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September/October 2009

Mission House Update - moving in!


y the time you receive this newsletter, we should be people who built on what so many did before them to completely moved into the new mission house facility. bring this project across the finish line. These are, left Even as early as October 1st, we began moving some to right (sitting): Pedro Molina, Warrenville, IL, Peace boxes into the pharmacy area and the storage room for Lutheran.; Drew and Lisa Bush, Oregon, IL, Evangelical the Bibles. The first team to be hosted in the new mission Free Church; Bruce Menard, Lombard, IL, Peace Lutheran: (standing) Eric Evans, Lonoke, house will be on October 17th AR, Fellowship Bible Church of and will be Good Shepherd Cabot; Tim Ryan, Mundelein, Church from Naperville, Illinois. IL, Harvest Bible Chapel L.Z.; There is still much to do Gene Walker, LaFox, IL, Lord of to finish the building in the Life Lutheran; Larry Etheredge, sense of having everything North Little Rock, AR, First truly done. However, the Lord Assembly of God. Part of the has made provision in so many finish line team that is not ways to get this building at shown in the photo are Newton least to the point where we and Linda Little and their 2nd can move into it as a functional team that installed all of the facility and complete many off exterior doors, Richard Goff the remaining items over the and his team that installed the next several months. Even after New Mission House - La Casa de Esperanza. telephone and internet systems the move, as we have funds available, we hope to finish items like placing ceramic tile and Bob Kryder who worked for weeks on the plumbing. In a project this size there have been points along the on the concrete floors, installing ceilings where there are just exposed joists now, and painting the interior walls. way where it was difficult to see how everything could But the basic building is operational and our move into get done with the resources we had and at times the it represents a major milestone in our 25 year history. small construction crews we had available. Here we were It took a lot of different construction people coming less than three weeks from move-in day and we really down over the last several months to make this project were behind in some areas, especially in plumbing. One a reality. We will make a complete list of them in future of our plumbers, Tim Ryan, commented that we need issues. The photo captioned “Finish Line Team” are the to pray harder for more - CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

Container of supplies is unloaded.

Finish Line Team.

Doors finish out exterior of building.

The late Allen Danforth (center), shares the gospel with a group of children in an early medical brigade. These children represent a small part of the hundreds of thousands that God has touched through the ministry of WGO. This vision that began with Allen and Dona Danforth 25 years ago thrives today through a growing team of missionaries, volunteers, and supporters. What a blessing to be a part of what God is doing in Honduras.

welcome three NEW MISSIONARIES by Jason May


t’s very exciting to see God provide three new Ebenezer. She has a Masters in Social Work and brings a missionaries to participate in the vision of the Children lot of knowledge and experience in working with youth. ministry of World Gospel Outreach. First, welcome Rachel She has always felt a calling to work with juveniles. Last Hahn originally from Lawrence, Kansas. Rachel has a year she worked with at-risk youth in Guatemala, and says that WGO was appealing because it Bachelor’s in Music Ministry and offers an opportunity to break the was living in Nashville, TN when she cycle of poverty and lead families felt the call to move to Honduras. to the love and joy of Christ. When Rachel came to visit a friend Finally, Tammy Lis from the last year, on her return flight she Northwest Suburbs of Chicago sat next to Kymm Schultz (WGO is serving as the nurse at Rancho Missionary) who shared about the Ebenezer and arrived in May. ministry of WGO and the search Tammy has been coming to for teachers. Rachel had been T Honduras on WGO medical seeking for a place to serve and brigades regularly since 2001. In felt God calling her into full time addition to handling medications, ministry. Rachel arrived in July and first aid, and medical emergencies serves as a teacher for Ebenezer (L-R) Rachel, Kimberly, and Tammy on the ranch, she also helps Academy. She is currently teaching 3rd and 4th grades as well as working with the worship coordinate doctor visits for the kids, teaches biology and band. One of Rachel’s greatest joys is being able to chemistry classes at Ebenezer Academy and fills in for teach through music and draw hearts toward the Lord. house parents in the homes when needed. Tammy helps Next, Kimberly Kostaroff from Detroit, MI arrived in in so many areas and like all our new missionaries, really Honduras in April to serve as a social worker at Rancho knows how to serve the Lord with Joy.

Send Christmas cards made by WGo Children These cards were designed by Favio, Maria, Banya, Obed and Nilsy. Each card bears their artwork on the front, a greeting on the inside panel, and on the back a photo and information about the talented child artist. Please include these Christmas cards in your greetings to your friends and family this year. You may use the enclosed form to order your cards.



hat a tremendous blessing the children of Rancho Ebenezer received this past August when Fellowship Bible Church of Texarkana, Texas sent a brand new pair of shoes for each of the children in our ministry. The shoes were due to arrive in December as Christmas gifts, but due to shipping complications they arrived eight months later, beautifully wrapped with candy canes attached. It was a wonderful surprise! The kids were blessed to have their very own new pair of shoes (not hand-me-downs) that were meant especially for them. It was a great reminder that God does not forget any of His precious little ones. Thank you and God bless to everyone involved in sending these shoes down to Honduras.

Yoli-Beth, Favio, and Yefry with new shoes.

we need your brigade photos! by Lynne Razor


ur new mission house, Casa de Esperanza, will soon be “home” to the first medical/evangelism team and we want to make it as comfortable as possible for all those who will be accepting our hospitality and ministering to the poor of Tegucigalpa. No decorator would ever recommend bare walls to his clients, and although none of us here are decorators, we enjoy artwork and photos of our families in our own home.  Since this will be home to our teams, we would like those of you who have been to Honduras to provide the “family” photos.  We would like you to decorate our new mission house with your favorite photos taken while on mission teams. Please send an 8x10

(nothing smaller, please), framed or unframed. If you choose to frame it, please remove the glass (to prevent damage to photos - we will add glass here) and use a dark frame with white or cream matting for the most visual impact.  You can also send crosses to put on our walls, and we will use your contributions to make collages of photos and crosses throughout the new mission house.  You can send it to our warehouse (for shipping on the next container) or bring it with you when you come on your next trip.  Please email Lyn Ferguson ( for shipping information.  We look forward to opening our doors to say, “Bienvenidos” (Welcome), to the house hope built.

UNIQUE opportunities to serve Is God calling you to work with WGO in a full time ministry? If so, please contact Pete Raineri at (713) 344-1449 or to see if any of these opportunities match your calling and skills. Ebenezer Academy - High School Teacher - Critical need Rancho Ebenezer - Nurse Rancho Ebenezer - House Parents Rancho Ebenezer - House Parent Substitute/Respite Care (short or long term) Work teams are also needed at the new Mission House construction site for one week brigades. Many different skills are needed, contact Fred Steinbach at (630) 359-5175 or for more information about this area.

What Children need by Eric Schultz


he Concept of “Need,” can be elusive in today’s world. The term “felt need” was even manufactured to describe the modern tendency to confuse what is basic and fundamental to life Eric Schultz, with WGO kids with what, in the end, we simply prefer. Fundamental human needs are on the bottom shelf: food, water, shelter and the like. Real needs must be met if a person is to thrive. The key to effectively helping people is to determine what it is they really need - below the surface of what might seem obvious. One clue to discerning the difference between a real need and something less important is to consider which things God designed for all people, things as basic as air and sunlight. The opening chapters of the Bible

document God’s first act to meet a true human need. In response to the dangers and difficulties Adam would face if left alone in the world, God provided family. From the very beginning of human existence, a healthy family has been God’s definitive provision for the needs of the human condition - and it is the perfect reproduction of His nurturing love. More than an institution to care for them, every child deserves a family. Family is the model for what WGO provides children whose chance to live in one was taken from them early in life. The critical element of our ministry to children is our House Parents. House Parents enlarge the borders of their lives to welcome children into a home that functions as close to that of a healthy biological family as possible. Children need a family and we need House Parents in order to provide one. If you would consider living internationally with the calling to provide Christian nurture to children in need we would love to hear from you. Contact Pete Raineri at for more information.

FROM CONTINUATION OF PAGE 1 help. So, we prayed and God answered. His answer, among other things, came in the form of the 29 person medical team that was already in country for the week. For two days this whole team pitched in and put the project two weeks further along. The main sewer line was completed along with drain line and most of the supply water lines. Amazingly, one of our most critical needs, plumbing, was met by one of the team members, Drew Bush, who had excellent skills in this area and really helped the existing plumbers. Walls were sanded, all of the bathroom vanities were installed along with

the lavatories. Our prayers had been quickly answered. In April of next year we will have a ribbon-cutting celebration of this incredible blessing from the Lord. Please continue to pray with us as we complete inside areas until then. If you are coming on a team you can look forward to being hosted in this new facility and seeing it in person. If you can’t come on a team, then watch for more photos as we keep you updated on WGO settling into our new home. Thanks to all of you that had a part in making this dream a reality. Praise God for His mighty provision and faithfulness. - By Mike Ferguson, WGO President

Have coffee with the children of WGO each morning! We are thrilled to announce our new 11 ounce photo mugs. All the proceeds go directly to helping support the ministry of World Gospel Outreach and the children in our care. It’s also a great reminder to say a little prayer for each of these precious little ones each and every time you sit down to enjoy a hot steaming cup of our flavorful Cloud Forest coffee.

Here are some ways you can support the ministry of World Gospel Outreach. For more information, visit us on the web:

w w w. w g o r e a c h . o r g


w w w. h o n d u r a s c l o u d f o r e s t c o f f e e . o r g

Financial Donations

Yes, I would like to support the ministry of WGO by making a financial donation! I would like to donate:

$25 per month* $ $

per month* special gift*

To help with the cost of (check one): Children Ministry (food, care, education) Medical/Evangelism Brigades (medical supplies, Bibles, concrete floors) General Ministry (monthly expenses) Building fund (for Rancho Ebenezer and the new Mission House facility)



You can purchase organic coffee grown at Rancho Ebenezer, choose Whole Bean or Ground (shipping included):

LBS 1 2 3 4

You can purchase Christmas cards created by WGO children. The proceeds will go to help support WGO children. Each box contains 12 cards (two of each of the six different designs). I would like to order (shipping included):

Lbs 5 10 15 20

Lbs of Ground Coffee


Total Cost $56.95 $99.95 $149.95 $179.95

Lbs of Whole Bean Coffee


photo mugs

You can enjoy coffee with WGO children every morning with these 11oz Photo Mugs. The proceeds will go to help support WGO children. I would like to order (shipping included):

Quantity 1 2 3 4 5 6

1 box for $18 2 boxes for $28 3 boxes for $50

Total Cost $14.95 $24.95 $39.95 $49.95

Yes, I would like to support the ministry of WGO by purchasing Cloud Forest Coffee! I would like to purchase:


christmas cards


Total Cost $13.95 $22.95 $31.95 $45.16 $54.85 $63.85

Please enclose a check made out to World Gospel Outreach for all donations and orders from the sections above. Please mail your check and this form to: World Gospel Outreach / P.O. Box 14348 / Humble, TX 77347-4348 For Credit Card purchases or more information, please contact Mary Padgett at 281.548.7222 or visit For info about our coffee, visit *a tax reciept will be mailed to you for all donations NAME (Please Print): STREET ADDRESS: ADDRESS 2 (Suite, Apt. No., etc.) CITY / STATE / ZIP: PHONE:


WGO Newsletter Sept-Oct (with order Form)  

Enjoy the latest news about WGO and the new mission house! The last page contains our order form, check it out!

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