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FFebruary b 55, 2009 Vol. 10

Issue 3

Eric Vaughn takes the ball to the hole against visiting Delta High School on January 15. The Falcons won the game 64-40. For the rest of the Falcon basketball scores, see page 6.

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Students Prepare for Formal

Staff Editorial

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Dress Code Proposed New Movies Sonic Opens Preparing Cinderella 30 Hour Famine Mock Trial Field Trip

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With the arrival of the spring sports season our staff thought it would be important and beneficial for our students if we touched on the idea of being able to balance schoolwork and sports teams. As any student-athlete would tell you, playing sports definitely makes succeeding and getting ideal grades a lot tougher. Many students take part in after-school sports

Features: Everything Winter Formal 4-5

and activities, but it can make keeping up with homework and sleep very difficult. One of the most important, if not the absolute most important, aspects or keys

Sports: Wrestler Makes History Pro Bowl Leaves Hawaii Basketball Scores

of success is time management. As all student-athletes know, taking part in sports

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teams requires countless hours of after-school practice and weekend time as well. This is the time that high schoolers need to complete homework or study to the best of their abilities. Being able to keep up with time and manage the amount of time you have is a skill of its own.

Ephesians 5:25-27 “We are a part of the same body. Stop lying and start telling each other the truth. Don’t get so angry that you sin. Don’t go to bed angry and don’t give the devil a chance.” Vacaville Christian High School 821 Marshall Road • Vacaville, CA 95687 (707) 446-1776

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February 5, 2010

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homework is dangerous. Not only will your grades drop, which can lead to opportunities being dismissed and doors closing, but not setting your priorities straight can also lead to the suspension of athletic eligibility. It is not easy being a student-athlete, we believe that is safe to say. But there are definitely steps to take to reduce the stress and help you perform to the best of your abilities both on the field and in the classroom.

State Battles over Morals Proposition 8 is in court as of Janu-

Awarded Int’l First Place, 20022003

Please deliver all submissions to the Talon box in Room 102 by posted deadline. The following policies apply: 1. Unsolicited articles and suggestions for story ideas are welcomed, but no guarantee is made as to whether they will be printed in the Talon. 2. Letters to the Editor are to be signed when submitted to the Staff. Names may be withheld from publication only with the approval of the Editorial Board and Adviser. The Board will select the letters to be published. 3. The paper reserves the right to edit submissions for length, repetition, and suitability of content.

lawsuits challenging Prop. 8 were filed

ary 2010, in the city of San Francisco.

directly in the California Supreme Court.

The judge for this case is Judge Vaughn

On November 19, 2008, the Supreme

Walker. Those that are pro Prop. 8 op-

Court agreed to hear these cases.

pose gay marriage, and those that are

The lawsuits, according to www.

against Prop. 8 want the right of gay, stated "1) Is Prop. 8


invalid because it constitutes a revision

Prop. 8 states, "Only marriage

Adviser: Mrs. Jeri McFadden Interim Principal: Mrs. Janet Fogh Member of

One of the aspects the students forget is what comes first in STUDENT-athlete. It is important to know what comes first. Putting sports or other distractions before

of, rather than an amendment to, the

between a man and a woman is valid or

California Constitution? 2) Does Prop. 8

recognized in California." Before Prop.

violate the separation of powers doctrine

8, Prop. 22 was passed according to

under the California Constitution? 3) If

voters, but the California State Supreme

Prop. 8 is not unconstitutional, what is

Court declared Prop. 22 unconstitutional

its effect, if any, on the marriages of the

by a 4-3 vote on May 15, 2008. Prop. 8

same-sex couples preformed before the

restores the exact wording of Prop. 22 to

adoption of Prop. 8?"

the California State Supreme Court. The day after the election, three

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Restaurant Review

Roadhouse: Another Reason to Love Texas

Restaurant Review

“Fall off the bone” ribs, T-bone steak, and fried catfish are some of the dishes at Texas Roadhouse, an Old Western style chain restaurant. Recently, a new Texas Roadhouse was built at 3333 North Texas Street, Fairfield. Founded by Kent Taylor, the Texas Roadhouse chain has been around since 1993 and now has 310 locations in 44 states. Texas Roadhouse is open Monday through Thursday from 4 p.m. To 10 p.m., and Friday through Sunday from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. With high quality western food, oldstyle architecture, and entertainment, Texas Roadhouse might make you feel like you’re really in a Texas diner, but, being a high quality restaurant, it must come at a price. The average family of five will cost around $85 to $90

a meal, excluding tip. As soon as you walk in to the restaurant you’re greeted by the faint crunching of peanut shells on the floor. Guests are welcomed to free peanuts and encouraged to throw their shells on the floor to give the restaurant a more western feel. Country music is played on the inside and outside of the restaurant. When you are escorted to your seat, you may choose the specific steak that you want from the many that have been freshly cut and are laid out beneath a glass window. The architecture is wood furnishings with a home-style feel; with taxidermy showing itself on the walls, an animal-lover might want to think twice before attending. Photos of country singers and paintings of the “back-woods” line the walls, while sports TV will entertain sports fans. If you don’t call the restaurant and make reservations, you could be stuck waiting for one to two hours in line. The average wait

time for food to be served is 20 minutes, but cinnamon butter and warm rolls satisfy your stomach while you wait. Common dishes that are ordered are ribs, steak, catfish, and shrimp. Besides the main dishes, the sides are salad, baked potatoes, chili, steak fries, apple sauce and more. To quench your thirst there are sodas and tea. Adult beverages are also served to those over 21. Once you get your food you might start to hear the music get louder while the employees line up and start to dance. This occurs about every thirty minutes. Texas Roadhouse is a great choice for students, teachers, and their families. With quality food and a home-style, free and easy atmosphere, it pleases the taste buds, eyes, and ears of most people that go there. Once you are done eating and have left the restaurant, there might be a hole burning in your wallet, but your friends and family will most likely have had a good meal as they head for home.

Sonic Opens with Big Expectations Hustle and bustle is the only way to describe the new Sonic in Vacaville. The carhop windows are packed, and the inside eating area has a mile long line of people of all ages. The menu has all sorts of different foods. From Limades and slushies to chicken sandwiches, the menu could please almost anyone. Unless you order from their value menu, though, Sonic is pretty expensive. My bill was a total of $21.75 for

three people, so it's a surprise that so many people have been deciding to eat there. But with the style Sonic has chosen, it becomes quite obvious why people have become so intrigued. What with the whole 50's style -- complete with the carhop windows, the workers on Roller Skates, and the music -- it's no wonder that people have become fascinated. When you walk into the inside area, there are these windows with the menu on them. I don't know about anyone else, but I was confused. I was thinking, "Where's the workers to order from?" Turns out, you just press this little red

button when you're ready to place an order, and a person takes your order through a microphone in the kitchen. High-Tech? I think so. Those skates the employees have to work in look like they hurt. According to my carhop, Madalin, after a day’s shift, her feet and her back hurt. She said that workers do their chores in the skates, like taking out the trash, or cleaning tables. That doesn't sound like too much fun. But overall, the new Sonic in town is a definite hit. I would recommend that anyone go to Sonic. Location: intersection of Davis Street and Bella Vista, near the I-80 eastbound entrance.


not someone can get married?"

MORALS... , continued from page 2 When it comes to your faith, it has a great deal on how you view Prop. 8.

Not that some people should get the

Not to say that just because you are

right to get married and some shouldn't.

one faith, your views on Prop. 8 will be

Prop. 8 isn't taking their main freedoms.

like the next person with the same faith.

They are taking away the ability for

How you think and what you believe as

same-sex couples to get married in

a person will also help you develop you

California. There are other places right

personal views on Prop. 8.

next to California that allow gay mar-

Many people think that gay marriage should be a right and that they should fight for what they believe in. But since

riage. It's not like they cannot get married anywhere else. Jessica Marie Johnson had a dif-

when is marriage a right? Marriage is

ferent opinion, though. She said, "What

a legally binding commitment of two

gives us the right to choose whether or

Some people think that if gay marriage is allowed it will drastically change society in California. Others, however, don't think as much. Mr. Justin Gunter, the 9th and 11th grade Bible teacher, said " The only real change will be that the stuff people have been doing will just become legal." Whether you agree on Prop.8 or not it is in court and will be decided on. It has been left up to the California State Supreme Court and now we wait.

Find the Dance Tsakopoulos Library Galleria 828 I Street Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 264-280

Winter Formal

Get a Date: the Hard(er) Part of Dances Winter Formal is looming over the horizon, another event to dance and party with fellow classmates. But these sorts of events also tend to bring along an infamous trial with them: asking someone out on a date. This notorious action can often hinder people from taking the risk for fear of rejection, leaving them with no date. But there is hope! Some willing seniors have kindly departed with some of their wisdom; heed their words and keep an open mind to their suggestions. Spencer Sather – “When your potential date is waiting in her car at a stop sign, T-bone her car. Then say, ‘I am so sorry, can I make it up to you by taking you out to formal?’” Shaina McCormick – “Write ‘Will you go to formal with me?’ on her car with car paint.” Tanner Whitt – “Last year I got a big piece of colored paper and wrote ‘Winter Formal?’ on it. I put it up on the balcony in front of school so my potential date, Taylor Ashford, would see it when she got to school. She said yes, so you could try that.” Josh Bliek – “Say, ‘Hey, I know I barely know you at all, but I wanted to know if you would like to begin a lifelong, child-filled relationship with me by being my date to winter formal.’ She’ll be hooked.”

Dance Dance ... Starvation?

It’s winter formal night; you have your dress or tuxedo on. You have your ticket tucked away. You are with your date and ready to go. But there’s just one thing you can’t quite remember. Oh, you forgot about your stomach! You are going to be dancing for hours, and sooner or later you will get hungry. Many students who attend winter formal decide to eat together at one restaurant or another before the dance. So, before you jump straight into dancing, think about finding somewhere to get a bite to eat to boost your energy for the fun night ahead. Here are some places your classmates chose to go to before formal: “I went to the Cheese Cake Factory.

Last year Seth and I were dressed up for formal and our hostess took us all around the restaurant to show us off. She gave us an amazing table after. They treat you well.” - Tayler Silva “McDonalds all the way. That way I spend as little as possible. Plus, there’s something about those golden arches that attract the ladies.” - Zac Correia “We’re going to Olive Garden before we go to formal this year. It’s a nice Italian Restaurant with good soup and unlimited breadsticks.” - Brady Latham

Prom Flashbacks

“Junior year we took my girlfriend’s car because it was a 2-door hard top V8 ‘65 Mustang. We went to a hotel ballroom. It was docile and peaceful.” - CEO and AP Calculus Teacher Mr. Paul Harrell “We got to go to San Francisco Hilton for Senior Prom. We went in April, but it was decorated like Christmas. We were all told why we were special and how we are a gift from God. We had a lot of good class memories from it.” - Biology and AP Biology Teacher Mrs. Angelia Manuel “No, because in my school I had junior and senior year combined into one year. I danced by myself all the time though.” - High School Receptionist Mrs. Teresa Waller “Last year I was walking through the entrance to my prom and stepped on the back of a girl’s dress. She kept walking and the tail ripped off the back of her dress so I ran to the bathroom. She never found out.” - Kate Hicks “I was in New York last year, and we had family-style dinner every day except Friday with the family I was staying with. It was like 2 weeks before the senior prom, and there was a guy sitting next to me. He asked me if I wanted to go to the prom with him. I was about to choke myself since I was eating, and all the others suddenly muted, looking at me. I said, ‘Um...sure?’ I felt so weird. Then that guy bursts out laughing and said, ‘I was just joking.’ I was like, ‘All right...’ I wanted to kill him that time, so embarrassing.” - Ellen Ma

The Prom of Mrs. Perconti: Story A


About 6 weeks before prom my senior year, I started talking to a guy that I had been friends with for years. He asked me to prom about a month before the dance. But about two weeks before the dance, he just stopped calling me or answering my calls. I was all right with the idea that he wasn’t interested in me anymore, but it was so close to the date of the dance that I was worried I couldn’t find another date. My friends got involved and I found out that he was still planning on going to the dance as my date, but he was NOT planning to pick me up for the dance. According to my friends, his plan was to meet with the group for pictures. At this point, it was within two weeks before the dance; I was afraid that if I ditched him I wouldn’t get another date in time. Finally, a guy friend of mine “kindly”

talked to him up about it, and I promptly received a call stating what time he was planning to pick me up for the dance. I should have ditched him though. . . The night of the dance a group of about 20 of us met up for pictures before we went out to eat. As soon as we got together with the group, my date left me. Then, at dinner, he kept asking to use my cell phone and about halfway through dinner I realized that HE WAS USING MY PHONE TO CALL ANOTHER GIRL. I was embarrassed but not sure what to do. Like a proper Southern girl, I just kept smiling. After dinner, when we arrived at the dance, he simply disappeared. Before the end of the night and before I could be humiliated much more, I called led a friend and left the dance. I met up with her at a Waffle House and drowned my sorrows ows with hash browns.

Epoch of Formality to Happen February 20 For all the guys going to formal, this is for y you. Proper attire is formal dress, and formal dress is proper attire. This means that if you don’t wear a tuxedo or a suit, you won’t get into the dance. And besides, everyone else will be looking slick. So even if you do get in, you’ll jjust be the odd one out. Both consequences Fairfield Men’s Wearhouse Westfield Solano Shopping Mall (Retail Apparel and Tuxedo Rental) 1350 Travis Blvd Fairfield, CA 94533 707-426-6290

are not favorable. The only option left (since it is assumed that you are going to Winter Formal) is to dress up fancy. Now, with that said, you might be wondering where to get some fancy clothing. Ty Smith said, “I’m getting a purple hat with a

Open: MON: 10:30 - 8:30 TUE: 10:30 - 8:30 WED: 10:30 - 8:30 THU: 10:30 - 8:30 FRI: 10:30 - 8:30 SAT: 10:00 - 9:00 SUN: 11:00 - 6:00

Men’s Wearhouse, located inside the Westfield Solano Shopping Mall, also has a great variety for Winter Formal. They have tuxedo rentals that begin at $49.99. These rentals include tuxedo, shirt, tie, cummerbund, and jewelry. Another rental deal begins at $89.99, which includes vest, shoes, tuxedo, shirt, tie, cummerbund, and jewelry.

feather. My whole tux is going to be purple with pin stripes and purple fancy shoes. I’m not exactly sure where I’m going to find all this stuff though.” There are a handful of different stores in the area to get the clothes you need. Here are a couple popular choices to choose from.

Vacaville Tuxedo Den Vacaville Commons 2060-A Harbison Drive Building B Vacaville, CA 95687 707-446-9344

Open: MON: 11:00 - 7:00 TUE: 11:00 - 7:00 WED: 11:00 - 7:00 THU: 11:00 - 7:00 FRI: 11:00 - 7:00 SAT: 10:00 – 5:00 SUN: 12:00 - 5:00

Tuxedo Den, located near Target and Safeway, offers a wide selection of outfits to look spiffy in. Tuxedo rental prices for prom events begin at $69.95 and include coat, standard pants & shirt, vest, tie, and basic shoes. Rentals must be ordered eight days before dance to avoid an express fee. A $6 damage fee is also charged to every tuxedo rental.

Research, interviews, writing, and photography by Tanner Person and Emre Basaran.

Get Your Dress Finding the right dress for Winter Formal can be both expensive and time consuming. Stores like Macy’s and JCPenny carry dresses that are not only classy but reasonably priced. The Macy’s section in the Mall in Fairfield Commons carries dresses that range from $49 to $250 and the online site has a very large selection of dresses at low prices. JCPenny currently has a sale on dresses, placing several of their dresses at prices from $29.99 to $89.99. JCPenny’s online site has a selection of over 200 dresses and a majority of them are priced under $100. At, the entire site is dedicated to a variety of dresses ranging from bridal dresses to prom dresses. The prom dresses can cost anywhere from $100 to $300. However, the party dresses link has prices that range anywhere from $59.99 to $200.

Pro Bowl Leaves Hawaii Basketball Scores

girls Us Them


The 2009-2010 NFL season has been one of many changes. From rule changes, including helmet-to-helmet contact rules and kickoff rules, to key players being traded to different teams -- like Braylon Edwards being traded to the New York Jets -- this season’s format has been a controversial subject. To top it off, this year’s Pro Bowl was a week before the Super Bowl, an NFL first. The Pro Bowl is the NFL’s all-star game, which means that the league’s best performers, as voted on by coaches and anaylists, are split into two teams based on their conference. The NFL is composed of the the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). For the Pro Bowl, each conference supplies a team and a coach. The coach for each team is the coach who loses his conference’s championship game. The main difference with the Pro Bowl this year as to previous years is that it was a week before the Super Bowl. The effect: players that will be in the Super Bowl skipped the Pro Bowl, even if they were selected to play. The Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints, the two teams in the Super Bowl, each had six players selected for the Pro Bowl. However, these players will

be paid their Pro Bowl money as if they did play, according to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Does the fact that many all-star players will not play draw away from the Pro Bowl? Some people, like Christian Addamo, think that it will change the spirit of the game. He said, “It’s going to limit the amount of talent that can play.” Others, like Mr. Bernie Perconti, don’t think that much will change. Perconti said, “I don’t think it has much bearing. I do know that the Pro Bowl is a very fun event for the I am a little disappointed that those players won’t play.” The game will be in Miami, the same city as the Super Bowl. According to an Associated Press story published on, the reasoning is since Super Bowl tickets are so expensive, they could please more fans by offering a less expensive Pro Bowl in the same city. In addition to lower ticket prices, according to, an American Airlines flight from Sacramento International Airport to Miami, Florida, would cost $231. In contrast, a flight to Honolulu, Hawaii, on Hawaiian Airlines would cost $481. The difference between the two locations totals $250, just for the flight there and back. Travel to Miami is decisively more affordable than travel to Honolulu.

Pre-Season: 8 wins; 5 losses Forest Lake 53 36 Victory 59 17 Delta 59 13 Bret Harte 49 31 Woodland 63 32 Foresthill postponed Sac Waldorf 62 44 Head-Royce 49 56 Forest Lake 62 37 Victory Foresthill Delta Woodland Sac Waldorf

Wrestler Makes VCHS History

boys Us Them


The team has practiced every day. The team has participated in tournaments. The most recent tournament was in On January 2, Lauren Pfahlert made VCHS history. She became the first VCHS stu- January. The guys team went to Northgate dent to receive a medal for wrestling. "Not in a High School in Walnut Creek for the annual Bill million years would I ever think I would be the Martell Invitational. Josh Bliek and Christopher Denby represented VCHS. They both fought in first girl to do this," Lauren said. "I honestly two matches but did not place. thought I'd be lucky just to win a match." The girls Although team went to this is the first Antioch High year VCHS School to wrestlers have compete in the competed, the Queen of the wrestlers have Mat tournabeen doing well ment. VCHS so far. The team was representcan't participate ed by Nikki Fish, in matches beKiaya Heise, cause the team Pfahlert and is too small. But Lorice Strem. they do particiFish was unable pate in tournato continue in ments. the tournament Even though because of an the team is injury. Heise unable to do made it to a medal match but did not win. matches, they still have been training hard. Strem competed in all three rounds in her secLauren said, "We did weight training over the ond match. And as said before, Pfahlert won summer and though November." After the weight training the team actually the very first wrestling medal in VCHS history. The team has the state tournament comstarted practice. Nikki Fish sad, "The training ing up in two weeks and they will be training was always difficult but you got used to it." hard to prepare.

Pre-Season: 9 wins; 4 losses Forest Lake 69 57 Rio Lindo Adv. 77 56 Victory 45 48 Delta 64 42 Bret Harte 69 55 Woodland 61 14 Foresthill postponed Sac Waldorf 55 48 Forest Lake 69 59 Victory Foresthill Delta Woodland Sac Waldorf

Student Council Asks for Dress Code Changes “The students have repeatedly ap approached administration because they feel the dress code is outdated. They argue that we can modernize it and still keep our Christian image,” said Mr. Joseph Rowland, Dean of Students and Student Council Advisor. Thus, on January 12, the student council met during lunch and invited the rest of the student body to join them. Student body president Robbie Basha opened the meeting for discussion after he read off the proposal the student council had drafted earlier. After that, he asked students for their ideas and suggestions. Mr. Rowland said, “The student council attempted to listen to the students and put together a reasonable request for dress code changes.” The student council, other students there, and the staff members present talked about these ideas and how they should ask

for them. Basha said, “I hear what students are looking for and make sure that the students’ thoughts and opinions are heard but we do not ask for too much.” Basha said that he initially heard of this opportunity through rumors. “I heard that [students] could try to change [the dress code] if they went to student council and tried to change it. I asked Mr. Peters about the details,” Basha said. The next day, January 13, a proposal with changes to the dress code was published by the student council and signed by the student council officers. It asks for changes in three different categories: shirts, hair, and accessories. For shirts, it proposes for “solid color, non collared t-shirts, turtle necks, thermals, and v-necks” to be allowed. It also asks for Christian band, mission trip, and Christian brand shirts to be allowed. As for hair, the proposed change is that guy’s hair could be longer, but not touching

the shoulder or covering the eyes. The proposed accessory changes include stud-style earrings for guys (but not gauges), multiple piercings, or other body piercings. It also asks for VCS team, club, and college hats and beanies. On Friday, January 22, Mr. Rowland held a meeting with the teachers and asked them for their concerns or suggestions regarding the dress code. None of the ideas in the proposal are to be put into effect until they are approved by administration. Rowland said that the final document included the original proposal letter signed by representatives from student council and any comments or concerns from both staff members and parents. This is the first time that students have had a chance to impact the dress code. Basha said, “[Student council] is tackling the major issues that students deal with daily. We’re trying to stay on top of everything.”

Movie Previews Spark Interest Red Queen, Greek gods, true love, & a tooth fairy

Sonic Opens On Monday, January 18, many people seemed to be crowding into Sonic, the new fast food restaurant at the intersection of Davis Street and Bella Vista Road. Even before the Sonic Vacaville opened, a lot of people were planning to go to the new restaurant. Chemistry and physics teacher Mr. Kristopher Restel said, "I'll probably check it out. I know nothing about the Sonic menu but I'll probably just check it out because it's new and I've heard about it." Even though Mr. Restel may not know a lot about Sonic, it seems quite a few people are excited to go there. Scott Waits loves the variety of the food, and Hannah Stadnick and Keturah Cox both said that they love Sonic. Along with all of the food at Sonic, the big attraction is to "park and eat," where your food is brought out to you. The waitresses also skate out to the cars on roller blades to serve you, which Kyle Pazdel says he enjoys very much. Sonic opens at 7 a.m. and closes at midnight The average price for a full meal (entrée, drink, and side) is about $7 per person. This new fast food place looks like it may even end up giving McDonald's and Burger King a run for their money.

With winter coming to a close and spring around the bend, students have several new movies to look forward to seeing. Directed by Michael Lembeck, The Tooth Fairy came into theaters on Friday, January 22. Dwayne Johnson stars as Derek Thompson, a minor league hockey player who ends up telling young Tess (Destiny Whitlock) that the tooth fairy doesn't exist. As punishment, he is forced to be a tooth fairy for a week, which comes with a tutu, wings, and, of course, a magical wand. As time goes by, Derek slowly gets used to being the resident tooth fairy, and begins to remember his own once-forgotten dreams. The Tooth Fairy is rated PG for mild language, some rude humor, and sports action. Another show coming out is Dear John which opens on Friday, February 5. Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, the movie stars Channing Tatum as John Tyree, a young soldier who has just arrived home. He meets Savannah Curtis (Amanda Seyfried), a college student on Spring Break. The two fall in love. Over the next seven long years, the couple keeps in touch by writing letters to each other since John is deployed. Unfortunately, neither of them is prepared to face the consequences that are about to arrive. Dear John is rated PG-13 for some sensuality and violence. Opening on Friday, February 12 is Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. It is based on the book by Rick Riordan,

directed by Chris Columbus, and stars Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson. Taking place in the twenty-first century, high school student Percy Jackson finds out that he is one of the main suspects in the theft of the Greek God Zeus' lightning bolt. Adding to his troubles, Percy's mom disappears, and he becomes stuck as the angry Greek gods begin to battle one another. Percy ends up gathering his friends as they go off across the country to rescue his mom and find the real person who took Zeus' lighting bolt, all the while starting to unwind a mystery that might just be stronger than the fighting gods themselves. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief is rated PG for action violence, some scary images, peril, mild language and suggestive material. Possibly one of the more anticipated movies in the past several months, Disney's Alice in Wonderland opens up in theaters on Friday, March 5. Directed by Tim Burton and starring actors Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter, Mia Wasikowska as Alice, Anne Hathaway as The White Queen, Crispin Glover as The Knave of Hearts, and Helena Bonham Carter as The Red Queen, it is sure to be a hit. This new version of the beloved story written by Lewis Carroll features a 19-year-old Alice, who comes back to the magical world she visited in her childhood. Alice goes off with her old friends on a quest to end the Red Queen's terrible reign and find her destiny. Alice in Wonderland was not rated as of press time.

Broadway to Arrive in Magic Pumpkin Coach This year VCHS will be producing Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein's Cinderella. First broadcast on CBS in March of 1957, it has won eight Tony Awards. Oscar Hammerstein, who wrote the lyrics, also worked on other musicals such as The King and I and The Sound of Music. Auditions were held on January 14 and 15, and anyone wishing to be in the play at all had to attend both days. Callbacks were held later on Friday. Marcy MacDonald will play Cinderella,

Aaron Hagan will play Prince Christopher, Erin Davenport will play the Fairy Godmother, and Andrea MacLean will play the Stepmother, Nikki Fish will play Grace, and Gabbi Lail will play Joy. Marcy MacDonald said ,"I was really surprised when I got called back for Cinderella. I had initially tried for the Fairy Godmother." Erin Davenport said, “I prepared for auditions by practicing my lines and the song "Impossible" which I sang at tryouts, during the week leading up to auditions.” The cast will be made up of about 15 leads, together with a large ensemble of extras. Christianna Ripley will be the stage

manager, Howard Ueng the stage designer. Ms. Salamone's father, Mr. Frank Salamone, will be the tech manager. Mrs. Shannon Brown and Ms. Leah Salamone will both be in charge of choreography, while Ms. Salamone will also be the director for the whole production. She has produced two other plays at VCHS, Annie and Grease. Ms. Salamone said "I wanted to get back into the kid realm [with "Cinderella"]." Where as Annie"drew in" in a younger crowd, last year's Grease grew in an older crowd. There will be no editing to the play or script. Nor will any part have to be condensed. Ms. Salamone said that any problems, if any, will come from sets.

30-Hour Famine Tradition Continues For the third year in a row, VCHS will be participating in a 30 Hour Famine. Young people from all parts of the world participate in the event. he famine was originally supposed to be in February, but was later changed to May 13 and 14 because the February dates would interfere with those who were playing sports. A student participates in the 30 Hour Famine by agreeing to go without food for 30 hours. Participants also gets people, often friends or family, to sponsor them. The sponsor would give the student an amount of money per hour. At the end of the famine they have earned money that will be donated to help feed starving children. This increases the students’ continuing participation, as well as increases their will to go on, as the students know that the longer they make it, the more money goes in to support their cause. In previous years students who have participated in the famine have been asked

The 30-Hour Famine website (www.30HourFamine. org) offers lots of information to prospective fasters. to go help at Mission Solano with serving and giving out meals. Cynthia Norman and Jazmine Walls volunteered to be in charge of the 30 Hour Famine

this year. To volunteer for this position Norman talked to Daniel Harrison at the end of last year’s famine about who was taking over once he left. No one had asked him yet, so she was given the position. Originally, it was only going to be Norman heading up the project, but she asked Walls to join her later on for the extra support. Norman said, “My favorite thing so far is getting in contact with the program, talking with the main people, emailing them back and forth, and having reassurance that we’re helping a good cause and making a difference the best we can.” To get the event ready Norman and Walls received the packages that will be given out to participants; they plan to make more announcements, and make posters about the event. Jennifer De La Cruz, a former student, contacted Norman and Walls about teaming up with the Vanden Christian Club with Vacaville Christian High School to participate in the famine. Once packets are in, head over to the office to sign up.

Seniors Prepare for Court Case On Thursday, February 11, every senior who took government last semester will be abandoning their daily routine at school to become enlightened in the arts of Law. They will head to an official courthouse and participate in the annual Senior Mock Trial located in Downtown Sacramento across from the train station. “The Senior Mock Trial is designed to acquaint students with how the court system works by using a real case with a real judge and real lawyers,” Mr. Jacobs said. This year’s trial is titled “Open Doors to the Federal Court” and will be co-headed by

Government teacher Mr. Rusty Gaudard and American History teacher Mr. Steve Jacobs. Mr. Gaudard said, “This trial will force the students to think judicially and apply what they have learned in government last semester.” A majority of the students attending will be separated into four groups and act as juries. Their duty is to vote on whether the defendant is guilty or not. Mr. Jacobs said, “Many times the students will say [the defendant] is guilty as sin, but doesn’t have enough evidence against him to be locked up.” The other students will role-play in the case as witnesses. Although students are given a script, Mr. Jacobs said many students don’t take enough time to learn their role well

enough to make for an exciting trial. “The best trials are when they know their parts and literally become the witnesses as if it were someone’s life on the line,” Mr. Jacobs said. “One year a student playing a witness dropped the script completely and started improvising. Since the lawyers and the judge had scripts they knew he wasn’t on script and improvised as well. They all got into a heated argument, and all the oblivious jury members without scripts freaked out.” The seniors will be leaving around 7:30 a.m., and will get back at the end of school. The trial occurs in the morning, leaving a few hours for students to have lunch and shop at the Sacramento Mall.

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