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Mar/Apr 2013

The Technology Department Works to Conserve Energy and Costs

Since July, the Grand Island Central School District

Volume 7, Issue 4

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Conserving Energy & Costs

District Website Updated

Internet Browsers

Notes Traveler (again)

Keyboarding Resources

Professional Development Opportunities

Technology Department has been working with Erie 1 BOCES to implement a comprehensive endpoint management application called Tivioli. This solution will help us to conserve energy and save costs. The application has the potential to help streamline technology operations as well as implement a power management schedule. We have the ability to remotely shut down workstations in the evening and on weekends at a cost savings to the district. In the upcoming weeks, we will work with building administrators to establish a power management schedule. We are excited about the possibilities of the new energy management solution and will continue to work with Erie 1 BOCES to implement the Tivoli solution. Mrs. Molly Marren

District Website Updated! In early February our district website was updated with improved navigation and a new, mobilefriendly template! This update includes Flash being removed, ensuring the site will work on mobile devices like the iPad! We are working hard to improve the overall functionality of the site and appreciate your patience! Don’t forget to update your bookmarks (while the site’s address didn’t change, bookmarks may have expired)!

Internet Browsers An Internet or Web Browser is defined by Wikipedia as “a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web.” I like to think of Browsers as a vehicle. Whether you drive a Honda, Toyota or Ford they all get you to the same places – it’s the ride & the features that are a little different. Getting to some places on the Internet may require a little more power or flexibility just like off-roading requires four-wheel drive. Here are 4 Browsers we use in GI and some helpful information about each. 1. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer -Very wellknown because it comes standard on all PCs. 2. Google’s Chrome – You can log in to this browser with your Google Account & it will remember your preferences (bookmarks, settings etc.)

no matter where you are! Note you do not have to login to use the Browser but it is an option! 3. Mozilla’s Firefox – Offers a lot of add-ons like a highlighter, note taking etc. 4. Apple’s Safari – On all Macs and the iPads. Which Browser When – A lot of people ask “which browser should I use with which website” -but this can be a difficult question to answer. Things change often on the web so the recommended browser for sites can change. Here are few recommendations we can make: •

Know & use more than one browser-if something doesn’t work try another (e.g. email crashes in IE – try Chrome.) Use the Start Menu – All Programs, IE is usually on the Taskbar & Chrome on the desktop but know that all browsers are in All Programs.

Academic Excellence, Personal Growth & Social Responsibility

Notes Traveler – Again in case you missed it! Interested in accessing Lotus Notes (email, calendar etc.) from your personal mobile device? You can do so by following the directions in the Lotus Notes Document Library – Notes Traveler category. There are 2 files attached to the posting as seen in the image below. The first is for Android devices and the 2nd for Apple (works on both iPhone & iPad).

While the tech department provides direction to install traveler, we do not install or troubleshoot personal devices. If you opt to use the traveler here are a few things to keep in mind for troubleshooting: 1. If you change your password for email, be sure to change it on the mobile device as well. 2. Closing all apps or restarting your device at least once a week helps to improve performance. 3. When all else fails…uninstall & reinstall Notes Traveler.

Keyboarding Resources Keyboarding/typing skills have become increasingly important and are included in the Common Core Learning Standards beginning in 3rd Grade. To help support the development of keyboarding skills in our students, here are links to a variety of resources based on age groups: • • • •

Keyboarding in the Primary Grades (K-2) Elementary Resources (scroll down to find Keyboarding section) Middle School Resources (scroll down to find Keyboarding section) High School Resources (scroll down to find Keyboarding section)

Professional Development Opportunities T4 – Teachers & Technology Think Tank - Saturday, April 13 at Elmwood Franklin School. A great opportunity to learn new ways to integrate technology! Visit for more information!

EdCamp Buffalo! - EdCamp is a grassroots movement empowering educators to take charge of their professional development through free, participant-driven unconference. The first EdCamp to come to Buffalo will be on Saturday, April 13 at Canisius College. Visit to learn more!

Web 2.0 Study Group – Explore and learn about Web 2.0 tools and mobile apps for learning. Anyone and everyone are invited to participate in any or all of the Web 2.0 Study Group Meetings! If interested, login to MLP, locate the event on the calendar and request approval. Complete the form that pops up and submit! Learn more about our study group visit our wiki by clicking here! Next meetings are Thursday 3/14 & Thursday 5/9 from 3:30pm – 5:30pm!

Tonawanda/Grand Island Teacher Center – Check out the Calendar on our Teacher’s Center’s Website for courses offered right here in Grand Island on topics that are relevant to us now! All Tonawanda/Grand Island Teacher Center courses are on the Calendar in My Learning Plan to make requesting approval easier (be sure to register with the Teacher Center too)!

WNY Teacher Center – The WNY Teacher Center also offers classes that can be found here. Note these courses are NOT on the calendar in MLP. Submit a fill-in form for approval and register with the WNY Teacher Center via their website.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this edition, without you this newsletter would not be possible!

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide a medium for communicating, sharing and spotlighting our instructional technology goals and progress. If you have an article or information you would like shared in Tech Talk please contact Jamie Mancuso! Email: Phone: 773-8811

Tech Talk Mar/Apr 2013  

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