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Staff Biographies General Editor

Casey Sue Kula is a ______. Just like writer’s block, the ______ represents her individuality that has yet to come into light. ______ is also her willpower to conquer the difficulties no one else thought she could ever accomplish on her own. Why is ______ so distant, but so close to people at the same time? Why is ______ such an optimistic ______ but still as stubborn as can be? Who will ever know why this ______ is the way ______ is? Casey Sue Kula is a ______.

General Editor

Ashton Jah is a closed book hidden beneath a row of shelves: unopened and untouched. Deep in the book lie stories left untold and memories waiting to come back into light. He waits, waiting for someone to come and explore the book—waiting for someone new to open the untouched book, to find and explore the unknown hidden beneath a row of shelves.

Layout Editor

Gracie Poehlman is the space between lines of text. She fills it with red pen as she reads through her own life and works, making small nudges and corrections. One day she will finally turn this great assignment in and see it in print at last—her messy scrawl no longer visible, but still present in the story.

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