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Unexpected the Unbelieveable is Unimagine beyond our naked eyes now!

World within the innocent shall never bend.

Grows with care Educate with love

Kids are the future of mankind.

Life is a dream, Dream away in a thousands world. Never too old to be a dreamer for your own dreamkeeper

Yet, Dream it big Make it huge Look up ahead World is awaiting The dreamer To create the dream Of Humanity.

It’s never too late.

Behind every chef Behind every farmer Behind every butcher There’s a secret A secret of desctuction to living Living of the nature Of its own habits That’s cause by Greedness Of humanity.

Fly high Dream far World is a giant While The heart of a human child Shall never stop being adventerous.

Cycle through the Circle world Cycle around the cycle of nature Cycle pass the cycle of sociality But never cycle out of the humanity.

34 yeoh jing ming  
34 yeoh jing ming