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School Nightmare Written By: Mitchell Hall

Treatment An average school boy shows up at school for a test the day

after he had pulled an all nighter watching scary movies. He goes through out his day witnessing strange and scary events that remind him of the movies he had watched. He becomes scared and nervous of his surroundings and eventually finds a relieving surprise in the end. The main character is the school boy. The main climax is when he finally freaks out after he sees his test and starts to run away. The resolution is that the main character finds out that he had been sleeping the whole time but still has the low mark on his test due to him falling asleep and not completing the test.

Opening Scene: A student shows up at his locker before the morning classes. He turns to his friend that is standing beside him. Student/Main Character “Dude, last night I pulled an all nighter watching scary movies. It was insane!”

Main Characters Friend “That sounds awesome. I wish I could have been there.” The bell rings and the students close their lockers to go to class.

Class Room Scene: Once in their class they take their seat and wait for the teacher. The teacher then hands out a test for the class to complete. The Main Character then begins his test along with his classmates. After a while the Main Character tries to cheat by asking a classmate the answer to a question. Student/Main Character “Hey, what’s the answer to number three?”

After the Main Character asks there is no response. The Main Character then notices that the other student isn’t moving. He takes a look around the room and notices no one is moving, not even an inch.

The main character becomes very confused and nervous of this event. He attempts to tap another student on the shoulder when the bells rings and frightens him. Immediately after the bell rings the other student get up quietly and leave the room. The Main Character shakes his head, rubs his eyes, and shrugs off what just happened. The Main character then gets up and cautiously walks out of the room.

Hallway Scene: The camera is looking at the door from and angle as the Main Character peers his head out the door. He notices that there is no one around and that he is alone. He walks out into the hallway and continues down it. The camera is now at the other side of the door at the end of the hallway when the Main Character opens the door.

Stairwell Scene: The camera follows him going down the first few steps. The camera is now at the bottom of the stairs filming the main character through some of the bars of the railing. The Main Character looks even more confused as there are still no other people but him. The Main Character walks down the remainder of the stairwell and walks through the door.

Wall Way Scene #2 The Main Character continues down the hallway after he walks through the door.

He takes a turn to continue down the remainder of the hallway.

He walks up beside the office and the next few doors and see some mysterious person through the window of the door. Camera focuses on the back of the Mysterious Person. All of a sudden the Mysterious Person raises his hand high and starts moving his arm back and forth as if he were stabbing someone. ??? “AHHHHHH”

Front Foyer Scene The Main Character runs into the area where the Mysterious Person is. Student/ Main Character “Hey what are you……” Mysterious Person “Stupid machine stealing my money!!!”(Banging on the drink machine) ??? “ Aw man I spilt my drink!”

The Main Character scratches his head looking very confused. He then walks forward toward the gym doors and notices a strange person in a hockey mask staring at him The Main Character becomes extremely frightened because the person looks similar to the scary movie character in one of the movies he had watched the night before.

Student/Main Character

“NO! IT CAN’T BE!!!!” All of a sudden the person in the hockey mask walks to the side, grabs a hockey stick and runs onto the gym floor to play hockey. Student/Main Character “What is going on around here?” The Main Character walks up the stairs to his left. Once at the top of the stairs he turns to the right and walks to the entrance of the hallway where his classroom is. He opens the door and continues to walk down the hallway. The Main Character makes it to the turn in the hallway and stops. There’s a shadowy figure behind him. He turns around slowly to find nothing behind him. The shadowy figure is now behind the Main Character on the other side. The figure places his hand on the Main Character’s shoulder Student/Main Character “AHHHHH!!!” Mr. Manness “Hey you forgot your test!” Student/Main Character “Oh um….thanks” Mr. Manness walks away. The Main Character looks at his paper to find the mark of 50%! Student/Main Character “AHHHH!!!”

The Main Character runs down the hallway back the way he came. He runs past the stairs and runs into the another hallway. He spots his friend and runs up behind him. Student/Main Character “Hey I need your help. Something really strange is happening around here!!” The main character puts his hand on his friends shoulder as he turns around. He sees his friends face which is now extremely distorted and wrinkly. Student/Main Character “AHHH!!!”

Classroom Scene The Main Character shoots up from a deep sleep. He looks very relieved as his teacher walks by and puts a paper on his desk. It says test on the front so the Main Character turns the front page to find the mark of 50% on it. Student/Main Character “AHHH!!!!”

The End

School Nightmare  

Treatment An average school boy shows up at school for a test the day Written By: Mitchell Hall

School Nightmare  

Treatment An average school boy shows up at school for a test the day Written By: Mitchell Hall