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MaY 2012 2011-2012 JLSS Officers

JLSS Members Travel To Syracuse for Special Training Opportunity

President: Julie White Eklund President-Elect: Mary Catherine White Treasurer: Patty Christensen Secretary: Paula Ohlhous Committee Chairs Communications: Deanna Fox Community: Shannon Kelly Stephanie Russell Membership: Traci Koppenhafer Jae Tracey Ways & Means: Staci Marra Nominating: Sarah Stotz Supporting Roles Schenexus Editor: Deanna Fox Sustainer Advisors: Barbara Landon NYSPAC Delegate: Kathy Van Allen

JLSS Community Co-Chair Shannon Kelly, Vicki Clark, JLSS President Julie White Eklund and Junior League of Syracuse President Sara Ames

JLSS wrapped up its year of training with several great learning events for members. Some traveled to Syracuse to meet with members from five other Leagues for a training day with renowned motivational speaker Vicki Clark on ”The Junior League Mission.” Afterward, the group had lunch and spent the afternoon discussing best practices. The League also cosponsored a training series with the Schenectady Business and Professional Women’s group, where our members were able to attend, free of charge, seminars on public speaking, grant writing, goal setting, and utilizing Linked-In. We also sent members to a seminar on Human Trafficking, the JL NYSPAC spring conference and advocacy day and AJLI’s spring conference in San Francisco. Training our members for both their League careers and life beyond JLSS continues to be a top priority for the incoming 2012-2013 board. Please keep an eye out for more influential training opportunities!


A Message from our President “To laugh often & much, to win the respect of intelligent people & the affection of children, earn the appreciation of honest critics & endure the betrayal of false friends, appreciate beauty, find the best in others, leave the world a little better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is the meaning of success.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson I came upon this quote the other day, and so much in it reminded me of my experiences in the Junior League. I joined the League when I was past 40, and had been volunteering actively for over 20 years. In fact, I had already served on several volunteer boards. So, while I was excited to get to know some like-minded women and do good works, I did not anticipate how much my life would be changed by this experience. In other volunteer positions, in my experience, the focus is almost JLSS President solely on the program and the results. With JLSS, we are not only concerned with Julie White Eklund improving the community and promoting voluntarism - we are dedicated to developing the potential of women. That doesn’t simply mean the women who may be clients in our programs; we are very concerned with the developing the potential of our members. Our trained volunteers not only make our own programs more successful, they go on to become integral parts of other successful non-profits, civic organizations, businesses and government entities. JLSS has been a part of the civic fabric of Schenectady County for 80 years (expanding into Saratoga County several years ago) and I’d bet an outsider would be hard-pressed to find an important local initiative with which a Leaguer was not associated in some way. I have been so lucky to be able to serve on our board for four out of my five years in the League: two years as Membership chair or co-chair, as President-Elect and now as President. As a result, I have gotten to know every new and active member, and a great number of our sustaining members; and have learned so much from working together and hashing out ideas. I have had the benefit of Junior League training through my provisional class, conferences, speakers at GMMs, seminars and one-on-one mentoring. If I am a success, I owe it to the women who have devoted time, energy and money to build our programs. I owe it to the members who work all day and then spend the evening volunteering at a shelter with me, or hashing out a thorny clause in the bylaws, or making sure an event runs like clockwork. I owe it to the new members who every year manage to excite me all over again with their class project, showing what even a small group can do with training and enthusiasm. I owe it to the members who have been active along with me and who actually continue to take my phone calls after the 80th time I ask them to do me “just this little personal favor....” I owe it to the sustaining members who have been consistently gracious, helpful and kind while modeling the actions of true leaders. I am humbled and honored that you have trusted me to serve as your president. We have celebrated together at our fabulous 80th anniversary gala, and I passed the gavel on to incoming president Mary Catherine White and welcome the rest of the new board of directors. Since this has been such a huge part of my life for the past five years, some have asked me it will be difficult to leave the presidency behind. Although this year has been extraordinarily rewarding, the answer is ‘no.’ JLSS has opened up so many doors for me and I am excited at what the future holds for me (including both new volunteer opportunities and plenty of gardening, swimming, travel, and lazy evenings with my uncommonly supportive husband.) As for the League, I can only hope to look this good at 80! We remain vibrant, and we honor our history while looking toward the challenges of the future. Using Emerson’s definition, I see nothing but success in our history and even more in store for JLSS and its members.

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News from the Community Committee The Community committee has been very hard at work this year. We have impacted many lives outside of the League but more importantly we've impacted our members lives as well. By the end of this year, our members will have logged in over 500 hours of community service. Thank you to everyone who has played a role in our community this year. Our committee's goals were to identify a community advisory committee for our League that was composed of leaders in our community in the areas of health care, youth, poverty, eldercare, and government. Input was taken from our general membership as well as the Chamber or Commerce from Schenectady and Saratoga Counties. We have 80% of the advisory committee confirmed for next year and we are waiting to announce it to our membership when all members are on board. The purpose of the committee is to help identify collaborations with organizations in both counties, help give input as to residents needs in the counties, and to help market the Junior League and its mission. Kids in the Kitchen continues to be a part of our league activities. Thank you to Deneen Palmateer for spearheading the event at Schenectady Community College for the Smart Scholars program. With help from Schenectady School District, ShopRite, and the culinary program at SCCC; thirty Smart Scholar students will be cooking a healthy meal in the culinary kitchen. Their family will be invited to sample their newly acquired culinary skills as well as hear ShopRite's dietican explain the benefits of healthy eating. Johanna Roche and Katelyn Galbraith brought back their provisional class’ "Planting the Seed� program to the GreenMarket in Schnectady and the Saratoga Farmer's Market. Thanks to the added help of Susan Marlette, Lisa Miliani, Patty Christensen (and her daughter Kathryn), Traci Koppenhafer, Katelyn Galbraith, Shannon Kelly, Julie White Eklund, Liz LoveJoy, and Alexis Pappa. The children colored "healthy snacks", planted seed to take home and grow and did a scavenger hunt throughout the market. One parent said how nice it was to get her children thinking about healthy habits without lecturing them about it! We would like to give a special thank you to the following people for their support of our committee's efforts: Julie White Eklund and Patty Christensen (and her daughter Kathryn) went above and beyond her normal board activities to help out at numerous community events as well; Johanna Roche for her support in organizing the apple gleaning day at Riverview orchard, Franklin Community Center cleaning day, and co-chairing the "Planting the Seed" days at the Saratoga and Schenectady markets; Katelyn Galbraith for her outstanding effort in making NYSPAC a more important part of our League and co-chairing the "Planting the Seed" days. We couldn't thank Joanne Coppola (and her husband Tony) enough for her continued effort in bringing a small treat to the City Mission every month. Lastly, Susan Marlette for being a provisional member who helped cheer up veterans at Guardian House, lay insulation in Rotterdam Junction, and color with Kat Christensen, Patty Christensen, Lisa Miliani, Susan local children.

Marlette and Katelyn Galbraith at the Planting the Seed Event

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SCHENEXUS JLSS ~ MAY 2012 Happy Birthday! MAY


Gloria Ericson Rita Glavin Julie Liss Karen Johnson Sandra Buhrmaster Nancy Teichner Nancy Beekman Kathy Smigen Sarah Stotz April Kearns Shari Trudell Kathleen Schoolcraft

Ann Walraven Susan Farley Leslie Buhrmaster Maggie Davis Wanda Weiner Heather West Stephanie Hunter Marianna Gatta Dolores Tyler Margaret Bean Valerie Vanderwal Jo Anne Robbins

May Your Wishes Come True!

Recent Volunteers NYSPAC Advocates: Katelyn Galbraith, Susan Marlette, Julie White Eklund, Denise Murphy McGraw and Deneen Palmateer Franklin Community Center: Johanna Roche, Traci Koppenhafer, Shannon Kelly, Carin Cardinale, Patty Christensen, Julie White Eklund, and Katelyn Galbraith (as well as the many members who contributed much-needed items to our supply drive!) Kids in the Kitchen: Deneen Palmateer, Paula Ohlhous, Denise Murphy McGraw, Ann Fleming Brown and Julie White Eklund

Exciting News! JLSS has received a $3000 grant from Stewarts Holiday Match! Congratulations to the Ways and Means Committee for its hard work and for securing important funds for the League’s OBTS program. Although we have received funds from Stewarts in the past, they are receiving more requests every year and there is never a guarantee that it will continue. Furthermore, this is an increase from what we have received in the past. Without these funds, JLSS would not be able to continue our important programs. Thank you again to all who help to contribute to our coffers! A member of the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc.


Chamber Mixer The Southern Saratoga Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a mixer at Mohawk Honda on Thursday, May 10. JLSS will be the designated non-profit beneficiary of the 50/50 Raffle at the fun networking event.

SAFE Inc. Gardening Help Please join us at SAFE Inc. to help prepare for its open house (time and date TBD). We will be helping with late spring cleaning and landscaping in the new facility just in time for the event. Gardening help is needed at the Albany Street facility. SAFE Inc. is an organization that provides outreach, counseling, referrals, and shelter for runaway, homeless, and sexually exploited youth. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Shannon Kelly at 337-0591 or

Voting Measures Pass At the April GMM meeting held on April 10, 2012 the voting measures for the 2012-2013 year were all passed. The full resolutions were sent in the March Schenexus and consisted of the proposed slate, bylaw and standing rule changes, website changes and the budget with narrative.

Remember When From the Union Star, published on May 17, 1932

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Sustainer Highlight: Barbara Landon This article was submitted by Ms. Julie White Eklund I have known Barbara Landon for about ten years, since well before my Junior League days. We are in the same sorority alumnae group (Pi Beta Phi) and she attended almost every meeting and hosted our spring picnic in her beautiful garden every year. I was so pleased that she agreed to act as my sustainer advisor in my presidential year, because I knew how much I would benefit from her no-nonsense advice, her friendship and her many years of experience. As the League year draws to a close, I sat down with her for the sustaining member spotlight. Barbara has been a member of the League since 1956, when she moved here for her husband Ned’s job with GE. Lee Huntley (Debbie’s mother) proposed her for membership, and she thought it would be a good way to get acquainted with the area. Little did she realize that she would meet some of her best friends in the League, including some in her provisional class. Barbara considers the League to be the equivalent of a post-graduate course for young women - you learn so many skills and also have the chance to expand your view of the world. She notes that this isn’t just a matter of making connections with the influential. One of her best experiences in JLSS was the time she spent over many years working in the Next to New shop on Jay Street in Schenectady. It really was a way to see the other side of the coin, and since many of their shoppers returned regularly, she would get to know them well. Though charity-run shops are common now, for some time, the League’s Next to New shop was one of the few places in the area some shoppers could afford, and it also had the benefit of supporting the Leagues’ other programs. She was sad to see it close. Like many Leaguers, Barb is also active in a number of other community organizations. Although she would say that she “never worked,” she volunteered at Sunnyview and Ellis Hospital for over 25 years! She also volunteered at First Reformed Church, the Schenectady Symphony and the Women’s League. Despite the difficulty of caring for Ned recently, and his sad passing in December, she remains involved at church, in the Mohawk Club, the Garden Club, and the Pi Phi Alumnae Club and she continues to play bridge regularly. I know that when I call her to make plans, her schedule is just as crowded as mine, if not more. Barb recently attended the 80th Anniversary Gala, where she and some other friends (what she called “her fellow oldies but goodies”) including Barbara Stratton, Barbara Piper, Betty Kay Cullen, Ann Walraven and others took a table and helped celebrate our League’s many accomplishments.

Member News and Updates Congratulations to Potratz Partners Advertising on their recent move to their new facility. We can’t wait to see when the building is finished. Not only does Christy Potratz work there, but so does League member Stephanie Hunter. Congratulations on your new job Stephanie. Best wishes to Stephanie Russell on her late May wedding to Thibaut Waellert. Stephanie and Thibaut are eloping in Napa Valley, CA and taking a honeymoon in Fiji. She was the JLSS co-chair for Community in the 2011-2012 year. Congratulations to the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Waellert! Congratulations to Barbara Piper, who was selected as a YWCA Woman of Achievement. Many JLSS women attended the celebratory dinner to honor this award. A member of the Association of Junior Leagues International,


In Remembrance Recently, our League has lost several dear members. Please take a moment to remember the following friends of JLSS and think of all the ways their support has helped our League become an agent of good in Schenectady and Saratoga counties for 80 years. Charlotte R. Hubbard died April 20, 2012 at the age of 89. She was born in Boston, MA and moved to Schenectady in 1948 to teach at the Brown School. She was married to William Tapley Hubbard for over 64 years. Donations may be made to the First Reformed Church, 8 N. Church Street, Schenectady NY 12305 or to the charity of your choice. Katherine (KT) Schmidt died at the age od 86 on March 14, 2012 in West Hartford, CT. She lived in Niskayuna and leaves behind her husband of 63 years, George S. Schmidt. Donations may be made to the City Mission of Schenectady or Saint George Episcopal Church (Schenectady). The following husbands of JLSS members have also passed away: Peter Ipsen, James Cullen, Doug Beekman and George Gaines.

Getting To Know You Carin M. Cardinale is an Assistant Counsel with the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations in Albany. Carin received her Juris Doctorate from Albany Law School and her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology/Secondary Education from the State University of New York at Geneseo. Carin lives with her husband, Herb, and her pug, Seymour, in Clifton Park. In her spare time, Carin enjoys working out, experiencing new and interesting areas and restaurants, cooking and cleaning/organizing. Carin is excited to increase her community involvement through the Junior League of Schenectady and Saratoga Counties.

Alaina Scavullo has a B.S. in Studio Art from the College of Saint Rose, and is currently working towards a M.S. in Childhood Education and Special Education at the same college. Alaina works as a Program Manager for Junior Achievement, a non-profit organization that works to educate local children in the areas of financial literacy, entrepreneurship and career readiness. In her position as Program Manager, Alaina recruits and trains volunteers to teach Junior Achievement programs in local elementary schools, and facilitates about 400 programs throughout the school year. In her spare time Alaina enjoys spending time with friends and family, painting, cooking, and taking dance and fitness classes.

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Our Mission The Junior League of Schenectady and Saratoga Counties is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Dates To Remember! May 10

Southern Saratoga Chamber Mixer Mohawk Honda

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JLSS Schenexus April-May 2012  
JLSS Schenexus April-May 2012  

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