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Meet Hyundai Motor Company’s Scott Nargar, our latest Mover and Shaker We introduce our 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award inductees at a virtual event Full report on BASF’s Australia and New Zealand launch of Glasurit 100 Line

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Contact us for information on our Collision R Repair epair Pack Package age and to arrange arrange a demonstr demonstration ation ++61 61 ((03) 03) 8 8561 56 1 7 7600 600 ssales-au@OpusIVS.com ales-au@OpusIVS.com OpusIVS.com OpusIVS.com


with Joe McFadries

Incoming! Exciting developments across the industry Following a period of treading water, the industry is well and truly on the march in preparation for a flying start to 2021. We continue to see extraordinary developments from car manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers and, of course, from the myriad of other businesses that rely on a strong and buoyant automotive industry. The flow-on effects to the collision repair sector highlight the importance of keeping up with, or even getting ahead of, the latest advancements in technology. The question is no longer, “Should I adapt or keep doing what I’m doing?” Rather, the question is, “What do I need to do to adapt, survive and thrive?” In this issue we recognise the Lifetime Achievement Award inductees for 2020. The three individuals, Brad Franklin, Jim Vais and Jeff Williams, have adapted to shape the future of our industry, each in their own way, and made a significant contribution to where we are today, and where we will be in the years to come. Read their stories on page 18. Scott Nargar, Senior Manager, Future Mobility and Government Affairs, Hyundai Australia, introduces us to the latest developments in electric vehicle and hydrogen fuel cell technology. These technologies are very much “incoming” and will deliver a more efficient and sustainable future for the Australian automotive industry, with of course, the implications for the collision repair sector. Meet Scott on page 14. Dr Sebastien Garnier, BASF’s Vice-

President Automotive Refinish Coating Solutions, Asia-Pacific, led the starstudded team at BASF Australasia in the launch of their all-new waterborne basecoat system, Glasurit 100 Line. In a seamless virtual presentation, the team outlined the features and benefits of the new range, highlighting that the organisation has taken coatings technology to a whole new level with 100 Line. The full story is on page 26. Continuing our ongoing commitment to technology, we have another two great features from around the globe. On page 24 we hear from Opus IVS about the launch of DrivePro Collision in 2020, the ultimate in-house solution for body shops and insurers, whilst on page 36, Bostik highlights the latest developments in engineering adhesive technology with their Born2Bond Repair adhesive, which combines the strength of a structural adhesive with the speed of an instant adhesive. In Barry Edney’s Marketing Insight THE

on page 34, he discusses market segmentation and gives some tips on how to apply it in a body shop environment, whilst on page 40 Owen Webb updates us on the reshuffle of the events in the custom car scene following the postponement of Summernats34, with the organisers announcing a great new line up for 2021. We celebrate a previous Future Leader, Maxine Colligan, and her most recent accolades on page 22. Maxine won both the Western Sydney Woman in Trades and Western Sydney Woman of the Year awards. Of course, we also have all the latest local, global and product news from around the industry. Stay safe and well, and as always, happy to chat. The National Collision Repairer magazine – Making a difference in our industry


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BASF launches Glasurit 100 Line in Australia and New Zealand, the first release in the Asia-Pacific region.


Barry Edney’s second feature on the importance of market segmentation, and how to apply it to your business.

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Opus IVS launches Drive Pro Collision, the ultimate in-house solution for body shops and insurers.



John discusses the importance of scheduling your workshop to improve cycle times and business efficiencies.

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Future Leaders We celebrate Maxine Colligan’s most recent accolades at the Western Sydney Women’s awards.

We induct Brad Franklin, Jim Vais and Jeff Williams recognising their contribution to our industry.

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All the latest products specifically designed to enhance your business.

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We introduce Scott Nargar of Hyundai Motor Company who discusses the latest technology on the horizon.

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Bostik Australia introduces their Born2Bond Repair engineering adhesive.

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Owen Webb gives us an update on the custom car show scene as we head into 2021.


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Permasolid® SpeedSpeed-TEC TEC Clear Coat 88 8810 10 – when ever every y second c counts. When you need to reach top speed, reach for our latest clearcoat. Used as p part ar t of the complete Speed-TEC SpeedTEC system, it significantly cuts process times. A standard rep repair air takes just 7 71 1 minutes – so small repairs rep airs become a lucr lucrative ative business option. What’ What’ss more, with Permasolid Permasolid® SpeedTEC Clear Coat 88 10, Speed-TEC 8810, dr ying Hi-TEC Hi-TEC Base Coat and SpeedTEC Clear Coat at low temper atures you can save on energy costs by drying Speed-TEC temperatures TEC Clear Coat 88 10 of 40°C or even just 20°C. And, thanks to new Axalta technology, P Permasolid ermasolid® SpeedSpeed-TEC 8810 proper ties with its flexible application, improved filling power and also wins when it comes to processing properties ver tical stability. stabilit y. good vertical For For more information, visit: spieshecker.com.au/speedtec8810 spieshecker.com.au/speedtec8810

Spies Hecker – simply clos closer. er.

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BMW Group charges to deliver on government’s incentives for EV fleets BMW Group Australia is confident the Australian Government’s financial package to encourage businesses to trial new technologies and invest in electric car fleets will mark a “line in the sand” for manufacturers and supercharge the local market’s adoption of electrified vehicles. The Australian Government has announced a new $74.5 million “Future Fuels Fund” to help business and regional communities take advantage of opportunities offered by hydrogen, electric and bio-fuelled vehicles, and enable infrastructure for the growth of commercial electric vehicles. BMW Group has created a tailored program for small to medium enterprises seeking to purchase a new BMW or MINI electric vehicle with a $1,500 incentive for new vehicle purchases for company use. This is equivalent to the charging cost for up to 30,000km of travel in a BMW electric vehicle. Vikram Pawah, Chief Executive Officer of BMW Group Australia, said the incentives announced for business should act as the catalyst for local market growth and finally help Australia bridge the gap with high uptake markets in Europe, North America and Asia. “For BMW Group, investing in electro-mobility technology development for business should be a given in Australia. Countries such as

The 2020 Mini Electric.

4 – LO C A L N E W S

the USA, Norway and China have all invested in a strong charging network and offered monetary incentives to both commercial and private buyers of plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicles, leading to high uptake across the board in these markets,” said Pawah. He added that the cost benefit of electrified vehicles is just one of the challenges facing uptake in Australia. Sustainable alternatives to electric vehicles are also in the dark, meaning concerns such as range anxiety are present among local buyers despite viable options such as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) readily available in the market. “For example, the MINI Electric has a driving range of 233km on a single charge and the same single charge endows the BMW i3 with a range of up to 260km in daily use – both well exceeding the 36km driven by the average Australian every day,” added Pawah. “We will continue to introduce as many of these vehicles to our local product line-up as possible, but the government has an important role to play in influencing public mindset about the vast benefits of electrified vehicles. While these incentives are focused on business, they are a positive step in enlightening the wider public around electromobility and addressing the lack of knowledge about electric vehicles.”

BMW Group is a leading provider of electro-mobility and by the end of 2021 will offer five fully-electric production vehicles. In Australia, the first-ever MINI electric vehicle was introduced in early 2020, with the full year's allocation already sold out. The MINI Electric complements seven other BMW and MINI plug-in hybrid models already available to Australian customers. “Our commitments are all part of BMW Group’s ‘Power of Choice’ ethos, which gives customers alternative options for sustainability without compromising the design and performance. The strategy is complemented by a diverse and extensive product portfolio to cater to different regions of the world that are shifting toward electro-mobility at varying rates. These models will deliver enhancements in range, performance and usability within our electrified product range to enable customers to effortlessly find a solution that suits their individual needs,” concluded Pawah. BMW Group Australia also has a successful partnership with Chargefox, Australia’s largest electric vehicle charging network powered by 100% renewable energy. This allows BMW to provide its i3 and i3s 120 Ah customers with a three-year charging subscription including a complimentary 250kW/year allowance.

The proposed BMW i2.


Modern BMW Windscreens are a significant structural component of each BMW and integral to the correct operation of a BMW’s safety system. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and convenience technologies (rain sensors and Head-Up display) all rely on the technologies built into a Genuine BMW Windscreen, whilst providing unmatchable noise reduction, cabin climate control and UV protection for every driver and their family. Demand a Genuine BMW Windscreen for a perfect fit every time. For further information on Genuine BMW Windscreens, contact your preferred BMW Dealer today.



Ford to auction a Scott McLaughlin Mustang for kids facing cancer Ford has announced a once in a lifetime chance to own a Scott McLaughlin “piece of history”, with all proceeds going to children’s cancer charity Camp Quality. The unique Ford Mustang GT Fastback was driven at the 2019 Superloop Adelaide 500 as part of the celebration of Ford Mustang’s Supercar competition debut in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. McLaughlin, a three-time Supercars champion and Bathurst winner for Shell V-Power Racing Team, raced this modified road-going Mustang, which still bears his name, in a speed comparison around the Adelaide street circuit alongside Ford icons Dick Johnson and Marcos Ambrose. "I just remember first driving that Mustang around the streets of Adelaide and asking Rob Herrod what he did to it as it rode the kerbs really well!” said McLaughlin. “Sharing the track with two Ford legends like Dick and Marcos was a hell of an experience and one I'll never forget. To see the car being auctioned with all proceeds going to Camp Quality is just awesome." It's thanks to Ryan Story, Team Principal, Shell V-Power Racing Team and Camp Quality Ambassador, with

support from Ford Australia and Shannons, that the legendary car is now being auctioned off to car enthusiasts, while also helping kids facing cancer to be kids again. "Camp Quality is a charity very close to my heart and I'm very proud to support them,” Story said. “This year has been tough for everyone, but it hasn't stopped the important work Camp Quality does to support kids with cancer and their families.” This really special car was tuned and prepared by Ford legend Rob Herrod. “I'm extremely grateful to Ford and to Shannons for supporting this cause, raising much needed funds for Camp Quality. I have no doubt that this historic Mustang will find a good home." Deborah Thomas, CEO of Camp Quality, said the generosity of everyone involved in the auction will help them to support more Australian children aged 0 to 13 who are impacted by cancer. “Camp Quality families face their worst nightmare when a child is diagnosed with cancer,” says Thomas. “Thanks to the incredible support of Camp Quality ambassador Ryan Story and Ford Australia, as well as Shannons, this auction will enable us to be there for

more kids and their families throughout the cancer experience: in-hospital, at home, at school, and away from it all on one of our camps and at our retreats.” “For 36 years Camp Quality has been giving kids with cancer the chance to be kids again. We provide coping tools, vital information and, importantly, fun times that mean kids facing cancer and their families can reconnect, make happy memories and have a much-needed break from the trauma of hospital and treatment. Every Australian child should get to experience the fun of childhood, and this auction will ensure many more kids facing cancer will have that opportunity,” concluded Thomas.

directly with the customer to get some direction on what they want and then I work out a design and colour scheme for them. It’s about being individual but a good custom paint job is also a cost-effective investment given the impact you get from it.” The Queensland Motorcycle Panel and Paint workshop has been deliberately set up to give the feel of a paint studio crossed with a HarleyDavidson workshop. Whether it’s smash repair or custom paint, Mark chooses to use PPG and, in particular, the Vibrance Collection range which contains an incredible selection of easy to use special effects finishes. “Using PPG is a no-brainer and a great marketing tool for my business because I am using the same paint brand that Harley-Davidson uses on its production line. Compared with other brands, PPG has a big range and for custom paint, I believe the Vibrance

Collection is the best there is. Having been in the motorcycle repair industry for 35 years and 25 years in my own business, I’ve used a lot of different paint systems over the years and the Vibrance Collection is the only system where one brand does everything – from flames and graphics to metal flakes and (Radiance II) Candys. I believe PPG is leaps and bounds ahead of the others, especially for Harleys. Best of all, when my customers see the end result, they just go ‘Wow!’” For more information, visit: www.vibrancenetwork.com.au

Hogging the limelight When it comes to giving a Harley even more individuality, there is nothing like the Vibrance Collection from PPG. Harley-Davidsons are all about individuality and lifestyle. In fact, says Mark Walker, it’s the only motorcycle brand that offers the full lifestyle experience – you can even buy HarleyDavidson undies! Through his business, Queensland Motorcycle Panel and Paint, Mark offers Harley owners the opportunity to create an even more distinctive bike via a custom paint job and it has proven so popular that his services are booked out months in advance. “Although I do a little bit of smash repair, the majority of my work is custom paint on new Harleys. Mostly I work with a network of genuine Harley dealerships to support customers who order a new bike and want something unique. I liaise

6 – LO C A L N E W S

I-CAR announces Gold Class for Specialised CRC I-CAR Australia Gold Class Coordinator Gary Wood recently announced that Specialised Collision Repair Centre in Sunbury, Victoria has been awarded the prestigious I-CAR Gold Class Collision status. “Congratulations to everyone at Specialised Collision Repair Centre in achieving the I-CAR Gold Class accreditation. This has been an incredibly challenging year with many repairers feeling the impact of COVID-19 upon their businesses. Those who have been able, have taken the opportunity to focus on training and development for their staff members during the downturn in business. Jason and the team at Specialised are an example of what can still be achieved in the toughest of times.” “We at Specialised Collision Repair Centre feel very privileged to have accomplished Gold Class status with I-CAR. We strive to give our customers the best quality of service and workmanship we can. Now, with the knowledge and skills gained from the I-CAR training, we can be sure that

our customers are receiving just that,” explained Jason Case. “Being part of the Suncorp approved repairer network, they took the decision to concentrate on fulfilling the training requirements that Suncorp has introduced, which has seen them meet the objective and become Gold Class accredited well ahead of the completion date. Great work by everyone involved,” concluded Wood. For further information, contact I-CAR Australia at goldclass@i-car.com.au or Tel: 0424 144 787.

Plastfix launches digital training studio Plastfix has officially launched its exciting new digital training and research studio in Adelaide, accelerating the company’s ability to deliver online training in plastic restorations to their offsite and field-based technicians. The COVID-19 constraints has led to huge disruption to the traditional hands-on training methods, and by incorporating these new capabilities, Plastfix can continue to provide the necessary training of staff. The 6-month project uses the latest in online software, filming, cloud storage, audio and editing technology to create the smartest training delivery solution in the industry. New training content can be conceived, produced and edited within 24 hours through the use of the innovative mobile productivity app WorxManager by Tradiebot Industries. Plastfix has also integrated the ability to livestream training, with the capacity to reach up to 50,000 viewers around the world per session, perform remote quality control and interact with users in real time. The Plastfix Digital Training Studio is located within the Innovation Centre at MTASA and is key to the company’s ability to provide freedom and flexibility to plastic repair technicians when upskilling or undertaking induction training for new recruits. Due to COVID-19, Plastfix has

eliminated human-to-human using emerging technologies. The digital hub is also equipped with 3D printers to support the research and development activities of Plastfix Labs. This enables the testing of prototypes, and the building of a comprehensive catalogue of various lugs and brackets, allowing Plastfix to repair additional damaged plastic parts like expensive headlight assemblies. Plastfix is heavily investing in and focused on the future of automotive plastic and advanced repair solutions, working with leading collision repair groups, plastic manufacturers, research bodies and OEMs to ensure the new advanced materials can be repaired to pre-collision standard. “The opening of this new digital training studio provides Plastfix the opportunity to facilitate and undertake training on a whole new level, using an entirely new process for training and video content development,” said Plastfix Director of Training and Product Development, John Morrissey. “Within the studio we are now testing some exciting new plastic repair tools that have been developed by our Plastfix Labs Division using 3D printing, using leadingedge 3D plastic material from BASF.” The video content platform is managed by Plastfix technology partner Tradiebot and allows

interactive training to be conducted with live engagement, remote assessments, training and available jobs via its online and mobile platforms. The placement of the studio within MTASA also allows various other trades and apprentices to observe some of the new developments taking place in our industry. MTASA CEO Paul Unerkov sees multiple benefits of the Digital Training Studio and is eager to create several digital training hubs to promote and push their training needs to a wider audience. This is the first of many exciting new solutions and technology advancements planned for the innovation centre as it leads the way in promoting and pushing the boundaries of true digital transformation within the collision repair industry. For more information, email john.morrissey@plastfix.com or visit https://plastfix.com/

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Minutes with ...

Tim Nuttall Capricorn Society When did you join the industry? 2002 What was your first job in the industry? Apprentice Mechanic What do you do now? Area Manager What do you like about the industry? Always been interested in engines and being around the industry. The way it is always changing and adapting to wants/needs of the consumer is always fun to be involved. What don’t you like about the industry? Nothing really What music do you like? Nearly all types of music Your Favourite Artist? Disturbed



A win-win for Capricorn Members and Preferred Suppliers Capricorn has been returning wins for its Members for almost 50 years. But it’s not only Members who benefit from participating in Australasia’s largest automotive cooperative. Recent financial results clearly show that Capricorn Preferred Suppliers are big winners too. The Capricorn Preferred Supplier network, which provides high quality products and services to more than 20,000 Capricorn Member workshops across Australia and New Zealand, is the backbone of the cooperative’s success. The Capricorn Preferred Suppliers operate in a healthy environment that provides strong repeat business. Capricorn drives sales by incentivising Members to always purchase the quality automotive products they need from a Capricorn Preferred Supplier. One powerful motivator is the Capricorn Rewards program, which is one of the most generous in Australasia, returning 1.5 points on almost every $1 spent, with every 100 rewards points worth $1. In addition to the financial incentives, Members also receive instant trade credit and consolidated billing with all Preferred Suppliers, making it a much more convenient way to trade. This cooperative dynamic results in a true win-win relationship for both Members and the companies that have become Capricorn Preferred Suppliers. Many automotive component manufacturers, distributors and service providers have seen consistent, long-term sales

Your favourite food? Nachos Your favourite drink? Beer Your hobbies? Camping, 4WD-ing, spending time with my family Who in the world would you most like to meet? Dwayne Johnson


growth through Capricorn. Working to win each Capricorn Preferred Supplier more loyal customers, a team of almost 70 full time Capricorn field staff act as their de-facto sales teams, visiting Members to inform them of the latest products and services available through the network. Once a supplier joins Capricorn’s Preferred Supplier ranks, their companies are featured in the Capricorn Purple Pages Directory. Capricorn Members use this directory when seeking parts, tools, equipment and services on a daily basis. This directory is also used to source office essentials for Capricorn Members, providing opportunities for nonautomotive companies to become Capricorn Preferred Suppliers. Capricorn Preferred Suppliers can benefit further by conducting their own Capricorn Rewards promotions to further incentivise sales of specific products, brands or services. The proof of Capricorn’s win-win success for its Members and Preferred Suppliers is very clear. Capricorn Members purchased a staggering $2 billion of Preferred Suppliers’ products in Australia and New Zealand during 2018/19, returning $35.9 million to Members in Capricorn Rewards points. Capricorn Preferred Suppliers can also save on the costs of doing business, with the expenses of credit checks, debt collection, invoicing, office bookwork and administration being greatly reduced.

Win-win. W in-win in.. Itt mi might m ght not not work work but iin n ffooty, ooty, b ut iit’s t’s tthe he only way we play. o nly w ay w ep lay. We’ve always underst nd derstood o the strength of partnerships that worrk k forr everyone. ne e. It’s what has underpinn ned the t success of o our Memberss and Preferrred Suppliers ssince day one one. Join n the team and nd d you u can share in that same success.


Joiin A Join Australasia’s ustralasia’s asia’s lar largest gest aut g automotive omotive tive ec cooperative oopera oper tive join@capricorn.coop join@capric in@c orn.coop | capricorn.coop capricorn.coop



Holden launches the TribUTE, celebrating 70 years Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the iconic Holden Ute. Almost 70 years ago, an Australia icon was born. Good looking, yet rugged, versatile and durable, a workhorse that evolved into a thoroughbred. A hard-worker, with a laidback attitude – a symbol of the Australian way of life: The Holden Ute. In 1951, the first ever Holden Ute rolled off the production line, giving birth to an icon that spans multiple generations and has engrained itself into our culture. From the much-loved FJ Holden Ute to the final VFII, every model went on to make its own colourful and character-filled contribution to the legend that is the Holden Ute. After 70 years of evolution, the Holden Ute will forever remain linked to its heritage by the lion emblem it proudly displays. To celebrate this anniversary and the contribution the Holden Ute has made to both Australia and New Zealand, and to highlight Holden’s ongoing commitment of support to its 1.6 million customers still on the road today, Holden is creating the TribUTE. TribUTE is a re-imagined and re-defined VE Series 2 SSV Redline Ute, powered with a Chevrolet Performance 6.2 litre, 525 horsepower LS3 V8 and backed by a T-56 super magnum heavy duty 6-speed manual. GM Level-3 track capable spec FE3 suspension, upgraded front and rear crossdrilled Brembo brakes behind staggered 20-inch wheels will ensure it stops and turns just as well as it goes! Holden Genuine and ACDelco Parts will be used by a Holden Certified Service Outlet and GM Certified Collision

Repairer to turn this car into something truly unique. The best part about TribUTE is that Holden is giving it away, and the winner of TribUTE will also get the keys to the car at a private handover event with Supercars legend Craig Lowndes. To enter, have your Holden serviced at a Holden Certified Service Outlet or Purchase ACDelco oil through the GM Trade Parts program. Terms and conditions apply. Visit https://acdelco.com.au/offers/ to read the full terms and conditions. Permit Numbers: (ACT) TP20/01333, (NSW) TP20/00364 (SA) T20/1174.

Marc Ebolo to lead General Motors in Australia New Zealand Marc Ebolo, a two-decade General Motors commercial and product veteran, has been appointed Managing Director of GM Australia and New Zealand, effective 1 November 2020. GM Senior Vice President and President GM International, Steve Kiefer, said Ebolo would lead GM’s operations across Australia and New Zealand, which include: • The newly formed GM Specialty Vehicles (GMSV) • Isuzu New Zealand • The Holden Aftersales operation for Australia and New Zealand. Ebolo’s deep experience in leading markets and working across sales, strategy and product planning in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast

1 0 – LO C A L N E W S

Asia will be significant assets through the launch and development of GMSV, as well as driving performance in the aftersales and Isuzu businesses. Currently the Managing Director of Holden New Zealand, Ebolo will succeed Kristian Aquilina, who is moving to a new role in GM – as Managing Director Cadillac International Operations and Cadillac Middle East, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. “GM continues to see significant opportunity in Australia and New Zealand,” said Kiefer. “We are confident that under Marc’s leadership our GMSV business is ready to compete in key niche segments including the Silverado light and heavy duty, as well as the C8 Corvette, which is coming next year.” Kiefer added: “I want to thank Kristian for his leadership through a period of significant transition in our business in Australia and New Zealand.” Ebolo said that customers and partnerships were his main priorities

stepping into the role. “In Australia and New Zealand, we will work very closely with our key partners – the soon-to-be-appointed GMSV dealers, Holden service outlets, Walkinshaw Automotive Group and Isuzu – to grow our businesses and theirs,” he said. “I look forward to working with our partners and to bringing exciting new vehicles from GM’s global portfolio to Australia and New Zealand to compete in niche segments.” Aquilina said he and Ebolo would work on a detailed transition to ensure continuity for teams, partners and customers. “I am privileged to have worked with so many talented people who, among other things, have implemented a challenging but significant transformation of our business in Australia and New Zealand. Now is the right time to hand over to Marc,” said Aquilina. “I have every confidence that under Marc’s leadership the team will be successful well into the future.”

I-CAR announces Gold Class for BPS Autobody I-CAR Australia Gold Class Coordinator Gary Wood announced that BPS Autobody in Bankstown, New South Wales has been awarded the prestigious I-CAR Gold Class Collision status. “Congratulations to BPS Autobody, which has joined the growing number of repairers committed to the development of their staff members through role relevant training with I-CAR. Warren and the team at BPS have participated in regular training sessions over the past 12 months that has seen them meet and surpass the training requirements for the I-CAR Gold Class accreditation. It’s a fantastic achievement by all concerned considering the challenges faced by everyone within the industry during 2020,” said Wood. “BPS Autobody commenced the I-CAR “Road to Gold Class” early 2020 as we found the rapid developing technology in repairs within the motor

vehicle repair industry had become so complex, not only for the technicians, but for the estimating procedures and manufacturers’ safety requirements,” explained business owner, Warren Renno. “I-CAR has instilled peace of mind and all the training required for BPS Autobody to maintain our position as one member of the elite group of autobody repair facilities in

Australia recognised by both insurance companies and motor vehicle manufacturers.” “All of us at BPS would like to thank the I-CAR team for all their assistance in accomplishing our Gold Class Certification,” concluded Renno. For further information, contact I-CAR Australia at goldclass@icar.com.au or call 0424 144 787.



AAAA hosts webinar in support of mental health An important webinar run by the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) has shed light on mental health during COVID-19, with signs the pandemic is helping to break down barriers around mental illnesses in the automotive industry and across society. COVID-19 has tested how wellprepared businesses are to support staff with their mental health. While many understand the impact the workplace can have on people’s mental health, and conversely, how mental health illnesses can impact productivity and relationships at work, many business managers and team leaders don’t have the tools, strategies and confidence to best manage mental health issues and create a mentally healthy workplace. As part of the AAAA’s commitment to mental health support of the automotive aftermarket industry, the peak body arranged a special presentation from Beyond Blue, with contributions from GPC Asia Pacific and Bapcor representatives. The webinar provided insights and advice so that business owners, managers and employees can achieve meaningful change for the betterment of their workplaces. Facilitated by AAAA CEO, Stuart Charity, this member-exclusive webinar featured three stand-out speakers on mental health in the workplace: Michael O’Hanlon, Workplace Engagement Manager at Beyond Blue, Aileen Hayes, Executive General Manager People and Culture, GPC Asia Pacific Alison Laing, Executive General Manager – Human Resources, Bapcor. “Changes in how society, workplaces and individuals view and deal with mental health issues is going to be a continual process over many years, but we are encouraged by the changes we are seeing,” said Charity. “This webinar was full of fantastic, thought-provoking ideas and strategies for our members who took part to learn and develop themselves. The insights from Michael, Alison and Aileen were relatable and clear and I

1 2 – LO C A L N E W S

thank them for their contributions. As the leader of the AAAA team, there were learnings I have taken away that can assist our team as we live through these challenging times.” O’Hanlon shared that Beyond Blue had seen a significant increase in the number of calls to their helpline and visits to their website resources this year and had responded to a 30 to 40% increase in demand for their counselling service. Other mental health support organisations have seen similar trends. Although these increases certainly underscore the challenging times we are facing, they also indicate that people are increasingly likely to seek help, which is a big change from previous years and catastrophic events. It appears that COVID-19 is serving to fast-track a significant increase in awareness, understanding and normalisation of mental health illness. O’Hanlon also emphasised that for small business owners and managers, getting to know employees is more important than ever. Even small inroads in this domain can make a profound difference for employees and break down barriers that can more easily enable conversations around mental health. Hayes and Laing agreed with this recommendation, stating that a key to successfully supporting team members with mental health is to “get to know your people”. The closer working relationships seen in smaller business settings allow managers to identify changes in behaviour and demeanour and perhaps more easily enable them to ask, “RUOK?” Both HR experts shared that you don’t need to be a mental health

expert or psychologist to provide support that is helpful and relevant. Providing contact details for Beyond Blue or other organisations such as Lifeline and The Black Dog Institute allows you to refer your staff member to an expert quickly and easily. Hayes advocated that all businesses should visit Beyond Blue’s website, as businesses of any size can benefit from the fantastic free resources they provide. Such resources help business owners and managers to carefully step through conversations that they may be nervous about with some confidence and peace of mind. Hayes and Laing shared that they have seen increased anxiety across their organisations because of uncertainty about the future, corresponding with an increased usage of their respective employee assistance program hotlines. While everyone is impacted by the pandemic, everyone’s experience is different. “Across society, and depending on businesses, roles and locations, people seem to be overwhelmed. Some are working harder than ever before while others have no work,” said Laing. The mental health member webinar forms a small part of the AAAA’s support to members and the aftermarket industry throughout these challenging times and offers a dedicated COVID-19 resource centre. “We will continue to promote mental health across the industry through our communication channels and member services such as webinars and our Employer Assist hotline. The importance of this issue can’t be underestimated,” concluded Charity

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Scott Nargar Senior Manager, Future Mobility and Government Affairs, Hyundai Australia WE MEET SCOTT NARGAR, WHO IS IMMENSELY PROUD OF HIS ORGANISATION, AND PASSIONATE ABOUT HIS FUTURE-FOCUSED ROLE AT HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY AUSTRALIA. HE IS COMMITTED TO A MORE EFFICIENT AND SUSTAINABLE FUTURE FOR THE AUSTRALIAN AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY. NCR: By way of introduction, tell us a bit about your background. SN: I started my automotive career as an apprentice motor mechanic at Sinclair Ford and Sinclair Hyundai in 1990 and worked my way up by taking every opportunity that came my way, becoming a service advisor. I then went to work for NRMA as a vehicle inspector for both new and used cars, and also did post-crash analysis, engine inspections, including preparing comprehensive reports. I then became a motoring journalist and a judge for Australia’s best car awards with the NRMA , testing new models at Oran Park Raceway and, of course, on the road with both a city cycle and a country cycle to cover all aspects of the car. Whilst at NRMA I became involved with the ANCAP crash-test program both here and in South

The Hyundai NEXO Fleet.

1 4 – M OV E R S & S H A K E R S

Korea. In 2008 I got to see what was happening in Hyundai’s R&D centres, which gave me an insight into where the technology was headed. It was then that I got my first exposure to and became fascinated with fuel cell vehicle technology in their early days. NCR: Now that you’re working with Hyundai Australia, what are the primary responsibilities in your current role? SN: I joined Hyundai just under 10 years ago. I began pushing both EV and hydrogen fuel cell eco-vehicles for Australia and worked closely with government and the industry. In fact, I imported the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and also installed the first hydrogen refuelling station in our Lane Cove head office here in Sydney back in 2014. Fundamentally, the role is to prepare the market for EV and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, liaising with

governments and industry partners. We interact with energy companies, who of course supply the electricity or hydrogen, gas companies who manufacture the hydrogen and other organisations who are involved in EV charging technology. It’s been a great challenge but, notwithstanding the impact of COVID-19, 2020 has been a year of great progress in our sector. For example, earlier this year the federal government announced a $300 million commitment from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and $70 million from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. In addition, around the country, the states and territories have all announced various hydrogen energy projects. This is the culmination of a great body of work that’s involved communication, education, collaboration and the realisation that

this is one of the greatest opportunities of our time. NCR: Tell me more about the Australian Hydrogen Council. SN: As a co-founder of the Australian Hydrogen Council we set out to accelerate the commercialisation of new hydrogen fuel cell technologies for transportation, provide a forum for effective communication and collaboration of all stakeholders and progress Australia’s shift towards a future hydrogen society built upon clean and renewable energy technologies. This, of course, requires us to ensure we have the necessary codes and standards in place, which we will pick up from the rest of the world rather than reinvent the wheel. Key stakeholders include car manufacturers, oil companies, gas companies, energy companies, the CSIRO, universities, technology companies and, of course, governments. Ironically, as we are about 10–15 years behind Europe and North America, we have the advantage that much of the early hurdles have already been overcome, and we pick up more mature technology and roll it out in a more cost-effective way. To some extent, I believe the above-mentioned commitment is based on the understanding that we have some of the world’s best overlaps of both wind and solar in the one place with our vast coastline, which means we are better positioned than most to utilise these renewable resources. In addition, most of our northern neighbours are all transitioning away from fossil fuel-based economies to a renewable energy basis, which of course includes transport. This presents a great export opportunity given our natural resources in this sector. Through Austrade, we also have exposure to several other economies that have, or are building, hydrogen strategies, and it’s clear we have the capacity to supply much of what they will require. For example, we already have the infrastructure to distribute hydrogen, in the form of ammonia, an existing tradeable commodity. The Council now has some 45 members representing all the

stakeholder groups, many of whom are major national and international organisations, all looking to get cleaner road transport in Australia. Most importantly, this is not an association responding to changing regulation, this is an industry-led initiative that has continued to advance despite the COVID-19 impact to the economy. NCR: So, how safe is this technology? SN: The hydrogen is stored in carbon fibre tanks, pressurised to 10,000psi, but is released through the regulators at 230psi then down to 20psi, which is essentially atmospheric pressure, and goes into the fuel cell stack under the engine bay. These vehicles are certified across Europe, North America, Korea and Japan and, of course, are fully certified here in Australia. The tank testing regime is far more stringent than either an existing LPG or petrol tank, including over-pressurisation, drop testing, fire and, believe it or not, bullets being shot at the tank. The tanks are very safe indeed. In addition, a lot of work has gone into ensuring safety information is shared across our network, including dealerships, Fire and Rescue and the motor clubs like the NRMA, who will provide roadside assistance. If ever there was a scenario that further supports a ban on grey imports, it’s the rapidly increasing technology in the vehicles of today and tomorrow. Training and development of the network will also be

The National Collision Repairer – 1 5

critical, and in the first instance the vehicle will need to go back to the dealer to have the hydrogen gas evacuated, with the right equipment, procedures and training. We, like several other manufacturers of hydrogen vehicles, do this throughout the world, where we have dozens of dealerships, so we know what we are doing. Our intention is to establish service workshops where we deploy refuelling stations so that we create a network that can fully support the fleet as it develops. We have one already in the ACT at Lennock Hyundai, with plans for both Brisbane and Melbourne in the foreseeable future. We plan to control the roll out of the vehicles as we install the necessary support.


One of the other impacts will be that service stations of the future are likely to be quite different and more than likely will be contactless, something to which we are currently adjusting for quite different reasons, of course. As we do with our EVs, we will use QR codes to give first responders immediate access to the emergency response guides, including how to deactivate and disarm the high voltage system. This information is also accessible on the Hyundai Australia website. NCR: So, what is the realistic timeline for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles? SN: We are still at the early stages, and what makes it difficult is that the infrastructure is still more expensive than that of EVs. However, the time will come when we will be refuelling our hydrogen vehicles just as efficiently as we do with our petrol vehicles today. EVs today take longer to recharge and still do not have the range of hydrogen or petrol vehicles. The constraint is the investment in infrastructure, so putting a timeline on it is still very difficult. However, the plan is to focus on clusters, as is the case in California and some places in Europe. We will have a station operational in the ACT prior to year-end and ultimately clusters of stations in the right locations around the country will give us the footprint we will need. Back to the timeline. We know

Hyundai's Eco-Mobility Hub.

1 6 – M OV E R S & S H A K E R S



that some European countries and other places around the world are planning to ban internal combustion engines in both light and heavy vehicles by 2025. At the end of September this year, the Californian Government announced that it will ban internal combustion sales from 2035 and the UK moved its ban down to 2030. It is on this basis that Hyundai is planning to have 44 new eco-drivetrains available for global markets by the middle of the decade. The other major driver is tightening emission regulations around the world, which will “force the issue”. Hyundai has several agreements with other manufacturers that will allow us to develop cost-effective drivetrains through technology collaboration. Perhaps the best way to look at it is that the replacement for petrol engines will be EVs and the replacement for diesel engines will be hydrogen fuel cells. There are hydrogen trucks, buses, trains and ferries in various places around the world, and here in Australia we will see hydrogen buses and trucks on our roads within the next 12 months. In addition, one of the big opportunities for fuel cell vehicles is the forklift industry, removing the need to recharge batteries or the issue of LPG emissions in warehouses, compared to water vapour and purified air emissions from the fuel cell.

NCR: What can you share about Hyundai’s investment in hybrid and EV technology? SN: Both technologies are a great way for corporates to drive down their fleet emissions and, as targets reduce significantly in the coming years, hybrids and EVs will become much more attractive. Hybrid technologies operate best with high quality fuels, but this will be problematic here in Australia until our low-quality fuels are replaced by 2027 – so, we’re a bit behind. However, at Hyundai we are not waiting for the regulations to change. We have two full battery electric EVs, a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid on the road now, with more EVs coming in each of the next few years, as well as further deployment of our hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Australia. We plan to be ready to go when the inevitable change to the regulations occurs. In addition, Hyundai will be a key driver of change across the industry in relation to infrastructure, fuel security and industry collaboration. We need and want more competition in this space, as the more players there are, the more rapidly we will facilitate the necessary changes, increase demand, bring down prices in the mass-market and help Australia catch up with the rest of the world. More awareness and more choice means more investment in the infrastructure.

NCR: And you are also involved in autonomous vehicle technology? SN: The real thrill in my role is working on the latest technology and working with like-minded people who are committed to developing the infrastructure for the cars of the future. Regarding AV’s, the biggest challenge is the different regulations in the different states and navigating these are a key part of my role. At Hyundai we already have AV technology built into our vehicles and Hyundai Australia was fortunate enough to provide a 240km demonstration of our technology across Korea, starting at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics site in 2018, with international delegates, including those from Australia. The exercise was seamless with no driver input whatsoever. So in Australia, when industry is ready and the infrastructure is in place, our telecommunications are reliable

and secure, and the regulations have been developed, we at Hyundai will simply turn on the technology. NCR: So, what does it all mean for the collision repair industry? SN: The key is training – we will continue to work with TAFE and other RTOs to develop the understanding of this new technology. In the last decade Hyundai has donated almost 70 vehicles to TAFEs, trade training schools, medical research and to Fire and Rescue for research around Australia to ensure they are all working with the latest technology. We are aware that there are several EV training courses available today, and we are looking at developing hydrogen fuel cell courses in the coming years. This is how we will prepare tomorrow’s technicians for our technology. NCR: And a final message to our readers? SN: Even if we never see emission

regulations here in Australia, the industry and the technology will drive us down the path and our automotive industry will be shaped by the technologies from Europe, North America and, of course, Asia. The Australian car industry is to be congratulated as they work towards a voluntary code that has been introduced by the FCAI – even without legislation, we are holding ourselves to account. The automotive industry is ever evolving and there is no doubt that this will continue at an even greater rate. At Hyundai, we are not just a car company, we are a multi-divisional global multinational organisation that is very much focused on the future. Our goal is to ensure our vehicles can be driven safely and can be safely and properly repaired in the event of a collision. We all have families and we all want to go home to them at the end of the day – this is what it’s all about at Hyundai.







AT A VIRTUAL CEREMONY LAST WEEK, A FULL COMPLEMENT OF INVITED GUESTS INCLUDING SPONSORS, PAST INDUCTEES, INTERNATIONAL GUESTS AND A PLETHORA OF IDENTITIES FROM ACROSS THE INDUSTRY “DIALLED-IN” TO OUR ANNUAL AWARDS PRESENTATION. Many guests took the opportunity to dial in early and “check out” the virtual platform, and perhaps get a sneak peek of the inductees for 2020, but of course we were able to maintain the element of surprise. The event got underway with an Acknowledgement of Country, where we recognised the many Indigenous peoples as the traditional custodians of our land, Australia, and in particular the peoples of the Kulin Nation as the traditional custodians of the place from which we broadcast in Central Victoria, paying respects to the Elders past, present and emerging.

All set to go for our first virtual event.

1 8 – L I F E T I M E AC H I E V E M E N T

Following a brief introduction of the program, we recognised the support of our sponsors, many of whom have been behind the event since its inception in 2007. In the absence of the opportunity for guests and inductees to catch up and network, we broadcast a slideshow history of the event, with appropriate backing music. To the sounds of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” and The Script’s “Hall of Fame”, we took a walk down memory lane, an initiative that was extremely well received based on the live feedback during the presentation.

Opening page of virtual broadcast.

This event was, of course, to recognise the contributions of the inductees for 2020 and add them to the 43 existing inductees who have shaped, built, disrupted, influenced and developed the collision repair industry since the second half of the 20th century. This year there were 10 worthy nominations from around the country, although three in particular attracted the attention of the voters, our sponsors and existing inductees. The inclusion of this year’s inductees brings the collective experience of all 46 inductees to over 1,500 years!

Brad Franklin Steven Brett, managing director Axalta Coating Systems Australasia, from his office in western Sydney, announced that the first inductee was Brad Franklin, Technical Training Manager, Sherwin Williams. We then crossed to Murray Howell on the NSW Central Coast to make the presentation. Brad commenced an apprenticeship over 20 years ago and went on to work in the industry as a vehicle refinisher for several years before stepping up to manage the business on Sydney’s North Shore. Concurrently, he saw the need to impart his knowledge onto the next generation and became a part-time TAFE teacher at TAFE NSW’s Ultimo campus. Steven spoke of Brad’s long association with WorldSkills, successfully competing in the regional and national WorldSkills competition as an apprentice, an experience that he would take with him throughout his career. He has maintained an involvement with WorldSkills since 2004 and is now a judge in the Car Painting category at both the regional and national level, and Jim Vais From his home office, Stuart Charity, CEO of AAAA, announced that the second inductee was Jim Vais, founder of Capital S.M.A.R.T. Stuart highlighted Jim’s enormous contribution to the industry over the past 30 years since completing his apprenticeship, particularly mentioning how Jim has changed the way we do things through disruption of the status quo. The S.M.A.R.T. business model was developed on a huge trial site in Melbourne’s southeast before going on to form a joint venture with AAMI, which is part of the Suncorp Group, and up until this year the business was repairing over 170,000 vehicles across Australia and New Zealand! Having found the “one best way”, Jim implemented it across the network and trained over 1,000 employees in their way of doing things, working with industry partners to create a series of incredibly efficient repair shops. In 2015, The Australian newspaper ran a feature on the prominent families within the collision repair industry and

Brad with Alan Manning, Murray Howell and Richard Reneman.

is also an international Deputy Chief Expert in Vehicle Painting, sitting on the panel that develops the tasks which competitors are required to complete at the International WorldSkills competition. He is a role model and mentor for every cohort of Australian competitors and always has their well-being as his primary focus. His passion and commitment to the future of our industry,

the next generation of technicians, is second to none. Brad maintains his skills at the highest level and is I-CAR Australia Platinum qualified, delivering I-CAR accredited training courses both in-house and throughout the industry. Brad said he was honoured to receive the award, and particularly thanked his employer, Sherwin Williams, for its support of all the time and energy he puts into WorldSkills.

it was no surprise that the Vais family was identified as a key player in shaping the future of the industry. In 2019, the Capital S.M.A.R.T business was acquired by the AMA Group for over $400m, a testament to the success, culture, performance and value of the multi-award-winning Vaisbuilt business. With Melbourne in lockdown, Rob Bartlett of Suncorp facilitated the presentation at Jim’s home with his family in attendance. Jim said he was most humbled

to receive such recognition and said it was really special to have his family with him for the occasion.

Rob Bartlett makes the presentation to Jim.

Jim with wife Vicky and daughters Natasha and Deanna.

The National Collision Repairer – 1 9



Jeff Williams From his home office, Jason Trewin, Director I-CAR Australia, announced that the third inductee was Jeff Williams, director of Specific Prestige. We then crossed to Paul Back of MTASA to make the presentation in Adelaide, with many of Jeff’s peers and his partner in life and partner in business, Kristy Bennett in attendance. Throughout his career, Jeff has been dedicated to working for the greater good of the industry through his involvement with MTASA, the Body Repair Division and as past Chair of AMBRA. At a time when the state associations in our industry were in a phase of reorganising, and the federal body was undergoing a rebuild, Jeff gave his time willingly and selflessly to create a better environment for business owners across the country. As past Chair of AMBRA and the MTASA Executive Committee, Jeff maintained his passion, drive and desire to continue to help others to strive and achieve their own business goals and

further support the greater good of the industry. In addition, he has been the Chair of the Body Repair Division and on the board of the MTASA and was instrumental in the introduction of the Code of Conduct, the AMBRA Shop Grading system, the collision repair Cost Calculator and the Greenstamp accreditation system. Jeff has always taken the time to

In summary Whilst there is no substitute for a face-to-face event, in “The Year of the COVID” we had to rely on the virtual world and the specific challenges that this presented, particularly in arranging the presentation of the awards in three different locations. Although the event ran relatively seamlessly, we would much rather be hosting a room full of “real people”. In closing, we thanked our broadcast

partners, Encore Event Technologies, the many people from across the country who joined the broadcast in these challenging times, especially those from New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Denmark. This reinforces that the event continues to develop a true international stature. Josephine and I congratulate Brad, Jim and Jeff on being recognised by their peers for a lifetime of achievement and contribution to

2 0 – L I F E T I M E AC H I E V E M E N T

help others and to this day continues to be a valuable confidant and strong business mentor. He still has a legitimate hunger to see this industry find healthier days. Jeff was (almost) speechless as he was presented with the award and thought there were other more deserving than he was.

Paul Back presents Jeff with his award.

the industry. They have formally been inducted onto the Honour Roll, which you will find on our website: https://www.nationalcollisionrepairer. com.au/lifetime-awards/ Finally, this initiative is only made possible by the support of our sponsors and we once again thank them all for their support, especially in such a challenging year, and we look forward to returning to a live event in 2021.




We congratulate Brad Franklin, Jeff Williams and Jim Vais on being recognised by their peers for a lifetime of achievement and contribution to the industry.

Brad Franklin

Jeff Williams

Jim Vais

We thank and acknowledge the following companies for their ongoing support of these awards.




Proudly sponsored by IAG

Future Leaders of the Industry THIS MONTH WE REVISIT ONE OF OUR MOST CELEBRATED FUTURE LEADERS OF THE INDUSTRY, MAXINE COLLIGAN. FROM AN OUT-OF-WORK TEENAGER TO A BRONZE MEDALLIST AT WORLDSKILLS 2019 IN KAZAN, MAXINE CONTINUES TO IMPRESS IN 2020. Maxine was recognised as a Future Leader of the Industry in early 2018, and at the WorldSkills Nationals in Sydney in June 2018, when she was a second-year apprentice, she was awarded the Silver Medal, which was enough to book a ticket to Russia for the WorldSkills International event. As we now know, Maxine went on to Kazan and excelled with three individual awards: the Bronze Medal in the Car Painting Category, 2nd Place in the Sustainability Award and the winner of the Best of Nation Award. Fast forward to 2020 and accolades continue to roll in as Maxine was named Western Sydney Woman of the Year after already taking out the title of Western Sydney Woman in Trades category earlier in the month. The Western Sydney Women Award’s major partner is the Australian Government through the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, and Women NSW is

a major sponsor. Maxine is making huge strides as a woman in trades and is a powerful advocate for women taking up vocational education and training, insisting that it is a feasible and rewarding pathway. Her determination, contribution and skills in her field make her an inspiration to others – displaying attributes which speak to the very mission that Western Sydney Women stands for. “Western Sydney Women is the first and only organisation to advocate for all women from the Inner West, Greater West, North West and South West of Sydney, with a mission to be the voice and inspiration for all women living and working in the Western Sydney areas,” said Amanda Rose, founding director of Western Sydney Women. Ms Rose went on to explain that the Western Sydney Women awards is the only awards program representing women at all stages in their life,

Maxine with Kate Carnell (L) and Amanda Rose.


business and career across the region. “The awards were created in honour of giving women of the west recognition for their hard work. To ensure it is accessible to all women, this is also the only awards program that is free to enter and free to attend.” Kate Carnell, the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman said that this year’s Outstanding Western Sydney Women Awards recognise the resilience and agility of community leaders, entrepreneurs and tradeswomen in this challenging time. “My office is honoured to get behind these awards and the efforts of Western Sydney Women, which aims to help women in the region advance their businesses and career paths and provide a support network,” said Ms Carnell. “It’s inspiring to see these extraordinary women recognised for their hard work despite the incredibly difficult year that has been 2020.” IAG is proud to support or Future Leaders program and congratulates Western Sydney Woman of the Year Maxine – a leader in her field and an impressive advocate for women in trades. Editor: We first met Maxine at an event in Gosford in 2017. It is selfevident that she has made the most of her opportunities, which is indeed the true mark of a Future Leader of the Industry. IAG’s commitment to our next generation and their ongoing support and sponsorship of this program is greatly appreciated.


Aussies know a thing or two about how to take a good thing and make it better. From smashing a bit of avo for brekky, to chucking your beers in an icy esky, there are some things that just work better together. At Fix Auto Australia, we’re all about building partnerships so that your business goes from good to great.


Fix Auto is the world’s largest independent repair network, with over 700 locations in 13 countries taking advantage of our systems, resources, training and global buying power, coupled with the strength of leading collision industry brands. If you’re ready to go one better, call the team on 1300 FIX AUTO or visit fixauto.com.


Theroadahead is clear with collision services from Opus IVS The challenge Knowing that the electronic systems on a customer’s vehicle are repaired to the manufacturer’s specifications is the ultimate goal. This is what allows the repair shop owner to sleep at night. Let’s be honest – nobody knows the answer to everything. It’s hard enough to build a reputable business specialising in repairing body damage, let alone also repairing electrical systems. Learning and understanding the never-ending list of fault codes, along with dashboards that are lit up like a Christmas tree is an ongoing challenge! The complexity of vehicles today and the expectation of getting the fix right the first time is the problem body shops are facing, and one that aftermarket specialists are trying to resolve globally. Most body shops feel limited in their options and lack the confidence to produce the required pre- and postscans or correct diagnostic repair, leaving only two options: a call to the nearest dealership, or call a mobile technician, both of which are time-consuming, costly and increase cycle times, not to mention the risk to your business reputation by outsourcing to a third party! The solution Opus IVS has introduced a third alternative which reduces the hassle and cost in meeting those strict OEM requirements. The launch of DrivePro Collision in 2020, the latest technology from Opus IVS, is the ultimate in-house solution for body shops and insurers. DrivePro Collision offers advanced pre- and post-scans, ensuring that your customer’s vehicle is scanned and properly repaired. Not only does DrivePro Collision communicate with a wide range of vehicle makes and models, it has the latest hardware and software capability to deal with the new communication

2 4 – T E C H N O LO G Y

Follow the QR Code for a Body Shop Review!

protocol, Diagnostics Over Internet Protocol (DoIP). Simply put, when connected to the vehicle, the tool becomes part of the vehicle’s network. Providing collision diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) is a big part of a technician’s service requirement, and DTCs that have occurred pre- and post-collision are logged within a vehicle’s system with a time and date stamp. In the event of a collision, body shops are often required to identify the root cause of the fault and the time it occurred. Faults occurring before or after a collision can affect the result of an insurance claim, and body shops may be required to provide a report of the DTCs to their customer’s insurer regarding a claim or counter claim. DrivePro Collision deciphers DTCs and generates an easy-to-read report. Your “behind the scenes team” Arguably, with DrivePro Collision, body shops have unlimited access to the IVS 360 experienced team of OEM brandspecific, factory-trained diagnostic technicians. Not only does the team help you get the fastest, most reliable and accurate diagnosis, they take you through the process step-by-step, all the way to vehicle repair. Ultimately, the team behind the scenes will ensure you accurately diagnose and repair the vehicle’s faults. In real time, the team accesses vehicle communication systems remotely to diagnose, program and recalibrate the vehicle, eliminating the uncertainty, giving workshops the confidence to get the most complex vehicles back on the road safely and fast. Essential ADAS As advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) expand and manufacturers move towards selfdriving vehicle technology, most components are now connected to software. Jobs as routine as

windscreen replacement or wheel alignment involve specialised diagnostic, programming and calibration tasks. With access to the IVS 360 team and full training on the ADAS equipment, Opus IVS gives you confidence in the ADAS functionality whilst providing a total in-house ADAS solution that will increase your returns and improve customer satisfaction. Ultimately, DrivePro Collision is a complete package for the professional body shop with a solution for: Pre- and post-scans: enhancing quality control to allow you to restore the vehicle to manufacturer’s specifications. Diagnostics: extensive coverage backed up by unlimited access to the IVS 360 team who service the entire collision event. Programming and initialisation: perform complex and specialised diagnostic routines, including coding, programming and initialisation. ADAS calibrations: industryleading targeting and calibration procedure technology and training. Live repair guidance: identifying the fault cause and providing step-bystep rectification processes. Opus IVS is a Capricorn Preferred Supplier and provides the ultimate customised package for the collision repair industry readily available today. For more information, call +61 (03) 8561 7600, email sales-au@OpusIVS.com or visit: www.OpusIVS.com







The CTR 9 fully automatic welder comes with a new, revolutionised light-weight transformer gun. With its 355° swivel handle and ergo-grip, it enables perfect working positions for anyone, for any job. The gun is supported by a telescopic arm in a durable and lightweight extruded aluminium that can be easily adjusted both vertically and horizontally. A compact power unit with a low centre of gravity gives mobility and stability, while a 16,000-amp transformer and CANBUS communication ensure a perfect weld every time.

Car-O-Liner - CTR 9

TRADE-IN DEAL: The Trade-in deal is offered in conjunction with our Special Deals ‘Promotion’ on Car-O-Liner CTR 9 Spot Welders, which means we will trade any type of spot welding system regardless of age or condition. Also, there are further great savings available on other selected Car-O-Liner equipment!

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Head Office: Unit 1, 25 Industrial Road, Unanderra, NSW 2526 Ph: (02) 4271 6287 l Fax: (02) 4271 7899 Website: www.car-o-liner.com.au l Email: julie@car-o-liner.com.au NSW & Tas: Fritz Pfeffer Ph: 0412 559 208 l NT & Vic: Lindsay Batten Ph: 0412 372 988 l Qld & SA: Liam Hugo Ph 0403 455 914



with Joe McFadries

BASF launches Glasurit 100 Line LAST MONTH WE ATTENDED THE VIRTUAL LAUNCH OF GLASURIT 100 LINE IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND AND NOT-SURPRISINGLY, THE BASF TEAM DELIVERED A SEAMLESS EVENT WORTHY OF ITS NEXT GENERATION WATERBORNE BASECOAT. The event was hosted by Tony Wiggins, Head of Coatings ANZ, supported by Mark Spiteri – National Sales Manager, Ian Johnson – Technical Sales Support Manager and Paul Hooper – Senior Key Account Manager. To get the event underway, BASF presented a slideshow highlighting the key characteristics of Glasurit 100 Line, including its speed, digital colour accuracy and BASF’s remote technical support. Wiggins then welcomed customers, business partners and guests to the virtual event, highlighting BASF’s commitment to staying ahead of the rapidly changing refinish market and their commitment to long term sustainability and profitable growth. He outlined the Glasurit journey since its creation in 1888, showcasing that innovation has been the cornerstone of its success, and recalling the quantum leap that the company took with the launch of its first waterborne basecoat, 90 Line, in 1992. However, with the all-new 100 Line, they have changed the game again. Wiggins gave a short summary of the key features and benefits, which include new pigment and resin technology that make application quicker and easier, lower product consumption, great colour matching and the most advanced eco-friendly refinish coating in the global market. In addition, the complete offering includes a suite of product solutions, colour and digital solutions and what


Wiggins called signature solutions. In formally launching Glasurit 100 Line, Wiggins committed to continuing to support customers to transform their businesses, differentiate themselves in the market and lead the way sustainably for our industry across Australia and New Zealand. Wiggins then introduced Dr Sebastien Garnier, Vice-President Automotive Refinish Coating Solutions, Asia-Pacific, who gave a short introduction of his journey with BASF since 2006, his move to AsiaPacific in 2012, taking up responsibility for BASF’s refinish business in China in 2016, before appointment to his current position earlier this year. Garnier highlighted the importance of the Australia and New Zealand markets to BASF. They are the market leader in refinish coatings in both countries, offering solutions, service and consultancy to over 600 body shops. He spoke with pride about the Glasurit brand and that at BASF “We Create Chemistry” and that assisting customers in a sustainable way is engrained in their DNA. “A key strategic lever for BASF is innovation, which has made both our organisation and our customers extremely successful. We had approximately 11,000 employees involved in R&D in 2019, resulting in sales of €10 billion in 2019 from products developed in the preceding five years.” Garnier reinforced BASF’s sustainability credentials, highlighting

that Glasurit 100 Line is the first basecoat on the market with a VOC value below 250 g/l, which is a pioneering 40% below the EU solvent limit. He concluded with his commitment to supporting BASF customers in these challenging times, and Glasurit 100 Line is a key platform on which to build this support through technology, innovation and sustainability to enhance customers’ economic performance and environmental footprint. “Australia and New Zealand are important and strategic growth markets for our refinish coatings business and today marks our first launch in Asia Pacific with Glasurit 100 Line. It is designed to increase the overall efficiency of modern body shops of the future and at the same time reduce the environmental footprint, exceeding all global VOC requirements. 100 Line is where sustainability meets efficiency in an innovative formulation, helping our customers do more jobs in less time.” Mark Spiteri, National Sales Manager, made the point that although 2020 is a year that will be forever etched in our memories, for BASF it will also be the year the organisation took a quantum leap in automotive refinish coatings technology. He provided more detail on the advantages of 100 Line, which include: • Increased efficiency • Wet-on-wet application • Better application properties

• Increased surface hardness • Reduced cycle times • Significantly lower VOC “When comparing with existing basecoat lines in the market, customers can expect significant savings in overall process times through faster application and shorter flash-off cycles, and further savings through reduced material consumption,” said Spiteri. “The opportunity for body shops to generate more revenue through optimising operating costs through less product consumption, new pigment technology and better hiding power will elevate body shop business efficiency.” Ian Johnson, Technical Sales Support Manager, picked up the message with a bit more detail on how the colour technology translates into advantages for the customer through reduced complexity and increased cost savings. Cutting edge pigment technology provides greater colour variety, outstanding colour stability and improved hiding power. “Glasurit also leads the way with its digital colour management solutions and 100 Line is fully compatible with Glasurit’s spectrophotometer RatioScan 12/6, which takes colour measurement to

a whole new level. Customers can easily and quickly identify the precise colours and gain access to the global colour database of millions of colour formulas, which integrates perfectly with the Glasurit paint shop management software Profit Manager Pro,” said Johnson. He went on to illustrate the benchmark testing results against three leading basecoat technologies, which revealed 100 Line delivered the fastest overall process time, in one case by as much as 31%. In addition, 100 Line delivered reduced product usage by as much as 10%, which of course leads to reduction in overall job cost and cycle time. BASF then showed a time lapse video of the benchmarking exercise highlighting the cycle time improvements. Body shop efficiency and sustainability are further improved as 100 Line incorporates the multipurpose tintable function coating, MPT, a waterborne wet-on-wet filler which, rather impressively, can be applied directly to OEM electrocoated panels without sanding, improves hiding power and minimises basecoat usage. BASF showed that MPT can result in an average 50% reduction in process

time during its benchmarking exercise. Johnson then spoke of how BASF supports their customers in improving the business efficiencies within the body shop. “In addition to the innovative new waterborne basecoat line, Glasurit 100 Line customers also benefit from a broad range of tools and services to optimise processes at all levels and make day-to-day work easier. This includes Perform100, which provides all key figures at a glance, helping body shop managers to always have a clear view of how their business is operating, and of course Solve100, which provides express technical support and colour service.” Before inviting participants to engage in an interactive Q&A session with the local team, Sebastien Garnier thanked their partners and customers for being part of this milestone event, the launch of Glasurit 100 Line. “Today we further reinforce Glasurit’s leading position in the Australian and New Zealand markets as we are now able to offer the fastest and greenest paint line in the industry to support the success of you, our customers and partners.” The new basecoat line is now available through your locally approved Glasurit distributor.

Tony Wiggins during the filming.

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Mercedes Benz Brighton one of the first in Australia to change to Glasurit 100 Line Mercedes Benz Brighton prides itself on staying ahead of the curve, driven by their pursuit for market leadership, operational efficiencies and sustainable practices. So, it comes as no surprise that when they were approached to be one of the first collision repairers in the world to trial the new game-changing technology 100 Line from BASF's premium refinish brand, Glasurit, they jumped at the opportunity. Glasurit 100 Line is the most advanced and eco-friendly refinish coatings product in the global market and after installing and trialling it over the last nine months, Peter Sparks, Autobody Manager at Mercedes Benz Brighton, and his team of spray technicians are making the switch. “We’ve found it really easy to use, and I know the team have really appreciated the change from an application point of view – it’s very easy to use.” Glasurit 100 Line boasts the benefits of new pigment and resins technologies, which ensures a faster process through easy application, lower product consumption and great colour matching. “We’re finding the colours are more in line with what the OEM factories have been producing

Mercedes Benz Brighton, Victoria.


on the vehicle, resulting in less colour variations. The drying is much quicker and harder – which I know our technicians really appreciated during the painting process. We’re also using less product per application and have found we save around 25% of time for an average size job, which then allows us to increase the throughput of the business,” Sparks added.

Since 1888, the Glasurit name has stood for perfect quality, social and ecological responsibility. Supported by BASF’s strong global R&D network, the brand has continued to innovate with its customers’ needs front of mind. “At BASF, our purpose is to create chemistry for a sustainable future and the development of Glasurit 100 Line is a real example of how we’re leading the way in supporting our customers to improve both their efficiencies and

environmental footprint,” explained Mark Spiteri, National Sales Manager at BASF Australia and New Zealand. “We always have a sustainable approach at Mercedes Benz Brighton, and we’re increasingly looking at recycling and giving back to our local community, so it’s a great, added benefit to be able to reduce our VOC emissions with 100 Line too,” said Sparks, who went on to commend the support of the BASF team. “I have to highly commend the process of transition. As with any change, there have been some minor teething problems along the way, which were resolved quickly from the technical support received from James Green, Michael Mudford and Ian Johnson. Nothing was too much trouble, and we’ve always had their full support.” “As our customers have come to expect with Glasurit, our offer does not come alone. The launch of 100 Line includes a complete portfolio of product solutions, colour solutions and signature solutions in one complete package to bring additional value to our customers,” concluded Spiteri. Looking ahead, Sparks and his team are excited about the future of 100 Line and introducing the products to come.

Stunning from every angle. The new 100 Line paint system. Brilliant pigments for a flawless finish.

With its cutting edge pigment technology and the best colour competence around – your business can really elevate its position in the market. Upgrade today: glasurit.com/au



BASF’s 2020–2021 Automotive Colour Trends collection BASF has released its 2020–2021 Automotive Colour Trends collection with a variety of shades and effects that show the way of modern automotive coatings. Designers of BASF’s Coatings division around the globe created the collection, called CODE-X, with everything from new, reimagined whites, to the darkest of jet blacks, and a variety of vibrant colour spaces in-between. The colours serve as inspiration to automotive designers for vehicles that will be on the road in three to five years. Many have effects or textures, making them truly a tactile experience as well as a visual and emotional experience. The global key colours vary from a greyish green, to a warm beige, to a coarse grey. As new thinking drives big transitions in the values around society, identity and progress, this collection represents the blend of the physical and digital worlds to stay hopeful and positive while coping with change. EMEA – bold, distinct positions The key colours of EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) are soothing, calming colours with bold, new, distinct positions. There’s a huge variety of effects in these colours that are inescapable, yet approachable.

There are things to see, things to explore and things that will surprise you. “We are in a time when nothing is the same. We may reference the old colours, but add something new, something different,” said Mark Gutjahr, Head of Automotive Colour Design, EMEA. Asia Pacific – positive, flexible attitude Asia Pacific’s key colours reflect a positive, flexible attitude for change, action and the future. They are warm and emotional colours with a steady mood. They are not black or white, but more blurred and floating, like human emotion. “Individuality is the trend in play here. We live for today and want to make the future better,” said Chiharu Matsuhara, Head of Design, Asia Pacific. “We try to enjoy life and be positive as much as possible and change what we did in the past.”

it’s refreshing to see just how much the consumer is willing to forego traditional norms of beauty in order to satisfy the hunger for smart and responsible colour designs,” said Paul Czornij, Head of Design, the Americas. Colour expertise of the Coatings division Every year, the designers of BASF’s Coatings division study future trends which they use as a foundation for the development of surface, texture and colour positions. They draw inspiration from many things, including industry, fashion, consumer products, and nature. They share their research with BASF’s customers – the automotive designers – and help develop the colours of the future.

North America – grace and simplicity North America’s future colour designs look to build on advancing colourant technologies that exhibit a greater sensitivity to the environment. Grace and simplicity will be the look of deep techno-sophistication. “It’s not unusual to presuppose technological stewardship dominates research, but

Private equity firm seeks delisting of Opus Group shares Ograi BidCo AB, the firm formed by Searchlight Capital Partners and Opus CEO has announced it now controls more than 90% of the shares in Opus Group AB and is seeking a delisting of the firm’s share and initiating a compulsory redemption of the remaining shares. The price paid in the transaction resulting in Ograi exceeding the 90% threshold was SEK10.70 per share, and with just over 290 million shares outstanding, the price values the firm at more than US$345 million. Opus is the parent of diagnostics firms including Drew Technologies, Autologic Diagnostics, Farsight, and Bluelink Diagnostic Solutions within its

3 0 – G LO B A L N E W S

Intelligent Vehicle Support (IVS) division. In addition to the diagnostics business, Opus operates a vehicle inspection division that operates integrated technology-based vehicle and emissions inspection programs ensuring roadworthiness and environmental compliance. In December 2019, Searchlight Capital Partners, together with Lothar Geilen, the CEO of Opus Group AB announced a public offer to the shareholders of Opus Group AB to acquire all outstanding shares in the Sweden-based vehicle diagnostic and inspection firm through Ograi BidCo AB. François Dekker, Partner at Searchlight, and Chairman of Opus, in his role as Partner at Searchlight, said: “We are pleased that Searchlight now

controls more than 90% of the shares in Opus Group, enabling a delisting of the company’s shares. We are convinced that the company will benefit from operating under private ownership and look forward to continuing our productive working relationship with the Opus team.” On this basis, Ograi has initiated compulsory redemption of the remaining shares in the company, requested that Opus apply for delisting from Nasdaq Stockholm and also requested an extraordinary general meeting to change the composition of the board of directors. This article courtesy of Russell Thrall III, publisher CollisionWeek. Check out their website at: www.collisionweek.com

Hyundai to build new Innovation Centre in Singapore At a virtual ceremony, Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) celebrated the announcement of the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre in Singapore (HMGICS), an open innovation lab for the Group’s future mobility research and development, with the aim of revolutionising the future mobility value chain. “HMGICS is a major step forward for Hyundai Motor. The facility is the first of its kind in the world. It will pave the way for more Korean companies to invest here, partner with local suppliers and SMEs, and collaborate with our universities and research institutes,” said Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore Prime Minister. “Korea and Singapore have cooperated on multiple fronts and the HMGICS represents a new milestone in the continuing collaboration between our two nations,” added Sung Yun-mo, Korean Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy. “The key to this collaboration will lie in finding ways to bring together our respective strengths.” Initially, HMG will enhance the value of work and the dignity of workers through a human-centred digital transformation. HMGICS will develop innovative systems that combine advanced technologies such as AI, ICT and big data to allow for a work environment where creative potentials are fulfilled and human value is enhanced. Secondly, HMG will build a customer-centred smart mobility environment where products are tailored to customer needs and mobility services will enrich its customers’ lives. Lastly, HMG will contribute to the building of Singapore’s Smart Nation as a responsible industry member in the smart ecosystem. HMGICS, located in the heart of Singapore, will use eco-friendly energy sources like solar and hydrogen to help achieve carbon neutrality. In the future, customers will be able to customise and purchase vehicles online using a smartphone, which will immediately start production using Hyundai’s ondemand technology. The customers can then watch their car being manufactured at HMGICS. Once the

car is ready for delivery, it will be transferred to the 620-metre-long Sky Track where the customer can test drive the vehicle. Sky Track will sit atop HMGICS’ state-of-the-art seven-storey innovation lab located at the Jurong Innovation District, which brings advanced manufacturing together in a single district to create a one-stop advanced manufacturing hub. Construction will be completed by the end of 2022. The centre will also act as a test bed for a human-centred intelligent manufacturing platform with a smallscale EV production facility on site. The facility will utilise the latest “Industry 4.0” smart technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics. The logistics and assembly lines within HMGICS will be highly automated to establish a safe and efficient work environment. HMG will also test versatile systems that produce multiple models, to respond efficiently to fast-changing market environments. The collaboration will go beyond the Group and into the Singaporean innovation ecosystem. Singaporean universities, start-ups and research institutes, including Nanyang Technological University, Singapore – the first local academic research

partner – will be able to collaborate through the open innovation lab. “Hyundai is a strategic partner in our effort to address future mobility needs through innovation and advanced manufacturing technologies. The Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre will introduce important new capabilities in areas such as electric vehicles and urban air mobility and create new opportunities for Singaporeans. This will complement the vibrant base of companies that are involved in the development of autonomous driving and electrification technologies,” said Dr Beh Swan Gin, Chairman, Singapore Economic Development Board.

Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore Prime Minister.

The proposed hub in Singapore.

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Autopromotec presents FUTURMOTIVE – Digital Expo and Conference The Autopromotec Conference evolves and becomes Futurmotive – Digital Expo and Conference, and onn 10 December 2020, within a virtual arena, companies in the industry and international experts will exchange ideas, projects and visions of the future in an event conceived and coordinated by the promoters of the international automotive equipment and aftermarket trade fair. In light of the changing economic scenario, the aim of the Futurmotive – Digital Expo and Conference project is to promote networking and interaction between players in the automotive industry and new technologies. "The impact of the pandemic on the automotive industry, which according to some analysts should have slowed down the technological development of the sector, has not actually affected the innovative processes,” said Renzo Servadei, CEO of Autopromotec. “Issues such as connected mobility, the circular economy, the application of artificial intelligence software to vehicles and the digitisation of garages and

distribution networks are the key elements to outline the economic scenario for the near future.” He added: “These topics are the basis on which we have built the Futurmotive project: the aim is to involve the parts, equipment and tyre sectors in order to disseminate knowledge, strengthen existing business relations and establish new ones. It is a digital event, in December, that allows automotive aftermarket companies to stay in touch while waiting for the big ‘physical’ event scheduled for May 2022." Futurmotive by Autopromotec will take place in an interactive virtual environment where participants will be able to follow several speeches by international guests, followed by workshops to deal with issues in greater detail, in which representatives of companies in the industry will meet. Speeches by experts and operators in the automotive industry will be held within a virtual studio and will address issues related to mobility and new technologies, the eco-sustainability of the industry and the new scenarios opened up after the spread of the pandemic.

There are several useful presentations that analyse current issues, so as to lay the foundations for “the new ’20s” in the automotive industry. Ample space will also be dedicated to business relations: sponsors will be present in their virtual booths, from which not only will it be possible to access the material made available by each company, but there will also be the possibility of communicating directly with sales representatives via chat and videoconferencing. For more information visit: www.autopromotec.com/en/

AkzoNobel named New Vendor of the Year by Advance Auto Parts AkzoNobel has announced that it has been named the New Vendor of the Year by Advance Auto Parts. According to remarks made by Advance during the award presentation, “AkzoNobel has shown the highest level of commitment to training, sales support, marketing support and advancing market share than any vendor in their product category in Advance history.” “We are very grateful to the team at Advance for recognising AkzoNobel with such an honour,” said John Griffin, Commercial Director, AkzoNobel Automotive and Specialty Coatings – Americas. “I want to thank our entire Advance support team who have shown that a dedicated group of individuals with a clear vision can truly accomplish great things.” Advance also noted that its new vendors really hit the ground running,

3 2 – G LO B A L N E W S

displaying the hard work, support and dedication that AkzoNobel did during the rollout of its Dynacoat brand into Advance stores. Lacey Meer, Sales Leader for AkzoNobel Automotive & Specialty Coatings, acknowledges that her team really pulled out all the stops in support of the rollout. “It speaks volumes about our organisational commitment from all departments that we accomplished a project of this magnitude in the timeframe we did; and that we sincerely value our strategic partnership with Advance,” said Meer. AkzoNobel launched its Dynacoat brand into the North American market in mid-2019 with exclusive partners Advance Auto Parts and Carquest. Dynacoat is a customised product range targeted at the mid-market, value and fleet segments of the vehicle refinish market.

This article courtesy of Russell Thrall III, publisher CollisionWeek. Check out their website at: www.collisionweek.com



with Barry Edney

Market segmentation In my last article, I covered what I consider to be the key areas of marketing. That is, the areas of marketing activity that can be relevant and useful to smaller “non-corporate” businesses. As I explained, there are three main areas of focus for good marketing that I believe can really help, and these are: segmentation, targeting and positioning, or STP. To recap: Segmentation – identifying meaningful groups of customers interested in a particular service or product. Targeting – identifying which of the segments that you want to sell to (and those you don’t!). Positioning – how you go about selling to your chosen segments and how you communicate what your service offer is. In this article, I will go into a bit more depth on the area of segmentation and how it can support your business activities and help you understand what activities to focus on, what to sell and who to sell it to. Although I explained these concepts as a sequence of activities, each area supports and complements the other, so all should be reviewed and adjusted over time as you learn more about how well your chosen approach is working. For example, you

Customer segmentation.


might find that developing your communication around what you do (positioning) may lead you to refine or change your approach to targeting. Both segmentation and positioning help you refine targeting. Marketing is not a “one and done” deal, it’s an ongoing process. It’s all about focus The idea behind segmentation is not trying to be “all things to all people”. Instead of trying to service everyone, focusing on a few segments will enable you to use whatever resources (time, space, skills and so on) that you have more efficiently and more effectively. Getting it right for a few customer types is better than nearly right for everyone. By looking at the available market and clustering like-minded customers with similar needs, you can create a defined-services offering (a value proposition) that is immediately right for every potential customer that you interact with. The idea is to have as few value propositions as possible to reach the maximum number of customers, with the aim of gaining efficiency and effectiveness. Keep in mind the 80/20 rule, with a few different propositions meeting most of your requirements. There are many definitions of a market segment, such as: “For a segment

It's all about focus.

to be of any value, it must contain buyers who share common buying needs or behaviours. These needs and behaviours provide the opportunity to develop a proposition aimed at satisfying these specific requirements”. Getting Started As I mentioned in my previous article, segmentation can be as complicated as you want to make it, but to my mind, the simpler and most straightforward, the better. That will make it easier to remember and work with. So, where to start? My advice is to start with what you know: ● what information is in your head? ● what information can you learn from your work providers? ● what information can you learn from your staff? ● what information is available from current customers? ● what market data (registration and other) is available? Once you have all this information pulled together, discuss with your staff how they see customers. Ask how they see common customer types and how they would describe them. Think about the different cars they drive, the most common requests they have, and the levels of service they demand. You could focus on the make of vehicle or the type of repair, but this would miss service requirements and

additional add-on sales. Create groups that you believe have similar requirements or are open to similar propositions. This is your draft list of segments. Remember not to focus on just the work you have now, but focus on the cars and drivers that are in your catchment area. The point of the exercise is to identify new potential customers and break away from the reliance on insurance company provided work. Avoid the trap of spending additional time analysing what you do now. We’ll get to that later. Making sense of it all Once you have made that start, I recommend that you review and refine based on these steps and run a sense check of these possible segments you have identified: Similarities: Do individuals within the segment share the same basic attitudes or have the same needs when it comes to the issues encountered? Differences: Are they distinctly different from other clusters (segments you have identified) in the market? Significance: Is the segment you have identified large enough to be worthwhile (in your catchment area)? Accessibility: Can those in the segment be effectively reached (to communicate with and service)? You also need to ask yourself, why did I group them like this? Are they too similar? If the groups are too similar in requirements, then they are not a distinct segment. If they are too detailed, then you will create too many segments and not get the benefit from the exercise (again, remember 80/20!). Reality check Now you have your list of segments, they need to be validated. The easiest way to do that is to profile the users within the segment. This will allow you to check the feasibility of each of your segments and confirm your assumptions about the requirements you think they want and/or need. So what? With your list of newly identified clear

customer segments in your catchment area, the next question is what to do with this newfound market insight. Here, the first step is to review the requirements of these segments and decide if you have the capabilities and resources to serve the segments effectively. Most marketing people would recommend a SWOT analysis. Many of you will have come across these before. They are a simple way to capture internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats.

THE IDEA BEHIND SEGMENTATION IS NOT TRYING TO BE “ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE”, AND NOT TO TRY AND SATISFY EVERYONE For this exercise I recommend that you start with the strengths and weaknesses parts, which is best done with all the staff as the collective view is always more thorough and insightful than just one or two opinions. Looking at strengths and weaknesses within your business will help you understand how well you are able to support each of the identified segments, highlight areas for improvement, or show what is needed to support new segments you want to sell to. Now that you have a list of segments and an understanding of your ability to service each of the segments, you will need to look at the external view. The opportunities and threats exercise, usually completed in the same meeting as the strengths and weaknesses exercise, will highlight areas where you need to invest time, effort or money to fix issues, or areas where you can choose to invest time, effort or money to optimise newly identified opportunities. Where to from here? The key question to be resolved before going any further is which of these segments you will choose to target, and which ones you will treat as opportunistic. I will go into more detail about that in my next article when I cover the “Targeting” part of marketing

but I would recommend that, if you have got this far and completed the “Segmentation” part of marketing, challenge your own thinking and ask yourself if you really need to continue serving the customers you already have? Why not shift focus to a different segment or segments? When I discuss the targeting part of marketing next time, I will be suggesting ways to help identify which of the segments to sell to. This is where we will start to apply everything we have covered so far and start making a few real business decisions. Until next time This has been a long and formal “marketing-speak” way of saying “know your customer and focus on the ones where you can make money”. Many of you will say that you already know your customers well, although I’m not sure that can be really true. If, on average, a driver has an accident every six to eight years, how can you build a close relationship on a once in six to eight years’ interaction? The market changes and we often don’t realise or recognise the change until long after it has happened. For this reason, a formal look at the customers in the market is a must and I hope that I have left you with some ideas and suggestions on how to do that. If you would like more detailed information, there are many, many resources online that will give you further examples and further reading. Here are some examples: https://tinyurl.com/yxbsglm6 https://tinyurl.com/y5mghyml https://www.mindtools.com/pages/ article/stp-model.htm I am also happy to discuss specific issues directly. If you would like a chat or have any comments or questions, do contact me via barry.edney@triple888.co.uk.

Until next time. Barry has extensive collision industry experience across Australasia, Europe and Asia Pacific. He is currently located in the UK and can be contacted on barry.edney@triple888.co.uk

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with Bostik Smart Adhesives

Bostik’s Born2Bond engineering adhesives Born2Bond Repair is a patented, gapfilling, instant adhesive and repair product with excellent adhesion to a very broad range of materials and surfaces. Repair is ideal for instant bonding and repairing because it combines the strength of a structural adhesive with the speed of an instant adhesive. A tough polymer is achieved within a hardening time of under 10 minutes and the gel consistency enables application in any orientation. One of the key features of this exciting new product is that it has a fixture time of 60 seconds and hardens in 5 to 10 minutes, subject to the type of substrate, of course. Repair provides instant adhesion with

high bonding strength, has low volume shrinkage – only 4.3%, and fills gaps of any volume. Repair bonds a large range of materials (excluding polyolefins), and once hardened is machinable, sandable, paintable and is also impact resistant. The gel consistency is engineered for precise application and is non-sagging for vertical applications. Directions for use 1. Before applying Born2Bond Repair, ensure the surface is clean, dry and grease-free. 2. To use, Part A and Part B must be blended. • The product can be applied directly from the syringe using the plunger supplied and dispensed through the recommended mixing nozzle. 3. Hold the syringe upright and insert the plunger. • While keeping the syringe in an upright position, remove the cap, attach the mixing nozzle, and begin dispensing the adhesive upward until any bubbles present in the smaller component have been removed. 4. Dispense and discard a bead as long as the mixing nozzle to ensure sufficient mixing. 5. Apply the mixed adhesive to one of the bond surfaces to be joined. • Parts should be assembled immediately after the mixed adhesive has been applied. • Bonds should be held by fixing or clamping until the adhesive has cured. Prevent assembled parts from moving during cure. • The bond should be allowed to develop to full strength before being subjected to any service load (typically 24 hours). Applications Typical applications for Repair are a range of aftermarket repairs, such

3 6 – T E C H TA L K

as side mirrors, bumpers and spoiler aprons, but also wood repair and reconstruction, rubber door bonding and, of course, automotive joint bonding. Storage/shelf life Optimal storage is between 2°C and 8°C, as storage outside this temperature range can adversely affect the product’s properties. If stored properly, this product has a shelf life of 12 months from the packaging date. Health and safety The Safety Data Sheet is available on the Bostik website and should be consulted for proper handling, clean-up and spill containment prior to use and, in line with good industrial hygiene practice, keep containers covered to minimise contamination. Limitations As with any high-performance engineered product, Repair has its limitations. It is not recommended for use in pure oxygen and/or oxygen-rich systems and should not be selected as a sealant for chlorine or other strong oxidizing materials. Material removed from containers may be contaminated during use. Do not return product to the original container, as Bostik will not assume responsibility for product that has been contaminated or stored under conditions other than those specified.

For more information, visit https://born2bond.bostik.com/en/ home, contact Customer Services on +61 1300 364 710, or Ross Lewis at ross.lewis@bostik.com or on +61 411 744 002.

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Capricorn Members can access mutual protection that unlike profit driven insurance, is owned by and run for, the same auto repairers who are part of it.

Find out how you’re better off with Capricorn Risk Services. 1800 007 022 | info@capricornrisk.com | capricornrisk.com Products sold through Capricorn Risk Services Pty Ltd (ABN 93 111 632 789) are: (i) discretionary risk protection products issued by Capricorn Mutual Ltd; and (ii) general insurance products issued by a range of insurers and brokered through Capricorn Insurance Services Pty Ltd. Before deciding to acquire any product you should consider the Product Disclosure Statement available from Capricorn Risk Services Pty Ltd to see if the product is appropriate for you. Capricorn Risk Services Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 460893) of Capricorn Mutual Ltd (AFSL 230038) and Capricorn Insurance Services Pty Ltd (AFSL 435197).



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Smarter scheduling Ways to smooth out production, cut cycle time and improve on-time delivery Scheduling customers may not be as challenging for some collision repairers as it was pre-pandemic. Still, as the economy improves, shops will need to return to scheduling efficiently to ensure productivity and customer satisfaction. Here is some advice for improving scheduling at your shop. Scheduling basics A common cause of poor scheduling is overestimating your shop’s production capabilities. Knowing how many labour hours your individual technicians – and the shop as a whole – produces per day or week is the key to any effective scheduling system. As with any measurement, the more data you have about how many labour hours your technicians and shop produce, the more accurate your calculations will be, but even a month’s worth of data can provide a good starting point. Here’s how to begin. At the end of each week, calculate how many labour hours each technician produced. For each technician, divide that number by the number of actual clock hours

Congestion in the body shop.

3 8 – S TAT E S I D E

he or she worked. The result is that technician’s proficiency. For example, a technician who completes 74 flat rate hours in a 40-hour work week has a 185% proficiency rate. Add up the total number of hours produced in the week and divide by the total number of clock hours technicians worked to get your shop’s proficiency rate. Let’s say you have three technicians and each worked 40 hours last week. One completed 74 flat rate labour hours, one completed 78, and the third completed 76. Combined, they produced 228 labour hours in 120 clock hours for an overall proficiency of 190%. Chart this information for four weeks to find an average. Let’s say over four weeks your shop produces an average of 250 hours. Ideally, that’s the number of labour hours you want to schedule in each week – or about 50 hours each weekday – moving forward. Obviously, the chances of hitting either the daily or weekly scheduling target on the nose isn’t critical. But if you see that you’ve gone over for one day, you can schedule a little lighter for the next day.

Some shops also vary the percentage of the weekly total that they schedule in each day. For example, rather than bringing 20% of the week’s total in each day, they schedule in 25% of the week’s total on both Monday and Tuesday, 20% of the total on Wednesday and 15% of the total on both Thursday and Friday. Adjust percentages any way you want, but keep reading for more information on why not bringing enough of the work in on Thursday and Friday is going to result in your facility and staff not being as productive as it can be. However, also remember that prescheduled jobs don’t account for every vehicle in your shop. The other number you need from your shop’s historical data is how many jobs on average each month were unexpected tow-ins or drop-offs. This will vary week-by-week, but to not allow at least some space on the schedule for those when you have some historical information about how many to expect would be foolish. If you’ve typically seen an average of eight such jobs a month in the past, put at least two or three a week on your

Results of a better scheduling process.

calendar and schedule other vehicles in around those. If those tow-ins show up, they won’t create chaos and missed deadlines. If they don’t show up, you can always call a customer scheduled for later to see if they want to bring their car in early. Bad scheduling habits The common practice of scheduling many cars in on Monday in order to deliver most cars by Friday can create a mad-house experience for both customers and employees on those two days. But the chaotic feel of the shop on those days isn’t the only good argument against the “in on Monday, out on Friday” scheduling method. There’s the potential of customers driving by and seeing their car unmoved from the spot in your lot where they dropped it off a day or two previously. It can unnecessarily add to rental vehicle costs (for you, your customer or an insurance company). At least one study, in addition to anecdotal evidence from shops around the country, indicates that scheduling vehicles more evenly throughout the week can improve a shop’s productivity and reduce cycle time without spiking rental car costs. It’s easy to understand why so many shops have fallen into the habit of scheduling the bulk of vehicles into the shop early in the week. Neither insurers nor customers are wild about

the idea of vehicles sitting idle over a weekend while the shop is closed. And having a week’s supply of vehicles onsite ensures there’s always one to work on if something forces a halt to repairs on another. But that process also can create logjam after logjam in the shop as that glut of work moves through the shop’s departments at the same time. A solution A scheduling study some years ago in the United States looked at three shops for a 10-month period – five months before and five months after switching away from the “in on Monday, out on Friday” scheduling approach. The study found almost a two-day drop in cycle time and a 30% improvement in the hours produced per repair order per day. The reason for the improved performance is pretty apparent if you look at most shops’ parking lots on Mondays and Tuesdays. There’s often more vehicles on-site than can immediately move into production, so many of those vehicles sit idle for one or more days before much, if any, work begins. At the other end of the week, the painting, reassembly and detailing processes all get bogged down as the shop scrambles to get everything out on Friday. A better alternative, the study

suggested, is to bring in essentially an equal amount of work each day, so that an equal amount of work is delivered each day. Rental car costs overall don’t rise because the fact that some cars may be in the shop over the weekend is offset by the two-day overall reduction in cycle time. Shops that have made the switch say repair quality and customer satisfaction has also improved. In the Thursday-Friday rush to deliver most of the week’s jobs on two days, small items and customer special requests can often get overlooked, or staff may look for shortcuts that affect quality. Resistance remains Unfortunately, insurers want to be sure their cars are the ones not sitting over the weekend, and so efforts by shops to “even out the flow” are often resisted. But there are ways to move, to some degree, to a more even flow of work in and out of the shop each day. Customers will sometimes choose a mid-week drop-off when they are told that will get their vehicle in sooner than they would if they waited for a Monday opening. Certainly, any vehicle that will require six or more days to complete should always be scheduled for later in the week since it will sit over a weekend no matter when it’s dropped off. Shops with even one or two loan cars can also use that as a way to encourage or reward the customer willing to come in later in the week – without a fight with insurers over weekend rentals. Some shops have tried covering the costs of some weekend rentals because the gains in productivity with more even scheduling help offset these costs. So, in summary, there are many pitfalls in the scheduling process, but they can be overcome to deliver a better customer solution. John is a freelance writer based in the United States who has been writing about the automotive industry since 1988, he is also the editor of the weekly Crash Network www.CrashNetwork.com

The National Collision Repairer – 3 9



with Owen Webb

Great events on the eastern seaboard

Street parade Summernats 33.

It looks like the only event we will complete this year is the Red CentreNATS, which was run in early September in Alice Springs. By late September however, there was an announcement that reverberated around the event-starved automotive industry. Announcements The first announcement is that MotorEx, which was initially moved from July to November 2020, has been rescheduled to 6 and 7 February

Andy Lopez making the announcement.

4 0 – C U S TO M C O R N E R

2021 in Melbourne. As this event draws closer, there will be regular updates on how it will be structured and details on the feature events within the show. Most significant was the announcement that Summernats 34 has been postponed until January 2022 in Canberra, predominately due to the size of the event and the restrictions around mass gatherings that are expected to still be in place this coming January. However, it was not all doom and gloom as the

promoters have been putting together several smaller events to fill the void well into next year. Andy Lopez, owner of Summernats, announced the rescheduling of events for the remainder of the year and into the early part of 2021. These plans have been worked through with the various state and territory governments, and the promoters’ area managers and are now “locked and loaded”, provided that the COVID-19 situation stabilises

or improves in the coming months. In making the announcement Lopez said, “ACT Health is using Exhibition Park in Canberra as a COVID-19 testing facility until the end of November and can’t confirm we’ll have our venue back, which is an unmanageable risk to our event. Combined with ACT Health’s recently released protocols that exclude outdoor multi-day festival events of more than 5,000 people, a pathway to a January Summernats is impossible.” He added that they have fought really hard for their event for the last six months, but just couldn’t find a way to get it over the line. “Our team is very disappointed, the street machine community is devastated, and the same goes for our loyal staff, contractors, and the accommodation, hospitality and associated businesses that normally benefit from the $30 million the ’NATS brings to the ACT

economy every January. However, everyone across Australia is suffering, and ACT Health and other agencies are doing their best to keep everyone safe. We respect the great job that’s been done to get the ACT to such a good position.” New schedule The first event for 2021 will be a custom show and driving event on the weekend of 9 and 10 January, Summernats Slam at Sydney Dragway, ideally located between Parramatta and Penrith in western Sydney. This is the weekend originally chosen for Summernats. There will be show and shine, driving events and burnouts, and much more, with more details as we get closer to the day. Then it’s straight to Melbourne for MotorEx in February, the first time this event will be held in summer, so we are all looking forward to that.

Then we will be back in Canberra from 5 to 7 March for the “show and go” event, Summernats Rex Rock ‘n Roll. There will be plenty of unveils, cruising, a Burnout Masters final and show with a grand champion announced on the Sunday. This will be smaller in entrants and crowds compared to the Summernats but will still be an awesome event at Exhibition Park in Canberra. As soon as that’s done, we will be off to the much anticipated Rockynats from 2 to 5 April, and as this is in Queensland, there are already over 1,000 entries and quite a few unveils ready to go. I’m really looking forward to this event as it has been in the planning stages for over two years now and will have all the elements to make a really special event. Of course, the first weekend in September we will be off to Alice Springs again for Red CentreNATS

1947 Stylemaster at MotorEx 2019.

36 Ford Coupe at Summernats33.

Ford Escort at MotorEx 2019.

Josephine had her eye on this beast at MotorEx 2019.

The National Collision Repairer – 4 1


Minutes with ...

Kerrie Goodall U-POL When did you join the industry? I joined the automotive industry 20 years ago What was your first job in the industry? Demonstrator for Rose Wheeler’s Lightning Hand Cleaner range What do you do now? Retail brand and channel management for U-POL, brands like Raptor and ISOPON..


2021, and after such a successful event this year I’m sure it will be even better attended by entrants and spectators next year. The guys are working on a few other events across the country and we will keep you posted on details of these exciting events once they are locked in. Staying connected Another thing we have been doing to keep the industry connected is the Summernats podcasts. For those who missed them, we did 17 one-hour shows leading into Red CentreNats, interviewing some of the best-known car guys and celebrities in the industry. A few of the people interviewed were: Troy Trepanier and the Ring Brothers from the USA, two of the best car builders on this planet, and race drivers John Bowe, Jim Richards, David Reynolds, Victor and Ben Bray and Rocky Reyham, all at the pinnacle of their field during their careers. We also had a chat with a few sports legends (Rod Wishart, Australian rugby league representative and Barry Hall, AFL legend) along with some past Summernats Grand Champions (Peter

What do you like about the industry? Down to earth and that I know it well. And U-POL’s amazing products and people What don’t you like about the industry? Was a ‘boys club’ back in the day but not so much now. What music do you like? Depends on my mood I guess: from Faith No More to Kasey Chambers to Funk Rock. Your Favourite Artist? Gaudi and Dali – I was blown away when I visited Spain. Your favourite food? Pizza Your favourite drink? Good red wine‌ OK any wine đ&#x;˜Š Your hobbies? Boat stuff Who in the world would you most like to meet? Jane Goodall, Sea Shephard’s Captain Paul Watson or Steve Irwin. Amazing ‘doers’ for a better world.


Hot Rods a plenty at Rockynats 2019.

4 2 – C U S TO M C O R N E R


Fitzpatrick, Howard Astill, Rob Beauchamp and Gary Myers). Some of the craziest interviews were with the Burnout guys. One night we had 12 of them together on Zoom. What were we thinking? Anybody who missed these can go back and check them out on the Summernats live site on YouTube. We will be having the podcasts again intermittently so keep an eye out for the updates and some cool information. These sure have been crazy times, especially for all the Victorians. I truly wish everyone, especially our great industry, all the best and hopefully we will move forward positively for the rest of this year and into 2021. Get along and support whatever event you can as the guys and girls have worked hard to get these events up and running and will also support the economy in these towns. See you there. Owen is a leading figure within the auto re-styling and vehicle modification industry and a Lifetime Achievement Award inductee. He is Technical and Training Manager at Concept Paints.




Proudly sponsored by Suncorp

Training contacts 3M Australia George Di Scala Tel: 0400 382 649

Calendar of events KNOWING WHEN IT’S ON AND WHAT’S COMING UP IBIS Global Summit 19th -20th November 2020 Monaco Autopromotec Digital Expo 10th December 2020 Virtual event

Enhancing the financial capability of young Australians.

Summernats Slam 8th – 10th January 2021 Sydney

Suncorp update Suncorp’s community spirit was up in lights after being awarded the 2020 Corporate Philanthropist of the Year by Queensland Community Foundation. The recognition was made possible by our partner, Financial Basics Foundation, who nominated Suncorp for our commitment to invest in our communities and create positive long-term impact through our community partnerships. CEO of Financial Basics Foundation Katrina Birch submitted the nomination on Suncorp’s behalf having worked with the Group since 2016 on a strategic partnership to increase the financial capability of young Australians. “As a small charity, we wanted to nominate Suncorp in recognition and appreciation of the role they have play in assisting us to progress our work, expand our reach and create impact”, she said. “The partnership has been transformational in enabling us to work towards our mission to enhance the financial capability of young Australians. With that said, it quickly became apparent as we explored the range of initiatives to which Suncorp

contributes, that the breadth and scope of their strategic community investment is significant and worth celebrating. The nomination enabled us to publicly acknowledge our appreciation and gratitude for all that Suncorp does.” Suncorp's community investment strategy aims to make a positive impact on the most material issues facing Suncorp: financial resilience, natural hazard resilience and social resilience. Thanks to the support of our people, we are helping to build stronger, more resilient communities for the future. Suncorp was also delighted to see Simon Lockyer receive the 2020 Philanthropy Innovation award. Simon was instrumental in the establishment of two organisations, Youngcare and Five Good Friends, which Suncorp now calls partners.

AkzoNobel Tel: (03) 9644 1711 Axalta Coating Systems Product training Axalta services Tel: 1800 292 582 BASF Australia Ltd James Green Tel: 0402 110 378 Dents R Us Training Academy Laury Chibnall Tel: 0438 383 555 iBodyshop E: seminars@ibodyshop.com Tel: (03) 9548 7444 I-CAR Australia Brisbane Office Admin Tel: (07) 3219 9088 STORKAWD Pty Ltd (Fusor and Farecla) Tel: (03) 9560 6060 Mipa Australia Pty Ltd Tel: (03) 9739 8800 PPG Australia Pty Ltd www.ppgrefinish.com.au/training VIC/TAS: (03) 8586 0000 NSW/ACT: (02) 9854 6600 QLD/NT: (07) 3823 8000 SA: 0412 832 919 WA: 0437 902 125 Protec Tel: 1800 076 466 Saint Gobain Customer Service - 1300 007 650 Michelle Morgan - 0425 516 894 SAPE Automotive Training Academy Tel: (02) 9772 9000 sia Abrasives Tel: 1300 742 123 Thatcham-Escribe www.thatchamescribe.com.au 1300 769 348 U-pol Tel: 0400 366 483 Valspar Automotive Tel: (02) 4368 4054

The National Collision Repairer – 4 3



DrivePro Collision a NEW solution for the collision industry DrivePro Collision by OpusIVS is the ultimate package for any body shop looking for total support in vehicle diagnostics, from pre- and post-scans to diagnostics and repair, including ADAS calibration – all backed up by IVS 360 Support. So, what’s the package? DrivePro Collision: Capture pre- and post-scan data in an easy to read fault report, as well as in-depth diagnostics capability. The patented DrivePro has builtin licensed factory diagnostic capability in an easy-to-use aftermarket interface. The powerful second tablet is installed with Autocom, PicoScope 7 software and an IVS 360 Quick Link to access live diagnostic

support. DrivePro Collision has the capability of performing complex and specialised diagnostic routines, including coding, programming and initialisation. The kit includes one DrivePro device, two 16-pin OBDII cables, a USB to ethernet adapter, one Microsoft Surface GO device installed with Autocom, PicoScope 7, power supply and mains lead. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: For ADAS calibrations, DrivePro Collision utilises software developed by three different software engineering teams – Autologic, AutoEnginuity and Autocom – to ensure complete coverage and capability for all ADAS

needs. Industry leading targets by partners Autocom are used to complete the static calibration routines. IVS 360 Support: Opus IVS prides itself not only on supplying the very best equipment but the very best in support, so you’re not on your own. IVS 360 support will not only help you identify the faults that are relevant to the claim, but also identify the cause and provide a step-by-step rectification process. For an obligation-free demonstration, contact Opus IVS. E: sales-au@OpusIVS.com or call +61 (03) 8561 7600.

Finer grits expand Iridium advantage Adding two finer grits to the Iridium range provides even greater opportunity to reap the productivity rewards of using MIRKA’s trailblazing paper-backed abrasive technology! Global surface finishing specialist MIRKA has a long history of thinkingoutside-the-square to develop advanced technologies, and Iridium is the latest example. Thanks to an entirely new manufacturing process that precisely places abrasive grains onto the backing material, more grains per disc, and a UV cured resin which locks the grains down as well as creating a dust repelling surface, Iridium is perfectly tuned to the modern repair process. Features include an aggressive cut, exceptional lifespan and remarkable dust extraction. Indeed, Iridium’s ability to deliver a productivity return-oninvestment that far outweighs any extra cost per disc, saw it quickly become a favourite with repairers looking to save process time, materials and overall job cost.

4 4 – P R O D U C T S H OW C A S E

Finer grits (P800 & P1000) join the range While the initial Iridium range did an outstanding job, there were certain situations where a finer grit would have been handy, so P800 and P1000 now join the range. Iridium in P800 offers a particularly effective solution for everyday tasks such as the preparation of blend areas, while P1000 can also come into play for preparing blend areas on jobs that involve more difficult or sensitive colours. In addition, it provides an effective option for tasks such as the removal of excessive orange-peel or paint defects. Excellent ROI As a new technology, the initial purchase price of Iridium is a little higher but it delivers a strong returnon-investment according to Jason Salmon, PPG Product Specialist, Associated Products. “We put Iridium to the test under local conditions. Over two full days the entire Iridium range went up against eight other premium abrasives and we used a scientific

approach to ensure the results were accurate. Using a detailed cost analysis, we found that Iridium not only outperforms the best, its impressive ability to cut fast, repel dust and stay sharp also made it a more cost-effective option when compared to conventional technologies that sold on price rather than performance. Don’t just take our word for it, give Iridium a go and prove it for yourself – many already have and have become instant converts.”

Vision Measuring Systems



The Car-O-Tronic Vision Measuring System can be adapted to almost every bench on the market! ADVANCED SYSTEM FOR UPPER AND LOWER BODY MEASURING Experience Car-O-Tronic Vision2 – the fastest, most accurate and easiest to use electronic measuring system on the market today! Special Trade-in Deals available – contact your nearest outlet for further information




Head Office: Unit 1, 25 Industrial Road, Unanderra, NSW 2526 Ph: (02) 4271 6287 ▲ Fax: (02) 4271 7899 Website: www.car-o-liner.com.au ▲ Email: julie@car-o-liner.com.au ▲ NSW & Tas: Ph: 0412 559 208 ▲ NT & Vic: Ph: 0412 372 988 ▲ Qld & SA: Ph 0403 455 914



Sink your teeth into paint defects with MIRKA Shark Blade Featuring the ultra-sharp slicing power of a razor blade without the safety issues, MIRKA’s Shark Blade is ideal for quickly and conveniently removing paint imperfections. The teeth of predatory sharks, such as the Great White, are legendary for their razor-sharp slicing ability and the new MIRKA Shark Blade works on the same principle. Compact and beautifully crafted, this handy little tool is designed to quickly and easily remove dirt nibs, runs, high spots or other defects from painted surfaces in one quick pass. It gets its excellent slicing ability from the fact that it’s made from super hard and durable carbide steel – similar to the metal used to make the cutting portions of drill bits, router bits, and radial saw blades. To use it, the Shark Blade is simply tilted onto its chamfered edge and gently pushed against the dirt nib, paint blobs, runs, sags and so on. The special contoured shape gives it the ability to smoothly follow body

profiles and get into tight areas. Thanks to the extremely hard carbide steel blade, the chamfered edges of the Shark Blade remain remarkably sharp and true, ensuring it retains the ability to slice through paint imperfections long into the future. Supplied in a hard-wearing protective pouch with a belt loop, along with a cord lanyard, the Shark Blade can be hung around the neck to keep it conveniently at hand and ready for action. The Shark Blade is available from authorised MIRKA distributors across Australia and New Zealand.

Tech on display with SATA limited edition Like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character from The Terminator movies, it’s what is going on under the skin of a SATA spray gun that really counts. As a result, the company’s latest limited-edition model, dubbed the SATAjet X 5500 Bionic, is here to celebrate the cutting-edge precision German engineering found below the surface of SATA’s flagship model, the outstanding SATAjet X 5500. Colourful and highly detailed graphics appear to peel back the layers to reveal the inner workings of the air and material galleries which go into making this gun such an efficient, effective and easy to use tool. Behind the sophisticated graphics, the SATAjet X 5500 Bionic is a fully functional spray gun with all the features of the regular SATAjet X 5500, including the revolutionary X Nozzle System. This means it’s perfectly suited to everyday paint shop use, though it could just as easily make an excellent addition to a collector’s display cabinet. The SATAjet X 5500 Bionic is available in HVLP or RP technology and in the highly popular DIGITAL (with the air gauge conveniently built into the gun handle) or nondigital formats, as well as a choice of nozzle sizes. Whichever of these takes your fancy, it’s important to remember that this is a strictly limited edition and in the past, limited editions have sold out quickly. To avoid disappointment, it’s recommended that you reserve your SATAjet X 5500 Bionic now at your authorised SATA distributor.

4 6 – P R O D U C T S H OW C A S E

Tactically clever: the new Speed-TEC Clear Coat 8810 Spies Hecker continues to use Axalta’s patented fast-cure, low-energy technology in the latest addition to the SpeedTEC system, the new Spies Hecker Permasolid Speed-TEC Clear Coat 8810. Using the pioneering Axalta technology, the Speed-TEC Clear Coat 8810 significantly speeds up work processes in body shops. The very short drying times enable a higher throughput with a standard repair taking as little as one hour. Body shops that are keen to save money can do so by drying Speed-TEC Clear Coat 8810 in 10 to 15 minutes at 40°C or even air drying in 30 to 55 minutes. Thanks to its unique properties that promote fast-curing, the vehicle can be removed from the spray booth immediately after drying and further processed after a short cooling period. Spray booth times are reduced by up to 25% and the Hi-TEC Base Coat and Speed-TEC Clear Coat can be dried consistently at a low standard temperature, which helps to reduce energy consumption significantly. "With the new Speed-TEC clearcoat and the Speed-TEC surfacers, we are following the trend towards shorter drying times and more booth cycles," said Jim Iliopoulos, Product & Technical Manager, ANZ. "The new clear coat is easy to use for the refinisher, the efficiency increases, the operating costs decrease and the waiting time for the customer is reduced – it couldn't be better."

Adding to the list of benefits, the Speed-TEC Clear Coat 8810 can be applied in either 1.5 or 2 coats and can be adapted to the original finish for optimal results. The outstanding filling power reduces the polishing effort as small specks or dust particles can be covered. In addition, when used as part of the Speed-TEC system, there is no need to activate the Permahyd Hi-TEC Base Coat 480 before applying the clearcoat, making it much easier for refinishers. Permasolid Speed-TEC Clear Coat 8810 can also be adjusted with all Permasolid Colour additives to match the brilliant effect paint finishes car manufacturers are increasingly bringing onto the market. More information about the Permasolid Speed-TEC Clear Coat 8810 and the Speed-TEC system can be found at www.spieshecker.com.au.



Spanesi 106 EXT Bench from SAPE The 106 EXT bench is a structural repair workstation that is capable of performing minor to major structural repair operations. It has been designed to stand up to the most intense pulling stresses. This is accomplished through the utilisation of the most durable materials available and ensures it will maintain its performance throughout the years. The 106 is equipped with removable wheels to allow the movement of the bench within the collision repair facility. The 106 is designed for large commercial and longer vehicles and is suitable for work on vans, light and medium duty trucks, SUVs and minivans. The pulling column can be mounted in 12 locations surrounding the bench and delivers 360° pulling capabilities around the vehicle. The Spanesi universal jig system is a sophisticated 3-dimensional repair platform that allows restoration of any vehicle back to OEM standards. Throughout the entire process, repairs

are precise, accurate and efficient. Length, width and height values are all returned to original specifications. Downward and upward pressure thrusting ensure a complete and efficient repair. The kit includes: • Bench with rack gears • Lift with control box • Pulling column • Universal jig system • 6 crossbars

• Loading trolley • Positioning and ascending ramps Specifications: • Load capacity – 5000 kg • Length – 6 metres • Width – 1.8 metres • Lifting height – 1 metre • Pulling force – 10 tonnes For further information, visit https://shop.sape.com.au/ or contact the SAPE Group on (02) 9772 9000 for all your equipment needs.

Bostik Born2Bond instant engineering adhesives Pushing the boundaries of cyanoacrylate technologies To date, instant engineering adhesive performance and applications have been constrained by the limitations of existing cyanoacrylate technologies. Bostik has unlocked the potential to deliver a low odour, low bloom, high performance, user-friendly range of 2K instant adhesives. Born2Bond Repair This product will fill gaps, is non-sagging, machinable, sandable, paintable and impact resistant. It has a fixture time of 60 seconds and hardens in 5–10 minutes. It is the least shrinkage cyanoacrylate product on the market and is ideal for repairs on plastics such as bumpers, side mirrors, aprons and spoilers. The broad range of materials and surfaces to which Born2Bond can adhere includes rubber, wood, polycarbonate, steel and aluminium. Born2Bond Flex This is the only 2K cyanoacrylate on the market with greater than 200% elongation and an open time of 60 seconds. It is flexible and elastic, enabling it to be used for high-volumetric gap filling, achieving instant adhesion to most plastics, metals, wood and leather. Born2Bond Flex is transparent, making it ideal for “glass to rubber bonding” and is also a good joint sealing and vibration dampening option. Born2Bond Structural The toughest structural 2K cyanoacrylate on the market with the longest open time of 25 minutes. Born2Bond Structural will fill gaps of up to 5mm and is both

4 8 – P R O D U C T S H OW C A S E

repositionable and impact resistant. It is also temperature and humidity resistant (-40°C to +120°C) making it ideal for under-bonnet applications. It is faster than epoxies and MMAs, ideal on steel, aluminium, plastics and elastomers, and has also been formulated for porous substrates such as woods and leather. For more information, visit: https://born2bond.bostik.com/en/home, or contact Customer Services on +61 1300 364 710, or Ross Lewis on E: ross.lewis@bostik.com or Tel: +61 411 744 002.

TOYOTA GENUINE RADIATORS NOW REDUCED Need to replace a radiator? Weighing up price versus quality? Now you can have both. With major savings on all Toyota Genuine radiators and support panels, get the right fit, first time, backed by Toyota Warranty Advantage*. Contact your local Toyota Dealership.

*Toyota Genuine Parts/Accessories purchased at & fitted by a Toyota dealer to a Toyota vehicle which was purchased on or after 01/01/2019, are warranted for the remainder of that vehicle’s Toyota Warranty Advantage period, or 2yrs from installation (whichever is greater). Genuine Accessories purchased at and fitted to a Toyota ute or van by a Toyota Dealer are warranted for 3 yrs/160,000 kms or for 2 yrs from installation, whichever is greater Genuine Parts/Accessories purchased from, but not fitted by, a Toyota dealer are warranted for 2yrs from date of purchase. T2020-014489 TOY1463 See toyota.com.au for T&Cs. This warranty does not limit & may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

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The National Collision Repairer News, views & information for the Collision Industry Professional

Nov 20 NCR  

The National Collision Repairer News, views & information for the Collision Industry Professional