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See how the Capricorn panel business continues to deliver for its Members VACC’s Kathy Zdravevski, our latest Entrepreneurial Women in Automotive We visit Ford’s heartland in Geelong for the 30th anniversary of All Ford Day

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The ‘Trade-in along with Special Deals’ promotion on Car-O-Tronic Measuring Systems is back on ... so that means we will trade any type of measuring system regardless of age or condition ... also there are some great deals available!




Vision Measuring Systems

The Car-O-Tronic Vision Measuring System can be adapted to almost every bench on the market!

ADVANCED SYSTEM FOR UPPER AND LOWER BODY MEASURING Experience Car-O-Tronic Vision2 – the fastest, most accurate and easiest to use electronic measuring system on the market today! The sensorequipped measuring slide delivers real-time data three times per second to the advanced and easy-to-use software. Car-O-Data, the world's most comprehensive vehicle measurement database allows you to accurately and quickly target measuring points.




Head Office: Unit 1, 25 Industrial Road, Unanderra, NSW 2526 Ph: (02) 4271 6287 ▲ Fax: (02) 4271 7899 ▲ Email: julie@car-o-liner.com.au ▲ NSW & ACT: Peter Pfenning – Ph: 0412 559 208 ▲ NSW & Tas: Sam Briggs – Ph: 0488 041 610 ▲ NT & Vic: Lindsay Batten – Ph: 0412 372 988 ▲ Qld & SA: Liam Hugo – Ph 0403 455 914


with Joe McFadries

Positioning Being in the right place at the right time The mantra in real estate is “location, location, location”, which is all about being in the “right” neighbourhood. When it comes to products and services, one could argue that the equivalent is “position, position, position”, which is all about knowing your place in the market and knowing how to leverage it. Businesses tend to gravitate towards promoting the features and benefits of their products and services, which is fine, provided you don’t lose sight of what makes you different. Major organisations are all too familiar with this concept; however, sometimes it’s not so obvious that it also applies to smaller private businesses, including those at the pointy end of our industry – the collision repairer. With this in mind, in this issue we feature several examples of how different organisations position themselves in the market as they continue to look for that special something that gives them the competitive edge. I suggest in the first instance you turn to page 32, where Barry Edney, marketing executive with international experience on three continents, provides some food for thought as he wraps up his series on segmentation, targeting and positioning, and shows how it applies to the body shop industry. Similarly, on page 14 we speak

with Capricorn’s Brad Gannon and Dale Durden, who discuss how they are positioning Capricorn’s panel business to become a truly integrated business unit providing an everincreasing range of complementary products and services to their Members. We also meet the VACC’s Kathy Zdravevski on page 16 as she hits the ground running and discusses how she will work to reposition the insurer–repairer relationship and address the systemic imbalance of power between the parties. We also look at what’s happening on the car scene. On page 20 you can see what caught our eye at Ford Australia’s 30th All Ford Day from their spiritual home, Geelong, Victoria, and on page 40 Owen Webb takes us to the inaugural Rockynats event in Rockhampton, Queensland. Taking a different angle on trends in the US collision industry, on page 42 John Yoswick discusses how body shop real estate is becoming a factor in the USA, particularly when it comes to either expanding the business or exiting the industry. In our technology feature this month, on page 36 we highlight two great initiatives from BMW: applying virtual technology to planning highly complex manufacturing systems, and applying artificial intelligence to improve data privacy in production. And finally, we have a great Tech Tip from Saint Gobain on page 36 on THE

the benefits of Norton Blaze’s multi-air cyclonic technology, we introduce Lachlan Cheney, award-winning apprentice at Sheen Panel Service in Glen Waverley as our latest Future Leader of the Industry on page 34 and, of course, we also bring you all the latest local, global and product news from across the industry. In closing, as we go to print on the eve of Anzac Day we remember all of the servicemen and servicewomen who have served in defence of our great country – Lest We Forget. Stay safe and well, and as always, happy to chat. The National Collision Repairer magazine – Making a difference in our industry


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Discover the benefits of Norton No-Fil A995 Blaze’s multi-air cyclonic technology.

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We discuss the “rise and rise” of the Capricorn panel business with Brad Gannon and Dale Durden.

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Stateside John gives us food for thought as he discusses how body shop real estate is becoming a factor in the USA.

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Owen Webb takes us to Rockhampton where the community fully embraced the first ever Rockynats .

Europe correspondent, Barry Edney wraps up his series on segmentation, targeting and positioning as it applies to the body shop.

Product Showcase


We introduce Lachlan Cheney, award-winning apprentice at Sheen Panel Service in Glen Waverley.

BMW continues to invest in virtual technology to maintain its leadership position in the global automotive industry.

See what caught our eye at the 30th anniversary of this iconic event from Ford’s spiritual home in Geelong.

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Australian Speed Show Hot Rod and Custom Expo Cooly Rocks On.


We catch up with the VACC’s Kathy Zdravevski as she hits the ground running and reflects on her first three months.

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Don’t miss our Symposium2021 – Panorama The National Collision Repairer’s Symposium2021 is now “locked and loaded” and will be held at the Park Royal Monash in Melbourne on Thursday, 15 July. As the name Panorama suggests, we will offer a broad perspective of the key issues taking place in our industry. Key topics include: • The latest developments from the OEMs and the impact on the industry • Update on electrification and automation of the car parc • Overview of the structural changes within the industry • The new legislative framework • Attraction and retention of the next generation of technicians. Symposium2021 will kick off with a keynote speaker to set the framework for two highly interactive panel discussions featuring representatives from manufacturers, repairers, leaders in technology, industry innovators and other stakeholders.

Hear from our Entrepreneurial Women in Automotive, our Movers and Shakers and of course, our Future Leaders of the Industry, all of whom are well placed to discuss where the industry is going and how we can best navigate the evolving landscape. Craig Hexter, National Sales and Marketing Manager of major sponsor, sia Abrasives said: “With the challenges in the world today, working in partnership with your suppliers will ensure consistent improvement in your business. It has never been more important to stay fully informed, which is why we encourage you to attend Symposium2021. As a division of major global powerhouse Bosch, where trust is a fundamental principle, relying on sia Abrasives can make all the difference.” Whether you are a collision repair professional, a supplier to the industry, or a stakeholder representing a broader client base, this is a real opportunity to hear from those at the cutting edge of what’s happening in our industry.

Take this opportunity to hear what the experts have to say, share your own views, and connect with the presenters and your peers during the networking lunch. Remember – this is the only collision industry event in Melbourne this year. For more information, contact Joe McFadries on Tel: 0458 588 333, or to register, visit: https://symposium2021panorama.eventbrite.com.au THE


CollisionRepairer SYMPOSIUM2021

The award of a lifetime – Call for nominations July will see us come together for the first time in two years to recognise the contributions of those who have made the industry what it is today, those who continue to go “above and beyond the call of duty”, and those who are truly shaping the future of our industry. Since the inception of this award, we have inducted 46 industry leaders onto the Honour Roll, including collision repairers, equipment suppliers, coatings suppliers, insurers and, of course, TAFE teachers. Of the 46, there have been five international recipients who have not only developed the industry in their home countries, but also left an enduring mark on the Australian collision industry landscape. These are the real change agents of our industry, those who have shaped, built, disrupted, influenced and developed the industry since the middle of last century. The award acknowledges that each recipient’s perseverance, commitment, contribution and dedication has created the great industry we have today. The National Collision Repairer Lifetime Achievement Award is based on the same principles as the US Collision Industry’s Hall of Eagles, which was formed in 1989 and is now recognised as the most prestigious honour any industry professional can receive. Incidentally, there are three

National Collision Repairer inductees who are also inducted into the Hall of Eagles in the US, including our founder, David Newton-Ross. We are proud and privileged to continue the tradition. Of course, this is only possible with the support of our sponsors, many of whom have been with us since the inaugural awards in 2007 and, once again, we take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the individuals and their organisations who support this initiative that truly does “honour the past”. The National Co The announcement llision Repairer ongoing suppo thanks and ack nowledges the rt of our sponso and presentations will rs take place at the 15th Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards presentation on 15th July in Melbourne, followed by a special report in the August issue to recognise the inductees.

To obtain a nomination form, contact Joe McFadries on Tel: 0458 588 333 or visit:www.nationalcollisionrepairer.com.au/lifetime-awards 4 – LO C A L N E W S




CollisionRepairer SYMPOSIUM2021 Melbourne, Thursday 15 July 2021

Engage with: • Entrepreneurial Women • Movers and Shakers • Future Leaders We discuss the latest technological developments from the manufacturers and the impact on the industry and how it is influencing the skillset required in the next generation. We also review the latest structural changes within the industry and the evolving legislative framework.” Whether you are a collision repair professional, a supplier to the industry, or a stakeholder representing a broader client base, this is a real opportunity to hear from those at the cutting edge of what’s happening in our industry. Commencing at 12 noon with a networking lunch, the event concludes at 5:30pm.

Register now at:

www.symposium2021-panorama.eventbrite.com.au Early Bird (before 15 June): $120+GST, thereafter: $150+GST Major sponsor

Supporting sponsors




SAPE Group secures major sponsorship of Collision Repair Expo The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) is excited to announce The SAPE Group (Sydney Automotive Paints and Equipment) as the major sponsor of the Collision Repair Expo (CRE), co-located with the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo (AAAE) at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, 7 to 9 April 2022. The Collision Repair Expo features the nation’s most comprehensive exhibition of body finishing materials, crash repair equipment and tools, all in one location. Equipment demonstrations and a comprehensive seminar program covering major industry trends will provide additional value, helping foster business efficiency and growth. SAPE Group’s sponsorship is a glowing endorsement of Australia’s leading collision repair event, catering to an industry sector with a combined annual revenue of $7.8 billion. “We are very pleased to have Sydney Automotive Paints & Equipment again throwing their support behind the Collision Repair Expo as our major corporate sponsor. They are a major provider of refinish products and collision repair

equipment and will enjoy their prominent position in front of a passionate crowd of industry professionals during the show,” said Stuart Charity, CEO of the AAAA. SAPE is a leading Australian distributor for Glasurit and Baslac paints for BASF Australia and also supplies a vast array of collision repair equipment and consumables to vehicle repair facilities around Australia. With the return of the Expo, SAPE took the opportunity to renew their major sponsorship of this industry-leading event. “We’re proud to return as the 2022 Collision Repair Expo Major Sponsor. The CRE presents a great opportunity for SAPE and our industry to come together, network, share and build success. SAPE works with leading manufacturers around the globe and prides itself on bringing innovative products and value adding technology to the collision repair market. We look forward to sharing our experience with all the attendees in April,” said Paul McMartin, Director of Sydney Automotive Paints and Equipment. SAPE joins over 80 top Australian and international brands exhibiting at the Collision Repair Expo alongside the

AAAE, the nation’s most comprehensive exhibition for the aftermarket industry. The AAAE features the very latest vehicle repair and servicing equipment, replacement parts, tools and accessories, plus industry experts sharing technology and trends. Entry to both shows is free for everyone working in the automotive industry and visitors will be able to check out a combined total of around 400 exhibits over nearly five acres of display space.

For more information on Sydney Automotive Paints and Equipment, visit sapegroup.com.au or visit their online superstore at shop.sape.com.au For more information on the CRE, visit collisionrepair.com.au For more information on the AAAE, visit autoaftermarketexpo.com.au

Paul, Warren and Ray McMartin.

MINI’S new digital companion: the new MINI App MINI has taken its digital ownership experience to a whole new level with the launch of the all-new MINI App in Australia. The App, developed fully inhouse by BMW Group, features an entirely new design and interface that improves user experience and provides owners with intuitive ways to interact with their MINI via their smart device. The MINI App runs on both iOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It acts as a new universal interface with the car, providing information on the vehicle’s status at all times. It also enables remote operation of functions, such as vehicle locating and locking/unlocking the doors, and destination addresses can be sent from a smartphone directly to the vehicle’s navigation system. The MINI App also offers more

6 – LO C A L N E W S

functions for electric vehicles than its predecessor, the MINI Connected App. For example, customers can access detailed information on the car’s electric range, charge status and charging history. In addition, the App’s charge timing and climate control timing functions also allow the charging process to be optimised by setting particular time slots and departure times. Added to which, the vehicle interior can be “pre-conditioned” to increase comfort levels. Last but not least, the MINI App also allows the customer to contact their MINI service partner directly and provides them with an overview of their vehicle’s servicing requirements at all times. It is a new development that will fully replace the MINI Connected App from July 2021 and provide a technologically future-proof foundation.

Its scalable universal architecture allows for continuous updating of new functions and customer requests to be implemented easily, with multiple updates every year allowing functionality to be expanded.

The new MINI App.



I-CAR Gold Class update We recognise the four collision repair facilities across NSW and Victoria who achieved I-CAR Gold Class accreditation in the past month. Pomroy Panels – Niddrie Victoria, is part of various insurance repairer networks as well as being a Certified Subaru Repairer. “We decided to enter the program to enhance our knowledge of a rapidly changing industry. All the staff gave positive feedback about the courses they completed and felt they benefitted from the extra education. In addition, Axalta Coating Systems delivered high quality onsite and offsite training that was important for our refinishing team as it gave them a real hands-on learning experience,” noted Craig Sharman, manager of Pomroy Panels. “We would recommend this training to others because we feel it gives our customers confidence that their car is being repaired by people who have the knowledge and skill to perform those tasks. In fact, the whole industry could benefit from I-CAR!” SAS Smash Repairs – Gateshead NSW, is a preferred, nondrive repairer for Suncorp. “It is important that our staff stay up-to-date with the latest technology and repair methods. When Suncorp introduced us to the Road to Gold program, we jumped at the chance to ensure that we could receive the training required to provide both quality repairs and quality service to our customers,” stated owner Ewan Jones. The process was very easy as they self-managed the training plans with the help of I-CAR’s easy to read guide. “We are also grateful for the help of Axalta Coating Systems, who gave our spray painters quality, one-on-one, on-site training. Our learning experience with I-CAR was very positive, has made our staff more confident, and reconfirmed their abilities as repairers and painters. Our Platinum repairers had the most growth through the program and it was terrific to watch them achieve high marks.”

Jackson Bros Wallsend Smash Repairs – Maryland NSW, is part of both the IAG (NRMA) repairer network, and the Youi repairer network. “We entered the Road to Gold program to ensure we were up to date on the latest advances in technology and practices in motor vehicle repairs and refinishing,” explained the team at Jackson Bros. They found the process extremely easy to navigate and incredibly accessible, utilising the virtual classroom as often as possible to minimise the impact on the business. They also reached out to their PPG lead refinish technician to complete the necessary Platinum Status requirements. “The whole I-CAR team was great to deal with. From our first contact with admin staff to the instructors and all the other staff involved we have had an invigorating learning experience and have developed an eagerness to learn more about our industry, its practices and the evolving technologies.” Aristoc Panels – Glen Waverley Victoria, is part of the Suncorp repairer network, as well as various other insurance repairer networks. They decided to enter the Road to the Gold Program with I-CAR and its industry training alliance partner, PPG. According to the team, “The online training was easy to follow and worked in with our schedule, particularly during the lockdown restrictions, as the team mainly participated from home. The training provided us with relevant, up-to-date knowledge and skill in compliant repairs, improved business performance and risk reduction. We are now more confident and very proud to be providing Gold Class quality and service to our customers.” Now that Pomroy Panels, SAS Smash Repairs, Jackson Bros and Aristoc Panels are all accredited, they join the growing number of businesses that recognise the benefits of regular training, for their staff members, their customers and the entire business. Their pledge to continue training is something that all I-CAR’s Gold Class repairers have undertaken as they recognise the value and importance of training to meet the ongoing demands of the collision repair industry.

The Pomroy team.

The SAS team.

The Jackson Bros team.

The Aristoc team.

8 – LO C A L N E W S



SAPE Group acquires Auto Paint Supplies Canberra The SAPE Group has announced that it has acquired Auto Paint Supplies Canberra, located in the bustling retail hub of Fyshwick, ACT. The acquisition follows Auto Paint Supplies founders, Pat Blake and Glen Allardyce, announcing they would retire after 34 years in the business. Pat and Glen started the company in 1987 and have steadfastly supplied a range of body finishing materials, crash repair equipment and tools to body shops throughout Canberra. But with time comes change. “We knew it was time to enjoy a more relaxed side of life and so we began the task of searching for a potential buyer. Our very first call was to Ray McMartin, CEO of SAPE, who was immediately interested in the idea of purchasing the business,” said Allardyce. “We wanted the process to be transparent, timely and fair. We knew Ray was active in the market and had purchased a number of distribution businesses when it was time for the owners to retire. Everyone we spoke with agreed Ray was a man of integrity, and that the transactions had gone through per the agreed terms and conditions,” added Blake. While some businesses find themselves in complex negotiations, this negotiation was simple and effective, with an agreement reached relatively quickly, negotiating on the total purchase price for the acquisition

1 0 – LO C A L N E W S

in a matter of minutes. “We’re proud of this achievement, but we’re also aware that there is much more work to be done. The nation’s capital presents a great opportunity for SAPE to network, share our knowledge, and to provide customers with exceptional service across all channels, including supply, support and service. We’re all looking forward to the good things that are coming,” said Ray McMartin, CEO of SAPE. SAPE’s acquisition brings a breath of fresh air to Canberra’s collision repair industry. Since SAPE’s beginnings in 1976, it has forged strong relationships with leading global suppliers such as Celette, GYS, Spanesi, Weilander + Schill, IRT, Innovative, Carsystem, as well as major local suppliers such as CAM, Devilbiss, Iwata and 3M. Those long-standing relationships allow SAPE to bring an exciting line-up of new products and services to the industry. SAPE has also invested heavily in infrastructure to facilitate best practice training and development. The SAPE Automotive Training Academy, located at Condell Park, NSW, is the most modern facility of its type, and is equipped with the latest collision repair equipment, audio visual display, video conferencing and training streaming equipment. The Training Academy provides a simulated learning environment that allows

course participants to perform work tasks in an air-conditioned, controlled and safe indoor environment. “These facilities are utilised by the OEMs and the equipment is updated every two years, guaranteeing we have the latest equipment to facilitate training in the latest repair processes,” said McMartin. “To give you some ideas of the training required by some of the late model vehicles, body shells are taken straight off the production line, flown to our Training Academy and training commences on how to repair these vehicles prior to the vehicle’s release in Australia,” he added. SAPE is a leading Australian distributor for Glasurit and Baslac paints for BASF Australia and also supplies a vast array of collision repair equipment and consumables to vehicle repair facilities around Australia. SAPE has also recently expanded its operations in Queensland and also moved into a new facility in Cameron Park, Newcastle (NSW). Auto Paint Supplies will now operate under the trading name SAPE Canberra. It is located at 145/147 Gladstone St, Fyshwick ACT 2609 and is open from 8am to 5pm Monday through to Friday. To get in touch, please call (02) 6280 6848. For more information on the SAPE Group, visit: www.sapegroup.com.au or visit the online superstore at https://shop.sape.com.au/

PPG’s return match in 2021 After a COVID-19 enforced layoff in 2020, the PPG Colour Matching Competition is making a triumphant return for 2021 as it continues to promote this fundamental skill. For around three decades, the PPG Colour Matching Competition has challenged spray painting apprentices to “match it with the best” in an effort to win colour matching acclaim, along with some very cool prizes. It took a full-blown pandemic to force the first ever cancellation of the event, but the PPG organising team have been very busy planning its return for 2021. Best of all, no one should miss out due to the interruption, so if you were a spray painting apprentice between June and August 2020 who would have taken part in last year’s event, you are eligible to enter in 2021 alongside this year’s current crop of apprentices. The same but different – While it continues to focus on colour matching theory and practical skills, the ongoing fallout from COVID-19 means the 2021

event has to happen a little differently. To give a large number of apprentices the opportunity to test their skills, regional and state competitions will still run between June and September 2021, and the winners can still earn the right to represent their state in the final. However, where state winners would traditionally gather in person for the final, it will be their winning spray-out cards that make the journey. Rather than one sprayout card for each of their final colours (a solid colour and a metallic/pearl), contestants will prepare two. One remains in the state record, while the other is sent to PPG’s Clayton Colour Laboratory. Each spray-out will be “blind” assessed by a panel of judges, so they won’t know which state it comes from. As usual, the results will be third and second placegetters, along with a winner, who will be crowned 2021 PPG Colour Matching Champion! Awesome prizes – Along with the prestige of winning and the positive impact it can have on a future career, there are also some very cool prizes on

offer. State level winners get their hands on SATA’s latest premier spray gun, the SATAjet X 5500, while finishing first, second or third in the final means further fab rewards, which can include Mirka tools, additional SATA spray equipment, gaming consoles, gift cards, etc. It’s anticipated that those who place first, second and third in the final will have their prizes delivered to their workplace by the PPG team. Sign up today – Regional/state competitions are usually held between June and September and limited spots are available so it’s important to get entries in early. Simply scan the QR code to register your interest or speak to your training provider. In the meantime, keep in touch via the PPG Colour Matching Competition Facebook Group.



TribUTE is nearing the end of its build TribUTE is a celebration of the 70th anniversary of the iconic Holden Ute and a reflection of the commitment to the owners of the 1.6 million Holdens still on the road today. A VE series 2 SS-V ute embodies the classic hard working, laid back and hard playing lineage that is the Holden Ute. TribUTE is re-imagined and redefined with a list of upgrades including Chevrolet Performance 525hp 6.2L LS3 V8, GM level 3 track capable FE3 suspension, as well as upgraded cross drilled Brembo brakes front and rear. Importantly, the panel and paintwork are being taken care of by GM Certified Repairer, Boutique Auto Body in Keilor East. Ross and Marie Spataro, along with their dedicated team, have answered the call to give TribUTE the attention it deserves. Using brand new Genuine Holden panels and parts, TribUTE is getting the boutique makeover it deserves. A new rear quarter panel was fitted following the Holden approved and supplied repair methods using the correct certified equipment by a trained technician in the I-CAR Gold Class certified shop. “We at Boutique Auto Body are stoked to be involved with TribUTE,” said Ross Spataro. “This sort of project gives us the opportunity to really put into practice the training and expertise that we have gained being part of the GM Certified Repair Network program. Using Genuine Holden parts and approved repair procedures has meant that the work has gone smoothly, everything has lined up and fits properly the first time, and the whole car looks better than new!” The replaced parts list is extensive, but with all the parts being available new from Holden it will mean that the freshly flow coated TribUTE will really pop with the unique treatments applied with the red-hot finish. The best part about TribUTE is that anyone can enter to win by purchasing ACDelco oil from their local GM Trade Parts supplier or by servicing their Holden at an authorised

1 2 – LO C A L N E W S

Holden Service Outlet. But hurry, the competition closes 30/06/2021, so for more information visit: www.gmtradeparts.com.au/gmtp/ gm-trade-parts-tribute or https://acdelco.com.au/offers/tribute/ For Ross and Boutique Auto Body, this isn’t just about one car as special as TribUTE is. Being a GM Certified Repairer is something to aspire to and be proud of. It provides GM vehicle owners with the best service and

Boutique Auto Body’s Ross Spataro.

highest quality repairs as well as the confidence and peace of mind that their vehicle will be as safe and sound after an accident as it was before. GM Certified Repairers share that passion for customer care, quality and professionalism and understand the need to meet constant changing demands in relation to methods, materials and construction so are always looking at ways to upskill their teams. “Being a GM Certified Repairer means that my customers who own a Holden, HSV or Chevrolet can rest

assured that they will get a repair that returns their car to pre-accident condition in the way it performs and looks. The many benefits of being a GM Certified Repairer reinforces that we made the right decision about the investment and we are excited about what this means moving forward with Corvette, Silverado and the ongoing support for existing Holden and HSV owners.” “The GM Certified Repair Network is a key part of our aftersales promise to not only Holden and HSV owners but also to Chevrolet and Corvette owners moving forward. It reinforces our commitment to the integrity, safety and performance of their GM vehicle if they are unfortunately ever involved in an accident, whilst also demonstrating to the broader marketplace that GM is serious about its ongoing support to those vehicle owners,” added Dave Crook, General Motors Australia and New Zealand Collision Product Manager. GM Certified Repairers are at the top of their game and have demonstrated a commitment to their customers and staff by investing in the right equipment and training to carry out safe and proper repairs. There are many benefits to being a part of this program for repairers, including: display of the repairer’s information on the holden.com.au website, branded POS merchandise, GM branded assets for marketing, access to signage, exclusive access to repairer forums, and complimentary access to approved repair procedures. “From a vehicle owner’s perspective, if you bring all that expertise and commitment together with the approved repair procedures, correct repair and diagnostic equipment, as well as using brand new Genuine Holden parts from the GM Trade Parts network in Australia and New Zealand, then Holden, HSV and Chevrolet owners can rest assured their vehicle will be back to preaccident condition,” concluded Crook. For more information on becoming a GM Certified Repairer please visit the Collision Repair Network section at www.gmtradeparts.com.au/



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with Capricorn

On the move with Capricorn’s panel and commercial business WE RECENTLY RECONNECTED WITH BRAD GANNON, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AUTOMOTIVE, AND DALE DURDEN, HEAD OF SALES AND SUPPLY AUSTRALIA, TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS WITHIN CAPRICORN AND HOW THEY WILL BENEFIT BOTH CAPRICORN MEMBERS AND PREFERRED SUPPLIERS INTO THE 2021/2022 YEAR AND BEYOND. We took a relatively structured approach to the discussion, beginning at a high level and working our way down to where “the rubber hits the road” and get to the crux of the question: “what’s in it for you?” Strategy I asked Brad and Dale to reiterate Capricorn’s strategy for the panel and commercial business units, and Brad took the opportunity to reinforce the importance of each sector to the overall Capricorn membership. “The panel and the commercial sectors are a key focus for Capricorn. We continue to experience strong growth across both sectors. This is underpinned by our commitment to product development, enhanced supply opportunities and increased field resources in both segments.” Capricorn’s panel Member numbers have continued to climb throughout 2020/2021 and now exceed 1,500 Members, which reinforces panel as Capricorn’s second largest automotive sector. Similarly, the commercial sector has increased significantly; therefore, Capricorn was keen to address the structure within its automotive field teams. Structure As we all know, the structure of any business underpins the strategy, so we revisited the structure with Brad, both to remind us how sales and supply operates and how it supports the strategic direction. “Our sales and supply functions are fully integrated, and the automotive field team now has national managers in panel, commercial, supply and membership.


From a supply perspective, we are also heavily focused on nonautomotive supplier appointments to enhance the value provided by our traditional automotive parts suppliers.” Brad went on to say that the panel and commercial national managers are supported by state field teams comprising both area managers and supply account managers. “We always aim to provide the best experience for all of our Members. Panel and commercial Members are an important part of the Capricorn membership and we work hard to improve the value of their membership and the diversity of our Preferred Supplier base. We see this as a key driver for the growth we have experienced in the last 12 months.” Dale and his team have worked hard to improve the Preferred Supplier appointment process, as well as focusing on key operational

Brad Gannon.

efficiencies. Brad added that Capricorn also has a new outbound call team that has been assisting in the facilitation of the Member–Preferred Supplier relationship. Resources With the structure in place, we turned to the panel business and discussed how Capricorn is resourcing key roles and discovered that they have been very active since the beginning of the year. “Rob Mildenhall is the National Panel Manager, and the first addition to his team is Sue Walker, now in the dedicated position of Area Manager – Panel in Western Australia. Sue has been with Capricorn for more than 15 years, spending her initial five years in our risk division before joining the Western Australian automotive field team. Sue is well known across the WA Member base and brings

Dale Durden.

a decade of specialist experience to the Panel team,” said Dale. He went on to say: “More recently, Gavin Armstrong has joined Capricorn as an Area Manager – Panel, based in Queensland. Gavin has spent his career in the panel industry, commencing his journey in his family business, Tingalpa Motor Body Works, spending his time in the paint and refinish sector, dealership parts, as well as being a platinum level instructor with I-CAR.” Capricorn is becoming even more focused on the panel sector with the appointment of both Sue and Gavin and will continue to look at supplementing existing field representatives with other specialist resources in other states. In addition to his national responsibilities, Rob Mildenhall continues to support the panel members in New South Wales, reinforcing that Capricorn is well and truly investing in panel-specific resources. With this team, the focus is solely on Capricorn’s panel Members and Preferred Suppliers.

as technology development, skills digitisation and more. The research is a key part of our continuing focus on our Members and the future of Capricorn. Through the State of the Nation reports, Capricorn will continue to keep its finger on the pulse of the automotive industry.” The Capricorn Futures Collide conference in 2019 was so successful, Capricorn announced that it would be an annual event. However, as with many events, COVID-19 put a hold on these plans. “Rob has had tremendously positive feedback from Members and Preferred Suppliers across the panel industry looking to work with us on the next conference. The only barrier to Futures Collide II is the ongoing effects of COVID-19. Given the structure of the program, we will require greater certainty on domestic and international travel due to the interest from our numerous partners and delegates around the world. We look forward to announcing a return to Futures Collide in the future.”

Where to from here? Brad took the opportunity to highlight the largest research project has ever Capricorn undertaken. “The release of the Capricorn 2020 State of the Nation report included invaluable insights from our Members regarding the current industry issues. This includes how these issues are impacting industry influencers such

Looking ahead Brad was eager to outline what the Members can expect in the coming year from Capricorn. He is very clear on what is coming next. “Our Members can expect additional value from their membership through an increasingly diverse supplier base. We recently appointed Woolworths at Work, additional electrical power and

Rob Mildenhall.

Gavin Armstrong.

solar suppliers to boost our Preferred Supplier base. These are also complemented by the fantastic products and services from our existing Preferred Suppliers. We will also continue to grow the Capricorn Rewards program and, where possible, reinstate networking events which have been highly popular for many years. Capricorn will remain focused on mutual benefit, where we strive to add as much value to our services for both Members and Preferred Suppliers.” Brad also highlighted that Capricorn will continue to work closely with the wider automotive community. Focusing on the collision repair sector, he added, “We will continue to focus on the issues that are important to our panel Members’ businesses. We are looking forward to working with our OEM brand partners, specialised panel equipment Preferred Suppliers, and investigating the rapidly evolving technology space that is ADAS and its compatriots. All of which are focused on working harder, smarter and more efficiently for the Capricorn ecosystem – especially our Members and Preferred Suppliers!” Editor: It is clear that Capricorn has developed into a true leader of our great industry and these insights from both Brad and Dale only go to reinforce my view that exploring the opportunity to become a Capricorn member or preferred supplier should be on everyone’s “to do” list.

Sue Walker.

The National Collision Repairer – 1 5



Kathy Zdravevski Industry Policy Advisor, Body Repair Division, VACC HAVING BEEN IN THE ROLE ALMOST THREE MONTHS, KATHY ZDRAVEVSKI SHARES HER BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE AND PROVIDES AN INSIGHT INTO WHAT SHE BRINGS TO THE ROLE. As a way of introducing herself, I asked Kathy to tell us a bit about her background and where she’s come from. Kathy described herself as someone who has worked continuously in the automotive and insurance industries for over 15 years. Both are sectors that she really enjoys. She began her career directly from university and worked in several large organisations, including Allianz and Toyota

Insurance, prior to joining the Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC). Australian born of Macedonian descent, Kathy is proud of her heritage, which she also shares with her husband Robert, as both their parents immigrated from Macedonia in the 1970s and 1980s. “Robert and I were blessed to grow up in loving and caring families, which to this day are still by our side.

1 6 – E N T R E P R E N E U R I A L WO M E N

I have had the values of respect, courage, compassion, and resilience instilled within me from a young age.” Kathy has been happily married for 14 years and she and Robert have a daughter, Kassandra, and a son, Ruben. “My entire family has been behind me since day one and they continue to encourage me to pursue my dreams, notwithstanding cultural expectations. I would not be here today if not for their support.” Kathy sees her role at VACC as a great opportunity to utilise her automotive and insurance experience as well as her formal education to advocate on behalf of specific automotive industry sectors. She is eager to encourage and drive regulatory and legislative change to achieve desired industry outcomes, while at the same time educating members on possible impacts and supporting them with their specific needs. “Over the years, VACC has developed to incorporate all aspects of the automotive industry and provides key business support services for over 5,000 members. Having a strong industry background, I can hit the ground running and make an immediate contribution to the Industry Policy team, our members, and the industry.” The above-mentioned formal education includes: a Diploma in General Insurance (Senior Associate) with ANZIIF and a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and International Trade from Victoria University. More recently, she studied a Master of Laws – Juris Doctor full time at Monash University whilst also working full time. This suite of qualifications really enhances her

15 years of industry experience. We turned our attention to Kathy’s insurance background, and I asked her if she feels like she’s joined the other side. “The reality is that body repairers are predominately small businesses who have had it tough over the years as they contend with national insurance organisations that continue to expand. Insurers in Australia are complex, mostly listed companies whose primary objective is to provide a return to their shareholders, which is not always consistent with the needs of their customers or our members.” Kathy says she has seen firsthand the imbalance of power between repairers and insurers grow to the point where she believes it is unhealthy for the industry, although she acknowledges that body repairers receive the bulk of their work through insurers. “At the heart of the relationship is the vehicle owner who needs – and expects – that their vehicle is repaired properly and safely. The systemic issue is the imbalance of power between the insurer and the repairer, although it is clear that there are positive relationships, albeit limited, that exist between assessors, insurers and repairers on the front line.” Kathy firmly believes there is a great opportunity to address some of the wider industry concerns and further develop better working relationships between repairers and insurers. “It is possible to form healthier, stronger, and more sustainable relationships with repairers and insurers that are financially and operationally appropriate. I acknowledge that the onus is on both the repairers and insurers to determine what sort of business model works best for them, and my belief is that both parties really do want to work with each another cooperatively and provide the best outcomes for the consumer.” So, with the key challenge identified, I asked Kathy if her insurance experience will bring a new perspective to VACC. She is keen to point out that her experience includes investigating various issues in the sector, raising awareness, and working with various stakeholders to make recommended changes. Her role as

Industry Policy Advisor drives improvements in the division and across the automotive industry as a whole and leads to better outcomes for customers and members. Kathy believes that upcoming amendments to various pieces of legislation affecting the industry, such as matters related to unfair contract terms, should positively restore some of the power imbalance. However, the issue, which is rarely discussed, needs to be addressed. “Coming from the insurer side, I have seen firsthand the raft of legislation that insurers are required to adhere to when managing an insurance claim, in which the repairer plays a key part. If insurers do as the legislation requires, both the repairers and insurers will be better off – it is a win-win situation. Taking a more conciliatory approach to many issues is required if we are to start to address the decades-old systemic issues.” The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), with which Kathy has had many dealings as a dispute resolution manager, sees a variety of complaints from consumers, insurers and repairers on matters relating to the automotive industry. “AFCA has the power and processes to identify the appropriate response to these key

issues and I am hopeful it will not be long before it addresses the root cause of the issues and questions behaviours and processes behind the issues.” Returning to getting to know more about Kathy, I asked her about her greatest achievement as a professional businesswoman, and she was quick to point to her inherent entrepreneurship. “I created my own pathway many years ago and stood my ground in many difficult and confronting professional situations. I stand up for what I believe is right and become a voice for many that cannot. I did not get to where I am today in the traditional sense. I had to work hard from a very young age, studied in my early twenties, had my own family while still very young, and more recently returned to study to ultimately get to where I am now.” Kathy also points out that she has listened to her mentors throughout the journey and respected the people who have gone before her. She also said that when working in large organisations it can sometimes seem like you have no voice. However, she always took a creative, innovative approach, and took risks that others would not. “I am proud of that, and it has made me the person I am today. I have been queried and

VACC House on St Kilda Road.

The National Collision Repairer – 1 7


looked down on by some who stereotype a particular woman into a particular category and/or for coming from a certain cultural background. However, I have never let it affect me.” Interestingly, she says that regardless of how someone defines you, becoming successful is not easy, so you must be prepared to do the hard yards – even after you have learned the skills. “The automotive industry is facing both enormous challenges and enormous opportunities. The right leadership is critical. I am honoured to be able to work in this industry and I am prepared to step up and face the challenges head on.” Having spent her first three months getting to know the organisation, we discussed what the immediate future holds for the Body Repair Division, and Kathy was eager to highlight the optimism within the industry. “The VACC Body Repair Division has a range of actions to address the challenges our members face, actions that are primarily focused on generating a fairer business environment for repairers, particularly where they are in dispute with insurance companies. Work is also being undertaken by VACC’s national advocate, the Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA), and together they have achieved great strides with important reforms in small business contract law, collective bargaining and the industry code of conduct, much of which will come to fruition this year.” VACC CEO Geoff Gwilym added: “Kathy will bring a different dimension to this policy role, particularly given her experience in the insurance industry and her learnings in law. Whilst VACC needs to continue to assist members in their daily conversations with insurers, we also need to focus on the broader systemic issues in the repairer–insurer relationship. As the industry changes rapidly, we need to ensure body repairers are not separated or marginalised by market forces over which they have little control. The repairer/insurer pendulum needs to work effectively for all parties, including the owner of the vehicle. I have every confidence that Kathy will drive change and will help create a fairer business


environment for body repairers.” Kathy has met many inspirational professionals, colleagues and friends on her journey, all of whom have added something to the person she is today. However, she says that she would not be who or where she is today without the encouragement of her husband and children who have inspired her to be the best person that she can be. She is selfmotivated, driven, and loves taking on challenges and solving problems. “I believe anything is possible and I am really driven to prove it. Also, it is important to know what you want as it is much easier to achieve your goals when you know exactly where you are going. Plan your strategy based on your goals (personal and professional) and have the confidence to speak up. Be your own best advocate and promoter.” So, what advice would Kathy give young women considering a career in our industry? “I think we have a real challenge – and an opportunity – when it comes to attracting and retaining the next generation to our profession. As an industry, we have often been misunderstood. However, with the advent of hybrid and electric vehicles and forward-looking leaders, it really is a brave new world. We do need to work to change the face of the industry to enhance our attractiveness to younger people looking to enter the workplace. The industry provides great opportunities and enormous benefits to society and it is also filled with good, honourable people.”

I asked Kathy where she sees the main opportunities for women in the automotive sector, and again she was upbeat. “The achievements and contributions of women in the industry have been, and continue to be, significant. There are women who lead their own automotive businesses, work in family-run operations, are professional tradespeople and technical advisors, drivers, administrators and salespeople. I truly believe there are a whole raft of opportunities for women with a passion for our industry.” Kathy added that, in so many ways women and their achievements go unseen, primarily because automotive is still predominantly a male industry. “The VACC’s special interest group, Women in Automotive (WinA) is on a mission to address the “unconscious bias” that has created this gender imbalance and is constantly working to support and raise the profile of the many women working across the industry.” We are all too painfully aware that there is a shortage of technicians in our industry, and Kathy is keen to encourage everyone, including women, to consider a career in the automotive industry as it is an exciting and fastpaced industry that provides a wide variety of career opportunities. In closing, Kathy said: “I have been in the industry for over 15 years, and it’s never been more exciting. The accelerating rate of change in technology, which can initially be overwhelming, is actually a huge opportunity. Make no mistake – this is our time!”

Kathy with husband Robert, son Ruben and daughter Kassandra.

1 8 – E N T R E P R E N E U R I A L WO M E N


Aussies know a thing or two about how to take a good thing and make it better. From an icy cold glass of milk with your Anzac bikkies, to slapping on the sunscreen at the beach, there are some things that just work better together. At Fix Auto Australia, we’re all about building partnerships so that your business goes from good to great.


Fix Auto is the world’s largest independent repair network, with over 700 locations in 13 countries taking advantage of our systems, resources, training and global buying power, coupled with the strength of leading collision industry brands. If you’re ready to go one better, call the team on 1300 FIX AUTO or visit fixauto.com.





LAST MONTH WE VISITED THE 30TH ANNUAL ALL FORD DAY AT FORD’S SPIRITUAL HOME, GEELONG, VICTORIA, WHERE ONCE AGAIN FORD ENTHUSIASTS TOOK THE OPPORTUNITY TO DISPLAY THEIR PRIDE AND JOY. Ford enthusiasts showed their passion and commitment on a bright sunny mid-autumn day. The All Ford Day attracted over 1,000 exhibitors who put on a great show for a legion of dyed-in-the wool Ford fans. Once again, the excitement was palpable as Ford fans from all walks of life came together to celebrate their love of this iconic marque. There was so much to see, and in a family

2002 SVT Mustang Cobra This awesome convertible belonging to Robert Stent is one of only 100 built worldwide. It was converted to right hand drive by Tickford Vehicle Engineering, has a double overhead camshaft 32 valve all alloy 4.6 litre V8 generating 240 kW and 430 Nm of torque. With independent rear suspension and matched to a Tremec T45 5-speed gearbox, it boasts 0–100 kph in 5.2 seconds. It is also one of only 13 produced in the really cool True Blue exterior finish with Medium Graphite interior.

2 0 – LO C A L E V E N T

friendly atmosphere – it was not uncommon to see families from multiple generations engaging with the fans. With a broad cross section of cars on display, from the very beginnings of the Ford Motor Company, iconic Australian utes and panel vans, through to the great Aussie V8 and classic American muscle cars, there was something for everyone.

This year we decided to feature a selection of the cars that caught our eyes and we spoke with their owners, who were only too happy to tell us all about their pride and joy. Editor: Once again, we greatly appreciate the exclusive invitation from Ford Australia to take a walk down memory lane and share the great history of Ford Motor Company.

1971 XY Panel Van Michael Ford and his wife, Leanne, were proud to show off their fully restored panel van, “done up” as a GT. It began life as a white commercial van, was stripped back to be rust-free and was rebuilt from the ground. Michael matched the shell to the GT HO running gear, which he had in the shed for 30 years, and after a three-year labour of love, completed it in early 2020.

1953 fully restored F100 This multi-award-winning immaculate example of an F100 from the mid-fifties is Trevor Smith’s pride and joy. It was purchased in its original condition in 1977 and meticulously restored over three decades. It has now been on the road for eight years. To suit Trevor’s personal preferences, he installed a later model 302 Windsor motor and the customised finish, a lighter variation on British Racing Green, really makes it stand out.

1939 Roadster This two-toned 1939 roadster, which has been fully restored and customised with a 5.7 litre LS1 V8 engine, a GM 4L60-E transmission and 9” LSD, is proudly owned by Fred and Gabbie Murphy. It also has Boyd Coddington wheels, air ride AccuAir suspension and a Dakota digital dash. Never fully satisfied, Fred continues to work on the finer points, which is a true reflection of his attention to detail.

The National Collision Repairer – 2 1


2020 Shelby F150 Super Snake Sport This truly impressive F150 is the first of its kind in Australia. It has a 770 hp supercharger system that includes a performance air intake, heat exchanger and billet throttle body. With a full Shelby by Borla exhaust system, Shelby suspension system, Shelby by Baer brake system and 22” Carroll Shelby aluminium wheels, this beast of a vehicle not only strikes an imposing pose, but really does “walk the talk”.

1920 Model T Sometimes something just catches your eye. I just could not go past this original Model T, which was fitted with a single seat roadster body and was purchased brand new by John Clee of Bellarine for a daily runabout. It has spent it entire “life” in the Portarlington area. It was rescued from a shed in the mid-seventies and is now owned by the Pigdon family.

1968 Ford Torino GT Convertible One of 44 original cars produced to be pace cars at the 1968 Indianapolis 500, this particular car was used as a field car and was also used to chauffer Sylvia Hitchcock, Miss Universe 1967, on her parade lap. The Wimbledon White finish was complemented by the blue vinyl bucket seats, although it was the Firestone white-wall tyres that really completed the package. What a car!

2 2 – LO C A L E V E N T


Is ADAS calibration on your radar? If you’re trying to keep pace with changes in today’s vehicle technology, then you’re not alone. With the majority of new vehicles featuring Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), the chance of encountering this technology during a repair is accelerating. Understanding ADAS, the components behind the technology and when an ADAS calibration is required, is vital knowledge for today’s technicians, with calibration of critical Advanced Driver Assist Systems such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW) being an essential procedure to restore a vehicle to the manufacturer’s specifications after repair. So, knowing where to find the expertise and support can give peace of mind. Being wholly owned by HELLA, a global leader in vehicle electronics, HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS has the necessary know how and an award-winning, user-friendly, modular camera and radar calibration tool, compatible with most ADAS-equipped vehicle models. For a no obligation discussion with one of our specialists, call 1800 061 729 or email hgscustomersupport@hella.com


5G 5G BB?4E3D ?4E3D












































Hyundai partners with Forze Hydrogen Racing Hyundai Motor has announced a partnership with Forze Hydrogen Racing, a student team that designs, builds and competes hydrogen electric racing automobiles for the promotion of fuel cell mobility. In 2021, Forze will finish the first iteration of Forze IX with one “balance of plant”, prior to implementing the second balance and finishing the car in 2022. Once completed, it is expected to be the world’s fastest fuel cell electric racing car and a profound breakthrough in sustainable racing. The Forze IX will have a top speed of 300 kph, and an acceleration from 0–100 kph in less than three seconds. Weighing 1,500 kg, the Forze IX will carry two fuel cell systems with a total combined output of 240 kW, an accumulator with a maximum boost power of 600 kW, and will be allwheel drive. Hyundai will cooperate with Forze to further push the boundaries of fuel cell mobility, as student innovators from the Forze team will consult with engineers from Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre (HMETC) in Rüsselsheim, Germany, for their expertise, experience and support. “Forze is an exciting team made up of some of the brightest young minds,

and with a proven pedigree of bringing fuel cell mobility to the racetrack,” said Tyrone Johnson, Head of Vehicle Development at HMETC. “Hyundai is delighted to enter into this partnership with Forze. By drawing on our leadership in fuel cell mobility and Forze’s ambition to take hydrogen to the next level, together we will push the boundaries of what’s possible in the development of zero-emissions racing.” The Forze Motorsport team consists of more than 60 students from Technische Universiteit Delft

(Delft University of Technology) in the Netherlands, with a wide variety of educational backgrounds. They work a year full- or part-time to gain experience in the Forze team and particularly in the field of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Hyundai brings its decades of experience and leadership in innovation and the development of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV). The company’s second-generation massproduced FCEV, the NEXO, will launch in Australia later this month.

Fix Network World names Axalta as Preferred Global Paint Partner Axalta has signed a five-year global partnership agreement with Fix Network World. Under the agreement, Axalta is now the Preferred Global Paint Partner to Fix Network World, which has more than 700 collision repair shops in 12 countries. Steve Leal, President and CEO of Fix Network World, said, “Following a detailed and thorough competitive tender process, we are delighted to name Axalta as our Preferred Global Paint Partner for the next five years. In Axalta, we have found a partner who could meet all our criteria, including strong global collaboration and giving our franchisees the choice between Axalta’s premium paint brands and their respective paint systems. We welcome the value that Axalta brings to our global network

2 6 – G LO B A L N E W S

thanks to its extensive OEM approvals.” Under the terms of the agreement, Axalta will accelerate Fix Network World’s growth with paint solutions and service offerings focused on shop efficiency. Axalta’s productive refinish paint systems, coupled with its advanced digital colourmatching technology, will increase Fix Network World’s paint shop profitability. Axalta will also audit and provide relevant practical training to the global network. Troy Weaver, Axalta Senior Vice President for Global Refinish, added, “This strategic alliance demonstrates our commitment to Fix Network World. As its global business partner, we share the same drive to maximise business success. We have put in place an industry-leading global solution not only for the network’s current needs

but also for its future requirements. We are confident that we are positioned for mutually beneficial growth.”

AkzoNobel leads the second global start-up challenge Start-ups are about to explore a world of possibilities in the paints and coatings industry – Paint the Future’s second global start-up challenge launches on 18 May. Led by AkzoNobel and powered by thousands of connections around the world, Paint the Future has become the industry’s largest collaborative innovation ecosystem. All participating start-ups can look forward to accelerating their solutions in this dynamic industry by leveraging AkzoNobel’s passion for paint, expertise, knowledge, resources and connections. Some will find even more doors opened for them in the form of exciting partnership opportunities and investments. “Our new company strategy is all about building on our strong foundation and pioneering ways to grow and innovate,” said AkzoNobel CEO, Thierry Vanlancker. “That’s why it’s the perfect time for round two of our global startup challenge. We’re excited to see what potential collaborations the start-ups have in store for us that will help us bring surfaces to life for our customers.” The 2021 program builds on the success of 2019’s Paint the Future launch event, two regional start-up challenges in Brazil and China, two supplier programs and other AkzoNobel collaborations. These programs have already resulted in 18 successful solutions. “Paint the Future is our dedicated ecosystem designed to accelerate innovation in paints and coatings,” said Klaas Kruithof, Chief Technology Officer. “Our first global start-up challenge was a first for our industry and our ecosystem has

grown amazingly since then to include 2,137 active members. It’s a launch pad for great ideas that’s attracted a diverse group of start-ups, suppliers, academia and customers.” Start-ups will be invited to submit solutions addressing five challenge themes: enhanced functionality, customer experience, smart application, circular solutions and smart manufacturing and supply chain. Following the 18 May launch, exploration and enrichment of the submissions will continue through to 20 July. Then, selected finalists will be invited to a collaboration event in late 2021 where the challenge winners will be announced. Ready to paint the future with AkzoNobel? To join the ecosystem and find the latest information on the 2021 global start-up challenge, including the submission process, visit: https://www.letspaintthefuture.com/global-challenge-2021/

BMW further enhances technology offerings with launch of My BMW app BMW has taken its digital ownership experience to new levels with the launch of the all-new My BMW app. The app, which replaces the current BMW Connected app, features an entirely new design and interface that improves the user experience and provides owners a new and intuitive way to interact with their BMW using a smartphone. User feedback and behaviour patterns from previous generation apps were integrated during development of the My BMW app. Three tabs are at the heart of its clean and simple interface: Vehicle, Map, and Profile. Under these tabs, all relevant information can be configured quickly and efficiently thanks to a new software platform developed entirely in-house by BMW Group. There is provision to add a personal portrait image to a profile and then show the image on the control display of vehicles running BMW

Operating System 7.0, while owners of BMW BEV and PHEV vehicles can access a new level of information about their battery charging. A charging history feature shows information about previous charging sessions including location, timestamps and charging time. If an energy tariff is added to the app, an approximate cost can also be determined and displayed. These elements complement and build on the advanced remote services already offered by the BMW Connected App, such as the ability to lock and unlock the vehicle, flash the headlights and ventilate the cabin. The BMW Connected app will remain in service for owners until 30 June this year. In addition, BMW has simplified the way owners can access their BMW profile among different apps and services via the new BMW ID. For example, users can log in to other BMW Group applications and websites such as the BMW Driver’s Guide app and

BMW Shop using the same BMW ID. The My BMW app can be downloaded for free via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The National Collision Repairer – 2 7



Opus IVS making its mark in the USA Opus IVS has announced that the USA’s 16th largest auto insurer, CSAA, has endorsed its ScanSafe and DriveSafe devices, declaring that the scan tool manufacturer is “their preferred collision scanning solution for its Direct Repair Network”. “The Opus IVS DriveSafe and ScanSafe scanning solutions meet CSAA IG’s approved billing, allowing shops to improve cycle time while performing pre-scan, post-scan, OE scanning, flash programming, and ADAS calibrations under terms reimbursable by the insurer,” Opus wrote in a recent news release. “This will benefit the shop not only by improving reimbursement rates but also by keeping more work in the shop that has previously been sent out for third party repair.” “CSAA Insurance Group is excited

to partner with Opus IVS to help our Direct Repair Network facilities best serve our customers,” said CSAA physical damage vendor manager Dan Tessadri. “We are committed to helping our customers prevent, prepare for and recover from life’s uncertainties, and partner with organisations that focus on alignment with OEM requirements and place high expectations on customer safety and satisfaction.” The DriveSafe and ScanSafe tools offer the ability to scan vehicles with the official OEM scan tool software or an aftermarket QuickScan software option. “Opus IVS is proud to be the CSAA IG preferred scanning solution for its Direct Repair Network. Our team has provided OE approved solutions to dealerships and independent repairers for over a decade. Our solutions help collision repair facilities ensure they have the

capability for quick scanning, OE approved scanning, programming, and the diagnostic support needed to complete a quality repair – all coupled with the ability to easily document the results,” said Opus President Brian Herron. This article courtesy of John Huetter of Repairer Driven Education (RDE). Check out their website at: http://www.repairerdrivennews.com/ for this and many other informative and educational articles on the collision repair industry.

Hall of Eagles inducts Dan Risley, Petra Schroeder and Doug Webb The US Collision Industry Hall of Eagles announced its 2021 inductees are Dan Risley, Petra Schroeder and Doug Webb. The Hall of Eagles, the US collision industry’s Hall of Fame, honours exceptional individuals whose long-term efforts have reached beyond their jobs and self-interest to make significant contributions towards the betterment of the industry. “There is no greater honour or recognition in the collision repair industry. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have a lot of great mentors throughout my career,” said Risley. “They invested their time and imparted a lot of wisdom. I hope to repay the gifts they gave me by continuing to support the industry and making it a better place than when I arrived.” “The part of my business life that I loved the most was connecting with people, sharing experiences, learning and staying in contact. So when I retired in 2016, it was an easy decision to stay involved and engaged in this industry and the wonderful people in it,” said Schroeder. “Today I am probably volunteering more than ever,”

2 8 – G LO B A L N E W S

“I am forever grateful for a phone call I received some 26 years ago, not only because it introduced our young company to a new income stream, but more importantly, it introduced me to an industry of the finest people to be found anywhere,” said Webb. “I am humbled by this recognition and will wear the Hall of Eagles pin with great pride.” Rick Tuuri, chair of the Hall of Eagles Board of Governors, added, “On behalf of the Hall of Eagles Board of Governors, the Hall of Eagles and

Dan Risley.

the collision industry, I would like to thank Dan, Petra and Doug for their myriad contributions to the collision industry. They should be proud of their accomplishments and induction into the Hall of Eagles. Little is more gratifying than recognition by your peers, and with over two-thirds of the Hall casting their votes for them, this is meaningful, indeed!” To view the complete list of Hall of Eagles’ inductees visit: www.hallofeagles.org/inductees.html

Petra Schroeder.

Doug Webb.


Minutes with ...

PPG opens new China Application Innovation Center Marking the company’s first cross-business research and development (R&D) centre in the region, PPG has opened its China Application Innovation Center (CAIC), in Zhangjiagang, China. Located adjacent to PPG’s Zhangjiagang manufacturing plant, the facility will serve as a bridge between innovation and customer applications for PPG’s industrial, packaging and automotive refinish coatings businesses. The centre’s advanced automated equipment and technologies enable PPG scientists to simulate the diverse environments and climates where PPG paints and coatings may be applied. Overall, it provides the ability to test the properties of coating technologies, provide industry-leading colour design and offer customers more customised, high-quality paint products and solutions for broad applications. The CAIC location will also enable PPG to quickly move newly developed applications to trial production at its Zhangjiagang plant, thus enabling increased speed to market for PPG

innovations and accelerating product and service customisation. “CAIC is a critical component of PPG’s global lab footprint and further demonstrates our strong commitment to invest in China, our employees and our customers,” said David Bem, PPG Vice President, Science and Technology and Chief Technology Officer. “The CAIC will cover broad markets and customer needs that range from electronic materials to packaging coatings under one roof, making it easier for the PPG science and technology team to provide valueadded solutions to our customers.” Suzanne Walker Capricorn Society When did you join the industry? Started in the Insurance Industry 30-ish years ago. What was your first job in the industry? Claims Administrator. What do you do now? Capricorn Area Manager, WA – Panel. What do you like about the industry? For me it’s definitely the people.

Las Vegas moves toward 100% reopening by 1 June Las Vegas continues to move toward reopening, with recently announced plans for the city to be at 100% capacity by 1 June. The news comes on the heels of several other milestones signalling the imminent reopening of the city, as the World Market Center in downtown Las Vegas celebrated the grand re-opening of a new convention centre by hosting about 10,000 individuals for a five-day trade show for the home and gift industry. Closer to the SEMA Show, the World of Concrete will host tens of thousands of individuals in June at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s new West Hall. “Great news continues to come out of Las Vegas,” said Tom Gattuso, SEMA vice president of events. “This November, Las Vegas is going to be the ultimate gathering for the automotive industry. After being separated for nearly two years, businesses are eager to reconnect at SEMA and preparing to feature the

innovations they’ve been working on.” More than 1,200 manufacturers have already confirmed their participation at the 2021 SEMA Show, with many companies planning breakout exhibits and securing larger booths than the previous show. With the opening of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s new 1.4 million square feet West Hall, the entire SEMA Show floor will also be optimised to allow for more new features and attractions throughout the event. “There are a lot of exciting plans coming together for this year’s event,” said Gattuso. “The 2021 SEMA Show is going to be the best in our 50-plus year history, and we can’t wait to see everyone in November.” For complete information about the SEMA 2021, visit: https://www.semashow.com/ Editor: Who knows where we will be in relation to international travel for work by the time SEMA begins in November!

The National Collision Repairer – 2 9

What don’t you like about the industry? The limitations, both regulatory and commercial. What music do you like? I like most music – especially Australian music our Favourite Artist? Too many to name, my favourites change every few months and cover all music genres. Your favourite food? There is nothing better than BBQ Crayfish. Your favourite drink? I never say no to a good G&T on warm balmy evening. Your hobbies? Music and Swimming, but not at the same time. Who in the world would you most like to meet? This is tricky: Perhaps Bill Gates or Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari.




Norton No-Fil A995 Blaze Firing up true finishing innovation Norton’s proven history of high-quality product expertise delivers the real deal when it comes to sanding and it’s that product passion that you can trust, whether it’s Norton’s legendary performance or the next-generation game-changer of Norton No-Fil A995 Blaze paper disc line up. It’s a natural evolution of sanding excellence alongside the pursuit of perfection. For customers, it’s taking that perfected technology to immediately drop dollars to the bottom line. Blaze your way to greater productivity! All-new exclusive backing design provides extraordinary strength with tear resistance well beyond any flexible paper disc in the market – as much 2–3X. The super-tough, polyester-reinforced D-weight hook and loop backing means exceptional edge adhesion of the grain, even in the most demanding automotive sanding applications, so grain shed is virtually non-existent and the result is outstanding durability. Norton Blaze’s face colour immediately makes it further distinguished from any other product. The ultra-premium ceramic aluminium oxide abrasive of the Norton A995 Blaze design boosts performance with its extremely sharp grain edges. As the grains fracture, these keen edges generate a consistent cut throughout the life of the product. The use of P-graded grain that adheres to the FEPA standard and the Norton No-Fil (anti-clog) water-based stearate coating also ensures you get the superior finish you need without user fatigue, rework, and endless consumption of discs through

3 0 – TECH TIP

changeovers. Just one of the many differences from Norton engineering, but one that makes for better productivity – from start to finish. The current generation of ceramic grain shape is blocky with more rounded edges and cuts less aggressively with greater friction. New Norton Blaze ceramic grain shape is sharper with keener cutting edges that generate a more aggressive yet cool cut for uncompromised productivity with optimal dust extraction, fewer disc changes and a cleaner work environment. Generate more profit to the bottom line with longer product life, consistent surface quality, and unrivalled performance. Key applications: Sanding and prepping primed and painted metals, dry sanding plastics, fibreglass, composites, body filler and light welds. The Multi-Air Cyclonic technology

optimises an ingenious spiral-hole vacuum configuration in conjunction with a specialised cutting process for maximum dust extraction and a cleaner work environment. Unlike diepunched designs that cause deformation at the hole where material can collect – and therefore reduce cut and the ability to extract dust – Norton’s precision laser-cut holes are true and flat and aid in directing dust into the holes to reduce airborne contamination, which is critical for thinner waterborne coatings. This unique Norton multihole pattern fits any random orbital vac-hole configuration without aligning the holes to the backup pad. Norton A995 Blaze is available in 125 mm and 150 mm 80 to 200 grit. For best results, Norton recommends the Multi-Air back-up pad. For further information, call SaintGobain on 1300 007 650, or visit http://www.saint-gobain.com.au







moonwalkrefinish.com | ppgrefinish.com.au

The PPG Logo and Bulls Eye Logo are registered trademarks, and MoonWalk is a trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc. © 2019 PPG Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.



with Barry Edney

Marketing basics … and finally In this series of articles looking at marketing for smaller “non corporate” businesses, I have covered segmentation, targeting and positioning, or STP. We have already covered the identification of customer segments, those clear and distinct customer types we see in the marketplace and decided which of those segments to target. In this last in the series, I will cover positioning, where your goal is to identify how you want to present and communicate your product or service to the most valuable or useful customer segments that you have identified. You are “positioning” your commercial offer relative to other businesses in your industry. To do that, it is important that you understand who your direct competitors are in the segments you have chosen to target, get to know what their offer is, and compare where your offer is different, more compelling or more attractive to your potential customers. In marketing, it is often said that it is important to know your customers, but it is just as important to know your business rivals and how they operate. To make this step a little easier,

Figure 1. Car Brand positioning.


positioning maps are used to help illustrate the relative market position of products, services and brands. Figure 1 shows a simple positioning map for car brands showing four well-known brands on two simple dimensions (Luxury/Economy vs Family/Two-seater). Figure 2 shows how this can be expanded to add multiple car models to help visualise each model’s position relative to the others in the market. Of course, if there were no cars in one segment, it could indicate a market opportunity. As the objective is to identify a gap in the market, we can see that in the bottom right quadrant, we’ve identified a market opportunity for family-focused economy cars. To create a meaningful positioning map of your own, you will need to consider why customers should purchase your services rather than those of your competitors. Do this by identifying your unique selling proposition, or USP. The USP is defined as the benefit that a product or service can deliver to customers that is not offered by competitors. To help with this, ask yourself: Do you offer any additional services, such as a collection and delivery service? Do

Figure 2. Car Brand positioning expanded.

you have a comfortable waiting area with free wi-fi and coffee machine? How does your key-to-key time compare with others? Do you offer additional services, and are these services chargeable? Understanding and reflecting how your business performs in these areas compared to others will help you define which dimensions to use on your positioning map and plot your services for each of your chosen segments. Sometimes it is helpful to create multiple positioning maps using different dimensions to really understand the competitive landscape. Once your relative positioning is clear within each of your target segments, and you are clear about your USPs, you can make decisions on how best to present and communicate this by developing a clear value proposition. For example, Singapore Airlines’ corporate positioning is based around quality in both business excellence and service delivery, giving them an outstanding reputation for service excellence and customer care. Singapore Airlines uses quality and status to define their position in the market and target high-end customers. As a result, Singapore Airlines has a higher

proportion of business and first-class passengers for long haul travel than most other airlines.Figure 3 shows the cycle of continual development as each step leads to the next and supports continued performance improvements, reinforcing their reputation. A value proposition is defined as a message that clearly explains how your service will meet the customer’s requirement better than any of your competitors. Think of it in terms of answering the question a customer is thinking: “Why should I buy this specific service from this specific business?” Your value proposition must articulate this in a compelling way and you must learn it and be comfortable explaining it over and over again. As I mentioned in my previous articles, it is important that everyone in your business is familiar with this value proposition to ensure anyone who interacts with the people in your business hears the same clear message. Pricing is an important consideration when thinking about positioning as it both influences people’s perception of where a service is positioned and helps communicate the chosen positioning. For example, if you saw an invoice for new parts and you thought it looked too cheap, you may assume that the parts were: a) non genuine, b) used, or c) stolen. Although we try to judge products and services objectively on performance, in reality we apply assumptions based on limited information. As we know, it is extremely difficult to differentiate on price in our

Figure 3 – Improvement cycle.

industry, but you can differentiate on value. As more choice opens up for policy holders, car owners are likely to have to pay a higher premium to choose their repairer and their expectations will be that much higher. It is therefore really important to have clarity on your pricing in terms of what you will be delivering for the money paid. We all know the importance of detailing the quote so we can maximise the repair value, but we often forget about additional services and the upsell, and this where value can be created and provide more opportunities for revenue and margin. Positioning also includes the area of customer experience (CX) from initial contact through to vehicle collection as this heavily influences on how people perceive your service and your business. For example, if you position your business as a high-end premium repairer with pick-up/dropoff service, a luxurious waiting room, premium loan vehicles and a seamless process, your customers would be very disappointed if the phone was left to ring out and the staff attitude was bad. How you do what you do must reflect the positioning you have selected and wish to communicate. In order to explain your business to your potential customers, you need an anchor to which you must link all your communications. That, of course, is your brand. Brands are important either as a reminder of past great experience, or as a promise of a great experience to come. A brand can be something cleverly conceived and developed over time or simply a business’ trading name. Be wary of focusing the trading name on an individual person, as once that person retires or sells up, who will the customer buy from going forward? If you name your business after a location, how do you manage additional shops in new locations or a forced re-location? For example, the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service famously changed its name to QANTAS, reflecting its geographic growth ambitions. There have been successful brands named after founders such as Ben & Jerry’s, Dick Smith Electronics, Bosch,

and Bob Jane T Marts. My preference is for business names that describe what they do, such as IBM (International Business Machines), CNN (Cable News Network) and the most obvious, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). In all cases, they have changed to a set of initials to give them freedom to adapt to changing customer requirements and preferences for their product and services. Whatever brand you choose, it should be recognised as providing what the customer expects every time, whether that be quality of product, level of service or value for money. Brands are the result of deliberate choices, not an accident. Your activities and messages dictate how people think about your business – that is your brand and that is why it is so important that all your staff understand the messages that you want to convey to customers. Don’t assume that they already know. In my first article on marketing, I explained that a business with a clear positioning, a clear value proposition and a strong brand would find it easier to be seen as an employer of choice and would find it easier to attract good employees. I really do believe this has an impact. Again, Singapore Airlines has many more job applicants simply because they are seen as a progressive, prestigious, successful company. If you look at the above improvement cycle, you will see how improved segmentation leads to clear positioning, improved performance, and therefore improved reputation. I trust you have found this series of articles interesting, that they have prompted you to think about your own marketing activities, and you found some tips and pointers to use in your own businesses. If you have any specific questions feel free contact me directly on the email below. Until next time. Barry has extensive collision industry experience across Australasia, Europe and Asia Pacific. He is currently located in the UK and can be contacted on barry.edney@triple888.co.uk

The National Collision Repairer – 3 3



Proudly sponsored by IAG

Future Leaders of the Industry THIS MONTH WE INTRODUCE 21-YEAR-OLD LACHLAN CHENEY, SECOND YEAR AUTOBODY REPAIR APPRENTICE WITH SHEEN PANEL SERVICE IN GLEN WAVERLEY AND STUDENT AT KANGAN INSTITUTE’S AUTOMOTIVE CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE. Lachlan was born and raised in Wheelers Hill in Melbourne’s southeast and was educated at Holmesglen Institute in Glen Waverley, completing the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL), a senior secondary certificate of education that focuses on practical learning and provides a pathway to TAFE. While he was initially intending to become a carpenter, it didn’t quite work out so his partner, Mita,

Lachlan Cheney.


suggested he focus on his passion for cars and consider becoming a panel beater. Lachlan applied for an apprenticeship at Sheen Panel Service through their website and was called in for an interview on a Saturday morning. They clearly liked what they saw as Lachlan was offered an apprenticeship less than a week later. “When I was young, I learned how to work on cars from my grandfather, and I built on this knowledge working with my friends on our own cars, so when Mita suggested a new career path, automotive was a no-brainer. Whilst I have dabbled with painting, repairing damaged cars and returning them to ‘good as new’ is what I really enjoy,” he said Lachlan commenced his apprenticeship at Kangan Institute’s Automotive Centre of Excellence, where he found that as part of the Sheen apprenticeship program he was able to attend Sheen-specific classes at the TAFE. “This program is really great because we also get to do a bit of fabricating, which really helps to develop our fundamental skills.” At the Kangan Institute’s 2021 Industry Excellence Awards earlier this year, Lachlan was awarded the Sheen Group Body Repair Apprentice of the Year. Michael Mavrikakis, Kangan Institute’s Education Manager said: “Lachlan has a strong sense of commitment and is always looking to improve his skillset. He takes great pride in everything he does and is a great asset to the Sheen

Apprenticeship Program.” Lachlan is highly complimentary of Sheen Panel Service: “The work environment is really great as all the apprentices receive strong support from the more experienced staff. It’s fantastic to be part of the Sheen Team.” Lachlan believes he is still too young to have clearly defined his career path. However, he enjoys spending time with Mita, weightlifting and working on cars in his spare time. “I plan to complete my apprenticeship, work on becoming the best technician I can be, as well as paying off our mortgage. Who really knows what the future holds?” Tony Todaro, Apprentice Development Manager at Sheen, summed it up: “Since starting his apprenticeship two years ago, Lachlan has been a great asset to the business. He continues to develop his panel beating skills and shows great enthusiasm for his work. I am confident he will go a long way in this industry.”

Editor: With such strong support from within the Sheen Group, Lachlan is indeed a worthy Future Leader of the Industry.

IAG’s ongoing support and sponsorship of these awards is greatly appreciated, as is I-CAR Australia’s donation of two training courses valued at over $500 to each Future Leader of the Industry.

Support that's always by your side. Easy access to quick, effective solutions for your everyday challenges. On our online support platform Glasurit Know-how you‘ll find everything you need to solve your everyday challenges in the bodyshop. Benefit from numerous tutorials and useful how-to-guides – 24/7, wherever and on any device you like. With Glasurit Know-how no question goes unanswered.


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with The BMW Group


BMW and Nvidia take virtual factory planning to the next level BMW and Nvidia, an American multinational technology company, are generating a completely new approach to planning highly complex manufacturing systems with the Omniverse platform. The virtual factory planning tool integrates a range of planning data and applications and allows real-time collaboration with unrestricted compatibility. As industry leaders, the BMW Group and Nvidia are setting new standards in virtual factory planning. Milan Nedeljković, BMW AG Board Member for Production said: “Together we’re about to make a huge leap forward and open up completely new perspectives in the field of virtual, digital planning. In the future, a virtual representation of our production network will allow us to realise an innovative, integrated approach to our planning processes. Omniverse greatly enhances the precision, speed, and consequently, the efficiency of our planning processes.” “BMW does personalised manufacturing at a massive scale – their operations are among the most complex in the world,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia. “In their vision of future factories, people and robots work together, engineers from all aspects of factory design collaborate in a shared virtual space, and the entire factory is simulated with photorealistic detail. Nvidia Omniverse was built to realise this future. I am delighted that BMW is using Nvidia Omniverse to connect their teams to design, plan and operate their future factories virtually before anything is

3 6 – T E C H N O LO G Y

built in the physical world. This is the future of manufacturing.” Virtual factory planning is already widespread, but until now it has required data to be imported from various applications. This is not only time-consuming, but also raises compatibility issues. In addition, the data is not always up to date. In the future, the Omniverse platform will enable live data to be collected and collated from all the relevant databases to create a joint simulation – eliminating the need to re-import data. The goal is to enable modifications and adjustments to be assessed in the early stages of planning in order to create an overall view. This extreme transparency will allow planners and production specialists to plan highly complex production systems even more quickly and accurately without interface losses or compatibility problems. Omniverse integrates data from various professional design and planning tools from a range of different producers and uses it to generate photorealistic real-

Virtual factory planning.

time simulations in a single collaborative setting. Outstanding photorealistic quality is just one of the many benefits of Omniverse. Another is that employees at different sites in different time zones can access the virtual simulation and work together to plan and optimise details of a process or production system whenever they need to. In addition, Omniverse can be used in a multitude of applications. In the future, planners and production specialists will collaborate using realtime data that is synchronised in the Omniverse cloud infrastructure. They will also be able to discuss the integration of new production systems with suppliers as Omniverse allows structure and facility data to be integrated, as well as items and part numbers of materials in production. It can also be used for logistics planning, offering unprecedented data consistency from planning through to production.

“This is redefining collaboration,” emphasises Nedeljković. The ability to carry out changes live will speed up decision-making noticeably. Production planners at the BMW Group will be able to visualise the entire planning lifecycle for every plant in the global production network, accelerated by scalable graphics processing unit (GPU) performance. This will be supported by a wide range of artificial intelligence (AI) capable application cases, from autonomous robotics to predictive maintenance and data analysis. The BMW Group and Nvidia are long-standing partners and in a first pilot project the US-based company fitted high-performance technologies and special AI control modules to logistics robots and to the BMW Group’s self-developed autonomous transport robots. BMW Group scaling artificial intelligence for data privacy in production BMW is publishing a solution based on AI that can anonymise objects in photos and videos. Building on the BMW labelling tool Lite, these algorithms enable targeted protection of relevant information. The user-friendly software tool uses AI to block out or blur objects or people, and the granularity and degree of anonymisation can be intuitively adjusted. “AI applications support us with quality assurance, such as inspection of parts and components, as well as development of our autonomous, smart logistics robots. The AI anonymisation

The anonymisation solution.

algorithms now published also ensure optimal data privacy and information protection,” explains Markus Grüneisl, head of Production System, Digitalisation at the BMW Group. “Making the anonymisation solution intuitive to operate was an important aspect of development for us, to ensure it can easily be used for a wide range of applications.” The main technology used is the BMW labelling tool Lite, which allows users to label photos and train the AI with just one click. Each label serves as a digital tag that describes the information contained in the photo. With no-code AI, production staff can create their own AI solutions to support them in their individual processes. The new modular anonymisation algorithms allow photos to be processed automatically. In the BMW production system, for instance, areas containing people are deliberately made unrecognisable. Thanks to this AI-based anonymisation solution, there are no limitations on the use of image processing systems. The published algorithms are freely available to software developers around the world, so they can use the algorithms and view, modify and further develop the source code. The BMW Group will also benefit from these further developments. A special feature of this now freely available software package is its simple and uncomplicated application based on the plug-and-play principle. The user does not require any programming

skills, specific hardware or additional software. The BMW Group uses a variety of applications from the field of AI in production and logistics. AI technology reduces the strain on employees by relieving them of particularly monotonous or tiring control tasks. AI applications are used in the production system to recognise and classify objects in images. For example, this ensures all vehicles are built in the customised configuration as ordered and that all components are in flawless condition. Another area of application for the anonymisation algorithms is the development of autonomous smart logistics robots – STR. The anonymisation algorithms simplify development significantly by using real images to train the robots directly. To make AI accessible to a wide range of users, programmers from the TechOffice in Munich are developing so-called no-code AI, so every user can train an AI model without having to program a single line of software code. Numerous applications have already been realised in the BMW production system with the help of this AI selfservice option. “Project AI” was launched in 2018 to ensure AI technologies are applied in an ethical and efficient manner. It serves as the BMW Group competence centre for data analytics and machine learning, and ensures knowledge and technology are shared swiftly across the entire company. Project AI therefore plays a key role in the growing digital transformation of the BMW Group and supports efficient development and scaling of intelligent data and AI technologies. Among other things, a portfolio platform was developed that creates transparency in the company-wide application of technologies that make data-driven decisions. This so-called D3 portfolio currently comprises around 500 applications, more than 70 of which have already been made available for regular operation. Editor: Two great examples that really illustrate how BMW maintains its leadership position in automotive technology.

The National Collision Repairer – 3 7



Criteria for induction into the National Collision Repairer Lifetime Achievement Honour Roll 1. 2. 3. 4.

A minimum of 10 years in the collision repair industry Contributions to the collision repair industry beyond the scope of their local area Contributions to the collision repair industry beyond the scope of their direct employment Nominations shall come from within the collision repair industry on the nomination form with supporting rationale.

A nomination form can be obtained from: The National Collision Repairer PO Box 1258, Kyneton Victoria 3444 Email: joe@nationalcollisionrepairer.com.au Tel: +61 458 588 333

The National Collision Repairer thanks and acknowledges the ongoing support of our sponsors


3 8 – L I F E T I M E AC H I E V E M E N T AWA R D S

Honour Roll Richard Nathan ................................ David Weatherall ................................ Terry Flanagan OAM ................................ Marshall Duncan ................................ Graham Winter ................................ Jeff Hendler (Int) ................................ Max Chanter ................................ John Howes ................................ Robert Renwick (Int) ................................ David Newton-Ross ................................ Wayne Phipps ................................ Richard Pratt ................................ Bob Rees ................................ Lance Weiss ................................ Mark Brady ................................ Don Wait OAM ................................ Tony Farrugia ................................ Bob Christie ................................ John Zulian ................................ Tom Vukelic ................................ Robin Taylor ................................ Ray McMartin ................................ Colin Edwards ................................ Ian Wilkinson ................................ Julie Thomas ................................ Brian Johnson ................................ Terry Feehan ................................ Owen Webb OAM ................................ Phil Nixon ................................ Trevor Parkes ................................ Tony Warrener OAM ................................ Brenton Abbott ................................ Michael Killen ................................ Carl Tinsley ................................ Per Madsen (Int) ................................ Rex Crowther (Int) ................................ Michael Wilkinson ................................ Garry Clear ................................ Cec Simpson ................................ Mark Czvitkovits ................................ Martin Stone AM ................................ Julie Wadley ................................ Walter Zuber (Int) ................................ Brad Franklin ................................ Jeff Williams ................................ Jim Vais

Not all Parts are equal.

Get Hyundai Genuine Parts and enjoy the reassurance of a 12 month manufacturer warranty+, not all Parts are equal. Our comprehensive range of Genuine Parts are manufactured and tested to meet Australian standards, contact your local Hyundai dealer today to find out more.

hyundai.com/au/en + All Hyundai Genuine Parts purchased from Hyundai dealers come with a 12-month unlimited kilometre warranty from time of fitment. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply, see www.hyundai.com/au/en/owning/icare/warranty for details. The warranty does not limit and may not necessarily exceed your rights under the consumer guarantees in the Australian consumer law.



with Owen Webb

Rockynats 1

Huge crowd for the unveiling of the new builds on Friday afternoon.

Easter weekend saw the inaugural Rockynats car festival at Rockhampton in Central Queensland. After several years of planning, there were a few nervous days leading in with Brisbane going into lockdown, but that was cleared on the Thursday, which meant that Brisbane entrants could attend. Almost the whole city was set up to accept this event, with the scrutineering, judging and elite pavilion at the showground, show and shine and street drags in the main street along the river, drifting in a car park right down on the banks of the Fitzroy River, and burnouts across the river. There was also a 10 km cruise route through the town for all entrants to use at any time. We had set aside scrutineering and pre judging from Tuesday night to

Thursday night but had to extend it into Friday to capture the Brisbane entrants that drove up overnight after the lockdown ended. We checked over 1,200 vehicles that had entered, which was incredible as this was the first event in Rockhampton. I guess everyone just wanted to get out and enjoy their cars. Friday morning also saw the lineup of vehicles at the showground for the street parade through town. Rockhampton’s mayor and councillors came out to Red CentreNATS last year to check the event and decided the street parade would be a major feature of Rockynats. There were over 800 cars formed up for the parade through town, with three to five people deep on the whole cruise route. Everyone I spoke with

Top paint and undercarriage built by Pats Pro Resto’s.

4 0 – C U S TO M C O R N E R

commented they had never seen anything like this: great cars and so many people out watching the event. It was estimated over 10,000 people lined the streets for the cruise, which took over two hours to complete. On the return to the showground, we placed 30 show vehicles in the Elite pavilion where we set up six brand new builds for the Friday afternoon unveiling. This pavilion looked amazing with such a great variety of vehicles and colours. It was packed with people for the two days it was open. The unveiling was also really well attended. The mayor unveiled the six brand new builds, which included a VL Commodore, an EH Panel Van, an F100 Truck and a highly fabricated HG Holden Ute. The quality and variety of new

Billy Shelton’s VL Commodore won engine bay competition and 2nd in Paint.

builds at Rocky and across Australia in general is amazing and after the demise of the local automotive manufacturing industry, the custom and restoration car industry is booming. There are just not enough builders out there and most of the good ones are booked solid for over two years. Saturday was a full day with the 200 show and shine cars in place along the paved and tree-lined main street by 9am. This looked amazing. There was so much colour and people everywhere enjoying the cars and the event overall. Down the end of the show, there was the street drags, which ran over 400 cars during the two days. Nobody could believe we were running 1/8 mile drags on the main street with heritage buildings on one side and the river on the other – awesome! Some traders were also dotted throughout the cars, with event sponsor Rare Spares having two great sites that were inundated with people continually checking out their products for their upcoming builds. The drifting was also really popular down on the riverbank car park with rides available and viewing from the street above where you had a clear view of the whole area. These guys added plenty of skill to the event and have become a feature of all the Summernats events. There was also the Dyno competition at local performance shop, Insane Performance, with some huge horsepower runs over the three days. Just around the corner, still in the CBD, over 200 bikes were on display. This was hosted by the local HOG chapter with 100+ bikes heading out Sunday

morning on their Thunder Run. What an impressive sight - and the rumble of these bikes was a truly amazing sound. It looked like showers on Sunday, so I got all the Rockynats champion contenders together at 7am for the driving part of the award. We headed in convoy to the drag racing area and ran two go-whoa runs to decide the champion. The other components of this award are the judging and people’s choice votes, so it is vital that they score well in the driving. The 10 cars were all separated by two seconds, with Paul Hart in his XR Falcon winning one and placing third in the other giving, him a winning margin of a single point! Paul’s XR Sedan is a fairly new build that scored well in judging, people’s choice votes and great performance and driving skill. He was ecstatic with the win and is looking forward to coming to Summernats and a few more regional shows. Sunday also saw the burnouts in full swing with the culmination of the Masters in the afternoon, where the top three get invitations to the Summernats finals. This was won by Warren Gersekowski in his 1 TUF HG ute. Warren is a fierce competitor who travels to several events all over Australia every year, so it was a wellreceived win and we are all looking forward to seeing him perform at Summernats. Rockynats was an amazing event, especially for the first one. The whole of Rockhampton welcomed all the workers, officials, and entrants for the week. A few years ago, these events were frowned upon as hoons coming to town, but now it’s lifeblood to these

Valiant from Townsville got the Judges Choice award.

regional areas, with over $10 million brought in over the event. The councils love the economic boom and also the good feel that these people bring to their regions. It was announced that we will all be back next year for Rockynats 2, so get your holidays sorted so you can come either as an entrant or spectator to check out one awesome event. Everyone did a great job social distancing and wearing masks to keep this event on track and COVID-19-safe, which looks good for future events including Red CentreNATS, MotorEx and Summernats. We’ll keep you posted and hopefully see you there.

Rockynats Champion, Paul and Jade Hart with the trophy and their XR Fairmont. Owen is a leading figure within the auto re-styling and vehicle modification industry and a Lifetime Achievement Award inductee. He is Technical and Training Manager at Concept Paints.

This Scottsdale Hauler with Duramax engine won best exhibitor..

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with John Yoswick

Buy or lease? Making the right decision when adding shop locations JOHN WALCHER OF VERITAS ADVISORS MODERATED A PANEL DISCUSSION ON REAL ESTATE ISSUES RELATED TO GROWING COLLISION REPAIR BUSINESSES. Here’s a tip: investors in the United States might be interested in buying your shop’s real estate. Gary Chou, executive vice president of the USbased commercial real estate brokerage firm Matthews Real Estate Investment Services, says that outside investors such as real estate investment trusts (REITs) have recently begun to see collision shop properties as a legitimate investment product. “This has helped push values of collision properties up, because it basically increases the buyer pool overall,” said Chou. Chou was speaking during the first “MSO Symposium” panel discussion in the event’s nine-year history that focused on issues related to real estate – and the speakers focused on some topics that could be equally of interest to single-location collision repairers.

Driven Brands' President Dean Fisher

4 2 – S TAT E S I D E

The new interest among investors in body shop real estate, for example, offers another option for shop owners in the United States who sell the business to a large MSO – which is unlikely to want to want to buy the real estate – and wants to cash out the property rather than continue as landlord. Much of the discussion centred on whether a collision repairer adding a shop location – whether a second or sixteenth – should purchase or lease the new location’s building and real estate. Chou said smaller MSOs often view the purchased land as “a retirement play”, while larger MSOs consider “efficiency of capital” – what will get them a greater financial return? “There’s no right or wrong as long as someone purchasing considers whether they would do better freeing up that money to open additional shops.” Will Johnston, chief corporate

Moderator John Walcher and Panel.

development officer for Service King, a US chain with more than 300 shop locations, agreed that there’s not one definitive answer to the purchaseversus-lease question. “It really depends on where you are in your growth and how aggressively you’re growing,” he said. “You may decide that your pace of growth is such that you want to lease that property because you want to save capital to go after additional shops. But if you’re growing with brownfields and takeovers and will be adding a lot of value to the facilities you take over or that you build, you may want to benefit from the value you put into the property as the operator.” The terms of any lease can be very important, Johnston said, particularly when you decide to sell your business. “The lease you’re negotiating now might be the lease

5 that you’re assigning over to a buyer of your business later,” he said. “It will affect the valuation of the business and certainly will affect the ease of getting that deal done. Typically in an acquisition, it’s the third-party landlords that can potentially really gum things up because they’re not the ones about to make a big payday. They may very well see it as their chance to renegotiate items within the lease.” Think carefully, even about an armslength lease you put in place with yourself, Johnston said, because a buyer of your business may look at that lease and “expect those same terms”. Panellist Ben Hidalgo of Net Lease Development agreed, suggesting that anyone leasing commercial property to or from others should seek legal advice from a professional who understands leasing for a specific use. A collision repair business that has even just one poorly crafted lease among its two or three or 10 locations can get “held hostage” to that, particularly at the time you hope to sell the business. “Get a good attorney, not just a friend who does it, but someone with sufficient leasing experience will know what’s been problematic for other clients in the past,” Hidalgo said. “Don’t skimp on that. Get an expert in retail leasing to get a lease that will protect you long-term.” Dean Fisher, president of Driven Brands’ collision group (which includes CARSTAR), also offered his take on the purchase-versus-lease decision during the panel discussion. He said most of his company’s franchisees have fewer than 10 locations and tend to buy the real estate at most or all of their shops. “Most of them look at real estate as a form of the asset base that they’re building, utilising the business to pay for the asset base,” he said. “So, they’ll typically try to purchase the real estate as part of their retirement or sale model.” He said real estate in this industry is unique, often requiring many modifications to a property, leaseholder improvements that may make leasing less advantageous. “When you purchase a piece of property, often that mortgage is less than you would be leasing it for on a triple net lease,”

he said. “There can be some profitability that you can specifically take out of that payment to yourself that creates some favourable tax opportunities for you.” That being said, there are some risks involved in purchasing the real estate, Fisher noted: environmental regulation risks if it is a brownfield, zoning issues, easements, tying up too much wealth in the industry, even if it’s in two different asset classes. “Too many don’t weigh the potential cost of all that,” he said. He also cautioned that anything driving up real estate values does not automatically increase the lease payment a shop owner who sells the business but retains the real estate can expect from the new shop operators. That remains “contingent big-time” on the cash flow of the business, so a period of business retraction “devalues the lease value” as well,” said Fisher. Johnston added that there is one set of circumstances when it is often in your best interest to purchase shop real estate: when your landlord on a property is considering selling to someone else. “You might have had a cosy relationship with that landlord. It might even be someone who sold you the business,” Johnston said. “But if they’re now flipping that real estate, you have to consider whether the person buying that real estate is buying it because they want you there as a long-term tenant, or if they are buying it because they want to redevelop that property. It may be advantageous to you to consider buying it if you think there’s a risk of losing what is otherwise a very valuable operational asset. No one wants to have to go find another body shop and relocate a successful operation.” Editor: Once gain there may well be parallels for us here in Australia with the ever-changing industry landscape. John is a freelance writer based in the United States who has been writing about the automotive industry since 1988, he is also the editor of the weekly Crash Network www.CrashNetwork.com

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Sue Wood DNS Technology / iBodyshop When did you join the industry? 2012 What was your first job in the industry? Office Administrator What do you do now? Onboarder/Trainer - iBodyshop What do you like about the industry? The lovely people I speak with every day – small business owners trying to make a go of it. I’m very proud to work for a company who helps and supports these small businesses in the industry. What do you dislike about the industry? Some people who are resistant to change What music do you like? Depending on my mood everything from Rock to Classical and everything in between. Just not Country and Western! Who is your favourite artist? So many now, but Elton John was my very first favourite. What is your favourite food? Lobster or a really tart lemon meringue pie And your favourite drink? Champagne Your hobbies? Going to the beach, growing veggies and long drives exploring new places. Who in the world would you most like to meet? I would have loved to have met Robin Williams.





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Suncorp update When Australia identified its first case of COVID-19, within two months, states had imposed social distancing rules and closed non-essential services. Amidst this crisis, long-time Suncorp customer Dr. Amber Khan began writing a first-of-itskind COVID-19 children’s book, “When the world came together”. As the media cycle swirled, Amber relished in the occasional good news story that emerged amid the persistent negativity. “I collected stories of kindness that inspired me, and thought I might do the same for others,” she said, using illustrations created by her former student, Li Yang Lim. The book truly demonstrates how, despite the challenges faced in 2020, human kindness prevails above all. “It’s important that children feel hope, and these stories show that one person at a time can make a difference. I would love it if children read this book in the future and realised that you don’t have to be a celebrity or a politician or have lots of money to bring hope to a community during times of darkness.” As a 30-year Suncorp customer Amber added: “During the pandemic when my dentistry clinic needed to shut down for six weeks, Suncorp was the first to reach out and reduced my teller fees for six months. It was great to see the financial support from an organisation that aligns with my own values.”

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Norton Blaze RapidStrip Disc Tough stripping to surface finishing with just one disc Norton Blaze RapidStrip is extremely versatile and consists of a 3D nylon microstructure heavy coating of Norton SG Blaze Ceramic, aluminium oxide. The advanced resin bond and open structure enables fast and heavy stripping and cleaning without gouging or causing excessive stock removal. Not only tough, Norton Blaze RapidStrip discs are also extremely versatile. By using a lighter pressure, Blaze RapidStrip can also be used as a surface finishing disc. The nylon fibre composition makes them flexible, so they do not mark the work surface and are convenient to use. Norton Blaze RapidStrip discs are designed for surface removal on flat or shaped metal parts, de-rusting, de-scaling weld beads and removing old paint work. Their open structure prevents clogging and extends service life significantly. Ideally suited to metal, the discs can be used on cast iron, steels and aluminium, as well as fibreglass and composites. The open structure of the nonwoven disc enables it to be used on sticky coating, adhesives and soft metals, such as aluminium, without clogging the disc. It also prevents snagging or shedding like a cloth or fibre disc might. Depressed centre and Quick-Change discs are available and can withstand heavy applications such as stripping rust encrusted metal without shredding. The abrasive coating covers the entire disc, providing a consistent cut rate. Norton Blaze RapidStrip Quick-Change discs are available in 50 and 75 mm. The Blaze RapidStrip Depressed Centre discs are available in 100, 115, 125 and 178 mm. For further information, call Saint-Gobain on 1300 007 650, or visit www.saint-gobain.com.au

Dolphin Premium Body Filler Medium from U-POL Introduced to the auto refinish industry several years ago, the Dolphin Body filler range has become an industry standard. Refinish professionals describe Dolphin Medium as an all-round highly workable, usable, and versatile product that is easy to use. The U-POL Dolphin Premium filler range is a unique blend of resins and fine filler systems developed and perfected by U-POL through years of research and product experience. A little-known fact, U-POL invented automotive body filler 70 years ago and has been perfecting its range ever since. Dolphin Medium is part of a range of special purpose fillers but if you only want to stock one, Dolphin Medium is a great allrounder that is suitable for 90% of filling jobs. While not strictly a deep filler, it can be used for quite deep filling and sands back to an ultra-fine finish as it’s an easy to sand body filler that will not clog-up the abrasive. Dolphin fillers dry with a tack free surface and feathering properties are excellent and are compatible with most paint systems. Dolphin has excellent non-sag characteristics, making it perfect for filling vertical surfaces, is fast curing and easy to sand, has reducing cycle times and increasing body shop throughput. It has high adhesion to metals, SMC, fibreglass, aluminium, galvanised steel, and lightly abraded e-coat. The fast cure technology means you can mix, spread, and sand the filler within 20 minutes.

4 6 – P R O D U C T S H OW C A S E

It is a fine finishing filler used by body shop professionals to achieve an ultra-smooth finish prior to painting, and the self-levelling formula is exceptionally easy to apply. Dolphin filler is one of U-POL’s flagship products underpinning their company slogan – driving surface perfection. Dolphin Medium Body Filler is available from most refinish product distributors. For more information, call the U-POL national sales office on Tel: (02) 4731 2655.

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Car-O-Data • Vehicle database with measurement info on over 16,000 vehicles • First year included • Available by subscription • Updates continuously via Internet Measuring is fast and easy with CarO-Tronic Vision2 X3 • Register the work order and enter car make and model. • Conduct measurement aided by the unique ASP function (automatic search point). Advanced automation allows the system to always select the right point. • Print out the results and you are done! Features and benefits • Compatible with nearly any frame system • Wireless – no targets, sensors or lasers • Real-time data delivered three times/second • Precise measurements for all underand upper-body locations • Photo-based images offer easy identification • Compatible with the Car-O-Data measurement database • Contains information on EVO 1-2-3 anchoring and holding systems • InfoCentre for online software and data updates, news, support and interactive training • Import/export of work order • Suspension check diagnosis For more information, contact www.car-o-liner.com.au or call Car-O-Liner Australia on Tel: (02) 4271 6287.



Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X3 The latest high-tech, precision electronic measuring system for upper and lower body measuring, now with support for EVO anchoring and holding. Experience Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X3 – the fastest, most accurate and easiest to use electronic measuring system on the market today! The sensorequipped measuring slide with a built-in versatile remote control and protective rubber “bumper-zones” delivers real-time data three times per second to the advanced and easy-touse software. Photo-based, and backed up by Car-O-Data, the world’s most comprehensive vehicle database, it allows you to accurately and quickly target measuring points. Measuring slide with remote control The measuring slide communicates wirelessly with the Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X3 software: no cords or cables to get in your way! The built-in, versatile remote control lets the operator manage the entire measuring process without having to be at the computer. The unit is easy to use, with one button to enter commands such as automatic measurement of the entire vehicle and another select button to browse through monitor menus. The entire repair process can be documented in pictures with text and e-mail files to customers and insurance companies directly from within the software. The Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X3 measuring system also offers multimedia instructions and support for our EVO 1-2-3 anchoring and holding systems.

The Car-O-Tronic Vision Measuring System can be adapted to almost every bench on the market! ADVANCED SYSTEM FOR UPPER AND LOWER BODY MEASURING Experience Car-O-Tronic Vision2 – the fastest, most accurate and easiest to use electronic measuring system on the market today! Special Trade-in Deals available – contact your nearest outlet for further information




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The National Collision Repairer – 4 7

Ph: (02) 4271 6287 ▲ Fax: (02) 4271 7899 Website: www.car-o-liner.com.au ▲ Email: julie@car-o-liner.com.au ▲ NSW & Tas: Ph: 0412 559 208 ▲ NT & Vic: Ph: 0412 372 988 ▲ Qld & SA: Ph 0403 455 914



Two great Wieländer+Schill dust extraction units from SAPE Aluminium

Aluminium The Mobile Vacuum System, aluminium type, is a portable extraction system for aluminium and plastic dusts, in addition to welding fumes. Key features include an explosion-proof enclosure, a 5-metre flow-calming section safety system that protects the air intake from hot steel sparks, adaptors to connect grinding tools, and an accessory pack for cars. Steel The Mobile Vacuum System, metal fine dust type, is a portable extraction system suitable for the collection of steel dust. Key features include an explosion-proof enclosure according to ATEX II 3D suitable for Zone 22, extracts welding fumes if the telescopic arm is retrofitted, has a fibreglass reinforced polyester housing – therefore no sparks generated by friction – is Dust Class M classified and is VAG approved VAS 6571/1.


For further information on both these great products, visit https://shop.sape.com.au/ or contact the SAPE Group on (02) 9772 9097 for all your equipment needs.

Cartec Diamond Cut 3000 from Le’Mix Revolutionary compound, extreme cutting power without the mess! Diamond Cut 3000 is the latest in compounding and polishing technology, with extreme cutting power without the mess, risks or headaches you get from old-school compounds. Diamond Cut 3000 was developed over an 18-month period in Cartec’s labs in the Netherlands. It has a huge amount of cut without making the mess that some other compounds are known for. Also, no water is needed to use the Diamond Cut 3000

due to its self-lubricating formula. Diamond Cut 3000 does not contain any fillers, meaning flatting and sanding marks will not drop back after the vehicle has been washed, a major complaint of other compounds. In addition, it is silicone and ammonia free, so it will not leave white marks or blemishes on plastic and rubber parts. Cartec products are distributed by Le’Mix Pty Ltd. For more information about Cartec or other Le’Mix products, contact Le’Mix on tel: (02) 9708 4959 or visit www.lemix.com.au

Born2Bond Flex from Bostik Born2Bond Flex is a flexible, elastic and low-odour, instant adhesive with exceptional adhesion to a very broad range of materials and surfaces. Its working times can be up to six minutes and it can be used for high-volumetric gap filling. It achieves instant adhesion to most plastics, wood and metals, and to porous and irregular surfaces. The common applications of this product are bonding leather, making elastic and waterproof joints, flexible bonding, bonding floor coverings and particle boards, damping vibrations, reinforcing parts, and bonding glass and rubber. Key features include that it hardens in 5–10 minutes, has a 60 second fixture time, elongation > 200%, absorbs impacts and vibrations, has high peel strength and bonds a large range of materials, including glass. It is translucent, low blooming and has a gel consistency for precise application and is non sagging for vertical applications. Optimal storage temperature is between 2°C and 8°C. Storage below 2°C or greater than 8°C can adversely affect the product’s properties. If stored properly, this product has a shelf life of 9 months from the packaging

4 8 – P R O D U C T S H OW C A S E

date. The MSDS is available on the Bostik website and should be consulted for proper handling, clean-up and spill containment before use. This product is not recommended for use in pure oxygen and/or oxygen-rich systems and should not be selected as a sealant for chlorine or other strong oxidising materials. Material removed from containers may be contaminated during use; therefore, do not return product to the original container. If additional information is required, please contact your local technical service centre or customer service representative. For more information, visit: www.born2bond.bostik.com/ en/home, or contact Customer Services on +61 1300 364 710, or Ross Lewis on E: ross.lewis@bostik.com or Tel: +61 411 744 002.


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