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Hit the Road with Ready. GIG. Go.

DEBUNKING THE MYTH They’re more than just rockstars’ girlfriends

GO MANO Y MANO with Learning’s very own Music Moguls


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music edition


camila labog talks about living with her mucisian/lawyer/ heartthrob brother


Usher ▪ Chris Brown+Rihanna ▪ The Script ▪ American Idol Season 10 ▪ The Big 4 Learning’s Music Playlists. Learning 5 Years. Baranggay Hall Pictures

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PROJECT “Music cleanses the understanding; inspires it, and lifts it into a realm which it would not reach if it were left to itself.” –Henry Ward Beecher


earning is a community of different people with varying tastes and culture. One simple thing that we can agree on is that music can help us set aside all those differences, forming us into a cohesive unit. We enter a place of our own when we listen to the beat of the drums or the strumming of a guitar. The angelic

voice of musician can even take us into a trance. Music is all around us. We Are Learning Issue #11 will emphasize on the love of music of our domain. It will amplify the songs that can be found in our Playlists. It will even tackle on how it is to have music and musicians in our lives. On behalf of the members and contributing writers, we would like to say thank you for reading this quarter’s issue. We hope you will enjoy! So keep on reading and let’s start the music!


















G R A P H I C D E S I G N & L AY O U T

Juan Carlos F. Ramos EDITOR-IN-CHIEF


One of the new hires of learning, Camila Labog, tells all on how it is to have a musician in the family. Listen as she sings her heart out on how she sees the REAL life of a “Rockstar”. Photohraphed by Clark Wittich Styled by Angeli Rosales & Michelle Bongco Makeup by Clara Obmerga

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WAL ISSUE 011 ▪ NOV 2011


GETTING TO KNOW When I was a kid, marbles, texts, pogs, Tamiya, gameboy, and Pokemon were fun. However, when I started to listen to music, it captured my attention. I remember back in grade r e b school, the era of Pop m Nove groups were reigning supreme in the e u s radios and MTV was s L. I W.A. a channel you would watch the whole day. The radio and television were one of the most influential media back then and you would hear Pop singers/groups playing all day. Yes, it was Pop era. I listened to songs by the Backstreet Boys, Code Red, 98 Degrees, Spice Girls, and N Sync. I even bought cassette tapes just to listen to them while I was at home (back then, iPods and Mp3 players still didn’t exist). Also, since most of the pop songs were in the radio, I bought blank tapes and I would record the top 20 song countdown of a popular radio station. Music was something that everyone liked. However, despite the blanket of influence by Nick Carter and Britney Spears, there was a specific genre that got my head rocking. By the time I was fourteen, there was an introduction to Rock. Some of my classmates kept on playing Limp Bizkit and a rap/metal group, Greyhoundz. This was the time that I thought it was time to listen to something different.

2011 # 11

WAIT THERE IS MORE As I grew older, different genres were introduced to me. These were OPM Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative, Emo,

House, and Acoustic. I experienced the time when Original Pinoy Music was on a high. Some of the bands that I liked were Slapshock, Chico Science, Dicta License, Happy Meals, Parokya ni Edgar, Urbandub, Imago, and Sponge Cola. I would watch these bands perform in high school fairs. The young crowd would literally go crazy whenever these bands played (except for Imago and Sponge Cola). These bands taught me that Filipinos love music. I continued to explore other genres of music, and Hip Hop and R&B was the next frontier. It was my cousin who introduced me to the likes of Notorious BIG, Tupac, DMX, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Jay Z, and Ja Rule. It also helped that some of friends back then really liked Hip Hop and whenever a new song was out, we would listen to it and give a review. Alternative rock also caught my attention. International artists such as Dashboard Confessional, The Used, Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday, and Coheed Cambria were making their presence felt. Emotional music was also making boys and girls cry back then. Bands such as Spill Canvas, Straylight Run, and Something Corporate were some of the bands I really liked to listen to. House music and acoustic music were also in the mix of my playlist. Beach House music was always relaxing to listen to. Kaskade and Moony were also a hit. I remember the time when Bonnie Bailey’s Ever After was playing in every bar in Boracay– it was that popular. Finally, acoustic music hit mainstream. Jimmy Bondoc and Paolo Santos were taking


over the scene. These various artists gave me a different take on music. Music had different faces. I KNOW WHAT I WANT After mixing up different genres, I was able to settle down on what kinds of music to listen to. I chose three; Hip Hop, R&B, and House. These are the type of music you’ll catch me listening to. They can really fit in with what I am feeling. The lyrics and the beat of the songs are always amazing. Artists such as Kanye West, Rihanna, Jay Z, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Usher, Lil Wayne, Drake, J. Cole, and Frank Ocean are some of the consistent singers that I have in my playlist. When it comes to House music; Laidback Luke (a Filipino DJ), Avicii, Tiesto, and Steve Aoki are in my playlist to satisfy my ears. LISTEN Despite the different genres that I listen to, I came to realize that it is a good thing that we have different options on what kind of music to listen to. It may be slow or fast, but the important thing is that you enjoy it. I think that’s the basic idea of listening to music. No matter what people say about the type of music you listen to, as long as you like it– it is yours and it doesn’t matter what other people think. Keep listening to music everyone and enjoy this We Are Learning Newsletter: Music Edition. I hope you enjoy reading through the articles.

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IN FOCUS Rocker by Blood. Fresh from the Mosh Pit. • Usher’s OMG Concert • Rihanna & Chris Brown Live in BGC • AMERICAN IDOL Season 10 Live Tour 2011 • The BIG 4 • The Script Debunking the Myth. Rockstar’s Girlfriend Gig Places. • 19 East • Backdoor Blues Cafe • Capone’s Bistro • Dayo Bar • Freedom Bar • Guerrilla Radio Bar • B-SIDE The Collective • Saguijo Cafe Bar • Bagaberde Grill and Bar • Sazi’s Restobar and Music • Handlebar Bar and Grill • Conspiracy Garden Cafe • Route 196 • 70’s Bistro

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ON THE RADAR Barangay Hall.







let’s welcome the newest members of the learning domain!

EMERSON JOHN E. LOZANTA Nickname: EJ Learning Team/Position: Learning & Knowledge / Learning Specialist Alma Mater: University of the Philippines – Los Baños What interests you? Movies interest me, as well as various documentaries. I am also into computer games. What’s your current LSS? None at the moment. What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? I’m not ashamed of any song I listen to. Are you a Belieber? Nooope.

RIEZL MEI O. PETISME Nickname: Zel Learning Team/Position: L&K ILO – Learning Practitioner Alma Mater: University of the Philippines – Manila What interests you? Good music, meaningful conversations What’s your current LSS? Black Tongue - Yeah,Yeah, Yeahs What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? As Long As You Love Me – Backstreet Boys Are you a Belieber? No.

ARLENE D. CATANGHAL Nickname: Arlene Learning Team/Position: L&K ILO, HR Learning Practitioner Alma Mater: University of the Philippines – Diliman What interests you? Life, People and Zombies What’s your current LSS? Someone Like You – Adele What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? None. Are you a Belieber? No

MARK ANTH ONY I. MARQ UEZ Nickname: Mark er Learning Team/Position: iOS/ HR Learning Practition Alma Mater: UP Diliman ng What interests you? Traveling, beach bumming, readi ce Beyon – Had Never I What’s your current LSS? Best Thing pero mo ahiya kinak na (song What’s your guilty pleasure song a you Are Black ca Rebec you still listen to it)? Friday Belieber? YES!


STEP HANI E ANGE LI S. ALBU RO Nickname: Angel Learning Team/Position: iOS – Offering Specialist Alma Mater: Ateneo de Manila University current What interests you? Weird Creatures What’s your (song na song LSS? Cannonball What’s your guilty pleasure Away Are Swept kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? you a Belieber? Nope.

JOHN MERVIN L. EMBATE Nickname: JM Learning Team/Position: L&K ILO – Learning Specialist Alma Mater: University of the Philippines – Los Banos What interests you? Novels, Foreign Films, Regina Spektor, How I Met Your Mother, Shameless US, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Broadway Musical, Tumblr What’s your current LSS? Your Ex-Lover Is Dead What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? All Mariah Carey songs. I appreciate her high notes and whistles and all, but at the same time, I love to make fun of her when she sings in lip-sync during live performances. Are you a Belieber? Baby, baby, baby, noooooooo. 6



Nickname: Cameele Learning Team/Position: Cross Media Group – Web Specialist Alma Mater: St.Paul’s University – Quezon City What interests you? Fashion, music, events, balloonsssss! What’s your current LSS? Asahi!!! What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? Lumayo Ka Man sa Akin – Rodel Naval Are you a Belieber? Nope

JO ANNE MARI E A. MANA RPIIS Nickname: Joan Learning Team/Position: Event Management – EMEA Alma Mater: University of Santo Tomas What interests you? Dance, Food, Movies What’s your current LSS? Super Bass by Nicki Minaj gets me everytime! What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? “Naturally” by Selena Gomez :) Are you a Belieber? Definitely not.





{ L E A R N I N G} MARIA KRISTINA B. CRUZ Nickname: Kris Learning Team/Position: Learning Practitioner Alma Mater: University of Santo Tomas What interests you? Sports, Arts and Music What’s your current LSS? Someone Like You – Adele What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? Justin Bieber Songs Are you a Belieber? Yes

BENE DICT JOHN L. LEE Nickname: Ben Learning Team/Position: Brand ILO Facilitator Alma Mater: Ateneo De Manila University What interests you? The Zumba and Body Combat class es in Gold’s are very interesting. What’s your current LSS? Airplane by B.o.b What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? Wala naman na ikinakahiya. Are you a Belieber? Not right now. Maybe if he grows up and matures. And that’s one big if.

OLIVE ANNE E. REYES Nickname: Olive Learning Team/Position: L&K Event Management/HR Practitioner Alma Mater: University of the Philippines – Los Baños What interests you? Baking, watching Korean series and anime What’s your current LSS? Baby by Justin Bieber What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? Korean songs Are you a Belieber? No

MAR IE LORA INE H. DE GUZM AN Nickname: Loraine Learning Team/Position: Learning Practitioner Alma Mater: Ateneo de Zamboanga University s your What interests you? Music,movies and food. What’ guilty your current LSS? Rumor Has It – Adele What’s listen pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still you Are to it)? Beautiful Soul – Jessie McCartney No ber? a Belie




AURE A MAR IE R. ISON Nickname: Ria Learning Team/Position: iOS Team/ Learning Practitioner (Offering) Alma Mater: University of the Philippines – Dilim an What interests you? Music, food and movies What’ s your current LSS? Superbass by Nicki Minaj What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? Friday by Rebecca Black Are you a Belie ber? It depends on my mood

CARLOS LORENZO D. ALVAREZ Nickname: Jared Learning Team/Position: iOS – Mid-Learning Specialist Alma Mater: Far Eastern University What interests you? Arts, scenic spots What’s your current LSS? Superbass What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? Not myself tonight Are you a Belieber? No

BERNADETTE C. ABOGANDA Nickname: Addy Learning Team/Position: HDTS – LIS (HR Learning Practitioner) Alma Mater: Miriam College What interests you? Reading What’s your current LSS? None I guess... What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? I don’t have any haha Are you a Belieber? No... reaaaallyyy no

CAMILA PRISCILA PINZON LABOG Nickname: Camil Learning Team/Position: L&K ILO Alma Mater: Ateneo de Manila University What interests you? Film photography, dance, yoga, adventures What’s your current LSS? Super bass by Nicki Minaj What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? More like sing it, not really listen to it... HALIK by Aegis! Are you a Belieber? NOOOOO





{LEARNING} AYESA SHAIRA B. BASILIO Nickname: Aye Learning Team/Position: ISST Alma Mater: University of the Philippines – Diliman What interests you? music, books, sitcoms What’s your current LSS? Bennie and the Jets What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? songs by Ke$ha Are you a Belieber? Nope.

DOMINIC R. RAMIREZ Nickname: Dom Learning Team/Position: Brand 1, Learning Specialist Alma Mater: University of the Philippines – Diliman What interests you? Tennis. Taekwondo. Table Tennis. Comics. Graphic Novels. Speculative Fiction. Thriller and Mystery Novels. Coming of Age Films. Comedy Shows. Late Night Talk Shows i.e. Conan, Hayao Miyazaki Movies. Brit Pop. PostGrudge Music. Pop Culture. What’s your current LSS? Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? MmmBop by Hanson Are you a Belieber? No. Never.

DARYL JADE E. CORDOVA Nickname: Daryl Learning Team/Position: Cross Media Group – Web Specialist Alma Mater: Adamson University What interests you? Web, Graphics, Arts, Music, Movie, Nature What’s your current LSS? Gravity or Back to you by John Mayer What’s your guilty pleasure song (song na kinakahiya mo pero you still listen to it)? Magbalik Are you a Belieber? Sort of







The team generally handles w3 and Knowledge Base (KB) maintenance support within IBM US Human Resources Information. They also handle web development support depending on business needs. The Manila Web Services team started last July 2009 handling United States with different processes covering w3 Authoring Your Career / CareerPlanner, w3 Authoring for You and IBM topics, KB Authoring, KB Coordination, Web Feedback and Web Certification. Each processes are being handled by two resources.

In line with this, a cross training project was initiated within the team which aims to develop individual career, possible growth, strong back up system and BCP. In late 2010, Web Services accepted the YCCP admin role, facilitated KB Authoring training for Latin America, and added three geographies within the scope of KB Authoring namely; Canada, India and Asia Pacific. In 2011, Web Services started to handle KB Certification for IBM US locale and Global Travel Web

maintenance support covering 70+ countries around the world, with seven different languages. Lastly, Global IBMer Portal site is now part of the team’s support scope.



His skills base and career foundation has its roots when he graduated from University of the Philippines, Diliman, BFA major in Advertising in 1998. He has been involved professionally in the web industry since early 1999 and had taken a keen interest in internet technologies since then. Khymer likes to work with people to overcome information and communication challenges through creating best possible user experience on the web. With his glowing passion for web and technology, he is an experienced web specialist on his journey to become a master in the craft.


She came aboard the IBM US Web Services Team last May 2011. Before joining IBM she worked for a plastic manufacturing company as a graphic artist where her concept was chosen as a new design of a government project. She is currently a Web Author Practitioner armed with a creative background from her internship company and an IT degree from De La Salle University. She recently started biking and jogging in a cemetery as her morning exercise. 1. If you are going to be a song/music, what will be your genre? and why?

Khymer has more than 12 years of demonstrated work experience in IT/ web/portal administration, interaction design, innovative content and graphic design within a collaborative environment. He has an in-depth knowledge of color theory, typography and corporate identity and has more than 7 years experience in designing and delivering smart visual interface designs.

Any feel-good song. It’s always nice to make someone happy.

He is also a fast learner who loves to read and learn more about technology, especially when it’s related to web in general. He spends his free time on two car restoration projects and likes planting fruit bearing trees in a newly acquired hide out in San Mateo, Rizal.

3. 1 or 2 lines from a song (please also identify) that describes what you feel right now!

2. Imagine that your team is a band. What role would you want to have? (lead vocalist, back up singer, drummer, guitarist, etc) and why? I’ll play the maracas. Even if I am not playing the most important instrument, I will make sure to play it well.

Here comes the sun, and I say it’s alright – The Beatles


“Mark” as his teammates fondly called him is the primary process owner of w3 Web Authoring for IBM US Web Services. He also handles other processes such as YCCP and KB Authoring for the team. He graduated with a degree in Information Technology specializing on Web Technologies and Information Systems. Before becoming an IBMer, he was a programmer of Toyota who developed its HRIS and Attendance Monitoring System, then became the Head of eLearning Section of College for Research and Technology Cabanatuan who developed the school’s Website, Intranet Newsletter and Learning Management System. During his free time, he loves to sleep, watch movies, anime series and some US TV series. He also spends time in staring at his laptop screen while waiting for his downloads to finish. Mark recently started reading books about business and finance to be financially literate. He hopes to set up his own business in the near future and build his own apartment or rest house in his mother’s homeland, Boracay. 1. If you are going to be a song/music, what will be your genre? and why? I love pop music, it reminds me of my high school and college years

when boy/girl bands were at the top of the music charts. 2. Imagine that your team is a band. What role would you want to have? (lead vocalist, back up singer, drummer, guitarist, etc) and why? I would be the drummer, since I have been a drummer since my college years. I used to play drums in our music ministry (in church) but I stopped when I started working. I love the sound of drums especially when I do the drum rolls, the feeling is great when you successfully complete it and above all, it is the drummer who controls the tempo of the piece. 3. 1 or 2 lines from a song (please also identify) that describes what you feel right now! From the song “Walking in the Rain” by A1: “Feels like I’m walking in the rain, I find myself trying to wash away the pain…”


Katrina worked as a Telephone Sales Representative (Outbound Sales Agent) from 2004 to January 2008. In February 2008, she joined IBM US Contact Center’s first wave as a Payroll Customer Interface Associate. After a couple of years of providing excellent customer service to IBM US employees, she decided to take a turn in her career path and applied for another role within the center in the same account.




In December 2010, she joined the IBM US Web Services Team. She currently handles KB/Web Certification and YCCP Processes. Though busy with work, she still succumbs to her “artistic” calling. She once joined a small art exhibit facilitated by Mitch Dulce (owner of Store for All Seasons and former Pinoy Big Brother contender). She was able to capture the attention of enthusiasts and sold all 4 paintings the night of the event. She didn’t stop at painting… she is also making waves in another industry with her exemplary art creations using polymer clay. She also plays bass in her church’s band. Sounds unstoppable, doesn’t she? 1. If you are going to be a song/music, what will be your genre? and why? Anything nice that does not normally get played on mainstream radio. Could be Indie, Hardcore Punk/Rock, Metal, Contemporary Christian, etc. I won’t be the type that you would hear when you ride on a public transpo. Not everyone knows, enjoys or appreciates me but I want to make sure that those who do, really do. 2. Imagine that your team is a band. What role would you want to have? (lead vocalist, back up singer, drummer, guitarist, etc) and why? I would be the bass player – the low-frequency instrument that compliments the “treble” sounds and creates the “feel” of the music. A bass guitar/player should be able to work with other instruments (or team members) and serve as the foundation of the rhythm of a song,

maintain its pulse and contribute an effect on the impression that the music creates. 3. 1 or 2 lines from a song (please also identify) that describes what you feel right now! Used to believe that I could never ever please Ya Spent a long time running scared Couldn’t receive that You would never ever leave me Didn’t know that You would call me friend But now Your grace for me is ever chasing me No possibility of ever letting go And You’re not mad at me, no You’re not mad at me You’re madly in love with me You love me madly, madly, madly Surely Goodness by Israel Houghton


Lines is a massive gamer and a master of the “Prophet of the Void” in League of Legends Online. Other than playing platform games, he is also sporty, considering his “chunky” body. His sports include basketball, table tennis, and badminton. Some say he is a great programmer, but who would have thought he would be named the “Most Outstanding Student of the Year 2011” by the Computer Studies Department at PLM. He is a graphic designer, audio and video editor, and a music enthusiast. Lines was a Microsoft Student Partner in his

university, and was part of Windows 7 launch in the Philippines, giving demos to many people who came to the event. He has a fine sense of humor, but doesn’t want to talk much. Additionally, and luckily, he is now working at IBM as a Web Specialist, and is anticipating great things to come in the near future. 1. If you are going to be a song/music, what will be your genre? and why? I would love to be an acoustic song... because it shows most of my personality: making different loud and fast-paced music to soft and slow ones. Calmness rules, for me. 2. Imagine that your team is a band. What role would you want to have? (lead vocalist, back up singer, drummer, guitarist, etc) and why?


Emerson has worked with several corporations from different industries ranging from telecommunications, ISPs and BPOs before finally landing here in IBM. He was part of the pioneer batch who started IBM US Contact Center under (formerly O’Keeffe) Payroll tower and was one of the handpicked agents chosen to support IBM US Web Services during the transition period. Originally, he handled KB Coordination in the team, but now has multiple skills across all processes within Web Services.

I would love to be the drummer. Though I just know the basics of it, I want to play the main beat of the song performed. Without the beat, the performance will be ruined.

Emer is a quiet person and a deep thinker who usually does things at his own pace when it comes to work. He is sociable at times but he also has strong desire to be left alone.

3. 1 or 2 lines from a song (please also identify) that describes what you feel right now!

Emer loves working with computer and tech gadgets. He knows how to play the guitar and he sings... in the bathroom.

From “Your Song” by Parokya ni Edgar: It took, one look And forever I laid out in front of me One smile, then I died Only to be revived by you. My favorite song, and the whole 1st verse describes what I feel, every day...

1. If you are going to be a song/music, what will be your genre? and why? Rock, makes me feel free... It frees my mind from all doubts and misery... 2. Imagine that your team is a band. What role would you want to have? (lead vocalist, back up singer, drummer, guitarist, etc) and why? Guitarist, i can play the guitar... since one of us is already the

lead vocals, might as well do the background vocals! 3. 1 or 2 lines from a song (please also identify) that describes what you feel right now! But I’ll take my time anywhere I’m free to speak my mind anywhere And I’ll never mind anywhere Anywhere I roam, where I lay my head is home... ROBERTO MALITAO

He joined the team on 15 November 2009 after spending two successful years with Learning’s Web Marketing as Sr. Web Content Developer. As an active member of that team, the Three layered QA System idea that he contributed to the team’s initiative in addressing Quality issue proved instrumental in minimizing defects and enhancing Quality results. The same concept of QA System was introduced to IBM US Web Services team to address higher incidence of defects being experienced by the team since going live in July 2009. The best results generated by the Team in December 2009 resulted to eventual exit from Hypercare in January 2010. Before joining IBM in 2007, He worked in Saudi Arabia for more than 16 years with a chemical company that manufactures water treatment chemicals and other basic chemicals.

Like many IBMers, he always strives to be physically fit. This is the reason why he loves sports. Bowling and tennis are the sports he likes the most. 1. If you are going to be a song/music, what will be your genre? and why? It will be an epic that will usually centered upon a great achievement for the team for others to emulate. 2. Imagine that your team is a band. What role would you want to have? (lead vocalist, back up singer, drummer, guitarist, etc) and why? Most probably I will be the lead vocalist not because of my great voice but because I don’t play musical instruments. Participation is important in any capacity to help propel the team to move forward. 3. 1 or 2 lines from a song (please also identify) that describes what you feel right now! I’ll reach out my hand to you, I’ll have faith in all you do Just call my name and I’ll be there I’ll Be There – Jackson 5 CHRISTINA (HONEY) MATIAS

She is the SME of Web services IBM US Account. One of the great desires of Honey is to be certified as an IT Specialist, then IT Architect then IT Manager.




Honey’s objective after graduation is to experience all different types of IT related work and she is glad that she experienced all those things in span of eight years in IBM. She became an application programmer for one year, ITS Mainframe Admin for three years, elearning Specialist for two years and Web SME’s for 2.5 years.

You set me apart, Gave me a new heart, Filled with compassion To share Your great love

She learned different things in IBM Industry including process related work. She also became a mentor for some people inside or outside of IBM.

I love all Christian songs!

“Don’t limit yourself to one process. Gain knowledge about web development and architecture as well. It is always good for a specialist to know about other stuff like in depth web development and site architecture as well. Share your knowledge with others. The more you share the more it will grow. Grow your network, meet with people and learn from them, ask for their help whenever you need it and whenever they need it.” 1. If you are going to be a song/music, what will be your genre? and why? Classical (praise and worship) because I would like to express thanks and worship to our dearest Lord 2. Imagine that your team is a band. What role would you want to have? (lead vocalist, back up singer, drummer, guitarist, etc) and why? Guitar, it keeps the rhythm you hear while solos are playing. 3. 1 or 2 lines from a song (please also identify) that describes what you feel right now!

Show me Your ways, I want to know You, Guide me in truth My hope is in You That I may dwell in Your house forever, Lifting up Your name Dwell in Your house forever more


Liberty is someone whom you can call as the Jack, or in her case, Jill of all Trades. As an active student leader during her college days at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, she developed her skills of interacting with different people and her passion for excellence and proactiveness. Her love for learning is never fading and this is demonstrated by her easy grasp of basic HTML and Java scripting for her current job role. In her spare time, she works to complete her Master’s thesis. She also finds time for Human resources consultancy and academic research work. When she planned her wedding last 2009-2010, the planning bug never left and she now does wedding coordination work with her group of wedding planning addicted friends. Libz also squeezes in time to spend with her husband, family and close friends

PL A YLIS TS { } Cesar R’s

Detox Playlist

Playlist [⋅Pl Ā⋅List⋅] n. - A predetermined list of Records, Usually played in a specific order as on a Radio Station - A list of audio tracks kept together, intended to be listened to as a group. Audio music consumers frequently keep several playlists for different occasions, and the sharing of playlists has become a social media activity.

In this Issue of WaL Magazine, Project VIP gathers some of Learning’s music Enthusiasts to share with us their own Selection of beats Tailored to a specific Range of moods and tastes.

Irene Q’s


Anton F’s

Don’t Stop, Go Get It

Little Bit by Lykke Li

Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5

Young, Wild, and Free by Whiz Khalifa

City Love by John Mayer

Last Friday Night (TGIF) by Katy Perry

How We Do by The Game ft. 50 cent

Lift Off by Jay-Z & Kanye West

Born this Way by Lady Gaga

Without You by David Guetta ft. Usher

Show Me A Good Time by Drake

Love Story by Taylor Swift

Headlines by Drake

Thinking About You by Frank Ocean

Super Bass by Nicki Minaj

Good Life by Kanye West

Thank Me Now by Drake

The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script

All of the lights by Kanye West

God’s Gift by J. Cole

Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

We Found Love by Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris

Heartbeats by Jose Gonzales

Your Body is Wonderland by John Mayer

Just Like Me by Jamie Foxx ft. T.I

A Mass for the End of Time by Franco

Where them Girls At by David Guetta

Fancy by Drake

Promenade by Rampqueen

Rolling in the Deep by Adele

God's Gift by J Cole detox-playlist worktime-playlist don-t-stop-go-get-it




Suzie A’s

2NE1 K-Pop

Rock & Roll Playlist

Anj R’s

Rainy Day Playlist

Aaron C’s

Rissa M’s

Dance, Dance!

Eargasm Something Good Can Work

Quiet by Non Tiq

Rich Girls by The Virgins

Cobrastyle by Teddybears

If I ever feel better by Phoenix

Little Bit by Lykke Li

Hang Me Up To Dry by Cold War Kids

Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy

Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I want by The Smiths

Courage by The Whitest Boy Alive

Crystalised by The XX

Hard To Live In The City by Albert Hammond Jr.

Falling Down by Space Cowboy

Aces High by Iron Maiden

I Don't Want Love by The Antlers

Boom by Anjulie

Basic Space by The XX

Jezebel by Two Hours Traffic

I Feel Like Dancing by All Time Low

Hate you by 2NE1

Spectrelight by Mastodon

Islands by The XX

DVNO by Justice

The Edge of Glory by The Friendly Fires

Boy by Ra Ra Riot

Top Of The World by The Cataracs ft. Dev

Don’t Cry by 2NE1

Wake Up Dead by Megadeth

Elevator Love Letter by Stars

Secret Love by Sandy Vee

Your Touch by The Black Keys

Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon

Mr. Brightside by The Killers

Ugly by 2NE1

Five Alive by Lokomotiv

Holocene by Bon Iver

Black Gold by Foals

Tighten Up by The Black Keys

When You Were Young by The Killers

Scotty Doesn't Know by Lustra

Lollipop by 2NE1 ft. Bigbang

Addicted to that Rush by Mr. Big

Love Lost by The Temper Trap

Houdini by Foster The People

Let It Fall by Lykke Li

She Said by Jersak ft. Leighton Meester

Don’t Stop the Music by 2NE1

I Speed at Night by Dio

A Comet Appears by The Shins

Forever & Ever Amen by The Drums

1901 by Phoenix

Misread by Kings of Convenience

You Make The Rain Fall by Kevin Rudolf

Follow me by 2NE1

Neon Knights by Black Sabbath

Speaking in Tongues by Arcade Fire

Fall Hard by Shout Out Louds

Real Life (Memory Tapes Remix) by Tanlines

Brutal Hearts by Bedouin Soundclash ft. Coeur De Pirate

1Nite by Cobra Starship

Clap Your Hands by 2NE1

Rolling Thunder by Accept

No Rain by Blind Melon

Lonely by 2NE1

Hit the Lights by Metallica

Champagne Supernova by Oasis

I am the Best by 2NE1

Give a Little by Overkill

Go Away by 2NE1 projectvip/2ne1-k-pop


Sans F’s


□ NOVEMBER 2011 rock-and-roll-playlist rainy-day

by Two Door Cinema Club

The Heartbreak Moment

by Her Space Holiday dance-dance




Ace P’s

New Folder Playlist Boston by Augustana Buried myself alive by The used Closer to the Edge by 30 seconds to Mars The Animal by Neon trees

Elise R’s

Work Concentration Playlist Apologize by One Republic

Jerk ins G’s

Pampagising Teach Me how to Dougie by Cali Swag District Birthday Sex by Jeremih

the Truth by Kris Allen

Drop it Low by Ester Dean ft. Lil Wayne & Chris Brown

Ashes and Wine by A Fine Frenzy

Loser by Beck

Flourescent Adolescent by Kate Nash

Touch the Sky by Franco

Bounce by Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake, Dr. Dre & Missy Elliot

Colorblind by Counting Crows

Blue October by Dirt Room

Let's Just Fall in Love Again by Jason Castro

Darling I Do by Landon Pigg & Lucy Schwartz

Hot for Teacher by Van Halen

Lollipop by Mika

Daughters by John Mayer

Black Heart Inertia by Incubus

This Side by Nickel Creek

Flightless Bird by Iron and Wine

Cherry Bomb by The by Runaways

Count on Me by Bruno Mars

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's

Barracuda by Heart

Bubbly by Colbie Caillat

Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional

I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness

Avalanche by David Cook

Everything by Lifehouse

Halik ni Hudas by Wolfgang

How to save a life by The Fray

Ironic by Alanis Morrisette

With Arms wide Open by Creed

You Oughta Know by Alanis Morrisette Undiscovered by James Morrison Waiting for the End by Linkin Park work-concentration

One Last Breath by Creed Prinsesa by Teeth Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas shake-that-yawn-out

I Will Follow You into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie Fly Love by Jamie Foxx Like a Star by Corinne Bailey Rae projectvip/goodnightgoodnight




Burst of Sunshine Playlist Rhythm of Love

As Long as it Matters by Gin Blossom untitled-playlist


Angst at the Gym Playlist Feel Good Drag by Anberlin

No Diggity by Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre

Lenny Kravitz by Again

Goodnight All at Once by Jack Johnson

You and Me by Lifehouse

Mr. brightside by The Killers

PUGAK Playlist


Fix You by Cold Play

By your side by Sade

Owen S’s

Dimple B’s

This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars Boombox by Julian Casablancas projectvip/angst-at-thegym

by Plain White T's

Love Today by Mika

Marry You by Bruno Mars

Get To You by James Morrison Half Life by Duncan Sheik Rocketeer by Far East Movement Everyone Nose by N.E.R.D Hey Soul Sister by Train Please Don’t Go by Mike Posner You Found Me by The Fray Angels by Robbie Williams Smile by Uncle Kracker What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts pugak-s-playlist projectvip/burst-ofsunshine







THE MUSIC MOGULS Rossan a Fojas ▪ M ichael Peralta

Interviewed By: Maiki Bongco




Photo Ph Pho P ho h otto o by by JJa Jalil Jal aliill M Ma Mar Marvin aarrvin rv vin vin

Gears: Gear Ge ars: ar s: s: Kit: K Ki t t: Yamaha Yama Ya maha R ma maha Rydeen yd dee een n 14”x5” 14 4”x ” 5” snare sn naare 10”,””,, 12” 10 12” 2 14” 14” toms tom o s

Hard Ha ard R Roc Rock ock oc k an and d Po Power Powe werr we Me Meta eta tall Metal

WWhen hen oorr hhow ow ddidid yyouou rrealize ealize tthat hat mmusic usic wwasas yyour our calling? calling?

Cymbals: Cy ymb mbal als: al s: s: 14” 1 14 4”” Sabian Sabi Sa bian bi an HHX HHX X Stage Sta tage age hats hatts 16”” Sabian 16 Sabi Sa bian bi an n B8 B8 crash cras cr ash as h 18”” Sabian 1 18 Sabi Sa bian bi an HHX HHX Manhattan Man a haatt ttan an n Jazz JJaz azzz crash az cras cr assh 20 20” 0” Sabian Saabiian H HHX HX E Evolution vo v olu l ti tion on rride idee id 1 10 Radi Ra dian di an nt Istanbul Isstaanb nbul ul splash spl plas ash as h 10”” Radiant

I have have always alw way a s loved love lo v d ve music, m mu sic, si c, however how how owev e er ev e I only onl nly rrealized re aliz al ized iz ed d iitt was w s my ttrue wa ruee ru passion p pa ass ssio ion io n wh w when hen en nm my y ey eyes yes e were we ree o opened pene pe ned ne d to t tthe he h har harsh arsh ar sh h realities real re alit al ittiees of tthe he w wor world. orld or ld.. I ld saw ssa aw mu m music sicc no si nott only on nly as as an an inspiration in nsp spir irat ir attio ion n but b t also bu also s as as a way w wa y of life. llif ife. if e e.

Photo Ph Pho P ho h otto o by by Adrian Adr A Ad drian dr ian ian n Ardiente A Ar Ardie rdie diente ien ie ntte nte te


BAND/GROUP NAME Kastigo Ka K ast stig igo ig o


Ph P Pho hoto to b to by y Mari Maar Mar a i Arquiza Arrq rqu qu q uiza izza za Photo

Jazz Ja zz ggre greats reeat atss Bu Budd Buddy dd dy Ri Rich Rich, ch,, Fr ch F Freddie red ed ddiie Gr Gruuberr (r be (r.i.p.) r.i.i.p .p p.) aand nd D Dave avee W av We Weckl. eck c l.l. T They hey he y to took ok k thee dr th drums d drum rum ms to aan n ex eexpressive xpr p esssi sive ve llev level. e el ev el.. FaFaather th her Villasanta, Villlaasa sant n a, nt a S.D.B., S.D S.D D.B .B., B , who who h taught tau augh g t me gh m how ho ow to p play lay la y th tthe he dr drum drums um ms in i tthe hee fourth fou ourt rth rt h grade, grad gr ade, ad e, aand n bas nd b bassists asssi sist s s Ja st Jaco aco co P Pastorius, asto as to ori rius us,, us Wayman W Wa yman ym a Tisdale, an Tis T isda is dale da lee, Tal Tal Wilkenfeld Wilken Wi Wilk lk ken enfe ffeeld and and n SSans Sa n F ns Foj Fojas ojjas o off Ka K Kastigo s ig st igo o (! ((!#$%& #$ # $%& y yea!). e !) ea !). ).

Amihan Amih Am ih han n

ROSSANA FOJAS Rossana Fojas (Sans Fojas) WWhoho iiss yyour our inspiration? inspiration? My iinspiration My n pi ns pira r ti ra tion o ccomes on om omes mess ffrom ro om many m ny ma people peop pe ople - my op my bandmates, band ba ndma nd mate ma t s, our te ourr ffriends, fr rie ieend ds, s o other ther th err aart artists rttis i ts aand nd dm mos most osst especially es spe p cial ciaalllly ci ly y those ttho ho ose who who have hav avee been been generous ge eneero rous u aand us nd dw who ho h have av ve sh sshared har ared ed their th hei e r knowledge know kn owle ow ledg le dgee wi dg w with ith t u th us. s s.

IIff yyouou had had a once once inin a lifetime lifetime cchance hance toto perform perform anywhere anywhere iinn the the world, where world, where would would itit bebe and and why? why? Itt w wou would ould ou ld h have avee to av t b bee a se seri series ries ri es o off concerts co onc ncer erts er ts aaro around roun ro und un d the the world wo w orl orl r d so so we we can ca n sp sspread r ad o re our u m ur music u icc tto us o a lo llott of people. peop pe ople op le.. As le A m musicians, ussic icia i ns ia n , we w n need eeeed to o connect conn co n ecct wi nn with th ho others ther th erss who er who wh o can caan re re-late la atee tto o th the he experiences e peeri ex rien en nce cess we we sshare hare ha re through thro tth r ug ro ugh h songs. song so n s. ng


WWhoho iiss yyour our iinspiration? nspiration?



- Ya Yamaha Yama maha ma ha R RBX RBX-260 BX X-2 -260 60 0 4-string 4-st 4stri st ring ri ng - IIb Ibanez b ban an nezz G GSR S 3 SR 396 96 6 6-string -sstr trin in ng - Wa Warwick Warw r ic rw ick k RockBass Ro ock ckBa Baass s Corvette Corv Co rvet rv e te B et Bas Basic asic as icc A Active ctiv ct ivee iv 5-string 5 5stri st r ngg ri - Be Behringer ehr hrin inge in geer Ultrabass Ulltr trab ab basss BA810 BA B A810 81 10 cabinet cabi cabi ca bineet - Be Behringer B ehr hrrin h nge g r Ultrabass Ulltr trab ab bas asss B BX 4 00 45 00H head heead a BX4500H


IIff yyouou hhadad a oonce nce iinn a llifetime ifetime cchance hance ttoo pperform erform aanywhere nywhere iinn tthehe wworld, orld, wwhere here would iitt bbee aandnd wwhy? would hy?

‡ǯ”‡…—””‡–Ž›•‡ŽˆǦ’”‘†—…‹‰‘—”ϐ‹”•–  ‡ ǯ”‡ ǯ” ‡…— ‡ …—”” …— ””‡ ”” ‡–Ž ‡ – › –Ž ›•‡ •‡Žˆ •‡ ŽˆǦ’ Žˆ Ǧ’ ’”‘ ”‘†— † …‹‹‰ †— ‰‘ ‘—” ‘ —”ϐ —” ϐ‹” ϐ ‹”•– ‹” •–– EP and and we’ll we’ w e’ll e’ l be ll be pleased plea pl ease ea s d iff you se you guys gguy uyss can uy can have ha ave a listen llis iste is ten te n at: at: h ht tp:/ tp ://w :/ / ww /w ww.l.llas a t. t fm fm/m / us /m usic icc/A /AMI M HA MI HAN/ N/ Untitled+Album Unti Un titl ti tled tl ed+A ed +A Alb lbum um Add Ad dd us up up as well: wel ell: l: http ht t s: tp s:// //ww // www. ww w.fa w. f ce fa cebo book bo ok k.c .com om/A om //A Ang Ang ngAm Am mih han a

MICHAEL PERALTA Michael Peralta (Mike Peralta)

- Abbey A be Ab bey y Road Road Studios... SStu t di tu dios os........ Dahil os Dahi Da hill libre hi l br li bree llang la ng mangarap man m an nga gara r p ra - In nm my y ho home m sstudio me tudi tu dio di o (w (whi (which hich hi ch w wee lovingly lovi lo viing ngly ly y name nam amee the the “Boiler “Boi “B o le oi lerr Room”), Room Ro om”) om ”)), with w wi th m my y mu musi musician sici si cian ci an ffriends. rien ri ends en ds.. Th ds Ther There’s e e’ er e’ss a certain cert ce rtai rt ain ai n hi h high gh w wee ge gett wh when whenever e ev en verr a com ccomom-om position posi po siti si tiion falls fallls ls into int n o place. plac pl acce. e

GENRE Rock/Pop/Jazz Ro R ock ck/P /Pop /P op/J op /Jaz /J azzz az

WWhen hen oror how how ddidid yyouou realize realize that that mmusic usic was was your your ccalling? alling?

™ƒ•‹–Š‡ˆ‘—”–Š‰”ƒ†‡™Š‡ ™ƒ•ϐ‹šƒ–‡†„›•‘‡‘‡

 ™ƒ••‹‹ ™ƒ ––Š‡ Š ˆˆ‘— ‘—”– ”––Š Š‰” ‰ ƒ† ‰” †‡ ‡™Š ™Š‡ ™Š ‡ 

‡  ™ ™ƒ• ™ ƒ•ϐ ƒ• ϐϐ‹š ‹šƒ– ƒ–‡† ƒ– ‡†„ ‡† „› „ › •‘ › ‘‡ ‡‘ ‘‡‡ ‘ playing pl p lay ayin ingg the in th he drums d ums dr um ms in n the the music mussic i room. rroo oo om. I made mad adee it a point poi oint n that tha hatt I †”‘’„›‡˜‡”›†ƒ›–Š‡”‡ǡ‹–Šƒ–•’‡…‹ϐ‹…–‹‡™Š‡–Š‡›™‡”‡ †” †”‘’ ”‘’ ’„ „› › ‡˜ ‡ ‡‡””›†ƒ› ›† †ƒ› ›––Š‡”‡ Š‡‡”‡‡ǡǡ‹ ǡ‹ ––Šƒƒ– – •’ •’‡… ‡…‹ϐ ‡… ‹ϐ‹… ‹ϐ ‹……––‹ ‹‡ ‡™Š ™Š‡ ™Š ‡– ‡ –Š‡ Š‡› Š‡ ›™‡ › ™‡”‡ ”‡ rehearsing. rre ehe hear a si ar sing ngg. Apparently, Ap ppa p reent ntly ly,, our ly our principal prin pr i ci in cipa pall noticed pa no oti tice ced ce d mee listening lis lis iste teni n ngg ni and an nd staring s ar st a in i g intently in nte tent ntly nt ly y everyday, every very ve yda d y, so so he h offered off ffer ered er ed d me me free free e drum dru um leslessons so ns aafter f err sschool. ft ch choo hoo ool.l. II’ll I’ l never ll nev ever err forget for orge g t the the sound soun so und un d off those ttho ho ose sweet, sswe w et we et,, vintage vint vi ntag nt agee Istanbul ag I ta Is t nb nbul u K ul cymbals, cymb cy mbal mb als, al s, and and d I try try y to to recreate recr re recr c ea e te that ttha hatt feel ha feel in in myy personal per p erso er sona so n l kit. na kiit. 2011 NOVEMBER // WAL MAGAZINE


EA RGAS M The Learning Music Circle


“In music, the passions enjoy themselves.” –Friedrich Nietzsche


veryone hears music almost everyday. For some, music is their life. For others, music is their job. And for many, music is their passion. Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence. The word itself derives from the Greek word mousike or “the art of muses”. In the corporate setting, work-life balance is important. That’s why in the Learning Domain, a few musically-inclined individuals started The Learning Music Circle. After all, all work and no play makes one a dull person. The Music Circle provides a sense of escape from the daily hustle and bustle of the corporate world. I got a chance to interview three members, both former and current, of the Music Circle. Ron De Guzman, Bjorn Chua, and Rosanna (Sans) Fojas all gave a little history about the circle and some tidbits about what makes the Music Circle fun. Ron states the following regarding his account of the birth of the Music Circle, “In December of 2007, a conservative and talented specialist stunned the whole account when he performed during a team building gathering in Antipolo and was applauded loudly by his Learning family. Within the year of 2008, this young boy gained prominence when he was recruited to serenade for the Valentines Center-wide activity of IBM... and the rest is history.” That certain specialist may or may not be Ron himself for all we know, but nevertheless, that is indeed how the Circle came to be. Regarding the influence of music within the circle, Sans states that the influences of the circle members

are diverse – from pop to rock to jazz and many other genres. Bjorn says, “music is universal. We accept all genres. As for role models, we respect everyone’s musical inspiration, be it Moffats or Mozart.” At the end of the day, music should be able to give us that tingling sensation according to Ron. In Sans’ opinion, “The role models in the music world would be anyone who stood up and fought for their beliefs, whatever their genre is. They do not conform to the fad and they exert their best efforts to be unique - which is what an artist should be. More than just influence, they use inspiration from other artists in order to create music which they can rightfully call their own. Lastly, they play music for the right reasons - because it is their passion and they want to share it to the world. Not for conformity and definitely not for the sake of calling one’s self a musician.” The members of the circle, naturally, all play musical instruments and are part of bands. Bjorn plays the guitar (as well as bass, drums, cajon, harmonica, and a little saxophone) and Sans plays the electric bass guitar. Ron plays the piano and is a vocalist. His secondary “weapons of choice” are guitar, tambourine, cajon, and the egg shaker. Most of them came from musically inclined families as well, with Ron joking, “When I was still in my mother’s womb, I already knew that I would become part of the Von Trapp Family.” I asked them a few questions regarding their personal thoughts and opinion on music and here is what they answered.

VIP: What do you feel as you play music? SANS (S): All sorts of emotions including anger, excitement and fulfillment. BJORN (B): I feel really comfortable - like I’m more in my element. RON (R): I feel like I am in control of things around me and that I am letting them experience that tingling sensation, it’s up to them to interpret their own meaning of that feeling.


VIP: Have you ever been so moved by a song that you cried? If so what was it? S: “Don’t Take My Life” by Canadian progressive rock band Triumph. B: Teared up sure. Best Friend by Puff Daddy. Yes, Puff Daddy. Listen to it. R: Yes, the title of the song is Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure. VIP: Who would you like to be as famous as? S: My answer would have to be AC/DC. They rock. Period. B: I like being anonymous. But if I had to choose, then Jason Mraz, for his humility, wit, and entertaining qualities. R: No one in particular because I am already famous... joke! VIP: Do you ever get lost in the music? S: All the time. B: Definitely. It’s hard to pull away sometimes. R: Yes, literally, most of the time, that’s why I am used to playing with lyrics sheets and chords. VIP: How important is music to you? S: Its loss would cause me serious mental degradation. B: Very. It’s a part of me. It is me. R: I will give my precious time and quality time for music. VIP: When and why did you start playing? S: My mom enrolled me in a piano course in the second grade. Then I was enrolled in voice lessons from the third grade till I finished high school. I learned to play the bass in first year high school through my friend, Mon. B: I was forced into voice lessons in 2nd grade, but I hated it. I was not into music yet then. When I was in 4th grade, I started with the guitar. The reason I started is actually strange - I imagined myself as a grandfather playing the guitar for my grandchildren. R: When I was in 5th grade, I learned to play the guitar and I first performed in public during my 4th year in high school. VIP: Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones? S: Unfortunately, I never had access to old vinyl records and cassette tapes of artists I love. Fortunately, generous friends gave and still give me copies of great albums from different times - from the 1930s blues of Robert Johnson to the 2000s sludgemetal of Mastodon.




B: Yes. I think I still have a few vinyl records in storage that was passed down in the family. Beatles, The Doors, Sting, I forget the rest. R: Yes, I love old records, I know majority of the songs of Beatles and I play it all the time.

R: No exercises. Normally I play alternative stuff first, then my originals, then R&B for fun. R: I practice how to beatbox, but I really can’t...

VIP: Do you attend sessions? What makes a good session? S: Very rarely. I have attended only two bass clinics so far. Once here in Manila during the JB Musikhero Clinic with Louie Talan, Buddy Zabala, Simon Tan and Rommel Dela Cruz. The other one was the Metal Masters drum and bass clinic in the US with David Ellefson, Charlie Benante, Mike Portnoy and Frank Bello. Aside from the practical tips that these great musicians shared, life experiences and stories of inspiration also make the session a good one. B: Not anymore. I normally just write my own stuff or play as a hobby. But in my past experience, as long as it remains fun, that’s good enough for a session. Music should not be a chore, but an expression. R: Yes, weekly sessions at home with my dad and also with my cousins whenever, wherever... I adjust myself when I jam with my dad, we play oldies but goodies and when I am with cousins I usually sing grunge music.

VIP: Do you teach music? S: No. But I would love to be taught how to read and interpret music notes! B: Nope. But I’m willing to teach whoever would like to learn. Like some friends and family before. We’d do things by ear though since I can’t read notes either. R: I love to teach but mine is only self-study, I can’t read notes!

VIP: How often and for how long do you practice? S: During our college days when we had a lot of time, we practiced two to three times a week, around 3 to 8 hours long. Now that we’re on a tighter schedule, we do it one to two times a week, around 3 to 5 hours long. R: When I was in a band, about 2 hours a week. Since Sine Nomine, we just crammed our practices days before the event. R: I only practice when needed and since music is part of my life, I can say that everyday is a practice day for me because everyday I sit down, turn on my electronic keyboards and sing my heart out.


VIP: How do you balance your music with your work? S: There’s really no other way to go but to simply make time for it. Even if we’re exhausted from our day jobs, we bring our rock and metal flags and carry on! R: No conflict at all, both of them goes hand in hand. VIP: Personal favorites - songs, bands, etc. S: AC/DC, Accept, Alana Davis, Anoushka Shankar, Anthrax, Black Country Communion, Black Tide, Boston, Dio, Iron Maiden, Juan Dela Cruz, King’s X, 3 Headed Dog, Mastodon, Overkilll, Megadeth, Porcupine Tree, The Jerks, Yoko Kanno. B: That’s very hard. My list would tend to go on and on. But off the top of my head right now, song would be “Swing Life Away” by Rise Against. Band would be Lifehouse. R: They say that you are what you hear, so I can say that I like music in general and I can appreciate others music, not just mine... so tell me what you want and lets go and play.

VIP: What do you practice - exercises, new tunes, hard tunes, etc.? S: Everything that we can fit in our practice time: from exercises, to new songs and old songs, to performance ideas, to covers from our favorite artists.

* PHOTO CREDITS Dex Columna & Steve Santiago 2011 NOVEMBER




the roots: a sister’s ‘ memoir having a

musician/lawyer/celebrity brother

WORDS BY CAMILA LABOG PHOTOGRAPHED BY Clark Wittich STYLED BY Angeli Rosales and Michelle Bongco MAKE-UP BY Clara Obmerga

I come from a musically inclined family. Both my parents brought us up around music, not only through dance but also through piano, guitar, violin and voice lessons. My dad sings tenor and plays both the guitar and the piano, while my mom sings and is capable of playing a few pieces on the piano as well. I remember a time when my dad even owned a harmonica and occasionally played a few tunes on it, which reminded me of a prisoner patiently waiting for his sentence to be carried out. At some point in our lives music became just that - a prison sentence. I remember having to be forced to perform in front of family and guests in frequent social gatherings, some led to rolling eyes, tears or even scolding from the elders of the family. Not only my siblings and I, but along with some of my cousins from both sides of the family, we learned to blend harmonies, and accept that music and also performing are as much a part of our lives as breathing, and that we just need to embrace the fact that we were born with them. My brother Atty. Pochoy Labog embraced music and performance wholeheartedly. Growing up, he has always been in the background of the bands

he belonged to, playing only the guitar and occasionally providing back up vocals. In our family performances, he accompanied us by playing the guitar much like how Jim Corr (of the Corrs) played the guitar while his sisters led the vocals. In college, he took up AB Philosophy in Ateneo de Manila University: one pivotal point in his career when he started to become more socially responsible and more empathic of the plight of our countrymen. This is when he started his band, Dicta License, which literally means “License to Speak,” writing songs with a philosophical and sociopolitical tone. With lyrics that elicit awareness like, “Comfort breeds the lazy in a bed, Sores are bleeding cold indifference, Seek into the hours of your life, Have you ever realized the lack of sacrifice. So tap into the core of your own, Remember fire burning in your name, Every moment passes us, Like ashes in the wind, Fleeting away,”»

POCHOY LABOG Malay Gig at “Boto Mo, Patrol Mo” VENUE UST Grandstand DATE 02.20.2010. PHOTO BY Nathaniel Bucag

«and promote action and change like, “Mas matalas ang dila kung Mayroong galaw ng bisig Paliparin ang malayang isip,” and, “Ang pagmamalay wag na wag pabayaan, Nang makabangon ang perlas ng silanganan. Isip mo at isip ko, Ginintuang sandata ng pagbabago,” he began a movement of his own using the music industry as his greatest medium. He eventually translated his passion into a career that he then perceived to be more profitable - law . He struggled in law school balancing studies, family, relationships, and his first love, music. In more than one occasion, he thought of giving up one of his priorities but he weathered the storm, graduated, and passed the Bar Exam for Law in 2008. He moved on to practicing litigation with a number

of renowned law firms until eventually one passion ruled over another. In a family meeting, he expressed his undying love for music and the possibility of giving up law as a career to take this leap of faith, a leap into something he regarded like air, his music. Living around a “rock star” is tough. Sometimes I feel like he lives a double life; around family, he is shy to admit his accomplishments. Though I know he appreciates it, he never asks us to come to his gigs and watch him play; and when we do, he looks like a little boy with butterflies in his stomach from happiness because we support his passion. Sometimes I feel as though I am an innocent bystander in his life as I only

find out about his gigs by word of mouth or through his ads and invites on Facebook. Being the only sister who went to the same college as him comes with its fare share of highs and lows. My brother has never done anything to be shameful of. Though he is very argumentative - like me - he has a stand and never for an instant wavers in what he believes in. He practices what he preaches. For some people, he just might be the perfect guy - one thing that brings a lot of awkwardness into the picture especially because I know him personally and not as the rock star»

«that he is. I remember a time when a close friend of mine was talking about a band she follows because of their socio-political inclination and that the lead vocals is a big crush of hers. She had forgotten the name of the guy who we later on confirmed to be my brother. Talk about awkward. She sat there in the bus from Valencia to Madrid covering her face in shame for her lack of insight. More than that, sometimes it’ s hard when girls I wouldn’t consider I’m friends with would suck up to me just to be able to meet my “oh-so-famous-hot-androckstar-lawyer-brother.” And the list goes on. This doesn’t mean I didn’t benefit from being hit by a little bit of the limelight. I remember in high school, I got a hold of his doodles with lyrics and sketches; and tried to earn a few bucks from it. My brother went through a lot with Dicta License but after 8 years, one album, and a


plaque from Warner Music Philippines, they called it quits.

n e w show called Ako Ang Simula, a publicBut the road didn’t end there for him. He was invited to collaborate service program broadcasted by ABS-CBN and ANC that with Urbandub in writing the song “Future” for the MTV Music empowers all Filipinos to be Bayan Patrollers and take Summer for HIV/AIDS; he was initiative in beginning change in asked to write and perform the song “Tinangay” for the V isayan our country. » Forum’s movement against Child Trafficking, and also took part in “Ako ang Simula,” the theme song for ABS-CBN’s coverage of the 2010 Philippine Elections. He later on formed another band, Malay, with almost the same orientation towards socio-political issues but with a dif ferent sound to it. And for years he waited for his career to take form but nothing came. However , still, he waited, persisted, and in time, succeeded. Early this year he was pitched to be one of the hosts/journalists in a




«Now more than ever, my brother is under scrutiny. After the first episode of their show aired, he experienced his first “hater” from his previous employer, The Asia Foundation, who meticulously pointed out everything that he did wrong and freely compared him to other more tenured journalists and broadcasters who had started way before him. Seeing his defeated expression while he shared this to my mom and I over breakfast showed me how hard it must be for him to be under a different set of lights, a different kind of stage, a different kind of microphone. He has always been a fighter but this time, he had to learn to graciously accept the criticism no matter how unqualified, unsolicited or how brutal it is.

Although his current position under the limelight is far from the music industry and what he is accustomed to, music has proved to be more than just a passion to him but indeed a medium to put his voice into action; the beginning of hopefully an increased awareness in the Filipino people and a willingness to start a change from within each and every individual that both his music and his show touch. I have always been and will always be proud of what he is and what he stands for and though I know that living with not just a rock star but also a celebrity will be increasingly hard as he climbs higher up the stage, I am certain that he needs our family to support him and all his decisions no matter how trivial or how life changing it is. And when the time comes that he reaches the sky and is up amongst the stars, I know music will still be there to bind each of us and keep us together as a family.◘


FREEZE... t henTake a Bow November 2008 Bonfiacio Global City By: John Ramos

Chris Brown and Rihanna, two of the most sought-after RnB Artists of this generation, arrived in Manila last 2008. A concert for the two stars was very logical since they were still a couple back then. The venue was the Bonifacio Global City open field, which accommodated a LOT of people.

USHER’S OMG TOUR November 2010. Honda Center, Anaheim California By: Anton Fernandez



ast November 2010, I was able to watch Usher’s OMG Tour in Honda Center, Anaheim, California. He is one of the music artists/ producers that I really like. The tracks You Make me Wanna, You Remind Me, Confessions Part 2, Yeah, Love in this Club, OMG, and DJ got me falling in love again were just some of the songs he sang that night. Also, I really liked the venue of the concert. □

They performed a track together called Cinderella, a remix to the song by Rihanna entitled Umbrella. Dance hits by Chris Brown were performed as well, such as Forever, With You and his new single back then, a collaboration with rapper/producer T-Pain entitled Freeze. Rihanna also pleased the crowd with her sexy dance moves to her beats Umbrella and Take a Bow. She changed her outfit for almost every song and was truly an artist with her stage presence and her vocal prowess. I was lucky to be part of this once in a lifetime experience by the two RnB Moguls! The crowd, venue and tracks served as good night caps to end an evening of fun and music. □











April 23, 2011. Empire Polo Field (Indio, California). By: Rossana Fojas

By: Michelle Bongco


ince season 1, I’ve been an on-again/ off-again fan of American Idol. There were some seasons that I really watched out for and the last one, for me, was the best. I watched it from the beginning until the finale. Hailey Reinhart was my favorite, along with James Durbin and Casey Abrams. I’ve always wondered how it would be like to hear them live, because if they sounded that good on TV, then what more if you were there to watch them. That’s why when I heard that they were coming here, I thought to myself that I will not let this pass. Luckily I had friends from work who were big fans too and we decided to

watch it together. Coincidentally, it was also my first Smart-Araneta concert experience since most of the concerts I’ve been to were held on open fields. The experience was just awesome! I loved the fact that sitting or standing, I was able to see everything! (If you know me then you’ll know how tall I am). The group truly proved to be the best batch of talents the show has ever had. Unexpectedly, I found myself swooning over Scotty McCreery, who was a country singer and the season’s winner. He was so much better in person and he sounded (and looked) so good! His ever-famous song from his audition, “Your Man” (“baby, lock ‘em doors and turn the lights down low…”) really made the crowds go wild! Of course, I was really thrilled to hear my favorite, “Bennie and the Jets”, performed by Haley



T Reinhart. It was enough reason for me to watch this show. This truly was a once-ina-lifetime experience, because not only was I able to watch all my idols in one show, it was the first time and hopefully not the last that the American Idol Live tour came to Asia and to the Philippines. Did I mention that I got to meet them in person, too? Yep. That’s another story to tell, but I’ve got some pictures to share. □

he year 2011 is the year of the metal rabbit and just as the element suggests, it is truly the year for metalheads. Many tours and concerts are going on globally and artists such as Mastodon, Anthrax, Black Tide and Opeth have released albums that are sure to blow listeners away. I hoped to watch a concert and fortunately I did – but I never thought being caught in a huge mosh pit with guys three times my size would be part of the experience. Scary? Yes. Fun and unforgettable? Definitely. The Big 4 Festival was held at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, California last April 23. Upon entering the venue it was instant metal heaven and I knew I was home. The mean looking stage could be seen from afar. There were food and drink stalls all around and the place was huge! There was a “sea of black” as my friend would call it – each person was proud to have his or her own metal shirt in one of the biggest metal festivals ever. This would be my

first time to watch all four bands. At this point, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Anthrax started the show at 4pm and people started gathering near the stage. I couldn’t believe my eyes and my ears – I was actually seeing and hearing them fire up our guts with their headbanging riffs and their tight performance. Drummer Charlie Benante and his nephew, bassist Frank Bello were an unstoppable unit – what an inspiration for bassists like me! I took a much needed water break after their set – and that would be my last. In anticipation of Megadeth’s set, more and more people gathered and spaces were quickly filled up. Stay or lose your spot. Pushing your way through the 60,000 plus people wouldn’t be worth it. At around 5:30pm I saw the two Daves (Mustaine and Ellefson) onstage. Mosh pits were increasing both in size and in number. I love Megadeth and there they were in front of us. I was an in awe. It was a treat hearing them live – the

solid bass, the beautiful solos, the satisfying drums, and of course those sarcastic vocals that have become a trademark. As they ended their set I have come to realize that I love them more now. Staying in our spots, I was getting nervous for the next band to come – Slayer. I was never familiar with their songs and I’ve only listened to some of their albums a few weeks before the concert. I knew I was




{ IN FOCUS } in for a wild ride. As they started their first song around 7pm, people who seemed harmless earlier, proved to be otherwise. I was moved from one spot to another by people shoving, twisting and pushing back to whoever started. It was inevitable. I was in shock for a few seconds but my friend reminded me to protect myself by holding out my arms in a cross in front of me – “Protect your ribs and push back!” By the middle of the set I didn’t know what the heck was going on and how long Slayer had been playing but I realized something funny – I was actually having fun! Their set was over before I knew it. We were a tired and fulfilled crowd. I never was a Slayer fan, but now I am. By this time, it was completely dark except for a few dim lights, the screens and the stars –


THE SCRIPT and the Amazing Crowd By: Marinelle Briones

Metallica was next. Just as I had expected, the crowd went wild when the four guys went onstage. Not as wild as they were during Slayer’s set of course, but the people were very happy nonetheless. One favorite part of mine was during the song “Fuel” when Hetfield sang the last lines, “Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire,” and as last word “Oooh!” was sung a bunch of fireworks went up the sky! What more could we have asked for? They gave everyone a superb show and that’s what everyone came for. Just like the first Big 4 concert in Sofia, Bulgaria the previous year, they also did the all-star jam for Diamond Head’s “Am I Evil?” After standing for almost 7 hours, we went home tired but triumphant. I had the best sleep in years and it was definitely sweet dreams for me. They say the year of the metal rabbit is the year for the arts and I believe this has been the case.



Experiencing The Big 4 is and will always be a great inspiration for me in the years to come. Set Lists

Anthrax: Caught in a Mosh ▪ Got the Time ▪ Madhouse ▪ Among the Living ▪ Antisocial ▪ Indians ▪ Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t ▪ A.I.R. ▪ I Am the Law

Megadeth: Trust ▪ In My Darkest Hour ▪ Hangar 18 ▪ Wake Up Dead ▪ Poison Was The Cure ▪ She-Wolf ▪ Sweating Bullets ▪ Headcrusher ▪ A Toute Le Monde ▪ Symphony Of Destruction ▪ Peace Sells ▪ Holy Wars

Slayer: World Painted Blood ▪ Hate World Wide ▪ War Ensemble ▪ Postmortem ▪ Raining Blood ▪ Black Magic ▪ Dead Skin Mask ▪ Americon ▪ Silent Scream ▪ Anti-Christ ▪ Seasons in the Abyss ▪ Payback ▪Snuff ▪ South of Heaven ▪ Angel of Death

Metallica: Creeping Death ▪ For Whom The Bell Tolls ▪ Fuel ▪ Ride The Lightning ▪ Fade to Black ▪ Cyanide ▪ All Nightmare Long ▪ Sad But True ▪ Welcome Home (Sanitarium) ▪ Orion ▪One ▪ Master of Puppets ▪ Blackened ▪ Nothing Else Matters ▪ Enter Sandman

Encore: Am I Evil? w/ Big 4 ▪ Hit The Lights ▪ Seek & Destroy


hen I first heard the song “The Man Who Can’t be Moved”, I thought it was a song by James Blunt because they sounded almost the same until my close friend corrected my false belief. I was drowned by the heartfelt lyrics of the song and felt like the man whispered the song to my ears. Thus, when I heard that they were coming to Manila for a concert, my first concern was I do not know who I would be going with. I shrugged the idea from my head until my colleague, Rissa, told me that she wanted to go too. After the disappointment with the news that tickets are already sold-out three days before the concert date, we ended up having to fall in line for 3 hours just to get SRO tickets. Regardless where we were seated, our only goal that day was to get whatever tickets we could have. Araneta was jam packed that night, good thing we managed to squeeze in. It took sometime to set the whole thing up and every time the lights would dim, the crowd would scream in anticipation. When The Script got on stage, the crowd shouted with enthusiasm. They started with “You Won’t Feel A Thing” and it was one hit after another. Of course, suffice it to say that the gorgeous band’s songs

will capture the emotional nakedness of those people who experienced a lot of heartbreaking stories in their past or even in their present situation. Though I don’t know all of the songs,

most of them touched the heart in the most amazing way. The band tugged our heartstrings, made us remember the people that we love, whom we dedicate the songs to and made us feel in love again. The concert was relatively short. I wish I could have heard more of their songs. Nonetheless, Rissa and I were satisfied fans craving a second round of performance. It goes without saying that while I am finishing my deliverables for work, The Script is on the background. □







ROCKSTAR’s Girlfriend – two words that summon clichés of uptown

chicks, airhead prima donnas, and wasted party girls. Indeed, mainstream media has too often depicted a band vocalist’s girl to be a slave of the glitter, glam, and hype of pulsating gigs, intoxicating parties, and free-flowing beer. Yet more often, reality tells a different story. Prove this true as two women share bits and fits of their love affair with their boyfie’s band life and how they have learned to share the passion of their beloved.



CHINGKEE on GINO of HANSOM_ I am Chingkee Lim in love with Gino Vergel de Dios. Above all the other mushiness in our 5 and a half years of couple life, one thing that has kept us together is the fact that we complement each other and we know how to compromise.

THIS IS HOW OUR ROCKSTAR LOVE STORY STARTED… C: We were college blockmates, so we met in school. His band was only 2 years old at that time and our block would usually watch their gigs. During the summer of 2006, I watched one of their gigs in SaGuijo and we hung out the whole night. We started dating after that and have been together ever since. E: We didn’t meet in a gig of his. In fact, we met in Church back in 2007. He noticed me and asked about me, but I only noticed him after 3 months, and I started asking about him. In a friend’s despedida, he asked if he could hitch a ride with me, and the rest is history.




MY MAN’S GENRE IS LIKE… C: Pop punk. He’s a fan of punk and rock ‘n roll. He also has a number of other bands that play blues, pop, 70’s, etc. He’s pretty well-rounded when it comes to music, and can appreciate and play a wide variety. E: He likes mostly anything. He likes to be exposed to different kinds of music, since he is a drummer. But mostly he likes soul/jazz, rock, and a little bit of alternative. As long as the “groove” is good, he’s up for it. He even likes Spice Girls and Katy Perry.


Q: IF YOU WERE TO ANSWER, “WHICH CAME FIRST THE CHICKEN OR THE EGG?” C: The chicken E: I don’t want a headache

ELISE on LANCE of RAHAB_ I am Elise Rendon in love with Lance Abellon. We call each other MommyDaddy ever since I got pregnant but when we’re fooling around, we like to tag each other “hayop”? Above all the other mushiness in our 3 years and 10 months of couple life, one thing that has kept us together is GOD.

Q: IF YOU AND YOUR MAN WERE A T-SHIRT STATEMENT, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO THE WORLD? C: I’m his/her number 1 fan E: I can’t believe I’m with this guy/girl

FOR ME, BOYFIE’S BEST BAND SONG WOULD BE.. C: Desidido – which can be downloaded for free on their website, (You can vote for this song on MYX – text MYX REQUEST DESIDIDO to 2366, or on UR – RJUR DESIDIDO to 2256) E: Taking Marsman by Rahab… because I love the beat and how he plays the drums in it




FIVE ADJECTIVES THAT WOULD DESCRIBE ME AS A “ROCKSTAR GIRLFRIEND” ARE: C: Patient, Understanding, Supportive, Promoter, Fan E: Patient; thoughtful; loving; understanding; can-geta-little-jealous Q: IF I WERE A “NOTE” IN HIS OCTAVE, I WOULD BE. C: Do”. Because I’ll always support him and be with him from start to end. E: Well, drums don’t have actual octave notes… so I’d pick a specific drumset part instead. I’d probably be the “splash” because it gives the sound of the drums an extra kick/flavor.




MY GENRE PLAYS ALONG THE LINES OF… C: Pop all the way. He influences me a lot with his music though, so I now also like listening to pop punk and some OPM. E: Almost any type of music genre, EXCEPT for the rock music that has screaming/diablo-type screaming. I can’t seem to appreciate that unless it’s being played in a highly action-packed/horror-thriller movie.





MORE ON Chinx_ Whenever Hansom starts playing, I usually end up alone in the table with my drink until after they play and bring their instruments to the car. During these times, I would prefer to have him beside me, but of course that is impossible. Also, whenever they play in Mercato and I roam around buying good food and drinks, I wish he could be with me so that he can enjoy those as well. MORE ON Elise_ If I were on top of the stage while Lance watches me, my “Do-Re-Mi” would only mean three words, “I love you”.




IF THERE’S ONE THING I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW ABOUT ME AND MY MAN, IT HAS TO BE THIS: C: We have a lot of similarities and differences but we complement each other well that our relationship works. He’s very talented while I have no talent, especially in music. However, I am a big fan of his music and I love watching him play with his band. We like going to gigs and watching bands that we love perform on stage. I see it as a blessing and a challenge to be a rockstar’s girlfriend. I get to be immersed in a different world altogether and get introduced to so many people that are music geniuses. It becomes a challenge because I have to be patient and understanding especially during days where we’d have to postpone our date because they have a gig. Some people have also brought up the topic of seeing fan-girls ogle

and get kilig with my boyfriend during gigs. I actually see that as a good sign whenever there are fans. It means that they are being appreciated and that there is still a venue for indie bands in the Philippines. E: We’ve been through almost everything and we know each other’s pasts 100%, and despite all the ups and downs, we still love each other, in fact we’re getting married this year

When the spotlights come off and the screaming fans have moved on to their after-concert parties, there remains that one chick who helps carry the instruments back to the car and hands a bottle of water to the band. Sans the make up, high heels, and high-end bars, she remains the beauty that inspires the poet and genius in every musician – the rockstar’s girlfriend. □


Dayo Bar

19 East

Address: Betty Go Belmonte Street Station Rosario Drive Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Address: Kilometer 19, East Service Road, Sucat, Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Freedom Bar

B-SIDE The Collective

Address: 2nd floor Anonas Commercial Complex # 3 Anonas Road Project 3, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines Phone: 0919.8144885/0917.903712 7274 Malugay St., Makati City. Metro Manila, Philippines

Backdoor Blues Cafe

Address: 3rd Level, Amaremca Bldg., 107-A Kalayaan Ave., Brgy. Central, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines Phone: 0926-6173108




Guerrilla Radio Bar

Address: 173 Pasig Boulevard, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines Mon - Sat: 7:00 pm -3:00 am




Project VIP also recommends these places:


Bagaberde Grill and Bar

Route 196

CCP Complex, Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. cor. Roxas Blvd., Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines Tel. no. 831-2242.

196-A Katipunan Ave. Ext., Blue Ridge A, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines http://coolestbar.

Café Arabiscato

Saguijo Cafe + Bar

48 Lilac Street, Hacienda Heights, 1811 Marikina, Philippines Tel. no. 247-50854

Saguijo cafe bar 7612 Guijo St., San Antonio Village, Makati City. Metro Manila, Philippines Tel. no. 897-8629


Sazi’s Bar (formerly Mayrics)

31 Polaris St. Bel-Air, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines http://www.handlebar.

1320 España, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines http://www.



1st Line Operations Manager

ELAIZA MARGARITA AGUILA 1st Line Operations Manager


How will you describe your 5 years stay in Learning? What did Learning best teach you in those years? I think Learning has taught me to value my job even more. Also, learning from different colleagues has taught to become a better manager, and most importantly, a better individual. What song/s best describes your stay in Learning? “Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin” What’s the one song that gets your engine to MOVE? “Ulan”

How will you describe your 5 years stay in Learning? What did Learning best teach you in those years? It truly has been a learning experience. Since this was my first job after graduating, I really did not know what to expect, but thankfully, I was able to grow within a dynamic group of people. My 5-years in learning has been filled with a lot of changes and growth, so the best thing that Learning has taught me is how to adapt and move forward. What song/s best describes your stay in Learning? “I will Survive” - as in the classic song “Don’tcha - Pussy Cat Dolls” - my batchmates will get why What’s the one song that gets your engine to MOVE? To get in the mood to work, any upbeat “happy” song will do.

How will you describe your 5 years stay in Learning? What did Learning best teach you in those years? It’s been a rollercoaster - it’s been full of ups and downs and surprises. What song/s best describes your stay in Learning? “You Learn” - Alanis Morissette. What’s the one song that gets your engine to MOVE? “Single Ladies” - Beyonce

How will you describe your 5 years stay in Learning? What did Learning best teach you in those years? My stay here in Learning will never be forgotten for it is life changing. I met beautiful and handsome people. I learned how to discipline myself in all things and how to act with proper etiquette. What song/s best describes your stay in Learning? “Our Lives” by The Calling What’s the one song that gets your engine to MOVE? “Bring It Down Again” by Tears for Fears




How will you describe your 5 years stay in Learning? What did Learning best teach you in those years? Insanely fun! In five years, I gained the most numbers of friends.... in Facebook! Hahaha! Seriously, Learning became my second home, my team, and my second family. In Learning, I learned to value the people around me, the people who inspire me to do better and the people who believe that I can do my best. What song/s best describes your stay in Learning? “Soul Searching” by Urbandub What’s the one song that gets your engine to MOVE? “Party Rock Anthem” because in Learning, we work smarter and we definitely do not forget to party harder!

HR Learning Practitioner


Thank you and cheers to another five years full of commitment and friendship. □


Team Leader

Without their efforts, we would not be able to attain what we have today. Without their inspiration, we would not have pushed ourselves to provide excellent service to our clients both here and around the world.

HR Learning Practitioner


September 2011. And for this WAL Issue, we decided to take our hats off and give due respect to those people, who, in after five years, have made remarkable achievements in their stay.

1st Line Operations Manager


How will you describe your 5 years stay in Learning? What did Learning best teach you in those years? Learning has been like my second family for the last 5 years! It taught me how to be thankful for the little things in life. Learn to achieve what you really want and love the things you already have. What song/s best describes your stay in Learning? Chicane – “Locking Down”, Late Night Alumni – “Empty Streets”. What’s the one song that gets your engine to MOVE? Martin Solveig – “Hello”

It has been five fabulous years of giving service to our valued clients, five memorable years of building friendships, five wonderful years of learning. The Learning Domain has celebrated its 5th year last



Learning Years






Learning Administrator 1st Line Operations Manager






How will you describe your 5 years stay in Learning? What did Learning best teach you in those years? A long, hard fought yet rewarding journey. What did Learning best teach you in those years? [ Maturity ] - you can’t always get what you want. You must learn to choose your battles and accept things that may not always go your way. [ Family ] - what makes us work is that we are family. We disagree, we have misunderstandings but in the end we do things for the benefit of our team. [ “Great things don’t happen to those that JUST wait”] - control your future, you cannot expect others to lead your life where you want to take it. Set yourself up for success. Show what you can do rather than expecting others to see greatness in you. What song/s best describes your stay in Learning? “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield; Especially the line: “I break tradition, sometimes my tries, are outside the lines. We’ve been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I CAN’T LIVE THAT WAY” ... the rest is still unwritten.. What’s the one song that gets your engine to MOVE? “Moves like Jagger” by Maroon 5

2nd Line Operations Manager

How will you describe your 5 years stay in Learning? What did Learning best teach you in those years? My stay in Learning was exciting and fun. I learned that sometimes you don’t have to plan things, and just let them fall into place. What song/s best describes your stay in Learning? “Just a Ride” - Jem. What’s the one song that gets your engine to MOVE? “Move Along” - All American Rejects

How will you describe your 5 years stay in Learning? What did Learning best teach you in those years? It was a crazy, fun 5-yr stay in in Learning. What did I learn? --- Patience is a virtue especially in Offering. For 5 yrs, I learned how to manage my time wisely, how to multi-task and that you shouldn’t stop learning! The more you know, the more valued you are What song/s best describes your stay in Learning? “Time of Your Life” by Green Day and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” What’s the one song that gets your engine to MOVE? Actually I have 2 songs! “Marching On” by Timbaland and “Never Say Never”

HR Learning Practitioner


How will you describe your 5 years stay in Learning? What did Learning best teach you in those years? Overall it has been 5 years of ups and downs. Sometimes very depressing to be honest, because of the huge changes that brought me a lot of stress; while at other times exciting because of some amazing people in Learning that have expanded my horizons, inspired and influenced me to be better at what I do. After 5 years, I realized one important thing -no matter how you feel today about what you do, it will change sooner or later. What song/s best describes your stay in Learning? That’s so hard coz I love so many songs! But I like Celine’s “Because You Loved Me”. I’ve been blessed with supportive and loving family and friends (at work), so this song reminds me of them. What’s the one song that gets your engine to MOVE? “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is my stress reliever song. Whenever I am sad, just hearing that mellow voice helps me cool down and take the stress away.

How will you describe your 5 years stay in Learning? What did Learning best teach you in those years? A lot of people has come and gone, and there are so many unfamiliar faces now. But overall, it has been a wonderful & rewarding 5 years. I have learned so many things here in Learning and I would say that the best one is to be patient & to always have a Plan B. What song/s best describes your stay in Learning? I Feel Good” & “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” What’s the one song that gets your engine to MOVE? “Price Tag”



How will you describe your 5 years stay in Learning? What did Learning best teach you in those years? It was fun! I did not notice that it has already been 5 years. One thing that made me stay here is the culture. Everybody’s great and easy to get along with. Learning taught me that everything is possible. Hard work, dedication and smooth interpersonal relationship with colleagues are keys to one’s success. What song/s best describes your stay in Learning? “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. What’s the one song that gets your engine to MOVE? “Hello, Good Morning” by Dirty Money


Learning Years 1st Line Operations Manager

Learning SME/ Process Lead

{ The LEARNING Society }



{ On the RADAR }


iOS team poses for the camera while waiting for the event to start

ntry oor Pa ilding, fl h t 6 u 1 B rOne Cybe astwood 1 E t 201 9 Sep

BARANGGAY HALL 04.21.2011 ▪ 16th flr. Pantry, CyberOne Eastwood

It’s truly a night of big celebration as the whole Learning family gathered once again for an extra special Barangay Hall! Why? Because it’s Learning’s 5th Year Anniversary! Aside from the usual team and individual recognitions for the top performing employees of the quarter, the learning family also dedicated this night to the people who started it all. A certificate of recognition was awarded to them as an appreciation for the 5 years of hardwork, and loyalty to the learning domain. A video was also dedicated to the whole learning highlighting the success and the growing learning family throughout




the years. And of course, inspiring stories and messages were heard from the people who became part of learning and are now successful even outside the domain. As part of the continuous expansion of the family, the Learning babies aka new hires were also welcomed through the traditional “initiation”, which is surely unforgettable for them. :)

Elle Aguila wins Debonair Award given by JP Soto Groups battle it out in a game of Charades

The celebration continued by giving out special prizes such as gift certificates, flashdrives, harddrive and phone through a raffle. So some lucky people got home really happy with these special bonuses! And the night was concluded with a special dinner from Banapple which everyone enjoyed! Happy Anniversary Learning and see you on the next Barangay Hall!




NING LEAR. HALL Y BRG try, Lisette Lizo puts sash on Mr. Learning 2011 - 3Q

n oor Pa g, 16th fl ne Buildin rO Cybe astwood 1 E t 201 9 Sep

Cezar Roxas talks about GLC Updates

NING LEAR. HALL Y BRG , Vhong Ibanez teaches new hires the infamous Learning dance




ntry oor Pa g, 16th fl ne Buildin O r e Cyb astwood 1 E t 201 9 Sep

The Ops Team congratulating all the winners.

VIP’s first cover girl, Lisette Lizo awards winner of HD raffle Cross Media Group gets the PPP Green Award








CHAMPIONS ■ Anna Marie V. Alfonso ■ Elaiza Margarita G. Aguila ■ Katrina Lourdes S. Vergara ■ ■ Marinelle V. Briones ■ Renato Fuentes Ibañez Jr. ■

MEMBERS ■ Aaron E. Cabigas ■ Angeli Marixi C. Rosales ■ Bjorn Andrew M. Chua ■ ■ Camila Priscila Pinzon Labog ■ Camilla Nicole S. Nacpil ■ Clara Teresa V. Obmerga ■ Dimple Sara S. Ballesteros ■ ■ Earl Cyril G. Perlas ■ Elouise M. Rendon ■ Jose Leonardo V. Sabio ■ Josef Reyes ■ Juan Carlos F. Ramos ■ ■ Keishia Andrea L. Castro ■ Lyle Ross B. Magno ■ Ma Suzette F. Abela ■ Maria Corazon Dominique M. Lim ■ ■ Michelle Celina L. Bongco ■ Patricia Ara R.Mamaril ■ Ruby Chavez ■ Stephanie Y. Amboy ■ ■ Thomas Neil B. Wagan ■ Trisha Angelica V. Rodriguez ■

WE ARE LEARNING Issue #11 - Music Edition  

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