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Skills Show Australia and WorldSkills national competition We join the Australian leg of the 3MFoose 2018 global tour Visit Meguiar’s MotorEx and the Hot Rod and Custom Expo

Certified Collision Repair Network “There’s “There’s confidence confidence that that comes comes ffrom rom being being factory fact backed. B Being eing a H Holden olden C Certified ertified C Collision ollision Repairer Repairer gives giv you the backing b acking to to continue continue repairing repairing all all your your customers’ customer vehicles to tthe he h highest ighest st standard andard w while hile s staying taying a ahead head o off y your our competition.” Jamie Whincup - Red Bull Holden Racing Team J

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It’s all happening! News, views and information… What a month it’s been. With so many events going on in both Sydney and Melbourne, it’s as if the whole industry decided to come out to play! The vibe that this created was so positive and uplifting that you couldn’t help but get caught up in the thrill of the occasions. Arguably the three most important aspects of our industry have been on show around the country and, in some cases, on the other side of the world. I am, of course, speaking about cars, technology and – yes, you guessed it – people. One may even say these are the three elements that keep our industry “alive and well”. Cars – Someone very close to us has recently joined the Wells Fargo organisation and I was blown away (in a good way) that the stagecoach is still part of their logo. Not only is it a reflection of their heritage, but a stark reminder of how far our industry has come since the six-horse stagecoach thundered across the American West. At both Meguiar’s MotorEx in Melbourne and the Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo in Sydney, we saw our rich history on display everywhere we looked, with some cars dating back to the early part of last century, which really reinforces that we are indeed a nation of car lovers. This, of course, is supported by the growing

car population density, now 740 cars per thousand people, the seventh highest in the world! Technology – As we are all too aware, our industry is expected to experience more change in the next five years than it has in the last 50! This is illustrated by global giants BMW and Daimler joining forces to merge their mobility services business units, global coatings company PPG winning an IT award and local entrepreneurial company Tradiebot Industries exploring the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies in the collision repair industry. It is for these very reasons that our symposium is unashamedly technology-focused as it will really open your eyes to what’s coming next. People – With record crowds at the two big car shows, you could (almost) be forgiven for missing the single biggest people-based event on the annual calendar – WorldSkills! Attracting, retaining and developing the next generation of technicians is one of the major challenges facing our industry here in Australia, and in many other mature markets. As I have said on many occasions, it is people who are behind the technological wave of change, so never before have there been so many opportunities in our industry.


In this issue – 3M hosted Chip Foose for the Australian leg of their global tour, which began at Meguiar’s MotorEx before criss-crossing Melbourne in an action-packed whirlwind four-day tour. Don’t miss the write-up on page 12. And speaking of Meguiar’s MotorEx, Owen Webb covers this event from an organiser’s perspective in Custom Corner on page 32 and John McCoy-Lancaster, the Car Guy, takes us though the two-day Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo at Rosehill Racecourse on page 26. The full report on Skills Show Australia and the 2018 WorldSkills national championships is on page 28, and here we met our latest Future Leader of the Industry, Trudy Camilleri, a first year Autobody Repair teacher from Ultimo TAFE. See Trudy’s story on page 31. And finally, as if to reinforce the importance of investment in people, Mark Czvitkovits’ I-CAR column on page 44 illustrates the return on investment in training. If ever an issue lived up to our tag line, it’s this issue! As always, happy to chat.

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A full report on the four-day whirlwind tour of Melbourne, commencing at Meguiar’s MotorEx.

John takes us behind the scenes of the Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo.


Future Leaders


We release the full program and reinforce why this technology-based event should not be missed.


Axalta’s Robin Taylor explains the principles of 5S and how to implement it in your body shop.

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Summary of the latest products designed for your business.


The long-standing PartsTrader debate takes yet another twist with item line pricing.



We report on Skills Show 2018 and introduce the latest Skillaroos from the WorldSkills national finals.


We introduce Trudy Camilleri, a first-year teacher at Ultimo TAFE.


Owen gives us an organiser’s perspective of Meguiar’s MotorEx.



John looks at unique and cost-effective ways to market your business.

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Mark explains how training does deliver a return on investment.


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Preparing Australia for automated vehicles? Australia’s National Transport Commission (NTC) has been working with government, industry, and the community to establish a regulatory framework for the introduction of automated vehicles on public roads, and has begun to address the following questions: Would you travel in an automated vehicle? How can we ensure these vehicles and associated technologies are safe? What will it mean for current definitions of “driver” and “control” within the law? How will they be assessed under motor vehicle injury insurance schemes? How will data generated by vehicles be used by governments? There’s no doubt that transport is about to experience major changes, just one aspect of which is automated vehicles, but exactly when these

GM Financial expanding to Australia Holden recently announced it will introduce GM Financial, General Motors’ global captive finance company, into the Australian market in early 2019. The move will allow Holden to offer customers more flexible finance options including access to exclusive, competitively priced finance products and services like guaranteed future value (GFV) financing. The introduction of GM Financial is expected to further strengthen Holden’s customer service and improve loyalty as the company rolls out its most comprehensive vehicle line-up ever. “Our customers’ satisfaction is Holden’s number one priority and introducing GM Financial will help us provide them an even better experience,” said Holden Chairman

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changes will occur is less certain. But ahead of that, there’s a lot of work to do in preparation and the NTC is on track to help this technology get on the road. “Evidence suggests that automated vehicle technology has the potential to improve safety, efficiency and mobility in our communities. However, there are important questions surrounding safety, insurance and the use of data, as well as how we define a ‘driver’ in the context of an automated vehicle,” said NTC Chief Executive, Paul Retter. “These issues are being addressed by the NTC as part of a comprehensive program of work being undertaken in collaboration with all levels of government to create an endto-end regulatory system for automated vehicles.” The work NTC is doing covers not only fully-autonomous vehicles on the road, but also partial automation features. “Manufacturers are progressively introducing automated features such as braking, acceleration and steering. They still envisage a human driver taking control of the vehicle at some point in the journey or if something goes wrong,” said Retter. and Managing Director Mark Bernhard. “With GM Financial, customers can affordably upgrade their car every few years with GFV, which is a real life-cycle product. Bringing them to Australia is just another example of General Motors’ investment in the Australian market and further strengthening Holden’s future success.” GM Financial Australia will be headed by Managing Director Richard Tatford, who brings more than 30 years of automotive financing experience in Europe and Australia, most notably as head of Retail Program Development for GM Financial International Operations. “There’s a strong business case for GM Financial extending to Australia, and we’re committed to growing this business in the market and earning customers for life,” said Tatford. “Our dealers certainly welcome the news because this is a

The NTC is soon to release a regulation impact statement (RIS) for public consultation on a safety assurance regime. This aims to ensure both public confidence and safety standards for automated features and systems in vehicles on sale in the Australian market. “We aim to have an end-to-end regulatory system in place so that all levels of automated vehicles can operate safely and legally on our roads from 2020. Our focus is on ensuring the regulatory system remains flexible enough to accommodate evolving technologies as they come to market while always prioritising public safety,” concluded Retter. This article courtesy of Scott Fitzgerald, Content Strategist. Check out their website at:

Richard Tatford.

win-win-win for Holden customers, our national dealer network and GM Financial.” GM Financial in Australia will operate under the name “Holden Financial Services” from October 2018. It has begun hiring and expects to start operating with more than 30 people by year-end. GM Financial has global operations covering approximately 90 percent of GM’s worldwide sales.


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Capricorn tops them all with Salou 2018 convention More than 700 Capricorn convention delegates, including members and preferred suppliers, recently headed to the beautiful Spanish coastal city of Salou for what proved to be an epic 27th Capricorn Convention. This was the first time that Australasia’s largest automotive cooperative took their renowned biennial Member Convention to Europe, leaving an outstanding impression on all the Capricorn delegates who took part. All Capricorn conventions uphold a time-honoured tradition of combining fun, friendship, camaraderie, networking, business education and world discovery. This year’s Capricorn Convention took in the majestic natural beauty and history of Spain’s famed Catalonia region. To ensure that this would be the trip of a lifetime, Capricorn left no stone unturned to provide delegates with unforgettable experiences at several outstanding world-heritage listed sights, along with medieval cities and ancient Roman ruins that dated back millennia. These included day trips to the amazing city of Barcelona, the ancient Roman fortress of Tarragona, the world famous Codorníu Winery and the incredible mountain top village of Monserrat, among other side trips to the mammoth Camp Nou sports stadium along with transfers to Salou beach on the hour during each day of the convention. The GPC Asia Pacific sponsored Capricorn Convention Welcome Beach Party spectacularly headed off the two major festivities of this event. Held at one of Europe’s most exclusive beach clubs, Volcano at Lumine Beach, this breath-taking venue uses the Mediterranean Sea as its backdrop, featuring a private beach surrounded by huge party areas. Spanish culinary favourites were flame grilled onsite with lots of party music that ensured a memorable welcome to Spain. This event also saw a famed Spanish tradition come to life with a human tower team providing two fantastic

6 – LO C A L N E W S

displays during the evening. Despite the very late night, more than 300 delegates woke up early the next morning and headed to the PortAventura Conference Centre to learn from one of Australia’s top ten motivational and business speakers, Matt Church. This amiable Australian speaker provided a full day of heath, life, family and business coaching across three packed sessions that garnered universal praise from all the delegates. The home of the 2018 Capricorn Convention, the PortAventura resort, offered the perfect facilities for social interaction, with its own large piazza area that saw the entire Capricorn Convention family meet up each evening for the (two-hour long) happy hour sessions that were generously sponsored by Capricorn preferred suppliers. The meticulously prepared golf course also ensured a popular and competitive Capricorn Convention golf tournament on the Wednesday. This outstanding venue also offered free and unlimited access to Europe’s largest and newest theme park, PortAventura Park. Covering hundreds of hectares, this theme park had everything from the most fiercely frightening roller coasters to animal shows, theatre shows, Spanish dancing, entertainment and much more. Also located on site was one of only two Ferrari Land theme parks in the world. Capricorn also provided free entry tickets to this magnificent park, which was a must-visit for any thrill seeker or motorsport enthusiast. Home of one of the world’s fastest, completely vertical

roller coasters, the combined screams of sheer horror and excitement could be heard with every launch. The 2018 Capricorn Convention hit its peak with the Burson Auto Parts sponsored Gala Dinner on Thursday May 17. Held at the immense La Cantina venue at PortAventura Park, all guests enjoyed first class table service, a Flamenco dance show and fantastic party music, dancing the night away until 1:00am, making it a truly memorable night. The four-and-a-half-decade long Capricorn Convention spirit of camaraderie, friendship, networking, learning and fun is the social glue that bonds this incredibly successful and growing cooperative-structured organisation together. With many multiple Capricorn “Conventioneers” and first timers taking part, this bond was stronger than ever at Salou 2018, making this Capricorn Convention as unforgettable as it was enjoyable. Europe has now finally been successfully conquered by the Capricorn Convention, leaving one big question on everyone’s minds – where will it be held in 2020?


Making it easier to run and grow your business.

“We joined Capricorn back in 1994. The best part was, we weren’t just a so-called ‘small business’ any more. Instead we became part of a huge cooperative of thousands of other like-minded businesses – each pulling together as one. For us, and for the everyday running of our business, that’s the real power of being a Member.”

Woodenbong Driveway - Capricorn Member

JJoin oi n Capricorn C ap ricorn ttoday. od ay. c ap r icor n .co op 18 1800 0 0 560 560 5 554 5 4 | oi n @ c ap r icor n .co op |

Members initially join Capricorn on a trial basis. After successful completion of the 12 month trial period and having met the minimum required spend of $12,000 p/a, they may become full Members of Capricorn through the purchase of shares. As a shareholder, Members are eligible to receive dividends if declare

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I-CAR announces Gold Class for Keith Burrows Auto Body Repairs, NSW I-CAR Australia’s Gold Class Coordinator, Gary Wood, recently announced that Keith Burrows Auto Body Repairs, in Brookvale, NSW, has been awarded the prestigious I-CAR Gold Class Collision status. “We are very proud to have achieved I-CAR Gold Class status and thank the team at I-CAR Australia for providing such a well-structured training program. This has allowed us the opportunity to commit to ongoing training, which ensures our team stays up-to-date with motor vehicle technology, broadening their skills and

knowledge on repair and refinishing processes to deliver quality workmanship,” said Office Manager, Sharon Bendall. “Having been active members with I-CAR Australia for over six years, Keith Burrows Auto Body Repairs entered the Road to Gold program 24 months ago. Their commitment to the training program ensures that the entire staff are trained to the highest level within the collision repair sector, and the business is well positioned to deal with the new technology and materials found on today’s vehicles.

Well done to all those involved, it is very well deserved,” added Wood. By achieving I-CAR Gold Class, Keith Burrows Auto Body Repairs joins an elite group of repairers to be recognised with this certification. Well done to all those involved.

Nippon Paint “takes the LEAP” Down Under Nippon Paint, the fourth largest coatings group globally and Asia’s No 1 paints and coatings company, is pleased to introduce its world-class, state-of-the-art automotive refinish brands to Australia. “Our foray into the Australian market is a natural extension of the group’s endeavour to provide the best of the products and services to discerning customers. Our extensive portfolio, powered by Japanese technology and refined through international experience, provides ideal, comprehensive solutions to meet the Australian market requirements,” said Shae Toh Hock, Senior Vice President of the NIPSEA Group, the subsidiary of Nippon Paint Holding Co. Ltd. that is spearheading the Australian venture. Nippon Paint has partnered with AHG, Australia’s largest motoring group and trades as Perfect Finishes Australia (PFA). This complements what is already an extensive automotive portfolio for AHG and will enhance Australia’s car refinishing market providing great products for the commercial vehicle and light industrial customer segments. Diwakar Mehrotra, NIPSEA Group’s Automotive Refinishes Business Director for Australia and New Zealand said: “Our partnership with AHG provides an ideal

8 – LO C A L N E W S

platform to introduce our leading, eco-friendly, accelerated, performance (LEAP) solutions and products to the Australian market. Developed using leading edge Japanese technology, our focus is on compliance, productivity and performance to ensure value enhancement across the entire value chain.” The product solutions bring the latest developments in waterborne technology, with key attributes such as ease of application, colour matching and a refinishing product to match the original coatings used by several global OEMs. “We have partnered with Nippon Paint to deliver solutions that provide overwhelming benefits to the customer. Its ease of application provides efficiencies as well as better colour matching results,” said Martin Watts, General Manager PFA. With a national sales and technical team and plans underway for a colour lab, PFA already has stocks of the latest paint and non-paint solutions.

PFA is now looking to broaden its customer reach through a dedicated distributor network and progressive distribution strategies. “We are confident that the Australian market will get behind our brand due to its ease of application, great quality and its widespread success in the AsiaPacific region,” added Watts. “We are already starting to see a strong brand following with shop trials and installations and also the feedback from the official launch of Nippon Paint at Autocare 2018 in May.” Supported by a national distribution network, PFA in partnership with Nippon Paint provides customers with full technical support, advanced colour retrieval tools and IT based solutions, as well as national warehousing and distribution capabilities. For further information about the range or becoming a PFA distributor, contact PFA on (02) 8795 8588 or visit

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Technology collaboration prepares workers for the future Tradiebot Industries and Deakin University have launched a collaborative research project exploring the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies to develop a revolutionary new Industry 4.0 training system for the automotive collision repair and service industry. The project will develop the industry’s first virtual/augmented reality training and service solution to enable and drive new career pathways in the $7billion automotive repair industry by redefining the way information, communication and training are delivered. The announcement was made at Skills Show Australia 2018, where Tradiebot Industries exhibited its transformative projects for the first time. Training using virtual and augmented reality technologies blurs the line between the physical world and the cyber world, creating a sense of immersion and bringing complex modern-day vehicle repair catalogues alive. The project is being developed using Deakin University’s CADET Virtual Reality (VR) Lab, the first of its kind in the world. It is a unique facility in which the developers can walk round or walk through, and even touch objects in the virtual world and test systems and products that are yet to be realised using virtual reality technologies. Future apprentices and their parents attending the Skills Show were the first to experience Tradiebot Industries’ revolutionary 4.0 automated and virtual environments in development, including VR training for spray painting and augmented reality (AR) training for auto repair. Tradiebot Industries and Deakin University were joined at the Skills Show by automotive industry heavyweights Capital S.M.A.R.T. Repairs and PPG on a shared platform of taking a world-leading approach to training their current and future workforces and a passion for unlocking and accelerating promising talent in science, engineering and future technologies.

1 0 – LO C A L N E W S

Dr Ben Horan, Director of the CADET VR Lab, said: “Tradiebot Industries is working with us to look at how virtual and augmented reality technologies can revolutionise the workplace and automation. Immersive Reality, which encompasses VR and AR, provides a fantastic opportunity to help overcome some of the skills training challenges in sectors such as collision repair. VR can provide access to training environments that are either difficult to access or don’t exist, and AR can help provide digital assistance while performing a task. We have worked with many industry partners and applications to help translate these technologies into a competitive advantage. This work builds on our world-leading expertise and research in immersive technologies to support the communities we serve.” Mario Dimovski, Founder, Tradiebot Industries, added: “At Tradiebot Industries we are creating the technologies that will revolutionise the automotive collision repair sector. Like many trades, our industry is facing a serious shortfall of skilled talent and an ever-widening skills gap as repair businesses struggle to keep up with the latest OEM repair methods and industry best practice. Rather than wait for our technologies to hit the shop floor and face a productivitysucking gap while talent is trained up to use them, we are partnering with the leading employers who will be deploying these technologies and developing state-of-the-art training solutions now to teach the skills that will be needed. “As a technology company, we think it is important that we play a role in the creation of new career pathways as we create technologies that help our industry evolve, informed by real-time data insights. We are creating new skills and exciting new career pathways in safer environments for both the talent we already have and to entice new apprentices to the sector. We’re

collaborating with researchers to transform our industry and then partnering with industry leaders like S.M.A.R.T. and PPG to create the smarter workforce our future needs.” Partner, David Marino, CEO, Capital S.M.A.R.T Repairs said: “S.M.A.R.T. continuously strives to lead the repair industry by creating innovative solutions for our business partners and customers. We are proud to be associated with Tradiebot Industries, which shares the same values, and we look forward to partnering with them to train and develop the next generation of automotive technicians.” Kevin Woolerton, Business Improvement Manager, PPG concluded: “PPG has a long-standing reputation as an innovator so it is, perhaps, no surprise that we are always keen to welcome exciting new innovations and support their transition to market. The collision repair industry is constantly changing, and with each evolution, new technologies arrive and are embraced before going on to become part of the ‘new normal’ repair process. What might a collision repair shop look like in 10 or even 20 years’ time? PPG has global research and development resources focused on these very questions. With that same vision in mind, PPG is very pleased to partner with Tradiebot Industries in the development of breakthrough technologies that will help to transform repair processes. Their approach and energy has mobilised resources from major universities and research institutions to tackle a range of ground-breaking projects. What’s next for the collision repair industry? We think Tradiebot Industries’ technologies provide an intriguing snapshot!”

- - - - - - - - - - - - L O C A L

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Fix Auto Australia welcomes new strategic partner Fix Auto Shoalhaven Owner-operator Ron McGuire moves business over to Fix Auto to secure growth following success operating as McGuire’s Smash Repairs. Terry Feehan, Head of Business for Fix Auto Australia, is pleased to announce the addition of Fix Auto Shoalhaven to the Fix Auto network. Fix Auto Shoalhaven’s owner-operator, Ron McGuire, has over 35 years’ experience in the collision repair industry. Having begun his career in the food industry, he was soon inspired by his brother’s panel shop, and began working with him. For Ron, this was the start of a lifelong passion for the collision repair industry, and he has continued to produce quality repairs ever since. Ron’s shop has been at the heart of its community for years and has been recognised with numerous awards for community involvement. According to Ron, the unique franchise model offered by Fix Auto

was an attractive proposition that allowed him to maintain his independence but gain access to the support, technology, buying power and influence with work providers usually associated with more corporate models. “Fix Auto gives me help in making the right decisions in this ever-changing industry,” explained Ron. “Having a seat at the table and access to operational and marketing best practices were my main reasons for joining the network.” Ron believes that joining Fix Auto has been a motivating experience and an occasion to tap into his

entrepreneurial spirit. "I have always had real pride in the quality of work at my shop; we listen and always do our best to satisfy the customers’ needs and deliver quality service,” Ron said. As part of the Fix Auto integration, Fix Auto Shoalhaven has refurbished their workshop and office space and installed a new welcoming customer waiting area aligned with Fix Auto brand standards. The shop is also on its way to having all its staff complete I-CAR training, reinforcing Ron and his team’s commitment to continuous improvement. Terry Feehan said: “We are delighted to have Ron and his skilled team join the Fix Auto network and to add a location with a real history of community involvement is a real coup for us. Partnering with passionate and enthusiastic individuals like the Fix Auto Shoalhaven team is key in our plans to continue growing our aftermarket services solution in Australia. We welcome Fix Auto Shoalhaven to the Fix Auto family and wish them much continued success.” For more information on Fix Auto Australia, please visit

Erebus Motorsport promotes World Environment Day To mark the importance of the UN’s World Environment Day (5th June), Erebus Motorsport took the opportunity to highlight the green credentials and awesome looks of its latest chassis to hit the track. As part of the long-term partnership the frontrunning team enjoys with PPG, the freshly fabricated chassis was painted by Max Medhurst Crash Repairs, in Mount Gambier, using PPG’s ENVIROBASE High Performance waterborne basecoat system. Star driver, David Reynolds, was happy to point out that this unique PPG waterborne technology has not only been formulated with ecofriendly, low-VOC characteristics, it also comes packed with a rare combination of features including

David Reynolds celebrates with PPG.

outstanding colour capability and something he is very familiar with – outright speed! No wonder ENVIROBASE High

Performance is the region’s most popular refinish system. Check out 6/ppg-making-a-positive-impact/

The National Collision Repairer – 1 1

- - - - - - - - - - - S P E C I A L

R E P O R T - - - - - - - - - - -


Meguiar’s MotorEx The Australian leg of the 3M global tour with brand ambassador Chip Foose kicked off at Meguiar’s MotorEx in Melbourne and from the outset it was clear that 3M was in for a very busy weekend. Flying in overnight from LA, Foose arrived in style in a 3MFoose-branded Tickford Mustang 77 Special, which was his ride for this leg of the tour. From the moment he stepped out of the car, he was mobbed by well-wishers and fans alike. During MotorEx, some people literally queued for hours for an autograph and photo opportunity across the course of the two days and the 3M display was ten rows deep as fans watched the creation of a Foose rendering first-hand. It was truly magical to watch the process and how the finished masterpiece comes together. At one point, Foose and AFL celebrity Barry Hall created a 45second drawing of one of the display cars – and the best I can say is that Barry was a great full forward! 3M also arranged for Foose to select five cars that caught his eye, which gave the owners a chance to show their cars and chat with Foose live on the main stage. This was followed by Foose creating a rendering of the Meguiar’s MotorEx Grand Master (a 1948 FX Holden Ute) live on stage whilst being simulcast on the big screen. The attention to detail was extraordinary and, although the wind didn’t help, the final rendering was exquisite. The 3M team was also extremely


Declan McKearney, Chip Foose and Andrew Daddo.

busy as they displayed their vast array of products such as: the 3M Cubitron II cutting and grinding products, the 3M Perfect-It paint finishing range, and the recently released 3M PPS 2.0 paint application system. In his final engagement for the weekend, Foose and Declan McKearney from Resto’s and Rods Garage were interviewed by Andrew Daddo. Foose and McKearney shared their experiences of restoring vehicles to their former glory and, of course, the international television show, Overhaulin’, was discussed. McKearney restored Daddo’s HR Holden, which was unveiled at MotorEx, and is known for the restoration of an EJ Holden to raise funds for the EJ Whitten

Foundation – the “EJ for EJ” project. He is developing his own TV show, Resto my Ride. As the MotorEx stage of the 3MFoose Tour wound up, Foose himself summed it all up: “The people here are just as passionate about their cars as they are anywhere else in the world and the quality of the vehicles on show is every bit as good as we see in the States. I am so proud to have our brand associated with a global leader such as 3M.” High praise indeed from a true giant of our industry! Tickford tour With MotorEx behind us, we started the third day with a tour of the Tickford Racing facility where we were

- - - - - - - - - - - S P E C I A L

welcomed by four-time Bathurst winner and Supercars Hall of Fame inductee Allan Moffat OBE, although our host for the day was Tickford’s Senior Commercial Brand Manager, Michelle Ferrari. The first part of the tour was a look behind the scenes of Tickford Racing with Monster Energy Racing driver Cameron Waters. After every race, each car is stripped down, checked and rebuilt in time for the next round. We saw the components of the cars laid bare, with technicians all working in their own area of specialisation. Foose was intrigued by the engineering and the precision with which the supercars are put together and the level of detail in the race car. There were engines stripped down, transmissions on hoists, body work being repaired and roll cages under constant review. It was quite amazing to see the safety-based engineering built into the race car of today. Foose was particularly interested in the Tickford facility’s in-house precision engineering with the capability to produce performance parts to micronlevel tolerances, and of course the body shop where a range of 3M collision repair products were used throughout the repair process. Next on the agenda was a tour of Tickford Performance Enhancement, an aftermarket vehicle personalisation business that focuses on delivering quality, highly-engineered, OE-level vehicle personalisation packages to the Mustang, Ranger and Everest models. The Tickford Mustang 77 Special was inspired by the 1977 Bathurst one-two finish by Ford, led by Allan Moffat, which, in his own words was “absolutely the greatest achievement of my racing career”. Today, each Tickford enhancement is a personal investment. “It’s not a onesize-fits-all approach. You can have as little or as much as you want – it’s entirely up to the customer,” said Ferrari. “In fact, if you choose a partial enhancement and decide you want to take it further, it’s as simple as bringing the car back in. It doesn’t all have to happen at the one time.” The Tickford tour concluded with

R E P O R T - - - - - - - - - - -

The 3M Team.

The Tickford convoy.

Foose once again signing autographs and posing for photos with the teams from Tickford Racing and Tickford Performance Enhancement. 3M customer visits Bill and Alfredo Mazzeo hosted us with a lunch and a look around their facility, B&A Motor Body Repairs in Melbourne’s south east. Some of the staff and close friends even brought their restored and customised vehicles to show off to “the master”. They were thrilled to see how impressed Foose was with their pride and joy. He even signed the glovebox of one of the custom rods and completed a rendering on a young technician’s toolbox. Foose chatted with the team and signed posters as they took selfies. The Mazzeo family and the B&A team were over the moon with the Foose visit and couldn’t thank 3M enough for the opportunity. Then it was back to work as this is a business

The Tickford Racing garage.

that is a working collision repair facility with deadlines to meet and customers to satisfy. Carmine De Maria welcomed us to his facility, C.A.D. Customs in Tullamarine where he operates a custom car, hot rod and concourse restoration business. De Maria

The National Collision Repairer – 1 3

- - - - - - - - - - - S P E C I A L

represented Australia in the 3M PPS World Cup at the 2017 Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, during which he formed a bond with Foose. The 3M team set up a series of product demonstrations for the almost 100 guests, supported by both Foose and De Maria. “If you want to be the best, align yourself with the best. My relationships with 3M and Chip Foose have been instrumental in the success of C.A.D. Customs and my own personal journey,” said De Maria. On this occasion, the queue for autographs extended out the door. It was then off for a fully guided tour of Dutton Garage in Richmond, which is at the forefront of the collectible car world with a worldclass showroom showcasing the pinnacle in prestige, luxury and classic cars. The team at Dutton is constantly scouting global markets to buy rare and exotic cars, and they were so appreciative of 3M including them on “The Tour” that they created a short video and posted it immediately on YouTube. It was so interesting to watch Foose take in the quality of the craftsmanship that has gone into each of the vehicles on display and the Dutton team were only too eager to show off their collection. The final leg was a visit to one of 3M’s more recently appointed distributors, Zagame Autobody, arguably Australia’s leading prestige and luxury vehicle autobody repairer. With approvals that range from Audi Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Abarth, Morgan and Caterham, Zagame Autobody’s new state-of-the-art facility is aimed at the most discerning auto aficionado. “It is the biggest and best collision repair facility that I have ever seen,” said Foose. The facility is indeed unparalleled in its quality and attention to detail in automotive refinishing as the team ensures every vehicle is returned to pre-accident condition by using factory approved tools, processes and genuine parts. Partnering with global leaders such as 3M gives Zagame Autobody a winning edge. In summing up the 3MFoose 2018 Global Tour, 3M Automotive Aftermarket and Marine Business Manager, Andrew King said, “3M is


R E P O R T - - - - - - - - - - -

The Mazzeo Boys.

C.A.D. Customs.

Zagame Autobody.

proud to have Chip as our Global Brand Ambassador as he is a true reflection of our brand promise in providing the highest quality and best performing products in the market. We have been privileged to bring Chip to Australia over the past four years and his popularity and positive interactions with his strong fan base in our country never ceases to amaze me. It was a hectic four days and a great opportunity for 3M to connect with our customers, which we will look to continue into the future.”

Dutton Garage.

- - - - - - - - - - - G L O B A L

PPG’s IT award The industry-leading capabilities of PPG’s next-generation PaintManager XI software platform have now been officially recognised with a prestigious 2018 CIO 100 award. The award was presented at the glittering CIO 100 Symposium & Awards Ceremony, the 31st annual award program that recognises organisations around the world that exemplify the highest level of operational and strategic excellence in Information Technology (IT). Recipients of this year's CIO 100 Award were selected through a threestep process that included an in-depth review by a team of external judges looking for leading-edge IT practices and measurable results. "Every year, we are honoured to showcase the technology innovation and business value delivered by our CIO 100 award winners. Each of these companies has achieved notable success in accelerating businesses to the front lines of the digital revolution," said Maryfran Johnson, Executive Director of CIO Programs for CIO Events and the CIO Executive Council. "This year's winners are inspiring

N E W S - - - - - - - - - - - -

examples of how IT leadership, business partnerships and customer engagement can reshape the future." “Designed to meet the evolving needs of refinish customers globally, the award-winning PaintManager XI software platform dramatically increases colour-matching confidence and accuracy. The software is packaged with clever, easy-to-use features and functions, along with next-generation colour identification and processing tools to help customers find the right colour more quickly, increasing paint shop productivity and profitability. When fully deployed, PaintManager XI software will be installed at more than 70,000 customer locations globally and local users are already taking advantage,” said Kevin Woolerton, PPG Marketing Director ANZ. “The introduction of PaintManager XI has definitely been a game-changer in terms of colour retrieval systems. Combined with PPG’s vast and everexpanding colour formula database (with the option for daily updates), it is a winning combination that introduces a whole new list of goodies for PaintManager XI to better support

customers. And, there are key features, such the functions that not only allow customers to save their custom formulas but also attach a spectrometer reading to that custom formula within PaintManager XI.” “This latest CIO 100 award highlights the hard work of the PPG team that created and supports the PaintManager XI platform, as well as the company’s commitment to providing customers with exceptional IT solutions,” said Chris Caruso, PPG Vice President Information Technology. “Innovation is one of the core values at PPG. We are honoured to be recognised with a CIO 100 award for the fourth time and will continue to deliver value to our customers through transformative IT innovations and solutions.”

Car-O-Liner vacuum systems receive GM and Jaguar Land Rover approvals Car-O-Liner, a leading global manufacturer of collision repair equipment to the automotive aftermarket, recently announced that General Motors and Jaguar Land Rover have both approved Car-OLiner vacuum products for use in their collision repair centres. General Motors will incorporate Car-O-Liner’s complete line of CleanPrep Vacuum systems for their aluminium repair centre, as well as their body shop, collision and refinishing service. Jaguar Land Rover has added Car-O-Liner’s CleanPrep Wet Mix Immersion Vacuum system. According to Car-O-Liner, vacuum systems are critical since most OEM certification programs require safe dust extraction of

1 6 – G LO B A L N E W S

aluminium, carbon fibre and other materials. Dust containment results in a clean business that is safe for customers and employees. Reducing dust can also reduce labour time and increase efficiency, therefore increasing profitability. “A clean, efficient shop begins with dust containment,” said Mark Weinmann, OEM Account Manager, Car-O-Liner. “Dust of all types is one of the most problematic enemies of a collision repair shop. As dust travels through the building, it can create corrosion, contamination, potential fire hazards and costly reworks. Our vacuum systems are built to military and commercial aerospace specifications to safely and efficiently extract dust from any shop,” he concluded. Car-O-Liner, a subsidiary of

Snap-on Incorporated, is the leading global provider of high-quality, technologically advanced collision repair equipment to the automotive aftermarket. For more information, visit: This article courtesy of Russell Thrall III, publisher CollisionWeek. Check out their website at:

- - - - - - - - - - - G L O B A L

N E W S - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ford honours Axalta at 20th annual World Excellence Awards Axalta was recently recognised as a top-performing global supplier for Ford Motor Company at the 20th annual Ford World Excellence Awards. The awards acknowledge the outstanding achievements of Ford’s top-performing suppliers around the world who are key to Ford’s success on the global stage. Axalta was one of only 88 companies selected as finalists from thousands of Ford suppliers globally. The awards recognise companies that exceeded expectations to achieve the highest levels of excellence in quality, delivery, value and innovation. In recognition of these qualities, Axalta was honoured by Ford Motor Company with a Green Pillar World Excellence Award recognising its leadership in coatings sustainability. “At Axalta, we believe sustainability is not only about environmentally responsible manufacturing and products, it’s also about working with suppliers that share our values to operate ethically and sustain the

Axalta sells 50,000th spectrophotometer Axalta Coating Systems, the leader in full digital colour management for refinishers, has sold its 50,000th spectrophotometer globally since the launch of the first generation of handheld devices in 2005. Spectrophotometers are simply a better and faster way to match colours right the first time, optimising workflow processes to help body shops save time. To commemorate this accomplishment, BYK-Gardner, a global leader in the field of measuring colour and appearance, proudly created a limited-edition spectro, painted in StarLite, Axalta’s 2018 Automotive Colour of the Year. The first commemorative device was presented to Joe McDougall, Axalta’s President of Global Refinish and EMEA, by BYK-Gardener President Frank Wagner during the 2018 IBIS Global Summit in Munich. “Marking the 50,000th global

communities where they do business,” said Steven Markevich, Axalta Executive Vice President and President, Transportation Coatings and Greater China. “We are committed to transparency and addressing risk in our supply chain, which benefits the reputation of our business partners who share our values, such as Ford, as well as the communities affected by our purchases.” Honourees were recognised for achieving the highest levels of global excellence in a variety of categories, including: • Primary Brand Pillars – quality, green, safe and smart

• Aligned Business Framework principles focused on quality, delivery, value and innovation • Lincoln Luxury • Supplier Diversity Development "Our World Excellence awards recognise the outstanding achievements of Ford Motor Company's top-performing suppliers around the world," said Hau Thai-Tang, Ford Motor Company's Executive Vice President, Product Development and Purchasing. "Suppliers such as Axalta are key to Ford's continued success as we work towards our goal of becoming the world's most trusted mobility company."

spectrophotometer sale highlights the importance refinishers attach to accurate and fast colour matching,” said McDougall. “This small yet technology-packed device demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative colour-matching technology to customers. These devices and their patented technology are designed to achieve the perfect colour match accurately, efficiently and reliably, every day in the body shop. When used in conjunction with our colour management software, they truly support our commitment to customers to transition from traditional colour retrieval to a fully digital colour management process.” Wagner said, “The importance of digital colour retrieval is underscored by the fact so many body shops realise the benefits of these devices. They appreciate tools that help them get the job done. We are proud to offer this solution to the refinish market with a partner like Axalta and we look

forward to its continued growth.” There are two cutting-edge spectrophotometer devices, branded the Acquire Standard and Acquire Quantum EFX. They are available with Axalta’s premium global refinish brands, including each brand’s colour management software – Standowin iQ for Standox, Phoenix for Spies Hecker and ChromaWeb for Cromax – all offering thousands of formulae from global automotive manufacturers. For more information on Axalta, visit and for more information on BYK-Gardener, visit

The National Collision Repairer – 1 7

- - - - - - - - - - - G L O B A L

N E W S - - - - - - - - - - - -

Honda receives innovation award The Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI), a business unit of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), awarded the “Automotive Excellence Award” to Honda Motor Company for their advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) innovations in the 2018 Honda Odyssey. The award was presented by David Anderson, senior director, automotive market, SMDI at the 17th annual Great Designs in Steel (GDIS) seminar in Livonia, Michigan. Nic Goldsberry, senior body design engineer at Honda, accepted the award for his GDIS 2017 presentation, titled, “The All-New 2018 Honda Odyssey”. Honda designed an all-new chassis for the 2018 Odyssey based on the platform used in light duty trucks to maximise manoeuvrability and steering ease. They employed the Next-Gen Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure in combination with tailor welded hot stamped door rings and a new multi-connection bumper beam to enhance occupant protection. The Odyssey is comprised of 58 percent highstrength steel leading to high rigidity and a lightweight body. “Automotive Excellence Award winners use advanced highstrength steel in applications to provide the best value for consumers while also improving vehicle performance and sustainability,” said Jody Hall, vice president of the automotive market at SMDI. “Steel is driving innovation, and Nic and the Honda team are a great example of the capability of these next generation steel grades.” The SMDI Automotive Excellence Award is presented each year at Great Designs in Steel. Individuals or teams from automakers, suppliers or the academic community who embrace innovation and make significant contributions to the advancement of steel.

1 8 – G LO B A L N E W S

Glasurit paint expertise for preserving classic cars The Culture Commission of the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA), the international federation of historic vehicles, met from May 24 to 26 at BASF’s Münster-Hiltrup site. The FIVA body had good reason for selecting the meeting location: for the past two years, Glasurit has been FIVA’s exclusive partner for all matters related to classic car refinishing. The meeting agenda included a visit to the Refinish Competence Centre (RCC), one of the most modern training centres for the refinishing industry. At the RCC, the Culture Commission learned about artificial aging of new paintwork. With the new methods developed by Glasurit, a repair using modern paint materials can be worked into the aged surface of a classic vehicle almost undetectably. This method also helps paint repairs to be performed in line with the 2012 Charter of Turin. In the charter, FIVA issued global recommendations for the responsible use of historic vehicles. The preservation of these vehicles, which represent an important part of our technical and cultural heritage, is a declared goal of FIVA and a key task of the Culture Commission.

Besides the technical side of the meeting, the international guests were also treated to some local colour. In addition to having dinner at the traditional “Stuhlmacher” restaurant at Münster’s Prinzipalmarkt historic market area, the participants visited BASF’s Museum of Lacquer Art. The Culture Commission members were obviously keenly interested in the unique collection of lacquer art from over two millennia. Jürgen Book, Glasurit Classic Car Colour Manager at BASF, described the visit: “The meeting gave us the opportunity to show the Commission members on site what it is that sets the traditional Glasurit paint brand apart and what diverse possibilities we offer to support FIVA with achieving its goals. Our Classic Car Colours service on the internet, which offers access to our colour library – the world’s largest – and a network of specialised body shops, enables us not just to protect outstanding one-of-a-kind vehicles, it also allows us to offer solutions that can be used for nearly all classic cars, no matter when they were built.” Information on the Charter of Turin and on the Handbook is available on the FIVA website at


Protection and insurance from motor trade specialists.

“Capricorn Risk Services really caters for our industry. I couldn’t believe how much more cover we could get with mutual protection. And it was a better price! I have my home, business and cars all with Capricorn.”

Ultra Tune Malaga – Capricorn Member

F Find i nd o out ut h how ow C Capricorn ap r icor n R Risk isk S Services e r v ice s ccan an h help e lp y you. ou . 11800 8 0 0 007 0 0 7 022 02 2 | i nfo @ c ap ricornris k . com | c ap ricornris k . com

Disclaimer: Products sold through Capricorn Risk Services Pty Ltd (ABN 93 111 632 789) are: (i) discretionary risk protection products issued by Capricorn Mutual Ltd; and (ii) general insurance products issued by a range of insurers and brokered through Capricorn Insurance Services Pty Ltd. Before deciding to acquire any product you should consider the Product Disclosure Statement available from Capricorn Risk Services Pty Ltd to see if the product is appropriate for you. Capricorn Risk Services Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 460893) of Capricorn Mutual Ltd (AFSL 230038) and Capricorn Insurance Services Pty Ltd (AFSL 435197).

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E V E N T - - - - - - - - - - - -

Symposium2018 What’s in it for you? I was recently asked why we had decided to run a symposium and why we had chosen the theme “mobility, technology & safety”. Well, on the question of why run a symposium at all, one of the fundamental responsibilities of any publication is to keep the readership informed about not only what has happened (local and global news) but what is going to happen in the future. This provides an opportunity to assess, adjust and prepare yourselves and your businesses for what’s coming. A symposium is the ideal forum to ensure the message is delivered by the industry experts who are actively involved in shaping the future and how these trends will impact our lives, our businesses and our industry. All too often we hear that we are now living in a “technologically-based connected world”. Well, whilst the term may be relatively new, the concept has been around for many years. It is this rapidly-developing technology that will dictate (and I use the term deliberately) how we, and the things we need, will move around the city, the country or the world. It is for this reason the symposium will focus on painting the big picture of the connected environment and progressively drill down to what it means for you. Mobility and transportation trends This will mean different things to different people, but in this context we are really speaking about personal mobility and transportation trends that are impacting and will continue to impact our industry. In April, we introduced iMOVE Australia, a consortium of industry, government and the country’s finest researchers who are charged with finding solutions to the ever-increasing congestion on


our roads. We are pleased to announce that Managing Director, Ian Christensen, will be delivering the opening address to set the scene for the rest of the day’s discussions. Technology-driven future We will also feature an internationallyrenowned technology presenter who will demonstrate how the technologydriven future of our industry is just one small part of the inter-connected world in which we live. This address will challenge you to think outside the square, embrace the wave of change and prepare for the disruptive forces to remain one step ahead. I have no doubt that this will put our own challenges and changes into perspective against the broader economy. Automotive technology Again, a term with a very broad meaning, but for us it’s all about the technology in the cars of today, and arguably more importantly, the cars of tomorrow. Since the beginning of the year, we have unashamedly increased the number of articles featuring in-car technology and what the global car manufacturers are doing to continue to improve and fine-tune it. Leading the way in this field, and a major supplier to car manufacturers, is global multi-national Robert Bosch, and we are pleased to announce that Bosch Australia Automotive Aftermarket will provide an insight into vehicle-tovehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure (collectively known as V2X) technology and how it is impacting, and will continue to impact, your businesses. Interactive discussion panels During the course of the event there will be two panels of key stakeholders who will lead interactive discussions. The first will be on the mobility

challenges and potential solutions and the second will focus on V2X technology and what it means for us and our industry. Panellists include representatives of I-CAR, car manufacturers, insurers, technology providers, researchers, regulators and human resource professionals (let’s not forget that we will require quite a different skillset). The panels will be highly interactive and will address your questions throughout the course of the day. Although “safety” is not a separate topic, driver, passenger and public safety are the underlying basis of all the discussions and the primary focus of the key stakeholders when investing in our industry. It is not just about improving efficiency and effectiveness of our transport system, it is about doing it more safely. What’s in it for you? Although these new “high-tech” vehicles are loaded with collision avoidance technologies, they will find their way into your body shops. You need to know how to return them to pre-accident condition, with the support of industry experts, many of whom will be in the room. This is the situation today. However, if you are developing a strategy or plan, there are several things you will need to know. First and foremost, you need to know where you are and where you want to go, so you must also understand your environment and the major trends that are impacting the industry. Symposium2018 has been developed to give you a better understanding of what’s coming and how it will impact your business. It is therefore the must-see Melbournebased event of 2018!

SYMPOSIUM2018 Mobility y, Technology Technolog e gy & Saffety e

This is the first event of its kind addressing the technological challenges with which we as an industry will face and the flow-on effects of mobility and safety in an increasingly congested environment.

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Saturday 4th August 2018 I-CAR, in association with the National Collision Repairer, is proud to present Symposium 2018. Registration will open at 9:30am with the Symposium commencing at 10:00am. The day will conclude at 5:00pm with drinks and canapes until 6:00pm.

Overview Mobility and infrastructure

Automotive technology

Ian Christensen, Managing Director, iMove Australia presents “Major transport and mobility trends that are impacting our industry now and into the future”.

Bosch Australia Automotive Aftermarket presents “Diagnostics and the V2V and V2I technology driving this critical process”.

Mobility panel discussion

We discuss the implications of the current and future technology on the collision repair industry.

Key stakeholders discuss the issues and concerns around the personal mobility changes and the intelligent transport systems.

Transformation An internationally-renowned technology presenter outlines how best to prepare for the challenges of a technologically-advanced society.

Technology panel discussion

Registration Standard registration: $180+GST Group registration (6 or more): $160+GST

We thank the following sponsors for their support:

Register now:

- - - - - - - - - - - - T R A N S W I T H


T A S M A N - - - - - - - - - - C R O W T H E R


Rex Crowther expresses his opinion I am astounded to learn that PartsTrader is about to change its quoting system to line item pricing. Once line item pricing becomes mandatory, it will, in my opinion, create many problems and almost certainly add to the delays for parts delivery that are already experienced by repairers. This is because it will eventually result in many winning bids being a combination of parts from different suppliers. I say “astounded” because this comes along after PartsTrader, through the efforts of Will Cass, has been wooing the repairer community to use PartsTrader for all their business, not just when it is mandated by an insurer. This initiative will certainly create a number of problems and delays for both repairers and suppliers alike. The temptation to cherry pick parts will be too great for insurers, which will lead to multiple suppliers on any one job, with additional administration and the inevitable delays. Since the Christmas break I have received several calls from high-end repairers who run well organised shops expressing frustration with the administration required to run a collision repair facility today. The most frustrating thing for these people is the amount of outside interference and inefficiency that creates delays in their repair process.

2 2 – T R A N S TA S M A N

Two of them are at the point where they now want to exit the industry, and this is after they have both invested very heavily in their businesses in recent years. I believe that the potential impact of this change on the recycled parts and collision repair industries could be enough to drive a number of really good operators from the market. We must remember that online purchasing of anything recycled is a flawed science when the absolute condition of the part that you are purchasing is unknown. This has been pointed out to PartsTrader many times and it is a surprise that they wish to further complicate the issue.

It is long overdue that a number of operators around the collision repair space start to listen to repairers as frustration and stress levels are reaching an almost unsustainable level, which is not great for the industry and the people operating within it. While on the communication front, it appears that certified aftermarket parts are about to turn up in our market. Insurers need to be aware, and remember, that the New Zealand collision repair industry sent aftermarket parts packing many years ago to such an extent that aftermarket parts have hardly ever been sold here for many years. To encourage repairers to entertain aftermarket parts again, insurers would be wise to share the savings that such parts may bring to the repairers by way of an increased parts margin. This was the big mistake with the introduction of PartsTrader: the margins were reduced, and the insurers retained all of the savings – to the detriment of repairers’ businesses. If something is only fair to one side, then it is destined to be challenged to everyone’s disadvantage. As my first boss said to me when I was only about seventeen years old: “If it is fair to me, but not to you, it will not work. If is fair to you but not to me, it will not work.” This saying remains absolutely true today, although it seems to be lacking in the collision repair space.

- - - - - - - - - - - - T R A N S

Will Cass of PartsTrader NZ responds to Rex’s opinion Since 2004, line pricing has been available on PartsTrader. Suppliers today can choose to quote by line or bulk price if they wish. Presently, twothirds of all requests are for only one or two parts. Of the remaining onethird of requests, over 70 percent of quotes placed through PartsTrader are currently line priced. I understand why suppliers prefer to bulk price. This gives them the ability to bundle both parts they already own and brought-in parts to make up a package. However, an unintended consequence of this is increasing administration costs for themselves and the repairer when the needs of the job change. It is a fact of our industry that the actual needs of the repair are sometimes uncertain until the vehicle is in the shop and stripped down. Now, on PartsTrader we have a quote for the parts originally requested for the repair. When a package is quoted by line, and a part is no longer required, the repairer simply unticks the parts they don’t need and clicks “order” – job done. When a package is bulk priced, and a component of the package is no longer required, the repairer must leave PartsTrader, get on the phone or email the supplier and find out what parts can or can’t be ordered from the quote and at what cost. Then a negotiation often

T A S M A N - - - - - - - - - - -

ensues. Then they must go back to the assessor and get that ticked off. In some cases, because the negotiation has been unsuccessful, the assessor will require the repairer to put out a whole new tender for the revised package. To make matters worse, because the order has now changed, the insurer is not able to see what was finally ordered, and this means the repairer must submit more paperwork to the insurer to show what was finally purchased. This prevents all parties from sharing the benefits of online procurement, namely a single simple traceable procurement channel capable of quotes, orders, receipts, shipping information, returns and credits and additionals. These are the features that we at PartsTrader believe will save everybody time and reduce the paperwork. This is the primary goal of online procurement. Some argue that, in fact, the only way forward in collision repair is to maximise the efficiency of e-procurement. So, there is a compelling argument that many of the frustrations, arguments and delays in part supply are made worse because of bulk pricing. I contend that if the repair industry wants to create greater efficiency, then PartsTrader could be the best solution. Our ethos is that if all the parties are winning overall, then

we are winning. Sometimes this means taking the market in new directions to embrace new possibilities, and change is not easy – it’s always hard. I consider that perhaps asking the suppliers to take a bit of extra time to designate a pre-agreed value to the parts they are selling may be the key to unlocking valuable time and administration savings in collision repair. It would seem a small thing to ask from those who benefit most from the part sale – the supplier. On the argument about cherry picking and the drama of sourcing different parts from different suppliers for the same job. Interestingly, our US platform has full cherry picking (and mandatory line pricing) available and it is hardly ever used. The realities and logistics of dealing with multiple suppliers over a few parts do not stack up. However, that does not also mean that, on occasion, an assessor may choose to buy from more than one source if they so wish. After all, they are ultimately paying for the parts. Editor: It appears that Rex and Will agree that streamlining the collision repair process is in everyone’s best interest. As the issue has many moving parts, how they will get there is still very much a work in progress. This article is courtesy of Rex Crowther, Editor of PanelTalk, the official journal of the New Zealand Collision Repair Association

The National Collision Repairer – 2 3


Earn an entry into the draw with every multiple of $150 (excl. GST) per invoice spent on Genuine Ford Parts, between 1 May and 30 September 2018.^ To find out more or to become a member, call your local Ford Trade Club dealer or visit today.

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G U Y - - - - - - - - - - - - -

M c C O Y - L A N C A S T E R



The recent Sydney Hot Rod & Custom Auto Expo held at Rosehill Racecourse was truly one of those very special events for those who entered or visited. It was a wonderful May weekend with the coolest cars in Sydney and from many different parts of the country coming together for a weekend of great surprises. This show has now been running for five years under the direction of Andy and Donna Midas, who have truly reinvigorated a formula that many got to enjoy when they were kids. The first show of its type was back in the late 1960s and moved around from Bankstown Square to Roselands and other venues. It was great to see many of the early Hot Rodders and Street Machiners walking around and the easy-going atmosphere of the show made everyone feel relaxed. The show expanded this year to include more hot rods, trade stands, customs, paint demonstrations, technical ideas to help the next project, street machines, clubs and even moto-cross stunts. The show also had a Shannons Auction with 50 cars and about 30 lots of memorabilia. The action started on the Saturday morning with five brilliant new builds launched to the public. A variety of cool hot rods, a classic Australian muscle car (a brilliantly restored Magenta E38 Charger) and a recently finished supercool custom, a wildly modified 1950 Mercury, were all unveiled to an eager audience. Now, speaking of surprises and as a real treat, the Mooneyes Dragster


Hot Rod in Nostalgia Lane.

currently on tour from Japan, was fired up and sounded glorious. A front-end dragster is something to behold, particularly when you look at where the driver sits just behind the rear diff. The guys from Mooneyes always planned to stop by this show and be a part of the atmosphere. What then followed was a rocketpowered go-kart. An amazing sound erupted over the grounds of the Rosehill Racecourse and it was said to be over 145dB. The crowds on both days enjoyed the interesting sounds and smells from these vehicles. Also, throughout the day the trade stands provided a healthy spread of information and some technical demonstrations. Of particular note was the pre-1920 Rolls Royce out the front of the Melomotive stand showing off the restored and recreated metalwork. The Lowbake paint booth was going strong all day and demonstrating a range of cool

colours from Australian firm DNA Custom Paints. Speaking of painting, the team of pin-stripers and airbrush artists were working hard showing off their skills and delivering awesome panels of well-known musicians and beach scenes on a range of cars. A great part of the show is the incredible variety of all types of cars. Ron Goodman put together a display of five Porches and a Volkswagen Kombi Transporter (all in Goodman Grey). The cars have a very interesting history, with Ron taking a few of them to many different locations around the world. He even had a video running showing how he had taken his beloved 356 Porsche to play with professional hockey players on the ice – amazing! Now, back to Nostalgia Lane. Here was a whole building dedicated to mild and wild custom cars and hot rods. The individuals and the clubs came from far and wide to be a part of this special display. There were no

- - - - - - - - - - - - - T H E


G U Y - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Low-rider Chev.

Ron Goodman Porsches.

Mooneyes Dragster.

Magenta E38 Charger.

limitations as we got to see the extreme low-riders (with incredible graphic paint) alongside a couple of Gassers, mixed in with the coolest ’30s model basic rods and then some ultrasmooth 50s customs. Some of the clubs came from Victoria, some from northern New South Wales and some from Queensland. When it came time to hand out the awards, a collection of hand-made and very special trophies was personally delivered by the organisers walking around the different cars and handing out the awards to the owners. This was a very different approach and it added to the friendly feel of the event. Sunday morning dawned with beautiful Autumn sunshine. Everyone came back in and we got to do it again. There were a few late arrivals, but the Cruzin’ Show n’ Shine was jumping with a huge crowd of cars all looking their best. Around 100 extra cars were on display outside in the sun. Many different cars went home with trophies, but it was the 1950 Mercury that took out the Car of the

The People's Choice - 1950 Mercury.

Show and The People’s Choice awards. For the last few years I have been talking about the collaboration we see in the USA, with car-builders from all over the country working together to complete a project. Here is a car that used one of the best metal workers in the world with Mark Natoli from southern Sydney, along with Andy and the team at Andy’s Restorations to bring the project together - then Charley Hutton and two of his team came out from Idaho to paint the car! It is awesome to see a project of this type showing off international teamwork. The car is rumoured to be heading to SEMA this year to show off the combined talents of all involved. The Shannons Auction was a great success with over 500 people in attendance. Chris Boribon from Shannons said the event went well and it was great exposure to a different group of people. He mentioned that the auction cleared 85 percent of what was on offer, with only a few of the top end cars

not meeting reserve. The total sales were over $2M on the day. Of particular interest was the charity lots, one of which was a nicely restored HZ Holden ute that went for $35,000 and all of the proceeds went to charity. Well done Shannons and well done to the crowd of people that turned up. At the end of the day, the cars packed up and went home with their owners. It was a great show; a car show with soul and one to look forward to in 2019. Keep your ears to the ground, let your friends know, set aside some time with the family and book the dates. The friendly atmosphere mixed with the creativity and craftsmanship is one not to miss. John’s love of custom and restored cars has seen him become an industry leader in the activities of car clubs and automotive enthusiasts across Australia and around the world.

The National Collision Repairer – 2 7

- - - - - - - - - I N D U S T R Y

E V E N T - - - - - - - - - - - -

WorldSkills The next generation excels at national championships Skills Show 2018 Attracting over 20,000 visitors, industry leaders, subject matter experts and top education providers over the three days, Skills Show Australia 2018 provided visitors with an opportunity to discover future careers through interactive events, demonstrations and competitions. The objective was to provide young Australians with the knowledge to make an informed choice about their future career options. The Skills Show also provided them with a unique chance to network with the hundreds of industry and educational experts who were also there. From the moment you stepped inside Darling Harbour’s International Convention Centre you felt the buzz of excitement and anticipation as literally thousands of students soaked up the atmosphere. What was of particular

Matthew Brandt.


interest to many of the students was WorldSkills Australia’s Try’aSkill program, which was designed to encourage people to appreciate that vocational education and training opens the door to a huge range of careers. The program is a unique and exciting way of promoting trades and skills and highlighting the importance of these vocations in our society. Using virtual reality was a big hit with students and visitors alike as it allowed them to discover the different types of techniques and tools required in a large variety of trades and skills such as automotive services, building and construction, client services, computing and business, hospitality services, and metals and engineering. Axalta Coating Systems, Gold Partner to WorldSkills Australia, afforded students the opportunity to try spray painting with the feel of a

Sagola spray gun whilst spraying a digital image on a flat-screen TV – not surprising that many found this was not as easy as it looked! In addition, Tradiebot Industries and Deakin University launched their collaborative research project exploring the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies to develop a revolutionary new Industry 4.0 training system for the automotive collision repair and service industry. On their exhibit, students “painted” a MercedesBenz using virtual/augmented reality which, according to Tradiebot, redefines the way information, communication and training will be delivered. The Tradiebot team was supported by its partners Capital S.M.A.R.T. and PPG Industries. And finally, WorldSkills Australia Industry Partner, the Association of Progressive Repairers (AAPR), was

Amber Gabelich, Kaine Corpuz and Maxine Colligan.

- - - - - - - - - I N D U S T R Y

E V E N T - - - - - - - - - - - -

again front-and-centre as they addressed the skills shortage challenge in the collision repair industry. CEO Greg Preston said: “It is just so great to be involved and give the students a brief insight into the collision repair industry. Our industry really is at the cutting edge of technology – we have so much to offer.” WorldSkills Australia WorldSkills Australia, formerly known as the Work Skill Australia Foundation, was established in 1981 as part of the labour movement to endorse, promote and provide recognition for skills and trades, a mission that the organisation still seeks to uphold. However, it may never have got off the ground without the vision of Tjerk Dusseldorp, who first saw the Skill Olympics in June 1981 in Atlanta in the United States when it operated under the banner of the International Vocational Training Organisation (IVTO) with fifteenmember countries, mostly from Europe. Although Australia was not a member, Dusseldorp was on a factfinding mission for the Evatt Foundation and was so impressed by what he saw, and aware of the low status of trade skills in Australia, he threw a cocktail party for IVTO delegates and boldly announced that his country wanted to host the Youth Skill Olympics in 1988, Australia’s bicentennial year. Dusseldorp then embarked on a mission to canvass commercial sponsors, set up an office in 1982 and from there held the first regional competitions across the country, culminating in a national competition to select Australia’s first team for the 1983 Youth Skill Olympics in Austria. WorldSkills Australia to this day honours Tjerk Dusseldorp with the Best in Nation Award for the competitor who receives the highest individual score. Collision repair industry competitions The 2018 Autobody Repair and Vehicle Painting categories were held at the Ultimo TAFE campus in Sydney under the auspices of Head Teacher

A Packed House.

The Vehicle Painting competitors with the judges.

Garry Clear. You may recall Garry was recently inducted with a National Collision Repairer Lifetime Achievement Award for this dedication and commitment to developing the skills and talent of the technicians of tomorrow. According to Clear, “The attitude of the competitors and the quality of their work was what really made the event a success.” However, it was disappointing that there were several late withdrawals from the Autobody Repair competition, leaving only three competitors, all of whom were from NSW: Oskar Bloem and Jamie Tilley (Ultimo TAFE), and Matthew Brandt (Glendale TAFE). We of course first met Matthew when he was awarded the Regional Gold Medal at the

Glendale TAFE Open Day in October last year. Chief Judge Clear and Judge Adam McDonald had their work cut out for them, and with so few competitors the fight was on for the only medal on offer. In the Vehicle Painting category, there were seven competitors: Luke Alexander (Adelaide TAFE), Maxine Colligan (Campbelltown TAFE), Kaine Corpuz (Brisbane), Amber Gabelich (Kangan TAFE), Aiden Hasler (Ultimo TAFE), Kyle Little (GoTAFE) and Lional Stapleton (Glendale TAFE), who we also met at when he was awarded his Regional Gold Medal at the aforementioned Open Day. Chief Judge Brad Franklin and Judges Brian Johnson and Carl Tinley were extremely impressed with not only the

The National Collision Repairer – 2 9


Minutes with ...

Danny Van Zyl Axalta Coating Systems When did you join the industry? January 2017 What was your first job in the industry? Marketing Coordinator What do you do now? Marketing Coordinator What do you like about the industry? I love seeing the finished product of restored cars and learning about what is new and upcoming in the industry What don’t you like about the industry? It is a shame to see such a low percentage of young apprentices in this industry. What music do you like? Anything Your Favourite Artist? ACDC Your favourite food? Chicken Schnitzel Your favourite drink? Jack Daniels and Coke Your hobbies? Playing Golf, Skydiving and Poker Who in the world would you most like to meet? Arnold Schwarzenegger


- - - I N D U S T R Y

E V E N T - - -

A really busy event.

quality of the work produced by the competitors, but the attitude and sportsmanship displayed throughout the competition. Steven Brett, Managing Director Axalta Coating Systems said: “Axalta is proud to support an organisation such as WorldSkills, giving young people the opportunity to showcase their trade and skills on a national scale. I was particularly impressed by the high calibre of young men and women who competed in the Vehicle Painting category; they excelled in undertaking very challenging tasks and produced the highest level of craftsmanship.” Closing Ceremony The MC for the closing ceremony was Adam Dovile, builder and TV personality, who kept us engaged with his easy-going style and we were entertained by the Australian Institute of Music throughout the evening. It was truly a celebration of the success of every competitor, with state rivalries also coming to the fore. In the Autobody Repair category, three competitors fought for the Gold medal, which was awarded to Matthew Brandt from Glendale TAFE. In the Vehicle Painting category, a closely-fought battle saw Kaine Corpuz edge out Maxine Colligan to take the Gold Medal, whilst Amber Gabelich was awarded the Bronze Medal. However, due to WorldSkills’ strict age requirements, Kaine Corpuz


Adam Dovile at the closing ceremony.

will be ineligible for the international event in Russia. The National Collision Repairer congratulates all competitors for reaching the national championships, the four medallists and, of course, Matthew and Kaine as the winners of the gold medals. The evening concluded with an address by Brett Judd, CEO WorldSkills Australia, who highlighted the importance of “doing what you love to do” and that every competitor at the event was already a winner. “Professionalism is a state of mind and at WorldSkills we believe we are looking at those who will not only lead but will build this country.” Editor: We wish our next Skillaroos, Matthew Brandt and Maxine Colligan, who was inducted as a Future Leader of the Industry earlier this year, every success as they prepare for WorldSkills 2019 in Russia.

- - - - - - - - - - F U T U R E P R O U D L Y

L E A D E R S - - - - - - - - - -




Future Leaders of the industry OUR FUTURE LEADER THIS MONTH IS TRUDY CAMILLERI, AUTOBODY REPAIR TEACHER WHO, AFTER COMPLETING HER APPRENTICESHIP AT CAMPBELLTOWN TAFE, WORKED AS AN AUTOBODY REPAIR TECHNICIAN BEFORE JOINING THE TEAM AT ULTIMO TAFE. Trudy was born in Liverpool in southwest Sydney and never quite made the right connection with school, taking every opportunity to work in her Dad’s business instead. The car business is in her blood and there was never any doubt that she would follow in her father’s footsteps in the family business, Cool Custom Restorations, when they were in Leumeah. When Trudy left school after Year 10, she initially wanted to be an engine builder but was convinced by her father that her future was in collision repair. Trudy’s thought was that she could be the spray painter who supported her father, the panel beater. However, the business really needed an auto body technician and so this was the direction she took. Although it was initially strange working in a traditionally male environment, she never took a backward step and soon became entrenched in the industry. She did her apprenticeship through Campbelltown TAFE where she met her teacher, Frank Goodlad, who guided her through her years of study. “It was really quite amazing how well I took to the TAFE environment compared to the school environment. I guess it was

because I was doing something I really believed I was meant to do.” Trudy often joked with Frank that one day she would come back and do his job, although neither of them thought it would be so soon. “With Dad as my mentor and best friend, he taught me well. I suppose I have a more mature head on my shoulders than you might expect from someone in their mid-twenties.” Trudy has really packed a great deal into her life thus far. She is a former W-League footballer, having played with the Central Coast Mariners, Western Sydney Wanderers and Sydney City during an eight-year career. She “retired” to focus on her automotive career, help her Dad recover from an unexpected illness, move house and relocate the business to Picton. Trudy has already fully restored a ’59 Cadillac, which was a three-year build, and is working on restoring the first car she ever owned – a Holden FE panel van, which is the model that replaced the iconic FJ. Garry Clear, Head Techer at Ultimo TAFE said: “Trudy’s skills and knowledge as a teacher are growing exponentially as she communicates with passion and enthusiasm to her students the craft of an autobody

Trudy Camilleri .

repair technician. The students have responded respectfully, engaged in Trudy’s achievements, her current projects and the knowledge and skills she delivers to them individually and as a group. As a former Regional WorldSkills Autobody Repair category gold medallist, Trudy works with our Sydney Region WorldSkills competitors and volunteered as one of the Sydney Region Team Leaders for 33 competitors at the recent 2018 National WorldSkills Competition. She is a great role model for women considering a career as an autobody repair technician and the pathways and opportunities this offers.” Editor: When I first met Trudy, she was closely watching the Autobody Repair category at the recent WorldSkills national competition and I could tell she had something special. She is full of confidence, clearly passionate about cars and teaching the technicians of tomorrow. Trudy is indeed a worthy Future Leader of the Industry.

iag donates two I-CAR courses valued at more than $500 to the Future Leader that we feature each month in this section

The National Collision Repairer – 3 1

- - - - - - - - - - - C U S T O M W I T H

C O R N E R - - - - - - - - - - O W E N




The biggest ever!


Grand Master - FX Ute.

Summernats 2018 Grand Champion Bad Apple.

3 2 – C U S TO M C O R N E R

It was apparent from the moment the gates opened on Saturday morning that we were in for a big one as fans streamed through and into the expansive grounds and pavilions that housed the show – and there was something for everyone! After more than 10 years building the event, last year MotorActive sold MotorEx to Over the Top Productions (OTP), the owners of Summernats, although they retained the major sponsorship and support with entrants and other aspects of the show. The new vision was to grow the overall event footprint, introduce SEMA and new sections, and make it a genuine two-day event. There is no doubt that this was achieved. With around 30,000 spectators, over 600 cars, 150 businesses, five activations, great weather and an amazing atmosphere all combined to make this year the best MotorEx yet. I knew it would be a great event with OTP’s experience running large shows over many years, but this exceeded all my expectations. With the increased size of the show, set-up at the Melbourne Showgrounds started on Tuesday with floor marking and exhibitor stand builds along with outdoor structures erected. The House of Kolor (HoK) Inauguration vehicles started setting up from noon on Thursday, covered up and waiting for the bump-in on Friday morning. All this went smoothly, with the entrants and exhibitors set up by 9pm Friday. Saturday dawned with

- - - - - - - - - - - C U S T O M

cool but clear weather and we had a live cross to the Sunrise television show each half hour outlining some of the features of the show. On Saturday at noon we unveiled the eight vehicles in the HoK Inauguration – brand new custom vehicles never seen before. The standout vehicle was the Fordson van built by Johnny Z Customs in Melbourne. Johnny and his team have been building great vehicles for over 30 years, but the Fordson is the pinnacle of their work so far. It was a seven-year build with over 200 new panels and every part of the van fabricated. We also displayed a standard van so that people could understand the fabrication involved and quality of the overall finish. There were 34 impeccablypresented elite show cars, with 24 Meguiar’s Superstar qualifiers in the Boulevard pavilion, some of which we’ve seen before. The Summernats Grand Champion, “Bad Apple”, was once again on display and looked flawless. The Super Six was announced on Saturday afternoon, with the current Summernats “Top Judged”, Grahame Barkers FX Holden ute, announced as the Grand Master on Sunday morning. The category awards were hard-fought battles that resulted in 12 different cars receiving Elite Awards. The American Legend Street Elite continues to grow, with over 100 cars aiming for the top “Pinnacle” award; a brand new ’68 Camaro took out several category awards along with the coveted Top Street Machine. The cars are obviously the feature, but the 150 businesses that exhibited provided knowledge, experience and expertise to anyone building a car or even interested in the custom car industry. In the Herrod Performance Garage, the largest gathering of automotive enthusiast businesses in Australia, many of the industry’s most respected leaders displayed their products and services, together with live demonstrations of their transformation capabilities. With the closure of car manufacturing in Australia, it was great to see some of

C O R N E R - - - - - - - - - - -

Barry Hall matches it with Chip Foose on the Rare Spares stage.

Carmine DeMaria discusses Chooda with the Guru.

Peter Olver's EH made the Super Six.

Johnny Z's Fordson van.

The National Collision Repairer – 3 3

- - - - - - - - - - - C U S T O M

that technology on display. There were designers, clay modellers, scanning and 3D printing information and demonstrations on display over the weekend. The guys on these stands were blown away with the response to their technology and see an opportunity in our industry. Another feature was the Hall of Fame, which was headed up by AFL celebrity Barry Hall with his five cars. Sam Newman had his 429 Mustang together with the Rocca brothers’ old and new Mustangs. Actor John Wood had his three cars on display and Corey Parker also had his satin black Cadillac on show. Andrew Daddo unveiled the restoration of his family HR, which was completed by Resto my Ride. One of the more spectacular sights was Street Machine magazine, which had 14 of their cover cars from the last 10 years. The activations worked really well. Across the two days, Injectors Online hosted the Driftworld demonstrations where the drivers showed off their extraordinary skills in front of spectators who were three-to-four deep. The Isuzu DMax two-wheel and Seesaw were busy all day with passengers and thrill seekers loving this area, and the Burn-out Beasts really got the crowd involved. One of my favourite areas was the Rare Spares stage with music, burnout cars on display and “Chip Foose’s Top 5” giving car owners the rare opportunity to drive up and chat with the master. Foose also did a rendering of the Grand Master on Sunday in around an hour, which he presented to Grahame Barker. Foose is such a passionate and awesome artist and it was a real privilege having him here again as a guest of 3M. When he was not on the 3M stand signing autographs or doing a rendering, he was enjoying the show as he mixed with the huge crowd. He is always generous with his time, signing autographs, posing for selfies and passing on his incredible knowledge and thoughts on build styles and colours. Overall, it was an awesome event. In this modern day of social media,

3 4 – C U S TO M C O R N E R

C O R N E R - - - - - - - - - - -

Matt Egan at HoK Inauguration.

Pinnacle Award winning '68 Camaro.

Street Elite Top Hot Rod by Mark Harris.

where typically many people post comments without knowing all of the facts or what is behind certain decisions, the vast majority of the post-show comments were still more positive than ever before. I’ll keep you updated on timing and place for MotorEx 2019 – planning is already under way.

Owen is the Business Development Manager of Motoractive. He is also a leading figure within the auto re-styling and vehicle modification industry.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - T E C H N O L O G Y - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


BMW Group and Daimler AG agree to combine mobility services The BMW Group and Daimler AG are joining forces to offer customers a single source for sustainable urban mobility services. The two companies have signed an agreement to merge their mobility services business units. Subject to examination and approval by the responsible competition authorities, the BMW Group and Daimler AG plan to combine and strategically expand their existing ondemand mobility offering in the areas of car sharing, ride hailing, parking, electric car charging and multimodality. Each company will hold a 50 percent stake in a joint venture model comprising both companies’ mobility services. The two companies will remain competitors in their respective core businesses. The aim of this transaction is for the joint venture to become a leading provider of innovative mobility services. Both automotive manufacturers aim to shape the mobility of the future to be able to offer their customers unique experiences and support their partners, such as cities and communes, in achieving sustainable urban mobility. The partners intend to offer their customers a holistic ecosystem of intelligent, seamlessly connected


Moovel and various modes of transportation.

mobility services, available at the tap of a finger. Together, the BMW Group and Daimler AG plan to grow this new business model sustainably and enable rapid global scaling of services. Working as partners, both companies will address the challenges arising from urban mobility and changing customer wishes, and will cooperate with cities, municipalities and other interest groups to improve quality of life in major cities. The merger will promote electromobility, for example, by offering electrified car sharing vehicles, as well as easy access to charging and parking options. As a result, it will become even easier to experience and use sustainable mobility services. “The BMW Group is shaping future mobility – and striking out in new directions to do so. Our strategy provides the BMW Group with a roadmap to a digital and emission-free future,” said Harald Krüger, chairman

of the board of management of BMW AG. “Combining our mobility services as planned will create a unique digital ecosystem. This alliance will make it easier for our customers to discover the emission-free mobility of the future. We remain competitors when it comes to the best premium vehicles. The planned merger of our mobility services will pool our resources and it sends a strong signal to our new competitors,” added Krüger. “As pioneers in automotive engineering, we will not leave the task of shaping future urban mobility to others. There will be more people than ever before without a car who will still want to be extremely mobile. We want to combine our expertise and experience to develop a unique, sustainable ecosystem for urban mobility,” said Dieter Zetsche, chairman of the board of management of Daimler AG and head

- - - - - - - - - - - - - T E C H N O L O G Y - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

of Mercedes-Benz Cars. “At Daimler, we are vigorously and systematically pursuing our transformation from automobile manufacturer to provider of mobility services with our CASE strategy. CASE stands for connectivity, automated driving, sharing and services and electric mobility.” “The future of mobility lies in cities: the key to more liveable cities is in intelligent and seamless services that are easy to use and combine sustainable modes of transport and mobility services,” said Peter Schwarzenbauer, member of the board of management of BMW AG, responsible for MINI, Rolls-Royce, BMW Motorrad, Customer Engagement and Digital Business Innovation BMW Group. “The pioneering work and commitment of the employees who provide our services have laid a valuable foundation. I would like to thank them very much indeed for all that they have done,” Schwarzenbauer continued. “The sustainable mobility of tomorrow is flexible and connected – a vision we share with our partner, the BMW Group,” explained Bodo Uebber, member of the board of management of Daimler AG, responsible for Finance & Control and Daimler Financial Services. “Together, we can offer millions of customers highly attractive products and services to make their lives easier and their environment a better place to live. The options offered by the planned joint ventureconcept will complement mobility services offered by cities.” The equally-owned joint venture model is designed to combine services in the following five areas: Multimodal and on-demand mobility with moovel and ReachNow: Intelligent and seamless connectivity between different mobility offerings – including booking and payment – will create significant added value for users. It will also offer possible solutions for the challenges of urban private transport. Car sharing with Car2Go and DriveNow: Car2Go and DriveNow operate a total of 20,000 vehicles in 31 major

Moovel on-demand as an App.

international cities. Car sharing enables better utilisation of vehicles and thus helps reduce the total number of vehicles in cities. More than four million customers already use these Car sharing services. Ride hailing with mytaxi, Chauffeur Privé, Clever Taxi and Beat: With Europe’s largest taxi app, simply order a taxi or use a licensed driver in France for a ride in the French metropolises. In total, 13 million customers and some 140,000 drivers are already using modern, practical and fast ride hailing with mytaxi, Clever Taxi and Beat or private hire vehicle service Chauffeur Privé. Innovative offers such as mytaximatch, in which people not known to each other share a taxi at a fingertip, make an important contribution to reducing inner-city traffic by eliminating numerous individual trips in the urban space. Parking with ParkNow and Parkmobile Group/Parkmobile LLC: Ticketless, cashless on-street parking or help finding, reserving and paying for off-street parking in a garage. Innovative digital parking services reduce the time and amount of driving involved in finding a parking space. This will reduce traffic significantly, as cars searching for parking spaces currently account for around 30 percent of road traffic. Charging with ChargeNow and Digital Charging Solutions: Easy access (including location, charging and payment) to the world’s largest network of public charging stations with more than 143,000

charging points worldwide. Combined with parking privileges in cities, this will support the expansion of electromobility by helping people get to know this drive technology and integrate it easily into their mobility needs. The formation of the joint venture will produce a significant valuation and earnings effect at Daimler Financial Services. If the approval of the competition authorities is received this year, the following adjustments will be made to the group outlook for Daimler AG: the company expects EBIT for Daimler Financial Services to be significantly higher than the previous year; for the Group as a whole, this means EBIT is likely to be slightly higher than the previous year. If approved by the relevant authorities in the course of this year, the formation of the joint venture will trigger a one-time valuation and earnings effect in the BMW AG group’s financial statement and thus lead to an adjustment of the company’s guidance. Under these circumstances, pre-tax earnings at group level would increase slightly in 2018 compared with the previous year. The valuation and earnings effect would have no impact on the EBIT margin in the automotive segment. The joint project is subject to examination and approval by the respective competition authorities. The best possible customer experience is already the focus of both partners’ services. Therefore, initially nothing will change for the millions of customers, with existing services still being provided to the same extent and with the same level of quality.

The National Collision Repairer – 3 7

- - - - - - - - - - - - - T E C H N O L O G Y - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ADAS leads to lower frequency and severity – unless it’s rear-impact Certified Collateral Corporation (CCC) suggested advanced driver assistance systems worked successfully to decrease not only the frequency but also the severity when a vehicle was involved in a front-end collision. However, when comparing two four-door sedans, the repair bills for ADAS-equipped cars involved in a rear impact – such as getting rear-ended or just backing into something – were higher than their counterparts without ADAS. “That was consistent for both vehicles,” CCC director and analyst Susanna Gotsch told a recent Collision Industry Conference. It’s the latest evidence suggesting the hypothesis that ADAS means frequency decreases but severity increases is only half right, or at least is more nuanced than you’d expect. In 2017, Honda reported that a US study of Allstate customers found owners of 2016 Honda Civics with the Honda Sensing ADAS suite were in fewer collisions and their crashes cost less to repair than Civics without the technology. CCC looked at a four-door sedan with and without ADAS for two manufacturers and did the same for a small crossover made by one of the OEMs. It found that the frequency of front-end losses fell three to five percent on the vehicles with ADAS. “Makes sense, right?” said Gotsch. “The results suggest that repair costs may vary from differences in how each manufacturer’s ADAS technology performs, such as the ability to prevent lower speed accidents altogether, as well as vehicle design differences.” Nevertheless, the overall repair cost came out lower in both cases. “When the accident is not prevented, ADAS systems help slow the vehicle before impact and mitigate the damage and subsequent cost of repair,” said Gotsch. As noted above, the design and capability of the system seemed to affect what was repaired and how often. Gotsch said OEM repair


Susanna Gotsch.

procedures were largely the same and the difference in the cost of replacement parts wasn’t enough to account for the “pretty interesting” difference in distribution. “This suggests that the quality of the OEM’s ADAS system is in play,” she said. One of the two OEMs had historically done very well in stopping its vehicles completely to avoid a crash, while the other had done “well” but wasn’t as effective. The configuration of the system may also matter, although the sedans also showed different replace and repair rates for various parts involved in such collisions. “The results here also suggest that the two different vehicles analysed vary from differences in the performance of each manufacturer’s ADAS technology.” The ADAS-equipped vehicle appraisals for vehicle 1 have a higher percent of appraisals that include top replacement parts like front bumper cover, headlamp assembly and guards than vehicles not equipped without ADAS. The ADAS-equipped vehicle appraisals for vehicle 2, on the other hand, have a lower percent of appraisals that include those same parts than vehicles without ADAS. Differences in the frequency of repair versus replace also help illustrate the potential differences in vehicle damage sustained. For example, the ADAS-equipped vehicle appraisals for vehicle 2 included a guard repair or replacement on 30

percent fewer collision front impacts, although repair of the guard occurred on about eight percent fewer of the ADAS-equipped vehicles.” Rear-end collisions weren’t mitigated by the technology and both sedans saw higher severity in such claims. Gotsch said that CCC didn’t break down whether rear-end impacts were caused by the driver backing into something or getting rear-ended. Technology exists to mitigate the former, but in the case of the latter, ADAS components like reversing cameras, parking assist sensors and blind spot monitoring radar are just expensive, useless targets. In both instances, the existence of a collision also might trigger the need to inspect or calibrate sensors on the front of a vehicle, further impacting the repair cost over an ADAS-less vehicle. “Clearly, the technology will change the mix of claims and repairs in the future, but with fewer front end collisions and accidents overall, manufacturers will see a decline in overall part sales,” CCC concluded.

This article courtesy of John Huetter of Repairer Driven Education (RDE). Check out their website at: for this and many other informative and educational articles on the collision repair industry

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Options O ption ions for for or smash smash rrepair re epair businesses business esses es › G Get et a Re R Restricted estrricted R Ref Refrigerant frigerant n Recovery Recover y Licence L icence and a nd d do o the refrigerant ref efrigerant recovery recover y yourself you y ourself

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The T he ha h handling andling and and trade trade of of fluorocarbon fluorocarbon refrigerants refr frigerants iiss c controlled ontrolled and and enforced enforced by by the the D Department epar tment of of the the Environment E nvironment a and nd E Energy. nerg rgy gy. T The he A Australian ustralian Refrigeration Refrig igeration Council Co uncilil a administers dmi ministers the the R RAC AC llicensing icensing scheme s heme sc on behalf of Department. o n beha half o f of the the D epar tment.

F For or ffurther urther iinformation nformation v visit isit w _repair

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - T E C H W I T H


T I P S - - - - - - - - - - - - - T A Y L O R


The basic objective of implementing 5S into your business is to: 1. Eliminate wasted motion 2. Develop disciplined work habits, 3. Create a clean, well-organised workplace 4. Visually identify problems immediately So, what is 5S? Sort – separate required tools and supplies This is the first culture change stage. When Sorting, remove all items from the workspace that are not useful for current production operations. Sorting is a matter of determining what is useful in the repair of a vehicle. We must take a long, hard look at each item in the work space, with no area off limits. Everyone in the business, from management to production staff, must be involved by utilising red tags for items that are not needed in a particular work space and yellow tags for items that require repair. Shine/Sweep – conduct a clean-up campaign Whilst this is very important to the process, it is often the “S” that is paid the least amount of attention. The goal is to provide a cleanliness baseline. Clean everything in your work space, including paint weighing scales, booth inlet and exhaust venting ducts, oil all air tools, clean curtains in preparation areas, blades of ceiling fans, repaint floors and walls marking out designated bays. These are just some examples from an


extremely long list. Once the initial clean has been completed, maintain daily ongoing “shines” with a visual maintenance schedule. Set in Order – define and label where things go This is a little more technical as it requires the study of motion. When we designate an area for a particular tool or item, we need to ensure that this is the best area for all users. This “S” requires visual controls, keeping in mind that any visual controls need to adhere to 5S principles: they need to be easy to clean (shine) and sustain. Point-of-use carts are a great example of an item that is fantastic for this “S”, and the cart must be kept clean with standard materials and visual controls of the cart. Standardise – visual reminder of where they go This is basically documenting and posting the standards so that everyone knows what they are and can be constantly reminded, such as SOPs, maintenance or cleaning schedules and vehicle visual mapping. This “S” maintains and monitors the first three S’s and of most importance is using the KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) principle. Complete routine inspections and refer to the standards. Employees need to be fully aware of why this is so important, and they need to be “on board” with the process. This is a critical “S”; if you do not standardise your workplace, it will quickly revert to its previous state.

Sustain – reinforce a habit to put them in place By far the most difficult “S” to achieve, it defines success or failure. It takes a minimum of 21 days of continuous reinforcement to create a new habit, and as the owner of the business, sustaining your own personal work space is paramount to your employees continuing to sustain their workspaces. Returning the work area to a 5S work state, with all tools being returned to their designated areas and supplies replenished to begin work the next day, is critical for the long-term sustainability of 5S. So, think about the body shop of 2018. Is there a sixth “S”? Is the Safety of our employees and customers the most important “S” of them all, or does safety rest within each “S” as a requirement of achieving that step change? 5S is not just about cleaning up – 5S targets improved productivity, efficiency and safety within the workshop to deliver a quality repair in the shortest possible time at a competitive price.

Full details on Axalta Services and the latest courses available relating to 5S and other Lean Foundation courses can be found at AxaltaServices. This article is supplied courtesy of Robin Taylor, Axalta Services Manager, who has a lifetime of experience in the coatings industry assisting collision repairers to run more efficient and effective businesses.

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A C H I E V E M E N T - - - - - - -

Acknowledging a lifetime of contribution Criteria for induction into the National Collision Repairer Lifetime Achievement Honour Roll 1. A minimum of 10 years in the collision repair industry 2. Contributions to the collision repair industry beyond the scope of their local area 3. Contributions to the collision repair industry beyond the scope of their direct employment 4. Nominations shall come from within the collision repair industry on the nomination form with supporting rationale. A nomination form can be obtained from: The National Collision Repairer PO Box 3183, Dendy, Victoria 3186 Email: Tel: +61 458 588 333

The National Collision Repairer thanks and acknowledges the ongoing support of our sponsors


Honour Roll ................................ Richard Nathan ................................ David Weatherall ................................ Terry Flanagan ................................ Marshall Duncan ................................ Graham Winter ................................ Jeff Hendler (Int) ................................ Max Chanter ................................ John Howes ................................ Robert Renwick (Int) ................................ David Newton-Ross ................................ Wayne Phipps ................................ Richard Pratt ................................ Bob Rees ................................ Lance Weiss ................................ Mark Brady ................................ Don Wait OAM ................................ Tony Farrugia ................................ Bob Christie ................................ John Zulian ................................ Tom Vukelic ................................ Robin Taylor ................................ Ray McMartin ................................ Colin Edwards ................................ Ian Wilkinson ................................ Julie Thomas ................................ Brian Johnson ................................ Terry Feehan ................................ Owen Webb OAM ................................ Phil Nixon ................................ Trevor Parkes ................................ Tony Warrener OAM ................................ Brenton Abbott ................................ Michael Killen ................................ Carl Tinsley ................................ Per Madsen (Int) ................................ Rex Crowther (Int) ................................ Michael Wilkinson ................................ Garry Clear ................................ Cec Simpson ................................

The National Collision Repairer – 4 1

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S I D E - - - - - - - - - - - - Y O S W I C K



Allen Martinez.

Whether your collision repair business is large or small, keeping your company name in front of previous customers and potential new ones is important. Here are some ways that US shops are trying to market and differentiate their business without spending a fortune. Social media Lefler Collision, which operates four shops in Indiana and Kentucky, hosts “Ladies Night Out” at its shops. These are free events that promise to share “what every woman should know about vehicle care, repair and maintenance.” The events include dinner and giveaways, and cover what to do if you’re in a crash and information on why vehicle maintenance is so important. The company also racks up some impressive social media interaction. A “cutest pet contest” on Facebook solicited nearly 2,600 posts and comments (and 455 “shares”) in less than a week, with entrants vying for a $50 fuel card. Giveaways of tickets to a professional baseball game also resulted in hundreds of comments and shares.


Sandy Buerk.

Think big With a population of about 13,000, St Marys, Pennsylvania, may be fairly small as far as markets go, not large enough even to break into the list of the Top 50 cities in the state. But that hasn’t kept Sandy Buerk and her team at St Marys Auto Body from thinking big. Since 2010, the shop has brought big names in country music to town for concerts that have become both a marketing opportunity for the shop as well as a way to give back to the community. This year’s concert featured Joe Diffie, who has had five No.1 songs on Billboard Hot Country charts, including “Pickup Man” and “Bigger Than the Beatles.” Headliners at previous concerts have included Merle Haggard, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Sawyer Brown and Montgomery Gentry. The shop sells tickets though its website and the annual event regularly fills the 1,300-seat high school auditorium. Though costs generally exceed revenue, Buerk said it’s designed not as a money-maker but a way to

Tom Fleming.

celebrate and bring the community together. A portion of the proceeds are always donated to a local cause, generally one connected with the local school district or senior citizens. Unmet needs Tom Fleming looked around his market in Oregon’s capital city of Salem and saw there weren’t many shops equipped to repair larger vehicles like buses, RVs and tall vans. So, he added a 50-foot paint booth to his shop, Fleming’s Body & Paint, and is also considering adding a large truck frame rack. “Nobody is really going that direction, and now if you want to survive, you can’t be just another guy waiting for the insurance work to come through the door,” he said. “You’ve got to be different from everybody else.” Give back Each year, Nu-Look Collision, which operates 16 shops in the New York area, selects three families in need to each receive a $100 grocery store gift certificate each week for 20 weeks.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - S T A T E

Over the last five years, Nu-Look has donated $36,000 in gift certificates to 18 families and received a lot of positive publicity in the community. Personalise Schaefer Autobody Centres posts a brief profile of one of its customerfacing employees, such as estimators, managers and customer service reps, from one of its 11 shops in Missouri and Illinois to its website and social media site every month. The posts highlight each of the employees’ strengths, their career path at the company, and what customers or co-workers say about them. Each piece welcomes readers to contact the employee at their Schaefer Autobody location. Specialise Allen Martinez, the manager of the Prestige Imports Collision Centre since 2016, said he believes it will become increasingly difficult for independent shops to succeed without specialisation and OEM certifications, particularly as consumers have more access to information online. “They want to know that their car is being repaired by a technician who has worked on that type of car before,” he said. “If I get in an accident with my $60,000 or $80,000 vehicle, I want to make sure that car is going to perform as it did before. It’s not that independents or MSOs can’t repair those types of cars. But how many

S I D E - - - - - - - - - - - - -

of them do they see? We work on 60 Audi A4s a month, or 20 Porsche 911s, or 20 Land Rovers. There are things that are unique to those types of cars that most technicians aren’t familiar with.” Martinez said that, although the shop primarily repairs the vehicle lines for which it is certified, it’s not uncommon to see Ford pick-ups or other automakers’ vehicles in for repairs. He stresses that all customers’ vehicles are treated equally. “It doesn’t matter if they spent $25,000 on a Honda, or $100,000 on a Land Rover; they’re all entitled to have their car repaired correctly using the OEM standards and guidelines,” he said. “We’d be doing a disservice or an injustice to the consumer if we’re not doing that.” Value added service Several shops around the United States offer a marketing service they call “Detail for Life”, often crediting Midwest shop owner and consultant Dave Dunn for the concept. Under the program, customers with a repair that exceeds a specified dollar amount can schedule up to four interior and exterior cleanings of their vehicle per year (one per season) at the shop for as long as they own that vehicle. Shops say it's popular with customers and helps keep the shop in their mind on an ongoing basis rather than only once every few years on average when they are in an accident.

“We see them quarterly, and if I didn’t have that program, I probably wouldn’t have much contact with them,” said one shop owner who uses the program. “Detail for Life” works best, several shop owners said, if you have at least two or more bays for detailing, and offer detailing on a retail basis as well. Customers need to schedule the free details, allowing the shop to limit how many of them are done in a day. Some shops give customers an opportunity to buy the service as gifts for others or for another one of their vehicles. Another US shop owner said he pulls a small percentage of the shop’s labour sales to help offset some of the cost of his detail department. Another said that, although as with all marketing it can be difficult to gauge how well it pencils out, he likes that the resources he invests into it not only are a sales tool but also benefit his existing customers. Editor: Whilst these examples are clearly focused on what works in the local US market, the marketing principles are fundamentally sound. John is a freelance writer based in the United States who has been writing about the automotive industry since 1988, he is also the editor of the weekly Crash Network



Extreme Cutting Power

Cartec products are distributed by Le´Mix Pty Ltd. For more information about Cartec or other Le´Mix products, visit or contact Le´Mix on tel: (02) 9708 4959

The National Collision Repairer – 4 3

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U P D A T E - - - - - - - - - - - C Z V I T K O V I T S


Training Does it deliver a return on investment? THIS QUESTION OFTEN ARISES DURING MANY CONVERSATIONS AT EVERY LEVEL, AND THE SIMPLE ANSWER IS “YES” – BUT IT IS AN INVESTMENT THAT NOT EVERYONE FEELS IS NECESSARY. Like many in the industry, the prospect of what we term “off-the-job training” is often conceived as a waste of time. Many believe that learning by doing is the best and most efficient way to further professional development. Why is this view of training so entrenched in many industries, including collision repair? Over the last few years, we have seen so much technology being introduced into vehicles, equipment and consumables that it often seems overwhelming and, as a tradesperson, you are expected to know and understand it all. Let’s face it, we all went to TAFE at some point in our early learning to become panel beaters or spray painters. This learning pathway has been, and will continue to be, the entry into our trade. Even the teachers are required to attend new training or professional development within their respective trades to deliver the “new basics” for collision repair. So much has changed that they are now delivering Certificate IIIs in Autobody Repair and Auto Refinish Technology. Our tradespeople are now body repair technicians and auto refinish technicians, but it seems the workplace is often the last bastion where change is seen to happen. So, the return on investment (ROI) in training is not a “one course wonder” and the true return will be seen over a period of time. The expectation from many is that, after a

4 4 – I - C A R U P DAT E

single training course, the whole business and culture will be turned around, which is an unrealistic expectation. Any training pathway is just that, a pathway to a better understanding of what is required. The entire workplace needs to be engaged to see the benefits across the entire business. A great example is welding and the benefits derived from producing strong and neat welds. I-CAR, and every OEM, recommends performing practice welds before attempting to weld anywhere on a vehicle. This provides the opportunity for the technician to fine tune the welder for the various types of welds required, which can include overhead and vertical welds. The result will be welds that require very little dressing, especially across a joint that requires filler. However, if they do not perform practice welds, they may blow a hole in the weld and then will be required to come back and fill the hole. On completion, the areas are then sanded smooth and ready for filler and onto refinishing. With both repairs now ready for priming, it is clear that the repair where the technician did not perform the practice welds will require more primer as the repaired area is larger which, in turn, will require more preparation before the topcoats are applied. All of this equates to time and lost productivity. Multiply this by the amount of work done over an entire year and compare to the cost of a training course.

There will be many areas of your business that can be improved through training, not just a single course, but a training pathway for the needs of your business. IAG has recently required their collision repair businesses to achieve I-CAR Gold Class, the AMBRA shop grading requires training as part of the standard, Suncorp has a training requirement for their recommended repairers and Holden has adopted I-CAR Gold Class as its training standard. The message is clear, although unfortunately the longer it is left as the last thing to be included in your business plan, the more it will cost you in lost time – and time equals money! Is there a ROI on training? Do the sums and see what it costs you when a job goes wrong. It not only affects that particular job, but all of the other jobs in your production plan. You may well be surprised at the results. Change is inevitable, and inevitably you will have to change. I-CAR can assist in developing training plans for your business, no matter how large or small it may be. If you have any questions, contact us at or 07 3219 9088 for more information. Mark is the CEO of I-CAR Australia. His mission is to ensure that the collision repair industry understands the importance of having fully trained personnel and knowledgeable technicians

- - - - - - - - - E V E N T S P R O U D L Y


T R A I N I N G - - - - - - - - -



Calendar of events KNOWING WHEN IT’S ON AND WHAT’S COMING UP NCR Industry Symposium 4th August 2018 – Melbourne

Automechanika 11th – 15th September 2018 – Frankfurt

NACE Automechanika 8th – 10th August 2018 – Atlanta

SEMA 31st October - 3rd November 2018 – Las Vegas

Training contacts 3M Australia George Di Scala Tel: 0400 382 649 AkzoNobel Tel: (03) 9644 1711 Axalta Coating Systems Product training Axalta services Tel: 1800 292 582 BASF Australia Ltd Peter Jones Tel: (02) 8787 0142 Dents R Us Laury Chibnall Tel: 0438 383 555 iBodyshop E: Tel: (03) 9548 7400 LORD (Fusor, Farecla & Sika) Tel: (03) 9560 6066 Mipa Australia Pty Ltd Tel: (03) 9793 8800

PPG Australia Pty Ltd MVP Business Solutions VIC/TAS Mindy Roberts 0407 528 869 NSW/ACT Greg Tunks 0411 288 451 Cliff Reed 0413 851 433 QLD/NT John Stack 0413 274 035 SA/WA Brett Humphreys 0414 181 030 PPG Training VIC/TAS: (03) 8586 0000 NSW/ACT: (02) 9854 6600 QLD/NT: (07) 3823 8000 SA: 0412 832 919 WA: 0437 902 125 Protec Tel: 1800 076 466 U-pol Damian Capelluti Tel: 0400 366 483 Valspar Automotive Tel: (02) 4368 4054


Suncorp Program Employer of Choice for Gender Equality for fifth consecutive year For the fifth consecutive year, Suncorp has been recognised as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. EOCGE is a voluntary leading practice recognition program designed to encourage and promote gender equality in Australian workplaces. "We are thrilled to be recognised as an industry leader for workplace gender equality and for the progress we have made to positively contribute to gender equality as an organisation," said Suncorp's Chief People Experience Officer Amanda Revis. "We have worked hard to embed equality for all genders through inclusive people policies and workplace practices, including flexible work, pay, access to promotion, development, career opportunities and representation at all levels of the organisation. "We are proud to receive this award at a time when we have achieved gender balance (50 percent men and 50 percent women) across our total leadership team." Suncorp and other citation holders were assessed against several criteria covering gender remunerations gaps, discrimination, targets for improving gender equality outcomes, flexible working and other initiatives to support family responsibilities. Recognition as a citation holder is testament to Suncorp's ongoing commitment to gender equality and inclusion.

The National Collision Repairer – 4 5

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S H O W C A S E - - - - - - - -

baslac 40-50 2K High Productivity Fast Clear – 5L baslac 40-50 clearcoat was developed specifically to have a super-fast drying time at ambient temperatures. A fast 30-minute air-dry-to-polish time allows body shops the possibility of increasing productivity with their existing equipment. baslac 40-50 can also be baked for 10 minutes, but regardless of whether it is baked or air-dried, 40-

50 High Productivity Fast Clear will reduce process times and provide the body shop with an opportunity to increase repair capacity. For more information on this baslac product or the full range of baslac products to achieve the ultimate finish, contact your local baslac distributor or visit:

GYS Neopulse 300 MIG Welder The Neopulse 300, which is a 270A double pulse MIG Welder, is ideal for industrial workshops and automotive body shops. It requires a three-phase power supply and is ideal for aluminium repairs. The electronic aspect of the Neopulse 300 has been improved for: • Accelerated computing speed. • Better transfer of metal. • Ease of use when welding thin metal sheets. The professional interface has a TFT display and reads: type of wire,

gas, current, voltage, thickness, wire speed, welding mode and more. It has two optical encoders for easy navigation and the Synergic settings update via an SD card. The Neopulse 300 is equally as good for steel and bronze as the push-pull torch has an integrated motor in the handle that delivers a wire feed that is constant and reliable, eliminating wire jam. It has been fully approved by Mercedes Benz and the Neopulse 300-T2 model has Tesla approval. The NEW GYS Neopulse 300 is in

stock now at Sydney Automotive Paints & Equipment. Please call us today on Tel: (02) 9772 9000 for a demonstration, or visit: /GYSNEO3

Nippon announces the nax Premila range The nax Premila 2K refinish system enables the collision repair centre to achieve a competitive advantage in its local market by ensuring maximum profits while managing productivity and rising costs. nax Premila 2K is the premium solvent-borne solution that provides best in class aluminium orientation, exceptional DOI, flow and levelling. With a wide range of colours to choose from and easy colour matching, nax Premila 2K is extremely easy to use and change over, with minimum fuss and maximum benefits. nax Premila is an approved brand by all major automotive players in most markets. The nax Velocity Repair Solution is designed to deliver an ultra-fast repair solution in ambient conditions, thereby vastly improving efficiency

4 6 – P R O D U C T S H OW C A S E

whilst reducing workshop cost. Our line of fast repair products is worldclass and the fastest complete refinishing paint system in the world. nax Velocity Line offers the ideal solution for the quick repair process and is recommended for adoption in all high traffic body shops where the focus is on efficiency and productivity. Designed to turn around your customer's vehicle with light repair within two hours, nax Velocity Repair

System gives more than a 250 percent reduction in time and energy over conventional repair systems under similar ambient conditions. Single dents can be repaired in 100 minutes and multiple small dent repairs are performed within 150 minutes, even without IR lamps or other forced drying techniques. For further information, contact PFA on (02) 8795 8588 or visit

- - P R O D U C T

S H O W C A S E - -


Minutes with ...

Car-O-Liner PointX Estimating & Diagnostics Improve cycle time and increase profits with confident estimating. Under vehicle measuring Measure and diagnose with vehiclespecific data, magnetic attaching to provide fast and accurate damage estimates. Without a connected database, you are guessing. Document your work and get paid for your work. Upper body measuring From under hood, door and glass openings, radiator supports and tail light pockets, the PointX is your tool for productivity. Get the data you need to get paid for the work you perform. Includes • A new generation measurement device with colour display. • Vision2 PointX software and measuring adaptors. • Panasonic Toughbook and data subscription for the first year. Benefits • Upper body point-to-point

measurement capability – measure the entire vehicle. • Bluetooth communication with Vision2 PointX software. • Electronic documentation with printed report. • Automatic height calculation while measuring under the vehicle. • Lightweight, efficient and easy-touse carbon fibre measuring device. Measuring with Car-O-Liner PointX is quick and easy: • Select the year, make and model from our database of thousands of vehicles. • Select the points you desire to measure and get started. • Diagnose and blueprint the vehicle according to the measured points. • Print the report for the next step in your repair process. For more information, contact or call Car-O-Liner Australia on Tel: (02) 4271 6287

Paul Tribe Kangan Institute Automotive Centre of Excellence When did you join the industry? 1983 What was your first job in the industry? Panel Beater What do you do now? TAFE Teacher - Autobody What do you like about the industry? Innovative vehicle design and repair methods What don’t you like about the industry? Ongoing pressure to meet insurance time allowances What music do you like? Songs with words you can actually understand Your Favourite Artist? Bruce Springsteen Your favourite food? Thai food Your favourite drink? VB Your hobbies? Windsurfing, Snowboarding, Fishing Who in the world would you most like to meet? George from Tattersalls when he delivers the division one cheque

PROUDLY SPONSORED BY The National Collision Repairer – 4 7

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Axalta launches the latest Sagola spray gun The new “Red and Black” Sagola 3300 GTO CAR spray gun suits today’s industry professional, tackling modern refinishing challenges headon to deliver the highest levels of quality finish and user comfort at an affordable price. The new design of this high-performance gun combines both lightness and robustness. The gun is forged from a highly resistant red aluminium body and black regulators, with high transference TECH and EPA air caps, efficiency nozzles, plus a RC2 air flow regulator gauge as standard on the TECH models. Such features enable the 3300 GTO CAR to meet the most demanding applications of clear coats and waterborne paints for greater uniformity and product savings. The high transfer spray gun is ergonomically designed, lightweight and exceptionally well balanced for perfect handling and ease of manoeuvrability. The high volume, low pressure spray paint atomisation is

Axalta launches the latest clear coat from Syrox Simplicity defines Syrox, the latest refinish waterborne system by Axalta Coating Systems. To expand on this strength, Syrox now adds S5200 Flex Clear Coat to its portfolio to help refinishers save time and energy thanks to the clear’s rapid drying performance. The new S5200 Flex Clear is part of the compact Syrox refinish system. Its specially developed formulation promotes low, ready-for-use viscosity, allowing users easy application in just two coats and short intermediate flash-off time. It also promotes strong vertical stability, rapid drying and easy polish-ability after cool-down whilst maintaining a beautiful finish. S5200 is a 2-coat universal clear that quickly forms an extremely hard,

4 8 – P R O D U C T S H OW C A S E

S H O W C A S E - - - - - - - -

made possible due to the ultrafine drop size and larger fans that provide an even distribution, reducing material consumption whilst providing comfort and ease when painting. The 3300 GTO CAR’s body is made of highly resistant anodized forged aluminium coupled with stainless steel nozzles and needles. These nozzles and needles come in four variants that deliver fine and heavy atomization to improve spray patterns and thickness control. For basecoat and clear coat applications, 1.3 and 1.4 TECH variants come standard with RC2 gauge and for primer and filler applications, 1.6 and 1.8 EPA are offered with no gauge. Each cap provides desired transfer efficiency due to the interchangeability of the air caps, allowing the spray painter to easily adapt to the varying product applications and working conditions. One of the key benefits of Sagola guns is the value factor. Not only are the guns priced extremely competitively, but spare parts also provide good value. With the latest Sagola gun models, you can either purchase a replacement needle and nozzle as a set, or purchase the highly brilliant surface. In just fifteen minutes at 60°C, the clear coat has dried and is ready for polishing, allowing refinishers to optimise individual processes in the body shop. With shorter drying times, more cars are processed through the booth, offering potential reductions in energy consumption. The new clear coat is designed to work in conjunction with the Syrox special additive S7200; however, there is no need to use a flexible additive when working on plastic parts. For blending and spot repairs, the S8200 fade-out thinner is recommended and for repairing special OEM

individual air cap. The cost savings are significant! The guns comply with the most stringent manufacturing regulations and solvent emissions. They also have no gaskets or O-rings due to the extreme quality and engineering tolerances used during production. And partnered with a 3-year warranty and competitive pricing, the 3300 GTO CAR offers great value all round.” Secure your Sagola 3300 GTO CAR from your nearest Axalta Distributor by calling Axalta on 1800 292 582 or visiting colours, the S5200 is formulated to work effortlessly with Syrox’s range of clear coat tints. It is also very flexible in use, from speed repair to multipanel repairs. “At its heart, Syrox is all about simplifying the customer experience while delivering excellent results,” said Jim Iliopoulos, Axalta’s Product and Technical Manager for Australia and New Zealand. “The new Syrox clear builds on this, allowing refinishers to complete work more quickly and reduce downtime in the spray booth.”

Discover more about Syrox at or call Axalta on 1800 292 582.

Let us help


...put the pieces together! CAR-O-TRONIC VISION

SAVES TIME ...SAVES MONEY ...MORE PROFIT Car-O-Liner has designed and created three levels of state-of-the-art AME-approved computerised measuring systems plus the PointX Measuring Tool, which all are adaptable to every repair system on the market. With Car-O-Liner you have peace of mind because you’ll be providing smart, accurate and fast repairs, as well as in-depth before and after reports. Contact your nearest dealer today.

Car-O-Tronic Vision 2 X 3




Head Office: Unit 1, 25 Industrial Road, Unanderra, NSW 2526 Ph: (02) 4271 6287 l Fax: (02) 4271 7899 Website: l Email: NSW & Tas: Fritz Pfeffer Ph: 0412 559 208 l NT & Vic: Lindsay Batten Ph: 0412 372 988 l Qld & SA: Liam Hugo Ph 0403 455 914



o an unrivalled combination of nal speed, superb colour accuracy, ease of use and effortless blending and ontrol, this is simply the best refinish gy on the market. market

ww ww w.pp . @PPGANZRefinish

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The National Collision Repairer July 2018 issue

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The National Collision Repairer July 2018 issue