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The GVC Network Online, On the Ground, Inside the Beltway, Nationally



ASSOCIATIONS: • US Chamber of Commerce •  • American Moving & Storage Association • • American Trucking Associations • • Airlines for America • • American Bus Association •


The GVC Transportation Network

KEY CONTACTS • Thomas J. Donohue, President and CEO • The United States Chamber of Commerce •


• William J. Canary, President and Chief Executive Officer •
 Business Council of Alabama


• James L. Hebe, Senior Vice President of North American Sales • Navistar, Inc.


• Richard H. McClure, President • UniGroup (Parent of United Van Lines/Mayflower Transit)


• Carey Pappas, Chief Operating Officer • FedEx Customer Information Services &
 President, FedEx TechConnect


TRANSPORTATION EVENT EXPERIENCE: • Supply Chain Security Event • • Cyber Security Framework Initiative •  • Aviation Summit •

A Multifaceted Approach bringing success on many levels and reaching target audiences on multiple channels

What We Do OUR STRATEGY • Branding

• Messaging

• Creative

• Distribution (Social Local Mobile)

How We Do It OUR TACTICS • Advertising

• Custom Content

• Digital Marketing

• Infographics

• Custom Website Creation

• Events

• Custom Application Development

• Earned Media

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Business Development

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Reference Clients our work in action! !

Marketing Clients CLIENT

ACTION Executed 2010-2011 local

Chamber outreach programs.

RESULT Promoted Inc. 5000 list by building visibility in target market of small and medium-sized businesses.

Created online portal for small Increased traffic and dynamic interaction. and medium-sized businesses.

Online ad-supported web sites Expanded Multiview’s reach into for associations. associations.

Created content partnerships.

Extended reach of largest online small business site.

Business Development CLIENT



Created marketing Established operating agreements with partnerships with companies in major companies including Sam’s Club, small business sector. FedEx, AmericanExpress and Travelers.

Created partnerships with corporations and major trade associations and coalitions.

Increased membership, revenue and exposure.

Created partnerships with corporations and major trade associations and coalitions.

Increasing Washington, D.C. presence and sales.

Created alliance and content partnerships.

Established relationships with media companies, associations and online companies.


Strategic Communications CLIENT



Managed online properties and Migrated Chamber websites to robust CMS digital strategy. and increased traffic and performance.

Managed media relations.

Crafted media strategy to support collective bargaining negotiations. New deal reached in 2010.

Managed online video strategy.

Leveraged event content via online video to support goals.

Managed online video strategy.

Created online video library from Oversight Committee hearings.

Managed media relations.

Crafted media strategy to support elections.

FedEx TechConnect a case study

• Background: FedEx TechConnect retained GVC to assess and create a Go – To – Market (GTM) campaign for TechConnect, a technology repair service, initially targeting specific markets.

! • Challenge: Leverage FedEx brand of speed, reliability and trust while departing from its core shipping business.

! • GVC’s GTM Plan Included: • Market research! • Strategic marketing alliances! • Advertising and distribution channel strategies ! • New branding and service offering names • Website usability audit and redesign! • Creative • Gaunt charts with detailed campaign timeline!

! • Goal: Evaluate test market campaigns, provide recommendations for national launch and eventually launch a national GTM Campaign.

Where We Started connecting the dots

Website Audit an intuitive, easy to navigate and enjoyable website

The Original Site

The New Site

AICM’s Challenge to make AICM the preferred and primary intermodal container supplier to American trucking, railroad and logistics companies! !

Strategy • • • •

Logo development Messaging Colors, fonts and symbols Collateral for business development meetings



• Develop strong sales

pipeline from GVC Transportation Network • Schedule sales meetings • Train on presentations and pitches as needed • Attend presentations when needed

• Alabama, Memphis, Atlanta

and Louisville • Inside the beltway ADVERTISING EVENTS

• Trade shows • Inside the beltway to establish



Adelphi Capital (Tom Donohue Jr.) DHL Americas FedEx Corp. Landstar System, Inc. Mayflower Norfolk Southern Ruan Transportation Management Systems Ryder Systems, Inc. Union Pacific UPS, Inc. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

When you combine our talented team, our strategy, process and tactics, you see powerful results.