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June 11, 2009

Vol. 9

Issue 7

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Staff Editorial

As this school year has come to a close, the editors of the Talon would like to thank all of the teachers for all the time and energy they have poured into the students here. Also, the Talon would also like to specifically thank the teachers who will not be returing next year. Thank you for the years you have spent with VCS and in our lives. You have encouraged, mentored, and blessed the students of VCHS. Thank you. You have been more than just teachers, you have been mentors to the students here. We recognize how much you have poured into the lives of students and have helped us and we appreaciate you for that. Thank you for being Godly examples to us and showing us how to live for Christ. Thank you for leading, encouraging, and helping students in their walks with Christ and always being there for the students. You have prayed for us and always wanted us to succeed. Thank you for caring about the students here. Know that God will always be with you and love you. We wish all of you the best wherever you may end up next year and we hope that you will be a light there as well. You will be remembered and we will be praying for you. Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work.

Vacaville Christian High School 821 Marshall Road • Vacaville, CA 95687 (707) 446-1776

Volume 9 Issue 7

June 11, 2009

The Talon, the student newspaper of Vacaville Christian High School, is a public forum for student expression and is published regularly by the Newspaper Production Class with help from the Journalism Class. Opinions expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the position of the administration, student body or advertisers. The Talon staff welcomes and encourages submitted letters, stories, cartoons, and/or any other student feedback. See guidelines listed below. Editorial Board: Editor-in-Chief: Gene Fogh Copy Editor: Richele Allen News Editor: Mary Paldi Features Editor: Lorice Strem Sports Editor: Aaron Francis Opinion/Entertainment Editor: Marshall Mistler Reporters: Zac Correia, Sami Deering, Alec Gregorich, Sierra Horton, Kassie La Violette, Joel Nafziger, Samantha Venegas

Our Bad

Adviser: Mrs. Jeri McFadden Principal: Mr. Steven Peters Member of Ranked First Class 2005-2006 2006-2007

Don’t Forget to Read Your Bible This Summer!!!

Awarded Int’l First Place, 20022003

Please deliver all submissions to the Talon box in Room 102 by posted deadline. The following policies apply: 1. Unsolicited articles and suggestions for story ideas are welcomed, but no guarantee is made as to whether they will be printed in the Talon. 2. Letters to the Editor are to be signed when submitted to the Staff. Names may be withheld from publication only with the approval of the Editorial Board and Adviser. The Board will select the letters to be published. 3. The paper reserves the right to edit submissions for length, repetition, and suitability of content.


We regret an error which appeared in the May 21, 2009, issue of the Talon. On page 7, our reporter, Zac Correia, wrote that Aaron Hagan commented on singing by himself in front of the adjudicators “I was actually a little bit nervous, but once I started singing it all came together and I felt like a champion.” Aaron didn’t say that – Zac’s notes were unclear as to which male choir member made that comment. We are grateful to Aaron for bringing this error to our attention and hope that it did not cause a problem for any of our readers.

Bring Dead Week Back to Life This year, and previous years before, the stress of finals has nearly brought some of us to our graves. To make matters worse, the cleverly named “dead week” has not been available to us as aid to our first and second semester finals. This meant that, for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors this year- studying and last minute work were what was dealt with. Seniors experienced the same, yet a week earlier than everybody else- which may have called for extra cramming. During valuable study time leading up to second semester finals, the foreign language

and world history classes had specifically to work on lengthy country reports and projects. Some sophomores had two country projects to juggle, while seniors dealt with term papers, AP tests, and the likes. During the week before first semester finals, teachers were already giving their students third quarter work to start. Putting it all together, many students had massive workloads to carry, and couldn’t catch a break. Now, its understood that Vacaville Christian High School, seeing as how it is a private school, is called to provide more rigorous academics for students, and less room for sluggishness in our work- but, some students are wondering if they’re even allowed a break? Students who attend public schools such as Rodriguez High School and Vacaville High

School are generously given a dead week before finals, to cleanse their minds of bothersome homework, and focus solely on their very consequential possibly grade-pivoting tests. To add to that sweet, sweet sounding “dead week”, their finals account for only 10 percent of their grade, while ours account for 20 percent. It seems as if it would only make complete sense that we too, here at VCHS, would be granted a less stressful, but surely not completely stress free week to focus on up to seven finals. Hopefully next year, the VCS administration and teachers could come together, discuss the issue, and decide to very gracefully give the students a break before our trying finals.

Jobs are Important for Students to Have? Jobs can be an important part of a high school student’s summer. They are usually their primary source of income and also where that student spends a great amount of their time during summer break. Getting that job is just as important. However, with the current economy and job market, most jobs, especially for students, are hard to come by. So, what are the steps to finding yourself a job? 1: Find something that interests you. Preferably, you want to find a job that you like doing. That will make your summer more interesting and enjoyable. Now that the economy is having trouble you should also remember that it will be harder to get a job, so even if a job comes your way that isn’t your dream job take it,

because you can always leave that job when more favorable choice comes around. 2: Find out whether or not that employer is hiring and what they are offering. Make sure that the place, or places, you are looking are actually hiring new employees and then make sure that they are looking to fill a job that you want, are qualified for, and can actually do. If they aren’t hiring, still leave a good impression on whoever was in charge, because they might remember you when a job does come around. 3: Apply. Get an application as soon as possible and fill it out quickly, yet make sure that you do take time on the important aspects so you won’t forget to fill something in. Remember, the sooner you turn it in, the sooner you could be hired. 4: Interview: Some employers will require an interview before they hire you. If you do have an interview, dress approximately, act mature, and show enthusiasm. 5. Pray to God about it, if you find it fit

to do so. God does answer, but remember it might not always be the answer you wanted. Then, if you get the job simply do your job and don’t mess it up. If you don’t get the job, remember to apply other places, and don’t get discouraged, sooner or later the right job will come your way. Remember that the job that you do eventually decide to work at doesn’t have be for something that you truly love nor does it have to be a job that you will stay at for a long time. The beauty about a job is that you can decide whether or not if you want to continue working there; but now with the current situation it might be a smart idea to keep the job unless there is a serious situation that is changing the way you think about your workplace. Also if you do decide to leave your job leave a good connection with your old boss so that once you do start applying for another job you can ask them for a recommendation.

Hypocrisy Big Factor Here at School? Hypocrisy: The practice of professing beliefs, feeling or virtues that one does not hold or posses falseness. Hypocrisy, a word we find ourselves using numerous times as well as hearing when we walk down the hallways at our school. We are taught by our teachers and the leaders of our school that there are two kinds of Christians, a real one and a “fake” one. A “real” one being someone who professes their love for God in everything they do. A “fake” one being someone who puts on

an image or falsehood about their love for God and how they act “godly”. But isn’t that the definition of some of our students? Not necessarily being our school as a whole, but a few individuals. We come to a school were we have to look nice and put on a smile and show nothing is wrong, when underneath it all we are just a public school with a Christian title. We have drugs, sex and alcohol incorporated with out conversations and choices that we are faced with. If you were to take a walk down our halls at school, I’m more than positive that you will hear about last night’s party. You will hear a “that’s what she said” joke or something with sexual or racial con-


Every Tuesday, we walk down to the gym professing our love for God in a fake manner. There are always the ones who go to the front of chapel, singing and professing their love when they do actually mean it. We are the ones who say there is something wrong with our school and we need to change and stop being “fake” Christians. Yet, as soon as the opportunity arises to make a difference and reach out to someone who isn’t a “real” Christian, we shoot it down. Now there may not be much we can do for the remainder of the year, but how do we change this for next year? Break out, open up about what we can do, and actually do it.

Do What You Love During Summer Throughout the school year one spends a lot of their valuable time wishing that they had done more things during the summer than just wasting their time doing nothing. Instead of repeating this over and over again spend this summer by doing and experiencing the things that you love. By spending your summer doing things that you love and enjoy, your transition back to the daily life of school won’t seem as difficult and forced as it usually did. Also don’t make your summer a day by day and hour by hour planned event. Take things day at a time, and just plan events that really need to be planned. For instance, this year I’m going to

Warped Tour with my good friends, and to make sure that everything is going to happen with as little trouble as possible we have been planning it for about a month. In between your big, tiring events spend some down time and just relax. Remember during the summer to spend time with your friends, if you’ve told each other that you wanted to do something over the summer actually do that! Watch movies that you all enjoy, spend a night on the town doing stupid, yet never illegal, stuff, or just chill at one of your houses and hang out. Don’t waste your summer by doing nothing, thereby missing your opportunity to do the thing that you were actually looking forward to do. Once your summer is over you’ll wish that you did something that you will constantly say you “Didn’t have enough time for.”

Most of all don’t become brain dead over the summer. Actually do something that will stimulate your thinking muscles; read a book (not just the front cover), for your language classes watch TV or a movie in that language, or just have an intelligent conversation with someone. Trust me, you will be happy that you didn’t forget all the info you learned throughout this past year. Do your best to just have an amazing summer, but try not to get into too much trouble. Some trouble, but not a lot. Overall, stay active over summer doing what you love, yet not too active. I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and I’ll see you next year. Please don’t stray away too far without my insight for the next couple of months. Peace.

4 Must See Sci-Fi Movies for Your Summer In honor of all the upcoming free time you Vacacille Christian Highers will have this summer, we here at the Talon staff have picked four “must-see” sci-fi movies for this summer. Because honestly, we all know that we won’t be doing ANYTHING this summer, and we should be proud of it! Now for the sake of all the youngin’s out there we’ve kept the list clean. Only PG-13 and below, family fun for everyone! Even the Freshies!! Though the rating limitation has significantly decreased our choice of the myriad of amazing sci-fi’s out there, we hope you will enjoy our selection. First off we have the groundbreaking sci-fi titan, Star Wars IV: A New Hope. This movie is one of the best out there. At the time it was released it had the cutting edge of graphic technologies. It’s audiences were also dazzled by it’s in depth story of the dirty and dangerous story of the epic star wars universe. All these elements combined make it a “must-see” of the sci-fi world.

Second movie on you summer hit list should be the M. Night Shyamalan sci-fi thriller, Signs. In this film Mel Gibson stars as exRevarend Graham Hess, a retired clergyman who lost his wife and now devotes his life to his family and his farm. The family finds out that aliens are going to invade the world. This movie manages to capture the thrill of a scary movie and the science fiction genius every sci-fi fan is looking for. This is a “must see” movie.

Another one we recommend watching this summer is War of the Worlds. I ask you to see below the surface of this movie and recognize it’s true worth. The ideas presented by this story were, at their time, groundbreaking. I recommend seeing this movie if you haven’t already due to it’s creativity and (quite frankly) it’s amazing visual effects. I hereby stamp this movie as a, “must see”! Boom!

Fourth, and last, on this last of mine is, Jaws. That’s right folks. Jaws. A small fishing town is terrorized by a giant flippin’ shark. Case in point: There’s a scene where a dude gets bitten in half. Doesn’t get much more awesome than that now does it? The ominous theme of this aquatic horror/sci-fi rbought cheesy terror into the sould of millions across the America and it would just be a shame if you didn’t experince it too. “MUST-SEE”!!

A’s vs. Giants 20 Reasons why the A’s are better than the Giants 1. The A’s have better garlic fries. 2. The A’s have Jack Cust. 3. We don’t need stupid slides to attract our fans. 4. Black and Orange are the colors of convicts. 5. Green and Yellow are the colors of strength and success. 6. The Giants may have 3 CY young pitchers, but two of them won it with other teams. 7. Barry Zito won the CY young with the A’s. 8. Jason Giambi is back with a vengeance. 9. A’s have won more division and World Series games. 10. Brad Ziegler is better than Brian Wilson. 11. The A’s have the best bullpen in the league. 12. The A’s have Matt Holiday. 13. The A’s have Travis Buck. 14. The A’s make the playoffs every year. 15. The Giants are cheaters, including Barry Bonds. 16. The A’s have more Hall of Famers. 17. Randy Johnson is just using the Giants to get 300 wins. 18. Bengie Molina is the only popular Giant other than Tim Lincecum. 19. Tim Lincecum didn’t even make the USA Wbc team. Brad Ziegler did. 20. I’ve said enough. The Giants suck. Get over it.

20 Reasons Why the Giants are better than the A’s 1. Our pitchers actually bat because they don’t need special treatment. 2. We have the best starting pitching staff in the majors. 3. Brian Wilson led the Giants with 41 saves last year, A’s closer Huston Street only had 17 saves. 4. We have a better farm league. 5. AT&T Park is a nicer ballpark than the Coliseum. 6. Orange and Black are more appealing than Green and Yellow. 7. The Giants have a more supportive fan base than the A’s. 8. We don’t have to distract the opposing team’s batters with loud obnoxious horns. 9. The Giants have been around for 40 years longer than the A’s. 10. Our ballpark has world famous garlic fries. 11. The Giant’s bench can actually come through in the clutch. 12. The Giants are a couple games over the .500 mark, while the A’s are 11 games under .500. 13. Our bullpen doesn’t blow games on a regular basis. 14. We have timely hitting. 15. Our pitching staff has allowed the fewest amount of runs in the majors. 16. The giants have 3 CY Young award winners. 17. The Giants have the best broadcasting team in baseball, which is why they are on television and radio more than the A’s are. 18. Tim Lincecum had twice as many strikeouts than any A’s player last season. 19. The Giants have more historic figures in their franchise, like Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Will Clark, and Barry Bonds. 20. The Giants have 3 players in the 500 homerun club.

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You Might 1st Amendment Powderpuff DIE if You Go Football Has respecting an establishment of religion, Outside Congress shall make no law thereof; Big Turnout If you can unscramble the 1st Amendment, then you get a prize: the satisfaction of winning this puzzle. Answer on bottom of page.

People sometimes tend to assume that they are indestructible. They hear about people becoming victims of different diseases and they think, “That could never happen to me.” But, it isn’t true; some diseases are more common than people may think, including skin cancer. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, it is the most common form of cancer in the United States. In fact, more than one million skin cancers are diagnosed annually; this means that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime. Summer is coming up, and it’d be a good time to start remembering the fact that about 90 percent of non-melanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. It should also be kept in mind that, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, about 23 percent of lifetime exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays occurs by the age 18. Skin cancer can deform the skin drastically, and can sometimes be fatal. Doctors suggest that people be cautious over the summer, and that they do their best to prevent skin cancer. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, here are some ways to prevent skin cancer. 1.Wear Sun Block... With an SPF of at least 15 or higher. Also try to, as much as you can, avoid tanning and burning. Both natural and artificial, both ways can be harmful to your skin. Try to stay in the shade as much as you can, especially between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM. “Apply 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of sunscreen to your entire body 30 minutes before going outside. Reapply every two hours.” 2.Cover up! Though it is summer and heat is abundant, try as much as you can to cover your body up with clothing. Perhaps thin long sleeves, leggings in lieu of jeans, UV blockading sunglasses, and hats. 3.Lastly, be sure to examine your body in its entirety for any skin abnormalities at least once a month, and visit your physician annually for professional skin exams.

or the right of the people or of the press; and to petition or or abridging the freedom of speech, peaceably to assemble, the Government for a redress of grievances. prohibiting the free exercise

Students T hrive in T hrift One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Thrift shopping is becoming more and more popular in our teenage generation. Kids at our school have been shopping up a storm at a low price. Things from old books to designer clothing can be found a thrift stores. “I got my Doc Martens for about four dollars but they’re sold for fifty to sixty bucks at the stores!” Nicole Fish said. For most teens, it’s all about the money and the amount that they can save. They seem to be less concerned about the fact that the items were used before, yet very excited at the sight of a good deal. There are other reasons besides prices why teenagers like to go to a thrift store. “The clothes I find are unique and comfortable. I also just feel like there is so much history in the things that belonged to someone else before,” Fish said. Jessica Chiang sees it as a fun opportunity to go with friends and see the crazy things you can find. “I found a really old Polaroid camera once. I’d even find bags for a dollar and shirts for about two dollars and old books for like a nickel!” Chiang said.

Powder-puff football is a tradition of many high schools around the nation. It is a game in which several girls play flag football. The game was scheduled to take place last winter, but it was postponed until the spring because of some complications in participation due to fall sports schedules. The game was finally set to take place on May 29th after school. The response of the students to play was huge, and the teams were assembled. The two teams were decided to be the freshmen and juniors against the sophomores and seniors. Team names were declared to be as wacky as possible. The freshmen and juniors called their team the Daddy’s Gurlz. The sophomores and seniors called themselves The Spankies. Although the game is supposed to remain a flag football contest, it usually turns into tackle football, without the pads. The Spankies ended up winning the game by a final score of 20-6. “It was a really intense game, both teams were very passionate and competitive,” said Lauren Pfahlert, who played on the sophomores/ senior team as a defensive linebacker and also on the offensive line. The starting quarterback for the Spankies was Alex Erb. The Daddy’s Gurlz scored their six points in the final minutes of the game. “The game was brutal the entire time,” said Sami Deering. “Both teams really wanted to win badly.” Deering played center for the Daddy’s Gurlz. Doris Becerra and Emily Borges switched off as quarterbacks for the Daddy’s Gurlz. High school students ran the event, with football players helping set up, coach, and encourage the girls to play their best football during the game. Aaron Waller was the head coach for the Daddy’s Gurlz, while Remy Goodies coached the Spankies. The game was hosted by Marcus Black and Critter Botkin. The event ended up having a large turnout as students filled the stands. It was a game that fulfilled high school tradition as the girls got a chance to compete amongst each other.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

1st Amendment Answer

I, Cheyanne Acebo, being of unsound mind caused by senioritis, do leave my will as follows: Gaudard: I leave all the random Sheila questions I filtered for you, that retard desk you forced me to sit in for half the year, my firm grasp of reality (or lack thereof), some Twilight playing cards, a stuffed Turtle, my God forsaken election binder, and the robot bear I keep in my locker. Don’t let your next AP class be slackers like we were. Mr. J: I leave you hundreds of matching questions, numerous history videos, all my notes on the civil war and that’s a lot cause they weigh more than a moose, that puzzle that Katie and I put together for you, and the knowledge that I am now not only Distinguished (badge number 1922) but also that I’m the 25th junior in the nation (not as good as Katie’s number 2nd but still darn good). Shania: I leave you all my shortness and then some, and all our 2007-2008 Yearbook memories (man that class was fun). Ginny C: Remember when we both had short hair and we would spike it, man that was some cool hair! Natasha G: I leave you all my love for Mr. Clark’s Spanish 2 first period class. Brittany Rhodes: I leave you my John Adams and Truman books, may you actually read them, unlike me. I, Richele Allen, do hereby leave: To Nicole: I leave you very little as I will not be really be leaving you, merely living in another place. I leave you all the love of an older sister and the right to be called by my name by future teachers or office people. I refuse to leave all of our inside jokes of which there are many and, I hope, many more to come. To Alexis and Mal: I leave you the memory of our hugs and Senior-Freshie friendship. Thank you for all of those hugs I needed just to keep going. To Emily Koonce: I leave you the right to fill the awkward silence in catch phrase with communist and the adjoining phrase, to avoid playing hand games at bus stops in Chicago, to start trends of sitting in hotel hallways, and to look out for guys in swimming trunks.

To Gene: I leave you the right of honorary littlebrothership – within reason. You have most certainly earned it. Milk and Cereal. I also leave the future of the Talon in your and the rest of the Talon staffs’ hands. Live up to the principles of ethical journalism and follow God. To Lorice: You, I leave the memories of after-school tweaking on journalism stuff and all dodo bird fascination as well as rolling chair races in celebration of sending the paper. You have my appreciation of all your hard work this year and encouragement. To Mary: Mary! To you I bequeath all the good morning hugs and Truman commiseration. I also leave you my appreciation of your journalistic talent. To Aaron: I leave you with the title of biggest enthusiast and place in the hall of fame for happiest people I know. To Marshall: I leave you my admiration of your wanting to find where you can be most useful and wanting to be true to yourself.

To Alex Marovich: I leave you my appreciation of your bright disposition and willingness to return a hi or just listen. To Travis: To you I leave the knowledge of how to successfully open and shut the glove compartment. I also leave my appreciation of your witty comments and amazement at your patience with tolerating a car full of girls, slightly temperamental car, and early morning Wednesdays. To Jordan: To you I leave my thanks of your openness, honesty and friendship. To Mr. VanAllen: I thank you for everything you have taught me especially about my faith. Se agradezco para toda su ayuda en espanol y el conocimiento de la idioma que les da a los estudientes. I also thank you for all the great stories and memories I leave with like my two visits to your house for Spanish 4 parties whether legit or “crashed”. I also thank your for all of your efforts for this school and especially the students over the years. To Mr Guardard: Thank you for your balance of seriousness with fun. You have made this year and AP Economics memorable and fun this year and your hard work to continually help students learn and grasp the material shows. I leave you with all of the AP Econ inside jokes, the knowledge that that election binder left my soul blighted forever more, and the life-long regret of never taking that shuttle. To Mrs. McFadden: I thank you for all of your advice, journalistic and non. I also appreciate all of the time that you put in before and after school allowing journalists to work on stuff and also shooting whatever games and events. I also thank you for your excitement and insight in literature I never would have discovered Linguistics without you. To Mr. J: Thank you for the trust you have shown me and your passion for American Government and History. To Mrs. Macway: Thank you for the care and concern that you have for every student at VCS and especially the love you have for the senior class. Your gentleness coupled with tough-love, and godly example make you one of the teachers people remember for the rest of their lives and I feel so privileged to have been with you through pre-algebra and algebra and Mu Alpha Theta. To all teachers: Thank you for the investment that you have made in the lives of your students.

I, Corinne Anderson, do hereby leave, Kadi – Thanks girl for all the fun times we have had! And all the interesting car rides we have taken together! Oh and especially me and Cristina’s story about you in photography. Love you lots and thanks for the cupcake in my face after we won powderpuff. Love you pumpkin! My soccer girls – My four years with this team has been amazing! This year was so much fun with all of you I got my pumpkins and my trader (ha-ha yeah we love u Vivi). I’m going to miss all of you! You guys better win next year when I come and see you play. Love you all! Chelsea P. – Girl seriously you have been there for me when I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m going to miss seeing your face in the hallway yelling pumpkin at me! I know I’m going to be hitting up your celly so don’t worry. Every little things gunna be alright. Love you MUCHO! Stephanie Evans – Mom – pumpkin – girl – anorexic bleep. Ahaha yeah you know what I’m saying. All those names I call you. Well girl we started off this year excited to be seniors and we been there for each other every step of the way. All I can say is thank you for the great memories you gave me! And for food when I was starving in the hallway! I love you and I’m going to miss hearing your laugh echo through the hallways in the morning. Love you girl! Myia Man – hey buddy thanks for dealing with me all this time! We’ve been friends since 4th grade and well that’s a long time! I’m going to miss you calming me down in class when someone says something dumb! And all of our car rides that I would drive to because you’re the passenger. Love you pumpkin Cristina – girl you crack me up with all the things you say! That one day in photo when you just kept going with the come backs it was amazing! Love you and

I’m going to miss you. Ashley Lombard – Thumper! I’m going to miss you so much! I love how we became friends with me giving you a hard time on the bus headed to retreat! “…yeah I’m going to light you on fire... “ Yeah you remember that, that was the first time I really saw how funny you really are. Thanks for all of our great talks. We have had and I’m going to miss hearing HI HONNY getting yelled at to me from down the hall! Love you so much, and some day I might light you on fire. Ha-ha jk. Bye Love! I, Mama Stephanie Evans, leave:

Lindsey Ward: hugs and the honor of representing “our street” at VCHS Drew Baker: memories from the cabin trip-you mocking me and the scary movie Nathan Kornegay: the name Natan, and memories of Reptar, and lots of pictures in SF Nathan & Brock: Week night trips to Oakland A’s games, rolling the windows down in Oakland and blasting our rap, $5.25/Nathan’s $5.50 drink, ice cream at Wendy’s Kelly Siegal: free, yes-free cupcakes from me Chemistry Boys: my drama and my laughs Dylandude: your fingered drum sticks, my weird face, our secret hand shake, and your “always-wanted” water bottle holder Nathan Norris: your D.D.’s, massages, and tight hugs Danny: help on last minute chemistry homework, a dance-you owe me from Junior Senior, and the final FACT that the Yankees STINK Taylor Bienkowski: no more chemistry after this year, stories of Rodriguez & B.Gale friends, and the only boy to ever give me a D.D. (lol) Cody: crow calls, seal calls, dancing at Junior-Senior Banquet Xavi: the strength to keep reppin’ the Oakland A’sstay loyal! Chandler: the boys soccer team-keep them grounded and united, and your birthday brownie Zac Correia: the remembrance of my name-Stephanie Evans, “Zac Correia,” all my left over baked goods, soccer games and signs My Small Group (Last Year)-(Gabbie, Shaina, Melanie, Lisa): all our talks, stories, tears & prayers, and can’t

forget all those weekly baked goods! Shaina: “My lip gloss is poppin’” song at Winter Formal 08 and Junior Senior 09, hugs too, and your hair to donate to Locks of Love Small Group (This Year): no food to 1 donut hole each to a whole donut each! Jk Prayer requests, and shared stories… thanks for opening up and letting us pray together! Kelly Batchelder: “That’s a pretty sticker”…detention B.L.O.C. Club: monthly meetings, bake sales, the opportunity for each of you and the whole school to change lives one step at a time Thi: the ability to make an incoming freshman feel welcome like I tried to make you feel, baking tradeoffs, and the love of baking Aileen: e-mails and reminders for B.L.O.C. Club Callie: the B.L.O.C. Club Presidency Club de Espanol: meetings with food, hopefully-field trips, more guest speakers, actual church visits, and tutoring sessions Sean Person: Reminders for Spanish club!!! Lauren Grabowski: bringing food for Spanish club Tricia: presidente del club de espanol, (and good luck with that) NHS VP, memories from our NHS tree-planting trip Theresa & Tricia: Spanish 5, AP Exam, Zorro, Mr. VA’s bees, “Ayy caraho!” the videos of “Sam,” and the nicknames of “Christopher Robin” and “Piglet” Girls Soccer Team: conditioning, the dreaded “5000” in 6 minutes-yea right, 45-90 degree passes, a watch-to tell the time for when practice ends, lifting our leg to the prison “meal time” horn, team bonding, brownies, cookies, and cupcakes for my girls, early morning group texts, my big bathroom stalls to change in before the games, ghetto pre-game CD songs, hair ribbons, popped collars (07-08 season girls), sun tan lotion, pain killers, hand sanitizer, cleaning the soccer field, bus memories, white boys flippn’ us off and mooning us, DEMORALIZE, my boob shirt, “Fatima,” and last but not least, I leave

you… Jessup! Cassidy: defense in soccer, belated birthday balloons and licorice Vivi: “You’re a jerk” dance, the new girls soccer team defensive leader-stay humble though Jenna: falls at soccer (field/bleachers), being the new “Mom” of the girls soccer team Renae: shaking your dreads on the bus, giving you some of my apple rides to take you home, and looking through my camera Kelsey: no more passing out on the soccer field! Brady: morning chemistry hugs, warm smiles and talks Lisa: recreational soccer memories, hugs, prayers, small group, coffee story Adriana: butt-slaps, our even pace on the soccer warm-up, and finally- #5 jersey (Wear it proud babe) Robbie, Falynn, Danny, Howard, Lyndsey, Nathan, Scott, Gabbi, and Chonna: Congratulations on your positions for the next school year! Please remember to put God 1st, try your hardest for your school and to listen to them because you are their representation Mrs. Waller & Mrs. Salamone: Thank you both so much for always being willing to help me with all the

things I always needed this year. You were always helpful and patient with me, and I really appreciated that! You are the organization and communication for the school; we would NOT have been able to get through this year without you too! Thanks again; your work has not gone unnoticed. :)Mr. Roland: my questions for approval, even though it was hard to get a hold of you sometimes… thank you for supporting me and my efforts; that means a lot to me. Mrs. Davis: geometry class (10th grade), my presence in your office, my questions about NHS, high school, college, and scholarships… thank you for all of the opportunities and advice you gave me, and for being willing to do things for me-even if it was at the

last minute! Teachers: Thank you so much for teaching me (and all of the other students) this year, for your priceless amount of time and effort to help us learn more and be more equipped for not just college, but also life (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). Thank you for putting up with me and my senioritis and for being concerned for my grades. Finally, thank you for trying to stay positive despite the chaos that we all went through this year! Love you all. Mrs. Ellison: 4th & 9th grade memories, me-passing out from your graphic stories Mr. Smith: good times in Bible class (9th & 11th grade), from the squished art classroom to Mrs. McFadden’s room where you stepped on her computer desk and fell, stories of Bogie and golf tournaments, arm wrestling with Michael, you made class time enjoyable…thanks! Mrs. Gonzalez: computer class (9th grade), thank you for being the cool and up-to-date teacher (Lol) Mr. Brown: Thank you for being one of the 1st Bible teachers to really teach me and help me grow in the Lord Mrs. Barr: My perfectionism in art, (always trying to get the most points possible on my work), thank you for your love of art and your willingness and patience to help me improve Mrs Johnson: your 1st biology class at VCHS… thank you for you obvious compassion and love for your students. Thank you for always asking how I am doing (with a smile on your face) and really caring and listening to my response!  Mrs. Gross: Thank you for putting up with all of us in your study skills class in the school year (06-07) Miss Sal: “Hey girl,” memories of 1st period drama class, Starbucks and donut stops, Grease play for the middle schoolers at the VPAT, and our hugs Mr. Voyce: the right to be the 2nd teacher to ever give me a detention, but the 1st teacher to give me one for a lame reason…”cute sticker” (Haha) Mrs. McFadden: my 1st term paper memories!!! Ahh… :/ Mr. J: a do-rag so you don’t blind your future students, my desire to do all the extra credit assignments, my blanket that kept me from freezing in your class, turning on your lights every day after 6th period, and the honor of being the only teacher

smiles… *I’m sorry if I forgot anyone else, please do not take it personally, it was really hard to remember everyone, but I hope you all remember to put God first in your life and to follow Him above all else. I wish you all the best success in high school and in your lives. I will miss you all. Let me know if I can pray or do anything else for any of you at any time! God bless. John 15:18-19 “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” Love, Mama Steph

whose class I actually fell asleep in. VA: lack of Spanish perfectionism, bad grades on Spanish tests, missing out on the best and only field trip of the year, Spanish club memories-we brought it from pretty much nothing!, and messing-up on the Spanish club t-shirts,  and letting Matt Alverado get up in class and do his “dare”…that was classic to let him do that-props for that Mr. VA Gaudard: jellyfish high-five, lunch and tipping our bad waiter at BJ’s, cheez its, R.C. Cola, and “Hey Gaudard’s” before 2nd period, oh, and my cool style of clothing (jk) Conrad: my tardiness to every Tuesday morning class, laughing at the junior boys, and grading my homework at inconvenient times for you Mrs. Fogh: Joy that you brought to me in Brit Lit, thank you for being so positive, and having compassion and mercy when you came to us in the middle of the year… I was so glad to have you as a teacher MacWay: the best memories since 7th grade, Mu Alpha Theta, tutoring Sydney in your classroom, B.L.O.C. Club, Locks of Love, our perfectionism, high school reunion plans, my prayers, love, respect, and admiration. Thank you for everything that you done for me-listened, comforted, gave advice, encouragement, and love; there are not enough words to thank you! Love ya! Darren: last year at VCS, 3 more years of high school, making your own breakfast and your own lunch, driving to school and always being late, bringing you your cell phone that you forgot, snacks before or after school (Keva Juice, donuts), Oakland A’s week night games, more school homework, my loud laugh down the halls, the freedom of not being compared to me, my love-I will only be at Solano! Love you Kornball! Juniors: joy of being a senior, senior parking spots, top lockers, no more retreat, no senior trip to Hawaii, AP exams, and senioritis, but enjoy every moment of your senior year-seriously, it goes by so fast! Everyone: my nerdiness, rollie backpack, my baked goods, and my LOUD LAUGH down the halls, and

I, Sheila Fogh, hereby leave to Gene, my brother and friend, thanks for being a great friend, always supporting and encouraging me and making me laugh when I was sad or letting me vent when I was angry. Thanks for always listening and being such a great brother. I leave you my car, not that I seem to get much choice in this but I know how much you like it and you do take much better care of it than I do. I love you and I wish you all the best this year and always. Cindy, my friend, I leave you that patch of outfield where YOU ran into ME and I proved I am stronger. It seems weird to think you’ll be at school next year and I won’t be, but I’ll try not to boast about that too much. I also leave you World Religions class and the plans for world domination and stealing of very precious artifacts; if it ever works out I want my cut for helping the idea. I wish you all the best next year.

I, Daniel Harrison, do hereby leave to… Jake Abel: the title of the Voice of VCSRadio Shaina McCormick: Ezra! Jordan: Chick-Fil-A Tim V: Walt Ginny Conrad: my locker: 484! Garrett Struwe: the knowledge that he is a published songwriter! Matthew Ignatieff: the clear fact that ADAM LAMBERT LOST! Brinton Parker: the VCSRadio broadcast responsibility of Hollywood Entertainment! Yay Hollywood! Ben Russell and Matt Dyson: the knowledge that I am still working on that book!

Greg Goodenough: this warning: Don’t be stupid! Emily Koonce: Jesse McCartney…end of story. Taylor Word and Kellie Batchelder: VCSRadio…and in case you haven’t heard yet, but you both are in Radio class next year! Ryan Breedwell! Natasha Griffin: waiting until we can go clubbin! Aaron Francis: a hug! Come get it! John Munoz: the following responsibility: When you are a senior, you must find a first time VCHS freshman and become friends. Then pass on the responsibility onto them in your senior wills. Cindy Norman and Jazmine Walls: the 30 Hour Famine! Heads up…I started preparing in December both years. Theresa Rehm: the clear fact that KRIS ALLEN WON! Annika Arana: the knowledge that pazookies are bad! Remember that… Brittany Simmers and your mom: American Idol! Gabbi Lail: the following command: Audition for American Idol in San Francisco this July! Megan Adams: the following warning: don’t get graped lol Mr. Martin: this statement: I Resign! Mr. Smith: memories of Michael and the couch freshman year! Mrs. McFadden: the knowledge that you inspired me to write! Mr. Clark: the hope of a T.A. like me, otherwise you are gonna spend your entire life grading all the work you give those poor students! Mr. Van Allen: the knowledge that not only did you get me interested in God, but the past two years in World Religions and Bible 12, I have learned more practical stuff than I have in probably any other class! Mrs. Mundell, Stitt, and Ripley: the fact that I thought I wouldn’t pass English 12…all three of you are great teachers! Dr. Conrad: the knowledge that the lab partner you gave me is not only one of my new best friends but he also saved me from committing suicide early this year so thank you! Mrs. MacWay: the knowledge that I am angry I didn’t have you as a teacher before junior would have been a lot smoother with your guidance and encouragement! Mr. Guadard: the right to use my business proposal as an example of what not to do: Musical Enhancement: Enhance Your “Musical” Growth Today! Mr. Peters: the school that changed my life from the moment I got saved at Retreat freshman year to graduation; a place I never thought I’d get to! ALL VCHS STUDENTS AND STAFF: my contact information: OR www. and Facebook! I, Aly Highsmith, do hereby leave: Stu-Co: I leave you my record of four minutes. Chapel Leadership: I leave you cabin assignments,

memory, my ripped jeans and a golf flag. Tricia: I leave you ice cream studying as well. I leave you and Mariah the memory of buying 500 cookies at 11:30 PM. Lyndsey: I leave you the memory of me shouting TWINNER one last time. Zac: I leave you the memory of me convincing your dad I was going to cosmetology school. Jacob Phan: I leave you the truffle shuffle. Mrs. McFadden:  I leave you the oversoul. Mrs. Ellison: I leave you my junior letter and memories of me from when I was seven.  Mr. J: I leave you sunglasses and toupee.  Gaudard:  I leave you cookies, robot bears, Rhode Island, ear hustling, “don’t let the sin in!” and Rhode Island.  I leave you stamps on my hand. Mr. Yarbrough:  I leave you the girl scout skit and Richie and Kalani crawling on the floor.

small groups, set lists, EasyWorship powerpints, videos and countdowns to upload, the soundboard, retreat, speakers, surveys, Christmas chapel, early mornings and long talks about how “happily married” Mr. Ya is. Second period, I was predestined to leave you that. Live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else. Lady Falcons soccer:  I leave you Jessup and bus rides.  DOMINATE. To my MC girls, Annika, Cassia, Kelly and Vivi: I leave you retreat, ice cream and the MC gang road trip. Honors Chem: I leave you robin’s egg blue, salami off of the lab table and every monitor position.  Honors Spanish 4 juniors: I leave you my Operation D record. One hour, seventeen minutes. Robbie: I leave you the same legacy Taylor left me.  Be wise.  I also leave you the presidential parking space, #1.  BreLyssa: Little sis, I leave you the bounce house I never got you, naps, ice cream, my brother, double dates and a huge infested...I leave you my love. TeaRae: I leave you Joe, Schmitty and Kenny.  Kelsey: I leave you my captain’s armband, the central midfield and the 100+ goals we’ve scored together. Vivi: I leave you jersey #10.  Wear it proudly. Courtney Brown: I leave you my accents.  Alex Kincade: I leave you my ability to score goals in one-fourth of the number of touches you take.  Keep working hard. Keenan, AKA K-Dawg: I leave you my right foot and the neighborhood. Christianna, AKA Chonna-na-na: I leave you that super weird card your mom got me for my birthday and the dressing room at Goodwill. Sierra: I leave you a v-neck, a scarf and some boots. Ginny: I leave you Chelsea Boe. Jessica Chiang: I leave you the time we made Happy Birthday shirts and all those talks. Chandler: I leave you Jim Elliot, the key bowl, the hate for Cherry Garcia ice cream, monster cookies, “family dinners” and moonbathing.  I also leave you the memory of me doorbell ditching Spencer, last summer and some Mom jeans. Travis: I leave you moonbathing and ice cream studying.   Tanner: I leave you the same doorbell ditching

I, Chelsea Posthuma, do hereby leave to Kadi G. - Way too many inside jokes to count. All of our car talks kept me sane through this crazy year. Lol I’ll never forget urine-be-gone! You’re like the little sister I never had. I love your crazy self and I’m gonna try and see you as much as possible next year! All my cheer girls- love you guys. You are amazing! Nat Nat P. - Wow my life wouldn’t be the same without you. Girl, I owe you so much and more… love you! Marcy- “Best friend”!!! So happy I met you little sis and I’ll never forget your amazingly happy self!!! Nick H. - little brother, I know I tortured you all the time, but it was all outta love for you. I’ll always be here for you. Even if you need a car ride. Theresa- music buddy! Lol you’re so cute and one day you’re going to date that guy, have beautiful babies, and live happily ever after! Ashley L. - Lily will miss her sister Lola… pictures soon k? Taylor B. - love of my life…you’re amazing. Love you! Andrea- sweets you’re awesome!!! I’ll miss visiting you and Kadi and Chelsea in Sibug’s class. Love you! Brittney M. - choir and Grease…wow we had some good times girly and I’m gonna try and come visit you next year. Love you! Christina- four letters for you…IHOP!!!! and stealing toilet paper from fast food restaurants lol

I, Brittany VanCaster, in my senior year, do leave my will as follows; Mrs. MacWay: I leave you memories of all your seniors. I will come back to visit you. Tim V: I leave you to find ways to entertain yourself, and my creepy corner, may you enjoy it. Emily K: I leave you memories of random comments, from Clinton especially, in our corner during World Religions. Make sure you continue the honored tradition of doodling in class. Shania: Ah, the little sister I never had. I wish I could leave you a replacement with whom you could talk about your brother, since I can’t, I will leave you knowing you will text me instead (meaning you should text me). Jordan Y: No more ganging up on me with Bailiff. Hah! Douglass W: That’s right Douglass! Keep going to high school! Chris D: You should probably try to find someone that you can talk to after school about guns. Those discussions were always interesting. I also leave you with the duty of learning that one card trick; you know which one it is. John M: I leave you knowing that one day I WILL have you teach me to skateboard. Nicole A; I leave you many, many hugs, and rides home. Ginny: GINNY! Jessica: JESSICA! Natasha G: I leave you the job of getting to school on time! Mr. Gaudard: I leave you Rachael’s Snicker doodles, tons of dead turtles, and destroyed Twilight books. Keep an eye out for robot bears; I’ve heard they can be nasty. Mr. Jacobs: I leave you months of the Civil War. I also leave you memories of TAR club and the pride I’m sure you felt because you had three GIRL shooters in your club. May you all live long and prosper.

To the most Incredible group of seniors I have had the privilege of knowing (and at my age that’s a lot of seniors!), I don’t say good bye, I say blessings and best wishes! You guys will conquer the world, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and make the most remarkable changes in your lifetime!  Yes, some of you will become doctors, some lawyers, some hair stylists, some musicians, some athletes, some actors, some military heroes (Anyone who joins the military is a hero in my book!), some teachers (yeah!), some engineers, and the list does go on!  As you march on toward your careers, always remember those who helped to get you to the place you want to be: your parents (and possibly Grandparents), your teachers, your pastors (and youth pastors), your coaches, your siblings, and your friends!   Remember that we loved you when you were a nobody!  JK  You will always be in my heart, my mind, and my prayers.  I’ve prayed for you each individually since you were in the 7th grade!  I can’t and won’t stop just because you’re moving on to the next phase of your lives!  Stay in touch and make a difference for Christ on this world of ours!  God bless your desires and all of your tomorrows!  With love and gratitude for the best 6 years, MacWay   To my group of young ladies who were my cabinmates back when we were freshmen (and you know who you are), I have one phrase to say to you three:  “Hence Mother/Daughter sleepover!” MacWay   To the senior football players, I shall miss doing the chain for you guys! I definitely will miss seeing you out on that field!  I enjoyed every game, every tackle, every touchdown, and every moment of those Friday (and sometimes Saturday) nights!  I will miss being a part of that action!  You gave a whole new meaning to football for me!  Thanks! MacWay   To Jeffrey, I have two words for you, “You’re Hired!” MacWay

To my new friend Ryan, Feel free to drop by facebook and chat with me anytime! And your Mom still makes the BEST Lumpia ever! MacWay   To Skylor, Critter, Brandon, Drake, and Azaria, I’ve missed our trips to 7-11!  You guys truly made that second math class that year ROCK!  We had some great times in that conference room - the best classroom on campus back then!  Azaria, you sure put up with a lot from those guys, but you held your own!  Good times! MacWay   To Colleen, I shall miss our driving lessons!  You can drive my bug any day you want! MacWay   To Alexies and Alyssa, Remember 8th grade and all the drama?  Don’t miss it for a minute!  But I miss the lunch times we shared and had a Bible study!  Always go to the Word for answers, comfort, and strength! MacWay   To Nora, You’re pretty much tops in my book!  Anyone who could share their peanut M & M’s with someone they barely know (me) has to be aces!  Actually, I believe I ate the whole bag, and you didn’t even care!  Wow!  My new BFF for sure! MacWay   Jeremy and Jordyn, Way to much stuff to put down here!  I don’t know how to show my tears in print!  But you know where I live so I better see you show up now and then! MacWay   Aaron, Always and forever Son #3!  Loving ya, son! Mom MacWay

lunch line in the MP room. Remember?  You seemed to want to cut lines if I remember correctly!  7th and 8th grade we would have those talks after school (or during lunch).  Keep up your positive attitude!  It looks great on ya! MacWay   Ryan, God’s got you right where He wants you, and I’m glad that’s where I worship!  Are you ready to be the next Billy Graham?  Mother Teresa?  Jim Elliot?  The plans He has for you are amazing!  I’ll be praying and lifting you up as evil one will be working overtime! MacWay   Brittany Allen, Well, Wonder Woman (we knew it all along), are you ready for your next assignment?  Keep the focus, girl!  I’ll always be a text away if ya need me! MacWay   Daniel Harrison, Remember the American Idol vs Dancing with the Stars conversations in Consumer?  Great class of great times (well, at least one side of the room was having a great time)!  I never knew anything about American Idol until you!  Hmmm...not sure whether to thank you or curse you!  MacWay   The “elf” crew, Don’t forget junior year and decorating for the “Deck the Halls” competition!  Remember our Coach Smith “head elf”?  LOL  Fun times! MacWay   Freshman year Algebra 1 guys, That was a killer year!  We had the best Raider talks (back when they won more than one game), the best “Deck the Halls” of that year (Roadkill Cafe), and crammed an entire book of Algebra down our throats (well, your throats)!  Don’t ya miss it? MacWay

Myia, We go back to 6th grade and that infamous

Stephanie Evans, You are just waaaay too much like me!

Scary thought indeed! Thanks for your Godly example, your weekly versus sent by text, and heading up the B.L.O.C. club (a true passion)!  Remember 7th grade in Pre-Algebra, and your class set the record for having the most A’s on a test (29 out of 31)?  That record still stands to this day!  Missing Chelsey Williams! MacWay   Karina, I shall always cherish the only song that was ever written for me and Algebra!  I’m thinking of one day publishing it!  JK  But I really do like it!  Thanks! MacWay   Those of you who played powder puff football when we were juniors, Thanks guys for letting an old lady have one more try at it!  It was the absolute best!  I have the pictures to prove to my grandkids that I actually did play football over 50 (years that is and not yards)!  I hope you win this year like we did then! MacWay   Cheyanne and Chelsea Solis, I’m still very sorry for the car accident!  You’re the only people to ever be in a car with me when I was in an accident.  Not sure that’s an honor, but it’s the truth.  Still feeling badly that we didn’t get to the Outlets! MacWay   Alyssa Moore and Shelby, Thanks for being so brutely honest with me back when you were juniors (the Jr/Sr banquet)!  Hope you’ve forgiven me and that I’ve made it up to the two of you! By the way, great social chairs!  Loved the dances this year, especially Winter Formal!  MacWay   Sarah Waits: Sarah, I’m gonna miss you soo much. Even though I only knew you for a short amount of time, you’re amazing. You have that bubbly personality and you’re really outgoing which makes you a great friend. I hope as you go off into the world, that you become sucessful in all you do, and that you make it big in every musical production(: You’re an amazing person and I’m glad I got to get to know you. Thanks for all the laughs and the great conversations! I won’t forget you, I Promise:) much Love- Keanna Carter.

Dear Maria, Words cannot express how proud I am of you. You have worked very hard and sacrificed much to get where you are today. I love you so much and will miss you greatly when you are gone away to college. I guess that just means we will all be looking forward with excitement and anticipation to the times when we will get to see you come home! “I have no greater joy than this - to see my children walking with the Lord.” (Conrad paraphrased version!) Love you! Mom Dear Class of ‘09, You are one of the most diverse and amazing classes to graduate from VCHS since I have been here. The potential of this graduating class to have future leaders in so many areas of life: political, academic, ministerial, the arts… I am so proud to have known you and taught you. You are now at the beginning of a new and amazing adventure in your life. I know it is very exciting and somewhat scary, but I have confidence in you! Remember Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.” Live long and prosper! Dr. C. Maria, Wow all these years have gone by fast. I’m going to miss you! You are the best big sister ever. I’m so glad I wasn’t the big sister because I would have failed miserably. You are so smart and can do anything you put your mind to. (Well, except becoming line backer for the Steelers…I think that dream is going to have to die.) You are a great Godly example that I can look up to. We will have to be in constant contact all next year for me to survive. Thank you for being so awesome. I Love YOU! Ginny Richele, Thank you for your focused excellence as a Copy Editor. You are legendary! What a joy it has also been to me to see you develop your abilities as a clear thinker, a principled friend, an organized writer. Continue to submit your life -- every aspect of it -- to the Lord God Who knows you. His plan for you will lead you to great fulfillment. You can trust Him. Mrs. McFadden

Remy, I feel very blessed that you came to VCS from ... that other place. Your attitude of willingness, your creativity and drive to do things well, as well as your ability to be straight-forward -- these are things I admire and appreciate. As you continue to follow the Lord Jesus, you will find that He will use every situation in your life to develop your character so that you are more and more like Him. What an outstanding ideal! Mrs. McFadden Oh Danny Boy, Whew -- you made it! How proud we are for your determination, your hard work in making that GPA zoom up and up, your talent in broadcast journalism. Always remember that unless the Lord builds the house, those who labor on it do so in vain. When He builds the house, it stands firm. Mrs. McFadden Ryan and Garrett, Remember selling ads for the yearbook? Remember working in J5 while Mr. V did that college prep class of freshmen? You worked hard at something that you didn’t know you could do, and you did well. Thanks for letting me drive you around. Mrs. McFadden Sheila, Thank you for being a great big sister. Thank you for always being there for me and caring about me. I will miss you next year when you are in college but I will be happy to see you often next year. Love ya! Gene To Richele, There’s a lot to say, I think, so I don’t know where to begin. So I will, with something random even: you’re amazing, stellar, erudite, omnipotent, convivial, and on and on. And I do mean it. Seriously. I’d say continue to be awesome, but somehow I feel that you will do that already, that you are intrinsically so. So, if something isn’t working out for you, just work through it, or move on. Though I’m guessing that you will always be able to do the former, no matter what it is. Including college, and fulfilling your place in The Plan. Pretty awesome, right? Mary

World Expo Complete To Round Out Year World Civ and foreign language students display knowledge of countries For three hours, students and teachers walked among the countries of the world. Organized by Mr. Rusty Gaudard, Mr. Clark, Madame Gross, and Mrs. Stitt, the World Expo was a project that involved three classes—world history, Spanish, and French—and 189 students. The World Expo was a coordinated, intentional overlapping of the three class’ final projects. World history students prepared a report, while Spanish and French students prepared an oral presentation. All students prepared a display board for their country or region, which was displayed at the World Expo. For each class there was another part of the presentation, and varied from class to class. Basically, this part of the presentation was to demonstrate the culture of the country or region. The history students could sing a song, cook some local food, etc. French and Spanish students cooked a dish from his or her country or region to go along with a display board. Some of the dishes incluided mochi and sushi for Japan, scones for England, banana bread and Fiji water for Fiji, pizza for Italy, and French fries for Belgium. This year students who had both a language class and world history could turn in their display board for credit in both classes. Partially due to a limited number of Spanish and French speaking countries, this year Mr. Gaudard allowed for students to do reports on regions of countries instead of whole countries. Another reason for this change, he said, was that a student might work harder

Photo by Mrs. Jeri McFadden. Roopkamal Pander’s display board details Punjab, a region of India. Despite last year, this year Mr. Guadard allowed students to choose regions of countries to do their country report on. if they got a region or country that he or she was really interested in. At the world expo, which lasted for three hours, the countries and regions were divided up by geographic location. Phase I was Africa and Asia, Phase II was North America, Phase III was South America, and Phase IV was Europe. Each phase lasted for about thirty

minutes, and during the phase students had to stand by his or her board as teachers went around grading. There were ten teachers and staff members grading, including Mr. Clark, Madame Gross, Mr. Rowland, and Mr. Gaudard, Mrs. Golden, Mr. Van Allen, Mrs. MacWay, and Mr. Biesemeyer. Gaudard said that “we had a lot of teachers with 3rd period prep who gave up their prep to help.” that he “couldn’t have done it without them.” There were parents who helped, too, including the Spiritt Team. Parents who helped included Mrs. Marovich and Mrs. Grabowski. Mrs. Pfahlert went around taking pictures of display boards for Mr. Gaudard. Mr. Gaudard said, “we couldn’t have done it without them.” The World Expo itself did have some issues, and room for improvement, for next year. Mr. Gaudard said, “It went really well. There are some bugs that I want to iron out for next year, but the goal for the students was to have a culminating project and learn from each other, and everybody did that.” For next year, he said “I hope for it to go more smoothly, like better access to facilities.” The multi-purpose room could only be reserved from 8 [in the morning] to 11. “I would like it next year for us to have the gym reserved in the morning, so things could be set up the day before and left overnight, and with no confusion for the students.” Mr. Gaudard said that the most underrepresented continents were Asia and Africa. “I didn’t see Russia,” he also said, “which kind of was a shocker to me.” Of the event, Crystal Bailey, who had Venezuela, said “I thought it was really cool seeing all the countries, the creativity of all the people, and learning a bit about the countries.”

A Celebration to Give Hope

Photo by Mary-Elizabeth Paldi. Nick Amavisca sits in the bloodmobile as he gives blood. Students could give blood during class time. Students who gave blood got a dress-code approved T-Shirt from Blood Bank of the Pacific, as well as a free dress pass from the following Friday. Altogtether, the school donated 36 units of blood.

When most of the media and the American people have seemed to put on a pair of grey tinted glasses a little bit of harmless fun would be a breath of fresh air. Well, that was the entire intent behind Finish Strong. The purpose was to give people a night of hope and to say “C’mon lets have some fun,” said C.E.O. Mr. Harrell. Skepticism might lead one to believe that the event was just a smoke screen for a fund raiser. But the free food served at Finish Strong was the result of donations and the event was also funded by donations for the golf tournament which was cancelled this year. The event was planned so that the school would not be out money but neither would it make any off the event. Any money the school might make would be negligible said Mr. Harrell. “That’s not the intent,” he said. “I think the thing I like about it the most is that we’re not charging people to come in or to eat it’s a time where family can just come and relax and have a good time,” said Mrs. Fogh. The idea for Finish Strong originated with Mrs. Cathy Sandidge who came to VCS as

an Advancement Director from Oral Roberts University offering the same talents. Yet for personal reasons she was not able to carry out the project and is no longer the Advancement Director at VCS. Since then, the event was taken on by Mr. Harrell, Mrs. Rodgers, and Mr. Wirth. Taking Mrs. Sandidge’s vision they moved forward to make the event a reality. Originally, the event was to include a speaker, Olympic medalist Madeline Manning-Mims. However, as planning went on, the team working on it felt that the event was shaping up differently than they had envisioned and so decided not to include a speaker. In the words of Mr. Harrell, “It’s not a dog and pony. It’s a celebration.” The event included everything from Banana Olympics to a skate park to a chance to dunk Mr. Harrell, Mr. Peters, Mrs. Fogh, and other teachers in a dunk tank. The event also included a flag presentation from Mr. Kevin Rodgers to Mr. Harrell. The flag was one flown over a chapel in Fellujah, Iraq in recognition of VCS’s support to the military. Mr. Rodgers presented both the flag and a certificate to show the military’s appreciation of VCS’s support. All four branches of the military were represented at the event.

Bathroom Web Site Tells You When You Can Go Without Missing Key Parts of a Film By Laura M. Bollin Chicago Tribune (MCT) If you’re heading to a movie theater this weekend, perhaps to see the new DisneyPixar film, there’s a Web site that could help you know when to get “Up” and go to the bathroom. was launched in August by Los Angeles-based freelance Flash developer Dan Florio. It touts itself as “helping your bladder enjoy going to the movies as much as you do” by telling moviegoers the best spots during films to go relieve themselves without missing any of the action. Florio cites Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” remake as his inspiration.

“It’s a three-hour movie. By the end of it, I had to go to the bathroom really badly,” Florio said. “When I got out of the theater, there was a huge queue of people in line for the next showing. “I wanted to go up to them and say, ‘Hey, there’s this scene with a lot of bugs, and it’s totally irrelevant, so when that happens, just go to the bathroom.” And his site was born. “There are more than 2,000 sites now linking to my site,” said Florio, 32, who lives with his wife, Jill, in an RV as he travels the country for different projects. The site is a wiki, so registered users can submit their recommended break times for movies, which can be listed by most recent

release date, alphabetically or by running time. “Not all movies have pee times, because not all have had pee times submitted,” said Florio. “Right now, I am trying to go out and see all the summer blockbuster movies, because people will be seeing those and I want to keep the site useful.” As for that unusual name? It was the first thing that came to mind, says Florio, “the site is meant to tell you when to run and pee.” ___ (c) 2009, Chicago Tribune. Visit the Chicago Tribune on the Internet at Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services.

School’s Over -- Summer’s Here






Now that it’s time to move up, there might be some questions that need to be asked. Or some anxieties. But relax--we’ve got your back with advice for those incoming freshman.

For Boys: “Coming to high school is an intimidating thing,” said freshmen Blake Meisenheimer. The transition from middle to high school is a major step in your educational career. It not only means you’ve made it to the last step of your academic road, it also means you are on the verge of becoming independent, and for some students this is a very scary thing. As an eighth grader in middle school you feel as if you are the upperclassmen, but once you become freshmen, you’re the youngest and smallest of the school. When asked to share his ways of being accepted socially as a lowerclassmen, Trevor Knoroski said, “Always listen and be willing to take advice of upperclassmen. They have been here for 3-4 years so they know what to expect as a high school student.” When asked about a way to survive high school as a freshman, Blake Meisenheimer said “You should come into 9th grade confident but you always have to remember to stay modest and show respect for the upperclassmen. This is just one of the many ways to avoid social disapproval. As a freshman you want the acceptance of your peers, the best way to receive acceptance is to be yourself.” Just relax, and don’t try to be something you’ re not. “We were all freshmen at one point, so there’s nothing to be afraid of,” sophomore Sam Needleman said. High school is a great time in your life if you let it be. Always remember to keep up with academics and have fun.

For Girls: Coming into high school is a big change for everyone. There’s new problems more people and a lot more to handle. “Don’t let the drama of high school change who you are. Even though there’s drama, high school is a blast.” Said Jenna Gardner. “We have some great teachers and leaders too.” High school can be a problem for everyone. “The students should go either to a teacher, Mr. Peters, or Robbie and Falynn.” Jenna said. Everyone is more than willing to help. “Go to a teacher that you trust, although all teachers will listen. Mr. Clark is a fabulous teacher

to talk to.” Students can talk to other students as well. If you don’t know who Robbie Basha is, he is the student council president and Falynn Martinez is the vice president. “Robbie is also a great role model and listener you can talk to.” High school isn’t just about the bad things; it also has its good moments too. You have way more classes to pick from, so you can pick things you’re more interested in. You also meet many more people that will help you through the rest of school. All in all, the only thing that’s scary is the first day of school; once you get through that, the rest of the year is nothing. But try not to slack off and wait till the last minute to do all your work, because that will get you in trouble and it will be a lot easier on you. “Just have fun in high school and be yourself!” said Jenna Gardner.

For a Freshman, From A Freshman: Cameron, whose hardest class this year was Spanish I, said, “Trust more in God to get through the day, not just yourself.” For freshman year, not everything is overwhelming, or surpisingly hard. He continued, “There’s been a lot of highs and lows. There have been a lot of good things [this year], but nothing really surprised me.” To those coming in, he said “be confident in what you do.”

For a Freshman, From A Senior: So, going from being the biggest fish in the small pond to the littlest fish in the big pond. Or something like that. When you first think about moving onto high school, it might be intimidating. But, really, it will be okay as long as you stay level-headed and don’t do anything stupid. Do all your homework, turn it in on time, and so on, even if you do have a grace period.

Turning in your homework also gives a good impression to your teachers, and it’s a good idea to have a good impression on them. So, logically, getting to class on time is a plus for you, too. Getting a reputation for being late to class early on in your high school career isn’t something that speaks to well of you. One thing about high school: getting good study habits early on will help you a lot. Though freshman year may have a less intense workload, eventually the workload will build. And if you can handle that, than it should be easy to adjust to the sophomore workload, etc. Another area that is easy to do something stupid in is relationships. This includes both friendships and romances. Try to keep the drama down. That just means fewer problems for you. Also, don’t date anyone within the first month of the year. Just give yourself some time to settle down and adjust. And try not to date anyone more than two grade levels above you. Two years may not seem like a lot, but often times there is a huge maturity difference that may only be obvious on subtle levels. Or sometimes those levels are pretty obvious. Which leads to another thing: don’t use the hallway as a trashcan. The other classes really don’t appreciate having to wade through wrappers and chunks of food. And on the subject of hallways, don’t stand in the middle of them. It may be fun to be a human roadblock, but no one appreciates having to push through you. Or being late because they can’t get past. Coming into the building for the first time, the hallways might look big. But really, they aren’t, once people start getting into them. And when they are clogged, they only seem that much smaller. Also, importantly, don’t forget that seniors were once in your position too. Though they may deny it, there is some sympathy in the heart of a senior for a freshman. Though there probably is some bitterness, too, from being treated as freshman usually are. That doesn’t mean all seniors will be mean, however. Though they might treat you a bit differently than they treat their classmates, the chances are that if you talk to one they’ll talk back. And help you, if you ask for it.

VCHS Talon June 20Pr  

June 2009 issue of the Vacaville Christian High School Talon; Volume IX, issue 7

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