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Introduction of JMarie Magazine Interlude “The mission of my first issue is to reach out to people who feel hopeless and encourage those who have a dream and support those who are perusing their dreams....Diamonds can glow in the the beauty of any situation. I have been thru just about everything, from homeless, poor, scared, betrayed, hurt to owning, living, loving growing and establishing. I am the example of a diamond shining thru dark nights. My greatest blessings in life are my two beautiful daughters Chaniya and Zareya. I love them so dearly. JMarie Magazine Is dedicated to my children.

All of the days of our lives are not of darkness the sun has to eventually shine. The readers and features of this magazine are all stars. We have to believe enough in ourselves work hard and sacrifice time and dedication for greatness. Rather you want to be in corporate or the industry you must first dream to make it reality. You have to understand that everything worth having doesn’t come easy. Anything worth having is worth fighting for, No one human is perfect we sometimes tend to tear down instead of building each other. I want you all to know that I am not perfect nor close to it, in my time of growing in life you may see or hear things that may or may not be true about me. But who does not experience that in life rather rich or poor, famous or infamous. The one

thing I do want to share is that any way possible that I can help you become a stronger person you may always email me. I may not answer them all, all the time but any resources I can provide you with I am willing to try. God says love all. There are people I don’t agree with or may not like but I wish pain on no one. My friend Jarell Johnson (RIP) taught me that everyone will disappoint and hurt you, you just have to deal find the one’s worth suffering for. Forgiveness is a strong person’s primary strength. You can’t go through life angry and holding hatred feelings towards people. Forgive and give it to the God you serve. The strongest cures and medications in life are no cures, no chemicals, no doctor can call an order it for you, and you cannot buy it nor go and find it. Its love, forgiveness and laughter. These strongest emotions we sometimes find hard to express. JMarie Magazine content, deliverance and outline is like no other magazine. It’s a magazine to honor the indie entertainers and appreciate mainstream and legendary leaders for opening doors for us. Each issue will deliver a powerful message in hopes to encourage, empower and inspire someone. JMarie magazine wants the world to get familiar with the faces of the future in music, fashion, film, producing, acting, filming, publishing and modeling. This mission is possible with supporters like you. I have worked, prayed, cried, wrote, gave up, tried again, and here I am delivering to you my passion and that is to write and publish. We sometimes tend to want the easy way out and not think about how far we want to go and how far we have come. Giving up has to be the easiest thing in life to do. But understand quitting does not make you a winner. A winner never quits and a quitter never wins. Find some inspiration in life and work hard. Some of my idols and people that inspire me are Ciara, Brandy, My great great Uncle Scooby, Tony Neal, My best friend Dj Asap, Free from 106 & Park, Angela Basset and my favorite legendary Queen Ms. Betty Wright. This is a woman who created a song “No Pain No Gain”. One of her verses teaches us “in order to gain something you have to give something, in order be something you gotta go thru something”. Rather that’s in a relationship, at

school, at work, your career and in your life. I think this is a very powerful message. I hope that the production of JMarie Magazine helps empower, inspire, encourage and changes someone’s life. Welcome to the experience of JMarie. Thank you, Blessings & Love JMarie

JMarie The Beginning…… JMarie is the president and CEO of JMarie Management LLC. A foundation built on the power and essence of building and honoring in fashionist. Delivering exceptional honor through an editorial content and delivering high quality fashion shows. From designers, to fashion models, to stylist to bloggers. JMarie enjoys networking and acknowledging greatness. It so many people who work hard daily and are talent but are somehow overlooked. JMarie has always dreamed and planned at a young age with hopes and ambition to make it to Hollywood. JMarie has had many obstacles to overcome. A shattered background of instability and hopeless of ever being ―daddy’s little girl‖ gave JMarie strength to overcome stones thrown at her. After many years of struggling, trialing, sacrifices and hard work, JMarie found her blessing in entertainment. Love in a man and life itself was hard for her to obtain experiencing the absent love from her father has scared her heart. Giving birth to two beautiful daughters Chaniya and Zareya has given JMarie hope to love again. Standing and falling, trying to lift herself up has given her strength to someone she calls her own, Losing many people in her life has triumphed her to accept things that cannot be changed. A lost that troubled her, was losing her loving best friend ―Jarell ―Hardhead Rell‖ Johnson‖, to live means to learn to love others and share blessings. Trying to question and reason for the pain on top of the natural storms in life only left JMarie to turn to God. JMarie is a firm believer of God who sends praises and faithful worship daily. She is not perfect, holy nor sanctified but believes God deserves all the praise, thanks, and glory. JMarie plans to create something legendary and bless others in life. Jasmine ―JMarie‖ Sykes is me and this is my story. Welcome to my journey of a new beginning. Keeping my head above ground level and working hard towards success JMarie knows that God is able to make a way out of no way.

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Core & Definition DJ Asap One of the hottest disc jockey's out of Dallas is the one and only DJ ASAP. Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana DJ ASAP is no stranger to amazing music. Also known as Mr. Right Now, DJ ASAP is a self-made, celebrity booked commodity. He launched his career by simply being in the right place at the right time. DJ ASAP learned the game quickly, and took advantage of his opportunity to network with the industry's most successful entertainers. ''Being a great DJ is about reading the audience and how they connect with the music. Every event or club is different, and as a DJ it's my job to read the audience and take that party to the next level.''-DJ ASAP Like Father, Like Son DJ ASAP inherited the talent to mix and spin from his Father, who was also a DJ/ Radio personality. Following in Dad's footsteps, ASAP creates an extraordinary sound when on the 1's and 2's. His well branded "mixology" has landed him gigs in cities from Dallas to L.A., Atlanta and more. ''I love the feeling of "DJ-ing "in the club atmosphere, because everything is so raw and unpredictable.''-DJ ASAP The Definition of a Core DJ DJ ASAP's work has gained national recognition. He is now a part of the most influential DJ coalition known to man. The Core DJ's is comparable to a fraternity for disc jockeys. The Core creates and manages this sub-culture by breaking records that support the brand and acting as a back bone to the industry. Not only is DJ ASAP a member of the Core DJ's worldwide, Mr. Right Now is on the roster for the Definition DJ's. The Definition DJ's are also recognized for their team of elite Dallas working music mixers.

Major Network Affiliation -BET's Spring Bling -MTV's Get Schooled -Sprite Step-Off Tour 2010 (Official DJ) -Texas Urban Music Summit -106&Park Celebrity Supporters -Columbus Short -Melyssa Ford -Angela Simmons -Monica -Nas

-Common -Drake -Slim Thug -Bun B -New York Yankees- Derek Jeter -Dallas Cowboys- Martellus Bennett Book DJ ASAP for you next event: For Press:

Designers Chair

―Saesharay Trends‖ is a unique and fabulous production that utilizes timeless designs and artistic forms of expression that revolutionizes the fashion industry by strategically and creatively using innovative concepts and patterns that reflect multicultural styles. Saesharay Trends inspires, creates fab-ness, and brings forth the sex appeal in women. Rashia ―Sasheray‖Fields is a Brooklyn native designer/stylist. She grew up in the heart downtown of Fort. Greene, the environment has helped develop and inspire her institution of fashion. Her child hood contributed and helped inspire her style. She would design clothes for dolls and as a teenager she would shop and recreate clothing items to enhance her own personal style in

which enhanced her knowledge of fabrics and designs. Striving to be unique with a deep desire to look different from everyone else, the majority of recognition belongs to her peers. It was the childhood friendships that inspired Saesharay’s uniqueness along with becoming bored with typical selections available in department stores. In her opinion the labels always seem incomplete which motivated her to modify them and jazz them up for her own individual personal interest. This motivated the intentions of her designs and was the beginning of the creation of Saesharay Trends. As a fashion designer, stylist and idol, Saesharay initial objective is to establish a rapport. This includes the understanding of cliental sense of style, vision and personality. This

process will help assist her on the approach and direction for what is more appropriate for each individual preference and allows her to use her versatility most effectively. Saesharay confesses that each design is compatible with the person personality, vision and style, she uses and combines each experience and applies it to every event to keep things fresh. The models love and embrace Saesharay genuinely and look forward to each working opportunity with her. By experience this is a women who believes everyone has style but has a made it her responsibility, career and obligation to bring it out the best in fashion. She is determined by motivation to continue her success. Saesharay defines her style of fashion as exciting exhilarating, sexy, innovative and most importantly unique and one of a kind. Her motto is dared to wear. Saesharay Trends is a dedicated movement that committed to producing high-end quality apparel by taking fashionable attire to the next level by contributing exclusiveness to current and up and coming popular trends. Her style is translated and expressed through a variation of unique and exclusive

designs that give her a completive advantage that allows her to connect herself with clients and consumers while simultaneously executing her vision. Saesharay stated and I quote ―When I am in deep thought creating a new trend has become my escape from stress. The most extreme styles and designs develops from my persistence, frustration, determination, manikin (which she dress everyday), and ambition to collaborate with known high-end designers is what drives her and keeps her focused. Exercising the extra blessing of styling hair since the age of 9, Saesharay developed her skill styling her sisters Lynee, Lana’s and friends hair. At the age of 16 she began employment at a salon called ―Brownstone‖ in Brooklyn, New York naturally a jack of trades anything Saesharay has aspired to do she has done it well. At 15 Saesharay was a child care counselor for youth at ―Paul Robeson Theater.‖ Her responsibility included organizing talent shows, organizing students dance routines, as well as designing the costumes they wore during their performances. Saesharay is a role model and mentor. Giving appreciation and credit to her great aunt Champagne R.I.P. Her aunt has helped her

develop her develop and deliver her multi talents. Writing songs is another natural born talent of Saesharay, she also loves singing, but what interest her most is prospering and helping others. Her lifetime goal is to own a Fashion salon boutique museum where customers can purchase patterns or just shop and get beautiful all at once. Saesharay biggest dream is to participate in RIP the Runway; A highly honored and organized fashion show that is presented annually on BET. This designer plans to work with honorable celebrities like Mary J. Blige, Keisha Cole, Monica, Lil Kim, Nicki Mina, Brandy, Sanaa Lathan, and others. Saesharay future fashion plans includes, men’s line, children’s, maternity, and plus size apparel that she plans to debut closing out 2011, to be featured in boutiques at reasonable cost. Other plans include a line up entitled ―Saesharay Live.‖ This show will allow models to feature

her designs to the world. As an extremely family orientated individual she speaks very highly of her older sister Lynee who is a behind the scene supporter. Her brother Efron provides the make- up for the models, her sister Lana who is assist with styling, and her sister Auntay who has been her top model from day one. Saesharay states and I quote ―My family has always there for me and has played an instrumental role in my growth and development. A fashion stylist is a person with a special glow that attracts attention where ever they go. A designer is a person that enjoys working with their creative minds and their hands. A designer is also an artist that brings their art and vision to life.‖ Saesharay plans to always be remembered as a famous, strong willed and fabulous icon she wants the world to understand her struggles that took her through many journeys good or bad. Written By: J. Benjamin



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May 2011 Eye Candy Mr. XkLoosiiVe

This Chicago native is a man of many talents. Not only does he enjoy his share of modeling he is a choreographer, dancer, father, actor, and a Child of God. He is also one of Chicago's most valuable DJs for the famous Monday nights at Victor Hotel who is introduced as DJ Kris Styles. Mr. XkLoosiiVe hobbies include but not limited to dancing, coaching, sports and books. Booking inquires for dancing, hosting, modeling and events please send inquires to For djing inquires please send request Follow him on Twitter: @djKRISstyles_

The ReaL

Radio . Com

Follow TrakRunnaz Music On Twitter: @traxxsanders @aliesanicole @djstretch414

Bloggers Hot Pick Mr. Jadore Big city dreams lead to big city things – the words from great New York fashion blogger Mr. Jadore. Jadore exceeds a great example of living big dreams. Recently having only turned 21 years of age, the Hispanic New York native has been making big moves for quite some time now. The move that catapulted him into stardom was the unveiling of his pop-culture blog; The blog has been receiving praise from the online world & his fellow blogger colleagues. He has also gained celebrity awareness having featured an array of individuals in the entertainment industry. Jadore later started his own Public Relations firm; NüGalore® P.R. Firm. While he started this new business venture, he was privileged enough to work with amazing people. His past clients include both mainstream & indie artists/companies. As if he didn’t do enough, Jadore is very open about his passion for music. He has received songwriter credentials on indie projects such as ―Him2‖ on Tanya T6 2010 ―Reflections of Love‖ mix tape. He is also being featured in the April 13th release of R&B singer Success debut mix tape ―Last Stop on the A‖ where he co-wrote the first single entitled ―Bad Girl.‖ His latest move includes becoming a host on Liquid Lace Radio. The show which airs every Monday’s & Friday’s at 8pm on includes a gossip segments entitled ―BadBitch Tea Time‖ provided by Jadore. There is A LOT more he has planned to do. But his drive has always been & will always remain the supporters he has gained & that continue to show him & his projects love.

Mister Maybe Author Nikki Da Poet I'm so intrigued by his smile He so fly rocks that Grown Man style A good man who takes good care of his child He’s not running the streets he’s not out here all wild And for some reason I can’t get him off my mind ` And he is so fine, Mr. Tall dark and handsome Something likes the man that all women search to find And I’m thinking maybe, maybe he can be mine When we are together it’s like a portrait painted by Van Gogh He has it going on, full of ambition and we share the same goals Were so in tune we even like the same music Perfect, nah but he’s as close as it gets When I’m around him When I’m around him You might as well call him Allstate I’m in his good hands He got me thinking maybe; maybe he can be my man I think God is trying to tell me something like it could be Something with him See the guys in my past ain’t got nothing on him No drama our kids can play together And if we ever do I know we will stay together Because when times get rough we can pray together feels the same way about me

Something about him he stays on my mind Morning noon and night I see us together in a present future life Got me thinking maybe, maybe I’ll be his wife Never was a believer in love at first sight But after meeting him I just might Even through the ugliest storms I still see sunny skies I get mesmerized looking in his eyes And I’ll admit I’m feeling him something heavy Like Alicia Keys, if you ask me I’m ready He has me thinking maybe, maybe he’s ready to Somebody so sensational and yet still intellectual Makes me want to start making investments into my future Like me and him owning business, creating a few organizations Thinking maybe, what if maybe we can lead a few nations Pinch me if I’m dreaming, wait let me finish this dream Something out of a fantasy how do I make this a reality? I see him in my ever after as we live happily And I’m thinking maybe, if only Mister Maybe can see That maybe is just a possibility, and possibly him and I can become we And maybe just maybe Mister Maybe

Breast Cancer Awareness

Education: Breast Cancer Awareness May 2011 Breast cancer is becoming a more common disease in women worldwide. Breast cancer has been defined as a malignant (meaning cancer) tumor that starts in the breast of women but is not limited to men. A human breast is full of glands that make breast milk (called lobules), ducts (small tubes that carry milk from the lobules to the nipple), fatty and connective tissue, blood vessels, and lymph (pronounced limb) vessels. Most breast cancers begin in the cells that line the ducts (ductal cancer), some begin in the lobules (lobular cancer), and a very small percentage can develop in other tissues. In the lymph system is a very common area for breast cancer to develop and spread. This is a system in the body where breast cancer cells can enter and expand through the lymph nodes. Many of the lymph vessels passage ways to the lymph nodes under the arms.

Normal benign is not breasting cancer; these are lumps in the breast that very highly anticipated not spread outside of the breast. Here are a few breast cancer terms to become familiar with. Carcinoma is a cancer that began in the lining layers of breast organs. Adenocarcinoma cancer starts in a gland tissue usually around the area that produces breast milk. Carcinoma in SITU (means only in ducts or lobules) is also known as non-invasive or pre-invasive. This is the early layered stage of cancer. Invasive (infiltrating) carcinoma is a cancer that has expanded and developed beyond the lining layer of cells. Sarcoma is the rare common breast cancer that begins in the blood vessels, connective tissues and fat tissues.

Breast cancer can be defined as many different types. Here is a small list of the most common types. Ductal carcinoma in SITU (DCIS) is the most common non-invasive breast cancer that is only in the ducts. This is a cancer that can be cured. Lobular Carcinoma in SITU (LCIS) this cancer cannot spread throughout out the body and begins in the breast milk glands or lobules. Invasive/Infiltrating ductal carcinoma (IDC) is known as the most common breast cancer that begins within a duct or milk passage and invades the breast tissue. Invasive/Infiltrating lobular carcinoma (ILC) this cancer begins in the lobules or milk processing glands and can expand and develop throughout the body. There is also inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) this is a reaction that is critically based on color and warmth of the breast that can cause the breast to grow bigger, hard, tender and/or itchy. Signs & Symptoms Some signs and symptoms of breast cancer include changes in the feeling of the nipple area, leakage and unusual discharge from the nipple. Lumps, tenderness and thickening in the breast and armpit area. Scaly, swollen, ridges and orange peelings feelings and appearance may be signs of breast cancer. Stages of Breast Cancer Carcinoma in situ Stage Zero (0) This stage the cancer cells have not traveled outside of the ducts or lobules, the milk producing organs, into the surrounding breast tissue. This can be introduced as two types 1) Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) Early stage of cancer that is treatable and can be survived, without seeking help this can spread throughout the breast. 2) Lobular Carcinoma in Situ (LCIS) Risk or chance of developing breast cancer. This is not considered cancer. Invasion of Breast Stage One (1) This is an early stage of cancer. The cancer has not yet spread throughout the breast. Some doctors have found this to be an inch long or shorter tumor in the breast, nipple, or armpit area.

Sizing Stage Two (2) This stage detects the size of the tumor and if the cancer has spread throughout the breast. 

Stage 2 Grade A Breast Cancer means the tumor is in size between two and five centimeters long and may have spread to at least five nodes in the axillary area.

Stage 2 Grade B Breast Cancer is in size five or more centimeters but may not have affected other lymph nodes in the area.

Spreading Stage Three (3) : 

Stage 3 Grade A Breast Cancer means the cancer is at least three inches long and has attacked at least nine nodes in the axillary area.

Stage 3 Grade B Breast Cancer means the cancer cells has spread and attacked the rest of the body including the bones and tissues.

The Cancer has attacked the Entire Body Stage Four (4) The final stage of breast cancer means the cancer cells has spread to other organs and/or tissues, such as the liver, lungs, brain, skeletal system, or lymph nodes near the collarbone.

Statistics on Cancer Survivors These rates are based on a five year survival rate. Stage 0


Stage I


Stage II


Stage IIIA 55.9% Stage IIIB 49.3% Stage IV


Getting the Treatment you Need & Deserve Breast cancer is a serious disease finding the right treatment for you or a loved one can be heartbreaking and time consuming. Family members and friends should be supportive of the people who are diagnosed. There are worldwide treatment centers that can help you every step of the way. Here is a list treatment systems websites and phone numbers. 800-931-9299 Breast cancer is a serious disease that is killing our women daily. Please be sure to get monthly mammograms. Early detection can help save lives. There are so many women unaware if the consequences share this article with your loved ones. For a full description of breast cancer education please visit

Aspiring Designer: Just Vain Designs Saidah McCray will like to introduce to the world her upcoming fashion line up. Saidah is a New Jersey native with a passion for fashion who established the design ―Just Vain‖. This high quality t-shirt establishment can be worn as sexy as an evening gown. Just Be Fabulous. Just Be Vain. Just Be You. This is the mission statement of the clothing company named Just Vain Designs. "Our signature tee is funky, sexy and chic; it’s for the girlie type of women who love the color pink and all things glam". Just Vain tees can be worn with flats or sneakers but we prefer you to rock them with a sexy jean and some hot stilettos! For more detailed information on this fab-ness design check out their line up ion For social networking, booking and more follow this company on twitter /justvaindesigns. This company has more to offer stay tuned….

Aspiring Model: De’Sha May 2011 aspiring model pick is ―Kenyatta De’sha‖ Willis. She is an aspiring urban and commercial model was introduced to life on April 26, 1990 in Louisville, Kentucky. This 5’2 model plans to break barriers for women under the height of 5’7. In this new industry of entertainment there has been a remarkable and drastic change in selections of models. Kenyatta plans to set trends and began new horizons for models that are not of height and exceptionally handpicked. Kenyatta is presently signed with Mdock Ent. Her small petite frame measures 31-26-32 a very rare measurement from modern models. Kenyatta has been featured in two videos entitled ―Ken & Barbie‖ and ―To whom it may concern‖. She also hosted ―The Diamond Extravaganza,‖ a fundraising event for the Women and Children shelter. Kenyatta is talented in acting as well. Her first role will be in a local action movie ―Kleptomaniacs‖ playing a female bodyguard. In the future, Kenyatta hopes to be in more videos, magazines, and runway shows. For booking please contact: Telephone: (502) 408-8839 Email:

Events: Beauty Seminar Series to Redefine Confidence in Young Girls and Women Eight-month conference promotes self-esteem as true beauty A young woman’s perception of beauty is one of the most important factors in her self-confidence. The ―My Confidence is My Beauty,‖ seminar series will redefine how young women and girls view themselves by promoting high self-esteem as one of the strongest aspects of real beauty. Hosted by C.S. Ermon Model Management, the ―My Confidence is My Beauty‖ series will empower young women and girls by showing them that a woman’s inner-strength is most beautiful. Through a series of speeches and activities, the seminars will host experienced models sharing real stories of how they transformed confidence into beauty. Each woman will represent the various backgrounds of young women in today’s society. One lucky audience member will also receive a free fashion photo shoot, complimentary of C.S. Ermon Models*. The ―My Confidence is My Beauty‖ initiative is a 4-part, seminar series to be held over an eight-month period. C.S. Ermon is invites all interested non-profit and community organizations to sponsor or participate in this unique experience. For more information about C.S. Ermon Model Management visit – *Seminars must have an audience attendance of 20 or more members*

Contact: Kim Shine 708.299.6521

Aspiring Music:

Cultural Music Presents Artist J’Lyn She sings effortlessly, raps with charisma, and pens heartfelt lyrics with ease. Meet J’Lyn—she’s the next cultural music mainstream hot topic. J’Lyn is a Chicago native entertainer who hails from an ethnically diverse family where her equally talented parents encouraged her to hone her craft at the ripe age of five after discovering her natural born affinity for singing and writing. J‐Lyn further embraced her musical talents, enrolling in professional vocal and piano lessons shortly after. Throughout her musical journey, J‐Lyn has auditioned for and been offered roles in a variety of television shows and modeling productions. These opportunities have opened many doors for her to meet and network with a countless established musicians who have helped her to cultivate her own style‐ Lyn has blessed many audiences across the nation with her presence and has opened for many major recording artists. This solo artist is the founder and chief executive officer of Head Turna Entertainment, an arts and entertainment company specializing in artist showcases, parties and private events geared toward inner city youth and aspiring artists. She also hosts a popular CAN-TV show and has her EP available on I-Tunes, Amazon and She currently has a licensing contract with One Ent/Universal with her hit single Take Control prod by Ron Carroll (House Version), which will be distributed in Feb 2011 worldwide. For more information on J-Lyn Google her under J-Lyn Chicago. For booking info contact 3G's Management 404-643-5342. Written By 3-G’s Management.

J’Lyn 3 G’s Management

Phasion Plush Online

Green Lace Coral available on $45

High Hip Leg Pants on $25

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Most Honorable Model:

Core Model Butta Billionz


organization in the world. Worldwide famous Core Models. Many models and woman acknowledge and look to this Diva for strength. Check out a full coverage interview in June 2011 JMarie Issue. For booking inquires please contact Follow her on Twitter @buttabillionz

Food: Food for thought……. No time for cooking? It’s ok. All the festivals, carnivals, barbecues and family gatherings will be great for small quick meals on the go. The summer is the months where we gain the least weight. Bazaar right? During the summer season we tend to not have enough time to sit at home and cook full course meals and sit long enough for the food to settle in out tummy's. There so many activities going on that we rush cook. Simple things like pizza, hot dogs, and burgers. We also take advantage of fast food restaurants. It's ok to eat these no good items as long as we monitor our intake and are careful of consistent exercise. The winter is perfect for weight gaining. The holidays require heavy cooking, less activities and lots of lounging around. The summer months are full of naughty foods and more active activities.

Health & Fitness The summer season is the ultimate sexiest season of them all. Health and fitness plays an important role all year round. Eating healthy and exercising may be the most difficult in the summer months. Festivals, carnivals, theme parks all serve greasy pizzas, burgers and sweets. The best way to stay fit is to take at least 20 to 30 minutes three days a week of aerobic therapy. Also monitor the amount of calorie intake. Take into consideration to gradually increasing activity by adding basic weight training to help burn calories, control body fat and build muscles. To begin any exercise plan consult with health care professionals such as a doctor, fitness trainer or even a physical education teacher. Your doctor will be the best resource for you because they are familiar with your health history. Your doctor can also advice you on a diet and nutrition plan. Here is a list of aerobic therapy that can help with your daily routine. began with 10-20 minutes increments and gradually increase activities.

Aerobic Therapies *Walking is the most influential form of exercising *Bike riding *Skiing *Swimming *Jogging *Jumping rope *Dancing salsa is great *Roller Skating *Tennis *Running


Parris J Parris J is acknowledged nationwide for her artistic blessing in modeling, photo shoots, and competitive events. Recently in a competition that featured 34 gorgeous models, Parris J managed to win first place for Vory Clothing®. With the accomplishment of first place with Vory Clothing®, Parris J is now also their spokes model. Vory Clothing® will be featured on various billboards around the Chicago land and Missouri areas as well as boutiques. Being multi-tasked as a mother, a student, business woman and model has captured the promoters of Chicago attention. Parris J has not only conducted and hosted her own fashion shows and events, but also the events of mainstream promoters. The founder of own company ―Entycing Ladies Ent‖. Parris J’s foundation is an upcoming non for profit modeling, event planning and promotions company looking to excel worldwide beginning in her hometown of Chicago. Parris J hobbies include going to gym, shopping, reading and spending time with her family and friends. Her favorite colors are purple, turquoise and grey and she loves fruit! She enjoys reading and she is very big on quotes!! ―In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us‖ is one of the main quotes she lives by. Sincerely Yours, Entycing Ladies Ent. ® For more information and booking info please contact the following:

Entycing Ladies ENT. 速


Make Up-Me Summer make up advice. The summer dark shadows and blushes contain and a lot of ingredients can leave the skin oily and greasy feeling in the summer. Summer make up advice. The summer dark shadows and blushes contain and a lot of ingredients can leave the skin oily and greasy feeling in the summer. Body heat and sweat make the skin with coats of makeup irritable and high risk chance of break outs such as acne and blackheads. In the summer apply light shadows and a less coating of foundation and blushes is appropriate in summer months. If you are a dark make up lover use a bronzing powder.

Apply your make up in the light to assure it is your color, blended well with your skin and go for a more natural look. Foundation should be thinned and blended well with simple darker shades or water. Eye shadows during the summer should be light more rose and spring like colors. Lighter shadows help decrease oil and creasing; powders will help soak up access make up. Water proof mascaras are more appropriate for summer activities such as swimming. Lips help finish the final touches of the makeup application. Cool mauves, nude and rose colored pinks are trending for 2011. Body


May 2011 Phashion Plush Contest Enter your chance to win a $500 makeover. This includes $250 shopping spree at our Online Phashion Boutique, a full two page spread in our July issue, a photo shoot valued at $150 and $100 worth of Mac Mac-Make Up. Send us your amazing story about a beauty moment that inspired others. Deadline June 16, 2011 submit to Winners will be notified via email. Also winners will announce in the June 2011 issue.

5 -3rd Place winners will receive a $25 JMarie Gift certificate. Awards can be used at Phashion Plush or $25 off entrance ticket to any JMarie Management Event.

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Music Entertainment Artist Up Next

Chicago R&B Prince B.Ford Drops a new Single in 2011 Entitled ―Take My Money‖ Produced by Multi-Platinum Producer Doc Little. Doc Little is the Founder of Chicago’s hottest Production Company ―Supreme Team ENT.‖ Follow on Twitter @Chicagobford @doclittle @supremeteament

Mr. Leon Doin #’s a Milwaukee, WI native has over 56,000 downloads each song he produces. Follow him on twitter @leondoinnumbers.

Mz. Nay from Milwaukee to ATL is setting trends nationwide for the womens movement. Being a phenomenal leader of a worldwide movement Team Rock Star Chicks, she has inspired many female artist. Follow her on twitter @mznay414.

Chi-Ill Ent. Ceo Yung Holla has captured the hearts and ears of Follow him on twitter @yung_holla.

A’Shenaye is an phenomenal woman, leader, Artist, and inspiration to women with dreams. Check out more of A’Shenaye on http://reverbnation/ashenaye. Follow her on twitter @A_Shenaye

Beat Smith Los Angeles, CA, United States Beat Smith (aka Exclusive) is an in-house Producer for InFam Records. He is also a Rapper, Songwriter, Keyboardist and Audio Engineer. He graduated from Musicians Institute in 2005 with both a Recording Artist and an Audio Engineering Degree. Beat Smith, along with El DE Barge Jr., founded InFam Records in 2006. Later that year InFam Records released their debut album titled "InFam Records Presents... The Growing". Currently as InFam Records’ Executive Producer, Beat Smith is overseeing the future of all InFam Records’ projects.

Artist Up Next Young Major is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin Hip Hop artist on the rise to mainstream artist. Young Major has the vision, mission and empowerment to become the next hot artist on the mainstream market. In a recent interview this is what JMarie Magazine learned about Young Major. JMarie: How did your path on creating the art of music began? Major: ―I’ve always had a passion for music from the time I was little and even to this very point. I remember walking to elementary free styling at the top of my head and get pissed every time I’d mess up. I wanted to rap a whole song without messing up. Some inspiring music stations I enjoyed were The Box, Yo MTV Raps, and The Hitlist & Videosilolet. I dreamed of one day being the star of those shows but time has changed since I started rapping in 2005. Only feature I may receive is 106&Park lol.

JMarie: What makes Young Major an artist and not a rapper? Major: ―Here’s my theory... chefs are like artist because they have to cook and prepare food. Artists are like servers because they can only take the food to the people. I feel I am a chef because a chef Knows how to not only cook the food but prepare the right amount of ingredients to make it tasteful and his master dish he personally serves the people. I think my music should deliver a masterpiece so I prepare and cook it well. An artist cannot just rhyme he must be able to deliver quality master pieces because anybody can rap and be a rapper, but not everyone is an artist. JMarie: Is Young Major on the Market or does his career take up most of his time? Major: SMLDNDFLNOJS'JPPGPHGKHMGMG'MGG MGMGMGFJNTJRP my son answered this one lol.

JMarie: How do you define, family, friends, friends and business? Major: Family is something you can not put a price tag on, and business you can. You can never mix them both together. Never works. LOL JMarie: What other qualities do you have other than being an artist? Major: I’m a very humble person. I like to watch the attention rather than being the attention. A lot of artist are focused on the spotlight. I hate it a little bit lol. That’s an advantage for me. I like to observe.

JMarie: What is Young Major lifetime goal? Major: My lifetime goal is to grow old. Watch my son grow up, suppl his needs and make him happy. I just want to live comfortable that’s all. As far as musically I want it to be long jeverty, in this industry things can get crazy as a writer or an artist. I will accomplish my goals by just staying focused. It seem so simple but its actually the hardest thing to do when your face with lifes everyday problems.

“I just want to live comfortable”“ JMarie: What advice would you give upcoming artist? Major: My advice is always P.U.S.H (Pray Until Something Happens). Oh yeah Micheal Jordan was cut from the basketball team in the 9th grade. I bet that coah feels stupid now huh? Lol

Dj Demp Demp Week Fifthteen 2012 Coming Soon‌

“Most Valued Music Entertainer� June 2011 Most Valued Music Entertainer goes to DJ Demp. The founder of "DEMPWEEK" -His 'Mayor Proclaimed' week-long birthday celebration in Tallahassee, Fl. This DJ has been recognized for record breaking and creating a positive impact in the music industry. DJ Demp sets trends not only with music but with fashion as well. His swag collection of shades is enormous and eye catching to many fashion idols. Moving into generations of the artistic Value of becoming a DJ has DJ Demp acknowledged and included in organizations. The two are worldwide organizations that are well demanded. They include International Tour DJ's and Core DJ's. Dj Demp is being nominated in the 2011 Music Summit Awards for "Most Impact DJ of The Year". vote click link below for the well-deserved and honorable nominee. Dj Demp latest projects include nationwide recording artist Yung Joc's new album "Tha Notorious J.O.C" Ready to Fly. A sample of the mix tape has a blazing new single entitled 'Wowzers". Booking for DJ Demp can be requested and is available. Send inquires to Add him as a friend on Facebook: Vote The South Hottest DJ "Impact DJ of The Year" Follow on twitter @DJDEMP

Download Yung Joc New Mix tape Here hosted by Dj Demp & Dj Sense:

Fashion Forward: Anthony Lawrence Collection De’fron “Keith” Fobb has always integrated his keen sense of style into every aspect of his life. In 2006, De’fron decided to fulfill a life-long dream when he launched a signature collection of graphic tees under his father’s name the late Anthony Lawrence. De’fron created the line to fill a void in the market for well-made, classy fashion forward Tee’s that also reflected an urban sensibility and style. “I always felt that God gave me the ability to be GREAT no matter what field I chose. Fashion is just a path he put me on to show greatness”–says De’fron Since its launch, Anthony Lawrence Collection has enjoyed significant success. Through the support of the fashion community, family, friends, internet, and retailers, Anthony Lawrence Collection has quickly grown from a dream to a brand. The collection as of right now consists of graphic tees but will be expanding to denim, polo’s, and sweats in the near future. The products are inspired by De’fron’s image and reflect his diverse personal style. The line is produced two times a year and is geared to men, women, and kids of all ages. Distribution of the collection is targeted to boutiques and specialty web stores. It is also be available at the Anthony Lawrence Collection website (, which opened August 1, 2009. ―I am not in the fashion business for a quick hit. I am truly committed to the expansion and growth of the fashion world. I will use all of my resources to ensure that excellence is met in both the design and production of the Anthony Lawrence Collection. I would ultimately like to have Anthony Lawrence Collection viewed in the same category as Sean John, Ralph Lauren, and Kenneth Cole.‖

Anthony Lawrence Collection Follow on Twitter @alcollection

Kev The Producer Introducing Producer Kevin Barnes...

Music Phasion Beauty Entertainment Life Growth Lifestyle

Production Company Follow them on twitter @doclittle @supremeteament

SEX THERAPY The following excerpts is from the self-help Be Your Own Therapist. A psychology Book

If you have the impulse to search out sex therapy for a sexual problem, do so. However, there are two elements of most such therapies that you may do yourself which may prove helpful: (1)Education about body sexual parts may be accomplished by reading and/or by exploration with a willing partner. (2)An early feature of sex therapy is often the touching and massaging of one's partner. At first sexual parts are avoided and then approached days later only if the massage goes well. If you have the impulse to seek out sex therapy for a sexual problem, do so. Such therapy is often efficient and relatively rapid. Often specific books on sexuality will be helpful. For men or women, I suggest New Male Sexuality by Bernie Zilbergeld and For Yourself: The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality by Lonnie Barbach.

A Tip for Men Making Love to Women The old talk of a vaginal orgasm is considered bunk by many experts today. You men reading this will understand what many women want most, if you understand that the woman's vagina is like your testicles, enjoyable and important sexually. But without significant stimulation of the clitoris (analogous to your penis) orgasm and maximum sexual pleasure are not likely. All of us received a major dose of sex therapy during the Clarence Thomas - Anita Hill controversy. Most everyone was talking about what was OK or not OK. Who was telling sexual lies? Then along came the Bobbitts, whose actions provided most of us with even more sexual lessons.

How best for a woman to respond to a situation such as described by Anita Hill (where a man brags about his sexual equipment and/or graphically talks of his sexual prowess)? To say nothing to the man is the response that she said she chose for many years. That response fits many women's training, but it is an unhappy choice that is rarely useful today. She was not wrong. (Reminder- right/ wrong judgments of others just create unhappiness for oneself- see Chapter 8.) She chose the best response she could then. But would she suggest the same

response for herself or others in the future? There are several responses that a woman could use effectively in such situations. (Obviously, there are some men with whom nothing will work.) Your dreadful sexual dream last night indicates that you have sexual lessons to learn, not necessarily that you need to enact the dream's contents. If the man is a supervisor, her response had best avoid judgments of him. Her response (a few days later is OK) needs to be verbal and delivered with eye contact. I suggest a response such as: "Mr. Smith, I am not interested in either a dating or a sexual relationship with you." (If he persists with "why," she can say, "I don't want that." If he persists, she can shift the conversation with, "Is there anything else concerning work that you wanted to talk with me about right now?")

If the man is neither her supervisor nor in a position of power over her, then the woman has the chance to be more open with her opinions. Again I recommend leaving out angry judgments, but a message such as the following would often work if delivered calmly and coolly: "I had no idea you were so sexually immature." A man receiving that message as he strutted his supposed sexual prowess and superior sexual equipment would most likely find a way to shut up fast.

Tip for Men Who Want More Sex. Many men are ignorant about how their sexual words affect women. Men who want more sex had best be students of how the women in their lives respond to both sexual and non-sexual words. Don't you men want more sex?

Brumfield L-Williams Consultant Group LONGEVITY COMPANY OVERVIEW Brumfield L‐Williams Consultant Group is a premier consultant agency that connects TALENT to individual and corporate entities by building relationships with a foundation of QUALITY, and a commonality for LONGEVITY. Our Motto is SIMPLE… If it’s not about the TALENT (YOU!), then it’s not for YOU! Products & SERVICES o Performing Artist Development Services o Music Productions o Marketing/Advertising/Promotions o Social Media Management o Business Development/Partnership Allocation o Fundraising for New Business Ventures o Creative Business Tools Entities those are eligible to receive the above services: Arts & Entertainment Corporate Entities Entrepreneurs Recording Labels Retail All Types Management Firms Online Companies (All Types) Music/Film Production Non-Profit Performing Artists Institutions of Education Fashion Design Visual Artists Food & Beverage Cosmetology Shantelle Brumfield, Founding Partner & Chief Executive Officer Brumfield L-Williams Consultant Group LONGEVITY Shantelle Brumfield, former Music Publisher/Creative Director for the Music Department at Foxx King Entertainment—currently working under music industry veteran/mentor Tina Davis and her company, Tina Davis Company (TDC). At Foxx King Entertainment, Ms. Brumfield was responsible for coordinating all music related issues for Academy Award© winning actor and singer Jamie Foxx, in addition to being a glorified assistant to daily company related issues. She handled department financing/budgeting, touring, travel, music publishing, licensing, artist development, film/television/radio music supervision for the company and a plethora of various company ventures. Her day to day responsibilities comprised of representing artistic material of numerous artists, producers and songwriters such as: Jamie Foxx, Les Burwell, Jazmine "OhJazzy"

Bailey, Marques "Marques Anthony" Jones, A. Steele, Dahrio Wonder, Taleen Kalbian, SydneyNycole, Milky, Sizzle, Kevin Barnes just to name a few. At TDC, Ms. Brumfield is responsible for coordinating the daily business of TDC on behalf of Tina Davis and her clientele; including music publishing, music solicitation (writers, producer & performing artists), marketing/viral marketing, and social media management. Ms. Brumfield currently works with the following clientele of TDC: Chris Brown, Ester Dean, Se7en of Rich Girl, and Kevin McCall aka K-Mac. Ms. Brumfield is also the founder, CEO, and lead fashion designer of NSS. She is a graduate of Howard University with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry. She’s a former scientist, chemistry teacher, and fashion design/product development intern for Sports Zone. She assisted the Senior Product Planning Director in creating and/or approving new fashion design ideas created by in-house designers, and annual product analysis. That experience allowed her to hone her fashion design skills as well as learn the business of the fashion industry including, profit analysis, product analysis, and marketing. Ms. Brumfield founded Brumfield L-Williams Consultant Group with her business partner, Tia Lyles-Williams in 2010. Brumfield L-Williams Consultant Group LONGEVITY Tia Lyles‐Williams, Founding Partner & Chief Operating Officer With 8 years of leadership experience as a Scientist and Lead Biopharmaceutical Engineer, she has consistently trained, developed and lead her fellow employees in surpassing industry standards while meeting company goals. With this mindset, and her forward‐thinking attitude, she has developed an innovative business model for BLW by connecting both the corporate and entertainment industries in order to satisfy the demand of the "masses"‐‐‐ Fresh Entertainment & Philanthropy as a “FACE” for innovative products & services. Ms. Lyles‐Williams began her career in Fall 2001 as a Medical Research Administrative Assistant for Howard University Cancer Center (HUCC). And by 2003, she had created innovative research analysis and organization tools, including assisting a lead scientist in successfully reorganizing data for a Prostate Cancer Research Project, that lead HUCC in recruiting a record number of new patients and attaining $50K in additional grant money. In 2005, Ms. Lyles‐Williams was hired as a Research Associate/Instructor at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR). During her tenure at WRAIR, Ms. Lyles‐Williams received TWO Awards from the United States Army and the National Science Foundation for creating the first successful, reproducible cloning experiment for the Annual GEMS Summer Program. The experiment was also added to the official curriculum of the GEMS Summer Program. In 2006 Ms. Lyles‐Williams for promoted to Lab Supervisor and Program Coordinator for the Molecular Pathology Department, and GEMS

Summer Program, respectively. Her duties included leading her research team in conducting several scientific investigations, writing and approving investigative protocols and writing/approving the curriculum for the GEMS Summer Program. In Fall 2006, Ms. Lyles‐Williams was hired as a Biopharmaceutical Engineer for the Mammalian Upstream Department at Human Genome Sciences, Inc. (HGS). She was later promoted Lead Biopharmaceutical Engineer in 2008. In 2008 she assisted and led her department in successfully passing their first FDA Audit with only 1 mark against their evaluation. HGS had set the precedent for being the first pre‐commercial biotechnology company to ever pass an FDA inspection on their inaugural evaluation. Ms. Lyles‐Williams currently conducts the day‐to‐day operations of BLW, including Talent Development/Management, Music Solicitation, New Client Recruitment/Consultation Services and Viral Marketing. Written by BLW


(1)Different hormones coursing through our veins usually make men more interested in sex all the time and women potentially more emotionally volatile during PMS-time. (2) The tendency for women and men to favor different sides of the brain causes (on the average) more female talking interest and more male sexual interest. (3) Our bodies are different and do respond somewhat differently during sex.

It is our choice, to celebrate our sexual differences or to remain unhappy complainers about the opposite sex. Because women and men favor different sides of the brain, it is not desirable that equal numbers of each sex be in most job categories. Equal opportunity, however, is HIGHLY desirable.

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Special Dedication to Jarell Johnson 8-17-85 until 2-6-11 Although your time on earth was short, you were an amazing friend. Through arguments and fights you still were an amazing friend. You taught me many things about life itself and to just be myself. I cannot thank you enough. Words cannot express the pain I am feeling. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about how wonderful you were. It hurts like crazy to loose someone you truly love. Only God knows why he called you home. And I promise to help your daughter out as much as I can. But I know your family will raise her well. Hold on to her guide, lead and teach her. Watch over her mother and your family as well. I do not know if we will meet again, but I want you to know I will always love you best friend.