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Nominations open for our 2019 Lifetime Achievement Awards We speak with F1 driver and commentator, David Coulthard A Trans-Tasman perspective of the impact of technology













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Crystal balls The signs of things to come As we move into yet another year, we see some great reviews of the year that was. There were some really great results, fantastic events, and even some changing of the guard – all in all, a year to remember. More importantly though, it seems that everyone has a view on what the future holds for us and our industry in 2019. Whilst the outlook is different depending on your perspective, there are two common themes: change and opportunity, although these are very much connected. There is no doubt that the accelerating rate of change will continue, whether it’s vehicle construction, technology or industry structure, and each of these will challenge us in different ways. However, as I have mentioned on more than one occasion, change and challenge presents opportunity and already we have a real sense that there will be opportunities aplenty in 2019 – you just have to look for them and have the courage to chase them down. Finally – and one may argue most importantly – it is time once again to honour the past and recognise those who have built our industry. Nominations are now open for the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Awards – see the article on page 36.

Although the year has only just begun, there is already so much happening, and we have an issue full of excited, dynamic and optimistic people who are really set on creating their future. Firstly, David Coulthard shares his experience transitioning from F1 driver to commentator on page 12, and on page 28 we meet Chris Thompson from New Zealand who gives us his take on a groundbreaking book about the rise of artificial intelligence as he looks at how this could impact on our industry. On page 26 we take a closer look at the global colour trends with BASF’s analysis of its annual survey and the impact that innovation and sustainability is having on our choices, and whilst we are on the other side of the planet, global car manufacturer Daimler updates us on their technology-based state-of-the-art


manufacturing facility Factory 56 on page 38. For something closer to home, on page 24 we meet the winner of Ford Australia’s ‘Win a Ranger Raptor’ competition who was presented with his new car at Rex Gorell Ford in Geelong. On page 16 we highlight the Collision Repair Expo’s free seminar program covering a range of international speakers, panel discussions, technical programs and manufacturing seminars. This really is an Expo not to be missed! As always, we have a whole raft of local and global news, together with all our regular team back for 2019. John takes us on a tour of the USA on page 30, Owen reviews Summernats32 on page 40, Mark discusses the need to embrace change from an I-CAR perspective on page 44 and John Hristias gives us the first Tech Tip for the year on page 46. And finally on page 34, Troy Johns of IAG presents Matthew Brandt his award and conducts an impromptu interview.

As always, happy to chat. The National Collision Repairer magazine – Making a difference in our industry


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Ford Ranger Raptor


We meet Brendan Waring, the winner of the national Ford Trade Club competition.

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BASF analyses the results of their global colour survey and the impact of their innovations and sustainability.

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Owen takes us behind the scenes at Summernats32.


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Three body shop owners reflect on their early years.

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An update on Mercedes-Benz’s stateof-the-art manufacturing facility.

Mark previews the year ahead with a focus on accepting change.

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Troy Johns of IAG presents Matthew Brandt his award and conducts an impromptu interview.

It’s now time to get your nominations in for the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Awards.

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John takes us on a whirlwind trip across America.

PPG’s John Hristias outlines the importance of an air-fed spray hood.



Chris Thompson provides a thought-provoking analysis of a ground-breaking technology book.


CollisionWeek HAMMER



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Auto scholarship awards initiative Allianz has teamed with AAPR’s Auto Industry Team, which includes leading industry stakeholders, to create a unique scholarship opportunity that rewards and supports apprentices who have successfully completed their first year on the job. The Allianz scholarship initiative is focussed on addressing skills shortages in the automotive collision repair industry, specifically targeting autobody repair and vehicle spray painting technicians. Paul Martin, National Manager Assessing Strategy, Allianz, announced that the first recipient of the Allianz Auto Scholarship Award is Isabelle (Bella) Turrise from Bodytech Automotive. “We are delighted to provide Isabelle with the scholarship award and offer our support to her apprenticeship. As a major industry stakeholder, we understand the significant role skilled trades people play in the sustainability of the motor repair industry. We would also like thank our business partners, Bodytech Automotive and the Australian Association of Progressive Repairers, for their contribution to making this

initiative a success,” said Martin. The event was attended by the Hon Ray Williams, NSW minister and local member for Castle Hill; Trevor Lawler, Allianz; Greg Preston, AAPR; Peter Christodoulou, owner of Bodytech Automotive; Carl Tinsley, Bella’s TAFE teacher; and local Future Leader of the Industry, Maxine Colligan. “It’s such a thrill to see such a dynamic young woman be recognised so early in her career. Bella has demonstrated the drive and the talent required to be successful and she is

clearly ‘one to watch’,” said Tinsley. “In addition, Peter at Bodytech has a strong track record of developing young apprentices – he too is a credit to the industry.” Bella was presented with a range of spray-painting equipment supplied by The SAPE Group, tools and equipment that fits best with the high standard of quality repairs and refinishing carried out at Bodytech Automotive. “This is just the first of many such initiatives that we will support in the coming months,” concluded Preston.

Spies Hecker launches Tips4You Spies Hecker, one of three premium refinish brands from Axalta Coating Systems, is introducing its own series of online videos called Tips4You, so that professional refinishers can get practical advice on how best to process paint repairs in an easily accessible format. The new Spies Hecker Tips4You videos feature an experienced refinish technician who shows refinishers how to get the most out of their Spies Hecker products through correct application. The videos, which are available on the Spies Hecker website and its YouTube channel, provide not only a top service for paint professionals, but also challenge dubious advice on the Internet. Learn more at YouTube The Tips4You videos are available on YouTube – spiesheckerANZ. There are

4 – LO C A L N E W S

countless videos on the internet about paint repairs, even some that use Spies Hecker products. Unfortunately, many of them convey incorrect information. This can mean that painters who search for information online can come across misleading material that can lead to serious mistakes with the paint job. Tips4You avoids this and shows painters how to get the most out of Spies Hecker products. It’s all about the details The Tips4You videos show the preparation, explain the small details of the paint application during various repairs, and give tips for efficient application. Unscripted and without special effects, everything is shown as it happens, from the colour reading on the substrate to the setting of the spray gun. "Our experts are real technicians,

not actors. They convey the same thing we would teach in our official technical courses, so the videos are completely authentic and, of course, absolutely reliable. Our aim is to make Tips4You the go-to channel for professional refinishers," says Paul Polverino, Axalta Australia National Training Manager. The first two videos, on how to use Permahyd Hi-TEC 480 correctly and how to prevent mottling, are online now and can be viewed at


The revolutionary

SATAjet X 5500 3HUIHFWO\V\QFKURQLVHGQR]]OHDLUÁRZ     geometry ensures perfect material distribution, optimised atomisation and precise spray fan shapes. All of this combines with material savings and a much softer application with a reduced noise level. Two distinct available spray fan patterns per nozzle size allowing either enhanced application control or increased application speed as well as the adaptation of the nozzle set to different temperature and air humidity levels.

Coming soon to a SATA distributor near you! SATAjet X 5500 explanation video SATA Nozzle Selector APP ZZZVDWDFRPQR]]OHÀQGHU

Che Check ck o out ut the ne new w Stand No. SA SATAjet ATA Ajet X 5500 at the AB38

PPG Australia McNaughton Road Clayton, VIC, 3168, Australia 13 24 24

2019 2019 Collision Repair Repair Exp Expo! o!

PPG New Zealand 5 Vestey Drive Mount Wellington, 1060 Auckland, New Zealand 0800 320 320

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I-CAR Australia Welding Certification program 2019 The I-CAR Steel Welding Certification program has been delivered in its current format for five years and since its inception nine years ago, of the 850 technicians who have attempted the course, 750 were successfully certified, a success rate of 88 percent. Recent improvements to the program resulted in a pass rate in excess of 95 percent for 2018. This represents a significant improvement in a technician’s ability to produce safe and quality welds to vehicles requiring welded structural repairs. I-CAR Australia believes the level can be raised even further and will introduce several key improvements to the program in 2019. Many OEMs are now utilising the I-CAR welding program as their approved certification program internationally, as it provides a specification that is accepted by the industry and its stakeholders. As a result, I-CAR is moving to bring the program further in line with international OEM requirements. Currently, the I-CAR Welding Certification period is for five years, but many OEMs require recertification in their respective welding

accreditations in a shorter time period. As from 1 January, 2019, the recertification for I-CAR steel welding will be required every three years and for I-CAR aluminium welding, every two years. This brings both programs in line with most OEM standard recertification programs. For those technicians who have a current I-CAR Steel Welding Certification, their fiveyear certification period will remain. I-CAR Australia will also be enhancing the learning requirements for the welding certification. The misinterpretation that WCSA3 and WCA03 are training lessons will be clarified – these programs are welding certifications, not training. There will now be a distinct pathway of learning, beginning with a separate virtual training class outlining MIG/MAG welding machines, setup, maintenance and overview of welding techniques. This will be followed by a hands-on welding qualification preparation course that will require the technician to set a machine, practice welds and understand how to visually inspect and destructively test welds prior to attempting the steel

certification. This course will now fall into the Hands-on Skills training stream. This new program will require a two-hour virtual lesson, followed by a four-hour hands-on skills lesson. On successful completion of the hands-on skills lesson, the technician will be assessed on their competency to attempt the I-CAR Steel Welding Certification. The aluminium certification will be the next phase for a welding technician and any participants must complete the Steel Welding Certification (WCSA3) or have OEM certification in steel or aluminium before attempting the Aluminium Welding Certification (WCA03). It is envisaged that this pathway will further strengthen a technician’s abilities and provide them with a beneficial pathway to improving skills and knowledge of welding for structural repairs. As noted earlier, these changes will come into effect in 2019 and all information will be available on the website, including costs, time and points allocation. For further information, contact I-CAR Australia CEO Mark Czvitkovits on 0416 159 759.

Jason Miller appointed Chief Operating Officer of Tradiebot Tradiebot Industries recently announced the appointment of Jason Miller as Chief Operating Officer, assigned to drive the company’s developments of Industry 4.0 technology solutions and the business’s operational development. Mr Miller combines a background in business and advanced technology development with over 20 years’ experience in the automotive sector, including senior roles at Futuris Automotive, Clutch Industries and Delphi Automotive Systems, and more recently with Swinburne University of Technology in business development and research project management, specialising in product development, advanced manufacturing technologies and robotics systems. Tradiebot is developing several technology solutions that will

6 – LO C A L N E W S

Jason Miller and Mario Dimovski.

transform collision repair processes with the use of artificial intelligence systems, automation, unmanned ground services vehicles and virtual/augmented reality platforms for service technicians and training. Tradiebot Industries is collaborating with key industry partners such as PPG Industries,

Capital SMART, AMA/Gemini, Belron International and GE Additive. Current innovation projects with universities including Swinburne University of Technology and the University of NSW are co-funded by the federal government via the Innovative Manufacturing Collaborative Research Centre (IMCRC) and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC). “The last 12 months have been instrumental as we establish our position as one of the industry’s key innovators. 2019 is shaping up to be a massive leap forward, working with our partners involved with testing prototypes, systems development and roll out of several innovative solutions,” said Jason. Miller’s appointment will add strength to the Tradiebot extended engineering and project development team, which is now close to 20 strong.


Trusted products and services from many of the biggest names in the industry.

“If you want to succeed in the auto industry you’ve got to treat your customers right. For us, that means servicing their cars on time and to a high standard … and for that we need parts we can rely on. As a Capricorn Member, we’ve got access to over 1,800 Preferred Suppliers who can provide almost every product and service we need. They’re all listed in a directory called Purple Pages … or what we call our ‘workshop bible’.”

De Rosa Auto Repairs - Capricorn Member

JJoin oi n Capricorn C ap ricorn ttoday. od ay. 18 1800 0 0 560 560 5 554 5 4 | oi n @ c ap r icor n .co op | c ap r icor n .co op

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More Capricorn member social events than ever in 2018 From its foundation more than four and a half decades ago, Capricorn’s member-based structure has always placed a high priority on maximising the opportunities for social interactivity amongst its members and preferred suppliers. This important principle has grown immensely over the years through a series of Australian, New Zealand and worldwide Capricorn member events that are successfully coordinated each year by Australasia’s largest automotive cooperative. 2018 was, without a doubt, Capricorn’s biggest year of social events, which were highlighted by the remarkable Capricorn Convention held in Salou, Spain back in May. This remarkable event saw more than 700 Capricorn delegates attend the first ever Capricorn Convention held in Europe. This proved to be an incredible week that was filled with lots of fun and great memory making and sight-seeing adventures. More than 400 Capricorn delegates extended their European visit with a Mediterranean cruise following the convention, which also proved to be an outstanding success, capping off the trip of a lifetime for many. The most recent Capricorn member international event was a fully coordinated visit to the SEMA Show held in Las Vegas in November 2018. This annual event saw 78 Capricorn members fly to the USA to attend this mammoth automotive aftermarket trade show in a package that included five nights of five-star accommodation and a hosted dinner for Australian and New Zealand based Capricorn members. Here, Capricorn members compared notes on the latest automotive aftermarket innovations seen during the worldrenowned Automotive Industry Week in Las Vegas. The annual Capricorn Gala Dinner and Tradeshow schedule set out across the nation and into New Zealand from October to December, with record-shattering attendances at each and every outstanding event. For many Capricorn members, these events are the social highlight of each year and they were all quickly sold

8 – LO C A L N E W S

Capricorn WA Event.

Greg Wall.

out. These events include outstanding venues, interactive tradeshows, industry-led training, first class meals and refreshments along with live bands and comedic entertainment. The Capricorn Gala Dinner and tradeshows continue to grow each year, with over 1,200 attendees in Perth, more than 1,000 in Melbourne, 830 in Brisbane, 620 in Adelaide, 450 in Auckland and more than 550 registered in Sydney. These events, as always, were a fun way to celebrate what was the most successful year to date for Capricorn. The year also saw Capricorn members take part in Australia’s premier domestic motor race, the Adelaide 500, within an exclusive corporate marquee, including a Supercar team pit visit. Members also took part in numerous national and regional golf days along with regional BBQ events. Capricorn’s events are designed to bring members together, while also providing Capricorn’s vast list of preferred suppliers with access to members for event-based special

offers and exclusive Capricorn member promotions throughout the year. The best part of this vast social calendar of events is that Capricorn members can use their Capricorn reward points to take part. Capricorn members earn points on almost every dollar spent on essential products and services from preferred suppliers, which they need to run their businesses. While Capricorn organises many social events each year, a large number of Capricorn members also elected to use their reward points to organise their own “bucket list” cruises, tours and automotive events around the world. For this purpose, the award-winning Capricorn Travel team is available to help both members and non-members plan their next escapes or business trips. All these Capricorn events are on top of ensuring that automotive repair businesses are easier to manage, with members benefitting from instant trade credit and great prices from top name suppliers and the convenience of receiving a single invoice each month for all their parts and earning generous reward points throughout. Benefits such as Capricorn’s exclusive AutoBoost business tools, and access to the latest vehicle service and maintenance data, all form part of being a Capricorn member, truly making automotive repair businesses much easier to run. If this all sounds like something that your business should be a part of, you can find out more about joining Capricorn by sending an email to or visit

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Capricorn Mutual makes global fastest-growing top ten ICMIF list Capricorn Mutual, the risk protection mutual established for members of the Capricorn Society, Australasia’s largest automotive cooperative, continues to grow. Indeed, Capricorn Mutual has grown to become one of the world’s top ten fastest growing mutual organisations according to the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF). Along with this leading global organisation’s top ten global ranking, Capricorn Mutual has also become the number one fastest growing mutual organisation in Australia, according to the ICMIF. This is the first time that Capricorn Mutual has featured in this annual and highly respected ICMIF Member Statistics Report. The report includes a detailed analysis of the ICMIF’s 197member organisations based on their location, legal structure, product lines and affinity group. These accolades reflect the outstanding success of Capricorn

Jim Glossat.

Mutual, led by Jim Glossat, CEO of Capricorn Risk and actioned by his determined and committed management team. “It’s no secret that Capricorn Mutual’s success has come from a commitment to look after our members and the unique needs of the automotive aftermarket. We are proud to have paid almost $50 million in claims in the past two years and are delighted that this has corresponded

with such strong growth that has now been recognised by the ICMIF as the fastest in Australia and top ten in the world,” said Glossat. “The best thing about our success is that it directly benefits every single one of our Mutual members, not third-party corporate shareholders. To properly recognise the importance of this global and domestic rating for Capricorn Mutual, it is important to look at the sheer numbers. In 2017, ICMIF members across the world generated $US232 billion in premium income, owned over $US1.7 trillion in investment assets, serviced 300 million policy holders and generated a ten-year growth result of 39.3 percent, which more than doubles the global market growth average of 16.8 percent. To find out how you can join Capricorn Mutual, contact Capricorn Risk Services online at or call 1800 007 022.




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VACC announces new president and board

VACC Executive Board

In an historic occasion, VACC members have voted for a new board, a new president, and a new structure. At the 28 November Annual General Meeting, the new VACC Executive Board was announced, which now consists of nine Directors, discarding the previous eight-member Executive Board and 32-strong Board of Management structure. The restructure required a change to the VACC Constitution. The new VACC Executive Board will be led by Chairman Fury Bortolotto, and consists of: Mark Awremenko (Vice President), Chris Hummer (Secretary), Tony Sanchez (Immediate Past President), Peter Savige (Past President), Paul Bertoli and Tony Sitch, all of whom were existing board members. New

Directors include Sharon Pask, who is the Chief Financial Officer at Frankston Toyota, and Michael Grubb, owner and operator of Specialist Auto Hobart (VACC represents the interests of the Tasmanian automotive industry and operates under the Tasmanian Automobile Chamber of Commerce name in that state). “Going forward, VACC members will be represented by one nimble board, which will meet eight times each year, consisting of nine directors – all of whom have extensive industry experience. This new positioning will allow VACC to better keep on top of a fast-paced automotive industry and ever-changing policy landscape,” said VACC CEO, Geoff Gwilym. The Board of Management, which was the ultimate governing body, has

been replaced by the VACC Industry Policy Council. Its job is to formulate policy positions on issues that affect each division, allowing the new Executive Board to concentrate solely on governance and leadership. “An overwhelming number of Directors from the Board of Management have taken up the opportunity to sit on the new Industry Policy Council, which has now met for the first time. The amount of experience sitting around the table at that meeting was overwhelming,” said Gwilym. “I am extremely confident that the new structure will allow VACC to get on with the important tasks of governance and policy in a very meaningful way and better promote the interests of all VACC members.”

Suncorp becomes first Thatcham Research “Global Associate” Thatcham Research has announced the renewal of its contract with Suncorp, extending the successful collaboration that has seen Suncorp distribute Thatcham repair data in Australia and New Zealand since 2013. Under the renewed agreement, Suncorp will become the first ever Thatcham Research Global Associate. This provides one of Australia’s largest financial services brands with access to Thatcham Research’s wealth of vehicle research, data and services. Neale Phillips, Global Product Director, Thatcham Research said: “We are delighted to welcome Suncorp as our first ever Global Associate member, building on the successful partnership we have enjoyed over the last five

1 0 – LO C A L N E W S

years. We are committed to supporting its needs and those of its repair network – starting with an upgrade to escribe, which will shortly see the inclusion of vehicle manufacturer methods, to further increase vehicle coverage.” Thatcham’s online portal – escribe – provides insurance assessors and repairers with instant access to the very latest multi-franchised Thatcham Research crash repair methods, times and technical newsletters. Phillips continued: “The growth of escribe in Australia is a tangible demonstration of Suncorp’s commitment to delivering only the safest and highestquality vehicle repair.” In response, Brett Wallace, EM

Assessing & Repair Performance, Suncorp said: “Thatcham repair data helps to ensure that our customers’ vehicles are repaired in the safest and most efficient manner, so the decision to extend and strengthen our relationship with such a respected industry body was an easy one and aligns 100 percent with Suncorp’s overarching repair strategy.” Significant enhancements to the escribe platform, including enabling the positive identification of ADAS technologies, were deployed in 2018, with further updates on the way throughout 2019. For more information, contact, or call 1300 769 348.


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TakingtheLead with F1 driver David Coulthard DURING HIS RACING CAREER, DAVID COULTHARD STRUGGLED TO STEP OUT OF THE SHADOW OF TEAMMATE MIKA HAKKINEN IN MCLAREN’S QUEST FOR F1 DOMINATION. BUT SINCE RETIRING, THE SCOT HAS BEEN GIVEN THE STARRING ROLE HE LONG DESERVED – IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA AT TRACKSIDE. Surprisingly for a man who raced at the highest level of Formula One for 15 years, and as the man who replaced the legendary Ayrton Senna at Williams after the Brazilian’s tragic accident at Imola, David Coulthard said he “wasn’t an exceptional driver”. Whilst it’s true his time racing was overshadowed in part by the intense rivalry between Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher, Coulthard’s role

David Coulthard.


as teammate provided the Flying Finn with the crucial support needed to fend off the mighty German and claim the Championship at a time when no other driver came close to Schumacher’s standards. Coulthard’s self-effacing perception of himself only serves to strengthen the idea that he was McLaren’s second driver, but nevertheless, it was an important role to play – and one that is

becoming rarer in modern racing as drivers more readily compete for individual glory. While he never managed to grab a World Championship title for himself, despite 13 senior wins, Coulthard’s class was there for all to see, both on and off the track. His smooth transition to becoming one of the foremost names in the world of F1 punditry alone is representative of his great understanding of the sport, and his esteemed place in the eyes of his competitors. “I don’t think I had the same overall talent as Mika. I think I was affected by having to define my position in the team, whereas Mika had a long and close relationship with McLaren owner Ron Dennis,” said the 47-year-old, “I respected that relationship. In the end, I did everything I could to lobby my position within the team, but Ron did the right thing in backing Mika. I have no issue with that, and I don't feel hard done by. I still managed to drive with some success, I still managed to fulfil my potential, and I was well rewarded financially for my effort. So, I won’t have any of the drivers complain about how difficult it is.” Coulthard’s struggle to find his role at McLaren aside, his partnership with Hakkinen was integral to McLaren’s rise up the constructor’s table to consistently challenge for top spot. The art of a great F1 partnership is a fragile one, and whilst Coulthard and Hakkinen complemented each other, it’s all too often that a clash of egos can lead to an inter-team rivalry – as

- - - - - - - - - - - S P E C I A L

we saw with Senna and Alain Prost in the 1980s – or the more recent “feud” between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg before the latter’s retirement. “Mika was a very complete driver and we spent seven years as teammates,” Coulthard reminisces. “We didn't always see eye-to-eye, but we knew that to get the best out of McLaren Mercedes we had to work together to achieve the best results. I had certain qualities as a driver that he could learn from and he had many strengths that were superior to mine from which I tried to take on in my own improvement. Together, we pushed each other forward.” “I think Senna and Prost were one of the greatest teams ever and I remember how dominant they were when I was making my way into racing. I think it’s a different world today because of the media machines that follow the drivers. The access they have with the fans, and the freedom that gives them to have their own voice, changes the picture. Nico and Lewis didn’t particularly like each other, but it was still kind of amicable between them. They agreed to disagree and that’s it. The media would have loved it if they were truly at each other’s throats, but they were professionals and they knew that would just add fuel to the fire.” As Coulthard is quick to point out, however, what happens off the track means nothing when it comes to podium places. “You can microanalyse it to the nth degree but the bottom line in our business is the chequered flag,” he explains. “Someone might get comfortable with a few wins and the occasional lucky podium, but to have sustained success you need to have worked your way into a good car and a good team. The people running racing teams are not fools – they give you that opportunity because you can deliver. Nico delivered, and Lewis is still delivering.” Although he was unable to ever get his hands on the World Championship, there’s no doubt that Coulthard “delivered” time and time again. With 62 podium finishes under

R E P O R T - - - - - - - - - - -

his belt, the McLaren team of the late nineties and early noughties was a joint effort – and Coulthard even managed to rack up the points at some of F1’s most notorious tracks. “I'm very proud of having won in Monaco, but I also remember having crashed there,” he smiles. “Monaco is one of my favourite circuits because it poses a terrific challenge for the drivers. There is no room for error

there. You have to maintain total concentration and you have to be aware of every millimetre of your car and the track because you're going to come incredibly close to the barriers on every lap. You can easily crash at Turn One or at Casino Square.” “There's nothing else like Monaco and for me it's the most exciting race of the year. But I also like the circuits in Montreal, Malaysia, and especially

The National Collision Repairer – 1 3

- - - - - - - - - - - S P E C I A L

Melbourne where you have the tracks situated right in the heart of those big sprawling cities.” His evaluation carries considerable weight these days, both in the paddock and beyond. After retiring from the sport in 2008, Coulthard joined Britain’s foremost F1 punditry team. When considering his retirement, Coulthard visited the man who, for so long now, has been the benchmark for British drivers, threetime World Champion, Sir Jackie Stewart. Stewart was the most successful British driver in the sport’s history until Hamilton’s incredible fourth championship win last season. “When I was getting close to the end of my career, I went to see Jackie to see whether I was making the right decision; I leaned on him,” he recalls, “He suggested that television was not only a great way to maintain a profile and maintain your visibility – which creates business opportunities for you – but also to give you a graceful entry back into day-to-day life. His work as a commentator served as a good example for me when the opportunity arose, and I learned very early on that doing commentary was a natural transition.” It was not the first time that Stewart had helped Coulthard on his way to carving out a successful career for himself in the high-octane world of motor racing. “Jackie became a big influence in my career when I was 17 and living in Scotland,” he says, “I signed with his son’s company, Paul Stewart Racing, which eventually led to getting a test drive with Williams. Jackie was very helpful and supportive for those three early years in my career.” These days, Coulthard finally occupies a leading role on the analysis team, a role that he says is “a gift”. “I try to look for the good in situations,” he says of his on-screen style. “I’ve been so lucky in my career to have gotten into F1 thanks to great support and driven for good teams and come out of it healthy. To be paid to do what you do as a hobby is a dream that not everyone gets to realise.” Perhaps understandably, given that he spent a decade-and-a-half


R E P O R T - - - - - - - - - - -

David Coulthard the commentator

Coulthard and team mate Mark Webber.

competing in the fastest vehicles on Earth, day-to-day driving holds less appeal for Coulthard. “I’ve largely spent most of my adult life avoiding driving, especially long distances,” he reveals. “It makes me feel trapped, that and getting stuck in traffic. I did so much driving as a young man and then in making my career that I dislike the idea of making long car journeys.” “But in my mid-forties I rediscovered the joy of driving on a country road. I’ve been so focussed towards my career as a driver and then developing my business interests afterwards that driving had become purely work. I realised that I had lost all the joy and excitement and pleasure that comes with the experience of driving. It was an absolute revelation.” Regardless of his record on the track, it can’t be denied that Coulthard has become, over time, a central figure in the modern age of F1; respected by his peers and utterly sportsmanlike to the last. His years of experience at the highest level of motor racing have rendered him a trusted figure in the industry, and, above all else, he remains a fan at heart. And just like the legions of F1 aficionados around the globe, he’s looking to the future of the sport – and the potential World Champions

Celebrations winning the San Marino Grand Prix in 1998.

set to take centre stage – with fervent interest. Even if he is blessed with a trackside spot that fills most regular fans with envy. “I do think the cars need to be more and more competitive,” he nods. “But when you get to the point we’re at now, it’s difficult to find new ways to accomplish that task. Where do you go? You need the right money, massive amounts of money and sponsorship, to be able to compete for individual podiums let alone the championships. But you also need to build the right team – look at Fernando Alonso at McLaren. He’s one of the best drivers out there, but the team still has a long way to go before they can think about winning the title. “For me, one of the really interesting matchups is Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo. Verstappen is so young, he’s still got a bit of that rashness in him. But Ricciardo has that experience, and I think he’s been tapping on the door of top drivers in terms of outright speed for years, behind Hamilton and Alonso. There’s great potential but he has to deliver – and if he can, he could well be a World Champion one day.” This interview was conducted by Ian Faulconbridge on behalf of The National Collision Repairer.


The search is on for the 2019 Future Leaders of the Industry Recognising the young, driven emerging talent across our industry. If you know someone who fits the bill, we would love to hear from you. Contact: or call 0458 588 333

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The2019 Collision Repair Expo Give your business a crash course with the free seminar series THE 2019 COLLISION REPAIR EXPO IS PART OF AUSTRALIA’S LARGEST AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY TRADE FAIR BEING HELD AT THE MELBOURNE CONVENTION AND EXHIBITION CENTRE FROM 4–6 APRIL. ALONG WITH ALL THE INDUSTRY’S LEADING COMPANIES DISPLAYING WORLD CLASS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES ON THE EXPO FLOOR, THIS THREE-DAY TRADE EXCLUSIVE EVENT ALSO INCLUDES A FREE SEMINAR SERIES FOR ALL VISITORS, FOLLOWING THE THEME OF “UNDERSTANDING THE RAPIDLY EMERGING TRENDS AND DEVELOPING INDUSTRY LEADING STANDARDS”. “The collision repair segment of the Australian automotive aftermarket industry is constantly dealing with emerging technologies and repair techniques along with new and exotic materials. This makes it particularly important for members of this industry segment to be informed and updated by the experts on the latest


developments, along with gaining support to assist them in building bigger and better collision repair businesses,” stated Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association CEO Stuart Charity. “In partnership with ICAR, we have assembled a quality free seminar series that takes place throughout

each of the three days of the 2019 Collision Repair Expo. I am confident that these seminars will prove to be invaluable for all who take part,” Charity added. The seminars start with two presentations on the opening day of the Expo, Thursday 4 April. At 2:00pm, Albin Hess, Kaeser National Design and Engineering Manager, will outline the importance of compressed air quality and the different compressed air treatment technologies that are available to produce dry, premium quality compressed air for collision repair workshops. Subaru Australia then takes to the Expo seminar stage at 3:15pm on Thursday with the first of two “Repairability” seminars to be conducted during the Expo. This seminar will highlight the importance of maintaining vehicle integrity in structures and driver assist technology. Specific collision repair requirements for the Subaru vehicle range will also be covered during this one-hour seminar. Friday, 5 April features a total of four Expo seminars, starting with

- - - - - - - - - I N D U S T R Y

“Understanding Volkswagen Repairs” at 10:30am, presented by Daniel Milutinovic and Santo Biviano from Volkswagen Australia. This seminar will outline the importance of repairers having the correct equipment, training and understanding of the materials used across their vehicle range. Vehicle manufacturer representatives from Holden, Ford, Volkswagen and Subaru will present Friday’s second seminar at 12:00pm, titled “Repair and Prepare for the Future”. These OEM panellists will discuss the collision repair requirements that will be essential for future business growth, making this a vitally important seminar for collision repair business owners, managers, apprentices and professionals. At 1:00pm on Friday, the first of two major international keynote addresses will take place, with Expo special guest Dave Luehr of Dave Luehr’s Elite Body Shop Solutions presenting a highly entertaining portrayal of his popular book, “The Secrets of America’s Greatest Body Shops”. Dave will share the lessons that he has learned from successful collision repairers worldwide, the main lesson being that shop leaders with the right mental attitude can achieve incredible levels of success. He will also use this seminar to explain why right now is the greatest time in history to be in the collision repair business – if you have the right mindset. At 2:15pm on Friday, a special panel-based discussion titled “Ideas Collide” will take place. This seminar features five fast-paced and thoughtprovoking presentations that will include ideas and concepts that have the potential to revolutionise the collision repair industry. Friday’s fourth and final Expo seminar, presented by Bosch, takes place at 4:00pm and is titled “Vehicles and Technology: Tomorrow’s World Today”. This informative presentation outlines the coming trends that will bring new challenges to automotive repairers, including electrification, mobility, connected cars and driverless technology.

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The final day of the Expo, Saturday, 6 April, features another four informative seminars starting at 10:30am with “Mixed Materials, Repair Methods and Technology”. Presented by a panel of vehicle manufacturer representatives, the how and why of collision repair methods, materials and technologies will be discussed from the OEM perspective. The second international keynote address of the 2019 Collision Repair Expo takes place at 11:30am on Saturday and will address a very important current issue for repairers relating to ADAS and how cars fitted with this system are increasing repair technology demands. Special guest speaker Andrew Marsh, Engineering Director of Auto Industry Consulting Ltd, will discuss in detail how the globally fitted ADAS systems are causing universal uncertainty relating to the requirement of enhanced electronics and software skills for collision repairers. At 1:00pm on Saturday, the Expo seminar stage hosts a second Subaru

“Repairability” seminar that will outline ongoing developments along with specific collision repair and vehicle structure requirements for the Subaru vehicle range. The final seminar for the collision repair sector takes place at 2:00pm on Saturday and will be a second presentation of “Understanding Volkswagen Repairs” presented by Volkswagen Australia. There is no doubt that the 2019 Collision Repair Expo Free Seminar Series will provide enhanced training, knowledge and advice for collision repairers who seek to grow and develop their businesses, from a range of highly experienced industry professionals and vehicle manufacturers. Now is the time to ensure that you are registered to attend the 2019 Collision Repair Expo and to take part in some or all of the outstanding free seminars taking place throughout this massive three-day biennial industry event. Collision repairers can register to attend the Expo and seminars free of charge at

The National Collision Repairer – 1 7

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PPG’s “Innovation Day” strengthens partnership In a definite win-win situation, PPG China’s automotive coatings unit has recently hosted a special “Innovation Day” for SAIC-GM personnel. SAIC-GM is a joint venture between General Motors and SAIC Motor Corporation, which manufactures and sells Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac branded vehicles in China. The one-day event attracted 26 SAIC-GM personnel from various departments, including mechanical engineering, the paint shop and General Motors International Operations (GMIO), and was held at a Shanghai coffee shop to create a relaxed atmosphere conducive to exchanging ideas. Covering a whole range of topics, the Innovation Day program was not only designed to help SAIC-GM personnel get a clear insight into where new PPG technologies could support them, it also helped PPG staff ensure that ongoing innovations were consistent with the needs of its customers and the market trend. "It was very important to us that participants felt comfortable freely exchanging ideas, interests and concerns

about automotive coatings innovations," said David Cui, Product Management and Market development director, PPG Automotive Coatings, Asia Pacific. "Everyone from both companies was able to share insights about crucial industry trends." This is just one example of the events that PPG uses to support the high-level partnerships it has with vehicle OEMs in all corners of the globe.

Fix Auto and Novus Glass announce entry into Spain Fix Network World recently announced that Fix Auto and NOVUS Glass have officialised plans to enter the Spanish automotive aftermarket market, effective 21 November, 2018. Spain becomes the 12th operating territory for Fix Auto and adds to the list of over 30 countries where NOVUS Glass is already present. Fix Auto and NOVUS Glass Spain will be led by Master Franchisee and CEO Luis Chao Jaramillo and supported by Operations and Strategy Director Fermín Hevia García. Both have extensive experience and understand the inner workings of collision and glass repair operations. Also part of the team is Consulting and Development Director Juanma Vasco, contributing his vast sectorial experience specifically related to market research and

Fix Auto Spain.

1 8 – G LO B A L N E W S

analysis. As the current operators of GTRES, specialising in managing body shop networks and their relationship with insurers and fleets, the team sees an unparalleled growth opportunity in Spain and will be assuming the development and implementation of both brands simultaneously for the local market. For Luis Chao, introducing Fix Auto and NOVUS Glass into Spain was a decision that crystallised quickly. He stated: "On the collision side, Fix Auto has seen rapid and fruitful growth in several countries. We believe this is due in great part to the way their model harnesses the drive of each shop owner and empowers them to achieve performance and consistency. NOVUS is an industry leader and the inventor of glass repair and we firmly believe in the integration of the collision and glass repair segments. Also, the network leverages the power of data to drive their shops towards efficiency and profitability. This philosophy is in line with our way of doing business and we look forward to creating an integrated automotive solution for Spanish consumers." Fix Auto and NOVUS Glass Spain team officialised their partnership

with Fix Auto on 21 November at an industry launch event in Madrid. The event, also attended by Fix Network World team members, brought together over 100 industry professionals. "It’s great to see so much energy around the launch of our brands in Spain," explained Fix Network World Head of Business David Lingham. "Spain has long been a key point of interest for Fix Auto and NOVUS, a market that is ready for consolidation and full of quality repairers who are ready for change. We look forward to working together with our partners to grow our presence in Spain." Fix Network World President Steve Leal believes the integration of collision and glass repair services in Spain will provide mutual development opportunities for the brands. He concluded: "We are excited to bring a model that promises a greater level of operational consistency to a group of repairers that already understand the value of central work provision. We are pleased to welcome Luis and his team to our family and look forward to their success Spain.” For more information, please visit

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Two great suppliers’ awards for PPG


Minutes with ...

The Uni-Select Award.

PPG receives top supplier award from Uni-Select Uni-Select is a leader in the distribution of automotive refinish and industrial paint and related products in North America, as well as a leader in the automotive aftermarket parts business in Canada and the United Kingdom. Recently, the company paid tribute to PPG by selecting it for the most prestigious of its supplier award, the “2018 Diamond Award”. The aim is to recognise the supplier that offers quality products and sustainable and efficient service, as well as providing the most dependable and detail-oriented support to Uni-Select customers, says Brent Windom, President and Chief Operating Officer, Uni-Select Canada. “We are honoured to award PPG with our highest manufacturer recognition award for 2018. Being selected for the Diamond Award signifies a company has met and exceeded all key areas that Uni-Select values in a partnership, such as innovation in new products and methods, sales support, customer care, highest quality of products in the category, continuous communication and an optimised supply chain. Congratulations to all the PPG team members, as it takes a family to win such an award.” Norm Angrove, PPG Director Automotive Refinish Canada, says the award is a tribute to the entire PPG team that supplies automotive refinish products and services to Uni-Select. “We are proud to be recognised by Uni-Select. The Diamond Award demonstrates our dedication to providing the best products, service

and support to our customers. Good relationships are important in the coatings business and we strive to do whatever it takes to be a good partner. When our customers succeed, we do as well.” YFPO selects PPG as “2018 Excellent Supplier” China's leading automotive components manufacturer, Yanfeng Plastic Omnium (YFPO), recently singled out PPG's automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) coatings business in Tianjin, China, for its “2018 Excellent Supplier” award. The award was granted for “PPG's remarkable achievements in excellent quality, development, supply, business communications and professional technical support,” according to Xin Bin, Deputy General Manager YFPO. YPFO manufactures automotive bumpers, composite tailgates, spoilers, drop tailgates and other exterior components. The company is determined to be a leader in new designs, technologies and materials that make vehicles safer and improve their appearance and fuel efficiency, and PPG is helping YPFO to achieve these goals, according to Thomas Li, General Manager PPG Automotive Coatings China. “We strive to continually provide the sort of high-quality product solutions and professional technical service that help YFPO to improve its product quality, reduce total applied cost and enhance competitiveness. PPG is honoured to receive this award. This is a great acknowledgement from a strategically important customer.”

The National Collision Repairer – 1 9

Kelsey Ferguson Capricorn Society When did you join the industry? 1985 What was your first job in the industry? Storeman/phone sales for Lukey Mufflers What do you do now? WA Sales Manager for Capricorn Society What do you like about the industry? The down to earth people that make up all sectors of the Automotive industry. What don’t you like about the industry? The lack of Vehicle and Parts Manufacturing in Australia What music do you like? Classic and heavy Rock. Your Favourite Artist? AC/DC would have to be my all-time favourite Your favourite food? Love a good Indian curry Your favourite drink? Jack Daniels and Ginger Ale. Your hobbies? I love riding my motorcycles to escape from the pressures of business and clear the head. I also have a vintage Camaro that I enjoy working on and driving on weekend. Who in the world would you most like to meet? What an honour it would be for me to meet, Billy Connolly. Such an amazing and funny man.


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Robert Bryant named CEO and Sean Lannon named CFO of Axalta Axalta Coating Systems announced that its Board of Directors has named Robert Bryant Chief Executive Officer on a permanent basis and he has also been appointed to Axalta’s Board of Directors. Bryant had been serving as interim CEO since October 2018. Charlie Shaver, Axalta’s Chairman, said: “Over the past two months, Robert has seamlessly stepped into the role of interim CEO and led the company in a challenging market environment. Having worked closely with him over the past six years, I am extremely confident in his ability to lead Axalta effectively as our permanent CEO. The Board and I look forward to seeing Axalta build on its success and continue to thrive under Robert’s leadership.” Bryant said: “I appreciate the Board’s confidence in me and am honoured to continue working alongside the talented management team and dedicated employees to build on Axalta’s well-deserved reputation for customer service and innovation.” The Company also announced that Sean Lannon has been named Chief Financial Officer on a permanent basis, effective immediately. He had been serving as Vice President and Interim Chief Financial Officer since October 2018. Bryant concluded: “Sean’s business and financial acumen, years of experience working in increasingly senior finance roles at Axalta, and extensive background in financial reporting make him a great fit to

Robert Bryant.

succeed me as Axalta’s CFO. I am very excited to continue working with Sean to grow Axalta and build shareholder value over the long term.” About Robert Bryant: Robert Bryant has served as Axalta’s interim CEO since October 2018. Before that, he had served as Executive VP and CFO of Axalta since 2013. He was previously CFO and Senior VP of Roll Global LLC from 2007 and was Executive VP of Strategy, New Business Development and Information Technology at Grupo Industrial Saltillo, S.A.B. de C.V. Bryant graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a BA degree in Economics from the University of

Sean Lannon.

Florida and received his MBA from the Harvard Business School. About Sean Lannon: Sean Lannon most recently served as Axalta’s VP and interim CFO since October 2018. From 2016 he served as VP, Corporate Finance and Global Controller of Axalta, joining Axalta in these roles in 2013. He was previously VP, Global Controller of Trinseo and Senior Manager, Financial Reporting at Endo Pharmaceuticals. Lannon began his career at PWC, where he spent more than nine years within the organisation’s audit practice. He graduated with a BA in Accounting from Philadelphia University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Local company with global vision Tradiebot announces new 3D printing composite for auto parts What a great way to kick off the new year! Tradiebot has started trials on a new polypropylene (PP) composite filament specially developed for 3D printing auto parts and direct 3D printing repairs on plastic components. Credit goes to the research team behind the exciting development. In the last 18 months, the team of materials scientists and engineers

2 0 – G LO B A L N E W S

have developed the specialised formula that meets the process and performance characteristics for an automotive application. This exciting new additive manufacturing advancement will allow repair and bespoke production of a range of plastic automotive parts. “It’s a great achievement and a good example of the exciting developments we’ll be making progress on at Tradiebot this year,” said Tradiebot COO Jason Miller.

The Polypropylene Reel.

- - - - - - - - - - - G L O B A L

N E W S - - - - - - - - - - - -

Axalta colours your world For the first time in its five-year history, Axalta’s Automotive Colour of the Year is showcasing a colour primed for vehicle customisation both at manufacturing facilities and in the aftermarket. Sahara, a golden bronze tone, radiates warmth, richness and strength for vehicles of all sizes – especially the expanding global truck and SUV markets – and can serve as the principal colour for two-tone possibilities including black roofs. “At Axalta, we are seeing car designers leaning toward options for two-toning, accent roofs and stripes,” said Nancy Lockhart, Axalta Global Colour Marketing Manager. “When it comes to mass customisation, Sahara is the type of colour that can serve as the foundation for these premium options.” Borne from Axalta’s ChromaDyne line of colour coats formulated for global automotive manufacturers, Sahara is partly inspired by global trends for

warmer shades highlighted in the company’s Global Automotive Colour Popularity Report. Yellow/gold vehicles are most popular in India and China, while brown/beige vehicles increased in North America more than any other region. Sahara is Axalta’s fifth Colour of the Year following Radiant Red (2015), Brilliant Blue (2016), Gallant Gray (2017), and StarLite (2018). StarLite, a pearlescent white, introduced coatings technology into the autonomous vehicle discussions. Axalta colours under development are tested for readability by autonomous sensors, and Sahara is formulated for visibility. According to Dan Benton, Axalta Refinish Colour Marketing Manager, Axalta’s Colour of the Year is another example of how Axalta transfers OEM technology to the aftermarket and repair businesses. “We get calls every year from some of the industry’s best custom builders looking to use colour

to differentiate their products,” he said. “We have Sahara formulated and ready-to-go in our industry-leading refinish brands including Cromax, Standox and Spies Hecker.” “Sahara will excite and inspire the industry as it brings together timeless style and luxurious customisation for a fashionably fierce finish,” said Lockhart. Axalta will kick off a year-long celebration of Sahara during the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Highlights include a video reveal at the EyesOn Design awards program.

US vehicle manufacturer associations call for collision repair industry to follow OEM repair procedures Associations representing virtually all automakers selling cars and light duty trucks in the United States released a policy position statement calling for all collision repairs to be conducted in accordance with the repair procedures issued by the vehicle’s original equipment manufacturer. The statement, released by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers, said that OEM repair procedures follow service and structural engineering practices that have been tested by the manufacturer through crash simulation, actual crash testing, and real-world validation of the repair methodology. They also say that following such procedures is even more important now that cars have become so technologically advanced. “There was a time when a basic understanding of autobody repair would allow a repairer to fix nine out of ten vehicles that come into a shop. That time has passed,” said Wayne Weikel, Senior Director of

Government Affairs for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. “If a collision shop is going to fix the cars of today, they cannot use the repair procedures of yesterday. The only way to repair today’s vehicle is by following the OEM recommended repair procedures on every repair.” Vehicle manufacturer emphasised that the auto repair procedures are readily available to auto shops though numerous online outlets. “Automakers have gone to great lengths to make repair procedures available to the public,” said Steve Gehring, Vice President, Vehicle Safety and Connected Automation for the Association of Global Automakers. “These procedures were developed to ensure the vehicle is safely returned to pre-crash condition, with a confidence that advanced driver safety systems are calibrated correctly to help avoid the next crash.” “ASA has made the use of OEM repair procedures by collision shops a top policy priority. All parties in the collision repair process have a stake

in repairs being made correctly by following OEM repair procedures, which includes vehicle scans. Following these recommended procedures should be a practice that is performed on every vehicle, and all parties to the repair – consumers, insurers and shops – assume that it will be done. We look forward to working with our team members to move OEM repair procedure policy forward across the US,” stated Roy Schnepper, ASA Chairman. Last month the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Automotive Service Association announced plans to actively push state legislation to mandate the use of recommended OEM repair procedures in all post-accident, insurance-funded vehicle repairs as a result of the $42 million verdict in the Seebachan v. John Eagle Collision Center handed down in Texas in 2017. This article courtesy of Russell Thrall III, publisher CollisionWeek. Check out their website at:

The National Collision Repairer – 2 1


Minutes with ...

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N E W S - - - -

New BASF RCC in Foshan, China

Karl James Gutzeit Car-O-Liner Australia When did you join the industry? 2010. What was your first job in the industry? School Based Trainee Panel Beater. What do you do now? Service Technician for Car-O-Liner Australia in both Queensland & South Australia. What do you like about the industry? The ever-changing/upgrading of technology being used to repair vehicles, making sure the vehicles are just as safe as they were intended to be. What don’t you like about the industry? What’s there not to like? What music do you like? I like a little bit of everything, but a lot of Aussie Hip Hop/Rap. Your favourite artist? Can’t say I know too much about art. Your favourite food? You can’t go wrong with a burger! Your favourite drink? Stone & Wood Pacific Ale Your hobbies? Wakeboarding, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, riding motorcycles, anything that gets the heart beating faster! Who in the world would you most like to meet? Always wanted to meet Chip Foose since I was a kid watching Overhaulin’


Leading chemical company BASF, together with its long-term partner and customer, Guangdong TGPM Automotive Industry Group Co. Ltd. (TGPM), has set a new industry benchmark with the inauguration of the BASF-TGPM Automotive Refinish Competence Centre (RCC). This new premium training platform and brand experience centre, located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, will serve customers from around Asia. Foshan is a regional centre for the automotive industry in China and Asia. This new centre will meet the needs of the entire value chain in one multifunctional complex. Occupying almost 1,800 square metres on two floors, it houses state-of-the-art facilities such as preparation bays, spray booths and mixing islands, as well as a spacious gallery area and various lecture and conference rooms for training, visualised experiences and customer interaction. “The new facility underpins BASF’s commitment to this growing market by investing in production sites as well as in training facilities and capabilities,” said Peter Fischer, Senior Vice President, Coatings Solutions Asia Pacific, BASF. “To innovate with impact and to drive high performance are two of BASF's strategic principles. This is exactly what we want to achieve at our new Refinish Competence Centre in Foshan. We want our customers to experience the world-class service of BASF in a way they never have.” The facility is part of TGPM, a leading automotive chemical and auto parts manufacturing company based in Foshan. BASF has been partnering with TGPM for more than 20 years. Xu Qiaohua,

2 2 – G LO B A L N E W S

Chairman & General Manager said: “The combination of BASF’s advanced technology and solutions with our experience in automotive parts, chemical applications and our network in China will further upgrade the training offerings and field tests for our customers. Chinese car owners will benefit from our safe, highquality coating products and services.” To share with customers the passion for cars, TGPM is building a racing track of 4.7 kilometres within its premises. BASF has a global network of almost 80 RCCs worldwide and invests in first-class training infrastructure and a team of experts to address customers’ needs for high performance in the automotive industry. Seven of the centres are located throughout China, providing local customers with technical and commercial training and consultancy for business excellence. Each RCC serves as a training hub and marketing platform to share innovations and promote industry standards. The RCC in Foshan will feature the premium brands of BASF’s automotive refinish coatings portfolio, including Glasurit, R-M, the efficiency program Vision360 with Advanced Bodyshop Solutions (ABS), and the paint-related products from RODIM. BASF is committed to providing customers with new, eco-efficient solutions for sustainable market success, such as waterborne basecoats and integrated processes that will help lower emissions of volatile organic compounds and protect the environment. To ensure the best performance of BASF’s coating systems, the RCC will provide training seminars with curricula designed according to the practical needs of body shops in Asian markets.

A brand of

- - - - - - - - - - - S P E C I A L

R E P O R T - - - - - - - - - - May 2018

CollisionRepairer THE



News, views &

Ford Ranger Raptor

information for the Collision Industr y Professional ACKNOW LEDGED BY THE INDUSTR Y AS THE LEADING MAGAZI NE

Tradiebot Indu strie Fix Auto World’s s leads the way with robo tic 3D printing David Lingham Barry Edney give discusses their s us an insight future plans into the UK colli sion industry


When car manufacturing was moved to a new location in Melbourne in 1961, Ford maintained its connection with Geelong and converted the Norlane plant to engine assembly and metal stamping, which continued until 2016. However, Ford’s ties to the community run much deeper than car manufacturing, with a long-term partnership with the Geelong Football Club – that also goes all the way back to 1925!

The Waring Electrical Team


So, it was an interesting twist of fate that the winner of the national “Win a Ranger Raptor” competition, exclusive to Ford Trade Club members, was a long-established family business in Geelong. Ford Australia launched this competition to promote Ford Total parts and encourage repairers, both mechanical and collision, to fit genuine parts at all times. The competition

supporting Ford Genuine Parts ran from May to September 2018 when Ford Trade Club members earned an entry into the draw for every sales invoice of $150 or greater. There was plenty of hype amongst the members eager to win this prize as the more you purchased, the more chance you had to win the Raptor. However, as luck would have it, of over 247,000 entries, the draw resulted in one of Ford Australia’s smaller customers. The winner was Brendan Waring from Waring’s Auto Electrical, a longtime customer of Rex Gorell Ford in Geelong. Waring is now the proud owner of a Ford Ranger Raptor and was presented with the vehicle in front of his team, Ford Motor Company representatives, management and staff of Rex Gorell and the local media. Of significance was the choice of venue for the presentation, as it was the Rex Gorell Ford dealership that sold the winning invoice. The Gorell family has had a continuous business presence in Geelong since arriving in the city in 1854 and established the group's first dealership, Rex Gorell Ford, in 1980. Dealer Principal Paul Gorell hosted the event and opened proceedings by

- - - - S P E C I A L

R E P O R T - - - -



Paul Gorell.

recognising the long-standing relationship between the Gorell Group and Ford Australia: “We are proud to be Ford’s largest volume dealer in Victoria, a position we have held for the past 23 years. We have been selling and servicing new and used vehicles in Geelong and the surrounding region for 39 years,” said Gorell. “The state-of-the-art modern showroom and large display area allows customers to embrace the great range of Ford vehicles. The friendly staff, many of whom are part of this occasion, are all specialists who are proud of our association with the Ford Motor Company.” Gorell concluded by saying how proud he was to be able to host the occasion, particularly as it involved another long-standing local family business. “It’s not every day that Ford gives away a vehicle, especially one as in demand as the Ranger Raptor, so from one family business to another, we really wanted to celebrate this win for a local business.” Ford Customer Service Division Marketing Manager Chris Trewin said that he was delighted to be able to present the prize to a loyal customer such as Brendan. “As Ford has the highest confidence in the quality, durability and performance of its products, this competition was designed to encourage the use of Genuine Ford Parts in all repairs. Congratulations Brendan on showing the industry what is possible when you make your customers winners by using genuine parts.” Trewin went on to say: “With almost a quarter of a million individual entries from across the Ford Trade Club nationally, presenting this great performance vehicle to a

Feeling The Love.

Chris Trewin with Brendan Waring.

small family business here in Geelong really does reinforce that is indeed ‘the luck of the draw’ – anyone can be a winner with Ford.” Needless to say, Waring was totally lost for words when presented the keys to his new vehicle. “I just couldn’t believe it! We’re a small workshop, and I know that some of the larger places around had a lot more entries – to be the lucky winner is just unbelievable. I’m very grateful to Ford for running such a great competition.” It was great to see The Ford Ranger Raptor promotion wrap up at one of Ford’s oldest distributors. To see Brendan Waring’s excitement was overwhelming – he just couldn’t get the smile off his face. What a sensational vehicle! Well done to all at Ford Australia.

The National Collision Repairer – 2 5



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T R E N D S - - - - - - - - - - -


The achromatic colours – white, black, grey and silver – still dominate the roads. They cover almost 80 percent of cars produced worldwide. White is the most popular colour among them. More than every fourth car in North America and nearly every third vehicle in Europe is painted white, while in Asia Pacific it is more than every second car. Silver’s popularity decreased slightly in comparison to the previous year. Among the diverse range of colour shades, blue is the most popular, followed by red. These chromatic colours tend to be more popular within the smaller vehicle segments, such as compact and subcompact cars. The overall amount of chromatic hues drops off significantly in the larger segments. Here, there was a considerable increase in black and white compared to the previous year.

BASF Global graph.

Effects create new colour variations in Europe Grey replaced black as the second most popular colour in Europe, with almost every fifth car painted grey. Buyers can choose from more than 110 variations, ranging from light grey to dark metallic anthracites. Blue offers even more options. Approximately 140 shades make blue the region’s most diverse colour space. With a share of 11 percent, it overtook silver in 2018, becoming the fourth most desired colour in Europe. A metallic or pearlescent effect also significantly contributes to the unique look of a car. In 2018, two thirds of all vehicles were finished with an effect coating. The larger the car, the more likely it was painted with an effect. Dark colours such as black and grey are mostly formulated to have a metallic effect, whereby lighter colours are primarily solid shades. “The landscape of automotive coatings effects evolves continuously and is shaped by new and inspiring ideas,” said Mark Gutjahr, head of Automotive Colour Design Europe at BASF’s Coatings division. BASF EMEA graph.


- - - - - - - - I N D U S T R Y

BASF APAC graph.

BASF North America graph.

Trend competence and innovative colour concepts BASF’s Coatings division has an excellent understanding of what is trending in materials and colours and uses this to predict which colours will play a key role in the future automotive market. Every year, the Coatings division’s designers create Automotive Colour Trends, an innovative collection of 65 new colours based on extensive research and in-depth analysis of global trends and cultural shifts that will influence automotive colours three to five years into the future. Colour and sustainability Integrated into its colour design innovations, BASF offers a range of sustainable coatings solutions for the

T R E N D S - - - - - - - - - - -

White is most popular in Asia Pacific, but chromatic colours gain importance White is more popular in Asia Pacific than in any other region. More than half (53 percent) of all new cars are white. The colour’s popularity grew significantly in comparison to the previous year. Among chromatic colours, red is still the most popular choice. Blue, however, is closing the gap. An interesting observation is that brown remains especially popular with SUVs but has shown signs of slowing down, indicating that its importance in this segment may have passed. Car buyers in Asia Pacific are increasingly connecting their colour preferences to their attitudes and lifestyles. For example, metallic and sparkling blacks have risen in demand across several body segments. Even in subcompact cars, silvers and greys with dazzling effects are becoming more common. This can be seen in the Chinese market, where a broader palette of colours has emerged. “The diversity of chromatic colours is evident, with red, blue, yellow, brown and gold hues appearing in almost every segment. Chinese consumers readily display their colouristic tastes more so than in the past,” said Chiharu Matsuhara, head of Automotive Colour Design Asia Pacific.

Diversity in today’s achromatic colours in North America In 2018, the achromatics remained the most popular automotive colours for North America, accounting for roughly 75 percent of market production. Among the achromatic colours, white maintains its leading position. Besides the achromatic shades, consumers continued to demonstrate a growing affinity for red, specifically within the pickup and sports car segments. The diverse blue colour space remained nearly the same compared to the prior year. Over the last ten years, Crossover Utility Vehicles (CUV) have emerged as a dominant vehicle segment in North America. CUVs combine the qualities of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs), like safety and driving convenience, with other benefits such as fuel efficiency, and therefore offer appealing features to a wide array of drivers. White is the most popular colour in this segment, followed by black and grey. Blues and reds are almost equally desired by car buyers. “In coating large surfaces for the CUV segment, the industry looks to bring a suitable visual expression of the vehicle’s perceived use and link it to the brand image,” said Paul Czornij, head of Automotive Colour Design for BASF North America.

BASF reveals 2018-19 automotive colour trends.

automotive industry. Among these are coatings that enable a shortened application and curing process that can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20 percent, waterborne basecoats that meet strict global regulations to minimise the volatile organic compound (VOC) content, and coatings with a temperature

management functionality whereby the car surface does not heat up as much as conventional coatings, minimising the heat build-up in interiors. Solutions beyond your imagination – Coatings by BASF. For more information about the Coatings division of BASF and its products, visit

The National Collision Repairer – 2 7

- - - - - - - - - - - - T R A N S W I T H


T A S M A N - - - - - - - - - - T H O M P S O N


Introduction “The Second Machine Age” outlines and describes the rapid technological change that we are experiencing across the world. This change is creating a new machine age not unlike the way the industrial revolution brought about the first machine age. Technology is rapidly “learning” to complete tasks that were initially thought not to be possible and the rate of change is growing exponentially. Although some believe this technology could replace the role of people, it tends to be the more routine tasks leaving us the more creative and interesting roles. Output will always be best when people work with machines rather than compete with them. The global economy and business landscape are also changing due to digitisation and the cost reduction of replication. In today's age, business competition is being levelled as geographic location no longer protects commerce from competition as the internet creates global opportunities for international companies to compete with local businesses. The cost of replication has changed the way we do things and is best illustrated by the change in how we recreate music – from the many steps involved in producing a record (remember them) to simply

2 8 – T R A N S TA S M A N

downloading a file. With this rapid change in technology and the “new economy”, the benefits are not being shared evenly as these changes are creating a new breed of super-wealthy, resulting in an even wider gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots”. Unless things change, this inequality will continue for future generations. The second machine age is already rapidly changing the collision repair industry, and it is not inconceivable that it will remove it all together. Autonomous vehicles and collision-avoidance technologies are causing changes within the industry and, to move forward, we will all need to work with the technology to find our place in the second machine age. The New Zealand collision repair industry The collision repair industry has gone through a massive change in the last ten years due to the rapidly changing technology, which is not only affecting the repairers, but also automotive manufacturers and insurance companies. With the advent of digital technology, insurance companies have been able to reduce the number of assessors and no longer require them to visit every repairer. Assessing the damage through a digital process has

allowed assessors to assess more jobs in a shorter space of time, therefore reducing the assessor job market. In China recently, a new artificial intelligence assessor was able to asses 12 repairs in six seconds, while a team of people took six minutes – 360 times faster! Could the cost and efficiency improvements reduce or even eradicate the role of the assessor? As early as the 1990s, safety features have focused on accident avoidance, and crash statistics per capita and per vehicle support this approach. The rapidly developing autonomous vehicle will most likely further improve this trend, and although most manufacturers have working models of autonomous vehicles, there is much further testing yet to be done. The testing is not held back by technology but rather by legislation; for example, testing of vehicles on public roads without a person in control is still quite restricted. However, as these legislative conditions are relaxing, the possibility of seeing autonomous vehicles on “a road near you” are increasing rapidly. Car manufacturers are incorporating these new technologies into their vehicles, creating safer roads for us all. However, this complicates the repair process as the new sensors

- - - - - - - - - - - - T R A N S

T A S M A N - - - - - - - - - - -

and collision avoidance systems need to be replaced or recalibrated in the event of an accident. Some new vehicles require significant investment in tools and equipment for shop owners to recalibrate the sensors, vehicles such as the Audi Q7 requiring up to $US18,000 of specialist equipment to recalibrate the various front sensors. Clearly the traditional role of the panel beater is becoming complicated at a rate similar to the technology they work on, and the vehicle repair processes require more training, technology and time. However, the “hi-tech” world of automotive repair can be a more attractive proposition for the next generation.

two major insurance companies and their subsidiaries represent 71 percent of the market and have the capacity to influence the price that they will pay for a repair. We are all too aware that insurers sell insurance and are focused on retaining customers and providing dividends for their shareholders. Efficiency gains in the assessing process through technology are being retained by the insurer, not necessarily being shared with the repairer, which could be used to improve wage rates and contribute to a more sustainable industry. This is a significant cause of tension in the relationships within the collision repair industry, although it is not unique to our industry.

The impact of the second machine age on the collision repair economy The impact of the second machine age is affecting all stakeholders in the collision repair industry. Advanced technology and robotics are creating higher costs in some areas and savings in other areas. However, it all starts with the average consumer. The average driver of a passenger vehicle insures in case of an accident, although as technology increases, how will this affect their insurance premium? Repairers are continually facing the increasing costs of the requirements to repair vehicles safely. The cost of replacement parts, electrical systems and sensors are all increasing significantly. More parts are being replaced rather than repaired due to these systems and sensors, and this replacement causes more parts to be thrown away in the industry and more vehicles to be written off. The repairer must invest in equipment and training to be able to repair or replace these components and systems. Not unlike many developed nations, the New Zealand collision repair landscape is dominated by “baby boomers” who are facing key decisions about their future and the future of their businesses. For the industry to be sustainable, tremendous efficiency advances are required, or the price for repairing the vehicle must increase. However, the

Interestingly, a survey conducted by the Medical Society of the state of New York found that 90 percent of the 1,200 doctors surveyed changed the way they treat patients due to restrictions from insurance companies – food for thought! With the cost of repairs increasing and the remuneration received for repairs remaining stagnant, technicians and spray painters are leaving the industry and the number of apprentices entering the industry is at an all-time low. Robotics has not yet reached the New Zealand collision repair sector, although there has been much activity in Australia in the past two years.

With the industry taking in only half the required number of apprentices and the effect of autonomous vehicle technology still over the horizon, the industry is heading for a crisis point. Conclusion Technology and artificial intelligence are rapidly changing the landscape of the collision repair industry. Vehicles are becoming more complex, requiring investment and training for repairers, whilst insurance companies are becoming more efficient. All these factors put increasing pressure on the collision repairers. The advancing technology has already painted a picture of increasing levels of autonomy in the future, with the resultant decline in accident rates. Will the collision repair industry as we know it no longer exist? Will repairers become “recalibrators”, effectively resetting sensors or troubleshooting systems rather than repairing damage caused by a collision? The more pressing issue is that the industry will reach a crisis point long before this technology will become mainstream. Repairers will need to see a rebalancing of the share of the efficiency gains to ensure a sustainable industry. The industry must find a way to attract young repairers to work in an industry with such new and exciting technology. The second machine age is very much a disruptor to the collision repair industry and we all must find a way to adapt and evolve. There are many other industries that have gone through significant transition and come through it better and stronger, and although the future has yet to be written, I have great confidence in the resilience of the New Zealand collision repair industry. This article supplied courtesy of Chris Thompson, Operations Manager and Acoat Services Consultant, Otbury Refinish Solutions

The National Collision Repairer – 2 9

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G U Y - - - - - - - - - - - - -

M c C O Y - L A N C A S T E R

TheUltimate CustomCarTour See how much you can absorb WITH SO MUCH TO SEE AND DO AT SEMA, IT WAS AMAZING TO SEE JOHN’S DEDICATION TO THE CUSTOM CAR SCENE AS HE LED A TOUR OF ENTHUSIASTS ACROSS THE USA, SHOWING US WHY HE TRULY IS “THE CAR GUY” There is a new positive vibe as we enter 2019 with gusto. The opportunities are all around us and it’s not just the weather that has been heating up. When speaking with business owners across the country and around the world, there is recognition that a whole lot of good work was done last year and we are ready to move forward. Is your business ready to capitalise on the hard work you have done over the past few years? There are continued challenges ahead, but with a positive attitude and

a preparedness to face the problems with good thinking and new innovations, there is definitely a path ahead to build on the pace with which the year has begun. Now, speaking of pace, in the last issue we promised to provide an overview of the shops we visited after SEMA last year. The pace of the tour resulted in an inspiring look at some of the leaders in the custom car world across the USA. In total we visited: • Eight leaders of the custom car world • An innovative collision repair centre

• Three manufacturing plants • Three very private collections • Two very cool car shows. We even threw in nine tourist destinations as we visited cities across a variety of states in the USA. What follows is an overview of the stops we made, the people we visited and the some of the coolest cars in the scene – some completed, some in the build stages. The work on very cool cars is happening across the country – the shows are full of new builds as well as celebrating some of the older cars that have been around for many years.

Kindig's Ford Ranchero.

2018 Page Balloon Regatta.


From Willies Garage Air Affair.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - T H E

It is about both the cars and the people, and there were many opportunities to chat with very passionate owners and builders. Our journey began in Las Vegas with a road trip to Page (in Arizona) where we saw the 2018 Page Balloon Regatta before moving on to Salt Lake City. Whilst in Utah we toured Kindigit Design, H&S Customs, Willies Garage and The Price Collection, all of which was a truly fantastic experience. We then flew to Chicago, Illinois, to see Billet Specialties, Rad Rides by Troy and The Roadster Shop before heading back west to Los Angeles to catch up with some old friends in Jimmy Shine, Foose Design, Hollywood Hot Rods and the (very) private collection, Galpin Autosports. We finished the tour in San Francisco at the Good Guys Show. All of this in just under the eight days immediately after SEMA. There is always so much to learn from these people as to the way they work with customers, prepare their ideas, execute what needs to be done, overcome the problems and then celebrate the end results. As we were visiting them straight after SEMA, there were many comments made about new ideas or new approaches within the industry, and most made the comment that SEMA continues to


G U Y - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Price Collection's Early Indianapolis Cars.

The Price Collection's Mormon Meteor 3 - A Bonneville Icon

The Roadster Shop.

H&S Customs'1970 Chevrolet El Camino.

Jimmy Shine (right).

A Jimmy Shine 55 Chev.

The National Collision Repairer – 3 1

- - - - - - - - - - - - - T H E

highlight every part of the scene and is a great place to be recognised by peers and the broader industry for the workmanship and the teams that put these cool cars together. The Battle of the Builders has made an enormous difference to the mindset and the confidence of the builders of these unique cars. There are new collaborations happening now between builders (and often owners) on a global basis. See if you can pick up some new ideas from the following photos that summarise the Ultimate Custom Car Tour of 2018. Let us know if you want to come with us this year!


G U Y - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Galpin Private Collection.

Troy Trepanier with The Car Guy.

Trepanier's '69 Barracuda - Blowfish.

Once was a fire truck.

Troy Ladd's 32 Ford Roadster.


The first car Chip Foose painted with his late father, Sam.

Mercedes-Benz TradeClub. It's the start of a unique partnership. The new Mercedes-Benz TradeClub is an exclusive trade program designed especially for trade customers. Once registered, your business will have web access to members only special promotions and pricing. Mercedes-Benz TradeClub aims to ensure that your business continues to be competitive and able to deliver exceptional customer service by only repairing with Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts. Be certain you get the best product, support and price by joining Mercedes-Benz TradeClub. Visit the Mercedes-Benz TradeClub website and register your interest.

- - - - - - - - - - F U T U R E P R O U D L Y

L E A D E R S - - - - - - - - - -




Future Leaders of the industry THE LATEST FUTURE LEADER PRESENTATION WAS MADE AT THE IAG REGIONAL OFFICE ON WHARF STREET, NEWCASTLE TO MATTHEW BRANDT, AN AUTOBODY REPAIR TECHNICIAN FROM CESSNOCK SMASH REPAIRS AND GOLD MEDALLIST AT THE 2018 WORLDSKILLS NATIONALS IN SYDNEY. Brad Dalgleish, Manager Motor Assessing for IAG, was the MC for the occasion, which was attended by several representatives of IAG, TAFENSW, Cessnock Smash Repairs, the National Collision Repairer and, most importantly, Matthew’s family. Following the acknowledgement of country, Dalgleish introduced Greg Gearing, owner of Cessnock Smash Repairs, who reflected on Matthew’s first year in the business: “Matt continues to impress with his eagerness to take on the more complex jobs as he sees them as both a challenge and an opportunity to develop his skills. He is really deserving of this recognition.” Gearing went on to thank IAG for their support of the Future Leaders initiative. Dalgleish then introduced Troy Johns, Industry Risk and Governance Manager for IAG, who in turn asked Matthew to join him for a short Q&A. Johns: Tell us how you decided on this career path? Brandt: Working on cars with my brother Nathan was my initial inspiration, although the early work experience at Branxton Gretta Smash Repairs had me hooked. Johns: I believe that you have won the gold medal in AutoBody Repair at the


Troy Johns and Matthew Brandt.

National WorldSkills Finals held in Sydney. What can you tell us about the experience? Brandt: I had exposure to the process with the 2016 WorldSkills but it was still a very full-on three days where we had to complete several tasks, including replacing the full right-hand front corner and repairing hail damage. Johns: How has the WorldSkills competition assisted you in your career? Brandt: The training leading up to the competition and the pressure at the event has made me even more confident in taking on bigger repair jobs and continuing to set a high standard for the work I do. Johns: Outside of work, what are your hobbies and interests? Brandt: Other than continuing to work on cars with Nathan, I spend time in the gym and go fishing at every opportunity. Johns: And finally, no I don’t want to make Greg uneasy, but what are your ambitions for the future? Brandt: In the short term, it’s to continue to improve my knowledge and skills at Cessnock Smash, but I really do have a real interest in restoration work. Johns then congratulated

Matthew on his achievement and presented his certificate, the award and the two I-CAR training courses. He concluded: “IAG is proud to support the Future Leaders of the Industry initiative and we see such recognition as critical for the future of the industry. Matthew is a great role model for young men and women considering a career in such a highly dynamic industry.” In receiving his award, Matthew said: “I am extremely grateful to Gary at Cessnock Smash, Adam McDonald and the fantastic team of teachers at Glendale TAFE, my mum Annette, brother Nathan and my partner Gabrielle for all their support in my career thus far. I also want to thank IAG for their support of the initiative – it really is special.” Editor: IAG’s ongoing support and sponsorship of these awards is greatly appreciated. We all wish Matthew every success. I am confident he will continue to kick goals whichever direction his career takes in the future. iag donates two I-CAR courses valued at more than $500 to the Future Leader that we feature each month in this section






Call us on: (02) 9772 9014 or


- - - - - - - - - L I F E T I M E

A C H I E V E M E N T - - - - - - -


Since the inception of this award, we have inducted 39 industry leaders onto the Honour Roll. We have: collision repairers, equipment suppliers, coatings suppliers, insurers and, of course, TAFE teachers. Of the 39, there have been four international recipients who have not only developed the industry in their home countries, but also left an enduring mark on the Australian collision industry landscape. As we said last year, these are the people who have shaped, built, disrupted, influenced and developed the industry since the middle of last century, often in the face of adversity and against staunch opposition. Again, this award is not a popularity contest. Rather, it is an award that acknowledges the recipients’ perseverance, commitment

3 6 – L I F E T I M E AC H I E V E M E N T

and contribution and recognises that their dedication has created the great industry we have today. These are the real change-agents of our industry. The National Collision Repairer Lifetime Achievement Award is based upon the same principles as the US Collision Industry’s Hall of Eagles, which was formed in 1989 and is now recognised as the most prestigious honour any industry professional can receive. Incidentally, there are three National Collision Repairer inductees who are also inducted into the Hall of Eagles in the US – we have clearly left our mark across the Pacific. We are proud and privileged to continue the tradition that was created at a time when there was little recognition for the efforts of those who have built our industry. We are equally proud that it has become an

increasingly sought-after award as it continues to grow in stature. Of course, this has been made possible by the support of our sponsors, many of whom have been with us since the inaugural awards in 2007 and, once again, we take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the individuals and their organisations who support this initiative that truly does “honour the past”. We are now calling for nominations during the month of February, so we encourage you to contact us for a form and submit your nomination. The announcement and presentations will take place at the 12th Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards breakfast on 5th April in Melbourne and we will present a special report on the occasion and recognise the inductees in the May issue.

- - - - - - - - - L I F E T I M E

A C H I E V E M E N T - - - - - - -

Acknowledging a lifetime of contribution Criteria for induction into the National Collision Repairer Lifetime Achievement Honour Roll 1. 2. 3. 4.

A minimum of 10 years in the collision repair industry Contributions to the collision repair industry beyond the scope of their local area Contributions to the collision repair industry beyond the scope of their direct employment Nominations shall come from within the collision repair industry on the nomination form with supporting rationale.

A nomination form can be obtained from: The National Collision Repairer PO Box 3183, Dendy, Victoria 3186 Email: Tel: +61 458 588 333

The National Collision Repairer thanks and acknowledges the ongoing support of our sponsors


Honour Roll ................................ Richard Nathan ................................ David Weatherall ................................ Terry Flanagan ................................ Marshall Duncan ................................ Graham Winter ................................ Jeff Hendler (Int) ................................ Max Chanter ................................ John Howes ................................ Robert Renwick (Int) ................................ David Newton-Ross ................................ Wayne Phipps ................................ Richard Pratt ................................ Bob Rees ................................ Lance Weiss ................................ Mark Brady ................................ Don Wait OAM ................................ Tony Farrugia ................................ Bob Christie ................................ John Zulian ................................ Tom Vukelic ................................ Robin Taylor ................................ Ray McMartin ................................ Colin Edwards ................................ Ian Wilkinson ................................ Julie Thomas ................................ Brian Johnson ................................ Terry Feehan ................................ Owen Webb OAM ................................ Phil Nixon ................................ Trevor Parkes ................................ Tony Warrener OAM ................................ Brenton Abbott ................................ Michael Killen ................................ Carl Tinsley ................................ Per Madsen (Int) ................................ Rex Crowther (Int) ................................ Michael Wilkinson ................................ Garry Clear ................................ Cec Simpson ................................

The National Collision Repairer – 3 7

- - - - - - - - - - - - - T E C H N O L O G Y - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mercedes-Benz ‘Factory 56’ Increased flexibility and efficiency EIGHT MONTHS AFTER THE CORNERSTONE CEREMONY FOR ONE OF THE MOST MODERN AUTOMOBILE PRODUCTION HALLS IN THE WORLD, MERCEDES-BENZ CARS FOR THE FIRST TIME GIVES AN INSIGHT IN THE OPERATING PRINCIPLES OF "FACTORY 56". For the first time Mercedes-Benz Cars has given a deeper insight into "Factory 56". The German premium carmaker explains the concept and the basic operating principles of one of the most state-of-the-art automobile production halls in the world. "In 'Factory 56', we are consistently implementing innovative technologies and processes across the board according to the key terms 'digital, flexible, green'. We have created a modern workspace with greater attention to the individual requirements of our employees. All in all, in 'Factory 56' we have significantly increased flexibility and efficiency in comparison to our current vehicle assembly halls – and of course, without sacrificing our top quality. In this way, we are setting a new benchmark in the global automotive industry," says Markus Schäfer, Member of the Divisional Board Mercedes-Benz Cars, Production and Supply Chain. New, flexible infrastructure with powerful WiFi and mobile network In "Factory 56", the traditional assembly line is replaced by driverless transport systems in selected production areas – the so-called "TecLines" – for example, at the beginning of the trim line. By merely redefining the tracks for the driverless

3 8 – T E C H N O LO G Y

transport systems, it will be possible to change from assembly operation to cycle operation, whereby the vehicle remains in position and is not continuously moved along the line. This makes sense for automated activities, for example when installing the sliding glass roof. In addition, by using the driverless transport systems, individual assembly units can be expanded without interfering with the building's structure. "By combining an assembly line with 'TecLines', on the one hand we have high-efficiency assembly for large-scale production at our disposal, while on the other hand we gain flexibility so that we can adjust our production without any great effort or interruptions to current operations," explained Schäfer. In doing so, machines and systems

Digital communication on the line.

are networked with one another. Selected assembly facilities and materials handling technology are Internet of Things-ready. A highperformance and efficient wireless network and mobile network form the basis for this. The use of a powerful 5G mobile phone technology is to be tested for the first time in assembly in a pilot application. The assembly hall is completely paperless. Employees work with monitors and personal digital assistants (PDAs). Shopping carts are being used across the board in “Factory 56” to supply the assembly stations. These are equipped with the required materials for assembly in a so-called pick zone using intelligent picking systems. In total 300, driverless transport systems are in use. "The resulting data can be collected and

- - - - - - - - - - - - - T E C H N O L O G Y - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

evaluated using big data technology. The findings flow directly back into production. In this way, we can improve existing processes and can avoid plant malfunctions with predictive maintenance. We thus increase our business operating times and improve quality," Schäfer emphasises. 360-degree networking – from the supplier to the customer However, networking not only happens inside the factory. A significant feature of "Factory 56" is the all-round networking across the entire valueadded chain – from development and design to suppliers, production and customers. “In coordination with our suppliers, we use the benefits of tracking and tracing, which allows load carriers to be traced digitally around the world. Tracking and tracing also means that early detection of discrepancies in the supply chain occurs, and thus there is a quicker reaction time.” “Factory 56” is already connected with Mercedes-Benz’s customers. Under "Digital Anticipation" in the Mercedes me app, customers purchasing new vehicles can gain exclusive insights into the production of their vehicles. For research and development as well as production, 360-degree networking means quick and transparent communication across all units. Digital tools are used for development and production. For example, production processes are visualised and optimised using "virtual reality" (VR) before a real production hall comes into existence. This means that the workstations and processes can be virtually tested and designed ergonomically prior to being used.

Driverless production line.

Work of the future – focus on people "Despite state-of-the-art technology and innovative Industry 4.0, in 'Factory 56' the focus is as always on people. Our employees' expertise, flexibility and high level of motivation are the keys to our success, and that applies to periods of transformation and digitalisation. This is why we are cutting back on the level of automation in 'Factory 56' and creating the framework conditions to ensure that working in production continues to be fun," Schäfer clarifies. To sustainably shape the production of the future, an innovative working organisation and new working time models will be developed along with the works council. The aim is to reconcile the company's requirements with the employees' requirements via sustainable and practical solutions. While the company wants to increase flexibility, capacity and extend the operating hours, employees are often concerned with gaining more freedom for personal matters with flexible working times and places that can be arranged at short notice. In this context, a model for flexible teams, the so-called pool of shift employees, is currently being tested. This means that an employee's wishes regarding his/her shift plan depending on his/her personal situation can be better taken into consideration, thus promoting a balance between family and professional life. It is conceivable that one day employees will be able to choose their working hours via an app.

"Green production" – CO2-neutral electricity supply All German Mercedes-Benz Cars plants will have a CO2-neutral energy supply by 2022. New plants worldwide are already planned with this as a standard feature. "Factory 56" will already have a CO2-neutral energy supply upon commissioning. There is a photovoltaic system (PV system) on the factory's roof that feeds self-generated green electricity into the hall's supply. In addition, there are a number of measures for reducing energy consumption. Approximately 40 percent of the roof's surface will be extensively planted. Apart from offsetting impervious surfaces and aiding rainwater retention, this also translates into an improved interior climate in the hall. The hall is particularly translucent. The bluesky architecture supports a pleasant working climate for the employees using daylight rather than artificial light. "'Factory 56' in Sindelfingen is the blueprint for all our future vehicle assembly halls around the world – this applies both to our existing plants as well as new locations," Schäfer states of future prospects. Key facts about "Factory 56" Right from the start, Mercedes-Benz manager Ulrike Graze is responsible for "Factory 56" at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen, about 20 kilometres from the Daimler headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. The area of "Factory 56" measures 220,000 m2, which equates to about 30 soccer fields. While the cornerstone ceremony for the new assembly hall took place on 20 February, 2018, the start of production is scheduled at the beginning of the next decade. Upper and luxury class cars with combustion engines, hybrid drives and purely electric-battery drives as well as self-driving cars will be produced there. This includes, among others, the new generation of the S-Class as well as the first electric vehicle from the EQ product and technology brand "made in Sindelfingen". You can find a detailed video on the concept and operating principles on the Mercedes-Benz YouTube channel:

The National Collision Repairer – 3 9

- - - - - - - - - - - C U S T O M W I T H

C O R N E R - - - - - - - - - - O W E N



Scrutineering for entrants kicked off on Tuesday night and continued to Saturday, processing almost 2,000 cars in that time. Judging took place over Thursday and Friday, with the top 60 cars setting up Friday afternoon and the top 30 Street cars on display outside the Meguiar’s judging pavilion on Saturday. Two hundred cars lined up for the city cruise on Thursday at noon, with both sides of Northbourne Ave lined several people deep. Since this has been reintroduced over the last few years it has become really popular with both the entrants and the public, which has increased the goodwill with the locals. Friday kicked off hot and sunny and over 130 cars assembled on the burnout track for the world record attempt. Dubai previously held the

Tuff Street.

4 0 – C U S TO M C O R N E R

record with 119 cars. Summernats now hold it with 126 cars turning the tyres and making smoke for 60 seconds. The AC Delco Pro Slammer team of Maurice Fabietti unveiled their new car on their impressive display, including two cars, transporter and merchandise. They also had a run on the dyno, making an impressive 2,900 horsepower. Also on Friday, the judging was completed by around 3.00pm with the top 60 cars joining the 17 “Meguiar’s great uncover” cars in the Meguiar’s pavilion for the public opening at 7.00pm. There were some awesome cars, plenty of variety, elite street machines, hot rods, competition cars and even two burnout cars. The last car unveiled was one of the best cars ever built in this country – Rob Zahabi from Rides by Kam on

the Gold Coast. The pro touring Dodge Challenger has been a 3-year intense build with fabrication, bodywork, engineering, trim all done by Rob and the exterior painting outsourced to Carmine DeMaria at CAD customs. There was so much innovation and clever design in this car, it was a clear winner for top judged winning awards in most categories. Rob’s son Cooper, now only 18 years old, also unveiled his Nova, which he started back when he was 15. Look out for some of Cooper’s creations in the future. People’s Choice was taken out by Dean Wilson in his ’37 Plymouth Coupe, a car started by his dad who unfortunately passed away and Dean finished in to an incredibly high Elite standard. He commented how his dad would have said it’s not exactly how I would have finished it and you spent way too much money but would have been really proud as well. After a wet Saturday night, Sunday dawned cloudy but dry, so we assembled the 18 cars going for Grand Champion. Every one of the entrants had a shot as there was only seven points separating the 18 after judging and People’s Choice points were collated. All the entrants had to complete a slalom and Go Whoa on the burnout track, accumulating points and then adding the judging points to be crowned Grand Champion. After an intense hour of driving skills, Rick Werner in his ’32 Pickup was the winner by a single point. He was such a

- - - - - - - - - - - C U S T O M

Meguiar's Pavilion.

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People's Choice.

popular winner with other entrants and the crowd after coming close last year, just stalling on the last driving event. It couldn’t have gone to a more deserving family, with Rick and his daughter completely overwhelmed when they received the “Sword” on the track. Straight after the Grand Champion ceremonies, the Burnout Masters kicked off. This comprises the 10 finalists who have qualified at events around the country over the last 12 months. It was won by Jake Myers, 22-year-old son of the king of burnouts, Gary Myers, the first burnout world champion. Jake was also competing in the Mustang Gary won his first title in – obviously with updated body and mechanicals. This win got me thinking about a really neat theme emerging: there were at least seven father-son teams with cars at Summernats 32 competing in different events. This has been noticeable in the US but really coming to the fore in Australia now – hopefully a trend that will continue and grow. This is still an amazing event for car builders/owners, vendors and the public to come along and get out of it what they want. I can’t see anything but positivity for this event for the future. Owen is the Business Development Manager of Motoractive. He is also a leading figure within the auto re-styling and vehicle modification industry.

Grand Champion.

American Legend Stand.

The National Collision Repairer – 4 1

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Start an in-house training program Kevin Morse of Elite Collision Center in Washington State says one thing he wishes he’d started earlier in his business is the in-house training program he now uses to ensure his staff of 15 people always includes an apprentice or mid-level technician to help meet future staffing needs. “We created a program that shows them, ‘Here’s where you’re going to start, and here are the eight steps it takes to become a journeyman body technician and here’s what I can guarantee you if you meet all these criteria along these eight steps,’” said Morse. “It’s enticing. A young person can look at this program and see, ‘Here’s where I start out and here’s where I’ll be in four years. And the shop is paying me while I’m learning.’” Stick to the OEM procedures, and get paid for doing so Allen Martinez, manager of the Prestige Imports Collision Center in Colorado since 2016, said that if he had a chance to address fellow shop managers or owners at an industry meeting, he’d have a two-part message calling for unity. “I think we all need to be on the


same page as far as repair procedures are concerned,” said Martinez. “We also need to be paid for the things we need to do to repair the car correctly in line with OEM standards. I think collectively we need to say: The car tells us what we need to do to repair it correctly and that’s what we’re going to do. We have a duty and requirement to protect the people inside these cars.” Martinez oversees a staff of 27 employees. In addition to being certified by Porsche and Audi, vehicle brands the company sells at its nearby dealership, the shop is certified by Bentley, Tesla, Volkswagen, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and Honda/Acura. “The blueprint we run here is: We are an OEM-certified facility,” said Martinez. “We want to work cooperatively with the insurance companies, but we’re here to protect our customers’ interests and repair their cars the way the manufacturer recommends. So obviously we don’t believe in aftermarket parts or reconditioning wheels, that type of thing.” He said that in addition to improving productivity and keeping up with changing automaker

certification requirements, he’s made equipment purchases and facility upgrades that support his management philosophy. “I had someone tell me one time that I used to manage too much with my heart and not enough with my head, so I made a conscious decision when I came here to try to balance the two. I want to make sure the technicians understand that they are valued, but they also will be held accountable for what they do. I tell the technicians here all the time: I’m going to give you every tool that you need, so there’s no excuses for you not to perform.” Stop discounting and instead reward employees Byron Davis, owner of Auto Body Specialties in Oregon, said at one time his company participated in as many as a dozen insurer direct repair programs, but he has scaled that back significantly without hurting the business. “We weeded out, as they just weren’t all mutually beneficial. It was a one-way street. We also realised you just don’t have to give the farm away. If you have a good reputation, a great client base and you’re constantly

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Allen Martinez.

working to build that, that will drive your business.” Fewer discounts to insurers also helps the company offer better benefits to attract and retain quality employees, said Davis. Auto Body Specialties offers its 20 employees full health care and dental coverage, life insurance policies and a retirement plan. “When you’re so busy trying to ‘out-cheap’ the other guys, you can’t take care of the people you have,” Davis said. “I can walk out there and shake their hand and look them in the eye and tell them how valuable they are. I worked in a lot of shops and never once did that ever happen. There’s something about being valued, being part of something bigger than yourself. The grass doesn’t look greener somewhere else when you’re

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Byron Davis.

Kevin Morse.

a valued person where you are.” Davis uses a team-pay approach to help attract, grow and retain the technicians his shop needs, but unlike some shops using such a system, he chose to place all production employees, in both the body and paint departments, on a single team. “If we had two teams, we’d be a league,” Davis said. “We’re all on the same team here. Multiple teams just create conflict.” Instead, his shop pools all the labour hours the shop completes, and technicians are paid from that based on their skill set and clock hours worked. “It helps stabilise everybody’s pay,” said Davis. “We’re always at about 160 percent efficiency. So, while that one technician is working on a big hit, he’s benefitting from the other guys working on the lighter hits.

It’s also not uncommon to see two or three people working on the same vehicle. That job with 40 or 50 labour hours can be in the paint shop in a day instead of sitting in one guy’s stall for three days.” That’s improved the shop’s cycle time, Davis said. It also incentivised experienced techs to help train entry and mid-level technicians because, as those employees improve, Davis said, everybody makes more money. John is a freelance writer based in the United States who has been writing about the automotive industry since 1988, he is also the editor of the weekly Crash Network



Extreme Cutting Power

Cartec products are distributed by Le´Mix Pty Ltd. For more information about Cartec or other Le´Mix products, visit or contact Le´Mix on tel: (02) 9708 4959

The National Collision Repairer – 4 3

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Another year of change! We are all back into the business of collision repair after a year of change – and we now move forward in 2019 for even more change. Every year we see the impact of change becoming more relevant with what we do every day. In 2017 we witnessed many OEMs issuing position statements on pre and post scanning in vehicles, and in 2018 we observed the emergence of calibration of ADAS systems. Both are entirely different procedures, and both are required when performing collision repairs, regardless of the severity. What will 2019 bring to our industry? The answer is more of the same. Change is with us every day, in every facet of our lives, and is now becoming the new industry standard. Ignoring the opportunity to embrace the need to change may not affect your business significantly today, but as each day goes by and more change is seen, then a business will begin to suffer. It is a domino effect! Understanding the type of work at which you succeed, the core of your business, is essential in deciding what changes are required. There is an opportunity to focus specifically on what your business requires to meet those goals. We have seen lean processes advocated by many collision repairers and refinish companies, and a proactive plan for the future of your business will deliver a targeted goal. Rather than attempting to repair every vehicle that comes through your door, a specific limit on scope of repair or OEM may prove to be easier to assist in adapting to any change needed.

4 4 – I - C A R U P DAT E

Change is not a bad thing; ignoring change is the bad thing. Sometimes it seems that everything changes in the blink of an eye, and the collision industry is no stranger to change. The most critical part is planning to meet the challenge of change. It is not just a matter of new equipment or training or refurbishing the office and shop front. Successful implementation of any change will come internally with the acceptance of all within a business to understand the new era of collision repair. There is absolutely no substitute for experience; however, new technologies require new experience! Delivering old techniques in a modern environment will soon see cracks appear within the operations of a business – from front to back. Ignorance will not be welcome or sustainable in the new age of collision repair – at any level! Over the last 24 months we have worked to change the behind the scenes operations and we’ve developed a new curriculum and new course content to meet the challenge. In 2019 we will be rolling out our plan to assist the industry in raising the skill level, raising awareness, delivering

relevant and more easily accessible training programs. To meet OEM and industry needs for the future, certification for welding and testing has changed in its delivery. The full program provides more indepth knowledge, training and a pathway from steel to aluminium. As we see more and more advanced materials being introduced, this change will benefit those wanting to improve their skills and understanding of MIG/MAG welding. 2019 will also see a completely new range of short online courses being released that will allow all technicians to train at their convenience. New courses will provide the relevant information for all roles in our Professional Development Program (PDP) as well as introducing specific new courses for production managers. Our commitment to change is based on our planning to deliver a better I-CAR for you. Yes, a lot of work, time and commitment has been invested, but like any business, the ROI for I-CAR will be a better prepared and higher skilled workforce to meet the challenge of change. Don’t be afraid of change! Being resistant to change is one of the greatest enemies of success. Mark is the CEO of I-CAR Australia. His mission is to ensure that the collision repair industry understands the importance of having fully trained personnel and knowledgeable technicians

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Calendar of events

KNOWING WHEN IT’S ON AND WHAT’S COMING UP Automechnika Collision Repair Expo 21st to 23rd March 2019 4th - 6th April 2019 Kuala Lumpur Melbourne

Autopromotec 22nd – 26th May 2019 Bologna

Thatcham update Thatcham Research has announced the renewal of its contract with Suncorp, extending the successful collaboration that has seen Suncorp distribute Thatcham repair data in Australia and New Zealand since 2013. Under the renewed agreement, Suncorp will become the first ever Thatcham Research Global Associate – this provides one of Australia’s largest financial services brands with access to Thatcham Research’s wealth of vehicle research, data and services. Neale Phillips, Global Product Director, Thatcham Research said: ‘’We are delighted to welcome Suncorp as our first ever Global Associate member, building on the successful partnership we have enjoyed over the last five years. We are committed to supporting its needs and those of its repair network – starting with an upgrade to escribe which will shortly see the inclusion of vehicle manufacturer methods, to further increase vehicle coverage.’’

Thatcham’s online portal – escribe, provides insurance assessors and repairers with instant access to the very latest multi-franchised Thatcham Research crash repair methods, times and technical newsletters. Phillips continued: “The growth of escribe in Australia is a tangible demonstration of Suncorp’s commitment to delivering only the safest and highest-quality vehicle repair.” In response, Brett Wallace, EM Assessing & Repair Performance, Suncorp said: “Thatcham repair data helps to ensure that our customer’s vehicles are repaired in the most safe and efficient manner, so the decision to extend and strengthen our relationship with such a respected industry body was an easy one and aligns 100% with Suncorp’s overarching repair strategy” Significant enhancements to the escribe platform enabling the positive identification of ADAS technologies have already been deployed this year, with further updates on the way in 2019.

Training contacts 3M Australia George Di Scala Tel: 0400 382 649 AkzoNobel Tel: (03) 9644 1711 Axalta Coating Systems Product training Axalta services Tel: 1800 292 582 BASF Australia Ltd Peter Jones Tel: (02) 8787 0142 Dents R Us Laury Chibnall Tel: 0438 383 555 iBodyshop E: Tel: (03) 9548 7400

PPG Australia Pty Ltd MVP Business Solutions VIC/TAS Mindy Roberts 0407 528 869 NSW/ACT Greg Tunks 0411 288 451 Cliff Reed 0413 851 433 QLD/NT John Stack 0413 274 035 SA/WA Brett Humphreys 0414 181 030 PPG Training VIC/TAS: (03) 8586 0000 NSW/ACT: (02) 9854 6600 QLD/NT: (07) 3823 8000 SA: 0412 832 919 WA: 0437 902 125

Mipa Australia Pty Ltd Tel: (03) 9793 8800 LORD (Fusor and Farecla) Tel: (03) 9560 6060 Protec Tel: 1800 076 466 SAPE Automotive Training Academy Tel: (02) 9772 9000 Thatcham-Escribe 1300 769 347 U-pol Tel: 0400 366 483 Valspar Automotive Tel: (02) 4368 4054

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Get into a modern air-fed


Facts show that old-fashioned half masks simply cannot compete – they don’t cover the eyes (a prime entry point for isocyanates) or skin. What’s more, it’s difficult to determine when the cartridge filters are full because isocyanates do not have an odour or taste. Issues Some painters use the excuse that a spray hood is not comfortable, but chances are they have not checked out the latest generation. Modern spray hoods, such as the SATA air vision 5000, are specifically designed to address those concerns by delivering comfort, convenience and protection in equal measures. Tips and recommendations Comfort: This is where you should notice a big difference with modern spray hoods. For example, the new SATA air vision 5000 has comfortoriented materials as well as an easy to adjust system that can be finetuned to fit any head shape – yes, even yours! Once comfortably in place, the breathing air stream is softly and quietly distributed inside the hood and there is a wide field of vision. Depending on where you are operating, you will love a couple of the extra SATA comfort options – an air warmer and an air humidifier. Clear vision: Replace the visor tear-off as soon as overspray restricts vision, otherwise painters are tempted to lift the hood to see clearly when painting, which defeats the purpose of wearing it. Tear-off systems vary. For


example, on the SATA air vision 5000, the tear-off itself forms the visor, so replacing it gives instant clear vision. Others have a tear-off over a hardplastic visor. However, if the tear-off is removed but not replaced and the hood is still used, it ruins the hardplastic vision, which is more expensive to replace. Convenience: These days, there are some very clever features built in. For instance, the modular design of the belt unit on the SATA air vision 5000 makes it very adaptable. Not only does it house different modules (air regulator and optional air warmer or air humidifier), those modules can easily be switched from the left to right side to better suit left or right handers. There is even a clever foldout support arm integrated into the air regulator so you can hook the spray hood on without having to disconnect it from the belt unit.

Breathe easy: Whether you have a carbon filter in your main booth filter system (like the SATA threestage air filtration unit) or a carbon filter in the belt unit, it should be replaced at the recommended intervals to ensure users get technically pure breathing air. Purchasing: Brands and models vary, so check the features and buy the best you can afford. If the shop is buying, do not simply choose based on price – get your painters involved because if the model isn’t comfortable and easy to use, chances are they will find excuses not to wear it. This article supplied courtesy of John Hristias, Business Support Manager, Asia-Pacific at PPG Industries

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Two great new innovations from 3M blending applications. • Excellent dust and water control to ensure a clean sanding environment. Available in grades P800–P2000. Flexible and long lasting, delivering a superior finish. Versatility at its finest.

3M Flexible Foam Abrasive Discs 3M’s Flexible Foam Abrasive Discs combine a flexible aluminium oxide abrasive with a soft foam to create a high performing, versatile, blending abrasive. Hundreds of laser perforated holes mean excellent dust and water control when used wet or dry, creating a clean sanding environment. • Flexible foam-backed abrasive that conforms to irregular surfaces. • Universal product can be used wet or dry and by hand or machine for

3M Perfect-It Fast Cut Plus Extreme Fast Cut Plus Extreme is 3M’s new and improved performance abrasive compound. Scratch removal time is typically reduced by 25 percent. Save time and benefit from improved quality along with improved confidence in the scratch removal compounding step. The higher cutting performance of this compound is delivered with excellent gloss results, providing a compound suitable for a wide range of systems. Appreciate the improved working time of 3M Perfect-It Fast Cut Plus Extreme as well as the reduced tendency to dry out during application. New Fast Cut Plus Extreme is designed to be used with either our green flat foam pad, which works faster with quick movements, or our

white convoluted foam pads, which heat the paint less. • High gloss obtained even faster. • Remove scratches faster. • Excellent results on all paints. • Minimal sling. 3M Perfect-It Fast Cut Plus Extreme and 3M Flexible Foam Abrasives are now available via your authorised 3M distributors. For any queries related to either of these new products, please call 3M on 136 136.

Car-O-Liner’s WorkShop Solutions Car-O-Liner’s WorkShop Solutions means that you can now configure the workshop as you wish to enhance efficiency and productivity. WorkShop Solutions provides organised inventory control solutions such as tool boards, wall sections and separators that allow you to configure unique work bay designs to meet your collision repair workshop’s space requirements. Trolleys on wheels can easily be moved to where they are most needed, thus increasing efficiency and cycle times. With WorkShop Solutions you can increase your profitability by ensuring that your workshop is well organised and planned. Parts silhouettes on the tool boards ensure that repairs can be completed more quickly and efficiently as tools and equipment are always in their correct places – no need for the technician to waste time finding what is needed to complete the job. Features and benefits: • Inventory control: parts silhouettes ensure tools are returned to the

proper location. • Ergonomic: technicians can find tools and complete repairs faster. • Attractive: an organised workshop increases customer confidence. • Quality: sturdy construction to hold multiple parts gives a long life with low maintenance costs. • Space saving: maximise use of wall or wagon space. • Flexibility: product design range to match multiple global car manufacturers’ parts designs. • LEAN: apply LEAN production practices. • Easy to attach/detach and move the

wall panels and shelves from walls to tool wagons. The internal and external environment of a collision repair workshop plays an important role in the overall quality of the customer experience. It is here that the customers form their image of your workshop and your brand, just as it is here that each employee’s sense of belonging, pride and personal responsibility is created. The combination of environment and employees that exude competence and security offers such a professional impression to both customers and insurance companies alike.

The National Collision Repairer – 4 7

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The X factor from SATA By introducing a revolutionary nozzle concept, with a constant fan size across the entire spectrum, the new SATAjet X 5500 is the spray gun that is perfectly in sync with you! In this day and age, “revolutionary” or “game-changing” can be overused terms, but not in the case of the new SATAjet X 5500 spray gun, and SATA says it has the evidence to back this up. Indeed, the industry leading German brand is the first spray gun manufacturer to offer a nozzle system, dubbed the SATA X-Nozzle System, based on two distinct spray fan shapes that remain constant right across the nozzle spectrum. In combination with the new SATAjet X 5500, this advanced new nozzle system offers advantages that simply cannot be matched by conventional technology. To complement this remarkable high-tech functionality, the SATAjet X 5500 also features thoroughly modern styling – the sleek design was developed in co-operation with the Porsche Design Studio and includes

a high-quality anodised body with a black nozzle and cap. As well as exceptional atomisation, which helps substantially reduce paint consumption, further features include a Whispering Nozzle design to reduce noise level and a newly-designed fluid tip and air cap that eliminates the need for an air distribution insert. Instant fan favourite To create an effective solution to the downsides of existing nozzle technology, SATA’s research and development engineers took on the technical challenge of creating an all new nozzle system. With conventional nozzle technology, the size, shape and width of the spray fan and the available material flow rate tend to vary with the increase in nozzle size and this means painters must make adjustments at each step to compensate. With the SATAjet X 5500, painters still select between HVLP and RP technology, but the key difference is that the SATA X-Nozzle System

Two new Juice products from SAPE Juice Endurance sealant Juice Endurance contains Nano technology that bonds and protects all painted surfaces. The long-term protection and hydrophobic water-repelling properties of Endurance provides protection against the elements for months and will give a deep, high gloss finish that lasts and lasts. Juice N-Cut compound N-Cut compound continues Juice Polishes’ commitment as a market leader in the advancement of abrasive technology. Using this technology, N-Cut’s new low-dust formula utilises two added abrasives that make it faster, cleaner and more efficient than previously available products. N-Cut was designed and tested for use on all paint types including automotive, marine and industrial type finishes. N-Cut is available from early February.

4 8 – P R O D U C T S H OW C A S E

introduces the choice of two different fan shapes. Called “parallel” for I-nozzles and “oval” for O-nozzles, both have unique characteristics to cater to the preferences of different painters. The crucial point is that, as the nozzle sizes increase within each respective technology (HVLP/RP), the material flow rate also increases in constant increments. As a result, the spray fan size and width remain unchanged across the entire spectrum! SATA selector Choosing SATA’s new premier spray gun, the SATAjet X 5500, is a nobrainer because of its ability to be tailored perfectly to your individual requirements. Which SATA X-Nozzle is right for you will depend on a variety of factors, so SATA has introduced some useful selection tools including a specific SATA webpage,, and the free SATA Nozzle Selector App for download on either IOS or Android. By introducing the SATAjet X 5500 in combination with the SATA X-Nozzle System, SATA is able to offer one spray gun that can be adapted to suit all kinds of painters, all kinds of paint systems, and all kinds of application conditions. In short, it’s perfectly in sync with you! The SATAjet X 5500 comes in the popular DIGITAL version (with a digital air pressure gauge built into the gun handle) or the non-digital version and is available from approved SATA distributors.







The CTR 9 fully automatic welder comes with a new, revolutionised light-weight transformer gun. With its 355° swivel handle and ergo-grip, it enables perfect working positions for anyone, for any job. The gun is supported by a telescopic arm in a durable and lightweight extruded aluminium that can be easily adjusted both vertically and horizontally. A compact power unit with a low centre of gravity gives mobility and stability, while a 16,000-amp transformer and CANBUS communication ensure a perfect weld every time. Contact your nearest dealer today.



R O Car-O-Liner - CTR9

Head Office: Unit 1, 25 Industrial Road, Unanderra, NSW 2526 Ph: (02) 4271 6287 l Fax: (02) 4271 7899 Website: l Email: NSW & Tas: Fritz Pfeffer Ph: 0412 559 208 l NT & Vic: Lindsay Batten Ph: 0412 372 988 l Qld & SA: Liam Hugo Ph 0403 455 914

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