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I can barely hear my own thoughts But I still do Droning on and on While you sit clueless to my demise And swirl your hair around your finger. I dreamt of undiscovered galaxies and holding you Running through the halls of this humdrum abyss And singing at the top of my lungs. On the playground, we would scream sonnets And cartwheel across the ground I had found forever within you The world was cruel and confusing But I wasn’t confused about you How could a world be cruel when it held people like you? But each time you’d scream a little softer And stand from the sidelines. Somehow making a fool of myself was only fun when you were too You wouldn’t hold my hand like you once did Everyone was going to look you said, “Everyone’s going to talk; The world is watching” But my world was you My mom would call your mom To ask if you could come over to play But you were eating dinner You were sick that week You had a lot of homework You had tennis practice that afternoon You had plans already. So I sat in the yard Lying in a stack of the raked orange leaves Watching the sun set and the cold creep in I could see the flashes of your television from your window It looked directly into mine You left it on most of the time Background noise to the clutter banging around in your head Your white sneakers stumbling through the pools of disaster I understood But I so desperately wished it was my voice filling up the void And not the television’s It got too cold to play outside And our moms drove us home from school My afternoons were filled with radio shows and the cries of my little


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Eclectic18 for web printtest