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At Ole Henriksen Face/Body the focus is on you, from the moment you enter our door. My talented staff and I take great pride and care in providing you with the most indulgent, innovative and transformational treatments found anywhere in the world. All we ask of you is to take a deep breath and relax - you have now “Escaped To Tranquility�. Highly skilled hands will glide across your face and body, performing their magic, utilizing state of the art equipment, pure essential oil blends, freshly made organic formulations and the Award Winning OLEHENRIKSEN skincare range. Each treatment will unfold like a beautiful orchestration, whether you choose any of our 8-step complexion treatments, african red tea body cocktail, 6-step body treatments, cucumber-honey-milk-total face/body, inner peace-hypnotic tranquility sessions or some of the many other choices from our menu. Sincerely,

le Henriksen (pronounced ooh-la) left his tiny village, Nibe, in Denmark to pursue his love for travel and adventure in his late teens. While in Indonesia, he began experiencing cystic acne and found solace in natural treatments. His passion for skincare began and three decades later, he still takes great pride in the healing powers of skin and nature. After obtaining a degree in cosmetic chemistry in London, Ole entered the LA skincare scene in 1975 where he quickly gained notoriety among the Hollywood elite with his remarkably effective complexion treatments which incorporate potent natural extracts with state of the art equipment at the OLEHENRIKSEN FA C E / B O D Y Spa on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood. The spa’s clients have included Renee Zellweger, Jessica Alba, Cher, Prince, Kylie Minogue, Hugh Jackman, Ellen Degeneres, Eva Mendes, Linda Evangelista, Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron and many more. In 1999, Ole made his skincare line available to the retail market, domestically and internationally, at a reasonable price so all could indulge in the effective products Hollywood A-listers have relied on for years. Now, Ole Henriksen products are sold worldwide in the most prominent department stores and specialty cosmetic boutiques. His products are also used in treatments in over 300 spas & clinics globally and have achieved international acclaim from organizations like the Gala Spa Awards in Germany where his line was voted as one of the top brands out of 250 other skincare brands! The Ole Henriksen skincare line is also a two-time winner of the Harpers Bazaar Beauty Hall of Fame and the innovative micro/mini peel system was recently awarded the "Best New Luxury Product" at the New Woman Awards in London. The passion, energy and enthusiasm Ole brings to his spa, brand and the skincare industry makes him a favorite among celebs, media and customers alike.

8-step calmative complexion treatment

8-step purifying complexion treatment

created for skin in need of calming and soothing 60 minutes of indulgence $115.00 Recommended for skin that is prone to sensitivity, rosacea, allergic reactions and/or broken capillaries. key benefits: Reparative, Soothing, Oxygenating, Balancing and Strengthening highlighted treatment steps: Organic African Red Tea Facial Compress - “Lympho-Energetic� Drainage - Soundwave Therapy Thermodyn Calming/Anti-Swelling Cold Therapy - Black Currant Face Wrap - Grated Cucumber Eye Compress - Custom Blended Mask - Aromatic Face, Neck, Chest & Shoulder Massage

created for skin in need of a blemish free complexion with clean, tight pores 60 minutes of indulgence $115.00 Recommended for skin that is prone to eruptions, acne, enlarged and clogged pores, excessively oily and imbalanced teenage skin. key benefits: Deep Cleansing, Pore Tightening, Balancing, Calmative and Reparative highlighted treatment steps: Essential Oil Facial Compress Natural Brush Exfoliation - Thermodyn Calming/Anti-Swelling Cold Therapy - Lemon Strip Organic Peel - Extraction - Custom Blended Mask - Soundwave Therapy - Aromatic Face, Neck, Chest & Shoulder Massage

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8-step anti-gravity complexion treatment

micro/mini peeling treatment

created for skin in need of lifting, firming, wrinkle reduction and re-contouring 60 minutes of indulgence $115.00 The ultimate anti-aging treatment. Recommended for skin with weakened resiliency and muscle tone that may also lack radiance and clarity and is in need of intensive re-hydration. key benefits: Muscle Strengthening, Oxygenating, Firming, Retexturizing, Nourishing, Anti-Wrinkle. highlighted treatment steps: Essential Oil Facial Compress Thermodyn Hot/Cold Cellular Therapy - Lemon Strip Organic Peel - “Lympho-Energetic� Drainage - Soundwave Therapy - Grated Cucumber Eye Compress - Custom Blended Mask - Aromatic Face, Neck, Chest & Shoulder Massage

created for anyone who wants skin that glows with an even tone, refined pores and fewer lines and wrinkles $125.00 11/4 hours of indulgence highlighted treatment steps: Step One-Almond Polish to Abrade and Refine Other benefits include deep cleansing and oxygenation. Step Two-Lemon Strip to Peel and Renew Other benefits include pore refinement and firming. Step Three-Chamomile Comfort to Neutralize and Calm Other benefits include moisturizing and nourishing. This treatment incorporates state of the art equipment to enhance the benefits of the Professional Strength micro/mini peel system.

* Purchase a series of 6 OLEHENRIKSEN 8-step complexion treatments for only $600.

created for anyone who wants a pro-active anti-aging treatment or in need of repairing fine facial scars, skin discoloration, enlarged pores and wrinkles 60 minutes of indulgence $160.00 A customized 8-step complexion treatment that incorporates a microdermabrasion procedure to gradually reduce brown spots, skin discoloration, fine acne scars and wrinkles with extraordinary results. Recommended as a series of 6 to 10 treatments for optimum results. When desired results are achieved, microdermabrasion resurfacing complexion treatments are recommended quarterly, in between the other Ole Henriksen Complexion Treatments best suited for your skin's needs. highlighted treatment steps: “Lympho-Energetic” Drainage - High Intensity Microdermabrasion Ejection - Thermodyn Calming/AntiSwelling Therapy - Soundwave Therapy - Custom Blended Mask ***Purchase a series of 6 microdermabrasion resurfacing treatments, valued at $960.00 for $860.00

7 day european dermo peel treatment* 11/4 hours of indulgence $250.00 The perfect deep penetrating peel for skin in need of uniform pigment, tighter pores, fine line/wrinkle reduction and textural refinement. Due to the extreme potency of this treatment expect redness and moderate peeling for 4-5 days following the application. *Consultation required.

“when you have flawless skin texture you will always glow with ageless beauty.”

microdermabrasion resurfacing power peel treatment

hydrotherapy soak treatment

african red tea body cocktail

1 person, 20 minute session $35.00 2 people, 20 minute session $55.00 Immerse yourself in a relaxing hydrotub filled with aromatic extracts while meditating on a wall glowing with candle light. Your mind and body will unite in this uplifting experience. Select from the following Hydrotherapy Soak Treatments: muscle comfort, de-tox or tranquility

11/2 hours of indulgence $160.00 Refresh your body with this purifying and relaxing treat. Your relaxation begins with a hand, foot and scalp massage followed by an organic purifying brown sugar scrub and tropical rain rinse. Awaken your senses as this energizing cocktail is mixed right on your body starting with the tangy juice squeezed from fresh oranges. Then let the natural anti-oxidant exfoliating/toning mask, made from yogurt and African Red Tea, clarify and detoxify your body from the inside out. Next you are anointed with layers of fresh orange slices and enveloped in a warm wrap to release the active ingredients from the African Red Tea. Every inch of your body is uplifted by this delicious cocktail of vitamins and minerals, and you will emerge vibrant and renewed.

eucalyptus steam 1 hour of steam $25.00 Complimentary with all body treatments, otherwise the usage fee applies. Swimsuit required.

deluxe african red tea body cocktail incorporating extra massage 120 minutes of indulgence


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cucumber-honey-milk-total face/body

ole henriksen head to toe

1 hour of indulgence $120.00 This decadent treatment begins with a deep exfoliation with our aromatic sea mineral scrub followed by a warm tropical rain rinse from head to toe. Your body is then massaged with a warm honey mask while freshly grated cucumber is gently applied to your face before you are completely rinsed with fresh warm milk. Pure heaven!

11/2 hours of indulgence $155.00 Experience the best of Ole Henriksen with this uniquely indulgent treatment; starting at the top of your head with a relaxing acupressure point scalp massage using Ole’s custom formulation to repair and condition. Close your eyes as your head is enveloped by a warm towel drenched in skin inhalation therapy for enhanced benefits. The relaxation continues as your feet are treated to reflexology with the tingle of muscle comfort lotion. Next, your body is treated to a full body cleansing using clarifying body wash then awakened with an exhilarating scrub featuring the aromatic rub n’ buff salt scrub. Finally you are invited to lay back and enjoy as your body is sumptuously moisturized with your choice of lavender body oil or body sleek hydrating lotion applied with Swedish massage strokes. Now drift away as your hands are indulged with reflexology using hands forward SPF15 creme and your face is given a gentle pressure point massage with black currant energizing complexion oil.

salt butter n’ mango 11/4 hours of indulgence $140.00 This luxurious treatment begins with a retexturizing aromatic sea mineral scrub. After the skin is thoroughly exfoliated, your body is indulged with the warm tropical rain rinse. You are then treated to an effleurage massage (long, smooth strokes) with mango and cocoa butter. Cocoa butter helps heal, soften and protect rough dry skin. It also helps smooth and blend unattractive marks. Mango butter is potent in the fading of stretch marks. Effective all year round, this treatment is especially needed after tanning.

30 minutes of indulgence Re-Texturizing Aromatic Sea Mineral Scrub Tropical Rain Rinse

5 step body treatment $70.00

3 step body treatment 1 hour of indulgence $115.00 Re-Texturizing Aromatic Sea Mineral Scrub Tropical Rain Rinse Therapeutic Body Massage w/Hand & Foot Reflexology

4 step body treatment 1 hour of indulgence Hydrotherapy Soaking Treatment Re-Texturizing Aromatic Sea Mineral Scrub Heated Osmotic Body Mask–Custom Blended Tropical Rain Rinse


11/4 hours of indulgence Hand & Foot Reflexology Re-Texturizing Aromatic Sea Mineral Scrub Tropical Rain Rinse Heated Osmotic Body Mask–Custom Blended Scalp Treatment with Cranial Massage


6 step body treatment 11/2 hours of indulgence $155.00 Therapeutic Body Massage w/Hand & Foot Reflexology Purifying Herbal Body Wash Re-Texturizing Aromatic Sea Mineral Scrub Tropical Rain Rinse Heated Osmotic Body Mask–Custom Blended Scalp Treatment with Cranial Massage

deluxe 6 step body treatment incorporating extra massage 120 minutes of indulgence


“I think beauty is being comfortable in your own skin”

2 step body treatment

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the princess treatment

tropical airbrush tan activation treatment

2 hours of indulgence $210.00 Be royally pampered with our classic cucumber-honey-milk–total face/body combined with a deeply soothing Swedish Massage. As your therapist scrubs you with our fragrant rub n’ buff spa salt scrub followed by a head to toe warm honey wrap then it’s off to your private chamber for a one hour massage. This will satisfy even the most discriminating Princess. Also available for your favorite “Prince”.

1 hour of indulgence $110.00 Re-Texturizing Fruit Acid Exfoliation Scrub Tropical Rain Rinse Application of Dinair Airtan, its spray perfectly applied by airbrush to achieve a flawless streak-free natural looking golden tan. Please wear dark loose clothing.

hawaiian sugar scrub 1 hour of indulgence $120.00 Experience the tropics right here in LA! Your therapist will spoil you with an exfoliating pure cane sugar scrub with the essence of coconut and pineapple. Then our tropical rain rinse will send you to the waterfalls of Maui. Snack on chilled pineapple as we prepare for an indulgent half hour Lomi Lomi Massage with an exotic vanilla oil blend. You will emerge fresh and zesty!

Please remember not to shave immediately following treatment.

endermologie 35 minutes per session Endermowear


(body stocking required for every treatment)

Single Session Series of 14 Treatment Sessions

$85.00 $1190.00

($85.00 per session, includes Initial Intake Session which consists of circumferential body measurements and photography as well as Endermowear)

Series of 20 Treatments


($85.00 per session, includes Initial Intake Session which consists of circumferential body measurements and photography, Endermowear and one complimentary follow-up)

This FDA certified machine combines sucking and rolling to help reduce the appearance of unwanted cellulite. Endermologie is also excellent for increasing poor circulation, minimizing muscle pain, fluid retention and circumferential body measurements. Please ask our front desk for a more in depth profile. Each client’s first session should be booked for one hour.

We encourage all new clients to arrive 15 minutes early for their first session. There is a medical history profile that needs to be completed before any treatment can be administered. If a client has one individual session and then decides to book a series, the cost of the initial intake session and Endermowear apply to the series cost.

love your body anti-cellulite treatment endermologie - body scrub - seaweed body wrap $250.00 11/2 hours of indulgence (includes Endermowear) Series of 6 (includes Endermowear) $1500.00 This treatment begins with an effective Endermologie session to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. You will continue on with an invigorating salt scrub to stimulate the lymphatic system, increase circulation and exfoliate the skin. Your smooth body is then covered in seaweed and wrapped in a warm cocoon where you will continue the detoxification process, flush toxins and further reduce the appearance of cellulite.

hot stone massage

thai yoga massage

11/4 hours of indulgence $140.00 54 smooth lava rocks are heated to 137 degrees and massaged into your body with warm oil. As you lay on a “spinal column� of stones, additional stones are placed along your seven chakras. Specific muscle work is then performed from your toes to your neck with warm lava. Always therapeutic, hot stone massage provides unmatched deep relaxation and mind transformation.

1 hour of indulgence $110.00 $150.00 11/2 hours of indulgence Expand your massage repertoire and discover Thai Massage. Developed 2500 years ago in ancient Thailand, this modality incorporates the therapist’s feet, knees, elbows and hands. Acupressure, assisted stretching and deep rhythmic compressions dominate this powerful and calming form of massage. It is performed on a floor mat with the client wearing gym clothes.

hot stone/swedish massage combo 11/2 hours of indulgence $160.00 As the tension in your muscles melts away with the hot stone massage, the therapist then continues to massage specific muscle groups with Swedish strokes to achieve an even deeper muscle relaxation.

craniosacral massage 1 hour of indulgence $100.00 Bones and soft tissue of the skull, spine and pelvis are gently compressed to alleviate disease. Craniosacral massage helps relieve pain caused by temporomandibular joint disorder, sinus congestion, headaches and back strain.


1 hour of indulgence $100.00 $145.00 11/2 hours of indulgence With the increased physiological and emotional stress of pregnancy, massage is particularly beneficial as it not only promotes physical well being but also helps prepare women psychologically and spiritually for the process of labor and birth.


/2 hour of indulgence $60.00 1 hour of indulgence $100.00 In reflexology (also known as zone therapy), fingers and often thumbs are pressed into feet and hands to stimulate energy in corresponding parts of the body. It’s great for stress-related ills and emotional disorders.

relaxing swedish massage

deep swedish massage

1 hour of indulgence $100.00 $145.00 11/2 hours of indulgence Feel the stress of your day melting away. The ultimate in indulgence, this popular massage combines kneading and rubbing techniques to ease muscular pain and increase blood circulation. Swedish massage is also excellent for reducing swelling and diminishing stress related ailments such as inflammatory bowel disease.

1 hour of indulgence $100.00 $145.00 1 1/2 hours of indulgence Your muscles will thank you! This massage combines relaxing Swedish techniques with deeper, more powerful pressure for those who prefer a stronger full body treatment. A great way to relieve stress, toxin and muscular pain.

"The human touch has amazing healing powers"

pregnancy massage

deep tissue/sports massage

stretch & relax fusion


60 minutes of indulgence $100.00 Our fusion treatment combines the relaxing effects of Swedish massage with assisted stretching to cultivate an agile and selfassured posture, lengthened spine, improved flexibility and relaxed central nervous system. This elaborately choreographed treatment will help you dance out of the Spa relaxed, rejuvenated and confident.

/2 hour of indulgence $65.00 1 hour of indulgence $100.00 $145.00 1 1/2 hours of indulgence Much in demand, this method works on achieving neuromuscular alignment, emulating a variety of massage techniques that probe deeply at the muscle tissue. Extraordinary well being results, but expect some soreness for a day or two.

neck, shoulder & scalp 60 minutes of indulgence $100.00 A targeted massage with kneading, stretching and deep tissue strokes to work the boulders in your shoulders while also invigorating your scalp with our natural hair hydrator with orchid flower. This super tense region will benefit highly from this focused, therapeutic and relaxing treatment. (not a full body massage)

package I approx. 3 hours (with 15 min. steam) Relaxing Swedish Massage – 1 Hour 2 Step Body Treatment Tropical Rain Rinse 8 Step Complexion Treatment with Peel and Collagen


package II approx. 3 hrs & 45 min. (with 15 min. steam) Hydrotherapy Soaking Treatment 6 Step Body Treatment + 1/ 2 Hour Massage 8 Step Complexion Treatment with Peel and Collagen


package III approx. 3 hrs & 15 min. (with 15 min. steam) Hydrotherapy Soaking Treatment 6 Step Body Treatment Hot Stone Massage


hand & foot appointments 310.657.7808

manicure $30.00 Complete nail care: shaping, cuticle care, deep cleaning, hand massage and polish application with all natural products. pedicure $45.00 Complete foot care: clarifying soak, energizing sea salt exfoliation, toe nail shaping, deep cleaning, foot and leg massage and polish application with all natural products. “juliette� manicure Complete manicure, paper wrap.


french manicure $35.00 Complete manicure, French application. luxurious pedicure $55.00 Complete pedicure, extra 15 min. massage.

hand or foot hot paraffin With any of the above services. complete face and body waxing Arch Lip Chin Full Face Sides Underarm Half Arm Full Arm Back Bikini Full Leg/Bikini Full Leg Half Leg Shoulders


$35.00 $12.00 $15.00 $45.00 $18.00 $25.00 $35.00 $45.00 $60.00 $40.00 $95.00 $80.00 $45.00 $25.00

tinting Lash Tint Brow Tint

$30.00 $25.00

threading Arch Lip Chin

$35.00 $12.00 $15.00

cancellation policy 24 Hour Notice Required or you will be charged for the treatments.

gift cards Gift Cards from Ole Henriksen Face/Body make for the ideal gift throughout the year. Cards are available for individual services, special tranquility packages and products.

hours of operation Monday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Tuesday - Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Sunday 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. We will be closed the first Monday of every month.


treatment pricing does not include gratuity. prices are subject to change without prior notice.

PHONE 310.854.7700 FACSIMILE 310.854.1869

ladies, please refrain from shaving prior to all body care treatments involving a scrub.

FA C E / B O D Y

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