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The Key Benefits Of Boutique Pedals Picture your most favorite guitar player, and there's a good chance that this player has such a signature sound that many people would be able to pick it out in a crowd. Artists from Eric Clapton, to Jimmy Hendrix and Marty Friedman all have such a distinctive sound that is created by their guitar and a combination of the amp and pedal effects. Some artists use off-the-shelf effects, while others have pedals custom built to match just what they are trying to achieve. For guitar players with a moderate budget, boutique pedals can be a great start to getting your own signature sound and flavor. When searching to discover your own signature sound, most artists recommend starting with the core first-the guitar and the amp-and expanding out from there. You'll want to start with a guitar that you feel comfortable using and one that suits your style. The amp you go with can be even more important in determining your overall sound, even though the guitar selection offers a lot for the quality of the music you play. The amplifier is ultimately what broadcasts your notes and for that reason can have the biggest imprint of all of your equipment. The combination of amp and guitar creates the basic foundation that you have to build on. You're ready to start adding effect pedals to further customize your music after you have found your "sweet spot" with your guitar and amp. Boutique pedals offer unique effects that can improve the playing of even a novice guitarist. There are unlimited opportunities to create your distinct character as an artist because of the many styles and types on the market. You will be able to discover your own style whenever you experiment with various kinds of pedal effects. Would you like a more rough, gritty tone? Or, do you like a mellower, smooth timbre? There's a pedal effect that may help you in becoming the artist that you desire, no matter what you are trying to achieve. One pedal normally isn't enough to accomplish everything when you have an electric guitar. There are plenty of different types of pedals that will work together to become a part of your playing. Some different kinds of guitar effect pedals include: reverb/echo, compressors and limiters, distortion, delay and sampling, noise gate, phasing and flanging, and overdrive. Each one of these types of pedals adds a new effect, and within each effect are many different styles and flavors that you can try on for size. You will most likely want to start putting them together into a pedal effect board, once you've tried a couple of different pedals. Putting your pedals together enables you to switch between pedals within a performance, creating whatever effect you desire. Each pedal in the chain becomes an important part of what you create. There are some rules of thumb when putting your pedal effect board together. Pre-amps and compressors usually go at the start of the chain. Noise-making pedals, like amp, overdrive, and fuzz, usually follow. Towards the end is where you may find the modulation effects, like the chorus, reverb and flange. Finally, noise gates usually go best at the very end of the chain, even though you can try out placing the reverb afterwards. Obviously, these are general rules that may need to be broken at times as you work towards creating your own unique style as an artist. As you experiment with different effect pedals and create your own pedal board, you are well on VFE Custom

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The Key Benefits Of Boutique Pedals your way to having your own unique sound that nobody can duplicate. You are able to create your own distinctive style and flavor that's your and yours alone, much like all the other greats. Create unique sounding music as soon as your guitar has boutique pedals added. For additional details on VFE Pedals, see their website at

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The Key Benefits Of Boutique Pedals  

Create unique sounding music as soon as your guitar has boutique pedals added. For additional details on VFE Pedals, see their website at ht...