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through the years and with different choices for the public to admire. On the Saturday morning a few new cars that had never been seen before in public were unveiled. All up, there were six new cars unveiled across the two levels of the main building. One of them was a 1946 Ford with a Cadillac engine that has been in the build stage for 20 years. There was also a bright yellow ’32 Hot Rod that was also a long term build. It was obvious that one of the covers was for a Valiant Charger, a build completed by Justin Hills from Taree. There was no doubt it was built to impress – and it did. Mario, the owner, wanted to make the Charger stand out and he asked that the car be built with reference to the Ferraris in his collection. The build quality, beautiful leather interior and simply-presented engine bay, showed the combination of exotica and Aussie muscle. The colour and presentation of all the unveils was nothing short of spectacular. The yellow hot rod took out the award for the top rod for the weekend and the Charger was awarded the Elegance award for the top car of the show overall. The bright


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red Cortina took out the Top Street Machine with some heavy competition. There were a few extra elements this year that made the event even better. For 2019, there were 30 tattoo artists working their art onto skin all weekend and some of the creations were truly mid-blowing. There were drag car start-ups that rocked the venue – and some of the surrounding suburbs. When you heard a 2,000 horsepower Holden red motor (186 cubic inches) in a front engine dragster, followed by a 2,500 horsepower Lamborghini and then a 3,500 AC Delco Doorslammer Monaro in the middle of each day, it was obvious the crowd not only wanted to look at the cars, they wanted to truly feel them. The aroma of methanol was strong in the air and the crowd lapped up the mechanical music and vibration as the cars revved up. Another element that made a difference this year was a give-away car. Now this event has had give-away cars before, but there were a few differences this year. The Rat-Pac Car Club has worked together to bring a cool cruiser to life. A Morris Convertible

with many great ideas was built to encourage young people to get into the scene. The car was painted in sparkling orange and even had a few special tweaks with a flash down each side and unique pinstriping added over the weekend. The club sold raffle tickets and raised funds to donate to the Ovarian Cancer Foundation and when the presentation occurred, and some words added from those that have suffered from the disease, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place – a very special moment. Another new component to the show, and one that is sure to grow, was the inclusion of one of the fastest forms of motorsport in Australia with a custom designed track laid out for belt sander racing. Now this is an interesting new phenomenon, with custom bodies placed on top of electric belt sanders. The track is set up with two lights – the obligatory Christmas tree lights – and power cords that will go the distance of the track. Once the owners of these belt sanders did their required tests and necessary tuning, they encouraged racers of all ages to have a go. The smiles and laughter

'57 Buick - Unveiled.

Elegance Award - Hey Charger.

The McCoy-Lancaster Chevelle.

RATPAC Morris Convertible.


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The National Collision Repairer July 2019