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Never There Written by Amanda Jantz 1A INT. SCHOOL HALLWAY - DAY FADE IN. People are all over the hallway. They are teenagers, in grade ten or eleven. Some are walking, some at lockers, some are socializing. Talking, mumbling, and laughing play in the background. Sounds like you would hear in a school hallway. VOICE OVER MEAGAN I remember my first day here. Thought this place was nice. A good school. You know, I think they do that on purpose. Try to make people have a good first impression. And sure. Who wouldn’t want to go to a school that looks perfect on the outside? With supposedly great teachers, and squeaky clean floors. But what you wouldn’t know from just looking at it, is the torture happening inside. MEAGAN slams JESSICA’S locker shut. MEAGAN is leaning against the locker next to JESSICA’S. JESSICA is holding a textbook that she needs for her next class. MEAGAN But that’s what I’m here for. Don’t worry; I’ll help you through everything. I mean, I’ve already done it once before. I can make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

JESSICA is the new girl at school. She is a very sweet, gentle girl who is very polite. She is shy at times, and she is also very different. JESSICA Oh, well thank you. That’s very nice of you. MEAGAN Well it’s the least I can do. I wish there would have been someone to do the same thing when I was in that position. JESSICA Yeah, I’ve never been the new girl. I wasn’t sure what to expect. MEAGAN Let’s just say that in this school, not everyone is as nice or as perfect as they seem. There is some low life, snuck up, mean people that enjoy watching other people suffer. It makes me sick. JESSICA Oh! At my old school there was nothing like that. Everyone was nice to each other, and very friendly. MEAGAN (Smirking) That must have been nice. It’s impossible to picture people at our school like that. There is only thing in this world I don’t understand. If it’s anything to do with school work, I get it. Anything having to do with conversations, or families, I get it. But the one thing I don’t is... School bell rings, indicating next class is about to start. JESSICA drops her text book, and goes down to the floor to pick

it up. When she gets up, MEAGAN is gone. JESSICA looks around, shrugs, and walks towards her next class. 2A Int. Water fountain - Day Later that day by the water fountain, JESSICA is taking a sip of water. No one else is outside of their class, she is alone. She comes up to find MEAGAN leaning against the wall beside the water fountain. JESSICA is startled. MEAGAN Hey there. JESSICA (Startled) Oh, hi! I, uh, didn’t see you there. MEAGAN smirks. JESSICA Man, everything right now is so crazy. With this being my first day, and all the new classes and faces, I’m very overwhelmed. MEAGAN I remember those days. Being the new girl sucked. Everyone just stares at you, acting like you’re so different than everyone else. When really, underneath all their expensive clothes, perfect makeup, and styled hair, you’re just that same as everyone else. But people these days have a hard time getting past what someone looks like. JESSICA Yeah, it’s nice to talk to someone who really gets how I’m feeling right now. Anyways, when we were talking earlier you never finished what you were saying. It was something about, uhhmm, oh yeah. The only thing in the world that you don’t understand.

MEAGAN Oh, right. The one thing I just don’t get is society these days, and how rude people are to each other, especially teenagers. Everyone all wants to be the same. They want to have the same kind of clothes as everyone else, the same type of hair, do the same things... To me, I think someone that is different is way more interesting! It shows that they are their own person, and not afraid to be themselves. It shows how unique they are. But the sad thing is, if someone is even the slightest bit different, all those who try and act the same criticize and make fun of them. JESSICA Well why would they do that? MEAGAN That’s the part I don’t understand. They think that if they aren’t the same, they won’t be considered cool. And no one has the courage to break free from all that and be different. It’s really a shame. JESSICA Why does this have to do with me though? I’m just the new girl. It’s not like people will even notice I exist. MEAGAN Jessica, you and me, we’re different. Whether we like it or not. We’re different than everyone, and I think that is a great quality about us. And you may be new for right now, but you won’t be new forever. People will eventually realize that you’re there. And they will torment you like you won’t believe. Trust me, you don’t want that.

MR. ROBINSON comes out of his class room, walking towards JESSICA down the hall. He is one of JESSICA’S new teachers. JESSICA No of course I don’t want that! That sounds horrible. No one should have to go through that. MEAGAN Well in reality, it happens. MR. ROBINSON Hi Jessica, who are you talking to?

JESSICA I was just having a conversation with... JESSICA looks over in the direction that MEAGAN was standing. But she isn’t there. She’s alone. JESSICA looks around. JESSICA Uhhm, no one, now. MR. ROBINSON Oh, okay. Well how is everything going so far? I hope everything’s going okay. You’ve found your class rooms alright? How are your teachers? This is a very welcoming school. And you’re a smart girl, I’m sure you’ll be fine. MR. ROBINSON’S voice starts to fade out as soon as he starts talking. JESSICA starts staring into space, thinking. She doesn’t pay attention to what MR. ROBINSON is saying. 3A INT. SCHOOL CANTEEN - Lunchtime JESSICA is standing in the line waiting to buy her lunch. A group of girls walk past her.

EMILY (Being rude) Move, get out of our way. MEAGAN appears behind her, and starts telling her what to say. MEAGAN Tell her you’re sorry and that you like her shoes. JESSICA Sorry! And hey, I really like your shoes! EMILY Oh thanks! I got them at Payless on sale! JESSICA Nice! They’re adorable. The girl walks away smiling. JESSICA Thanks! You totally saved my butt, I froze up! I’m not sure what I would have done without you! MEAGAN That’s what I’m here for. I got your back. Oh and I have some advice. Go out to Wal-Mart, and buy a magazine. Then, go to all the stores you can, and buy the clothes in the magazine. I promise you, it will help. JESSICA I will, I trust you. If you think it will help then I’ll do it. The next day JESSICA goes to school wearing all new clothes. She looks just like a girl from the magazines. She had her hair all done up and had make up perfectly applied. She walked into the school like she owned the place. The group of girls that passed

by her in front of the canteen noticed when she walked in. JESSICA walked by them and flipped her hair. SIERRA Woah, who is that girl? BETHANY I don’t know! I’ve never seen her before! SIERRA Hey excuse me? JESSICA turns around. JESSICA Yes? SIERRA What’s your name? JESSICA My name is Jessica, I’m new here! SIERRA Oh well nice to meet you! My friends and I were wondering if you wanted to have lunch with us today. JESSICA Yeah I would love to, thanks! SIERRA No problem! See you soon. JESSICA turns and continues walking to her locker. At her locker she finds a note from MEAGAN taped on the inside. It says, ‘told you it would work!’ Days pass by and JESSICA stops being the new girl. She makes friends and she continues her act to be the same as everyone else in her school.

4A Int. A friend’s bedroom - Day One day, JESSICA is hanging out with her friends. One friend decides to bring out old yearbooks from a couple years ago. As JESSICA is looking through them, she notices a familiar picture. SIERRA Guys, I’m bored. Why don’t we look through some old yearbooks! EMILY Yeah sure! That could be fun, let me go get them. SIERRA Alright. Emily gets off the couch and go grabs the yearbooks. She gets them and plops them down on the coffee table in front of them. The three girls each pick up a yearbook and start flipping through them. EMILY and SIERRA are giggling at different images while JESSICA is flipping through pages. All of a sudden, JESSICA’S face goes blank. JESSICA Hey Emily, who is this? EMILY Oh, I remember her! Strange girl, but very nice. It’s such a shame what happened. JESSICA Why, what happened? EMILY Well a couple years ago, she was new to the school. She was quite different, and didn’t seem to fit in. People made fun of her so much, and were so mean to her. I remember she would always get bullied.

SIERRA It got to the point where she started cutting herself, and hating herself because she let it get to her. And then one day, she couldn’t take it anymore. She ended up committing suicide. JESSICA is holding the yearbook, and she puts it down on the table open to the page. The picture is of MEAGAN, from 2007. She was in grade 10 as well.

Never There  

MEAGAN slams JESSICA’S locker shut. MEAGAN is leaning against the locker next to JESSICA’S. JESSICA is holding a textbook that she needs for...

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