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onceyou s eeyour i mages,your confi dencewi ll

s k y r o c k e t.

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p r e t t y


di d you sayyou’ re selfconsci ous? i t’ stotallynormal! everywoman has somethi ng theydon’ t li keaboutthemsel ves. morei mportant, butm everywoman has somethi ng thatmakes heralluri ng and sexy .weworktogether to accentuateyour allure!

wha wh tcan iexpect? oneword?fun!you’ ll show upnervous,we’ ll getto know each other duri ng hai r& makeup . i ’ llcrackdumbj okes. you’ llrelax,and then ci smade.I ’ ll themagi di rectyou between posesand afterafew, you’ llstartto feelli ke thenextcenterfold.

d e t a i l s

li ttle

wai t,di d you say hai r& makeup? absolutely!partofyour boudoi rsessi on i nvol ves myamazi ng professi onal styli stgi vi ng you a li ttleextraoomph.she can go naturalorreally ki cki tupanotch,whatever makesyou feelthe mostbeauti ful.

wheredo weshoot? wecan shooti n ahotelor n thecomfortofyourhome. i theroom weusej ustneedsto haveberelati velysi mple and havegood li ghti ng. outdoorboudoi ri san opti on forthosethatarebrave. how long do weshoot? afterhai r& makeup ,we’ ll shootforatleastan hour. you’ llhaveti meto do 34outfi tchanges

how naked to ihaveto get? thati stotallyupto you and yourcomfortlevel.iam comfortablewi th complete nudi ty;however,allshotswi ll bedonei n thesametasteful, sensualmannerastherestof yourshoot.

whatdo iwear? whatelsedo ineed to know? iusuallyrecommend thi si saboutyou!wewi lltalk bri ngi ng mul ti plewardrobe pri orto youreventto plan choi cesso you can deci de whatyou wantto captureand on thespoti fyou wantto be calm yournerves.iwantyou to modestorprovocati ve. becomfortable. . . bri ng afri end, you can besexyand ng adri nk,bri ng youri pod, bri glamorousi n anythi ng. . . whateverwi llhelpmake boyshorts& atanktop ,asexy you comfortable.also know dress,amen’ sdressshi rt,fri lly thatasawoman who hasbeen panti esorasexythong. i n frontofthecamera,ifully understand anyemoti onsthat can you makemeski nni er you mayhaveaboutdoi ng ormakemyboobsbi gger? doi rsessi on. aboud notreally .beauty& boudoi r i snotabouthavi ng aperfect body .i t’ saboutaccentuati ng yourstrengthsand theparts ofyou thatyou li ke.i n the edi ti ng processiwi llsmooth mi norski ni mperfecti ons,but pleasedo notexpectmeto dramati callyal teryourbody type.Iwantto helpshow off thebestyou! who wi llseemyi mages? boudoi ri spri vate.youri mages areonlyvi ewed byme,you,and whoeveryou optto shareyour onli negallerywi though i tdoesmakemequi tehappy when cli ent’ sletmeshow off di scretei magesi n mygallery .

iwantto feelbeauti ful,but iam notcomfortable doi ng boudoi ri n my li ngeri e.whatelsecan ido? wecan do aglamourshoot! you gettheperksofboudoi r, n glamourous butyou shooti nonli ngeri eoutfi tsofyour choi sti llgetto use mywonderfulmakeuparti st, theuseahotelroom i s completelyopti onalsi ncewe can comfortablyshoot glamouroutdoors.

I n v e s t me n t

theT e a s e-$325


1hourofs hooti ng,profess i onalhai r & makeup ,3outfi tchanges,onli ne gallery ,5x5hard covermi nialbum

theFl i r t-$425

11/2hoursofs hooti ng,profess i onal hai r& makeup ,5outfi tchanges,onli ne proofi ng gallery ,custom flas h dri veand cas e,5x5mi nialbum,$50towardspri nts

theI r r e s i s t i b l e-$650

2hoursofs hooti ng,luxuri oushotel room,profess i onalhai r& makeup , 7outfi tchanges,onli neproofi ng gallery ,custom flas h dri ve and cas e, 10x10hard coveralbum,$150towardspri nts

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noti ncluded i n the

deli vered wi thi n 3weeks

s ess i on fees

ofthes ess i on

Pr i n t s


Gi f tprints-$15

8x10and smaller

1 0x 1 3prints-$30. 00

1 6 x 2 0prints-$50. 00

2 0x 2 4prints-$65. 00

1 6 x 1 6canvas-$135. 00

2 0x 2 4canvas-$175. 00 addi ti onals i zes avai lablebyrequest

5x5M i n ialbum -$50. 00

1 2 x 1 2album -$135. 00

USB flashdrive-$75. 00

Boudoir Marathon  
Boudoir Marathon