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Lost and ? By Katie Lund 9 Manness

1A/B Interior. HGI, around 1:00pm no one around. Male student walks over to the Lost and Found and tosses a blue sweater into it. Student walks away and goes into an ordinary classroom. 2A Int. Hallway, bell rings students go into hallway 2B Two students Susan and Kyle walking together down the hallway.

Susan: But I just don’t see how you could lose it just like that *snaps finger* Kyle: I know.. It’s really strange, one minute I had it then the next it was gone. Susan: Maybe we should look in the lost and found, someone could’ve dropped it off there! Kyle: It’s worth a shot. 3A Interior, Kyle and Susan walking down the stairs towards the lost and found. 3B Interior Kyle and Susan looking into the lost and found box (puzzled looks on their faces) Kyle: There’s nothing in here.. Susan: *Sarcastically* Really? It looks full to me.. Kyle: *Pouty look* You don’t have to be so sarcastic.. I was just saying! Kyle: *Sadly* That was a new sweater too!!! Susan:

I’m sure someone brought it to the office lets go see if the office staff has seen it! 4A Interior As they walk away the scene fades out and goes to a teacher holding the blue sweater and chuckling as he/she walks into a “storage room” filled with random sweaters and gym bags and things like that. 4B The teacher tosses the blue sweater on top of a nearby desk walks out of the storage room and locks the door behind him. 5A Exterior Around 5:00pm , Kyle walking home listening to music and kicking the snow around him. He turns around to see the school and sees that a teacher is watching him from the top floor of the school Kyle hurriedly walks away shivering. 5B Interior, Mr. Mars (on a cell phone) walks away from the window Mr. Mars: I think he bought it 5C Interior, The principal`s office Principal: Good.. Now we need to know how we can get it back without him noticing the change. 5D Interior, Classroom Mr. Mars: That shouldn`t be hard, he doesn`t suspect anything 5E Same shot as 5C Principal: Yet. 5F Same shot as 5D Mr. Mars: We should take care of it before he does. 5G Interior both people hang up the cell phone the teacher sighs and slumps down to his computer.

6A Exterior, Susan walks up to the front doors of the school and Kyle`s waiting there for her. Susan: Is everything okay Kyle? Kyle: Y-Yah I was just thinking about my sweater and everything. Susan: Man you`re obsessed, its lost.. Get over it buddy. Kyle: Maybe it isn`t though, the way Mr. Mars was eyeing up my sweater yesterday before I lost it, it gave me the creeps. Susan: He probably liked it, you`re just being paranoid! Kyle: I don`t know... I think I`m going to see if I can find it today Susan: Okay! Just don`t be late for class! Kyle: (mischievous look) I won`t you goody two shoes. 7A Interior, Kyle walking down the hallway towards the storage room and slowly/quietly and sneaks in, seeing all of the assorted things from the lost and found. Kyle: *Gasps* Mr. Mars: I`m so sorry but you need to go Kyle, now that you know the truth about our plan. Kyle:

What are you talking about?! I just want my sweater back! Mr. Mars: (Muttering) I`m sorry Kyle I`m so sorry. *Closes and locks the door* Kyle: (Yelling) Mr. Mars! NO! Come back!! Please! I`ll do anything! I won`t tell anyone!! PLEASE!! 8A Interior, Mr. Mars and The Principal Mr. Mars: Kyle won`t be bothering us anymore Principal: Good job, we can transfer him to my house tonight but until then, we have to have some way to keep him quiet. Mr. Mars: Don`t worry I`ve got that covered‌

Lost and question mark  
Lost and question mark  

Lost and ? By Katie Lund 9 Manness Susan: Susan: Susan: Susan: *Pouty look* You don’t have to be so sarcastic.. I was just saying! I know.....