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Manhattan Penthouse Gardens J. MENDOZA GARDENS

J. MENDOZA GARDENS HAS CREATED EXCEPTIONAL GARDENS SINCE 1987. TRAINED AS A SCULPTOR, PRINCIPAL JEFF MENDOZA GUIDES A TEAM OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS AND HORTICULTURALISTS TO ARTFULLY MANIPULATE SPACE, VOLUME AND COLOR IN THE LANDSCAPE. HIS SOLUTIONS TO THE COMPLICATED PROBLEMS OF URBAN ROOFTOP GARDENING ARE ADMIRED FOR THEIR ORIGINALITY AND BEAUTY. JMG’S COUNTRY AND CITY GARDENS WITH THEIR INNOVATIVE DESIGNS, UNUSUAL PLANT COMBINATIONS, AND CAREFUL ATTENTION TO DETAIL, HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED INTERNATIONALLY IN NUMEROUS BOOKS AND MAGAZINES INCLUDING HOUSE & GARDEN, GARDEN DESIGN, HORTICULTURE AND THE JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. JMG PROVIDES A FULL RANGE OF SERVICES, FOR BOTH CORPORATE AND RESIDENTIAL CLIENTS, THAT INCLUDES GARDEN DESIGN, CONSULTATION, INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE. Books: New York City Gardens, Betsy Pinnover Schiff, Hirmler Verlag, 2011 In Search of Paradise, Great Gardens of the World, Penelope Hobhouse, Francis Lincoln Limited, 2006 Gardens in Perspective, Jerry Harpur, Octopus Publishing Group, 2005 Small Space Gardens, David Stevens, HaperCollins, 2003 Roof Gardens, Balconies & Terraces. Stevens & Harpur, Rizzoli, 2002-3. Constructed Ground -The Millennium Garden Design Competition. Charles Waldheim, University of Illinois Press, 2001. The World of Garden Design. Susan Dooley, Chronicle Books 2000. Conran Octopus Contemporary Garden Design. David Stevens. “Case Study: Roof Terrace” Conran Octopus Limited, 2000. Hot Plants for Cool Climates. Susan A. Roth & Dennis Schrader, Houghton Miffin Co., 2000. Portfolio of Contemporary Gardens. Stephen Woodhams. Quadrille Publishing,1999. Spiritual Gardening. Peg Streep, Time Life Books, 1999. Gardens in the City, New York in Bloom. Pool & Schiff, Abrams, 1999. Roof Gardens, Balconies & Terraces. Stevens & Harpur, Rizzoli, 1997. Backyard Design. Jean Spiro Breskind. “Stylish Rooftop,” “Urban Woodland,” Little, Brown and Company, 1991. The City Gardener’s Handbook. Linda Yang. Random House,1990. Articles: “Grass In the City” Paul Malo. Exterieurs Design p.111-112, Jan. 2008 “The Poetic Landscape” Gerit Quealy. Array Magazine pp.18-20, May 2007 “Master Class” Melissa Ozawa. House & Garden p. 56-61, January 2006 “Living Outdoors” The New York Times, Homes Magazine Supplement p.26-27, July 2004 “Ground Rules”, Deborah Needleman. House & Garden p. 130, February 2003. “A Formal Invite”, Nigel Colburn, The Garden: Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society, p. 942, December 2002. “Inspired Ideas for Outdoor Retreats”, Deborah Needleman. House & Garden pp. 95,100-1, March 2002. “Built to Suit”, Stephen Anderton. Horticulture Magazine, p.62,64, May 2001. “The Oasis Upstairs”, Marc Krystal. Dwell Magazine, pp.34-36, June 2001. “Planning for Three Dimensions”, Lucy Hardiman. Horticulture Magazine, p.56, July-August, 2000. “Show of Shows - The Tropical Garden”, Stephen Whitlock. Garden Design Magazine, p. 84 April, 2000. “Rooftop Gardener”, ‘W’ Magazine, p. 118, August 1999. “The Tropical Garden” The Garden Design Show, Garden Design, p. 2, Aug. / Sept. 1999 “Plants and Company, Styled to the Max”, Anne Raver. The New York Times, pg. F9, July 8, 1999.

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J Mendoza Gardens - Manhattan Penthouse Gardens  
J Mendoza Gardens - Manhattan Penthouse Gardens  

A collection of selected Manhattan Penthouse works by J Mendoza Gardens.