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APRIL 2009


group from Park Hill Evangelical Free traveled in concrete and hot coals would not be easy to move. After February with a record-sized group to serve on a much deliberation and collaboration with the family, the medical evangelism brigade and change lives for eternity. decision was made to destroy the stove. It was already This team consisted of many highly trained medical rusting away and before even attempting to move it out professionals and a wide variety of personalities that of the way, the team members knew that it would just allowed for a dynamic to produce fruitful results for God’s crumble into pieces the moment anyone tried to coax it kingdom. For four days, the team selflessly served the to another location. poorest of poor in Tegucigalpa by way of Medical, Dental, On the other side of a kitchen wall, created from scap Optical, Chiropractic, Evangelism, Children’s Ministry pieces of tin, team members watched as the old rusted and Concrete Floor Ministry. Each station plays a unique stove was rolled out of the way. In it’s place, would be part in contributing to the expansion of God’s Kingdom. the fresh concrete floor taking it’s permanent place in the Supernatural home of this family provision and who owned next to triumph were nothing. The Lord witnessed during provided a way for the last two days the team to replace of Concrete Floor the old stove, which ministry, as the had to be destroyed. team was able to I n it ’s a b s e n ce, bless one family the concrete floor with three concrete in th e k i tc h e n floors and a new was successfully stone oven cooking poured. area. How many of Beginning us see the ease of Thursday, the hanging onto recipients of the something old blessings to come and rusty that welcomed the God is trying to Above: Katia and her family’s new stone oven. (photo inset: before) concrete floor team coax out of our into their home. l ives ? M ayb e i t ’s Comparatively, this was a larger home than most. The no t physical but deeper and possibly more emotional. home had three bedrooms adjacent to a kitchen. The Maybe there is a part of our lives where we just aren’t kitchen had a stove created from an old rusted barrel acting in righteousness in the eyes of our Savior. In and some glowing coals. The supplies were ready, and Chapter 12 of Hebrews, the writer reminds us to “strip off the team was prepared to get to work. Many hands took every weight that slows us down.” For this concrete floor their turn in leveling the room, shoveling gravel, pouring team, the old rusted stove was slowing down the success water and mixing the concrete by hand. The first floor of the kitchen floor and it had to be destroyed. In place of was completed before lunchtime. Things were moving the old rusted stove, came the unexpected blessing of a along quickly. After lunch, a problem presented itself new, stone oven and cooking surface. Is God asking you with the stove in the kitchen. The ladies were cooking all to let go of something that is old, rusty and slowing you morning, so the stove was hot. This barrel of rock solid down in your faith walk? – article by Shelly Medlock

Join us in celebrating 25 years of ministry in Honduras. Close to eight years ago, the young boys to the right (clockwise: Will, Yefry, Obed, Franklin M. and Julio) were living at Centro De Vida (CDV) while waiting for their home to be completed at Rancho Ebenezer. All of them now live on the Ranch in a family setting. They are enrolled at Ebenezer Academy and active particpants in the Vocational Education Program.

forming teams now!


any of you have inquired about coming on a special construction team that would focus on finishing the new mission house facility. We are in the process of forming those teams now. You can see in the photo that the interior space will soon need sheetrock walls and a ceiling. If you are interested, please contact Fred Steinbach at 630-359-5175 or email at If you are a professional electrician or plumber and would be interested in coming to work for the remaining duration of the project, i.e., to see it completed over the next several months, please contact Mike Ferguson at 713344-1449 or email at



WGO on a full-time basis, please t is a joy to be able to share take note of the “Opportunities the vision for children of to Serve” box below. We are WGO with teams that come to already so richly blessed to be Rancho Ebenezer. Many times as we are touring the property, I am able to be a blessing. Consider how you can help us be able to asked what the special needs are continue to bless these kids. and how a person could help. We For international customs have a practical way for people in purposes with physical the States to bless the children in our ministry by sending physical donations, please include an itemized list of contents and and monetary donations. Here are some ways you could help a total “garage sale” value. This van is falling apart! Questions about shipping with some of our current very may be addressed by email specific and special needs: MONETARY DONATIONS: Expenses for a new van to to Rick Goff at See the enclosed drive the children around ($23,000), gravel and delivery donation form for more information concerning the best of materials to repair the Ranch road ($5,000), supplies for way to handle your donation. Also, see below for specific the new food depot ($3,000), home repairs ($1,000), new addresses to which you can send your donations. bulldozer blade ($900), maintenance and repairs for ten Financial donations may be sent to: World Gospel Outreach ministry vehicles ($5,000), 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel for P.O. Box 14348 the diesel storage tank ($2,500), and three new desktop Humble, TX 77347-4348 computers ($2,100). PHYSICAL DONATIONS: Childrens vitamins, school Please send any materials, supplies, or equipment to: World Gospel Outreach supplies, shoes, personal hygiene and cleaning items. (Rancho Ebenezer Donations) Other needs are listed on our website needs data base at c/o Goff Distribution 1801 E. Roosevelt Please pray with us as our greatest need is house Little Rock, AR 72206 parents and teachers. If you are interested in serving with

opportunities to serve Do you feel God calling you to full-time mission work? If so, please contact Rick Habegger, Director of Human Resources and Staffing, to discuss WGO’s opportunities to serve that may match your calling and your skills. Contact Rick at or 919-367-9040. Here is a list of our current job openings: • House Parents for Rancho Ebenezer • Preschool Teacher and Middle/High School History Teacher for Rancho Ebenezer by July 2009 • Bridge House Assistant • House Parent Assistant for Rancho Ebenezer • Concrete Floor Manager for medical/evangelism brigades

the unexpected provisions By. Shelly Medlock


s you are very well skills, as she is a retired aware, God continues Administrative Assistant from to provide for the needs of this Fellowship Bible Church ministry, which includes using in Little Rock, Arkansas. The His people to complete our mother of 4 and grandmother staff. It’s been almost a year of 6, Helen now serves as a now since we’ve welcomed “housemother” figure to the Roy Morton and his two teams staying at the Mission children, Jesus and Jennifer, all House. She helps provide from South Carolina. Just more the warm welcome that one recently, Helen Carter of Little might expect from a hostess Rock, AR, Dave Dauenhauer of of her own home. It’s hard to Peachtree City, GA, and Russ find Helen without a smile Pakulski, from the Chicago on her face and joyful pep in area teamed up with WGO. her step. Praise God with us as we share D a ve D a u e n h a u e r, bits of their stories of how they a member of Christ Our Clockwise: Roy Morton with Jesus and Jennifer, Helen Shepherd Church in Peachtree came to serve with WGO. Roy Morton felt God City, GA, recently worked Carter, Dave Dauenhauer and Russ Pakulski. calling him to serve full time as System Administrator for in Honduras, but he kept making excuses. God got a hold companies including IBM and General Dynamics. Dave of Roy and finally helped him take the first step. “It all fell in has graciously come to serve with WGO for nine months place so fast after I took that initial step,” Roy remembers. in order to do the electrical wiring throughout the new Roy recognized the divine fit when he first became aware Mission House facility. Russ Pakulski has been working of the open position for a Concrete Floor Manager. Roy for the past 32 years on construction everything from continued to take the steps to bring himself and his two residential housing to nuclear power houses. He has been of his children to full time missionary service in Honduras. retired since 2002. He plans to be able to work Stateside as Roy sees the purpose of the Concrete Floor Ministry: “The a resource for Dave. Russ will be in close communication concrete floor will eventually fade away but the love of our with Dave by phone and e-mail about the best options Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will go on forever.” when wiring the new Mission House. These men are a Helen Carter comes to WGO with significant people provision from the Lord!

As we mentioned last month, we are always seeking ways to communicate to you about events in the ministry in an efficient, cost effective way. One way you could help us is to shift to our electronic newsletter service. If you would be interested in receiving the WGO newsletter by email, please inform Fred Steinbach by e-mail: Be sure to include your full name with the e-mail. Also, starting with this April issue, we will be going to a cycle of sending newsletters every other month except at year-end. Thank you in advance for your understanding of these actions and your willingness to help us.

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