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Lars Müller Publishers Lars Müller Publishers is an internation-

Lars Müller started to publish books

ally active publishing house. It came into

on typography, design, art, photography

being in Baden, Switzerland in 1983, as

and architecture in 1983. Lars Müller

a result of the bibliophile passion of Lars

is a member of the Alliance Graphique

Müller, designer. Lars Müller Publishers

Internationale and has recently started

has made a world-wide name

work as professor of graphic design

for itself- and not just in specialist fields

at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und

- with carefully edited and designed

Kunst in Basel.

publications on architecture, design and contemporary photography.

Lars Müller Publishers

A particular feature of the list is that

Stadtturmstrasse 19

there is frequently a link between the

5400 Baden

content of individual titles and specialist


areas that generally reflect the publisher’s personal interests and points of

Phone ++41 (0)56 430 17 40

view. Lars Müller works closely with his

Fax ++41 (0)56 430 17 41

authors to produce high-quality publications of great independence with the best possible finish. The press presents its programme as a “school of seeing”. It offers a precise selection from the unmanageable flood of visual events, and brings together authors, designers and artists who stand for quality and tenacity in their own right. Lars Müller was born in Oslo in 1955; he is a Norwegian and has lived in Switzerland since 1963. After an apprenticeship as a graphic artist and some years as a peripatetic student in the USA and Holland he opened his studio in Baden in 1982. Since 1996 he has been a partner in the Integral Concept interdisciplinary design group, which operates in Paris, Milan and Baden.


Design Poster Collection 16 Comix! Museum f端r Gestaltung

16.5 x 24 cm, 96 pages, 110 illustrations, softcover ISBN 978-3-03778-099-2 german english Euro 24.90

Located between art and

its own way. The Russian

to communicate explo-

popular culture, combin-

ROSTA windows of

sive messages. Posters

ing succinctly abbreviated

the 1920s were already

for cultural events reveal

textual and visual meth-

employing pointed visual

a broad diversity of

ods, the comic offers the

narratives to disseminate

styles and also demon-

ideal conditions for its ap-

social content to the

strate how elements

propriation by the poster.

masses. Even today,

of the idiom of comics

Using contemporary

designers employ aspects

have developed a

examples the exhibition

of the content and form

graphic autonomy.

explores the roots of the

of comics - saturated

comic in poster design.

color, stereotyping, and

The Japanese colored

drastic approaches to

woodcut, Art Nouveau,

drawing and reduction in

and Pop Art - each has

the vocabulary of facial

influenced the comic in

expressions and gestures


Designing Programmes Karl Gerstner Harald Geisler and Jonas Pabst

Karl Gerstner’s work is

continue to be useful

product design, music,

a milestone in the his-

today. What it does not

architecture, and art,

tory of design. One of his

purvey is cut-and-dried,

it inspires the reader to

most important works is

true-or-false solutions

seize on the material,

Designing Programmes,

or absolutes of any kind

develop it further, and

which is presented here

- instead, it develops

integrate it into his or

in a new edition of the

fundamental principles in

her own work.

original 1964 publica-

an innovative and future-

tion. In four essays, the

oriented way. The book

author provides a basic

is especially topical and

introduction to his design

exciting in the context

methodology. Instead of

of current developments

set recipes, the method

in computational design,

suggests a model for

which seem to hold out

design in the early days

the possibility of pro-

of the computer era.

grammed design. With

The intellectual models

many examples from the

it proposes, however,

worlds of graphic and

19.5 x 25 cm, 128 pages, 200 illustrations, hardcover ISBN 978-3-03778-093-0 english ISBN 978-3-03778-092-3 german Euro 29.90


Signage Design Manual Edo Smitshuijzen Lars Müller Publishers

In an entertaining and

even touches on future

shuijzen’s Signage Design

straightforward way,

developments, such

Manual, the canon of

Edo Smitshuijzen’s Sig-

as navigational aids for

signaletics finally has its

nage Design Manual leads

mobile devices and other

own engaged textbook.

the reader step by step

futuristic equipment.

through the individual

The combination of wide

phases of signal design.

coverage and precise,

More than nine hundred

detailed information

illustrations guide him

makes this book acces-

or her through this

sible to a broad spectrum

demanding process. Both

of readers, from

in-depth and compre-

information and graphic

hensive, this book is a

designers to design

unique publication.

students and profession-

It not only contains info-

als of every stripe who

rmation on traditional

are involved with signal

methods, design ques-

design on any level. With

tions, and materials, but

the publication of Smit-

16 x 26 cm, approx. 456 pages, 900 b/w illustrations, hardcover ISBN 978-3-03778-096-1 english Euro 44.90


16.5 x 24 cm, 320 pages, 400 color illustrations, softcover ISBN 978-3-03778-098-5 english ISBN 978-3-03778-100-5 german Euro 29.90

Nature Design From Inspiration to Innovation Edited by the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Lars Müller Publishers Nature has always been

architecture, landscape

book covers the histori-

a source of inspiration for

architecture, photogra-

cal and theoretical fun-

the design of the human

phy, and art that have

damentals of the themes

environment, but in

been inspired by nature

sea, topography, plants,

recent years this relation-

to develop complex

human beings, animals,

ship has grown even

and innovative works.

scent, and climate. Na-

more intense. "Nature

The protagonists include

ture Design is intended

as model" has influenced

Werner Aisslinger, Ronan

to reveal the diversity

the most diverse

& Erwan Bouroullec,

of possibilities for copying

possible concepts and

Peter Eisenman, Zaha

and reinventing nature

developmental processes

Hadid, Herzog & de

and to open up

and is revealed in a large

Meuron, Ross Lovegrove,

new perspectives.

spectrum of forms and

Olaf Nicolai, Francois

functions. Nature Design

Roche, Lars Spuybroek,

brings together projects

and Günther Vogt,

and objects from design,

among others. The


16.5 x 24 cm, 474 pages, 400 color illustrations, 50 drawings, hardcover ISBN 978-3-03778-105-0 english Euro 39.90

Designing Design Kenya Hara Lars Müller Publishers

Representing a new

its application to design,

this successful corpora-

generation of designers

made visible by means

tion as communication

in Japan, Kenya Hara

of numerous examples

and design advisor ever

(born 1958) pays tribute

from his own work: Hara

since. Kenya Hara, along-

to his mentors, using long

for instance designed

side Naoto Fukasawa

overlooked Japanese

the opening and closing

one of the leading design

icons and images in

ceremony programs

personalities in Japan, has

much of his work. In

for the Nagano Winter

also called attention to

“Designing Design”, he

Olympic Games 1998.

himself with exhibitions

impresses upon the

In 2001, he enrolled as

such as “Re- Design: The

reader the importance of

a board member for

Daily Products of the 21st

“emptiness” in both the

the Japanese label MUJI

Century” of 2000.

visual and philosophical

and has considerably

traditions of Japan, and

moulded the identity of


14.8 x 20 cm, approx. 128 pages, 60 color illustrations, softcover ISBN 978-3-03778-106-7 english Euro 24.90

Super Normal Sensations of the Ordinary Jasper Morrison & Naoto Fukasawa Lars Müller Publishers

The designers Jasper

tem, or Joe Colombo’s

design both point to

Morrison and Naoto

Optic alarm clock of

a future that has long

Fukasawa have compiled

1970. With products

since begun. The Super

204 everyday objects in

by Newson, Grcic, the

Normal is already lying

search of 'super normal

Azumis, and the Bouroul-

exposed before us; it

design': along-side

lec brothers, it also

exists in the here and

examples of anonymous

represents the genera-

now; it is real and avail-

design like the Swiss Rex

tion to which Morrison

able: we need only

vegetable peeler or a

and Fukasawa belong.

open our eyes; Fuka-

simple plastic bag, there

The phenomenon of the

sawa and Morrison

are design classics like

Super Normal is located,

make it visible for us

Marcel Breuer’s tubular

as it were, beyond space

steel side table, Dieter

and time; the past and

Ram’s 606 shelving sys-

present of product



Poster Collection 15 Breaking the Rules Museum f체r Gestaltung and Lars M체ller Publishers

With their atmosphere

enhance the world of

of sociopolitical ferment,

graphic design today.

the 1980s also witness-

With posters from 1980

ed the appearance of a

to 1995, this publication

new aesthetic in Swiss

presents a heteroge-

graphic design, influenc-

neous collection of

ed by the punk aesthetic

design attitudes that

and first experiments

consciously break

with the Macintosh.

the rules. Included are

Alternative cultural

works by Peter B채der,

and political movements

Polly Bertram and

consciously seized on

Daniel Volkart, Richard

new visual identities in

Feurer, Roli Fisch-

order to set themselves

bacher, Peter Frey, Ralph

apart from established in-

Schraivogel, Mihaly Varga,

stitutions. In constructive

Cornel Windlin, Ruedi

conflict with the stylistic

Wyss, and others.

rigor of the Swiss Style, young designers discovered innovative forms of visual expression which continue to enrich and

16.5 x 24 cm, 80 pages, 120 color illustrations, softcover ISBN 978-3-03778-094-7 german english Euro 24.90


Vers une architecture du livre Le Corbusier: édition et mise en pages Catherine de Smet Lars Müller Publishers

Le Corbusier's buildings

planned and realized

book projects in detail.

have long been part of

ober 40 books in his

New image material and

the inalienable canon of

lifetime. In «Vers une

the depth, into which

20th century architec-

architecture du livre»

this new book reaches,

ture. Le Corbusier's work

Catherine de Smet,

make it an indispensable

as a book designer and

author of «Le Corbusier,

complement to «Le

author is scarcely known,

Architect of Books»,

Corbusier, Architect

and has hitherto not

immerses herself even

of Books»

been acknowledged - Le

more into the topic and

Corbusier meticulously

analyses Le Corbusiers

16.5 x 24 cm, 304 pages, 60 colour illustrations, 290 b/w illustrations, softcover ISBN 978-3-03778-067-1 french Euro 28.50


16.5 x 24 cm, ca. 320 pages, ca. 200 colour illustrations, hardcover ISBN 978-3-03778-087-9 english ISBN 978-3-03778-086-2 french ISBN 978-3-03778-104-3 Euro 39.90

Design for the public domain / Design pour le domain public / Ontwerpen voor het publieke domein My work is not my work / Mon travail ce n’est pas mon travail / Mijn werk is niet mijn werk Hugues Boekraad Lars Müller Publishers The French designer

world into a paradise,

award is given annually

Pierre Bernard focuses in

but it can help to bring

for special achievements

his work—a comprehen-

about a more humane

in European culture and

sive survey of which is

world.” A striking ex-


offered here for the first

ample is his concept for

time—on the public do-

the Louvre’s corporate

main, on communication

identity in Paris. Bernard

between governments

is omnipresent in France

and citizens, on notifica-

with his design for the

tion and orientation in

distinctive seal of the

the public realm. As a

French National Parks.

designer, Pierre Bernard

The Erasmus Prize

is a thinker who incorpo-

2006 is being awarded

rates not only form but

to Pierre Bernard in

also content and context

recognition of his con-

into his works. “Visual

tributions to “design in

design won’t turn the

the public domain.” The


Lars Müller Publishers Pierre Mendell Posters for the Opera

Pierre Mendell has been

represented in leading

designing the posters

collections such as the

for the State Opera in

Museum of Modern Art,

Munich since 1993. With

New York. At the same

over a hundred motifs

time, they are on view

to his name, he has not

in the streets of Munich:

only successfully created

much-loved heralds

an unmistakable identity

of coming musical events.

for the Munich Opera,

15,3 x 21,5 cm, 160 pages, 90 ills, Hardcover ISBN 3-03778-082-7 german english Euro 23.50

he has also linked this opera house with a form of visual expression that is unparalleled in its originality and immediacy. Mendell’s simple, almost archaic, visual language is admired the world over and his poster designs are

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich and Lars Müller Publishers Michael Engelmann Poster Collection 10

Straight forward

able pictorial language

photography, a restrained

for his posters. He came

colour scheme, simple

to advertising self-taught,

texts set in a functional

with a background in

typeface: these are the

American advertising

formal elements the


German graphic designer Michael Engelmann drew on to create an unmistak-


ISBN 3-03778-039-8 german english Euro 23.00 $ 26.00


Poster Collection 14 Zürich-Milano Museum für Gestaltung Zürich and Lars Müller Publishers

16.5 x 24 cm, 96 pages, 117 illustrations, softcover ISBN 978-3-03778-079-4 german english Euro 21.40

This publication sheds

graphic artists encoun-

light on the era between

tered an optimistic and

1948 and 1 970, when

undogmatic attitude that

the arrival at Milano

was inspiring and new.

Centrale train station

Italy’s path to a widely

not only represented a

admired form of vi-

turning point in the lives

sual communication was

of certain young Swiss

marked by a profound

graphic artists but also

transalpine dialogue and

became a decisive mo-

earned Milan a reputa-

ment for the history of

tion as a city for which it

design. Being cosmopoli-

was worth leaving behind

tan had its difficulties, but

one’s homeland. The

it richly rewarded many

publication includes such

recent graduates of the

icons of the history of

famous Kunstgewerbe-

poster design as Max Hu-

schule Zürich. Supplied

ber and Walter Ballmer.

with a type of education that was not available in Italy at the time, Swiss


Playfully Rigid Claude Lichtenstein Lars Müller Publishers

This broad selection

together by a common

(Trans- Europe Express).

of Swiss architecture,

denominator? No parade

This publication is accom-

graphic design, and

of luxury items, but

panied by an exhibition

design from 1950 to

talents and ideas finding

at the Kornhausforum in

2006 demonstrates that

material expression

Bern, which then goes

in this context, playful

and clients with the

on to additional locations

humor and clarity are

courage to embrace new

throughout the world.

by no means opposites,

“inventions,” presented

but a highly unusual duo

with examples from

of qualities that mingle

architecture, graphic

and interpenetrate. The

design, and design: movie

question addressed by

theaters, swimming

this publication is: are

pools, pedestrian bridges,

these examples from

gas stations, posters,

three professions, various

journals, record and

regions and languages,

CD covers, books, web

and a period of more

design, furniture, and

than fifty years bound

the legendary TEE train

16.5 x 24 cm, ca. 280 pages, ca. 250 illustrations, hardcover ISBN 978-3-03778-090-9 english ISBN 978-3-03778-089-3 german Euro 29.90


Super Normal Published by Lars Müller Publishers, on the occasion of the first Super Normal exhibition in Tokyo, June 2006, curated by Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa. Jasper Morrison & Naoto Fukasawa Lars Müller Publishers

Super Normal is

noticeability has become

why super normal ob-

an enhanced Normal.

a requirement. For the

jects can possibly attract

For Jasper Morrison and

exhibition Super Normal

more attention than

Naoto Fukasawa this

in Tokyo (until 2nd July,

special ones.

term is, used in

opening in London in

a design-context, in no

September) Jasper Moris-

way equivalent to boring.

son and Naoto Fukasawa

For both designers,

have collected pieces

design can be the source

that do not force them-

of visual pollution, the

selves onto the beholder,

carrier of a virus of the

but slowly secure their

unuseful; especially when

place in everyday life

design only wants to

through their usefulness,

attract attention. “Special

eventually become Super

is generally less useful

Normal. The brochure

than normal;“ thus both

Super Normal contains

designers try to reach

the manifestos of the

an ideal of designing in

two world-renowned

which a certain lack of

designers and explains

14 pages 14,8 x 21 cm, 14 pages, soft cover; in English and Japanese ISBN 978-3-03778-084-8 english Euro 7.90


Design: Integral Lars Müller, 22 x 28 cm, 256 pages 280 illustrations, e, softcover ISBN 978-3-03778-064-0 english Euro 39.9

Everything but the Walls second, extended edition Jasper Morrison Lars Müller

The name Jasper Morri-

individual products from

son stands for simple and

the idea to manufacture.

enduring form, functional,

A product list since 1981

and doing justice to its

completes the lavishly

materials. He has devel-

presented selection

oped an unmistakable, excitingly modern formal language, and became one of the best-known and most influential European product designers. Now Jasper Morrison the author is giving us a genuine insight into his approach and way of working, which he defines as “utilism”. His succinct essays describe the development of


Poster Collection 13 Typo China Edited by the Museum f端r Gestaltung, Z端rich

The parallels between the economic boom and the innovations in contemporary Chinese poster design

approx. 64 p. 100 colour illustrations, 16.5 x 24 cm, softcover ISBN 978-3-03778-078-7 german english Euro 18.60


17 x 32 cm, 336 pages, 540 illustrations, hardcover ISBN 978-3-03778-055-8 english Euro 45.00 $ 58.00

Wayshowing A Guide to Environmental Signage Per Mollerup Lars Müller

Riffing on the technical

selves. For “wayshowing”

term “wayfinding”, which

relates to “wayfinding”

designers and manufac-

as writing relates to read-

turers use when talking

ing and as talking relates

about the function of

to hearing: the purpose

signs and signage systems

of “wayshowing” is to

as they are used by the

facilitate “wayfinding”.

viewer, this book by ac-

Mollerup examines inter-

claimed graphic designer

national sign systems and

and author Per Moller-

architectural landmarks

up looks for a more

in detail with his trade-

precise visual language

mark candour and good

for what sign designers

humour. His analysis is

actually do, which is

at once pithy, scholarly,

to show the way. Un-

and historical.

fortunately, as Mollerup points out, many designers never master the art of Wayshowing them-


Poster Collection 12 Catherine Zask Lars Müller

One of the most in-

is crucially important

novative French graphic

to Zask: “I make graphics

designers, Catherine

to include the others.”

Zask’s posters have

Her work for SCAM

the elegance and coher-

(Société Civile des

ence of DNA, and in-

Auteurs Multimédia),

deed she works with the

the Hippodrome theater

building blocks of writing

in Douai, and the École

and communication

d’Architecture Paris-

letters. Here, in Poster

Malaquais are evidence

Collection 12, the series

of the remarkable clarity

from the Zurich Mus-

and unmistakable indi-

eum für Gestaltung,

viduality of her work.

she allows the letters free rein to be musical, to trigger echoes, to store images, but never unmoors them from their task of providing written communication in an appropriate and comprehensible form. The dialogue with the client and the public

16.5 x 24 cm, 64 pages 54 illustrations, e/f/g, softcover ISBN 978-3-03778-054-1 german french english Euro 19.50 $ 20.00



On the Outside 8vo On the outside surveys

of hand-made and com-

change within the design

8vo’s work from 1984

puter generated stage

industry— the book

–2001, including Octavo,

by stage mock-ups are

places 8vo’s work within

the international journal

featured. Written and

the context of this revo-

of typography and its

designed by Mark Holt

lution; from paste-up

influence in the emergent

and Hamish Muir, two of

to desktop.


the founding principals

design movement in the

of 8vo, the story’s told it

UK and internationally

how it was—the every-

during the late 1980s and

day struggles of working

through the 1990s. The

with clients, typesetters,

emphasis is on process:

printers, and later on

trying to reveal how 8vo’s

computers. Like many

design got made rather

of their contemporaries,

than simply showing

8vo were working during

finished jobs. A number

a period of considerable

16 x 12 cm, 536 pages, 395 Illustrations, hardcover ISBN 978-3-03778-019-0 english Euro 45.00 $ 58.00


Poster Collection 11 Handmade Lars Müller Publishers and Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich.

Even after the emer-

of reasons—autonomy,

these works are a long

gence of clean digital

spontaneity, indepen-

way away from retro-

design, graphic artists still

dence, or delight in

romanticism. Contem-

like to get their hands

experiment. This might

porary, cuttingedge

dirty. Poster Collec-

manifest itself in turning

design arbiters like Stefan

tion 11: Handmade, the

the current idiom on

Sagmeister and Cornel

latest in the series from

its head with analogue

Windlin show you how

the poster collection of

processing of a digital

it’s done. With an essay

the Zurich Museum für

aesthetic or, more radi-

by Claude Lichtenstein.

Gestaltung, presents

cally still, in the inclusion

both international and

of solids and other mate-

Swiss works whose

rial in the making of the

makers have used their

poster or in duplicating

own hands for a variety

by hand. Nevertheless,

96 pages, 16.5 x 24 cm, softcover ISBN 978-3-03778-053-4 german english Euro 23.00


ISBN 978-3-03778-034-3 english ISBN 978-3-03778-033-6 french ISBN 978 3-03778-052-7 german Euro 35.00

Le Corbusier, Architect of books Catherine de Smet Lars Müller Publishers

Le Corbusier’s buildings

Corbusier accorded

have long been part of

great importance to

the inalienable canon of

books as an essential

20th century architec-

part of his output. Using

ture. But Le Corbusier’s

unpublished archive

work as a book designer

material, Catherine de

and author is scarcely

Smet traces the process

known, and has hitherto

by which these books

not been acknowledged

emerged and makes it

— Le Corbusier

possible to discover the

meticulously planned and

great construction archi-

realized over 40 books

tect as a book artist.

in his lifetime. “Architekt of Books” shows that Le


Helvetica Homage to a Typeface Edited by Lars M端ller

This book sings the praises of the shift worker and solo entertainer of typefaces.

13 x 16 cm, 256 pages, 800 illustrations, e, softcover The hardcover edition is out of stock ISBN 978-3-03778-046-6 english Euro 16.00 $ 20.00


Swiss Design 2004 Swiss Federal Office of Culture

The Swiss Federal Office of Culture presents the 20 winners of this year's national design competition and the prize-winning works, with illustrations and a descriptive essay by the jury, in a pulication called "Swiss Design 2004: Innovation*

20x28 cm, 220 pages 60 illustrations , softcover ISBN 3-03778-044-4 german french english Euro 32.00 $ 40.00


20 x 28 cm, 224 pages 60 illustrations, g/e/f, softcover ISBN 3-03778-027-4 german french english not available more infos:

Swiss Design 2003 Design Desire Edited by the Swiss Federal

Essays from Irini Athanassakis, Stéphanie Bédat, Christophe Blaser, Lorette Cohen, Patrizia Crivelli, Christian Muhr, Michelle Nicol, Chantal Prod’Hom, Kathrin Stirnemann, Philip Ursprung


16.5 x 24 cm, 64 pages 70 illustrations, e/g, softcover ISBN 3-03778-016-9 german english Euro 19.50 $ 20.00

Poster Collection 09 Ralph Schraivogel Edited by the Museum f端r Gestaltung Zurich

With an essay by Robert Massin

16.5 x 24 cm, 80 pages 107 Illustrations, softcover ISBN 3-03778-014-2 german english Euro 20.00 $ 22.00

Poster Collection 08 Black and White Edited by the Museum f端r Gestaltung Zurich With an essay by Lars M端ller


16.5 x 24 cm, 80 pages, 110 illustrations, e/g, softcover ISBN 3-03778-004-5 german english Euro 23.00 $ 26.00

Poster Collection 07 Armin Hofmann Edited by the Museum f端r Gestaltung Zurich

With an essay by Steven Heller

21 x 29,7 cm, 128 pages, 70 illustrations, hardcover with DVD, text e/f/g ISBN 3-03778-007-X german french english not available more infos:

Anticipation The end is where we start from Mihai Nadin

Design: Uwe Loesch Introduction: Lofti A. Zadeh


Poster Collection 06 Visual Strategies against Aids International Aids Prevention Posters Edited by the Museum für Gestaltung Zurich

With an essay by Nigel Barley

16.5 x 24 cm, 96 pages, 130 illustrations, e/g, softcover ISBN 3-907078-90-X german english Euro 23.00 $ 26.00

Swiss Design 2002 Netzwerke/Réseaux/Networks With Essays by Ruedi

Tobias Müller, Christian

Baur, Patrizia Crivelli, Sa-

Muhr and Statements of

bine Dreher, Meret Ernst,

young designers

Martin Heller, Ralf Michel,

20 x 28 cm, ca. 200 pages, 250 illustrations, e/g/f, hardcover ISBN 3-03778-001-0 german french english not available more infos:


Poster Collection 05 Typotecture - Typography as architectural imagery Edited by the Museum f端r Gestaltung Zurich

With an essay by Andres Janser

16.5 x 24 cm, 64 pages, 85 illustrations, e/g, softcover ISBN 3-907078-89-6 german english Euro 19.50 $ 20.00

Everything but the Walls Jasper Morrison

22 x 28 cm, 240 pages, 200 illustrations, e, hardcover ISBN 3-907078-44-6 english not available more infos:



Poster Collection 03 Posters for Exhibitions 1980 - 2000 With an Essay by Stuart Bailey

16.5x24 cm, 96 pages, 150 illustrations, softcover, text g/e ISBN 3-907078-55-1 german english Euro 23.00 $ 26.00


16.5x24 cm, 96 pages, 120 illustrations, softcover, text g/e ISBN 3-907078-54-3 german english Euro 23.00 $ 26.00

Poster Collection 04 Hors-Sol

16.5x24 cm, 64 pages, 70 illustrations, softcover, text g/e ISBN 3-907078-53-5 german english Euro 19.50 $ 20.00

Poster Collection 02 Donald Brun (1909-1999) With an essay by Jean-Charles Giroud 34

19x27 cm, 264 pages, 415 illustrations, english and german Edition, SOFTCOVER!

Edited by Lars M端ller

ISBN 978-3-906700-89-2 english ISBN 978-3-907078-59-4 german Euro 35.00 $ 45.00

Josef M端ller-Brockmann Pioneer of Swiss Graphic Design

16.5x24 cm, 64 pages, 105 illustrations, softcover, text g/e ISBN 3-907078-52-7 german english Euro 19.50 $ 20.00

Poster Collection 01 Revue 1926 With an essay by H.U. Gumbrecht 35

Habit-Habitat Christa de Carouge

Edited by Werner Blaser and Lars M端ller

14x26 cm, 216 pages, 180 illustrations, hardcover ISBN 3-907078-16-0 german ISBN 3-907078-15-2 english ISBN 3-907078-17-9 french not available more infos:

Typography My Way to Typography Wolfgang Weingart

22.5x27.5 cm, 520 pages, 450 illustrations, hardcover, text g/e ISBN 978-3-907044-86-5 german english Euro 53.40


TM-Trademarks Designed by Chermayeff & Geismar Inc. Ivan Chermayeff, Tom Geismar, Steff Geissbuhler

With an introduction by Stefan Sagmeister

21.5x22cm, 288 pages, 350 illustrations, hardcover, text e ISBN 3-907078-31-4 english not available more infos:

Alles Schmuck Avantgarde-Schmuck seit 1960 und die Lust sich zu schm端cken. Edited by Brigitte Felderer, Herbert Lachmayer und Erika Keil

12x16.5 cm, 352 pages, 300 illustrations, text g, hardcover ISBN 3-907078-32-2 german not available more infos:


16.5x24 cm, 336 pages, 300 illustrations, hardcover ISBN 3-907078-39-x german ISBN 3-907078-34-9 english not available more infos:

Benzin Young Swiss Graphic Design Edited by Michel Fries and Thomas Bruggisser

Introduction by Martin Heller

16.5x24 cm, 528 pages, 600 illustrations, hardcover ISBN 978-3-907044-88-9 english Euro 49.00 $ 65.00

Your Private Sky The Art of Design Science R. Buckminster Fuller Edited by Joachim Krausse and Claude Lichtenstein


16.5x24 cm, 240 pages, 150 illustrations, softcover ISBN 978-3-907044-95-7 german Euro 39.00 $ 45.00

Your Private Sky Discourse R. Buckminster Fuller

Edited by Joachim Krausse and Claude Lichtenstein

20x27 cm, 416 pages, 1500 illustrations, text g, hardcover ISBN 3-907044-92-4 german Euro 65.00 $ 80.00

Transfer recognition and implementation Peter Erni, Martin Huwiler, Christophe Marchand 39

Jazz Blvd. Niklaus Troxler Posters With an essay by Dieter Bachmann

16.5x24 cm, 304 pages, 350 illustrations, hardcover, text g/e ISBN 3-907044-90-8 german english not available more infos:

Josef M端ller-Brockmann Pioneer of Swiss Graphic Design Lars M端ller

19x27 cm, 264 pages, 415 illustrations, hardcover, text g ISBN 3-906700-39-9 german not available more infos:


Chairman - Rolf Fehlbaum Tibor Kalman

12.5x15.3 cm, 592 pages, 650 illustrations, hardcover, text e ISBN 3-907044-46-0 english not available more infos:

Constructions Design integral ruedi baur & associĂŠs

15.5x21 cm, 400 pages, 600 illustrations, softcover, text e/f ISBN 3-907044-74-6 french english not available more infos:


30x24 cm, 128 pages, 120 illustrations, text g, hardcover ISBN 3-907044-01-0 german not available more infos:

Herbert Matter Foto-Grafiker Sehformen der Zeit Edited by the Schweizerischen Stiftung f체r Photographie Text by Adrian B채ttig and Markus Britschgi, Design Armin Hoffmann

A world without words Jasper Morrison

11x15.5 cm, 112 pages, 104 illustrations, softcover ISBN 3-907044-82-7 english not available more infos:


16.5x24 cm, 32 pages, text g/e/f/i/sp, spiralbinding ISBN 3-907044-51-7 german french english italian not available more infos:

Genesis Juli Gudehus

Far vedere l'aria - Air Made Visible A Visual Reader on Bruno Munari Edited by Claude Lichtenstein and Alfredo W. H채berlin, Museum f체r Gestaltung, Z체rich

16x24 cm, 320 pages, 490 illustrations, german and english edition, hardcover ISBN 3-906700-94-1 german ISBN 3-907044-89-4 english Euro 45.00 $ 65.00


Streamlined Edited by Claude Lichtenstein und Franz Engler, Museum f端r Gestaltung Z端rich

24x30 cm, 320 pages, 600 b/w- and color illustrations, Text e, paperback ISBN 3-906700-71-2 english not available more infos:



26.5x24 cm, 256 pages, 220 illustrations, text e, hardcover ISBN 3-907078-38-3 english not available more infos:

Suspects, Smokers, Soldiers, and Salesladies Collages by Ivan Chemayeff Design: Ivan Chermayeff Introduction by Joseph Giovannini

16.5x24 cm, 96 pages, 66 illustrations, text f/e, hardcover ISBN 978-3-907078-41-9 french english not available more infos:

Au coeur du mot Philippe Apeloig Concept and Design: PhilippeApeloig 46

16.5 x 24 cm, 492 pages, 3000 illustrations, hardcover with individual spine, text e ISBN 978-3-907078-47-1 english not available more infos:

Freitag Individual Recycled Freeway Bags Edited by Lars M端ller

24x30 cm, 240 pages, 200 illustrations, text g/e, hardcover ISBN 978-3-907078-64-8 german ISBN 978-3-907044-49-0 english Euro 65.00 $ 65.00

Pierre Mendell - At first sight Concept und Design: Pierre Mendell 47

This Way - That Way Keith Godard Concept and Design: Keith Godard

11x15.5 cm, 128 pages, 110 illustrations, softcover, text e ISBN 978-3-907078-63-1 english not available more infos:

Integral Ruedi Baur et AssociĂŠs Concept and Design: Integral Ruedi Baur

16.5x24 cm, 400 pages, 600 illustrations, hardcover, text g/e/f ISBN 978-3-907078-46-4 german french english Euro 58.00 $ 65.00


Spirale – An Artists' Magazine 1953–1964 Annemarie Bucher

Available again! 30x22 cm, 224 pages 450 illustrations, hardcover, text g ISBN 978-3-906700-21-2 german Euro 58.00 $ 65.00

Benzin Young Swiss Graphic Design edited by Michel Fries und Thomas Bruggisser Introduction by Martin Heller

16.5x24 cm, 336 pages, 300 illustrations,english and german edition, SOFTCOVER! ISBN 978-3-907078-58-7 english not available more infos:





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