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Hyundai further reinforces new genuine parts If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Certified aftermarket and (supplier described) genuine replacement parts may look the “part”, but that’s where the resemblance can end. On the outside, packaging may look like the genuine article, with holograms, printed part numbers and logos. But what’s inside the box is sometimes far from the real deal. Only New Hyundai Genuine Parts are manufacturer-tested and warranted to deliver OEM vehicle integrity and performance. So, however parallel supplier certified parts are made, they may compromise vehicle performance and safety. They’re just not worth the risk to your customers, Hyundai, or to your business’ profitability. It may be surprising to some, but it’s often no cheaper to buy parallel parts than to buy New Hyundai Genuine Parts from an Authorised Hyundai Dealer. Don’t be misled by parallel suppliers claiming any different – always compare prices with your local Authorised Hyundai Dealer.

To ensure it’s “good as new”, purchase and fit only New Hyundai Genuine Parts, manufactured to Australian market specifications and supplied by Authorised Hyundai Dealers. Your customer gets their Hyundai back on the road as good as it was before, giving unsurpassed reliability and you save time and hassle, thanks to our invaluable “perfect fit-first time” guarantee. If it’s a Hyundai, it makes “genuine” sense to keep it that way. And right now, you can save up to 31% on our Genuine Radiator Support Panels list price – without compromise – when you take advantage of our offers. Contact your local Authorised Hyundai Dealers for any price matching opportunity.

When did you join the industry? I joined the Automotive industry in 1989 with Windscreens O’Brien What was your first job in the industry? I was the Major Accounts representative What do you do now? State Sales Manager Capricorn Queensland

Leah Demetriou joins U-POL U-POL Australia and New Zealand has welcomed the appointment of Leah Demetriou to their team, taking up the role of Sales and Technical Support Manager. “Leah’s experience as a trade qualified automotive spray painter, as well as her strong sales skills and technical background, makes her the perfect fit for our business in this newly created role,” said Damian Cappelluti, U-POL’s Sales Director. Leah has extensive experience in several organisations in the collision repair industry in product, technical and customer management roles. For several years, Leah also ran her own consulting business in the industry. “Sydney-based Leah is very well known and respected throughout our industry and we are very fortunate to have her join our team,” concluded Cappelluti. Leah will be working closely with

Wayne Burton Capricorn Society

the U-POL team to assist distributors and body shops around Australia and New Zealand. Leah can be contacted on Tel: 0428 579 843 or (02) 47312655, or by email at For more information on U-POL visit

What do you like about the industry? It’s a real people business. Small businesses providing leading service levels, higher standard customer service levels and good old-fashioned service with a smile. What don’t you like about the industry? Information is key to success. Manufacturers are not playing fair holding back on crucial data and information needed to repair and service vehicles correctly. What music do you like? Rock contemporary Your Favourite Artist? Freddie Mercury Your favourite food? Pasta Your favourite drink? Kracken Rum and Ginger Beer Your hobbies? Mountain Biking Who in the world would you most like to meet? The King Elvis Presley

Leah Demetriou .

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