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SUSIE AMINIAN BIO New York ART DIRECTOR UA Design track MAC Cosmetics Best fashion collaboration of the Year WORK WONDER WOMAN and mac Anniversary of wonderwoman Brainstorming History of wonderwoman Other collabs Ref: DC COMICS Talked with Lynda (mrs. wonderwoman) Oversized product - wonder woman is larger than life 2 page spread - 5 panels medusa vs. Wonderwoman Store packaging Packaging Store design and local marketing and merchandising Their store next to the office is prototype Giant store cut outs Color: Wonderwoman red Phone apps no detail gets neglected. Pret a papier (ready to paper) Experiment paperdolls Valeri steel > paper doll art history. Grab from many different sources Fashion designers made paper cutout give aways LOW BUDGET (cardboard and construction paper) IN STORE: paper cardboard models Quite Girls Goth punk japanese style Cute and funky TITLE: Type had each letter needed to be unique

SUSIE AMINIAN Characters STUPID LOVE - commision CAMPAIGN: stylist for lady gaga

quite girls Customized the make up

Dye cut pop outs EVENT MAC STAFF Preimier event: stuffed animals, stickers, Animations specialized costumes STYLE BLACK 2009: Reminisant of the 90's. BLACK brand color and reminder of the 90's Hard to sell black unless your goth. Gritty only printed with black Hand painted quotes PRINT: Softend the type Event shirts: Black gloss on black shirts Invite: black and white Custom web page: Fliping in and out of the application of lipstick STORE: Wrapped store with type Exess HELLO KITTY 1st project Alice and wonderland esque Good kitty innocent Bad kitty when she comes to MAC Black dye cut with black gloss line art Special JAPAN: KOUTURE limited edition Emerging market MAC IDENTITY BRANDING:

SUSIE AMINIAN Just played with type Different personalites Wrapped 2/3 with store creating an accent. Color driven company- black and white lets color be accent. Made artwork in house low budget look high budget Cats: Larger than life Girls like cats Used felt Large collage pamphlets A TARTAN TALE: Inspiration: Alexander queen Scottish queen Created: pirate punk alexander queen sex pistols warrior Hand ripped fabric on the displayers Sent out random different to different stores and countries. Make a marketing scheme bigger than just the product Element of story Story book with photography, shot in ancient castle in scottland STORE DISPLAY: GIANT Accordian book With actors acting out the story and a narrator LIBERTY OF LONDON FASHION: Collab Repurposed the illustrations Important to show the fashion for china Invitations with the type GLITTER AND ICE: Johnny weer Enivronmental designer; product bad for the environment DAPHINE GUINNESS Avant garde fashion idol,

SUSIE AMINIAN Bondage REEL SEX SHOW Peep sex show inspired

SHOP MAC/COOK MAC 60's housewives Designer had to make everything extremely difficult VIDEOS: Gareth Peugh Avant garde fashion designer Loved him for years got a video collaboration for years. Making metal look soft Example of a no budge NO BUDGET FOR VIDEO SHOOT Worked with an animator and the stills from the feline product VARY EACH COLLECTION TO TARGET THE DESIRES OF EMERGING MARKETS!!!! Lipstick shots GOLD FEVER DANCE #769 Andrew and andrew DJ Humorous fake dance Exit left exit right Center isle oxy mask Blow up the vest Crash landing (any dance ) Went crazy still made things happen ADVICE The person you work for is taking the time to train you MAKE THEM LOOK GOOD! MAKE THE WORK PLACE FUN TO WORK WITH. Video is the future; Learn AFTER EFFECTS

You will definitely do better at the things you love, than not. QUESTIONS AND ANSWER: Q: HOW IS YOUR WORK SPACE LIKE? A: MAC DOES EVERYTHING IN HOUSE Creative Special events Industrial design Susie has meetings for every department and keeps the design consistent. Q: TRENDING

SUSIE AMINIAN A: I work too many hours? Q: job advice? A: I didn't get a job I wanted. Used the money I saved to get job I saved, networking. Q: what level of education after college? A: Portfolio is everything, I don’t care where someone goes to school. Be friendly and easy to work with. Q: what advice would you give yourself? A: I was happy I was nieve, I didn't realize how much effort people put into training you. Get along with them and make them look good.

MARGO MURPHY BIO Ua grad 2009 LA ARTISTIC STYLE Cute/dark Ad campaigns DVD HOME PACKAGING SCHOOL In school doing more than classes Tshirts Internship with marketing Best thing to transition! WORK Last semester of school: JOB HUNT Moving to L.A. TIGER BEAT MAGAZINE The teen celeb gossip magazine Not preferred, very cluttered and crazy Job is a job. Came in for an interview, LYING ON THE RESUME!!! Bad…thought she blew it but But they were really nice Did interview over ichat; graduated with a job Struggled with the aesthetic; so did personal work Created avatars for the website 1 ½ years then moved on ARTMACHINE Entertainment Advertising and Packaging Company 50 people  1000 jobs  Designing and writing and creating for entertainment industry  Photo compositing Photo manipulation Make posters at the same time when the movies are being made Stock photography  

HOME ENTERTAINMENT Client gives job Brain storm 1-3 comps client gets 3-9 Key art, front, back, discs, special orders, mailers

MARGO MURPHY Best thing is to see your work in the WORLD PERSONAL WORK/FREELANCE PERSONAL Made full art pieces out of the art Raw artists: focuses on monthly shows for unknown artists. Gallery work in August FREELANCE Voices Logos buisness cards Outdoor graphics Viral video photoshop graphics Rediculous lobudget Albumn art

ADVICE Separate your fun from your job Keep yourself sane and in control of your personal taste. QUESTIONS AND ANSWER: Q: what do you like about working at an agency? A: the collaboration, and creative environment Q: JOB HUNTING? A: get internship in school, reach out to companies. NON STOP even though its disheartening but keep looking. Q: Experience of job hunting out of state? A: It’s MUCH HARDER. FIND SOMEONE in that state who lives there and use their address, businesses don’t want to be responsible for you. Q: When you get a client, are you guys making packaging afterwards or during? A: It’s mostly when the movie has come out, theatrical team is before the movie is finished, script Q: what level of education? A: never post grad Q: advice to 20 year old self A: there are actually a lot of not fun graphic design jobs, keep doing what makes you happy whether professionally or personal

RICHARD BORGE BIO UA GRAD Animator NY 3 years teaching in NC MANY OTHER PLACES WORK ADVICE Passion Desire If you’re not sure what you want you have to keep searching till you find it Fear Motivator Made 2 of what every assignment was Momentum Keep doing whats working Don’t leave till you burn out DEADLINE Have to make a deadline Personal work: if there is no deadline chase tail like dog SACRIFICE Put in a lot of extra work Become a hermit ADAPT Illustrator The industry is ALWAYS SHIFTING To keep getting jobs you need to become needed Changes now make it more difficult but more exciting Many new things happening Pave our own way Social media; make anything Build it and they will come PROFIT $$$$$ SHARE Give back Put back into what you have learned from INSPIRING PEOPLE: Brian Stauffer: stong concept/visuals Went to school at the same time Pushed to make stronger concepts Henrik Drescher: insane work Far out

RICHARD BORGE ADVICE: 1. Get good at making the unreal; usually hired as illustrator because they can’t photograph it 2. IF YOU WANT TO GET CERTAIN KINDS OF WORK YOU HAVE TO MAKE THAT KIND OF WORK. 3. Collaborate; many talents out there. QUESTIONS AND ANSWER: Q: Is your style a product of your thinking or habit. A: I am fairly comfortable but I like to exapnd Q: How do you keep fresh? A: I love collaborative work, we both get the same out of it. The product. Still try to get out before Q: JOB HUNTING A: Internship, I look for people who can see the big picture. I hate having an hold his hand.

intern who can has me

Q: OUT OF STATE A: the company doesn’t want to be responsible

Q: what level of education? A: MFA is something to take consideration; I went to grad school here where I learned all the things afterwards. Buisness classes continuing education Q: what advice would you give your past self? A: buy apple and net flicks I worked really hard in grad school at that age. We are making art and you need to love it. You sometimes get art directors that make you feel like the world is going to end if you don’t finish. I needed to realize to lighten up and keep having fun. My brother is a doctor; my bad day and his bad day are two completely different things.

Viscom Guest Lectures 2012  

My notes from the university of arizona's 36th annual viscom exhibition guest judge's lecture series.

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