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Care Home London Based If you need a care home London based that will cater to your loved ones in a wheelchair then consider the top supported living providers. Adjust to life in a wheelchair may be difficult. Although purchasing a wheelchair is a major decision, the purchase of a cushion is also extremely important. Because when we are sitting just one-third of our total mass is supporting our entire weight. A cushion that meets your individual needs will help to alleviate much of the discomfort. The type of wheelchair cushion that you choose depends on a host of various factors. Several things to consider are how much time that you will spend in your chair. Furthermore, you will need to consider how much you move around in your chair. Finally it is important to make an honest assessment of how stable your posture is. One of the most important responsibilities of your cushion is to prevent sores. Sores that result from time spent in a wheelchair are called pressure sores and a quality cushion can reduce these uncomfortable spots. If these abscesses are left untreated the resulting infection can lead to multiple problems that may turn serious. In fact it hospitalization and surgery are often required from severe pressure spots. It quickly becomes apparent that a high quality cushion is a necessity for wheelchair bound individuals. Moreover fact that so much of the body’s weight is proportioned on a small area, wheelchair bound individuals may also experience decreased blood flow and even muscle atrophy. The right cushion will help will to help alleviate these problems as well. Wheelchair cushions come in multiple sizes and thickness of padding and the best fit needs to be based on your particular wheelchairs frame. The most effective cushions are the ones that purchased when factors such as the height of the chair back, the armrest positions and how high you desire to sit in the chair are considered. Ultimately it is your decision as to what works best for you, however consulting experts and those that work with this type of medical equipment on a daily basis is suggested. In addition to the size and thickness, cushion design is also an important factor. Several basic types of wheelchair cushions make up most of the market. Cushions are most frequently made from foam, gel, urethane honeycomb or are air floatation cushions. Working with a professional to determine what design is best suited for your needs is highly recommended as well. as well as designs and systems for more specialized needs. While life in a wheelchair may require some adjustments – it does not have to be uncomfortable. The

decision to purchase a cushion is an easy, determining what type and design works best for you should come after extensive research and talking to medical professionals. Website: HEAD OFFICE, 22 Cossington Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex, SS0 7NJ Telephone: 01702 213277 Mobile: 0752 7965206 Fax: 01702 340869 E-mail:

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Let Your Loved Ones Rest Comfortably in Their Wheel Chairs With Supported Living Providers.

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