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Schenexus January 2013 2012 - 2013 JLSS OFFICERS

A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.-- Margaret Mead

President Paula Ohlhous Acting Vice President & VP of Finance Patty Christensen Asst. VP of Finance Carin Cardinale Perkins Secretary BJ Pierce

COMMITTEE CHAIRS Communications Erika Browne Community Susan Marlette & Alaina Scavallo Membership Jennifer Hansen & Amy Marlette Fund Development Marilyn Buhler & Karen Rafalik Nominating Megan Haessig

SUPPORTING ROLES Schenexus Editor Heather Kisselback Sustainer Advisor Amy Raimo Webmaster Robin Zimmerman

As you reflect back to the time when you joined the Junior League, it could have been for any reason, perhaps you were committed to improving our community and the world around us, or maybe you wanted to enhance your leadership skills, or possibly you were interested in developing those long-term friendships that occur amongst Junior Leaguers. But whatever your reasons, it is my belief, having worked alongside many of our members over the years, those aspirations have not changed and we continue to work together to achieve each of those goals. We have a rich history of empowerment and should be proud of the many accomplishments that this League has achieved over the past 80 years. The members of this organization are what make it strong. Their energy, commitment, and compassion are our greatest resource. It is an honor and a privilege to serve you as President of the Junior League of Schenectady and Saratoga Counties and I am humbled to take on this new role in fulfilling the mission with the most dedicated and amazing civic leaders in our organization that tirelessly contribute time, talents, and treasure. As we move forward, I invite each of you to share your ideas and welcome the chance to get to know you better. Thank you for your vote of confidence. Paula Ohlhous President

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December, January & February Birthdays ……………..……..Page 6


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SAVE THE DATES 13th: Membership Committee Meeting - Panera,

January: 8th: Board Meeting - Headquarters, 6 p.m. 9th: Membership Committee Meeting - Panera,

Clifton Park, 6 p.m. 20th: Community Committee Meeting - Clifton

Clifton Park, 6 p.m.

Park Library, 6 p.m.

12th: JLSS General Membership Meeting -TBD

28th: Social Mixer - Bailey’s, Saratoga Springs,

23rd: Community Committee Meeting -

6:30 p.m.

Headquarters, 6 p.m. April : February:

2nd : Board Meeting - Headquarters, 6 p.m.

2nd: Chowderfest, Broadway, Saratoga Springs,

9th: JLSS General Membership Meeting - Lally Mohawk Room, SCCC, 6 p.m.

noon 5th: Board Meeting - Headquarters, 6 p.m. 12th: JLSS General Membership Meeting -TBD


10 : Membership Committee Meeting Headquarters, 6 p.m.

13th: Membership Committee Meeting Headquarters, 6 p.m. 28th: Social Mixer - Pinhead Susan’s, Schenectady, 6:30 p.m.

May: 7th: Current and New Board Meeting - TBD 8th: Membership Committee Meeting Headquarters, 6 p.m.


15th: JLSS Annual Dinner -TBD

5th: Board Meeting - Headquarters, 6:30 p.m.

22h: Community Committee Meeting - TBD

12th: JLSS General Membership Meeting - Paul Mitchell, Schenectady, 6 p.m.

Stay Tuned to Schenexus and E-Bulletin for Updates

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December 2012

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NEWS FROM THE COMMUNITY COMMITTEE Another special Thank You to our entire cheerful, holiday-infused group of Tree Decorating Volunteers - Paula Ohlhous, Marilyn Buhler, Traci Koppenhafer, Julie White Eklund, Cathy Lewis and Megan Haessig. Kathy Van Allen has checked in on this beauty of a tree and said it is sparkling and PERFECT! A special Thank You to our JLSS Headquarters Clean-Up Crew - Paula Ohlhous, Patty Christensen, Robin Zimmerman, Jenn Hansen, Susan Marlette and Karen Rafalik. The vision to have a welcoming space to gather and conduct JLSS business is here! A special THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to our drive for Franklin Community Center. WE created the drive in response to an emergency need that the shelter faced in late October. We ran the drive for three weeks and were able to drop off food and check donations the Monday prior to Thanksgiving. We received a beautiful thank you note from the Center for our generosity. We can make a difference in our communities! We hope to continue our relationship with Franklin Community Center. If any member has an idea for a “Done-In-A-Day� this spring, please email us your ideas! We look forward to learning your ideas and hearing from our members what their interests are in giving back to the community! Email Susan Marlette (


Community Committee Meeting

JLSS is partnering with Saratoga Domestic Violence Rape and Crisis Center to work at the Girls Helping Girls Event on February 2, 2013. The event will require gowns, dresses, and gently used accessories. If you have donations available, please let us know ASAP as we want to have them ready for Kate VanBuren of DVRC by the end of the year! For pick-up or drop off information, please contact: Susan Marlette at or (518) 852-8867.

January 23, 2013 6:00 - 7:00 pm JLSS Headquarters Everyone is welcome! RSVP to Susan Marlette at


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MEET SOME 2012 PROVISIONALS Molly Galbo grew up in Chicago, Illinois surrounded by a large Irish, Catholic family. Molly attended St. Mary’s College of Notre Dame where she doubled majored in Communication Studies and Humanistic Studies. While in school, she also wrote a column for the Notre Dame newspaper called “Nobody likes a dumb blonde”. Following college, Molly attended Northwestern University where she got a Master’s in Elementary Education. She went on to teach at a private school in Chicago. In Chicago she was a member of the Illinois Club for Catholic Women for 10 years and sat on the board of directors of the Young Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago for 2 years. Molly got married on October 23, 2010 and moved to Saratoga Springs following the wedding. She currently works as a teacher.

Alaina Scavullo has a B.S. in Studio Art from the College of Saint Rose, and is currently working towards a M.S. in Childhood Education and Special Education at the same college. Currently, Alaina works as a Program Manager for Junior Achievement, a non-profit organization that works to educate local children in the areas of financial literacy, entrepreneurship and career readiness. In her position as Program Manager, Alaina recruits and trains volunteers to teach Junior Achievement programs in local elementary schools, and facilitates about 400 programs throughout the school year. In her spare time Alaina enjoys spending time with friends and family, painting, cooking, and taking dance and fitness classes.

The 2012-2013 Board of Directors is pleased to


announce the following additions for membership

President: Paula Ohlhous


First, we are pleased to announce the

nomination and board acceptance of Patty Christensen as Acting President-Elect. Patty has been a member of the League since 2009. She has served as VicePresident








Additionally, Patty is one of our most active volunteers and leaders, and we are delighted to have her as our new PE. Secondly, the following changes to the Board of Directors in the area of Finance, Community and Fund Development are listed below.

In the coming

months, the slate for the 2013--2014 year will be presented.

On behalf of the Nominating Committee, I

thank you for your support.. — Megan Haessig, Nominating Director

Acting President-Elect: Patty Christensen Vice President of Finance Patty Christensen Assistant to the Vice-President of Finance Carin Cardinale Perkins Secretary: BJ Pierce Communications: Erika Browne Community: Susan Marlette & Alaina Scavullo Fund Development: Karen Rafalik & Marilyn Buhler Membership: Jenifer Hansen & Amy Marlette Nominating: Megan Haessig Schenexus Editor: Heather Kisselback Web Master: Robin Zimmerman

December 2012

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NEWS FROM THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE SEEKING SPRING NOMINATIONS The Nominating Committee is looking to recognize the wonderful women who are a part of our League that make a difference in our community, both sustaining and active members. We are beginning to prepare for our spring nominations for the following awards; The Helen George Award, YWCA Women of Achievement, YWCA Katherine Rozendaal Award. Please think about your fellow League members who demonstrate the qualities listed below and nominate them. Please send any and all nominations to Megan Haessig, Nomination Director, at, All nominations are due by February 15, 2013. AWARD DESCRIPTIONS Helen George Award The Volunteer of the Year award was established in 1956. For 40 years, outstanding active members of the Junior League have been selected by their peers as the member who best exemplifies the melding of volunteer work in the League and the value of community cooperation as well as the continuing obligation towards her community. In 1996-97, the Junior League re-dedicated this award to the Helen W. George Volunteer of Distinction Award. The Nominating Committee awards the highest award of the Junior League of Schenectady to an Active member. This award is based on the member's volunteer work in the League and in the community. It is awarded to a woman who has learned the value of community cooperation and has a deep and continuous sense of obligation toward her community. The Selection Committee considers not only the quantity of work accomplished, but also the manner in which it was accomplished. YWCA Women of Achievement Each year the Junior League of Schenectady & Saratoga Counties, Inc. nominates a member for the YWCA Woman of Achievement Award. This award recognizes working women who contribute their volunteer time and expertise in Schenectady County. Women of Achievement Awards are recognized nationally, and bring attention to the accomplishments of women in industry, culture and public service in local communities. Selection criteria focuses on exceptional skills, leadership and mentoring; breaking new ground or old barriers; and being agents of positive change and inspiration. The awards are based on achievements promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity. YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting these qualities. Katherine Rozendaal Award Each year the Junior League of Schenectady & Saratoga Counties Inc. nominates a member with exemplary volunteer commitment as its candidate for the Katherine S. Rozendaal Award. Various community agencies are requested to submit the name of a top volunteer for consideration for this award. In 1978, the Human Services Planning Council (HSPC) established the Katherine S. Rozendaal Award to honor a person whose volunteer leadership and activities have had a positive impact on the Schenectady Community. The YWCA North Eastern NY is proud to continue the presentation of this prestigious award and invites the community to recognize the valuable contributions of volunteers. In order to be eligible for the award, the following criteria must be met:   

The nominee must be currently serving as a volunteer in Schenectady County; The nominee should be one whose leadership and activities have had a positive impact on the community and those served as demonstrated through creativity, delegation, management skills, recognition by peers, and interpersonal skills; The nominee should be one whose activities are diverse and who has demonstrated commitment over the years; and the activities for which the individual is being nominated may not be part of a paying job.


P.O. Box 875, Schenectady, NY 12301

Junior League Prayer

Junior League Mission

We pray that we will never be so blind that our small world is all we ever see, or so supremely satisfied that what we are is all we ever want to be. Give us the joy of feeling someone's need; make us gracious those who lead. And more than all, we pray that through the years - we will remember there are always new frontiers.

The Junior League of Schenectady and Saratoga Counties is an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable

December, January & February Birthdays December Birthdays

January Birthdays

February Birthdays

Patty Christensen Lynn Collett Susan Hubbard Margaret Langelier Lisa Miliani Anne Phillips Amy Raimo Jill Reynolds Christianne Smith Carolyn Welch Mary Catherine White Joan Wolf

Marilyn Buhler Sara Erickson Charlotte Hubbard Sally Knutson Barbara Landon Katrina Lucas Kathleen Messitt Gwen Mitsche Alaina Scavullo Barbara Dobbins Stratton Paula Strauss Marcia Szablewski

Frederica Anderson Carol Cascio Molly Galbo Peggy Haldeman-Watkins Sally Lathrop Diane Kilbourne Lewis Robyn Matthias Denise McGraw Paula Ohlhous Constance Soron

Schenexus January 2013  

The Official Newsletter of the Junior League of Schenectady and Saratoga Counties.

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