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We Can’t Do It All, But We Can All Do Something. June-July Greetings Friends, I am excited to share this update of what your donations have accomplished in recent months. Again, I am proud to know those who serve the child in need, and those who take action to make a difference. Jan Hanson, Director and Founder WHAT’S NEW? New Partner Projects

January -June 2016 by Jan Hanson

Donations at Work You make it possible. Because of you, we were able to send $1250.00 for a well in India. Earlier this year, Halo Foundation put us in touch with some needs of Gulu Girls in Uganda and $1,000 from one of our generous donors was used to buy screens for the dormitory windows to prevent mosquitos from getting in the rooms, one more layer of protection for the girls from malaria. We’re waiting to send the $25,000 raised to Ashirvad for the school bus. I expect it to be sent late May for June disbursements. They are using other donations to design the gate and driveway. They are just completing the library and steam kitchen from last year’s disbursements. We continue to help our existing partners as they share their needs, so stay tuned if you want to help in some way.    

JBFC-Online Tanzania Angel of Mercy Cameroon NPH-Guatemala Halo Foundation: Gulu Girls, Bukesa

1) Burundi, Africa. Supporters helped raise money for a well this past December and the well is being dug at this time. It will serve the school and the dormitory we’re helping raise funds to complete. Will you consider helping? The $1000 DREAMMAKER CHALLENGE Campaign will attempt to raise $25,000 to complete the orphan dormitory for 40 boys and 40 girls. The concept is to find 25 people, couples, and teams to take on a challenge to raise or donate $1,000 per team toward the project. The challenge ends July 10, 2016. When the funds are in, hopefully right before rainy season, the completion of the dormitory will be underway. We have 9 committed teams so far and some of those are on a mission to not only raise $1,000, but to also find teams. So, please consider helping!

NEW PARTNERS 2) We’re also partnering with an orphanage in Cambodia. This is our first project in Asia, so it’s exciting. You’ll hear more about them in the next few months. Their immediate need is to repair the roof on the orphanage for $10,000 and to build a security wall for $6,000. We will be identifying and expanding the support network of this missionary couple and help them do the work with the children. We’ll be seeking new donors and supporters and so stay tuned! If you have anyone you think may have a heart for Cambodia, please share the story!

3) The other new partner is an organization called “MYLIFESPEAKS out of Neply Haiti based in Tennessee. The founders live in Haiti and work with the medical and other support needs of special needs orphans. We are helping them raise $15,000 to buy a school bus that will transport volunteers to the orphan’s homes, but also transport orphans to and from their medical appointments, etc. Local volunteer Dorie Lincoln traveled to Neply as a volunteer and will help us. We will keep you posted on the progress of this campaign.

2016 HERE WE ARE. | One sad note, the Mercy Homes in India we have supported has been ordered by the government to shut down their orphan homes in India. We are saddened by this news. By all appearances it is because of tightening of India’s government controls over the care of vulnerable children and especially scrutinizing Christian organizations. We visited there this past year and the children and families in the home to be happy and well cared for. The homes were under Voice of the Gospel ministry, which still operates Mercy Homes in various other countries. Voice of the Gospel will continue providing care for abandoned slum children, HIV/AIDS affect children, the poorest of the poor, the elderly and other mercy missions.


Angel of Mercy Serenity Homes, Cameroon, West Africa

150 Million How many children are living as orphans today…Too Many. You can help make their lives a bit brighter.

You Rock !

We are watching the world-wide closure and scrutiny of large orphanage style homes as it could impact our work. We’ll keep you informed as we are informed. A few more positive notes, we’re going to see the first of the children FINALLY move into Angel of Mercy Serenity Home this May. It’s been a long time, and many obstacles are being overcome. There is a current issue with broken pipes for the well, but I’m assured that will being resolved. The home will run initially with a generator, which is not uncommon. But, once the community leaders decide to run electric lines to the property where the complex is located, the home will have electricity. For now it’s just a building, but soon, it will be home to HIV/AIDS orphans and a caregiver. Irrigation for JBFC: Last year because of you we funded an irrigation project in Tanzania. We got some great photos of the workers and the girls in the garden. The project helped quadruple their growing capacity and now they not only have nutritious food to eat, but they have plenty left over to sell at the market. That’s what your support is doing for the orphan children.

2016 Projects Dormitory: Burundi $25,000 Join The Dream Maker campaign if you want to have some fun for a because we’d love to have you sponsor a team.

Roof/Wall: Cambodia: $16,000 Letter Campaign to Assembly of God members/churches in our network. Kick-off June 15.

School Bus: Haiti: $15,000 Local team is strategizing for a July 20 kick-off.

We keep expenses to a minimum so as much as 100% of program proceeds go to the project that will help provide safety, shelter and sustainability.

Often, our help is only a small portion of what is needed to complete a project. But we rejoice just the same. Here’s one of the happy workers in Tanzania showing of the crops you water day in and day out. We help where we can. Ashirvad kids in their new dining hall!

PARTNER PROFILE Meet Our new Partner in Haiti MY LIFE SPEAKS is based in Tennessee but operates in Neply Haiti. The mission is to care for special needs orphans. They place the children in homes and train and support families to care for the special needs. They provide ongoing medical support and host hundreds of volunteers to help with the care.

Here is the library under construction for Ashirvad!

Steam Kitchen Mechanical equipment All because of supporters and volunteers! YOU!

2016 HERE WE ARE. |


Your Work in 2015-16 Please consider adopting a project and organizing a “FUN”D Raiser! Check out our website on how you can get started! .

We’ve already seen amazing things being accomplished because of your donations for the orphan child. Congratulations to Kim Anderson for achieving a RECORD Fundraising event this year for our Organization.

She exceeded her last year’s RECORD fundraiser for the orphans! She and her team are awesome and the children of Ashirvad are so blessed, as are we. Thank you KIM! Kim Anderson and her team raised $25,000 for the Ashirvad orphanage school bus and necessary accommodations to the entry and fence. We are seeing the library and a steam kitchen built with funds from last year’s fund raiser. This is so exciting and we’re so happy to see the kids having their needs met. One touching moment for me at the Dancing Hand in Hand Benefit was well, the whole thing, but especially the part when two of my Niece in Laws, Lisa Hanson and Nicole Hanson shared their stories with the attendees at the fund raiser in MN. Both are adopted and both share a unique perspective of appreciation when seeing all the people coming out to help children who live orphan homes as they once did. This touched my heart as not only do I love them as part of my family, but as supporters of the work we do as well. They know the heart of the orphan child and shared their stories of appreciation. Tears. OPERATIONS/BUDGET Our budget (what we hope to raise) for 2016 is $85,000. This is a stretch from last year, but with the projects on deck, we hope to be able to have you help us. A word about staying small: I like it. I prefer it. We are able as a small nonprofit to make a direct impact in the lives of the orphan. So, a Bible verse I read early on is “Don’t despise the day of small things.” As a small nonprofit, your help is significant. Gifts of any size are so valuable to us and the orphan. Remember, if you can donate monthly you can designate your funds to any project or to the general fund. Which often goes to projects that need additional funds, or to administrative costs, such as Director and Officer insurance, office space, consultant fees (very minimal, by the way!) We set aside your funds to whatever project you designate. The projects are listed in the drop down box on our online donation site.

200 Orphanages Vision: 10 in 10

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)

Raise up 10 volunteer directors in 10 states/locations Add 10 more partners/projects Fund $200,000 in projects annually 10 fund raisers/ 6 major fund raisers: $20,000 each 10 New Large Donors/4 Major donors: $50,000 Build Recurring donor base to $10,000 per year. Build grant sources for programs from $20,000 Build volunteer base to 100 volunteers Develop fund raising list to 2,000 Develop 10 board members

2016 HERE WE ARE. |


If you share our vision to help provide safety, shelter and sustainability for orphans… PLEASE CONSIDER A MONTHLY RECURRING DONATION… It really helps!

  

$30 Per month = $360 a year. (That’s a lot!) 3.5 donors at this level dig a $1,250 well in India $50 Per month = $600 a year (That’s a lot!) 10 donors at this level build a $6,000 security wall $75 per month = $900 a year (That’s a lot!) 11 donors at this level build a $10,000 roof.

WE LIKE YOUR MONTHLY GIFTS! They really make a difference. Of course, if you want to send $1,000, or $10,000 we’ll humbly accept. Remember, ALL of your funds go to the project you designate. We are all volunteer and no one takes a salary. This is truly an ALL VOLUNTEER NONPROFIT, one that drives me and I’m even more passionate today than when we started 8 years ago. Every time we distribute funds to a project, I am encouraged. When we have needs come our way, like the three listed above, I have every confidence that donors will come forward and help with the work. We’ve seen so many things happen and are so grateful. It is evident God loves the orphaned child more than we do! He really wants the orphan to have safety, shelter and sustainability. He doesn’t wave a magic wand either. He asks us to be His hands and feet on this earth. It’s evident you’ve gladly accepted the assignment! DONATE TODAY

New Board Members/Volunteers We’re working to expand our reach and are so proud to have new board members and volunteers to help us in our mission.     You can donate securely online from your bank account or with a credit card. We appreciate donations of any amount, as it all makes a difference!

 

Sarah Rodrigues: Board Member, Washington Tom Freestone: Board Member, Washington Leena Agrawal: Board Member, Washington Volunteer Administrators: Bernadine Pierre and Michelle Walton (North Carolina and Colorado) Graphic Designer: Mila Shtikel-Klein (Washington) Heather Roe: Bookkeeper (Independent Consultant)

Our Mail: 200 Orphanages 704 228th Ave NE #236 Sammamish WA 98074 a Nonprofit 501 3 (c)

Fund raising examples of how you help. Here’s How You’ve Helped Build… We like Micro Events/Campaigns… Safety, Shelter and Sustainability for Orphans

Till Every Orphan Has A Safe Place to Call Home.

1st quarter update  

200 Orphanages Worldwide 1st quarter update. Here's what your donations are doing on behalf of orphans around the world.

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