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International University in Geneva

YEARBOOK 2017- 2018


ICC 20 , Rte de Pré-Bois, 1215 , Geneve



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Mr. Eric Willumsen


Dear Students, The yearbook has been elaborated with the help of the Student Council and I would like to thank the whole team for their dedication. I am confident that when you will be reading this yearbook it will bring back many nice memories of this past academic year. During your studies you have interacted with students from all over the world and building an international network and long lasting relationships. Many activities took place this year which allowed you to interact with your peers and also listen to some company presentations. A dedicated faculty and administration have helped you all along your study path and we hope that is was appreciated. For some of you the graduation ceremony marks the end of your studies here in Geneva and we kindly invite all of you to attend this important event at the Hotel Kempinski. For the other students I wish you a pleasant Summer and look forward to see you in Fall. Do stay in touch through our social media and our newsletters. Yours sincerely




Dear Students As the academic year, 2017-18, draws to a close, I look back with pride and happiness that it saw most of you succeed and move on to do great things. It was a year of many changes at IUG with the revamping of the course curriculum for both the undergraduates and the graduates. It also marked the beginning of a new collaboration with University of Plymouth. All our staff and faculty have worked very hard, throughout the year, to create a positive environment where all your unique talents and potentials could blossom and where each one of you could be helped to reach your maximum potential I am proud to be your Dean and look forward to another great year ahead. I wish the graduating class of 2018 the best and wish all of you every happiness and success in life.

Mrs. Surabhi Aggarwal


Thank you to our beautiful dedicated staff behind it all. The ones who help build the academic year, and the ones who make our year at IUG enjoyable and effortless

Thank You


We’ve welcomed new students to IUG from variety of cultures, friendships have grown, and our events have continued to highlight Geneva.


Take a look at International University in Geneva’s year from prodigious new achievements to our exclusive charitable social events and our


2018 Graduating Class.

This Academic year extended into great achievements ; Multiple numbers of exchange programs

Exclusive Boston University Exchange Program

And to our newest Partnership which will allow you to gain a Dual Degree from the top UK universities


A great Thank You to all the professors at IUG who have helped us exceed.


Timeline Of Events IUG 2017 Welcome day!



Party Our annual Games nights held through the year, an evening to socialize, enjoy games on IUG


Halloween Night Held at the spookiest location, students dressed to impress.


Vanity By Campri Ombre held our winter semester party.




Welcome Event


Suns Out, Grills Out !


We’re more than just academics


IUG Football team From weekly practices to tournaments against other universities


Stay Connected Join our Social Media network to be the first to hear about our events. For Alumni’s , you will always be part of IUG , join us and stay connected.

- International University In Geneva - IUG Student Council

International University In Geneva

Use our Hashtags during events to be featured on our pages. #IUGEVENTS




We have celebrated the year with new friendships, laughter’s, connections as well as success. Let’s continue to grow and be a part of a new year full of advancements.


All proceedings from our events go in support to our annual charity . Each one of you have made a change in an individual’s less fortunate life around the world, through your willingness to give and your kindness. Every student at IUG has excelled us with their generosity and we would like to Thank you.


The Student Council Team The team behind the events.

Through tough, dedicated meetings, we make it through every year not only within the team members but with the whole student body of IUG.


Congratulations you’ve done it The future belongs to you IUG class of 2018 , go out and conquer your dreams.


Hats Off Class Of 2018






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IUG Yearbook 2017-18  

International University in Geneva student council yearbook 2017-18

IUG Yearbook 2017-18  

International University in Geneva student council yearbook 2017-18

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