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Snowy Daze Script

By: Nivethan 9Manness March 14 2011

1A) Ext- School field - Mid Afternoon There is a normal BOY outside in the middle of the field building a fort. His goal is to build the biggest fort his school has ever seen. The BOY wanted to be known as someone and make a name for himself instead of the loser he already was. He gets hit with a snowball on top of his head. When he looks up, he disappointingly sees no one there.

BOY Now I won’t be a failure anymore. I will go down in history at this school. Mwahaha

(He then gets hit with the snowball)

BOY What the heck was that? There’s no one here. It could only be him. (Looks up at sky)

1B) Ext-School - Mid Afternoon The BOY goes back to building his fort. But once again, out of nowhere, he gets hit by another snowball. When he looks up furiously this time, he only sees a TEACHER giving him an evil grin. When he blinks, the teacher is gone, but after he blinks again, the teacher is right in his face. The TEACHER pushes the BOY over his fort leaving him motionless there.

BOY Wh-who are you?

TEACHER Hehehe. Your worst nightmare. AHHHHHH!! (Pushes boy over fort)

2A) Int - Hospital Room Boy starts to regain consciousness blurrily. He sees the same evil teacher by his side. He wakes up and talks to the teacher about what happened.

BOY Why the heck did you push me over my fort?!?!

TEACHER I didn’t, you were just dreaming. BOY Of course you did. I felt it.

TEACHER That wasn’t me; someone or something knocked you out.

BOY Uh, what? What happened then??

3A) Ext – School – Mid Afternoon (Flashback) The BOY gets hit with a snowball. The BOY lays on the ground motionless. It turns out that a pile of snow fell down from a tree and hit him on the head which made him unconscious.

BOY Ouch!

Man down, man down!!!

Int- Hospital room BOY Is that what really happened?

TEACHER It’s the sad truth.

BOY Then how come you were in my “dream” and coincidentally the same teacher here with me.

TEACHER Well I was there when you got hit with the snow, so I brought you here. As I was carrying you, you opened your eyes and saw me. Maybe that’s why.

BOY Oh, I guess that makes sense. going to be okay?

Am I

TEACHER The doctor says that you’ll be fine. You ready to go home?

BOY Yeah, let’s go.

4A) Ext- Hospital The BOY gets hit with a snowball on the way to the teacher’s car. The TEACHER shoes his evil grin once again.

TEACHER Hahaha. Here we go again.


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Snowy Daze Script By: Nivethan 9Manness March 14 2011 What the heck was that? There’s no one here. It could only be him. 1A) Ext- School fie...

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