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Exclusive interview! Oscar tells about Falcao on press conference. See on Page #4

Look who won the world wide contest.

Hazard’s brother going to the first team!? See on Page #3! Feb 14 2014 Edition 6

Our Top Sponsor!! Karl C Parrish is a very good school in Barranquilla Colombia . KCP is our main sponsor and we are proud of it. KCP participates in many sports activities. One of them is coming soon in March . It is a national competition that takes place in many schools all around Colombia. This year it will take place in Armenia, Medellin. For these competitions many sports. Some of the sports that are going are : Volleyball , Soccer , Basketball and many others. Were are going to support them a lot for that tournament. These school have a lot of trees and iguanas. KCP celebrated Valentines day in a fun and particular way. They did serenatas. Serenatas are like dedicate songs to someone. So you paid 5 thousand pesos and the Seniors dedicated a song to someone for you. KCP also does a lot of fun assemblies. One of them is the battle of the sexes were boys compete with girls. Sometime they do assemblies of Character Counts. In this they do fun surveys. The surveys are mostly of the 6 pillars of character. They are fairness, respect, responsibility, caring , trustworthiness, and citizenship.


Competition continues in the Belgian international. Were Eden plays in the first squad. Thorgan is considering nationalize himself to his fathers country Wales. Since there is many competition for his position. Also in Wales is his cousin Bale.

When Chelsea brought the great and talented Belgian Eden Hazard (circle) they brought his younger brother Thorgan. Eden Hazard went to the first team since he was older and better. Thorgan was given some opportunities but normally went on the second team. Even though lately Mourinho, Chelsea's DT has decided to give many opportunities to Thorgan. Thorgan how expected is starting to shine at a young age. Yesterday afternoon after team practice there was a discussion. After practice they announced the squad for the next important game. Thorgan was chose, but Eden was placed in the bench. After that Eden complained with Jose Mourinho that he was getting tired of this. Later on the press the DT said that just one of the Hazard’s will stay and we quote “ I am tired of this competition�.

After Falcao’s tragic injury the media has been going crazy. We Megs Fc got the luck and the opportunity to be the first ones to interview the great Radamel Falcao after recuperation. Even more we got the luck to bring his best friend Oscar. Oscar plays in the Brazilian selccion. Hi guys we are here in studio for an exlusive interview. Falcao: Hi juanma I am glad to be here. Oscar: Me too. So how did you two meet? Oscar: We were in a friendly game of Colombia vs Brazil. Falcao: Then after the game I went with a friend of mine David Luiz and he presented me too him. Good and how are you feeling of going to the World cup in Brazil. Falcao: My fellow team-mates and Colombia fans have been supporting me a lot. I think that maybe I wont be able t play the first games. Though if Colombia gets far I could play the semifinals. Well and if they don't get to far what will you do? Falcao: Well I hope that doesn't happen. Me two, but if it happens what will you do. Falcao: Well I was planning then to go to Brazil wih Oscar. Is that true Oscar? Oscar: Yes indeed. And what will you do? Oscar: Well we were planning to watch to games. Well thanks t was a pleasure having you. Well good luck

Jose Mourinho Chelsea DT did a enthusiastic contest. This contest was to all the Chelsea fans with Fifa 2014. They had to do a career mode and do their own Chelsea Fc squad. This contest was very exciting. People from all over the world participated. We finally got the winner. The winner from all over Colombia was Juan Manuel Gomez. Juan Manuel is 13 years old. He lives in Barranquilla. An interesting fact is that he studies in the same school that we sponsor! Karl C Parrish, or also called KCP. He is a seventh grader. In his squad he took players from all over the world. That is what the judges most liked. Also he took only 2 days in completing. We think he broke a record!

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