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Local Government is a most important feature of our democratic system of governance. In theory and practice, it is that aspect of our governance arrangement that is closest to the people. Indeed, Local Government serves as the nerve centre between Government and the citizenry.

Boats and other important equipment. Empowering citizens and encouraging greater participation, action and volunteerism in the local governance of their neighborhoods and cities.

Improving the efficiency, transparency and effectiveness of local authorities in the management of municipal affairs, especially in the areas of solid waste management and public sanitation, building, entertainment and recreational approvals, as well as the maintenance of parks and markets.

Providing training and opportunities at professional development for local government practitioners and Parish Council staff is critical to building capacity and improving accountability and stewardship in the system.

The next Jamaica Labour Party Government will demonstrate its commitment to improving our system of local government and improving people’s lives by:

Using local government as a growth driver by providing an enabling, supportive and regulatory environment for micro and small businesses at the community level.

Ensuring that there is separation in the management of solid waste by having the NSWMA serving as the regulator of the activity while our landfills serve as operators. Steps will also be taken to privatize the Riverton Landfill and set the stage for the ultimate relocation of the Dump.

Supporting sustainability and renewal of rural areas through the provision of infrastructure and utilities.

Supporting the development and renewal of urban communities, particularly inner-city communities, by putting in place housing and civil infrastructure, and supporting programs of social; inclusion and participation.

Recognizing the pivotal role local government plays in delivering key services and impacting people’s lives, the Jamaica Labour Party promotes: •

Autonomy in structure and operation

Accountability, Integrity & Transparency in local government administration

Value for money in the delivery of services


Collaborating with the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) to build capacity in the Fire Services by acquiring Fire

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JLP Manifesto 2016  

A Partnership for Prosperity

JLP Manifesto 2016  

A Partnership for Prosperity


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