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We Can’t Do It All, But We Can All Do Something. August/September Greetings Friends, I am excited to share this update of what your donations have accomplished in recent months. Again, I am proud to know those who serve the child in need, and those who take action to make a difference. Jan Hanson, Director and Founder WHAT’S NEW? MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

August-September by Jan Hanson

Donations At Work! It’s been a great year again and so much is happening. I am excited to share with you that the 100+ children at Ashirvad Children’s Home now get to take a bus to school! We sent $25,000 that was raised in April by the Dancing Hand in Hand Benefit. Kim Anderson and her amazing committee pulled off a miracle for those kids! We couldn’t be happier… so imagine how Raja, Sudha and the kids feel!

The library is completed as is the steam kitchen. Also, Ann Opatz, our program consultant coordinated an Art Exchange with St. Cloud Minnesota students and the kids from Ashirvad. Look at the quilt the IKAREKIDS created. There are two quilts, one for the St. Cloud school and one for the library! Love it!

We also want to share that funds from last year not only completed the dining hall, but built a library and provided a steam kitchen for the staff.

Gulu Girls Home Uganda We sent $1,000 from one of our generous donors donor who asked that the funds be used for the Gulu Girls in Uganda. Happily, his funds put screens on the dormitory windows to prevent mosquitos from getting in the rooms, one more layer of protection for the girls from malaria. Thank you! JRMD Burundi

We’re also making headway on our DreamMaker Campaign to complete the dormitory. Our campaign raised $10,600 so far! THE WALL OF DREAMS! Jan & Dennis Hanson $1,000 Keith Schultz $100

2016 HERE WE ARE. |


Ron & Beth Storey $1,000 Dick and Barbara Yunker $1000 Kat & Alan O’Kelly $1000 Connie Vasek $1,000 Fred Cornforth $2500 Bill Wojcik/ Metro Welding Supply $1000 Redmond Rotary $1000 Rob and Corrine Jacobs $1,000

well. The directors are missionaries and depend on support for their livelihood and the children’s support. They need to repair the dining hall roof which costs $10,000. They also need to protect the complex with a security wall that costs $6,000. We’ve raised $4,000 so far and need $10,000 to replace/repair the dining hall roof.

The goal is $25,000 by Oct. 31 2016. Of the funds raised, thank you to the teams that have raised or donated funds so they will be on the Wall of Dreams in the dormitory and on 200 Orphanages Website!

Wine, Cheese and Chocolate & Charity I’m kicking off our presence in the Pacific Northwest with a backyard party. Sarah Rodrigues and Milind Lele, our local board members will be on hand to share how they plan to help Special Needs Orphans in Haiti get a Bus!

We are currently sending funds ($6500) to JRMD to complete the windows and doors phase of the project. Walls are up, roof is on, now the windows and doors! Step by step! We’re making Dreams come true! NO WATER! In January, we sent $10,000 to JRMD in Burundi for the well, but we hit a snag. The need to bore the hole was made apparent after a few failed attempts to hand dig.

“MYLIFESPEAKS out of Neply, Haiti works to

Angel of Mercy Serenity Home! It’s been a long time, and many obstacles are being overcome. But, the kids are moved in and receiving love and care from qualified professionals on a day to day basis. We’re proud to be small part of this project.

2016 Projects

DreamMaker Dormitory: Burundi $25,000 ($10,600 Raised) Join The Dream Maker campaign if you want to have some fun for a cause we’d love to have you sponsor a team.

Compassion and Care Campaign Roof Repair: Cambodia: $10,000 $4,000 Raised! This campaign will help repair a roof on the dining hall for the orphan home!

provide medical and other support needs of families caring for special needs orphans. We are helping them raise $15,000 to buy a school bus that will transport volunteers to the orphan’s homes, but also transport orphans to and from their medical

Wine, Cheese and Chocolate for Charity: Special Needs Bus Haiti: $15,000 Local team is strategizing for a September Kickoff and we hope to fund this bus by year end. We’d love to have your help!

Intentional Generosity: Generous $5,000 Matching Funds for bored well project costing $19,000. Ken and Janet Panger, a longtime supporter of clean water wells has offered a $5,000 Matching Gift toward this well. Thanks Ken for kick starting this effort! NEW CAMPAIGNS Compassion and Care Campaign We’re partnering with an orphanage in Cambodia, our first project in Asia. The orphan home has 50 children and a school as

150 Million appointments and more. Home Sweet Home! Serenity Homes, Cameroon Africa

How many children are living as orphans today…Too Many. Some are vulnerable children living in abject poverty, some are without parents. All are abandoned. You can help make their lives a bit brighter. We can’t do it all, but we can all do something!

You Rock ! A few more positive notes, we’re going to see the first of the children FINALLY move into

We keep expenses to a minimum so as much as 100% of program proceeds go to the project that will help provide safety, shelter and sustainability. Our expenses are covered by donors who are committed to our work. So, 100% of what we raise goes to the project!

2016 HERE WE ARE. |


New Board Members/Volunteers We’re working to expand our reach and are so proud to have new board members and volunteers to help us in our mission. Very Exciting Times! Volunteer Profiles Bernadine Pierre and Michelle Walton have volunteered with 200 Orphanages for a year. They both found us on Volunteer Match and serve as our virtual administrators. Bernadine, Michelle and I have conference calls a few times a month, Sunday nights, to discuss social networking strategies and implementation. Michelle works with our periodic updates and Bernadine posts many of our updates. Each one has a busy life, they are professionals, but also MBA students. Amazing! Bernadine lives in North Carolina and Michelle lives in Colorado. I am so happy to know these two dedicated women who have a heart and are taking action to help us in our mission. Thank you for all you do for the orphans! Featured Board Member Kim Anderson, board member

     

Sarah Rodrigues: Board Member, Washington Milind Lele: Board Member, Washington Tom Freestone: Board Member, Washington Bernadine Pierre and Michelle Walton Volunteer Admins: (North Carolina and Colorado) Amy Morris and Michelle Askenazi, Graphic Designers Washington Heather Roe: Bookkeeper (Independent Consultant), Washington

Other board members:       

Jason Hastings: Treasurer, Washington Monique Aikin: Secretary, New York Lisa Hanson, Board Member, Minnesota Brodie Miller, Board Member, Minnesota Lori Fuchs, Board Member, Minnesota Kim Anderson, Board Member, Minnesota Mary Chung, CDI, Inc. Social Media Director, Boise ID

Kim has served on our board for 2+ years. She doesn’t serve out of a sense of obligation, but with a true heart for the orphan. She is our TOP fundraiser and continues to find ways to support our projects, both financially and with her time and energy. I am so happy to have her on our team. She has a heart for those in need acts on her compassion by doing what she can to help the orphan. She’s busy with her own life and keeps a full schedule as a real estate agent, landlord and involved mom. Thanks to her husband Dan, she can take the time to act on her passion for the orphan child. Her fund raisers are not only FUN, but we’ve funded a school bus and dining hall for Ashirvad in India. She’s helping to raise money for the replacement roof for the dining hall in Cambodia. Her efforts have made many orphan children have joy and safety and it truly comes from her heart. She’s happiest when she’s doing things for others it seems. Look at the glow! Thank you Kim! You are loved!

Featured Partner Relindis Moffor, Founder and President Angel of Mercy, Cameroon We are proud to have helped Relindis Moffor build Serenity Homes, Cameroon We learned about this project when I first started our organization. A colleague, Mary Tjosvold, owner of Mary T Inc in Coon Rapids MN, introduced us. Mary has a school she funds in Cameroon and knew Relindis from her work with the HIV/AIDS population. Relindis’ heart couldn’t stand seeing the children orphaned because of this disease and set her heart on creating a safe place where the children could grow and thrive. A group of us traveled to Cameroon to plot strategy and here’s what she’s created mostly on her own in just 6 short years. I am proud our donors have helped in a small way so the children can have a safe place to call home. Thank you Relindis!

2016 HERE WE ARE. |



You can donate securely online from your bank account or with a credit card. We appreciate donations of any amount, as it all makes a difference!

Our Mail: 200 Orphanages 704 228th Ave NE #236 Sammamish WA 98074 a Nonprofit 501 3 (c)

Helping provide Safety, Shelter and Sustainability since 2007 Since we started in 2007, we’ve funded projects in Haiti, Guatemala, Uganda, Cameroon, Tanzania, 2 regions in India, Rwanda, Burundi, and we’ve start a campaign for Cambodia. Our first project was after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. We learned that three US volunteers were killed in that tragedy. I got a call from co-founder Fred Cornforth CEO and Chairman of CDI, Boise and he echoed my thoughts: “We have to help.” We were able to combine his donation with a match from the Central Minnesota Community Foundation and send $27,000 to help expand the NPH-International orphanage and provide temporary fencing for Haiti Mission Outreach around a school. That was our first funding and we barely had any money to give. It was truly a loaves and fishes experience and we continue relying on a

few miracles along the way! But you, our partners and donors, have served hundreds of orphans by helping provide safety, shelter and sustainability. Because Foundational Donors have come alongside us in our work, we’re able to send 100% of your donation to worthy, credible projects that help orphans and the abandoned child. Your funds have built irrigation, wells, latrines, outdoor kitchens, security walls, dormitories, library, steam kitchen, livestock shelter, dining rooms, school buses, and even screens for a dormitory to help prevent malaria. Our vision to help organizations provide safety, shelter and sustainability for the orphans and abandoned children in their care is happening because you are making it happen. Thank you!

Newslettern August to Sept 2016  

Love to share our updates. So inspiring! I hope you enjoy