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One young man was walking and was passing by Oliver Twist. Then he turned and went to him. Oliver was sitting on a stair. The young man was looking at Oliver and he asked him many questions. Then the Dodger and Oliver were walking and talking while the Dodger discreetly stole some bread. He introduced himself to Oliver. After a time of reaction Oliver asked: “Why is your name the Dodger?” Suddenly the Dodger showed the bread.

Adel, Kevin, Kilian and Marlone – 4e4

Oliver was sitting while the Dodger was walking and was looking at Oliver. Then the Dodger asked him question. Oliver stood up and walked to the Dodger. The Dodger discreetly stole some bread while they were walking and talking.

Florian, Marie, Typhaine and Loriane – 4e4

Oliver was sitting on the stairs and was exhausted by his travel. Suddenly someone passed in front of Oliver and strangely looked at him. He stopped and walked back to Oliver. Then he asked Twist some questions. Later he stood up and the two boys were walking and talking together. When he walked in the market, Oliver understood why he was called the Dodger: because he stole some bread discreetly.

Elouann and Josselin – 4e2

Even though he didn’t know Oliver he wanted to meet him. The stranger was walking in the street. Suddenly he looked at Oliver who was sitting. He asked Oliver where he came from with other questions. Then Oliver answered and stood up. While they were walking and talking, the Dodger discreetly stole some bread.

Ines, Alexandre, Wassima and Erwan - 4e2

Oliver was sitting on the stairs in a market when a boy passed by Oliver. He looked and suddenly walked at him. He asked him some questions like what was his name. Then they stood up. Even though they didn’t know each other they were together. When they were talking and walking, the Dodger stole discreetly some bread and put it in his hat.

Eddy, Chloe, Hugo and Thiziri – 4e2

After walking seven days he arrived in London. He met the Dodger and they introduced to each other. Oliver and Dodger walked and talked they suddenly the dodger stole some bread and Oliver asked why he was called like this. So the Dodger showed the bread.

Ema, Mamadou, Rafael and Rebecca – 4e2

Meeting the dodger  
Meeting the dodger