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Transfigured Omen Julia Pimmel Digital Art



what their brain scans read. I had to leave the room due to their screams as the results were being collected. One of the many peculiar notes taken was that one of the rat’s hair started to fall out. The pupils of their eyes became a milky white color after a day. We were happy with these conclusions—well, the people employing us were happy. Seventeen days after the last trial…one of the rats who had been subjected to one of the strains started to refuse the food pellets. After that point, we could no longer examine it. If we tried, it would bear its teeth and snap at our gloved hands. I thought it was defending itself, but it was attacking us instead. Eventually, the rat killed itself by slamming into the glass case. It was horrifying. That rat was the first living creature to ever be exposed to the disease that we now call “Templachlonic Neurosis.” The second subject, or more so a victim, was one of the epidemiologists working alongside me on this project, Erica Manning. She was exposed during a simple procedure, disposing of a dead test subject. We all knew the routine as well as anything else: make sure to secure all PPC before entering the quarantine room outside of the lab and place the body in the hazardous waste bin. The bin was then disposed of immediately. Erica was the only person in the quarantine room during this operation. Once the case was opened, that was it. That was how this started; with that one simple bite. The world came crumbling down after that incident. There was no coming back from it. Nothing could save us, and I knew that as soon as I saw the color of Erica’s eyes transition from her warm brown shade to something so inhumane: a murky, milky, maddening white hue. I knew it was over. It was over. Here I am typing this letter, just praying that anyone sane may find it after this devastation has ended… If it ever does. The disgusting creatures that I partially created will burst through that puny door any minute now. I will soon also become one of those mindless, revolting, wretched monsters myself. I have explained how this terror began, but this is how my tortured soul will come to an end…

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Eclectic18 for web printtest