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Aqua-Box Keep your important, expensive device out of the water & secure with this lockable, weatherproof Aqua-Box. Holds hand held devices, GPS devices, cell phones, and much more. Includes 2 pads and mounting hardware. Small I.D. (4.625” H x 2.375” W x 1.125” D) #RA607 Medium I.D. (5.75” H x 2.875” W x 1.1875” D) #RA606 Large I.D. (8.25” H x 3.25” W x 2.81” D) #RA605

High Intensity Light 70,000 Candle Light Power High Intensity Light


Drink Cup Holder

Trickle Charger

Handlebar mounted drink cup holder keeps your drink within reach. Includes huggie. *DOES NOT include can

1/2 amp charge rate with T connection in input plug that secures to the battery. Just plug in charger output plug to charge the battery every time you charge it. On and off switch with power indicator light assures safe operation.

Drink Cup Holder


Trickle Charger


Battery Tender Junior The Battery Tender Junior is much more than a trickle charger. It has a brain. It’s lightweight, compact, and fully automatic; very easy to use, especially in small spaces. It will keep your battery fully charged so that it is ready to go when you are! • Perfect for all lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell). • Complete 4-step charging program (Initialization, Bulk Charge, Absorption Mode, Float Mode). • Automatically switches to float / maintenance voltage after fully charging the battery. • If the battery voltage drops too far under load, full charger output power resumes. • Solid state two color LED indicates stage of charger. • Reverse polarity protected. • 12’ output cord. • 5 year warranty Battery Tender Junior



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Thermal Grips Keep your hands warm while plowing snow this winter. These comfortable rubber grips are 5” long with a 7/8” inside diameter and 24” leads. They fit nearly all ATV models. The grips connect to your ATV’s12 volt battery. The kit includes grips, on/off switch and a selection of mounting hardware. Thermal Grips


ATV Grab Light Cycle Country’s Grab Light can be removed from its bracket and used as a hand held light, then replaced in its mounting bracket quickly, with one hand! • The mounting bracket can be clamped to the handlebar or the front or rear rack. • The 37.5 watt, 70,000 Candle power bulb supplies plenty of light for all of your nighttime operations. • The spotlight comes with an accessories power plug for quick installation or you can wire it direct with the included fuse holder. Black Grab Light


Plow Lights Easy plug-in switch. Mounts to all ATV’s. Wide enough not interfere with headlight. Plow Lights


ATV Quick Sweep The Cycle Country Quick Sweep Broom is perfect for maintaining hard surface trails, sidewalks, driveways and sweeping out storage sheds or pole buildings. The patented Manual Lift kit requires low effort while achieving at least 6” of lift. The Quick Sweep handles standing water, light snow, small debris like dirt and gravel and larger items like sticks and leaves. It minimizes dust and flying debris, so it’s safer than a rotary broom for the operator and bystanders. Features a one-piece aircraft grade aluminum body and has no moving parts. The broom has four rows of 7 1/2” polypropylene bristles, which will provide a long lifetime of use and the bristles are replaceable. Broom can be raised, lowered and angled just like the Cycle Country Snow Plows plus it easily attaches to all Cycle Country Push Tubes, using the Broom Attaching Kit #CC0430 ATV Quick Sweep Broom Attaching Kit

#CC0435 #CC0430

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ATV/UTV Body Armor by


WARN’s line of body armor lets you push limits by giving your UTV/ATV the ultimate in protection and style. The WARN a-arm guards and skid plates are made from aircraft grade aluminum for outstanding durability and great looks. The armor features reinforcing beads for the ultimate in strength, recessed hardware to keep nuts and bolts safe and secure, and holes for drainage and servicing your UTV/ATV. Additionally, WARN’s super strong UTV rock sliders will protect your vehicle’s sides from large objects like rocks and stumps. WARN Body Armor lets you take your mind off damaging your vehicle, and lets you focus on riding.







Ask a us for complete application listings on any WARN® Body Armor

WARN® Rock Slider • Protects the sides from large objects such as rocks or stumps • Durable black powder coated wrinkle finish

2 1

WARN® Rock Slider Arctic Cat Prowler ‘06-08

1 2


WARN® Body Armor Components REF 1. 2. 3. 4.

DESCRIPTION A-Arm Kit, Front Chassis Kit Side Chassis, UTV only A-Arm Kit, Rear

WARN® ATV/UTV Bumpers WARN® bumpers are designed for double duty: protect your ATV or UTV and enhance its appearance. Made of laser-cut steel and powder-coated to resist corrision, our bumpers provide extra defense against trail hazards and are contoured to give your rig a bold, customized look. Special cutouts on many ATV models can house WARN® Trail Lights. They’re also fully compatible with WARN® winches, winch mounting systems and plow systems. Ask us for applications.


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WARN® ATV Winches The WARN RT Rugged Terrain series of winches are made for the person who uses their powersports vehicle as a tool to get a job done. From clearing a downed tree on the trail or moving a heavy load on the farm; pulling that prize deer out of the field or getting to a prime hunting spot - the RT series winches are going to help you get the job done right. RT winches are equipped with wire ropes. The WARN XT Extreme Terrain winch series is for the extreme rider who takes the trail less traveled and rides on the edge. With a ton of standard features including lightweight, easy-to-handle synthetic rope and an available wireless control system, the XT winches have the features the most demanding riders want. XT winches are equipped with synthetic rope.

WARN® RT Winches STYLE RT15 RT25 RT30 RT40

FAIRLEAD TYPE Hawse Roller Roller Roller

WARN® XT Winches PULLING CAPACITY 1,500 lbs 2,500 lbs 3,000 lbs 4,000 lbs

REMOTE INCLUDED Mini-Rocker Only Mini-Rocker Only Mini-Rocker & Hand-held Mini-Rocker & Hand-held

PART# WN78000 WN75000 WN76000 WN77000


FAIRLEAD TYPE Roller Roller Roller Roller

PULLING CAPACITY 1,500 lbs 2,500 lbs 3,000 lbs 4,000 lbs

REMOTE INCLUDED Mini-Rocker Only Mini-Rocker Only Mini-Rocker & Wireless Mini-Rocker & Wireless

PART# WN78500 WN75500 WN76500 WN77500

WARN® ATV Plows When your job calls for a reliable, versatile plow system, look no further than WARN® Industries. Engineered as a system for durability and maximum performance, WARN® plows feature integrated design elements that make your work easier. WARN® plows feature high-strength steel blades with reinforced ribs for outstanding durability. You can rotate the plow blade up to 25 degrees using either manual pivot with a five angle position adjustment, or the powerful electric WARN® Power-Pivot that moves the blade at the push of a button without leaving your vehicle’s seat.

Tapered design and aggressively curved profile steer snow or dirt up and away from the surface you’re clearing. Made from 11 gauge steel backed up by extra-heavy ribbing. Heavy duty skid plates made of ¼” gauge steel with zinc finish. 54” Standard Blade Plow base/Tubes

#WN80954* #WN78100

60” Standard Blade


Made from 14 gauge high-strength low alloy steel with 3/16” outer blade ribs to provide superior strength and rigidity. Blade is 16-3/16” high. 50” Standard Blade Plow base/Tubes

#WN78950* #WN78100

54” Standard Blade


60” Standard Blade


*Plow base/tubes are required for all plow blade systems.

1-800-367-9603 • • J&M ATV


Rough Cut 44 This mower has a 44” cutting width and come equipped with a 10 HP Tecumseh Engine. It is adjustable to cut anywhere between 2”-6”. It will cut down up to 1” saplings. It has a single blade with a Centrifugal Clutch to prevent and damage from occurring if you were to go over a tree stump or rocks. It has a four wheel fully floating deck to reduce the risk of bottoming out on the ground. Constructed of a heavy duty 12 gauge steel, you will be able to mow on any terrain and not have to worry about damaging or denting your deck. You have the option of having this mower follow directly behind you, as well as towing offset to either the left or the right with the pull of a pin.

Rough Cut 44 w/ 10 H.P. Tecumseh Engine w/ 10 H.P. Briggs & Stratton Engine

#CC0015 #CC0020

Rough Cut 48 The versatile Rough Cut Mower will handle your toughest mowing jobs including tall weeds, overgrown brush, and even small trees. This mower can be pulled behind your ATV, or anything with a pin hitch. The Rough Cut Mower features an offset hitch that allows you to mow to the left, right or directly behind your ATV. This feature allows you to mow close to fences, under trees or even along water while keeping your ATV on firm ground. The Rough Cut Mower features a single 48” blade driven by a powerful 13 HP I/C series EPA emissions compliant Briggs & Stratton engine or a 13 HP Honda engine. A rear hitch is required on your ATV.

Rough Cut 48 w/ 13 H.P. Briggs & Stratton Engine w/ 13 H.P. Honda Engine

#CC0040 #CC0140

Quick Silver 54 The Quicksilver® 54 is a finish cut mower that can be mounted on the front of your ATV by using our Front Pivot Assembly, or on the rear by using our Pull Behind Kit. It can be purchased with either an 11 HP Briggs & Stratton engine or an 11 HP Honda engine. The three 18 inch blades give you a smooth, clean cut. • Deck material: 12 gauge steel • Cutting Height: 2” to 4” • Cutting Blades: Three 3/16” x 2” x 18” hardened steel • Height Adjustment: Three crank handles • Spindles: Three cast aluminum adjust quickly and easily • Clutch: Centrifugal • Grass Discharge: Rear • Belt: 4L 100” • Wheels: Four 4.10x3-1/2 tubeless tires with • Starter: Electric bushings. Grease zerks on wheel swivels • Controls: Single lever choke, speed and off control • Weight: 406 lbs

Quick Silver 54 w/ 11 H.P. Briggs & Stratton Engine w/ 11 H.P. Honda Engine


#CC0025 #CC0125

1-800-367-9603 • • J&M ATV

ATV/UTV Rod Locker™

ATV Spreader

Carries up to four rods/reels effortlessly behind you. Installs on any ATV rack or UTV siderail. Friction fit high density foam secures the rods without the use of cumbersome buckles. Effective for longer one-piece rods. Unique “J” style frame keeps the rods at a perfect angle for safe and secure transport. Velcro keeper protects your rod tips.

This handy 100 lb. (45 kg) capacity hopper mounts to either the front or the rear rack of your ATV. It is perfect for spreading fertilizer, seed, sand or salt. Both the spread pattern and flow rate are adjustable. Because the main components are made from polypropylene and stainless steel, you will enjoy many years of reliable service. • Motor - 1/4 H.P. 12 Volt DC Electric Motor • Spreading Width - 9’ to 28’ • Adjustable feed gate • Controls mount to rack for easy use • Universal front or rear rack mount





Quick Hitch™ Quickly allows any “pin-style” garden trailer to accept a ball hitch. Pivoting lock plate for easy on and off. Makes backing up a trailer much easier. Even locks on with a padlock. Quick Hitch™ is constructed of heavy duty 3/16” steel plate with an attractive Teflon® black finish. Clevis can be stored or removed. Patent pending. Black


Pull Behind Kit The Pull Behind Kit allows you to pull the Quicksilver Mower behind your ATV. The quick pin hitch is designed to offset the Quicksilver mower to the right, left, or directly behind. Black


Front Pivot Assembly (Required to mount the Quicksilver 54 to the Front of your ATV.) The Front Pivot Assembly attaches to the mower and to mounting hardware designed specifically for each ATV model. The Quicksilver 54 electric start and throttle are relocated to the ATV’s rack for operator convenience.Front mounting gives you precise control and also prevents grass compacting since the grass is mowed in front of the ATV tires. The hinge is designed to pivot vertically and horizontally. Black


1-800-367-9603 • • J&M ATV


Quad Receiver Hitch

Quad Hitch & Quad Receiver Hitch • • • • •

This rugged hitch provides 4 attachment points for exceptional versatility Innovative design locks hitch in place preventing movement Quickly and easily mounts to any ATV equipped with a factory hitch Use a ball hitch, clevis pin or chain hooks without changing hitches Two tow loops provide the perfect anchor point for pulling with a tow strap or winch cable • Includes 3/4” (19.075mm) hardened mounting bolt with nylon locking nut Quad Receiver Hitch Quad Hitch

Quad Hitch The reversible drop hitch bar is secured by a 5/8” hitch pin with a cotter key

#GS97120 #GS97100

Certain models may require mounting below the tongue

2” Swingarm Receiver Hitch Fits primarily 2002 and newer models

2” Swingarm Receiver Hitch Honda Foreman (Twin Shocks) Honda Rancher (Single Shocks) Kawasaki (Prairie / Bayou) Suzuki (Eiger / Vinson) (Shown)

ATV 2” IRS Receiver Hitch

UTV 2” Receiver Hitch

Fits independent rear suspension ATV’s

UTV 2” Receiver Hitch

ATV 2” IRS Receiver Hitch

Ranger (Front) Universal (Rear) John Deere HPX (Rear)

Universal (Pictured) Can-Am

#GS85100 #GS85110

Receiver Hitch • Utilizes standard 2” hitch box • Multiple uses • Includes everthing in picutre *Ball not included Receiver Hitch

#GS85700 #GS90100 #GS90150

#GS90200 #GS90250

Winch Around Carrier This is an all new winch around mount for a 2” hitch box. Mounts any of the WARN® RT/XT25 & RT/XT30 ATV winch. Will not mount the WARN® RT40 winch. Only fits a 2” hitch box.

#MR3004R Winch Around Carrier


Kubota RTV (Rear) Kawasaki Mule (Rear)

#GS85150 #GS85155 #GS85165 #GS85180


1-800-367-9603 • • J&M ATV

Standard Sprayer Standard Sprayer Features: 1GPM / 45 PSI pump, Economy hand wand 4 rubber feet, sump with strainer, switched harness, fused battery connector. MSDS caution label.

Standard Sprayer 15 Gallons (Pictured) 25 Gallons

#CC1060 #CC1070

Premium Sprayer Farmers, ranchers and commercial applicators will appreciate the features of these boom compatible premium sprayers. Features: Shurflo 2.1 GPM/100 PSI pump, boom campatible, recirculation valve, nylon tie-down straps, “trigger jet” handwand, sump with strainer, switched harness, fused battery connector and MSDS caution label.

Premium Sprayer 15 Gallons (Pictured) 25 Gallons 45 Gallons

#CC1065 #CC1075 #CC1080

Standard Boom 43”

Folding Boom 96”

Boomless Spray Boom

• Precision 120” swath • 3 spray nozzles • Check ball valves for drip free usage

• Precision 120” swath • 4 spray nozzles • Check ball valves for drip free usage

• 24’ swath • Center nozzle • Check ball valves for drip free usage

Standard Boom 43”

Folding Boom 96”

Boomless Spray Boom

96” Boom


96” Boom


Boomless Spray Boom


Poly Cart • 10 cubic ft. payload and 700lb. capacity • Dump option • 16” tires

• Tongue folds under to convert to a yard cart • “Pin-style” hitch • Can be used with Quick Hitch™ #CC0620

Poly Cart Poly Cart


1-800-367-9603 • • J&M ATV


Kolpin Gun Boot®

We carry many more gun racks & Gun Boot® mounting systems. Ask for details.

Since 1973, the most widely traveled and universally used hard case in the world has been the Kolpin® Gun Boot®. On the inside, either the Impact liner or zippered soft case (transport models) provides shock absorbing protection for your valuable firearm and optics. On the outside, tough and durable polyethylene shell protects from anything you or Mother Nature can dish out. Bulletproof? No, but almost.

6.0 Transport

• Accommodate left or right handed bolt action rifles or shotguns • Room for 50mm scopes or rifles with slings attached

Kolpin® Gun Boot® 6.0 Transport™ 5.0 Transport™ Gun Boot™ IV

#GS20020 #GS20090 #GS20051

Gun Boot® IV 5.0 Transport

One Piece Bracket • Mounts to either side of ATV • Wire pin locks Gun Boot® in • Eliminates wobbling & bouncing One Piece Bracket #GS20029

Double Gun Boot® Mount • Mounts to any UTV rear mesh or center roll bar tubing • Securely mounts two Gun Boots® • Heavy duty construction offers quick release of Gun Boot® Case

Rack Bracket • Universal fit design fits nearly all ATV racks Rack Bracket

Double Gun Boot® Mount



UTV Gun Rack Boottector™ Bracket • • • • •

Fits the Gun Boot IV case Mounts to nearly all ATV Racks No tools required to adjust Provides more room on the ATV rack Lightweight and extremely durable




• Safely and securely mounts any shotgun or rifle • Rubber strap keeps forearm of firearm secure to eliminate vibration and movement • Universal fit on all UTVs without center hump • Use riser plate, PART# GS20074, to mount to UTV with center hump UTV Gun Rack


Part# GS20074 Not included, use this to mount #GS20073 to UTVs with center hump

1-800-367-9603 • • J&M ATV

Gun & Bow mount frames fit all ATV racks including most composites

ATV Gun Rack/Tool Carrier The sturdy metal brackets are powder coated for long-term durability. The Gun/Tool Rack features soft-cushioned rubber fin grips that hold your equipment securely while at the same time providing maximum protection against scratches or damage. The Gun/Tool rack can be mounted to the handlebars or to either the front or rear ATV rack. The unique design of the mounting system allows it to fit nearly any ATV. Additionally, the height of the Gun Rack itself can be adjusted to suit the needs of each individual rider. Black


Regardless of the size of your case, the strap and buckle system provides enough length to secure it! Gun Locker™ adjust to custom fit 99% of all “off the shelf” hard cases.

Gear Grips® • • • • • •

Keeps a gun, bow or other gear securely in place and within reach Easy, one hand operation Patent Pending ratchet design Push button release for quick removal Rubberized, textured grips Universal fit

Gear Grips® (2 included)

“High Bar” Gun Locker™




Gear Grips® II • Unique patent pending design features Rhino Teeth™ for superior friction and cushioning support • Strong, flexible static grips with rubber straps provide secure fit • Rotating design easily accommodates objects of varying widths and geometry • Compatible with Kolpin’s Gearlock and Load™ System • Universal fit • Easy installation • Includes mounting hardware Gear Grips® II (2 included)

“High Bar” Bow Locker™ Bow can be secured in full view directly in front of you to ensure safety. Rubber coated holders are rotated to fit limb angles. Black



1-800-367-9603 • • J&M ATV


Hook-A-Lift™ Front End Loader Hook-A-Lift™ operates off of the power winch, lifting anything from game to gear. The unique hook-on design attaches to any rack plus removes in seconds by simply lifting off. Effective around the farm and ranch for hauling fencing and feed, as well as for hauling rocks and timbers on landscaping projects. Forward lift design keeps front rack open for additional gear. Weighs 30 lbs., lifting capacity 300 lbs. Painted black in an attractive Teflon® powdercoated finish. Optional Dock Out™ shoes available for lifting and moving portable roll-in docks. Requires a winch. Black


ATV Rear Seat Box

Gun & Bow Holder

This rear seat box is the perfect combination of comfort, style and convenience. The extra large, innovative design provides storage for all your gear, and is the only seat box that can store up to 2 helmets! • Comfortable and stylish, rear seat box fits on most ATV’s • Thick foam seat back & seat cushion offer the ultimate in comfort and conveniently remove for cleaning • Ergonomical design includes molded hand holds and padded arm rests for a comfortable ride • Keyed lock side pods provide extra security and feature a roomy interior to fit gear or helmets • Weather and dust resistant construction keeps your gear protected from the elements • Universal fit on most tubular ATV racks • Mounting hardware included • 24”L (front to back) x 39”W x 12”H • Molded in hollow section in the back to fit over rear rack extension

• Adjustable height • Ozone Resistant Securing Straps • Quick Mounting System




1-800-367-9603 • • J&M ATV



Back Rest Helps to prevent back fatigue while spending long hours riding. Folds flat for safe trail riding. Black powder coated steel frame. Black


Matrix Deluxe Contoured Cargo Bag • Center removable cooler features matrix grid interior to securely hold drinks • New design features a thick, padded backrest • Includes two removable gear bags with gusseted wet/dry compartments and water bottle pockets • Water and dirt repellent Hydro Shield™ exterior DIMENSIONS • Rhino Armor™ reinforcement in critical wear areas for extra durability Overall: 32” x 22” x 11” • Web reinforced buckle attachments secure to any ATV rack • Side pocket zippers feature protective mud flaps for easy cleanup

Kolpin® Matrix Coutoured Bag Black Mossy Oak® Breakup™

#GS91122 #GS91121

Matrix grid securely holds drinks

Also available in Mossy Oak® Breakup™

Matrix Deluxe Seat Bag

DIMENSIONS Overall: 32” x 22” x 11”

• Center removable cooler features matrix grid interior to hold drinks • Design features a built-in padded resting seat for added comfort • Includes two removable gear bags with gusseted wet/dry compartments and water bottle pockets • Water and dirt repellent Hydro Shield™ exterior • Rhino Armor™ reinforcement in critical wear areas for extra durability • Web reinforced buckle attachments secure to any ATV rack • Side pocket zippers feature protective mud flaps for easy clean up

Kolpin® Matrix Seat Bag Black Mossy Oak® Breakup™

#GS91155 #GS91150

Also available in Mossy Oak® Breakup™

Rear Cargo Bag • Large capacity cargo bag features main storage compartment measuring 32” x 15” x 12” and 2 small compartments measuring 9” x 6” x 10” • Heavy Duty water and dirt repellent Hydro Shield™ exterior • Rhino Armor™ reinforced corners for extra durability • Durable Diamond Tread interior lining • Web reinforced buckle attachments secure to any ATV rack • Mud Guard® zippers and zipper mud flaps prevent debris from entering bag • Kolpin® molded zipper pulls

Kolpin® Rear Cargo Bag Black Mossy Oak® Breakup™

#GS92125 #GS92120

Also available in Mossy Oak® Breakup™

1-800-367-9603 • • J&M ATV

Pockets within pocket system to transport all your items

Cooler pocket keeps your refreshments cool


Front Rear Cargo Bag • • • • •

Heavy duty water and dirt repellent Hydro Shield™ exterior Rhino Armor™ reinforced corners for extra durability Durable Diamond Tread interior lining Web reinforced buckle attachments secure to any ATV rack Mud Guard® zippers and zipper mud flaps prevent debris from entering bag

Kolpin® Front Rear Cargo Bag Black Mossy Oak® Breakup™

#GS92165 #GS92160

Rear - Mossy Oak® Breakup™

DIMENSIONS Overall: 13” x 28” x 8”

Pockets within pocket system to transport all your items

Front Rear Bag • • • • • •

Heavy duty water and dirt repellent HydroShield™ exterior Rhino Armor™ reinforcement for extra durability Durable Diamond Tread interior lining Collapsible design allows luggage to lay flat or keep standing position Web reinforced buckle attachments secure to any ATV rack Mud Guard™ zippers prevent debris from entering bag

Kolpin® Front Rear Cargo Bag

Front - Black

DIMENSIONS Overall: 13” x 28” x 8”

Black Mossy Oak® Breakup™

#GS92135 #GS92130

High Lifter Products We carry a variety of High Lifter ATV products. • Lift Kits • Lift Springs • Wheel Spacers • Disc Brake Kits • Detroit Gearless Locker


1-800-367-9603 • • J&M ATV

Wes Classic This large storage box can easily store two helmets and a gas can (included), or a cooler for your meals. The ergonomic design and profile ensure a great riding comfort. This unit is equipped with an integrated wind protector for your hands and rear brake light well placed on the box cover for maximum visibility. Physical Dimensions: 42” x 27” x 17” Black

#TS3000 Helmet Not Included

DIMENSIONS Overall: 42” x 27” x 17”

Wes Comfort This box has the most storage capacity on the market. It can be adabted to all types of ATV’s. It is equipped with an integrated wind protector for the hands and a rear brake light specifically placed on the box cover for maximum visibility. The plastic gas can is included. Physical Dimensions: 42’’ x 32’’ x 18’’ Black


DIMENSIONS Overall: 42’’ x 32’’ x 18’’

Wes AR-36 The AR-36 was built with easy storage in mind. Padded arm rest and an extra high back rest for better support on long trips. Lateral reflectors. This seat can be adapted to all ATV models with a baggage carrier rack. Physical Dimensions: 36” x 20” x 17” Black


DIMENSIONS Overall: 36” x 20” x 17”

Big Wes This box offers the most storage capacity. It can be adapted to all types of ATV with a baggage carrier rack. It is equipped with an extra large 21’’ (54cm) seat. This model is truly appreciated for it great seating comfort. Physical Dimensions: 40” x 26” x 19” Black


DIMENSIONS Overall: 40” x 26” x 19” 1-800-367-9603 • • J&M ATV


Wes Front Box

Optional windshield not included

The AV Classic is made to store one chainsaw or two helmets.It will fit most ATV models. It is equipped with lateral deflectors. This unit is installed at the front of the ATV. Physical Dimensions: 36” x 17” x 14” Black Windshield Only

#TS5000 #TS5W

DIMENSIONS Overall: 36” x 17” x 14”

Wes Contour The Contour offers a large 31’’ (79cm) seat. It is equipped with detachable cushions and a grab strap. Lateral reflectors and padded arm rest for greater comfort. Physical Dimensions: 37” x 17” x 14” Black

DIMENSIONS Overall: 37” x 17” x 14”


Wes Cargo New rear storage box with two cans holders on each side. The storage capacity can be two helmets, or 3 (5 gallons) gas cans or one chain saw and more. Physical Dimensions: 15’’ x 39’’ x 23’’ Black


ATV Hardside Luggage

Large Front/Rear Cargo Box

32” L x 13¾” W x 12” H

• • • • • •

Great storage for supplies and equipment Hard-sided ATV luggage cases made of durable polypropylene Heavy duty “Cam-Lock” latches recessed to prevent snags Weathertight gasket seals out mud, dust, and debris Rhino Rib™ reinforcement on body provides extra durability Both cases accept standard locks for lockability

Kolpin® ATV Hardside Luggage


Contoured Cargo Box

Front/Rear Cargo Box

36½” L x 17½” W x 13” H

32½” L x 15” W x 8½” H

Large Front/Rear Cargo Box Contoured Cargo Box Front/Rear Cargo Box

1-800-367-9603 • • J&M ATV

#GS93150 #GS93200 #GS93100

Heated Seat Cover

Gel-Tech™ Seat Cover

Make cold weather rides more enjoyable and comfortable with our heated seat cover. Year round comfort is the name of the game with cushioned foam design and on/off switch. Engineered with a removable automotive style heating element (7” x 18”) and integrated in-line fuse for overheat protection. Hooks up directly to your ATV battery or ATV power outlet. Black - Heated Seat Cover

• Gel padding and ergonomic design provides maximum cushioning and temperature control for exceptional riding comfort • Ultra-Grip material prevents seat slippage • Easy to install with nylon web straps • Universal fit Black Mossy Oak® Breakup

Also available in Mossy Oak® Breakup™

#GS91855 #GS91865


ATV Tank Bag • Waterproof pouches keep necessities dry and within reachgreat for maps & more • Water & dirt repellent Hydro Shield™ exterior • Rhino Armor™ reinforcement • Large water bottle/drink holder • Mud Guard® zippers Black Mossy Oak® Breakup

ATV Fender Bag • • • •

Large water bottle/drink holder Water and dirt repellent Hydro Shield™ exterior Rhino Armor™ reinforcement for extra durability Mud Guard® zippers prevent debris from entering bag

Black Mossy Oak® Breakup

#GS92155 #GS92150

#GS92145 #GS92140

Fuel Pack & Fuel Pack Jr. • High density cross-link polyethylene makes this a tough container • Fits flat on ATV rack or mounts on with 2 ATV Water/Fuel Pack Brackets for the Fuel Pack and 1 ATV Water/Fuel Pack Brackets for the Fuel Pack Jr. • Sturdy construction allows additional gear to be stacked on top of pack • Fuel Packs may be stacked for added storage capacity Fuel Pack, 34.25” W x 2.25” D x 13.25” H - Holds 3¼ gallons of fuel Fuel Pack Jr., 12” W x 3.5” D x 13” H - Holds 1¼ gallons of fuel

#GS89135 #GS89175

Pack Bracket

Pack Bracket

• Pack bracket is constructed of tough plastic for superior strength and durability • Versatile mounting system allows brackets to be attached to any box or drillable surface • 1 bracket per pack

• Sturdy steel and poly weather-resistant construction • Features Kolpin’s universal mount pattern for easy installation • Mounts directly on front or back ATV rack

Pack Bracket

Pack Bracket



1-800-367-9603 • • J&M ATV


Poly Drop Rack • • • • • • • •

Made from 1/4” thick polyethylene No rattles, no rust Lightweight Overall Drop Rack dimensions are - 41” W x 29” L x 111/2” D Drop Section dimensions are - 41” W x 14” L x 111/2” D Holds three 5 gallon buckets All mounting hardware included Optional fabric cover



Mesh Racks These are perfect for the rider who works hard and plays hard. • Mounts quickly & easily over the OEM racks • Constructed of 3/4” square tubing, covered by 16-gauge 1/2” metal mesh • Racks are designed to fit all ATV racks including steel tubular and composite • All mounting hardware included

Versa Racks Made in USA Black, powder coated finish Mounts on top of the OEM rack Fits same applications as Universal Racks • All hardware and mounting is 6” included


Mini Basket 8” Total Height 2” Drop 7” Width


Versa Racks Main Frame Rear Basket Mini Basket Shallow Basket Deep Basket



Main Frame



#CC0210 #CC0205

Rear Basket 6” Height 7” Width

• • • •

• Fits in the bottom of the drop rack to help keep your gear clean and prevent scratches • Prevents gear from sliding • Made of Heavy Duty 1/4” rubber Black

Mesh Racks Front - Black Rear - Black

Drop Rack Liner

1-800-367-9603 • • J&M ATV

Shallow Basket 10” Total Height 4” Drop 14” Width

Deep Basket 13” Total Height 7” Drop 14” Width

Air Filters, Jet Kits, Oil Filters, & Brakes Looking for some regular maintenance items? Wanting to upgrade to some performance parts? We stock em’. We have applications for K&N Air and Oil Filters, Uni Air Filters, Dynojet jet kits, Vesrah brakes, and more. Be sure and replace your regular maintenance items on the required intervals for maximum engine performance.

Electronic Hand Guard Goggles These goggles look and fit great. The strap is adjustable and extra wide. There are replacement lenses available.

Children Goggles

Adult Goggles

Lens Only Black Blue Green Purple Red White Yellow

Lens Only Black Blue Green Purple Red White Yellow

#GG49575 #GG49582 #GG49583 #GG49586 #GG49580 #GG49584 #GG49581 #GG49585

#GG49570 #GG49552 #GG49553 #GG49556 #GG49550 #GG49554 #GG49551 #GG49555

• Electronic lighted compass with clock and temperature read out (C° or F°) • Constructed of durable molded polyurethane and reinforcement for added protection • Features round 3” (76.2mm) fisheye rear view mirror for wide angle views • Includes two hand guards with mounting hardware Black


Hand Guard with Mirror

Geartector Mitts • • • • •

Extra large, reinforced opening for easy access Plush fleece lining to keep your hands warm Simple locking draw cord to securely seal to handlebars Durable Rhino plate front panel for abrasion resistance Roomy interior allows complete access to all controls

Geartector Mitts Black Mossy Oak® Breakup™

#GS92185 #GS92180

Anti-Monkey Butt Powder

• Includes two hand guards • Features round, 3” (76.2mm) fisheye rear view mirror • Constructed of durable molded polyurethane with Rhino Rib® reinforcement for added protection • Universal fit design mounts directly to most ATV handlebars • Mounting hardware included

Anti Monkey Butt Powder is specially formulated to absorb excess sweat and reduce frictional skin irritation. Ideal for butt busting activities such as truck driving, motorcycling, bicycling, horse back riding, and extreme sports. May also be applied inside footwear, under sports pads, and other areas prone to chafing. Indoors or outdoors, work or play, or on occasions when you sit on your butt all day, don’t let your buns get red, use AntiMonkey Butt Powder instead!


Anti-Monkey Butt Powder


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Utility and Sport Series® Ideal for competitive racing but can also be modified to ride national forest and public land with the use of the exclusive two-piece billet end cap that allows for on-the-fly insertion of a HMF quiet core and USFS approved spark arrester.

Dobeck TFI for EFI ATVs The World’s First Electronically Fuel-Injected ATVs can boast improved drivability and power with the Techlusion / Dobeck Performance TFI. The TFI features simple plug and play installation and quick and easy adjustment. No need for computers and complex maps - just a screwdriver. Uses carburetor tuning logic for easy to understand fuel adjustments.

Swamp Series The first HMF Performance series designed to go “fender deep.” This watertight design utilizes a 5” stainless steel canister for more sound absorbing volume and ultimate durability. Built for extreme conditions but suitable for all public riding areas. All Swamp Series pipes are slip on systems unless noted. Only available as stainless steel.

Ask us for complete application listings on any HMF Series Pipe.

Maier Fenders Maier uses a proprietary thermoplastic olefinic elastomer (TPO), specifically designed for our applications. This high-impact polypropylene alloy delivers a high-gloss finish with tremendous strength characteristics designed to endure extreme weather and temperature conditions. Maier plastics are UV-stablized, resistent to chemicals and avaliable in a wide array of colors. As part of the Maier Green initiative, they recycle all scrap materials; no plastic is dumped or sent to land-fill.

Ask us for complete application listings on Maier Fenders. 20

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Afterburn Afterburn is a new high performance radial ATV tire that delivers uncompromised traction in both mixed and hard packed terrains. With its unique and aggressive tread design, Afterburn promotes superior straight line and high speed cornering capabilities, and its radial carcass construction also provides an optimum smooth ride. Available in 20, 21, 22, 25, & 26.

Grim Reaper Grim Reaper combines an aggressive tread pattern with deep wrap-around shoulder lugs to give you uncompromising performance and traction. This new 8-ply rated all-terrain radial is constructed with a zig-zag center ridgeline, for superior puncture resistance and enhanced rider comfort. GBC Motorsports carries a wide line of performance ATV tires for all types of terrains and riders. Available in 25, 26, & 27.

Dirt Commander GBC Motorsports Performance ATV tires are built to get you over tough terrains to your destination. Dirt Commander, GBC’s new all terrain tire, is a super tough 8-ply rated bias tire that gives you excellent puncture resistance. Its siped tread design also gives additional biting edges for better traction in all terrains. Available in 25, 26, & 27

Spartacus Spartacus is a new performance ATV tire specifically designed to conquer mud and other tough terrains. You can be confident because Spartacus’ aggressive tread design delivers superior traction while the radial 8-ply rated carcass construction puts more rubber on the ground for a larger footprint and a smoother, more comfortable ride. Available in 25, 26, & 27

Dirt Devil II The DIRT DEVIL II adds an intense edge to GBC’s best selling ATV tire the DIRT DEVIL. The DIRT DEVIL II builds on the DIRT DEVIL’s great features. Traction Spikes were added in-between the tread lugs, giving the tire better traction in loose dirt or sandy terrain. The tire compound was reformulated and infused with more natural rubber for better grip and durability, and we’ve changed the design of the 6-ply carcass to have great puncture resistance while enhancing a smooth ride. Available in 22, 23, 24, & 25. Also available in X/T version (larger lugs) in 26, 27, & 28 Dirt Devil II X/T Shown

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Mud Gear The Mud Gear tires is designed with massive chevron directional tread with overlapping tread to roll smoothly over hard pack surfaces or uneven terrain. Wide gap between knobs promotes self cleaning action and prevents build up of soil, mud, and dirt. With its beefy 6-ply carcass, this tire is built strong to last longer. Available in 23, 24, 25, 26, & 27

Lug Gear The Lug Gear is designed with the most aggressive tread for the toughest terrain. Monster 9” long foot print is built to tackle the toughest terrain. Deep tread pocket digs out dirt. Available in 26 & 27

Gator The GBC GATOR, our premier bias ply mud tire, chews through any terrain set before it. The 6-ply rated heavy-duty carcass will not let you down when you’re in the mud & muck. The GATOR’s tread lugs overlap the centerline to make a smooth ride. The deep angled tread lugs also push mud away from the tire for greater gripping power. Sizes are also available for smaller ATV’s. Available in 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, & 28

Dirt Tamer The popular DIRT TAMER is a proven favorite for all utility riders. The bold non-directional tread design has excellent traction in all types of terrain and conditions. This heavy-duty 6-ply rated tire offers serious puncture resistance and its tread lugs run deep into the sidewall for added protection. The DIRT TAMER is heavy on performance, and also light on your wallet. Available in 25, 26, & 27

X-Rex The X-REX, GBC’s newest sport ATV tire, features an aggressive X-knob tread pattern. This provides excellent traction for a cross-country terrain tire. The X-REX is built on a tough 6-ply rated carcass, providing maximum puncture resistance and perfect for endurance and cross-country racing. The X-REX is available in both front and rear tread designs. Front is available in 21, 22, & 23. Rear is available in 20 & 22.


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Buck Shot Machined w/ black accents & a clear coat finish. Includes lug nuts & center cap. Available in 12, 14, & 15.

Machined w/ light gray accents & a clear coat finish. Includes lug nuts & center cap. Available in 12 & 14.

Outback Camo Machined w/ light gray accents & a clear coat finish. Includes lug nuts & center cap. Available in 12 & 14.

Bruiser Machined w/ light gray accents & a clear coat finish. Includes lug nuts & center cap. Available in 12 & 14. Also available in black

Spun Aluminum Made from 6061 T6 Aluminum, these spun wheels are superior in quality and strength. These wheels are .160 & .190 in thickness. Available in 8 & 10.

Tire Repair Kit Basic Tire Repair Kit Deluxe Kit includes: a selection of tire plugs, tube patches, glue plus a tire reamer and plug installation tool, Ultraflate Plus instant CO2 inflator, three 16g non-threaded CO2 cartridges, and a nylon bag Tire Repair Kit - Deluxe


This kit uses Genuine Innovations’ Twist-to-Inflate Technology™ - twist the cartridge to open and close the valve, and to control the flow of CO2. Kit includes: a selection of tire plugs, tube patches, glue plus a tire reamer and plug installation tool, controllable CO2 powered inflator, three 16g threaded CO2 cartridges, and a nylon bag Tire Repair Kit - Deluxe


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Yamaha Rhino Accessories The Yamaha Rhino has been a very popular side x side since its arrival in the industry since 2004. We carry several products and accessories.


ed Accessories Pictur


1. WARN® Bumper nch 2. WARN® XT40 Wi -06 models s & Mud Shields ‘04 bri De or Arm 3 Trail models ‘07 ds Mud Shiel Trail Armor Debris & 4. Maier Roof, Black r Guards 5. Front Inner Fende 6. CoolFlo Windshield Front Carbon Fiber 7. Maier Fenders ir Rear Carbon Fiber, pa rs de Maier Fen set of 4 ck, Bla ed tur Tex Maier Fender Flares

7 1 5




Saddle Boxes

Light Bar (Does not include lights) - #R1420


Half Folding Windshield - #R1

Rear Speaker Bar - #R1427 Comes with 60 watt speakers

Sunshade Ro

Overhead Stereo Mount - #R1407 Comes with 60 watt spe akers & antenna

#WN77084 #WN77500 #EK103T #EK111T #M19021B #R1423 #R180 #M19030CF #M19016CF #M49225TB

of - #R1403

Underdash Stereo Mount - #R1426 Comes with 60 watt speakers & antenna

Center Console w/ GPS Holder Under Seat Dry Storage Black w/ pull out tray



Fits perfectly under the driver’s seat. Helps keep your items in safe place.



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Installs easily within 5 minutes without modifying a thing.

Seizmik Acce Accessor ies Pictu ssories red 1. Chrom eE


xo-Cage Hood Rack Also ava 2. Chrom ilable in black #R040 e Exo-Ca ge Bump Also avail #R039 er a b le in black 3. Door S #R014 yst 4. Hybrid em ‘04-07 mode #R013 ls Roof Syst em 5. Advan #R162 ced Soft To p 6. Vente #R161 d Windsh (Requires roof sy ield & Sk stem) #R 7. Mirrors irt 160 , Black Also avail (pair) #R128 able in si lver #R133 #R132



6 7

1 2



Standard H oo Also Availa d Rack - #R105 ble in Chrom e - #R105C Soft Dump Bed Cover - #R108

Pack - #R036 Overhead Console d Roof System bri Hy ik izm Se s Require

Bed Rails Black, pair - 1” daimeter


Rear Bumper w/ Tail Light Guards Black


Hard Bed Cover Black


Steel Locking Center Console Center Console - Black E-top - Black Console & E-top - Black

#R117 #R118 #R119 E-Top Includes 2 12V accessory outlets, battery charger, & room for a marine grade radio

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Universal UTV Accessories

Universal Mounting Bracket

The accessories listed on this page will fit most UTVs.

This is a plastic rollbar bracket that can be useful to mount many different items, such as lights, mirrors, cup holders, etc. These come 2 two a package and include a shim that makes it able to mount on a 1.5” O.D. or a 1.75” O.D.

UTV 12V Heater • 12V heater with 3 position switch for heat, fan, and off • Includes a fan speed control knob • Easy to install and complete with installation instructions • Positive cable is fused Black




UTV Quick Connect Windshield Clamp UTV Mirrors • Fits side of roll cage • Designed to fit most crossbars • Side mirrors include left and right mirrors Silver (Side View) Black (Side View) Silver (Rear View)

#R132 #R133 #R131

This clamp will replace with most windshield, including Polaris OE clamps/straps & Yamaha OE clamps/straps. Will not fit Arctic Cat Prowler, only fits tubular roll bars. Allows removal of windshield without tools - Comes in handy when trailering UTVs, since most windshields cannot be trailered over 50 mph Black


UTV Gun/Tool Rack

Gear Transport System • Fits vertical, horizontal, and angled rollbars from 1¼” to 2” in diameter • Works with Kolpin® Gun Boot® 5.0, Boottector®, and more Black

This versatile product mounts easily behind the seats of virtually any compact utility vehicles. It features double soft rubber fin grips, which can carry shovels, guns, bows, fishing poles and much more. It also includes two hooks for hanging additional gear along with a cargo light. Black



UTV Basket • Attaches easily to rear mesh or center roll bar tubing on your UTV • Safely holds up to 35 lbs. and ideal for storing small items such as hats, gloves, tools, etc. • Assembled dimensions 7” x 7” x 36” Black



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Universal LED Map Light • Fits vertical, horizontal, and angled rollbars from 1½” to 113/16” in diameter • No wiring, up to 72 hours on (3) “AAA” batteries

• Includes three U clamps to fit nearly all UTV roll cages. • Can be snapped in and out of bracket • Features 37.5 watt, 70,000 cadlepower light • Comes with power plug



UTV Safari Rack Light Bar • • • •

UTV Grab Light

Features three 5” off-road lights Includes wiring harness and switch Tubular frame protects lights Easily bolts to pre-drilled holes on Safari Rack


UTV Water Bottle • 20 oz. bottle • Fits side bar of roll cage • Mount by screws or clamp - not included Clear





12” W x89” L Bi-Folding Ramps

UTV Safari Rack The Safari Rack gives your Rhino that great Off-Road “Adventurer” look but also has real world functions. Store your gear in the rack and save bed space. It is made of steel and mounts securely to your Rhino, with no rattling! The Safari Rack Light Bar will be available soon. Black


Load heavy 4-wheeled machinery with average to low clearance into small to mid-size, short bed trucks. The compact design facilitates superior ease of storage and transport. Comes with 2 adjustable 3’ steel safety cables w/ s-hooks secure ramp in place when loading and unloading. Constructed of .073 gauge aluminum, it won’t rust. • 8 Rubber Tipped Fingers • Custom engineered hinge system, and 2.5” arch prevents equipment bottoming • 12” Wide x 89” Long, folds to a depth of 5” and a length of 44½” • Weighs 42 lbs. • 1000 lb. capacity • Includes 2 ramps 12” W x 89” L Ramp

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27 • Phone: (800) 367-9603

J&M Accessory Catalog  

J&M ATV is a wholesale supplier of ATV parts & accessories. This is a small catalog with our most popular accessories.

J&M Accessory Catalog  

J&M ATV is a wholesale supplier of ATV parts & accessories. This is a small catalog with our most popular accessories.