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Superbowl Sunday is the perfect day. Good game, friends, family and of course the food. If you are having a Superbowl party choose easy appetizer recipes which makes it easy for your guests to eat and make. Superbowl Sunday is not a day to hold back on eating. If you serve spareribs, chicken wings or a pizza, your guests will love the aroma coming from your kitchen. Have the cold appetizers ready for your guests to help themselves when they get there. Then bring out the hot appetizers shortly afterwards. Cold appetizers suggestions: Cold dips are popular to make. Try to make a guacamole, cheese, salsa, crab and chive dip, Don't forget the crackers and chips. You can make a veggie tray with a ranch or blue cheese dip. Put some cream cheese in celery ribs. You can make these appetizers dips ahead of time so you can use your time to make other snacks. Maybe make a hot cheese dip that you can keep warm in a crock pot. Meatballs are also a great appetizer which you can also keep warm in the crock pot. Have a mug or bowl set up for some nice hot chili. Chili and beer are the perfect combo. Here is a Great Superbowl Hot Chili Recipe! Fry 2 pounds of ground beef, onion, green pepper and celery together. Add 8 teaspoons of chili powder Add 1 tablespoon crushed red pepper (less if you don't like it that hot) Add 1/2 teaspoon tabasco sauce Add 1/2 teaspoon oregano Add 1 large can of tomatoes Add 1/2 can of a large tomato juice Let simmer and then add 2 cans kidney beans. When serving you can add cheese to the top. This freezes great I always have some in my freezer. This is a great superbowl and anytime chili recipe. Enjoy!

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==== ==== Top Fastest Recipes For The SuperBowl: ==== ====

Superbowl Hot Chile Recipe  

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