott ................................ Michael Killen ................................ Carl Tinsley ................................ Per Madsen (Int) ................................ Rex Crowther (Int) ................................ Michael Wilkinson ................................ Garry Clear ................................ Cec Simpson ................................ Mark Czvitkovits ................................ Martin Stone AM ................................ Julie Wadley ................................ Walter Zuber (Int)

The National Collision Repairer – 4 1

- - - - - - - - - - - C U S T O M W I T H

C O R N E R - - - - - - - - - - O W E N


Red Centre Nats 2019

Who would have thought? Red Centre Nats Number 5, with more entrants, huge crowds – especially around the street parade – and as much fun as the previous events. I was a little sceptical as Alice Springs is so far for people to travel, but this event is well supported by the Northern Territory government and the people with around 60 percent of the entrants coming from Darwin, Katherine, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs itself. There is always a good contingent from Victoria and Queensland, NSW, SA and WA are

Brent Murray's winning Dodge.

4 2 – C U S TO M C O R N E R

always represented as well. Without looking back on the last reports, I know I would have said similar things as it is still one of my favourite events on the calendar. Perfect weather, great people and a town that embraces the event, 800 entrants with some cars that can cruise and which you would never see the street in other states or events, and the best street parade you could ever imagine. On the Saturday afternoon, around 500 cars form up to cruise

Blatherskite Park against the MacDonnell Ranges and a typical NT sapphire sky

an 8km route through the middle of town with people 3–4 deep lining the whole cruise route. This year I had the opportunity to be in one of the lead cars and noticed many of the 4WDs looked like they'd been parked for hours, setting up camp waiting for the parade to start. As we cruised past the hospital, I saw people in wheelchairs, past the hotels (people who should have been in wheelchairs), all having a great time cheering every car. There were burnout cars and race cars, along with all the elite and street

Top Restored - John Goss XB Falcon.

- - - - - - - - - - - C U S T O M

elite show cars spanning the 8 kms. As the first cars got back to Blatherskite Park, the final 50 cars were still waiting to join the end of the parade. At the end of this parade, many of the entrants drove out to the Inland Dragway for a great night of "heavy hitter" drag racing. The drag club officials were thrilled to see the hill and all other areas covered with spectators. Over the four days there is scrutineering and pre-judging at Lassiter’s Casino, then the final judging at Blatherskite Park, where the show and shine is on over the weekend. While all this is taking place, there are more drag racing and burnouts at Inland Dragway. The variety of cars is quite different at this event compared to most others. There are a few elite cars, many street elite, club cars and always a lot of original barn/paddock find types of vehicles. This year excelled with an XA Falcon the guy picked up two months before from a property in Marree, on the Birdsville track in SA. He had heard about it, followed it up, and to his surprise found all the information was correct. It had been owned by a couple of rabbit shooters and sat for 24 years in the shed. After cleaning out the bullets and cigarette butts, he put a battery and fuel in it and got it going, then took it home to clean up for the trek to Alice. There was also a local who had an awesome Valiant Charger and a Valiant Station Wagon, both sitting for over 20 years, which he cleaned up and brought along as well.

Leanne Tinning's Awesome HQ.

C O R N E R - - - - - - - - - - -

Yet to be restored XA Falcon.

Sunday is Burnout finals, with two tickets up for grabs for Burnout Masters at Summernats. It is also the culmination of the 4-day event, with Road to Grand Champion. This year we had 12 cars shooting out for Red Centre Nats Champion. The winner had to have judged well, got points in People’s Choice and then we set off in convoy to the Dragway for a run down the track, back to Lassiter’s for the asphalt Motorkhana, then back to Blatherskite for a final grass driving event. All entrants get 1 point for participation, with the winner of each section getting 10, second 9 and so on. This works out really fair as the vehicle has to be a good car, scoring well in judging, good all-round driver, not just a drag car or rally car, but be competitive across all the categories. This year was close and going into the grass event the top four cars were only separated by 4 points. Brent Murray from Portland,

Victoria, with his beautiful Kandy Red Dodge finally won after a couple years trying to get “the big one”. His car won the drag racing and performed well in the other disciplines to become a very popular winner, announced in front of a big crowd on the Sunday night outdoor presentation stage at sunset. After the awards finished, the entertainment from “Hot Dub Time Machine” kicked in, with music featured from every decade getting the crowd really pumped up. What a great way to finish up another Red Centre Nats! Bring on 2020 – there’s sure to be some surprises and a lot of fun again. Owen is a leading figure within the auto re-styling and vehicle modification industry and a Lifetime Achievement Award inductee. He is Technical and Training Manager at Concept Paints.

Mint condition Valiant Charger.

The National Collision Repairer – 4 3

- - - - - - - - - - - - - S T A T E W I T H


S I D E - - - - - - - - - - - - Y O S W I C K

Advanced safety systems Static and dynamic ADAS calibration and required OEM safety inspections FOLLOWING JOHN’S ARTICLE LAST MONTH, WE BRING YOU FURTHER DISCUSSION ON THE IMPACT OF EVEN MORE ADVANCED DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEMS AND THE NEED TO UNDERTAKE AN OEM-PRESCRIBED SAFETY CHECK. Calibration Collision repairers are increasingly facing some complex “static” and “dynamic” calibrations of some advanced driver assistance systems. A panel at a recent conference in the US noted that dynamic calibrations can require test driving the vehicle while connected to either an OEM scan tool or a specialised aftermarket scan tool. “Basically, only an OEM tool or the very best of the aftermarket scan tools are capable of doing these routines,” said Jack Rozint of Mitchell International. The calibrations may require that the vehicle maintains a certain speed for a set period, with road requirements that may include a clear sideline and centre line on a straight road in the daylight. That can be a challenge in urban areas, Rozint said, noting he’s heard of shops trying to do these just as the sun comes up when there’s less traffic congestion. “If it’s snowing or foggy or raining, or if there’s been sand placed on the road that’s covering or obscuring the lines, it won’t work,” Rozint added. “If you get stopped half-way through, in some cases, depending on the vehicle and the scan tool, you may have to start all over again.” Panellist Matthew McDonnell, a shop owner in Montana, said such calibration test drives are becoming more common as more vehicles have lane-departure warnings and other such systems. He pointed to the


requirements for the 2017 Ford F-150, which call for a 10-minute drive at 40 mph after any repair involving a windshield replacement, change in tyre size, suspension repair or alignment, front airbag deployment or interior mirror replacement.

HE IS AWARE OF THREE LAWSUITS IN THE US INVOLVING SHOPS’ FAILURE TO CONDUCT SUCH INSPECTIONS Ray Fisher, executive director of the Automotive Service Association (ASA), urged the industry to consider safety when conducting dynamic calibrations on the road. “When technicians go on a test drive with a scan tool, they are at risk as ‘distracted drivers’. I really encourage shop owners to protect their technicians as realistically, such test drives may require two people.” While static calibrations, done in the shop rather than as part of a test drive, may seem potentially simpler, Rozint said they can require very specialised targets and equipment. For example, the ultrasonic blind spot radar in some newer Honda, Toyota and Kia vehicles requires the use of a metal reflector cone, a laser and a goniometer jig, a device that measures angles. Some of the newest Audis include 360-degree cameras and

Doppler devices to monitor what is going on around the entire vehicle in real time. “To calibrate that, you need this aluminium structure with magnetic panels on it, and there are laser distance meters built into that.” The BMW 7-series includes a pedestrian detection system that is based on body heat. It requires a polelike target with a 98.6 degree device at the top that you place a set distance in front of the car to simulate a person as you use a scan tool to calibrate the system. “So, if you thought you were getting yourself positioned for some basic target calibrations and some dynamic drive calibrations, that’s great, but welcome to what’s coming later this year and next year, with even more to follow. Those who aren’t training in this area may want to consider doing so.” He also cautioned that subletting this work to dealers may not alleviate the need for shops to understand what those dealers need to be doing. “In some cases, they’ve never done it before themselves,” Rozint said of some dealers. “So, if you don’t have the training yourself, you may not even be able to properly identify someone who is qualified to do it.” OEM-prescribed safety checks During the same conference, two US body shop owners highlighted the post-accident safety inspections that are prescribed in many automakers’ repair procedures.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - S T A T E

Montana shop owner Bruce Halcro and Oregon shop owner Ron Reichen gave a presentation that focused on the safety inspections that Subaru calls for after one of its vehicles has been in a collision, but also noted many automakers have similar requirements. “These are physical inspections, not something that’s included in a preor post-repair scan,” said Reichen. “They basically ask that you do some disassembly so you can visually look at cage nuts that are mounted in certain areas, (such as seatbelt anchors) to see if there is any stretching or stress points, or if there’s any wiring that may have been pulled in a way that could lead to connection or connectivity issues, especially in supplemental restraint systems.” The wiring may function well enough to get a clear scan, Reichen said, but if it is stretched, frayed or only partially connected, road vibration could lead it to fail, possibly leading to a failure of the airbag system. “That’s why it’s so critical,” he added. Halcro agreed that some of the required inspections are “intense”, potentially requiring 15–20 labour hours. “You’re actually pulling out the

Mark Olson.

S I D E - - - - - - - - - - - - -

dash and checking the wiring and the connectors underneath the dash. There’s a safety beam under there that we take photos of to document in the file that we carried out the inspection.” Both Halcro’s and Reichen’s shops have earned Subaru certification. They said Subaru’s online repair procedures, like many other automakers, include various checklists for the safety inspections, based on the vehicle model, the area of the vehicle impacted, whether airbags deployed, and so on. Mark Olson of VECO Experts said he is aware of three lawsuits in the US involving shops’ failure to conduct such inspections. “You’re not going to hear about them because they’re going to settle out of court. Those checklists are what the attorney is going to look at and say, ‘Did you do this, this and this?’ On some models, you must remove and reinstall the headliner and the airbag, which is not reusable, so you actually have to deploy the airbag and replace it simply as part of the inspection.” Olson and Reichen both said too few shops know about, let alone follow, the safety inspections called for by the automakers. “I would suggest

Matthew McDonnell.

that there’s probably less than one percent of repairers in the US today that are even aware of a safety inspection that’s required after a collision,” said Reichen. Olson said shop owners may only learn of those procedures after an automaker ducks a liability lawsuit because of a shop’s failure to conduct the inspections. “The automaker is going to say, ‘Wait a minute. ABC Autobody ordered a bumper cover and a headlight for that vehicle. Here’s all the things they should have done’. All of a sudden, it’s right on your lap. You may think, ‘Oh, we’ve never had a problem.’ But all it takes is one,” said Olson. Halcro said that’s why his shop is performing the safety inspections. “My take as the owner is: we’re not in the liability business. We’re in the repair business. We're just not going to take on the liability of not repairing it properly.” John is a freelance writer based in the United States who has been writing about the automotive industry since 1988, he is also the editor of the weekly Crash Network

Ron Reichen.

The National Collision Repairer – 4 5

- - - - - - - - - P R O D U C T

S H O W C A S E - - - - - - - -

CAM SUPER TUFF Gloves from SAPE CAM SUPER TUFF is a new generalpurpose oil resistant glove specially engineered for the automotive trade. CAM SUPER TUFF Gloves are an honest all-day glove that will help you get the job done while protecting the longevity of your most valuable tool – your hands. Applications • Automotive – paint/panel, mechanical workshops, detailing, engine and transmissions, diesel mechanics, tyre fitting • Aviation and defence • Oils, lubricants, fuel Handling, hydraulic repairs and maintenance • Commercial/domestic cleaning and hygiene • General purpose material handling • DIY and home maintenance • Gardening, agriculture.

Features and benefits • Oil, fuel and grease resistant • Textured sandy grip perfect for use on wet or greasy surfaces • Chemically resistant nitrile coating • Fingertip sensitivity • Luxury fabrics, breathable comfort and easy flexible hand movement • Hand moves with the glove, no "hand slip" • Double dipped, unaffected by oil, fuel and even battery acid • Moderate heat protection • Perfect for all-day wear • Extended cuff • Washable and re-usable. CAM SUPER TUFF Gloves are available in black or grey. For further information, contact the SAPE Group on (02) 9772 9000 or visit

Axalta expands its Audurra consumables range Axalta continues to design and develop user-friendly products for the professional body shop through its refinish non-paint consumable brand, Audurra. The recently expanded range of products now includes masking foil, mixing cups/lids, stirrers and wipes. It now provides a large range of consumables for the painter, all of which offer durability, speed and material cost savings. In addition, there is a new premium abrasives range that includes discs, strips and soft-rolls. These premium discs, strips and

4 6 – P R O D U C T S H OW C A S E

soft rolls are specifically developed to work effectively with Axalta Paint Systems and are designed for high efficiency sanding. They form part of a new sanding system that focuses on choosing the product that is right for the application, as opposed to choosing a grit size. Products are classified as A-B-C-DE, to make sanding easier, with only eight items to cover 90 percent of applications. The system aids in avoiding application errors and results in re-coatability without scratch or swirl marks.

The multi-hole pattern makes them flexible for use on pads and blocks. The product features include only four grits for paint preparation (A to D). The coarse grits focus on removal rate and time savings, while the fine grits have low scratch depths for perfect finish. In addition, there is one grit (E), for use in blending. To find out more about how the Audurra range can help you optimise the automotive repair coating process in your body shop, contact an Axalta distributor today or go to

- - - - - - - - - P R O D U C T

S H O W C A S E - - - - - - - -

The new Gold Standard from MIRKA An upgrade featuring a new multihole configuration ensures that nothing is as good as Gold! With a reputation for all-round versatility, efficiency and quality of finish, there is no surprise that MIRKA Gold is the company’s most popular paper-backed abrasive, and now it has come in for a major makeover to further boost performance. Using customer feedback combined with intensive research, the MIRKA team has introduced a variety of improvements headlined by new computer-designed multi-hole patterns. Gold 150 mm discs are now available with the new patterns, which have 37 holes for coarser grits and 121 holes for finer grits. Superior dust extraction has long been a focus of the MIRKA team, and the new Gold multi-hole patterns were specifically created to take that aim to the next level. By increasing dust extraction capabilities, this directly

translates into improved workshop productivity and longer lifespan compared to traditional paper abrasives and other multi-hole patterns on the market. A reduced chance of clogging the abrasive surface not only increases

speed of cut and durability, but also makes it easier for the operator to see the surface, which improves the quality of finish. Best of all, this new MIRKA Gold abrasive works perfectly in conjunction with the outstanding MIRKA power tools range.

Cartec products are distributed by Le’Mix Pty Ltd. For more information about Cartec or other Le’Mix products, visit or contact Le’Mix on tel: (02)97084959

- - - - - - - - - P R O D U C T

S H O W C A S E - - - - - - - -

3M Cubitron II Abrasives – now even finer! 3M Cubitron II has always catered for the panel beaters by providing coarse grade abrasives and cutting and grinding equipment. With the introduction of the finer grades, painters can now enjoy the benefits that Cubitron II technology provides: • Cuts 30 percent faster and lasts 30 percent longer than conventional ceramic abrasives • Delivers finer, more uniform finish • Requires less pressure. 3M Cubitron II discs and rolls, featuring triangular shaped ceramic minerals, are a revolutionary advancement in automotive abrasive technology. As the triangular shaped grain wears, it continually fractures to

form sharp points that slice through the substrate, wear evenly and provide extra-long life and consistency. 3M Cubitron II abrasives in 240+ and 320+ are ideal for primer sanding, whilst the newly released 400+ provides superior performance and finish when getting your panel ready for base. 3M Cubitron II abrasives are available in grades 40+ to 400+, which provides abrasives solutions ranging from paint stripping to paint preparation and can be used in a wide variety of applications and markets. Everything you love – only finer! For more information, please contact 3M on 136-136.

New Glasurit clearcoat hits Australian market Fast-drying and simple to use for a wide range of applications. Glasurit is known for having the fastest refinishing processes on the market and now quick repairs are even more efficient with Glasurit’s 923-610 HS clear fast drying VOC. This new clearcoat needs no flash-off time and provides an excellent finish after only a short drying time in the oven at 60C panel temperature. Even better, Glasurit 923-610 HS clear fast drying VOC also boasts outstanding drying properties at 40C and at

room temperature. Glasurit’s new clearcoat has excellent polishing characteristics and can be applied to both vertical and horizontal panels and used flexibly during a single application. A perfect paint result can be produced with 1.5–2 spray coats, regardless of whether HVLP or RP spray guns are used. Glasurit 923-610 HS clear fast drying VOC is perfectly suited for quickly repairing cosmetic damage and individual panels, as well as for refinishing entire vehicle sides. All in

all, the clearcoat offers body shops higher efficiency thanks to an array of application options, shorter process times and lower energy costs.

Glasurit launches new Mixing Clear for Glasurit 22 Line VOC Perfectly integrated in the Glasurit RATIO system The perfect duo is now even better with the launch of Glasurit’s new mixing clear, the 522-MC 600. Designed to be the perfect partner for Glasurit 22 Line High-Solid VOC, this mixing clear offers outstanding application, spray painting, drying and polishing properties. With its optimal levelling and excellent flow, the 522-MC 600 Mixing Clear ensures exceptional application results for matte and textured colours. Spray painters can also rely on the proven colour

4 8 – P R O D U C T S H OW C A S E

documentation and accuracy. Thanks to Glasurit 522-MC 600, when combined with Glasurit 923-610 HS clearcoat, the Glasurit RATIO system concept now also applies for 22 Line VOC: one system, one hardener and thinner portfolio, and one uniform mixing ratio make your work easy and reliable. The new mixing clear maintains the proven high Glasurit quality with the reliability of the Glasurit RATIO system. Benefits: • Outstanding application, reliability and spray-ability • Optimal levelling and good flow

• Good drying behaviour and excellent polishing properties • Recoatable with Glasurit VOC clearcoats • Matte and/or textured colours.





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