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February 2010

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Thank you, Sustainers, for opening your homes for the 2009-2010 Satellite Meetings. We appreciate you being so instrumental in the success of this evening.

Pam Ayers Cathy Biggs Sue Crosnoe Pam Lane

Jane Macha Denise Moffat Rhonda Poirot Judy Sorge

Winter Leadership Conf. 20 Miracle League Update


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hell’s pla

cement g

roup Thank you so much for your feedback. Be watching for the summarization of data you provided. The file will be posted on the “Members Only” area of the JLWF website under “League Forms” before the end of the month.

nection The League Con

- February 2010

2009-2010 Community Plan

Community Assistance Fund Funding is provided in response to immediate needs in the community through established non-profit agencies. Grants are distributed in amounts up to $500 each through Fall and Spring cycles.

International Friendship Forty-four years of goodwill, understanding and cultural exchange exists between the Junior League and the German Air Force Squadron of the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program at Sheppard Air Force Base.

Jefferson Awards The Jefferson Awards is designed to encourage and honor outstanding voluntarism. Nominees are judged within four categories: adult, youth, group, and education. The local finalist competes in Washington, D.C. for the national Grand Award. The program is a joint effort between the Junior League and the Times Record News.

Partners In Education & PowerPak 4 Kids The League will partner with the Wichita Falls Independent School District to enhance student learning through program and project development and implementation for an adopted school. This volunteer and financial commitment also includes the stuffing and delivery of backpacks to the adopted school as part of the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank’s PowerPak 4 Kids initiative, an ongoing effort to provide food to at-risk children on weekends and breaks when school meals are not available.

Kids in the Kitchen The goal of this initiative, which is supported by The Association of Junior Leagues International, is to empower youth to make healthy lifestyle choices and help reverse the growth of childhood obesity and its associated health issues. League-wide involvement includes a community-based, one-day event in addition to mini courses implemented at an after-school program at Camp Fire USA. Opportunity Knocks Volunteer time and funding assistance is provided in response to immediate, short-term needs in the community through established non-profit agencies. Volunteer time ranges from a few hours to a one-day project. Grants are given in amounts up to $1500 each. Research & Development Innovative projects are researched and developed for plausible addition to the Community Plan. Projects must meet a need in both the community and the League.

Miracle League Field of Dreams Our current signature project provides for the planning, fundraising, and construction of a Miracle League Field where children with disabilities, ages 3-21, have the opportunty to experience the joy of playing baseball. The Junior League’s financial commitment to this project is $20,000 per year for five years, totaling $100,000. 20092010 marks the fourth of five years. Training Training is a fundamental and integral component of the Junior League mission. Through job placements and project execution, the Junior League teaches skills and competencies to prepare its members to be effective community leaders. Leadership development and training is what sets the Junior League apart from other community service organizations. Training also reinforces a second component of the Junior League mission, improving the potential of women.

The Junior League of Wichita Falls, Inc. 2009-2010 The League Connection Editor

Ashley Thomas Staff

Christina Beutin

League Photographer

Whitney Kirby

Executive Committee President

Paula Perkins


Kathy Partridge

communications vice-president

Reagan Foster

community vice-president

SueAnn Altman

membership vice-president

Julie Woolsey

finance vice-president

Jennifer Hudson

assistant treasurer

Tammy Robertson

sustaining advisors

Gale Richardson Leslie Schaffner

Board of Directors


DeAndra West

external public Relations

Mandi Jalomo nominating

Joey Deal


Catherine Earley


Ann Ezell Natalie Henderson Anne McGaha Dana Viavattene

Community Advisory Committee Janus Buss Mac Cannedy Dave Clark Erwin Davenport Dr. David Flack Dr. David Hartman Renae Murphy Shane Porter Debi Smith Joe Steimel


President’s Perspective

Paula Perkins

I love a good sporting event, so I’m taking the next few days to be entertained by some of the world’s most AMAZING athletes. If you’re like me, you can’t help but tune in each evening for your daily dose of the winter Olympics. I am already mesmerized by bobsledding. (And yes, for those of you who catch glimpses of my personality from time to time, I would LOVE this adrenalin pounding experience of racing down a steep and twisting track of artificial ice at speeds exceeding 90 mph and curves that generate as much as 5 g’s - Bring it!!!)

Here’s how it works. Four racers begin in a standing position and then push off as fast as they can for approximately 50 yards to provide the greatest momentum for their run, then jump into the bobsled for their descent. The driver is first to enter and steers down the track. The two middlemen, known as the pushers, are typically the strongest and most powerful of the team. At the end of the run, the brakeman, stops the sled. As you can see, each person of the crew has their role, bringing different strengths and expertise, which is critical to the performance as a whole. What does it take? - Sledding requires major strength training and conditioning. Bobsledders slide at least 2-3 runs every day. This practice time is pivotal in becoming comfortable with their equipment, track and team and in establishing the combination of variables that work best. All factors are important when covering 1600 yards of straight and winding paths in less than 60 seconds. Tiny errors are magnified when races are measured to 0.01 of a second. A sport of such competitive nature also demands a lot of heart to stay focused and motivated, discipline the body, and perform at the level where potential has been nurtured with great care for years upon years. I can’t help but compare bobsledding with the Junior League. Each day we are involved in a team sport, completing slides in heats where our times are adding up. We’re racing ourselves as we strive to better embody our Mission. Our running start came early last summer. The Board of Directors has been steering since. And you, the middle women, have been strong and steadfast, focusing on the work of the organization. I believe that Team JLWF is working towards the same outcomes, exerting incredible amounts of effort, and utilizing each other’s strengths and expertise to run a solid race. As we make our final descent into the last three months of this League year, we’re picking up speed. In many instances, the sled is moving by sheer momentum. However, we must remember that our performance continually depends on numerous variables working together most efficiently - the use and practice of skills acquired, continued training and personal development, and team dynamics, just to name a few. We’ve had some winding curves and wild rides, but we’ve remained focused. And yes, the time is coming when we will pull the brake together to slow our pace in order to evaluate our current standings, strategically plan for improvement, and eagerly prepare for next year’s events. Until then, let’s commit to finishing this race strong (In sledding regulation, that’s at least 80 mph - LOL!) This year’s Olympic theme, With Glowing Hearts, is so appropriate for the caliber of athletes who proudly represent the USA. But, it is also so applicable to who we are and what we do as an organization. Daily, I am AMAZED at how much heart you put into promoting voluntarism, developing your potential and improving our community. Thank you for loving the League and always going for the gold. Thanks for making the Junior League a place… where team sports happen where memorable races happen where glowing hearts happen


nection The League Con

- February 2010

League Top 3

#1: Satellite Meetings We kicked off the New Year with our second annual Satellite Meetings! We hope you enjoyed the relaxed and open format. Not only did members get to see first hand the new Placement Guide, they also were able to look at and walk through the new online preference sheet as well. Next time you see or talk to your Placement Advisor let them know what a great job they are doing for the League. It took a ton of hard work and preparation to get us to this point. A big “Thank You” to the sustainers for allowing us to use their homes, those who picked up food and recorded, and the members for giving their time to help us take a look and evaluate your League experience. #3: league-wide 40th anniversary project #2: League Center Remodel For those of you who have not been at the League Center in the last couple of weeks, you will be pleasantly surprised at our “new updates.” Julia Whitmire and Patty Nabors have been hard at work making the League Center look great! So give these ladies a big “Thank You” next time you see them. We would also like to thank the ladies who have allowed us to display their artwork. For those of you who are interested in a particular piece, they are all for sale. Please remember to respect the League Center like your own home and clean up before you leave. We want the League Center to continue to be a place that we can be proud of. Also, if your lovely children come to the League Center with you, please make sure that you supervise them.

Mission Statement The Junior League of Wichita Falls, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. Vision Statement We will strive to identify, develop and implement innovative programs, both independently and through coalitions, which will significantly improve the quality of life in our community. By building and sustaining friendships, we will create an integrated, diversified team of trained volunteers. Core Values • Commitment to improving the quality of life in Wichita Falls • Active involvement in an efficient organization of knowledgeable, congenial, and trained volunteers • Raising of funds to support Junior League programs and activities • Implementing innovative programs to affect positive changes in Wichita Falls • Nurturing the self-growth of members by providing diversified opportunities for volunteer involvement • Giving of time, monies, and advocacy efforts through commmunity coalitions and independent endeavors


In celebration of 40 years as The Junior League of Wichita Falls, we will soon undertake an all-member community project. From Wednesday, April 14 through Sunday, April 18, the Junior League will transform the Children’s play/therapy room at First Step. Shifts of workers will be scheduled consecutively during these five days to remodel this area - from painting the walls, staining the book shelves, retiling the floor, installing shelving for the closet, to stocking this soon-to-be festive environment with the things kids love - active learning games, puppets, paints and art supplies, and fun bean bag chairs. Sign up will begin at the February general meetings, but put this on your calendar NOW, as you will not want to miss this incredible opportunity to impact the lives of children and families in this community. AJLI Mission Statement The Association of Junior Leagues International Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. Vision Statement The Junior League: Women Around the World as Catalysts for Lasting Community Change. The Junior League of Wichita Falls, Inc., is a member of The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. 80 Maiden Lane New York, NY 10038-4811 Phone: 212.951.8300 Fax: 212.481.7196 Area V Director: Karla Wallace, AJLI Liaison: David Dosamantes, Website: Junior League of Wichita Falls, Inc General Membership Meeting-Satellite Locations January 26, 2010 Home of Pam Ayres - Presiding: Ann Ezell, Recorder: Natalie Henderson Home of Cathy Biggs - Presiding: Jennifer Parker, Recorder: Lauren Johnson Home of Sue Crosnoe - Presiding: Vicki Ostermann, Recorder: Reagan Foster Home of Pam Lane - Presiding: Amy Ketner, Recorder: Stacy Finley Home of Jane Macha - Presiding: Gail Smith, Recorder: Sarah Williams Home of Denise Moffat - Presiding: Lindsay Greer, Recorder: Sandy Andonian Home of Rhonda Poirot - Presiding: Susan Buckley, Recorder: Christina Beutin Home of Judy Sorge - Presiding: Phil Mitchell, Recorder: Alex Martin 7:00 P.M. Members Present: 74 Actives, 21 Provisionals, and 8 Sustainers Members Absent: (Actives) Mindy Anderle, Nina Brackeen, Theresa Burns, Shawn Butler, Brooke Clark, Sheila Catron, Keri Cobb, Lee cook, Cari Guidry, Lisa Estrada-Hamby, Christie Hansard, Margie Hoffman, Karen Kelleher, Allison Kirkpatrick, Michelle Kuehner, Alison Kunefke, Rachel Liles, Jennifer McDonald, Alisa Ratzlaff, Sarah Pitts, and Susie Tanner (Provisionals) Kelly Ashlock-Lemond, April Crutcher, Courtney Copeland, Kathryn Coverley-Lager, Kim Childs, Kelly Elder, Allison Jones, and Kate Richardson CALL TO ORDER: The meetings were called to order at or around 7:00 P.M. by each Presiding Member (Placement Advisors). The Placement Advisors made introductions and initiated an icebreaker. PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Paula Perkins, via video, welcomed the members and explained the importance of the Satellite Meetings and the placement process. MEMBERSHIP DISCUSSION: Presiding Members 1. Explained the importance of the feedback gained from last year’s satellite meetings and its role in the development of the 2009-2010 Strategic Plan, training curriculum and modifications of the current placement process. 2. Read and led discussion of five questions regarding the Junior League of Wichita Falls. a. Since the October 2008 satellite meetings, how would you rate your satisfaction with the following placement areas. Give reasons when members say dissatisfied or very dissatisfied. i. Consistent contact with your Placement Advisor ii. Development and use of the Placement Job Description Manual iii. Current placement and committee iv. Communication about the placement process b. Are you interested in developing a career path to develop your personalized plan for development of potential and to in- crease communication between leadership (including Placement Advisors)? c. How have you developed your potential this year through the formal (training initiative) and informal (volunteer place ment and committee opportunities) trainings that have been presented? d. Do you feel fulfilled in the Junior League? If no, what barriers are preventing you from being successful? If yes, what will propel you to the next level? e. Name one thing that would make your League service a more enjoyable experience. Please do not make statements place- ment or committee specific. THE PLACEMENT PROCESS: Presiding Members explained steps in the placement process and the purpose of the Placement Guide. PREFERENCE SHEET COMPLETION: Presiding Members 1. Dialogued with members regarding potential placements for 2010-2011. 2. Outlined procedures for completing the preference sheet on-line. Forms are requested to be finalized and submitted electroni cally by Friday, February 5. SURVEY COMPLETION: Members completed surveys regarding the Satellite Meeting. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Presiding Members reviewed the announcements as printed on the agenda. ADJOURN: Between 8:30 and 8:45 P.M. Reagan Foster Communications Vice-President

Paula Perkins President


nection The League Con

- February 2010

Habitat for Humanity Provisional Project On January 23, the Provisionals joined ranks with the Opportunity Knocks Committee and Habitat For Humanity to frame the 80th Habitat home built in Wichita Falls. The morning was bitter cold and wet, but in true League fashion, volunteers were ready and set to hammer with their warm hearts aglow. Before noon, the outer walls stood secure. The afternoon shift of ladies faced an equally daunting task of framing the inner walls, but there is no construction challenge a Junior League team can’t tackle - especially under the supervision of some really dedicated and skilled construction supervisors, Bill and Chuck! Before the second round of rain began moving in late that afternoon, the framing of the house stood complete - thanks to the amazing Provisional women and their Opportunity Knocks assistants! What a blessing to be a part of the evolving transformation of a home for Mr. Gene Sims and his four-year old grandson. Whenever your League tank is running low, remember how we made a difference here at 33 Grant Gill Lane in Fuller Estates. The words of Mr. Sims...

“I just can’t wait to get moved in.

I’ve been working with Habitat for almost four months to be at this point. We (in regards to his 4-year old grandson) are going to be so happy.

Chuck, the site manager and Karen Kelleher exchanging high fives

Christina Beutin and Christy Quintero construct a wall of the outdoor shed

The morning shift of Provisionals raises the first wall

It feels great for people like this (volunteers) to come out and show their appreciation for someone they don’t even help us get on our feet.

“This is going to give me independence.

It’s going to give me my own place...a place I can call home. I haven’t had a place I could call home for a very long time.

The afternoon shift of Provisionals stop for a Kodak moment after completing the framing

Provisionals, Mary Alice Bickings and Leslie Hall

“I have been living with my daughter and her other kids.

Karen Gagne, Summer Steinberger, Mr. Sims, Bylinda Voigt, and Melody Weathers after another wall has been raised


It’s crowded.

DeAndra West cuts and measures Fuller Estates sign

1 Corinthians 13

for Volunteers

If I am able to speak with the eloquence of one trained in public speaking, while correctly using parliamentary skills, but am without love, I become a little more than a showman on a stage and there is little value in what I say or do. I may have the gift of organization and future planning techniques. I may have all confidence in my abilities so that I can develop elaborate plans for committees and projects, but if I do not have love, I am an empty person. Even if I give every working hour and all my money in an attempt to meet the needs of my community, but do not do it in love, it profits me nothing. Love is patient with people who are trying their wings in new jobs. Love is not conceited, but is humble about its own gifts, knowing they are truly gifts and not possessions. Love acts in an unselfish, caring manner and does not control others with anger. Love does not always have to ‘win’ and can forgive and forget an unkindness suffered. Love is not glad to hear unpleasantness and criticism but seeks to know the good in others. Because love’s first instinct is to believe in other people and their potential for growth, rather than regarding them as hopeless, love offers encouragement along with constructive criticism. Now…it is love that is truly lasting. While eloquent speech, parliamentary procedure, time and financial management, organizational ability, future planning and facilitation are invaluable skills for a well trained volunteer, the enduring quality one must cultivate to give the proper direction and perspective, not only to voluntarism,

but to all of life, is


Healing Hands Chiropractic Center

Red River H O S P I TA L

Behavioral Health Services

Inpatient & Outpatient Programs

Dr. Cari Guidry Specializes in working with women and children.

4729 Jacksboro Hwy. Wichita Falls, TX 76302 940.720.0800

No Charge Confidential Assessments

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

1505 8th Street Wichita Falls, TX 196010



nection The League Con

- February 2010

“When I Was President...”

A Historical Account Revisited By the Presidents of The Junior Service League and The Junior League of Wichita Falls, Inc. compiled by Paula Perkins

In each issue of the League Connection, a decade of insight will be shared by a group of women who agreed to answer the call to leadership. Through questionnaires and research of archives, fifty-three women will share their fondest memories, highlights of their term, as well as the impact of specific projects on our community. This article will highlight the 1970’s. 1980-1981…Donna McLain The beginning of a new decade brought increased successes and new partnerships. A family picnic raised $1,166 for the Administrative Account and was the most financially successful administrative fund raiser in history. In addition, 128 members were placed, with 88 in the community – another new record. Yet ANOTHER initial endeavor was the adoption of the League’s first position statement dealing with children’s rights. The League also voted to establish co-sponsorships with the Wichita Falls Police Department for Crime Stoppers and the Wichita County Medical Auxiliary for the coordination of a drug abuse seminar. The League proudly received the Liberty Bell Award given by the Wichita County Bar Association for outstanding community service. 1981-1982…Sue Crosnoe “Like real life, my year had peaks and valleys with a lot of humming activity in between. Starting with happy and grateful tears when close friends presented me with an engraved gavel at the May Annual meeting and ending with sad tears when the floods of 1982 inundated so many of our lives with worry and muddy water. Even our May meeting was canceled. In the fall the very first Christmas Magic was gloriously successful. I remember making endless grapevine wreaths, and then buying some. The fun and camaraderie represented the best of the Junior League. And as I quoted Stevie Wonder at the end, ‘I wouldn’t have missed it for the world’.” 1982-1983…Sue McAlister “It seems to have been a year of major events: In May, I received the president’s gavel from Sue Crosnoe, both of us wearing blue jeans and meeting at the Museum, ready to go help those, primarily in the Colonial Park area, whose homes had up to 4 feet of water after a flash flood on May 13. The damage was estimated at 25 million dollars. September was the Centennial Anniversary for Wichita Falls. This year the Junior League adopted five collaborative projects involving the Wichita Falls Cancer League, the Wichita County Family Court Services, The Wichita Falls Museum and Art Center, the United Way, Midwestern State University, Levi-Strauss, and the Wichita Falls Independent School District. In November, we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Junior League of Wichita Falls and honored our Charter Members. In February, the Junior League and the Wichita Falls Independent School District held an Educational Exchange, an open forum for the exchange of concerns and expectations among parents, public school officials and students. I held the unique position of President of the Junior League and a member of the Board of Trustees of the WFISD.” continued on page 9

Projects Through Pictures 1980-1985 • Voted to co-sponsor Crime Stoppers Program with the WFPD •Adopted first position statement dealing with children’s rights

• Celebrated 25 years of service to the community with special festivities • Court Tours continue

• First Christmas Magic to bring $33,385, the largest profit ever generated by a League event to date • Bylaw changes lead to restructuring the League into a priority group system • First ‘For Girls Only’ seminar was hosted with the League as a sponsor






• PhoneFriend project debuted to community • Established endowment fund • Changed resignation deadline to March 1

• Public affairs committee active in supporting the Family Violence Preventive Service Act, advocating for voluntarism and favoring the raising of the national minimum drinking age to twenty-one. • Voted to troupe Sexual Abuse film series in the elementary schools

1983-84 continued from page 8

1983-1984…Imma Jeanne Alexander “My year as President was most rewarding because of a wonderful Executive Committee and Board. Everyone did their jobs with enthusiasm and purpose. Sure made my job much easier. I will say that the most valuable training I received through the JLWF was the facilitator training (after the tornado) and the training on running an efficient and effective committee or board meeting. I used that training over and over as I served on other community boards and work with WFISD. Christmas Magic at the old Wichita Falls Civic Center (library today) was a great success under Ann Gunn’s leadership. The only bad thing about that week was that Sue Harvey died after a long heroic battle with breast cancer. It was through her efforts and Paulette Koncelik’s that the League partnered with the Wichita Falls Cancer League in its educational programs with WFISD. Our fundraising efforts that year also helped fund the Museum Pre-School, Educational Exchange, Volunteer Leadership Development, Drug Puppets, Court Tours, and Goodtime Singers while always working through Priority Committee in search for new community projects. Other community projects included working with Pat Danaher and Family Court Services on Foster Parent and Child Advocate training and sponsoring the North Texas Regional Training Seminar. It was through the League’s national interest in Child Advocacy that I first saw and heard of Marian Wright Edelman and Hillary Clinton’s work with the Children’s Defense Fund. It was especially rewarding to help the German Squadron honor Jim Montgomery through International Friendship for his efforts in sponsoring the German Squadron, but also in getting Wichita Falls community sponsors for the other squadrons in the NATO Mission at SAFB.” 1984-1985…Sandy Goff Child abuse and neglect was a major focus as the League hosted a brainstorming session for community leaders to evaluate child abuse and neglect, premiered the PhoneFirend project, and developed a curriculum for the Shelter Child Care Program. The membership also voted to take a public stand in support of legislation to create the Children’s Trust Fund. Other significant votes were to renegotiate the current least and move operations to Hamilton Place and to support the initial organization of a committee formed in conjunction with Bethania Regional Health Care Center to promote interest in developing a bed and bath hostel for the families of critically ill patients. 1985-1986…Nancy Marks “A bit of history trivia: *I was the youngest president to hold the office of President until Paula Perkins broke the ‘record’ this year. *In 1980-81, Donna McLain was President; everyone on her executive committee became president: Sue Crosnoe (81-82), Imma Jeanne Alexander (83-84), Sandy Goff (84-85) & Nancy Marks (85-86) ~ Donna was truly a gracious woman who led by example. *We moved to new headquarters at Hamilton Place (previously at the Wichita Falls Museum & Art Center). *Twenty-seven resident and seven non-resident candidates were invited to Provisional Membership. *We hosted the fifth Christmas Magic event with eighty-five booths and over $62,000 profit; approximately 5,000 guests attended. *We voted to shift the “meeting of record” from the day General Meeting to the evening General Meeting. (This was a major decision! ~ We recognized that more and more members were working; thus the shift of emphasis.) *One hundred eighty (180) members were placed. *We sponsored the FIRST annual FallsFest in conjunction with Wichita Falls Streams and Valleys and the Wichita Falls Parks and Recreation Department.” 1986-1987…Laurie Cruse “My year started out with a very special occasion on August 1, 1986. It was the 20th Anniversary sponsorship of the German Air Force Student Squadron of the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program. There were many activities ending in a reception, formal dinner, and ball at the Officer’s Club. Flown in for the festivities were Commanding Generals of the German Air Force Training Commands and a German band for the ball. This was where I gave my first community address. For my League memory, the JLWF took their first public stand in support of the 911-enhanced emergency system for Wichita County. It started with a press conference at League Headquarters. Coverage by the TV and radio stations and area newspaper during the campaign was extensive. On November 4, 1986, voters passed 911 enhanced for Wichita County.” 1987-1988…Karen Bacus “Prompted by a Newsweek article about ‘taking off the white gloves,’ this year became a year of transition from the society page to the business page - from ‘ladies’ to ‘women’ committed to voluntarism. AJL also heavily debated, then encouraged all of us to open up our admissions policies to be more inclusive and accessible. We celebrated our 30th Anniversary, invited Ren Fortier to advise us on future planning and restructuring, and maintained a full load of community projects and fundraisers.”

continued on page 10


nection The League Con

In the 1980’s...

- February 2010

Signs of the Times

A loaf of bread cost…..$.56 A gallon of gas cost…..$.97 A postage stamp cost…..$.25 A new automobile cost…$15,400 The average income was…..$27,210 Popular music included….. Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Whitney Houston, Culture Club, U2, Duran Duran, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Chicago, Poison, Metallica, Madonna Popular TV shows included…..The Cosby Show, Baywatch, Chips, Dukes of Hazzard, Dallas and Dynasty, Cagney & Lacey, Matlock, The A Team, Hill Street Blues, Cheers, Miami Vice, Family Ties Children were playing with….. Cabbage Patch Dolls, Trivial Pursuit, Talking Toys, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Atari/Nintendo with Pac Man and Space Invaders, BMX bikes, the yo-yo Key historical life experiences included….. End of the Cold War and the collapse of communism, MTV, the official start of the computer age, the rise of conservatism in political and cultural life, the Post-It note, the protest in Tiananmen Square, use of Mobile phones, rise of aerobics, appearance of the mini van, global warming, Margaret Thatcher as the first and only woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; the creation of the Weather Channel and CNN television’s first 24-hour news network, and the AIDS pandemic Women.....constituted more than 45 percent of the employed persons in he US, but they had only a small share of the decisionmaking jobs; held more than twice as many jobs as teachers in elementary and high schools; and were emerging and visible in law, politics, business, the medical field, finance and other formerly male-dominated jobs (Sandra Day O’Connor as the first woman on the US Supreme Court, Sally Ride as the first American woman in space, and Geraldine Ferraro as the first woman nominated for Vice-President by a major party). The popular image of women was now a type of “Superwoman” who could ‘do it all’ and ‘have it all.’ Clothing trends being sported…..Floppy shirts with tight fitting pants, shoulder pads accompanying power dressing, acid washed jeans and denim jackets, leggings and leg warmers, designer underwear, jewelry to boast economic status, pointed toe shoes and spiked heels, jellies, Converse tennis shoes along with Nike Air Jordans, and Ray-Ban sunglasses Hair was...BIG, being backcombed and spiked, doused with mousse and excessive amounts of AquaNet hairspray, permed and frizzy, most popular in a mullet, held back with banana clips, crimped and streaked by teenagers

continued from page 9

1988-1989…Mary Beth Waggoner “Planning and implementing recommendations from Ren Fortier, Junior League consultant, for reorganizing the League with a Council system and focus areas were high on our “to do” list. We also formed a Sustainer Council and had the firstever sustainer-only special event.” 1989-1990…Gale Richardson “One hundred eighty six Actives were placed in our fundraisers and projects. We began research on purchasing a new headquarters, and voted for $3.00 from each Active, Provisional, and Sustaining members’ dues to be budgeted towards the purchase of a permanent headquarters. This began our headquarters fund to support our building. It took two more years before we purchased our current headquarters. We didn’t move until 1992-1993. We also voted to support Project Playground at Cunningham Elementary School for children with disabilities.”


June R. Leaguer

June R. Leaguer is designed to help you with any questions you may have about the JLWF. No question is too big or too small for Dear June! You may remain anonymous if you choose. Please forward any questions/comments to Ashley Thomas, Editor, for publication in The League Connection. Dear June, I’ve been noticing more and more chit-chat at the meetings lately, and at the last one, my neighbor kept up a steady stream of conversation except when she was texting on her cell phone. I didn’t want to be rude, but I couldn’t hear much of what was going on up front. I was also distracted by the sound of her fingernails clicking on her Blackberry. What should I do if this happens again? Focused Fiona Dear Focused Fiona, It is a difficult predicament when you’re trying to stay tuned into the meeting at hand and simultaneously carry on a conversation that may or may not have any relevance to the agenda item. Meetings are one of the few opportunities we get to socialize with certain friends, and it’s hard to put that aside momentarily while we conduct business. Unfortunately, general meetings are the only time a large part of the League is together on a regular basis, and tons of information needs to be relayed and sometimes acted upon. When we can’t hear the speaker, we’re unable to be an active participant thus missing out on the information and slowing the meeting down due to noise. JLWF meeting etiquette promotes abstention from electronics during a meeting, unless an emergency is imminent. Even then, it has been requested for all cell phones to be silenced. Talking and texting during a meeting are two behaviors that make the presenter feel unimportant and indicate one’s priorities are more pressing than the agenda at hand. Most importantly, it is just downright rude and disrespectful to our fellow speakers. The following tips may help clear your quandary: • Try sitting up front. It’s easier to stay focused when you’re closer to the action. • Be on time. Early/late entrances are disruptive and tend to ignite the chatter. • If your neighbor starts talking, try nodding/smiling and then refocus on the speaker. If the talk continues, just say that you would love to talk further but want to hear about the specific agenda item being presented. If all else fails, pretend you’re so engrossed in the presentation that you don’t even notice your neighbor has said anything! • Speakers: Make your presentations brief and lively. We understand you may be nervous, but if you don’t sound ex- cited about your topic, we’re probably not going to be, either. We also tend to lose concentration when you get long- winded; so please have mercy. • Last but not least, prepare to come early and stay late for the meetings in order to have plenty of time to talk to everyone and conduct any necessary business. By setting aside a little more time when possible for general meetings, you will find you are less stressed/hurried and will be able to enjoy one of the many benefits of the JLWF - true friends! June R. League

Projects Through Pictures 1985-1990 1985-86

• Moved to new headquarters at Hamilton Place • Voted to make dues payable by May 1 • First annual FallsFest was held in conjunction with the Wichita Falls Parks and Recreation Department and Streams & Valleys

• Council system enacted • Museum Traveling Trunks began trouping • Voted on amount of $3.00 from each active, provisional, and sustaining members’ dues to be budgeted toward the purchase of a permanent headquarters

• Established Sustainer musical therapy group as project to premier next year • 30th Anniversary Celebration was held in the home of Norma Saied

• Celebrated the 20th Anniversary sponsorship of the German Air Force Student Squadron of the ENJJPT Program • Grand opening of the Family Outreach Center at the YMCA as a coalition of the YMCA, Levi Strauss and the JLWF




• Wichita Falls Area Food Bank adopted as new project with the JLWF conducting the most successful drive ever held • Voted to raise admission for membership age limit to 39 years • Voted to require each Active member to complete 3 years of active service before reaching sustainer status



nection The League Con

- February 2010

Sustaining the Mission Gale Richardson Sustaining Advisor

Leslie Schaffner Sustaining Advisor

All our lives we’ve heard the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Hopefully that’s not true because it has also been said that, “Change is inevitable. You better embrace it or it will run over you.” Hmm, what to do? How can we effectively communicate our wide range of opinions, needs, and life experiences to get along in this changing world? How can the Baby Boomers relate to the Gen-X and Gen-Yers? How can they relate to us? Help has arrived! There are ways to bridge the communication gap that leads to disconnect. It’s all about understanding the generational differences of your specific situation. Dana Finch is an expert in helping people identify speed bumps in the road to successful communication and has trained people all over the country to skillfully maneuver around them. On March 2, we’ll have the unique opportunity to participate in two of Dana’s dynamic training sessions on “Generational Diversity,” from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. and “Social Media Etiquette” from 6 to 7 p.m. Attendance for each session is limited to 50, so it will be important to make your reservation for one or both sessions early by calling the League’s reservation line at 733-9001. The training will be held at the League Center and is scheduled specifically for Sustainers but will also be open to Active and Provisional members. The best part is this training is it’s FREE! Through these trainings, Dana will help us understand the dynamics of generational diversity. “After learning just one of her Rapid Response techniques your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers will be deeper and more productive. Her quick and easy Tips and Scripts enhanced conversations will fast track you to genuine, positive experiences where you will feel good about what was said and where the relationship is headed next! You’ll find out what to say when shocked or hurt. You’ll also learn key words for starting that difficult conversation. This session will ATTENTION SUSTAINERS!!! also help you understanding the importance of different age groups as you connect with others in order to get them to buy in. These are Join us for a special day of training. dilemmas that impact us all in our personal life, our professional life Dana Finch, will lead attendees through and our volunteer world. the delicate art of communication, revealing the On Tuesday evening, Dana’s session will deal specifically keys to generational diversity. with social media, including emails, texts, Facebook, and more. If you don’t understand the implications of these tools, reread paraTuesday, March 2 - League Center graph one above! Believe it or not, there is etiquette to use when “Generational Diversity” making work and social connections through technology. Dana will 11 a.m. -1 p.m. explain the top five communication disconnects and misunderstand“Social Media Etiquette” ings when using technology instead of face-to-face AND how to 6 -7 p.m. avoid them. This hour will change how you use the tools you have to connect with others. Attendance for each session We encourage you to call a couple of your Junior League is limited to 50. friends and put this on your priority list for March 2nd. It is guaranFor reservations for one teed to be informative, regardless of your age, and very entertainor both sessions, call the League’s reservation line ing. Dana’s enthusiasm is contagious and she will provide plenty of at 733-9001. tips to help us negotiate the communication maze, both verbally and electronically. Hope to see you there!

12 February 7


Organizational Devel-

14 opment Institute




Little Rock, AK


DEADLINE CAF Applications Due Attic Affair Shift Sign Up Begins


11 7:00 p.m. -

Coffee Talk Books A Million

Organizational Devel-

Devel12 Organizational 13 opment Institute opment Institute Little Rock, AK

Little Rock, AK


7:00 p.m. Council Meetings and Leadership Dev. Institute






5:30 p.m. Provisional Meeting




27 Cookbook at Home







and Garden Show, MPEC

12:00 p.m./7:00 p.m. General Meeting at Home 28 Cookbook and Garden Show, MPEC

March 1




International Women’s Day


6:00 p.m. - Board of Directors Meeting

9:00 a.m. - Coffee Talk, Espresso’s 7:00 p.m. Council Meetings and Leadership Dev. Inst.

DevelDevel12 Organizational 13 Organizational opment Institute opment Institute Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC


14 Organizational Devel- 15 SPRING BREAK -









26 Attic Affair,

opment Institute Charlotte, NC

Offices Closed No Activities


Office Closed No Activities



Office Closed No Activities


Office Closed No Activities

Office Closed No Activities

Opportunity Knocks Project at Friendly Door

Office Closed No Activities

6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Twice the Price Night Area V Fly-In Dallas, TX

Office Closed No Activities

8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

27 Attic Affair,

JS Bridwell Ag. Ctr.


PowerPak Packing Schedule February 9 ● March 9 ● April 6 ● May 4 Each date has two sessions: 9:30-11AM and 4:30-6PM at the League Center.


nection The League Con

- February 2010

AJLI’s Strategic Roadmap: What It Means To You Each issue of our League Connection will feature a portion of AJLI’s current work towards the development of the new strategic roadmap (the plan to ensure that our organization is thriving in 2029) for our Association and its member Leagues. The January issue will focus on the first portion of the third strategic question, the AJLI membership model. The League’s membership model has fallen out of step with the changes inside and outside of the League; we propose that it be replaced by a flatter, more skill- and interest-based model that develops members along different paths to civic leadership, focusing on trust and support rather than control and requirements. The Current Membership Model • Assumes that all women entering the League need to be trained and developed o Groups women into three linear, tenure- or age-based categories (Provisionals, Actives, Sustainers) to reflect this assumption o Does not allow for flexible commitment levels or entry points depending on an individual’s capacity or capabilities • Defines membership in terms of “League-out” expectations and requirements (i.e., what does the League expect of each member?) • Primarily develops members’ leadership skills via opportunities and training to run the League o Is focused on building members’ capacity to be leaders within the League • Lacks a clear and consistent value proposition for members The Recommended Membership Model • Assumes that each woman entering the League brings a unique set of skills and experiences that can be immediately deployed to create community impact o Lacks age- or tenure-based labels / categories; o Allows women to enter at different levels of skill and contribution • Defines membership in terms of “member-out” competencies and goals (i.e., what does each member bring to and hope to get out of the League?) • Primarily develops members’ leadership skills via civic leadership training and community impact activities o Is focused on building members’ capacity to be lead ers in the community • Offers customized development opportunities, access to a community of women civic leaders, and the chance to make a significant collective difference The Junior League should integrate external innovations to revitalize its membership model for the 21st century, maximizing the network’s value for members and achieving systemic impact in local communities. RECOMMENDATIONS – BUILDING A MODEL FOR IMPACT Align League programs and operations with member skills and interests. Identifying member skills and interests on an individualized basis would allow the League to better serve community organizations by matching volunteers with opportunities that reflect what the member wants out of her League experience. A skill / interest-based model would also allow the League to customize the leadership development trajectory of its members so that member placements can reflect the skills these women are looking to cultivate.


Create multiple entry points. In order to accommodate the diverse personal and professional experiences of women entering the League, new members must be able to join at multiple stages of leadership development. By tailoring a member’s experience to her particular capabilities, the League can cultivate true civic leaders. Create “hiatus” membership option. Although individual Leagues offer some flexible membership options, the Leagues could more proactively accommodate women’s unpredictable life stages with a clear process for declaring a hiatus status that is not defined or limited by tenure. Leverage new engagement vehicles. By using e-based platforms, the League can facilitate effective knowledge transfer within and across Leagues, break geographic constraints, and accommodate the mobile lifestyles of many women. Align League programs and operations with member skills and interests. Identifying member skills and interests on an individualized basis would allow the League to better serve community organizations by matching volunteers with opportunities that reflect what the member wants out of her League experience. A skill/interest-based model would also allow the League to customize the leadership development trajectory of its members so that member placements can reflect the skills these women are looking to cultivate. Facilitate co-mentoring. Women in the League bring a diverse set of personal and professional perspectives to the network; co-mentoring would create a non-hierarchical, mutually beneficial dialogue between members at all stages of League service. Develop generation peer groups. The rich friendships developed through the League motivate women to stay involved and link them to the League. As the League becomes increasingly multi-generational, members need opportunities to connect based on life priorities. Engage and cultivate alumnae ambassadors. The Junior League has an untapped alumnae base of accomplished community trustees (i.e., less engaged Sustainers who employ their League skills every day in corporate, non-profit, and personal settings. Strong alumnae connections that allow alumnae to share civic leadership expertise and promote the League would improve the League’s community presence, enhance current members’ experience, and ensure a “lifelong” League connection. Equip members to be recruitment advocates. To attract new members and differentiate the League experience, potential new members must quickly understand the benefits of membership and the League’s value proposition. By focusing on the League’s model for impact and its role in the community, members can clearly communicate the League’s unique value proposition to potential members. AJLI Membership Model Recommendation: Move Members Toward Civic Leadership In order to fully capitalize on members’ capabilities in pursuit of civic leadership, The Junior League should eliminate its traditional member categories and adopt a customized, flexible, and skill and interest-based membership model.

In this feature, your fellow Junior League of Wichita Falls members will share how their previous and current League experiences have added value to their lives… “in their own voices”… to uniquely capture the spirit of what it means to be a civic leader…a woman actively working and serving as a catalyst for lasting community change.

Dee Ann Martin

As a Provisional in the Wichita Falls Junior League I was anxious to become involved with a variety of placements. Growing up in a family where volunteering was a natural expectation, I was convinced there was much to be learned from the training the league provided. This was a wonderful avenue of giving and receiving, and I was gaining amazing TRAINING, KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE in many new areas of service. JLWF training offered me the necessary tools to serve on many school, hospital, and other community boards. It also opened the door for me to become the first female Board Chair of the Met. YMCA”S. Although I have valued my league service with the cookbook, placement, provisional, Goodtime Singers, and arrangements, my passion continues with the International Friendship Program. I truly believe that the vast spectrum it reaches is unlike any other. In 1966, before the term “global” was coined, several very perceptive Jr Service League members, led by President, Carolyn Sanders established the International Friendship Program with the German Air Force personnel at SAFB. Dr. James Montgomery became co-sponsorship with the League in 1969. This program paved the way for the Junior League of Wichita Falls to provide relationships on a global scale with our European families stationed at SAFB. Having lived in Germany for two years with my husband, I developed a strong desire to serve on the IF Committee. This involvement with the German Air Force gave me the chance to provide opportunities for our foreign guests that my husband and I were unable to receive while living in Europe. After several years of participating with International Friendship, my husband and I were invited to become sponsors of the Royal Netherlands Air Force Detachment at SAFB. In early1980 SAFB was chosen to serve as the official home of the Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program. The positive impact of the Junior League’s involvement with the Germans strongly influenced the Washington decision makers regarding the location of this one of a kind program. Needless to say, the very first to be selected as sponsors for each country were many JL former IF chairs who were invited with their husbands to participate! What a strong statement this makes for the training provided by the Wichita Falls Junior League. The magnitude of this placement provided a tremendous value to me and other JL members, as well as to our community and our family. Our members are constantly developing more opportunities to volunteer, and in so doing we are teaching others within the community the service of volunteering. In America it is

common to volunteer. Volunteerism was an unfamiliar concept to our European guests. While living in Wichita Falls they learn to contribute to this community and then upon returning to their home countries they continue answering the call of volunteerism. To me this is what it is all about ..... growing as a person and supporting others in their growth. The JLWF encompasses those we touch in so many areas as our arms extend within this community, throughout the state and abroad in many foreign countries. The Junior League, through training the International Friendship committee members, has provided an awareness of volunteerism to our foreign guests. They in turn have been taking the unfamiliar concept of volunteering back to their countries and are teaching others around the world how to volunteer. To see the Junior League of Wichita Falls reach across the globe in the placements it offers members brings a priceless value to so many here and throughout humanity.

Phil Mitchell

I once thought “Yes, we can” was a powerful affirmation, but when I joined the Junior League, I found that “Yes, we do” is a powerful, meaningful, active, presence. Allow me to let you in on how I have come to view my Junior League experience of “Yes, we do.” The League experience gives a woman the “Yes, we do” attitude for life and living. She gets to do life with others to better her space of the world. When our group of intelligent, competent, selfless, and service-oriented women are together, we get things started and finished! Through our volunteerism, we do unity for the community! Yes, we do volunteer, raise funds, children and men, work inside and outside the home, church and school, train others and ourselves, collaborate, facilitate, create, dedicate, educate and coordinate our energy, time, and resources in a seamless fashion that is modeled by knowledge, skills, camaraderie, compassion, and competency. The League does not allow a woman to leave home without a strategic plan of relevant volunteer opportunities, training, and support. She is empowered to improve herself, her family and community. She humbly displays the “Yes, we do” attitude in service to all. As a result of her Junior League experience, the community is left with a powerful, active, and meaningful impact and fitly responds, “Yes, they do.” My League experience? Amazing!


nection The League Con

- February 2010

2010-2011 Membership Dues REMINDER......Do you know how important it is for you to pay your membership dues and to pay them before the established deadline?

easiest, pay by credit card, or by check.

According to the bylaws, annual dues for the following year (2010-2011) shall be payable by Currently $63.00 of Actives and Provisionals and May 1st. A member whose dues and other $43.00 of Sustaining member individual dues financial obligations are not paid by the May 1st payments is directed to the JLWF. The remaindate will be notified by the Treasurer. Any meming $35.00 per member is paid to AJLI. It is ber whose dues and other financial obligations important for the deadline to be observed so that are not made by May 31st shall then be automatically removed from membership without the the League has your $35.00 when writing our check to AJLI. opportunity of any hearing before or necessity for a vote by the Board of Directors. Please submit your dues anytime before the deadline of May 1st. You can pay on the website at, which is the quickest and

If you have any question, you can contact me at

All First Bank lobbies are open 9 to 5 weekdays. Our Midwestern Parkway lobby is open Saturdays from 9 to Noon for full banking service. And now, you can bank by phone with our new mobile phone application. See our Website for details.

Banking at the speed of life 696.0000

Member FDIC


Above and Beyond the Call

Stacy Finley

What do Paula Deen, Rachael Ray, Julie Coe and Stacy Finley have in common? They all have amazing cookbooks they’d love to sell you. This month’s ABC recipients are combining the art of cooking with the art of sales to make the League’s cookbook, Now Serving, a resounding success. They have had their committee busy selling cookbooks at Christmas Magic, and the Wichita West Holiday show, and not to mention keeping inventory stocked on the shelves of our gracious partnering stores. They are working hard researching ways to sell more during these tough economic times, and present the book to a larger market. They prepared desserts out of the cookbook, and spoke at the community advisory board luncheon. In addition, these tireless ladies most recently hosted the BCI After Hours social at our League Center on January 21, treating attendees to delicious dishes featured in our Junior League of Wichita Falls’ cookbook, Now Serving. While serving as fantastic League ambassadors to the almost 150 guests, their efforts introduced event participants to the remarkable work of our organization and even rendered a potential new member. Thanks Julie and Stacy for going Above and Beyond the Call to “cook up” something special for our League.

Julie Coe

Important March 1st Deadline is Approaching There are two deadlines approaching on March 1st that Active members need to keep on top of their minds: requesting sustaining membership status or resigning an active membership for the following year. Wishing to go Sustaining: Sustaining members are those members who have fulfilled their Active membership requirements and who wish to continue to support their League and community. An Active member may request Sustaining membership when she attains the age of forty, with a minimum of three years of Active membership. Any member who has completed ten years of Active service in good standing may also become a Sustaining member. Any member wishing to request Sustaining status must do so in WRITING (an email is fine) to Julie Woolsey, Membership Vice-President by March 1st. Resignations: Any member of the League who is not in arrears in dues or in the performance of League duties may resign in good standing for the following year. Resignations need to be in writing to Julie Woolsey, Membership Vice-President, by March 1st; otherwise, a member will be liable for dues for the coming year.


nection The League Con

- February 2010

Cooking for the Mission The Month of Love...and Food!

February is known as the “month of love,” and they do say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So it only seems natural that the month of February be chocked full of days to celebrate so many great foods. Here are just a few foods you can celebrate this month accompanied by a recipes from our wonderful “Now Serving” Cookbook…… February 1 ~ Oatmeal Monday ~ Sugar & Spice Oatmeal Cookies ~ Page 139 February 4 ~ Homemade Soup Day ~ Fully Loaded Potato Soup ~ Page 56 February 4 ~ National Stuffed Mushroom Day ~ Stuffed Mushrooms ~ Page 17 February 11 ~ Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day February 13 ~ National Tortellini Day ~ Tortellini Alfredo ~ Page 85 February 16 ~ National Almond Day ~ Almond Tea ~ Page 33 February 18 ~ Drink Wine Day February 20 ~ National Cherry Pie Day ~ Tart Cherry Pie ~ Page 140 February 21 ~ Oatmeal ~ Sugar & Spice Oatmeal Cookies ~ Page 139 February 23 ~ National Banana Bread Day ~ Banana Nut Bread ~ Page 39 February 24 ~ National Tortilla Chip Day ~ Red River Tortilla Soup ~ Page 139 February 27 ~ National Strawberry Day ~ Strawberry Trifle ~ Page 150 February 27 ~ National Kahlua Day ~ Kahlua Cake ~ Page 129

BCI After Hours Co

okbook Event

Chocolate Month ~ Chocolate Pâtè ~ Page 147 American Pies Month ~ Apple Pie Deluxe ~ Page 140 Hot Breakfast Month ~ Breakfast Bake ~ Page 46 Snack Food Month ~ Cinnamon Crisps ~ Page 29 Thank you to everybody that Potato Lover Month ~ Golden Potato Casserole ~ Page 162 attended the BCI After Hours Event. Sweet Potato Month ~ Whipped Sweet Potato & Carrots ~ Page 162 It was a great success! Cakes Month ~ Cream Cheese Pound Cake ~ Page 131 Cabbage Month ~ Oriental Cabbage Slaw ~ Page 67 Pea Soup Month ~ Pea Soup ~ Page 168 Pancakes Month ~ Pumpkin Pancakes with Apple Cinnamon Syrup ~ Page 162 Kraut Month ~ Sauerkraut Goulash ~ Page 170






5401 Kell Blvd at Barnett Rd. • 692-1121 • Open: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-6pm


en to watch m o W

The JLWF is so excited to launch the first Women to Watch Program this spring! This is a mentoring program specifically designed for first, second and third year actives who are entering the League’s leadership tracks. The participants have been paired with sustainers who will be sharing their time and talents to mentor them during this training program. The program will provide in-League training opportunities that will equip participants with the skills necessary to serve in leadership roles as well as develop their potential on their individual League path. Participants in the Women to Watch program will also be traveling in February and March as League delegates to the Organization Development Institute (ODI). During the fall, applications and nominations for the program were accepted, participants were chosen using the nomination process, and mentors were asked to serve. The Training Committee is excited to welcome this group of extraordinary ladies to the Women to Watch program and would like to express a great appreciation to the sustainers involved for making this mentoring program possible.

Christina Beard (A) ~ Denise Moffat (S) Natalie Henderson (A) ~ Liz Martin (S) Lauren Johnson (A) ~ Katie Parkey (S) Whitney Kirby (A) ~ Keli Fields (S) Erin Matthews (A) ~ Leah Tunnell (S) Ashley Thomas (A) ~ Nancy Marks (S)


nection The League Con

- February 2010

AJLI Winter Leadership Conference 2010 by Kathy Partridge

AJLI presented the Winter Leadership conference this year

in Savannah, Georgia. At this conference the Presidents-Elect and Presidents-Elect-Elect had the opportunity to work together as well as interact with counterparts from other Leagues. This year’s courses focused on leaders exploring and learning best practices in leadership, governance, management, communication and community impact. We gained many tools and skills needed to implement and plan for the upcoming years. SueAnn Altman and I got to travel to Savannah for this conference in late January. We even managed to get out of town with the “ice” storm that hit Wichita Falls that very day. The conference began Friday morning by exploring the Strategic Roadmap, and what it looks like for the future of the JLWF. Then the Presidents-Elect attended the following workshops: Servant Leadership, Implementing Strategic Direction: The Shift from Governance to Management, and Using Strong Internal Communications to involve and Motivate Members. The Presidents-Elect-Elect attended: Accessing AJLI Services-Getting the Most Out of Your Association, Using Governance and Management to Lead Your League, and the Business Behind the League’s Mission workshops. Then, “HEY Y’ALL” … we went to dinner at Paula Deen’s restaurant, The Lady and Sons. We enjoyed some fried chicken, shrimp, and collard greens, well SueAnn ate the greens, not me. Saturday morning we jumped back into training with workshops that we attended together as a team. These included: How to Lead Through Change, Shared Leadership, and Creating a Community Impact. We really learned how we can work together over the upcoming years. We had the opportunity network with other Leagues and hear some thoughts and visions with these other Leagues. SueAnn and I thank you, the members, for the opportunity to represent the JLWF at this conference.

Miracle League update On November 21, 2009 Top of Texas football paired with Kids for Kids to contribute all gate proceeds, from their all star game, to the Miracle League of Wichita Falls. Their generosity netted $2000 towards Phase II construction plans. Registration for the Spring Miracle League season has already begun! There is only one more registration session on Sunday, February 21st, from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm at the Miracle League Field. After/during registration, join us for a play day! Make plans now to attend the Junior League Family/Buddy day on Saturday, April 24. This will a time for League members to experience a day of baseball with their family as well as enjoy the fellowship of other League members and their families. This day is designed to also allow for all willing participants to serve as a buddy for a Miracle League player. Don’t miss out on all this fun day promises. We are looking forward to a great 2010 spring season where every child deserves a chance to play baseball. Let’s play ball! Allison Kirkpatrick and Lee Cook, ML Co-Chairs 20 LDI Spring Schedule... Mark your calendars for the upcoming training opportunities that will be presented during the Leadership Development Institute this spring! The fall courses were full of great information relative to all placements within the League. Don’t miss your chance to develop your potential this year! February – Ad Hoc Recommendations/Interactive Council Training (presented by Joey Deal) Participants will learn information about the Ad Hoc Committee’s recommended structure changes. They will also observe councils in session as we work on new strategies to manage our League with cooperation, effectiveness and accountability. Learn more about how the League is represented through the council system as well as how decisions are made. Date: February 16th Time: 7:00 pm March – Mentoring (presented by Katie Parkey) Participants will learn what it takes to be a mentor, the difference in types of mentoring, and the progression of the mentoring life cycle. Training will be geared to help participants become more skilled at developing relationships, motivating others, identifying challenges and barriers associated with mentoring, and demonstrating confidence in their abilities to mentor. Date: March 11 (date subject to change) Time: 7:00 pm April – Conflict Resolution (presented by Amy Lam) Conflict is a natural part of organizational operations, and it can oftentimes be of benefit to an organization if handled properly. Participants will be able to identify factors that create conflicts within the League and other volunteer activities. Examining conflict styles will allow participants to see their own patterns of behavior as well as identify basic behavioral styles in order to know how to adjust to each for conflict prevention. Date: April 20 (date subject to change)

Training Month Teaser Question: What do you get when you combine exercise, photography and cooking with amazing speakers and leadership training? Answer: March Training Month! The Training Committee is hard at work planning this year’s training programs for YOU! After last year’s success and upon request from the membership we will provide multiple training opportunities of great variety throughout the entire month of March. Watch for details in email blasts as well as on our website. One training opportunity that you will most definitely want to take advantage of will be provided by guest speaker Dana Finch. She will present two trainings on Tuesday, March 2nd at the League Center.

11:00 – 1:00 Generational Diversity

6:00 – 7:00 Social Media Etiquette

MARCH COFFEE TALK Thursday, March 11 ● Espressos on Missile Road ● 9:00 AM RSVP to Kathy Partridge at by Wednesday, March 10 Remember, an optional makeup meeting credit will be given for attendance at these events (only one per member) and attendance is limited to the first 10 respondents. All members, including Provisionals and Sustainers, are welcome to attend.


nection The League Con

- February 2010


Start digging through those closets, drawers, garage items, kitchen cabinets, kid’s toy boxes and storage sheds. It’s a great time for spring cleaning and everything will be perfect for the 100+ garage sale to benefit the building fund which maintains our facility!!

March 25th – Donation Drop Off & Set Up: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm March 26th – Donation Drop Off & Set Up: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm March 26th – “Twice the Price” 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm March 27th – Attic Affair: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm Tips and Tidbits to aid you during your treasure hunt for the event: DONATIONS ` All active and provisional members have a requirement to donate $100 of gently used items. ` Donations must be delivered to the JS Bridwell Ag Center either Thursday, March 25th from 9 am – 9 pm or Friday, March 26th from 9 am – 4 pm. ` Donations must be priced and quota sheets completed before delivery. PRICING DETAILS ` Pricing Packages will be available at the February General Meetings. ` All Clothing will be set amounts and will not need to be priced. ` The following clothing items will need to be priced according to the pricing guide and separated from the general clothing: Infant/toddler clothing, Casual Dresses, Formals, Suits, and High-End Clothing. ` The maximum amount of women’s clothing allowed toward your required contribution is $25. ` BIG SELLERS: Children’s clothes, toys, appliances, home and lawn furniture, house- wares and linens. SHIFT REQUIREMENTS ` Shifts will be marked active or provisional. Make sure you sign up for the appropriate shift ` Provisional members are required one 3-hour pre-pricing shift at the league center, one 3-hour set up at the Ag Center and one 3-hour department shift during the event itself. (Three shifts total). Provisional sign-up will be on January 27 starting at 8:00 am online at ` Active members have a required 3-hour event shift. Online shift sign up begins February 15th and lasts through March 15th. ` Active members: shifts are limited – sign up early!! ` Those unable to work their assigned shift are responsible for finding a replacement.


Attic Affair History

Building History

How did Attic Affair start?


• In 1991 discussion was initiated regarding the diverse issue of the JLWF owning its own headquarters. • In 1992 Attic Affair was conceived and voted in. Vocal discussion resulted in maintaining all funds separate from the general funds for mortgage, operation and maintenance of the building. • Our current building was purchased for $265,000 in 1992. • The very first Attic Affair was held in 1993 with a profit of $18,000 at the 4H Barn on Midwestern Parkway. Success was immediate by the volume of shoppers pouring through the door. • In 2001 with the accumulated profits of Attic Affair, the final payment was made on the League Center mortgage. • Since paying off the building, additional research and discussion has been held to determine another source of income to make this event more palatable to the membership. This has been unsuccessful since no other one-day event has been able to yield the same profits using the same effort and time commitment. • Proceeds since 2002 have accrued in our Headquarter’s account to use for building maintenance, major repairs, or updates such as the recent painting and carpeting.


Signed contract on State Farm

Purchased build-

Mutual Insurance

ing for $265,000


with a down payment of $50,000. The building was listed with realtors at $465,000. (Wow…what negotiators we



Filed suit regard-

Moved into cur-

ing tax exempt

rent location

status of building

First Attic Affair held with profits of $17,900


Lawsuit settled with JLWF granted tax exempt


status by Wichita

Made final pay-

County Tax

ment on League

Appraisal District

Center mortgage

Interfaith Ministries Project Opportunity Knocks provided $1500 to purchase nonperishable food items as well as the womanpower to stock the shelves of the pantry of Interfaith Ministries on January 14. From sloppy joes, peaches and pears, to dry milk, the committee members gathered to unbox and remove plastic and provide easy access to the volunteers who hand out these items to those in need.

Lisa Estrada-Hamby and Ann Cunningham

Check presentation to Interfaith Ministries


nection The League Con

- February 2010

2009-2010 FallsFest Ad Hoc Committee Report The FallsFest Ad Hoc Committee was formed last spring and began meeting in June and presented its report to the Junior League Board of directors in January. The committee was given the following tasks: 1.To determine the effectiveness and efficiency of FallsFest as it exists in 2009. 2.To outline needed changes, future projections and specific recommendations for the event in order that it is continually suc cessful and beneficial to the workings of the League 3.To present recommendations to the Board at the January 2010 board meeting. The committee’s plan of action to accomplish the goals was as follows: 1. Discuss FallsFest programming. 2. Discuss FallsFest financials. 3. Review FallsFest goals and objectives. 4. Observe and evaluate FallsFest 2009. After months of discussion and research, the results are as follows: 1. Program • FF continues to be a family festival with a reasonable expense compared to other area events. ► Recommendation: Continue to hold FallsFest. ► Recommendation: Promote activities through media as much as concerts. ► Recommendation: Place a designated number on steering committee, encourage 40% JL members, 30% city and 30% Streams &Valleys. • To keep FallsFest an innovative, family festival, the committee recommended the following:: ► Offer more family events. ► Provide more activities during the day. ► Offer more free activities for children & teens. ► Provide PR for all activities and concerts. ► Present a children’s concert during the day. 2. Finance • FallsFest is not a big money maker for the league after the profit distribution. Recommendations: ► Continue to promote FF as a project instead of a fundraiser. ► Continue to cut back on the entertainment costs. ► Continue dialogue re: pros and cons of changing the sponsor distribution percentages. • FF is a venue for nonprofits to raise funds for their organizations but nonprofit participation has decreased because many of the nonprofits do not have enough volunteers to staff booths during the two day event. Recommendation: ► Request Nonprofit Center to forward information to nonprofits about participating in FallsFest. ► Publicize more. 3. Goals and Objectives • Following committee review and discussion of the FallsFest Goals and Objectives, it was the consensus of the committee that the purpose, goals, and objectives of FallsFest were current, applicable and being met. ► Recommendation: None. 4. Observations/Evaluations of FF 2009 • The Ad Hoc committee divided the 2009 FallsFest weekend into segments and members volunteered to canvas the event during the hours participants were in attendance, recording observations. ► Recommendations: Specific, detailed recommendations will be shared with the incoming event co-directors. Overall recommendation: Continue to hold FallsFest • There is a need for more communication…with the league, with the steering committee and with the public. There seems to be some misconceptions because of lack of information or misunderstanding. • A more extensive post-event membership survey of FallsFest should be conducted through the Junior League web site or email.


FallsFest Ad Hoc Committee: Christi Farnsworth, Chairman Emily Arens Susan Basham Renee Browning

Angela Culley Stella Kuehler Susie Tanner Debbie White

While You Were Out... Volunteering Things I have been known to do while my wife is gone “Junior Leaguing” 10. Introduce the kids to the way Rock music was meant to be heard LOUD!!! 9.Invite the relatives over that I know my wife prefers to see in pictures 8. Make up crazy games for the kids like “What’s That Smell” (Patent Pending), which are mostly for my own entertainment 7.Make the kids watch movies & TV shows from my own childhood (most recently - The Last Unicorn, Star Wars, Honey I Shrunk the Kids) 6.Let the kids perform stunts that don’t pass the Mommy test 5. Balance the checkbook while listening for distant thuds, screams, or the dreaded “EWWWWWWW!!!” 4. Send text-photos to my wife’s phone of the kids playing poker (staged, of course) 3. Hold Family Tattoo Night (OK not really - yet) 2.Enjoy the silence of my phone while you ladies are all at the League Center 1.Jump off the couch as soon as I hear the garage door and run the sink water over dishes. by Eric West, Husband of DeAndra

While Joey is volunteering, the boys generally re-arrange furniture, paint the walls, and pester the dog (usually in that order). Me ? If I’m not kicked back in my easy chair drinking margaritas, I’m cleaning paint off the walls and putting furniture back where it’s supposed to be – the dog takes care of herself. -Cameron Deal, Husband of Joey Deal

My 4yr old, Jackson, has now figured out what a “meeting” is. When I tell him, I have to go to a “meeting” he knows it is at the league center. Every time we drive by the League Center, he says, “look mommy there’s your meeting! Most of the time my husband, Quincy, is still working when the meetings start. So we call on our favorite babysitter, Kayla, to come over until he gets home. I will say, Kayla is coming over tonight, and Jackson says, “do you have to go to a meeting?” He has it all figured out in his little head! Anytime we are out doing things, NOT having meetings, Jackson always wants to go and help. That leaves special time for Addison and Daddy to relax and usually nap! - Sarah Williams

Addie, Avery and Em ma West ‘playing poker’ while mom is away

Our children are all grown and gone so we don’t have to worry about homework, daycare, sports practice or games. My husband hunts, fishes, takes care of the dog - I try to get him to do “honey do’s” without much success!! HAHA!! Or if there is an event he usually gets pulled into helping out. He gets extra special treatment afterward :-) - Natalie Henderson So, I’m afraid nothing very cool goes on at my house while I am out volunteering...Marcus and Peyton usually just do normal things like play, take a bath, go to bed, etc...BUT, one time I did come home to find the stereo blaring...I was like “hello,” in a kind of giggling voice, because if you know Marcus he is a pretty quiet guy (he’s not the loud music dance around kinda guy). When I finally managed to turn down the music and locate Peyton and Marcus they were having a “dance party” in the living room (and Marcus DOES NOT dance!!!)...I was laughing so hard I cried! Marcus had apparently let Peyton have too much ice cream, and he got ALL hyped up... So, it was the only thing he could think of to get all of the sugar out of him quickly so late at night...Ha Ha! -Whitney Kirby


nection The League Con

- February 2010

Caught in Community Collaboration

Pam Ayres and Lynn Bryant, Sustainers delivered Meals On Wheels on icy days during the holidays. Carol Wagner, Sustainer is Co-Chairing the Task Force for Faith Refuge (for women) under the oversight of Faith Mission. Liz Martin (S) and Renae Murphy (Community Advisor) have recently joined the United Regional Foundation Board of Directors alongside President, Cathy Biggs (S), Kim McClellan (A) and Gale Richardson (S). Help us recognize our fellow cohorts for their volunteer efforts and committment to improving our community! Report someone you’ve Caught in Community Collaboration to


If you have a friend in the League who needs a special acknowledgement, PLEASE INFORM HUGS! Do you know someone who has had a baby, a significant illness or surgery, or a death in the family? What about a new job opportunity or the receipt of a community award or accolade? The HUGS Chair, SHAWN BUTLER, is eager to make sure we celebrate or grieve with our members. Please contact her at or 781-7376.

Reminder! It is that time of year again!

The Community Assistance Fund is now taking applications for the Spring. If you are a non-profit, tax-exempt agency, we want YOU! The deadline is February 15th so log on to the Junior League website at and print out an application or stop by the office at 2302 Midwestern Parkway to pick one up. Please remember that your organization may not reapply within 12 months from your initial application. If you have any questions you may contact Tammy Robertson at 733-4938 or Monta Rea at the Junior League office 692-9797.


The League Connection 2009-2010 The League Connection is published eight times a year, August through May by the Junior League of Wichita Falls, Inc. All rights are reserved. Guidelines & Deadlines The next issue of The League Connection will be the March 2010 issue. The deadline for this issue is March 1. To submit information for the newsletter, please contact: Ashley Thomas, Editor at 940.733.3430. Email: Articles should be submitted in a Microsoft Word document in Times New Roman font. Colors should not be used and graphics and clip art should be limited. E-mail is preferred, but disks may be submitted. Gentle Reminders If you enter the Junior League facility, please disarm the alarm and call security to identify yourself and how long you will be in the building. You must reset the alarm when you depart. Make sure you have shut down all electronics and lights. If you have computer problems, please report them to Monta Rea. If you host a meeting at the Junior League office, please dispense of all trash in appropriate receptacles and leave dishes clean and put away. Membership Statistics (as of January 12, 2010)

Actives Actives Non-Resident Provisionals Sustainers Sustainers Non-Resident Emeritus Total

98 7 28 179 19 18 349


2010 FallsFest & Christmas Magic Co-Chairs are...


Stephanie Jones and Sarah Williams

Christmas Magic Catherine Earley and Jaclyn Meng

Member Celebrations

Well Wishes

Alisa Ratzlaff on the birth of her son, Hutch

Tammie Wooster on her recent surgery

Condolences Cathye Bullitt on the passing of her mother-in-law Shanda Keating and DeAndra West on the passing of their grandmother Allison Kirkpatrick on the passing of her grandmother Renee Browning on the loss of her grandmother

A BIG THANK YOU to the last two LDI presenters

ks at January LDI

Angela Culley spea

Christi Farnsworth - November “Nonprofit Financials” and Angela Culley - January “Fundraising”

Christi Fa

March Birthdays 3 3 3 5 6 6 7 7 9

Jenny Miller (A) Mary Alice Bickings (P) Becky Copeland (P) Claire Ross (S) Gale Richardson (S) Jill Landrum (S) Lenore Veresh (S) Sharry Cox (S) Kris Gossom (S)

10 12 12 13 13 13 14 14 15

Jo Kitt Vinson (S) Kristi Scamman (A) Sherry Blevins (P) Doris Altman (S) Rebecca Ruddy (S) Sarah Williams (A) Margie Hoffman (A) Paula Perkins (A) Barbara Hotchkiss (S)

15 16 21 22 25 28 28 31


speaks a

t Novemb

er LDI

Melissa Hogan (S) Polly Jones (E) Leah Hawley (S) Cathy Gamble (S) Susie Tanner (A) Carolyn Herzfeld (S) JeanMarie Baer (S) Stephanie Schelter (A)


The League Connection Junior League of Wichita Falls, Inc. 2302 Midwestern Parkway Wichita Falls, Texas 76308

Presorted Std. US Postage Pd. Wichita Falls, TX Permit 589

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Junior League League Connection - February

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