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Short Film Script “Credit” By: Jessi Levi March, 2011 FADE IN PRESENT DAY INT. GIRL’S BEDROOM Laughter & loud music (backstreet boys) ABBIE & OLIVIA ABBIE Have you thought of an idea to present to the farewell video club? MR SMITH said that he wants everyone to have at least one idea to contribute to the video. OLIVIA is quiet as she paints her nails OLIVIA I thought of one last night, but I don’t want to stand up in front of everyone and tell them my idea. What if they laugh OLIVIA looking upset ABBIE No one will laugh. If you want I can tell them your idea for you. You don’t have to be shy, they’re your classmates! OLIVIA I know… but I get so scared talking to everyone. ABBIE Its okay I can tell them your idea, don’t worry! FADE OUT

FADE IN INT. MR. SMITH’S ROOM MR SMITH in the front of the room, kids crowding around him in chairs. MR SMITH I hope everyone took a couple of minutes over the weekend to think about something they would like to contribute to the farewell video. The class starts yelling their ideas out and putting their hands up except OLIVIA. OLIVIA is looking down, not wanting to be seen. MR SMITH looks around and sees her. MR SMITH Olivia, what did you come up with? OLIVIA Ummmmmmmmm.. well, I-I-I-I Abbie interrupts ABBIE What Olivia is trying to say is that she couldn’t come up with an idea, but I’ll share mine! MR SMITH Ok, lets hear it! ABBIE Okay so my idea was to… FADE OUT FADE IN INT. HALLWAY LOCKER BREAK ABBIE’S LOCKER

ABBIE is at her locker getting her books and OLIVIA comes and opens her locker door all the way ABBIE Oh hey! Where were you for the rest of lunch break? OLIVIA No where.. why did you take credit for my idea? ABBIE I thought that you wanted me to tell them your idea OLIVIA Yeah I did.. but I didn’t want you to tell them it was yours! It took me a long time to come up with that idea. I cant believe you took it. ABBIE I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that They hug Walk into class FADE OUT FADE IN Abbie in her bedroom, thinking (Voice over) Olivia’s idea was so good. I should have thought of it. If she has really good ideas, I can just tell the club before she does and then I’ll get the credit for it. FADE OUT FADE IN LUNCH ROOM INT lunch time

ABBIE Did you come up with any good ideas for the video? OLIVIA No, why? ABBIE Oh I was just wondering. I thought we were supposed to… OLIVIA Oh well I have an idea, do you want to hear it? ABBIE: I won’t. OLIVIA Promise? ABBIE: Promise. Camera gets a shot of ABBIE crossing her fingers OLIVIA Well I was thinking that we could… FADE OUT FADE IN NEXT FAREWELL VIDEO CLUB MEETING INT. lunch time. Mr. Manness’s class MR MANNESS All of your ideas last time were great! Did we miss anyone’s idea? ABBIE I thought of a new one! MR SMITH

Excellent job Abbie! ABBIE I thought we could start by ….. Olivia runs out of the room. TWO OTHER GIRLS What’s wrong with her…? FADE OUT FADE IN INT. HALLWAY People around, day time (school) OLIVIA WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU! I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS. THANKS FOR CONFIRMING THE FACT THAT I CAN NEVER TRUST YOU AGAIN. ABBIE I don’t know what you’re talking about OLIVIA Don’t act as if you don’t know what I’ talking about. You stole my idea, AGAIN. After you PROMISED you wouldn’t. ABBIE Whatever. ABBIE walks away. FADE OUT THE END

Short Film Script  

OLIVIA I thought of one last night, but I don’t want to stand up in front of everyone and tell them my idea. What if they laugh OLIVIA I kno...

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