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with a degree in management. “We understand this may be hard on you, Mr. Leo,” Blake said. “You can consult with your lawyer if you wish. We can-” “I don’t have a lawyer,” Leo admitted. “If we go to court for this, I would need someone who was on my brother’s side.” Blake and Connor nodded simultaneously. They had Cade’s back since undergraduate school together. *** Within the next week, the Brooklaw CO. has been mentioned in the local news every day. Within the month, the story went nationwide. The late CEO’s name plastered on every TV screen and magazine. The partners of Brooklaw Co. began battling with each other about the company, all while still mourning the death of its CEO. Leo waited by the door of the courthouse, looking out at the street through a small window. News cameras and reporters buzzed around like bees searching for pollen. He swallowed hard, thinking about what to say. He had been trying to avoid them since the partners and himself had filed for ownership of the company. “Mr. Leo Brooklaw,” Connor said from behind him. “Ready?” Leo wanted to shake his head no. How could he tell all these people and the people of America—the world—that he would take his brother’s company and that he was fully prepared to fight for it? Throughout the month, he moved everything from his home in New York to his brother’s house. His boss at the tailor shop let him miss work to fight for the company. Everything changed so fast, and Leo didn’t know how to move with it. Taking a big breath, Leo stepped through the doors with Connor and Blake following closely. The reporters turned and rushed to him. All the yelling and flashing making Leo more nervous. “Mr. Brooklaw!” one reporter stopped him. “How do you feel about your brother’s partners taking ownership of his company.” Leo stopped and looked at the reporter. This is what he was waiting for. “They won’t take my brother’s company,” he stated and looked at the camera behind her. “No one else is taking my brother’s company but me. He left the company to me in his will, and I’m certain the people will understand they must respect a dead man’s wishes.” The reporters flurried into an enormous bout of yelling and asking him questions. Connor nodded to Leo as a gesture of congratulations. *** The next three months took a major toll on the Brooklaw team. The partners teamed together to rival Leo in taking ownership, but still Leo fought with everything he had. He was a very secretive person, as the public knew, and all bits and pieces of his past were revealed in court and pushed out into the public. The spotlights were on him everywhere he went and supports of the partners slammed and belittled him in public.

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