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JUNE 2013

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FROM THE STACKS Port Edwards Elementary Library

Jessica Schmitz - Librarian


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Revisiting the research about recreational reading and test scores... co m i n g t o t h e li b rar y ne x t y e ar : d e s t i ny


estiny Library Manager is a service from Follett that we will be using next year and beyond instead of our current library cataloging system, Alexandria. With the change over to Destiny we will be getting a lot more functions in our library management system. Users will now have access to the library catalog for both buildings and this will be accessible whether you are searching for information in school or out of school. Features of Destiny: • Teachers can search by standards to find books that meet specific standards. • Follett Shelf is built into Destiny which is Follett’s ebook reader. These books can be read right from the Destiny system. We will purchase mostly nonfiction books to begin with as we already have fiction books through Overdrive.

• Destiny Quest is a feature that comes with the Destiny program that adds an interactive/social element. Students can submit reviews of books, rate books, save books they want to read in the future, recommend books to other patrons (student-to-student, teacher-to-student, teacher-toteacher, etc.), and allows you to keep track of the books you have read. • OneSearch option allows for users to search fora subject and get results in the form of books we carry, as well as articles from the databases we subscribe to including Badgerlink. • Apps for iPads and other mobile devices for Destiny Quest, Follett Shelf, and the library catalog. • The librarian can create lists of books for different classes so that students can search for materials based on a class they are taking as requested by the teacher.

Training: Next year to start off the year I will be training all teaching staff and all students. It will be important that you know how to use the new library catalog so that you can know how our students will best use it. When students come to the library to search for books they will need to come having searched for the book they are looking for, or will need to use the few stations we have set up in the library to complete these searches. Training for students will be of the utmost importance during the first few weeks of the school year and I will need your support to get students to continue to utilize the system throughout the school year and beyond. I’m really looking forward to this new system and I think once you learn how to utilize it you will find it to be an important tool in your instruction as well as an important tool for your students to utilize.

w h a t d o y o u n e e d ?? ? As we wrap up this year some of us may already be thinking about next year... I know that I am. I need help from you to let me know the resources you would like to see made available in the library. % I don’t know everyone’s curriculum so it makes my job a guessing games sometimes when I order materials for the library. But you can help me, and your students out, by letting me know units that you do that you would like to have more resources books, online materials, etc - for. If I know the unit you are doing and a bit about what you are looking for, I can use this in my purchasing decisions for next year, as well as create some helpful LibGuides for you and your students to use as a go to source for that unit. % Ideally I would like everyone to think of one unit they do that they would like to incorporate more research/information literacy skills with next year. We can collaborate on this unit if you would like, and I would like to collaborate with everyone on one unit next year as one of my goals, or you can simply just request to have more resources on your unit topic. % If you can email me a unit topic before the end of the school year I can start compiling a list of information that you want and can start using this in my early purchases and get it on my work schedule. I need you to tell me what you need and what you would like to see made available. %

% I mentioned LibGuides above. If you are unfamiliar with the LibGuides we have, please check them out. You can find them on our Library page under the “Online Resources” tab. Scroll to the bottom and you will see a link to LibGuides.

Jessica’s Library Schedule for 2013-2014 My schedule is not exactly ideal to allow me as much flexibility as I was hoping for next year. The times I am teaching next year are approximately: 1st semester 8am-9:20am and 1:40pm-2:30pm; 2nd semester 8am-9:20am and 10am-10:50am. I will be as flexible as I need to in order to meet your needs and to work with you as you request. I do not yet know what exact days I will be at the Elementary School but if you are thinking about your schedule next year and want a set day and time for library skills lessons, etc. I am planning on being at the ES on a regular basis in terms of certain days each week.

online recommendations


nel n a h C be YouTu

Below are a few recommendations of YouTube Channels to check out. With your Google account you have a YouTube account (they are linked). You can subscribe to a variety of channels on YouTube, save videos to lists, etc. It’s well worth checking out to see not only what you can learn, but what you can use in your classroom as well.

Check out these channels: TED Talks “TED is a nonprofit that is devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.” You can find a range of topics on the TED Talk channel that can teach, inspire, uplift, etc. Well worth checking this out.

TED Education TED Ed was created a few years ago and takes parts of TED Talks and turns them into lessons. This might be more geared for MS/HS, but is definitely something to check out. You can check out their website at

Mental Floss Video Described as being about random, interesting, and amazing facts, these fast paced entertaining videos are put on by Young Adult author John Green. Worth checking out for fun, and because I think some of your students may find some of these weird and random facts interesting.

NASA NASA has an interesting channel under the name NASAtelevision that is worth exploring if you are doing a unit on Space.

National Geographic This channel, as you can imagine has a ton of inforamtion on a variety of subjects. For instance I just watched a video entitled “The Birth of a Tornado” that shows a funnel cloud becoming a tornado that touches down. A really great video to show if you are studying weather.

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2013 vol 1 issue 1  

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