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I am not the life of poverty you see. I am an overcomer. I am a hopeful dreamer. I am my tomorrow.

I am not the perfect man you see. I am self-centered. I am my riches. I am only my today.

They say you can never lose by loving what you do, But by holding back on what you don’t do, And I have always tried my hardest To make myself anew.

They say you can never lose by loving what you do, And in my time, I have never lost,

Sometimes, you just have to keep going And pray God will lead you So you can keep growing. I might live my life differently, but I’m still human too.

But I always have to try my hardest To be the one who’s always on top. Sometimes the people you cross paths with Will have a different story And a different goal, But we are all humans, so we can’t feel sorry for the time we lost.

What a life I’ve given— A life so grand and accomplished. I had a chance in society: A privilege I was given; an opportunity I can live for. I’ll never know what it’s like to be on the other side Because now, all I have is my wealth: Out of the brown brick, My sparkling red Corvette and my And grand mansion dipped in joy Out where the green grass grows. Out where the green grass grows.



What a life I’ve given living here— Trapped inside myself. Give me a chance: A second chance I can live by, a life I can live for. Because one day, I want to live out— Out of the rusted metal,

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