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Car t Y O of you r life





P roudly serving Indianapolis youth of all ages since 1939


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The CYO was h t established by Bishop u o Y Joseph E. Ritter in 1939 to ic l o assist parents in providing quality h t a educational programs for children as well as to C supplement the education provided by the Catholic schools.

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The first offical activity of the CYO was a city-wide spring dance in the Cathedral High School gymnasium with about 1,000 youth in attendance , representing every parish in the city. The first athletic leagues organized were baseball and tennis with steps taken in the early days of CYO to organize the drama contest and other activities. Since this humble begining, the CYO has grown into one of the largest youth serving agencies in Central Indiana serving 20,000 young people each year. In partnership with the Catholic schools, the CYO continues to sponsor programs which serve to provide opportunities for youth to develop strong moral character, self worth and a community service orientation through activities of social , educational , recreational , and athletic nature . Catholic Youth Organization activities are spiritual , cultural , social , and educational in nature . The CYO organizes athletic competition in 14 different sports for boys and girls, fourth grade through high school . The CYO also hosts an extensive summer residential camping program and year-round outdoor education and leadership classes at Camp Rancho Framasa in Brown County. A science fair, music contest, honors music recital and chess competition are also on the annual activities calendar.


Table of Contents

Board of Directors

K.C. Leffler

Vice President

Suzanne E. Alexander Secretary

John W. Fitzgerald Treasurer

Alison D. Archer Rodney W. Byrnes Todd A. Finnell John P. Finke Rev. Robert J. Gilday Christopher C. Kaufman David L. Leising Gail A. Lowry William M. Lynch Mary M. McCoy Michael T. McNelis Larry W. McQueary Karen S. Peterson David R. Prechtel William S. Sahm Michael J. Sullivan Deborah F. Tobias Richard J. Wagner Lori F. Wright

2012-2013 Annual Review


Catholic Youth Organization

William A. Kuntz

Letter from the Executive Director 2 Our Volunteers 3 CYO Calendar of Events 4 Meet the Staff 5 Fall Program Summary 6 Winter Program Summary 8 Spring Program Summary 10 Summer Program Summary 12 Financial Report 13 Activity Report 14 Donor Reports 18 Sahm-Kuntz Legacy Fund 24 Volunteer Awards 25

A letter from our Executive Director

Have you ever heard anyone say that “I am a lifer� about something? It could be that person was a life-long resident of a city, or a life-long member of their parish, or a life-long employee at their place of work. To be associated with any group over a lifetime is worthy of praise and recognition. So it is with the Catholic Youth Organization. Many individuals and families through the generations have made the CYO part of their life for all of their life. We are proud to have touched so many lives in a positive way since the CYO was established in 1939.

During the course of any given year I have many opportunities to attend a myriad of CYO activities all across central and southern Indiana. At these events I have come into contact with babies as young as a few weeks old, to grandparents as old as 95. It has made me realize that participation in CYO activities is truly a lifelong endeavor. At a recent CYO activity I was talking with an older gentleman, obviously the grandfather of one of the participants, and I told him how much I admired him for coming out to watch his grandchild participate in this event. Without hesitation he responded that following his grandchildren to various CYO events has kept he and his wife, both now in their 80’s, active and young at heart. I thanked him for his involvement and I told him that I agreed with him. In youth we learn and in age we understand. Therefore, as we get older we come to know that lifelong participation in a youth serving organization like the CYO can help us to stay healthy and vibrant. If you have participated in CYO activities in your youth or you currently have children participating in CYO programs you already know about the CYO experience. Through the years that experience has changed and this organization has evolved into one that serves 20,000 boys and girls each year in our Catholic schools and parishes. However, one aspect of the CYO experience that has not changed is the fact that there is truly something for everyone to enjoy no matter your age. The CYO athletic program has fourteen different sports from which boys and girls can choose. We have enrichment programs like chess, a science fair and the states largest single day music competition. We have a year round camping facility, CYO Camp Rancho Framasa, that provides outdoor education and retreat programs to students during the school year and residential camping during the summer months. This past year approximately 9,000 boys and girls spent quality time at Catholic Youth Organization Camp Rancho Framasa. And, for those adults wishing to participate beyond their youth, there are countless opportunities to volunteer at their parishes with various CYO programs. Not to mention, providing leadership on the CYO board of directors and the CYO Camp Rancho Framasa board of directors. We recognize these volunteer efforts by annually presenting the Monsignor Busald Award and the St. John Bosco Medal to the most dedicated and longtime CYO volunteers. So, as you read through this CYO Annual Report for 2011-2012, keep in mind that CYO is a part of your life for all of your life. You are a CYO lifer. Thank you for your continued support of the Catholic Youth Organization. You are always a member of the CYO Family and you are always in our prayers. May God bless you and your family for life


A Special

Thank You

to all of our wonderful Volunteers and Officials


It is a widely accepted fact that the volunteer is essential to groups like the Catholic Youth Organization. Without a full compliment of volunteers to assist in the implementation of CYO programs, it would be difficult at best for CYO to offer such a wide range of activities for the young people in our Catholic schools and parishes. Clearly, no group embodies the spirit of the CYO more than the volunteer. It would be impossible to name all of the individuals and groups that have given their time, talent and treasure to the CYO over the past year. A debt of appreciation and gratitude is owed to a cast of thousands for creating the CYO experience as we know it today. CYO volunteers, whether they be coaches, athletic directors, science fair judges, concession stand volunteers, board members or youth commission members, are truly remarkable individuals. The CYO is proud to offer programs in which over 7,000 volunteers become involved each year. To each and every CYO volunteer, we say THANK YOU! May God bless your efforts always.


Officials No athletic contest at any level can be played fairly without qualified and impartial enforcers of the rules of the game. Officials, the men and women in the black and white striped shirts, are expected to exercise good judgement in applying the rules so that games are called fairly for both teams. The basic requirement for all sports officials is having the courage to do the right thing even in the face of adversity and disagreement. The CYO is fortunate to have some of the finest sports officials in the area involved with our program. At the same time, the organization believes in the positive development of young officials to carry on into the future. Each year almost 1,500 men and women sign on to officiate CYO athletic contests and we thank them for their great service to youth. They are truly making a difference.

CYO Calendar

Activities Available Through CYO

of Events



Science Fair, Wrestling Tournament, Girls’ Volleyball Tournament



Spring Kickball




Cross Country





Music Contest

Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Spring Kickball, Track & Field

Volunteer Awards Ceremony, Track & Field Finals, Camp Rancho Framasa Mother Daughter Weekend


CYO Camp Rancho Framasa Summer Programs begin their nine week session


CYO Kings Island Day, Camp Rancho Framasa Grasshopper Day Camp


Cross Country


Music Contest

Coed HS Volleyball


High School Volleyball

High School Basketball Science Fair Baseball

Fall Kickball, Green & White Night

CYO Golf Outing, Camp Rancho Framasa Family weekend, HS Girl’s Volleyball, Football, Cross Country


Fall Kickball

High School Basketball

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Kings Island Day




Track & Field


Science Fair

Track & Field

Kings Island Day

Events for Adults

Cross Country Finals, Girl’s Basketball, Chess, Camp Rancho Framasa Fall Weekend and Father & Son Weekend, Football Tournaments


Green & White Night


Football Championships, HS Girl’s & Boy’s Basketball, GS Boys Basketball

CYO Golf Outing

Kings Island Day


BINGO Night, HS Girl’s Basketball Tournament, Boy’s HS & GS Basketball Tournaments, Girl’s Volleyball

Parent/Child Weekends At Camp

Catholic Youth Organization 580 E. Stevens St. Indianapolis, IN 46203 P: 317-632-9311 F: 317-632-8767


Archdiocesan Basketball Tournament, Boy’s Volleyball, Wrestling, Music Contest & Honors Recital, HS Coed Volleyball Tournamnet

Follow CYO, Indianapolis on Facebook see photos and updates about our programs as they happen The Catholic Youth Organization publishes this report annually in order to acknowlege and thank the hundreds of donors in the CYO family. Donors listed in this report gave gifts from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012. The included school/ parish activites took place during the 2011-2012 school year. If there are errors or omissions, or to request more information, please contact Jennifer Peterson at or 317-632-9311. If you wish to donate to the CYO please visit our website at to donate online or call the office at 317-632-9311 for more information. Thank You!


Ed Tinder

f Part o , e our lif life ur All of o

Bernie Price

s. 37 yr YO @C

s. 40 yr YO @C

Executive Director

Girl’s Athletics Director

Jerry Ross

s. 30 yr YO @C

Asst. Executive Director

Patty Armbruster

Kris Becher

Jane Elliott

Jennifer Peterson

Administrative Coordinator

Finance Director

Development Director

Projects Coordinator


Meet the C YO S taff

Camp Rancho Framasa

s. 31 yr YO @C

s. 27 yr YO @C

Kevin & Angi Sullivan






www.campranchoframasa .org

Fall Program

Summary Fall Kickball

Cross Country

Kickball is perhaps the most traditional and unique athletic activity sponsored by CYO

26 teams participated in the 14th season for the CYO

Cross Country program up from 24 teams in 2010

With over 1,500 girls participating on over 130 teams, the kickball tradition continues to be stronger than ever 133 teams participated in six different leagues Competition was conducted in 4th grade league with 371 girls on 31 teams 56B & 56A leagues with 677 girls on 61 teams Cadet A & B leagues with 470 girls on 41 teams

The program is open to fourth through eighth grade boys and girls, and over 600 youth participated in the 2011 season which featured four regular season meets and a City-Wide meet In addition, the CYO Championship Cross Country meet was held at Southeastway Park on October 8, 2011

Golf Outing

High School Girls Volleyball

The 19th Annual CYO Golf Outing was held Thursday, September 8, 2011 at the Woodwind Golf Club in Westfield, IN

The 15th season for the Girls High School Volleyball program was truly enjoyable for the nearly 200 girls participating 20 teams were entered in the program consisting of a 7 game season and a postseason tournament for all teams held at the CYO Center Gym

The outing featured 108 golfers playing in 27 foursomes and raised $8,000 for the CYO programs The outing is a fun and relaxing day for golfers featuring a delicious lunch and dinner and an enjoyable round of golf with friends


Football This year 2,643 players participated in CYO Football on 132 parish teams In 2010, 2,536 boys played on 131 teams 51 teams and 1,004 players participated in the 34 football league 45 teams and 899 players participated in the 56 football league. 36 teams and 740 players participated in the Cadet football league Again, this year, all football leagues concluded the season with a postseason tournament and the championship games were held at Roncalli High School


Girls Basketball The CYO Girls Basketball program continued strong in 2011 with nearly 1,500 girls participating on 200 teams Competition was conducted in the 4th grade leagues with 329 girls on 47 teams

The 14th season of the CYO Chess program was very successful with 8 schools and 27 teams entered with 108 boys and girls participating The season consisted of 6 season matches and a postseason tournament held at the CYO Center Competition was divided into 3 groups: 3rd

grade and under, 6th grade and under, and 8th grade and under

56C, 56B, & 56A leagues with 662 girls on 81 teams Cadet C, Cadet B, & Cadet A leagues with 470 girls on 63 teams

The league featured academic competition among schools based on team play with each team consisting of four players

Fall Program


Winter Program


Music Competition The 54th Annual CYO Music Contest

Wrestling 14 teams with 175 total wrestlers entered into the CYO Wrestling program in 2012

5th through 8th grade wrestlers competed in 18 different weight classes beginning at 68 pounds up to 275 pounds The regular season consisted of seven matches and an invitational tournament for each team

The Championship Wrestling Tournament which determined the 18 individual weight class winners was hosted by Cardinal Ritter High School

High School Co-Ed Volleyball Tournament 8 High School Co-Ed Volleyball

was hosted by Bishop Chatard High School for the 35th consecutive year

The CYO Music Contest is the 2nd largest music competition in the Indianapolis area following the ISSMA contest. Twenty five percent of the students entered were from outside the Catholic School system

teams participated in this one day tournament with over 80 high school age boys and girls competing In 2012 over 800 young people from together in the tournament the Indianapolis Archdiocese hosted by St. Roch parish participated in this one day event This fun double elimination tourney featuring competition in piano, features free substitution and rally vocal, instrumental, and ensemble scoring which keeps the matches moving divisions quickly and the players and fans enthusiastic and engaged


The most outstanding participants from the contest participated in an honor music recital at Cathedral High School

Girls & Boys Volleyball

Science Fair

Boys Basketball

421 boys basketball teams entered in the 2011-12 boys basketball program 2,200 grade school girls played Indianapolis Archdiocese sent with 3,060 boys and 900 coaches in the 2011 volleyball program 112 students to participate in the 2011 participating in the program on 300 teams CYO Science Fair held Competition was conducted in Competition was conducted in 4th at the CYO Center 4th grade leagues with grade, 56C, 56B, 56A, Cadet C, Cadet on March 3, 2012 62 girls on 430 teams B, Cadet A grade school leagues Participants in the CYO Science Fair 56C, B, & A leagues with while the CYO High School program were all previous winners from the many 980 girls on 128 teams offered Freshman-Sophomore, grade school science fairs throughout Cadet C, B, & A leagues with Junior-Senior, and Girls leagues the Archdiocese 775 girls on 106 teams During the regular season and postStudents exhibited projects in season over 4,000 games were played 360 grade school boys played Physical Science and Biological throughout Central Indiana with 15 in the 2011 volleyball program Science divisions, with awards different parish gyms then hosting on 44 teams given for the most outstanding postseason tournaments Competition was conducted in presentation among the 7th & 8th The Cadet A grade school Archdiocesan 56 A & B leagues with grade students in each catagory Championship Game was played at 190 boys on 23 teams Scecina Memorial High School Cadet A & B leagues with 170 boys on 21 teams 16 schools from throughout the

Winter Program



Spring Program

Summary Girls Softball Baseball

The 9th season of the CYO Girls Softball program saw 10 teams and over 150 girls participate in games around the city

29 baseball teams were entered into the 2012 CYO baseball program and nearly 400 boys participated

The leagues crowned their respective champions at Roncalli High School where all championship games were held

Of the 29 teams entered, 9 were 7th grade teams comprising the 7th grade league while the Cadet league stayed strong with 20 participating teams Great weather this year led to a smooth season culminating in both 7th and 8th grade league championship games held at Scecina High School

Soccer 68 teams and nearly 1,000 players entered into the

2012 CYO Co-Ed Soccer program. 31 Cadet level teams and 37 56 level teams participated this year which is a 6 team increase in the 56 league from 2011 The CYO Soccer Program is co-ed for both leagues with both boys and girls participating simultaniously. The league championship games were played at the St. Matthew soccer field

Volunteer Awards Ceremony The 2012 CYO volunteer Awards Ceremony was held on May 1, 2012 at SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Indianapolis

Bishop Christopher J. Coyne presided over the ceremony which featured the presentation of 19 Spirit of Youth Awards, 26 Monsignor Albert Busald Awards, and 6 St. John Bosco Medals to deserving individuals Spirit of Youth Awards were awarded to high school age youth for their outstanding service to their parish and community, Monsignor Albert Busald Awards were presented to distinguished adult parish volunteers, and St. John Bosco Medals were presented to volunteers for their long-term dedicated service to Indianapolis Archdiocesan youth


Spring Kickball

CYO Bingo Event

Track and Field

54 teams and nearly 650 girls

participated in the 2012 Spring Kickball program

The 15th Annual CYO Bingo Night was held Saturday, January 28, 2012 at the Northside Knights of Columbus

32 parish track teams participated in

Fewer kickball teams regularly enter the Spring league compared to the Fall League due to the increased number of CYO activities offered to girls in the Spring

This year’s ‘Super Bingo’ event in honor of the Super Bowl in Indianapolis was well attended with over 500 guests

Competition was conducted in a Cadet league with 8 teams and 100 girls 56A and 56B leagues with 20 teams and 245 girls 3rd and 4th grade leagues with 26 teams and 300 girls

The evening featured dinner, drinks, 10 games of Super Bingo with great prizes, pull tabs, and plenty of raffle chances

the 2012 CYO Track program

Over 1,300 boys and girls took part in a variety of Track and Field events divided into 4th grade, 56 and Cadet leagues The track season consists of a dual meet season previous to the CYO Championship Track and Field meet which was again held at the Michael A. Carroll Track and Field Stadium on the campus of IUPUI

Spring Program



Camp Rancho Framasa

Green and White Night Event

2,166 campers participated in the nine week camping

The Catholic Youth Organization’s Green & White Night Fundraiser was held on August 10, 2012 at the Indiana Farm Bureau, Colts Complex

Campers were able to choose from five different camping experiences including traditional camping, adventure camping, traditional camp for teens, sassafras camping, and a junior counselor program. Younger campers in grades K-4 could also enjoy our Grasshopper Day Camp at St. Matthew School in July.

Longtime CYO friends and supporters gathered at the Colts Complex for a fun and festive evening featuring dinner for two, cocktails, live and silent auctions, trivia games, heads and tails chip games, special raffle items and a reverse raffle

season of CYO’s Summer Camping Program between June 3rd and August 3rd of 2012

CYO Camp’s inclusion program continues to grow and is considered one of the best in the camping industry. This summer CYO Camp served 207 campers with special needs. 36 of the campers enjoyed one on one support from counselor to camper for an entire week of camp while 171 aditional campers received further support from specially trained counselors

Special thanks to emcee Tom Zupancic for his humorous entertainment and directing of the reverse raffle

CYO Kings Island Day Since 1980 the CYO has sponsored an Archdiocesan wide outing to Kings Island for all ages. This summer almost 500 youth and adults took part in this day By purchasing tickets through the CYO Office, youth groups and families saved over 40% off the regular admission price

Summer Program Summary

CYO Kings Island Day is always scheduled for the last Wednesday in July of each year






Financial Report

2230 N Clay Lick Road Nashville, IN 47448

July 1, 2011- June 30, 2012 1 (812) 988 2839

United Way Support $40,051 R Contributions $278,613 e Archdiocesan Support $53,148 Events $132,160 v Special Program Service Fees $1,726,504 e Extraordinary Income $383,416 Endowments, Grants $95,276 n & Other Income u e Total Revenue $2,709,168

The CYO is now accepting online donations through our website. Please visit to donate today.


Endowments, Grants, & Other Income 4% Extraordinary Income 14%

United Way Support 1%


Contributions 10%

Thank You!

Athletic & Enrichment Programs Camping Programs Management & General Fund-Raising

$747,354 $1,357,587 $254,444 $164,543

Total Expenses

$2,523,928 Camping Programs 54%

Archdiocesan Support 2% Special Events 5% Athletic & Enrichment Programs Fund-Raising 30% 6% Program Service Fees 64%


Change in Net Assets:

Management & General 10%

$185, 240

NOTE: Depreciation expense totaled $138,847 for the year

2011-2012 Activities Report cont. 2011 CROSS COUNTRY Teams - 26 Participants - 639 4th Girls Team Results 1st- St. Jude 2nd- Immaculate Heart

4th Boys Team Results 1st - St. Jude 2nd - St. Monica

56 Girls Team Results

1st- St. Jude 2nd- St. Charles, Bloomington

56 Boys Team Results 1st - St. Malachy 2nd - Mount Carmel

Cadet Girls Team Results 1st - Mount Carmel 2nd - St. Patrick, Terre Haute

2011 FOOTBALL Cadet AA League

Teams - 14 Participants - 275 Champion - Christ the King Black Runner-Up - St. Luke Blue

Cadet A League

Teams - 14 Participants 300 Champion - Mount Carmel Blue Runner-Up - St. Matthew Red

Teams - 8 Participants - 165 Champion - St. Luke Blue 1st - Katherine Free, Immaculate Heart 2nd- Lindsay Welker, St. Patrick, Terre Haute Champion - St. Simon Royal 3rd - Ellen Flood, St. Malachy The JV League was established for teams 4th - Anna Jensen, Mount Carmel in the Cadet Football League that have 25

Cadet Girls Individual Results

Cadet Boys Individual Results

or more players on their team. This gives those teams another opportunity for quality playing time at the Cadet level.

Cadet A Girls

56 A League

1st - Kent Linton, Mount Carmel 2nd - Jacob Oeding, St. Charles, Bloomington 3rd - Trey Bomba, St. Charles, Bloomington 56 AA League Teams - 16 Participants - 321 4th - Brady Harless, St. Luke Champion - Mount Carmel Gold Runner-Up - Immaculate Heart Blue 2011 KICKBALL - FALL Teams - 24 Participants - 265 League Champion - St. Luke Blue League Runner-Up - St. Roch Gold Division #1 Champion - St. Luke Blue Division #2 Champion - OL of Lourdes Division #3 Champion - St. Roch Gold

Cadet B Girls

1st - St. Charles, Bloomington 2nd - St. Luke

Teams - 17 Participants - 205 League Champion - St. Luke White League Runner-Up - St. Luke Gold Division #1 Champion - St. Luke Gold Division #2 Champion - St. Luke White

4th Girls Individual Results

56 A Girls

Cadet Boys Team Results

1st - Alleigh Wilham, St. Jude 2nd - Gillian Cridge, St. Simon 3rd- Maggie Auger, St. Rose 4th- Mary Anna Wehrle, St. Malachy

4th Boys Individual Results 1st - Alec Viduya, St. Jude 2nd - Liam Irwin, St. Jude 3rd - Casey Back, St. Simon 4th - Zach Mayer, St. Jude

Teams - 29 Participants - 325 League Champion - Holy Spirit Green League Runner-Up - St. Barnabas Division #1 Champion - Immaculate Heart Blue Division #2 Champion - Holy Spirit Green Division #3 Champion - St. Barnabas Maroon Division #4 Champion - Holy Angels Gray

56 B Girls

Teams - 32 Participants - 352 League Champion - St. Roch Blue League Runner-Up - St. Luke White 56 Girls Individual Results Division #1 Champion - St. Simon Royal 1st - Lucia Perez, St. Maria Goretti Division #2 Champion - St. Luke White 2nd - Grace Hanley, Immaculate Heart Division #3 Champion - St. Roch Blue Division #4 Champion - St. Roch Gold 3rd - Erin Arney, Little Flower 4th - Jamie Wells, Ss. Francis and Clare

56 Boys Individual Results

1st - Connor Schepers, St. Malachy 2nd - Andy Voor, Mount Carmel 3rd - Matthew Boberg, St. Malachy 4th - Ryan Hofer, St. Malachy

JV League

4th Girls

Teams - 31 Participants - 371 League Champion - St. Simon Blue League Runner-Up - St. Jude Gold Division #1 Champion - St. Simon Blue Division #2 Champion - St. Simon Royal Div. #3 Champion - OL of Greenwood Green Division #4 Champion - St. Jude Gold


Teams - 16 Participants - 323 Champion - Nativity Red Runner-Up - OL of Grace Gold

5th Grade League

Teams - 13 Participants - 255 Champion - St. Michael Indy, Red Runner-Up - St. Jude White

34 A League

Teams - 11 Participants - 218 Champion - Holy Spirit Indy, Green Runner-Up - OL of Grace Blue

34 AA League

Teams - 10 Participants - 195 Champion - Immaculate Heart Purple Runner-Up - St. Matthew Red

4th Grade A League

Teams - 6 Participants - 135 Champion - St. Luke Blue Runner-Up - St. Simon White

4th Grade AA League

Teams - 8 Participants - 164 Champion - St. Barnabas Maroon Runner-Up - St. Louis de Montfort Red

3rd Grade A League

Teams - 8 Participants - 157 Champion - St. Luke Gold Runner-Up - Christ the King Black

3rd Grade AA League

Teams - 8 Participants - 135 Champion - Immaculate Heart Blue Runner-Up - Mount Carmel Gold

2011-2012 Activities Report

2011 GIRLS BASKETBALL Cadet A American Girls League Teams - 14 Participants - 115 Champion - St. Barnabas Maroon Runner-up - St. Patrick, TH Gold

Cadet A National Girls League

Teams - 14 Participants - 100 Champion - St. Louis de Montfort Red Runner-up - Cardinal Ritter Jr. White

Cadet B American Girls League Teams - 18 Participants - 115 Champion - St. Luke Royal Runner-up - St. Simon White

Cadet B National Girls League Teams - 11 Participants - 95 Champion - St. Barnabas Maroon Runner-up - St. Jude Gold

Cadet C Girls League

Teams - 6 Participants - 45 Champion - Mount Carmel Yellow Runner-Up - St. Simon White

56 A American Girls League

Teams - 17 Participants - 145 Champion - St. Barnabas Maroon Runner-Up - St. Michael, Grnfld. Blue

56 A National Girls League

Teams - 20 Participants - 160 Champion - St. Thomas Aquinas Gold Runner-up - St. Roch Gold

56 B National Girls League Teams - 16 Participants - 128 Champion - St. Roch Gold Runner-Up - St. Jude Red

56 B American Girls League Teams - 18 Participants - 144 Champion - St. Pius X Gold Runner-Up - St. Luke Gold

56 C Girls League

Teams - 10 Participants - 85 Champion - St. Simon White Runner-Up - St. Matthew Red

4th Grade National Girls League Teams - 22 Participants - 154 Champion - St. Susanna Gold Runner-Up - St. Jude Red

4th Grade American Girls League Teams - 25 Participants - 175 Champion - St. Simon Royal Runner-Up - St. Maria Goretti Blue

2011-2012 BOYS BASKETBALL Cadet National Boys League

Teams - 19 Participants - 152 Champion - St. Louis de Montfort Red Runner-Up - St. Michael Greenfield, Gold

2011 CHESS Cadet A American Boys League

Chess League Results

Cadet B American Boys League

King Div. Champion - Christ the King 1 Queen Div. Champion - St. Pius 2 Knight Div. Champion - St. Pius 3 Bishop Div. Champion - Central Catholic

Teams - 17 Participants - 136 Champion - St. Luke Blue Runner-Up - St. Simon Royal

Teams - 20 Participants - 160 Champion - Christ the King Gold Runner-Up - St. Luke Blue

Cadet B National Boys League

Teams - 20 Participants - 165 Champion - St. Louis de Montfort Red Runner-Up - St. Matthew Red

Cadet C Boys League

Teams - 29 Participants - 175 Champion - Mount Carmel Gold Runner-Up - St. Simon White

56 A American Boys League

Teams - 20 Participants - 165 Champion - St. Jude Red Runner-Up - St. Barnabas Maroon

56 A National Boys League Teams - 18 Participants - 125 Champion - St. Malachy Green Runner-Up - St. Charles Red

56 B National Boys League

3rd Grade and Under

6th Grade and Under

King Div. Champion - St. Christopher 1 Queen Div. Champ.- St. Louis de Montfort 2 Knight Div. Champion - Central Catholic

8th Grade and Under

King Div. Champion - St. Malachy 1

Tournament Results 3rd Grade and Under

King Division Champion - Christ the King 1 Runner-up - St. Simon 1 3rd Place - St. Malachy Queen Division Champion - St. Thomas Aquinas Runner-Up - St. Pius 1 3rd Place - Christ the King 2 Knight Division Champion - St. Pius 2 Runner-up - Christ the King 3 3rd Place - St. Simon 3

Teams - 19 Participants - 135 Champion - St. Louis de Montfort Red Runner-Up - Holy Spirit, Indy White

Bishop Division Champion - Christ the King 4 Runner-up - St. Christopher 4 3rd Place - St. Thomas Aquinas

56 B American Boys League

6th Grade and Under

Teams - 18 Participants - 126 Champion - Mount Carmel Blue Runner-Up - St. Jude Gold

56 C Boys League

Teams - 36 Participants - 225 Champion - St. Michael, Indy Black Runner-Up - St. Luke Gold

4th Grade American Boys League

Teams - 31 Participants - 255 Champion - St. Pius X White Runner-Up - St. Luke Blue

4th Grade National Boys League Teams - 31 Participants - 215 Champion - OL of Grace Blue Runner-Up - Holy Spirit Geist White

Cadet A Archdiocesan Tournament Champion - St. Luke Blue Runner-Up - St. Louis, Batesville


King Division Champion - St. Christopher 1 Runner-Up - Christ the King 1 3rd Place - St. Simon 1 Queen Division Champion - St. Pius 1 Runner-Up - St. Malachy 3rd Place - St. Thomas Aquinas Knight Division Champion - St. Christopher 2 Runner-Up - St. Pius 2 3rd Place - St. Louis 2

8th Grade and Under

King Division Champion - St. Malachy 1 Runner-Up - St. Simon 3rd Place - St. Louis 2 Queen Division St. Louis de Montfort 1 - 3rd place

1600 M Run - Connor Schepers, St. Malachy 4 x 100 M Relay - St. Luke 800 Sprint Medley - St. Malachy High Jump - Bryan Hoover, OLMC Long Jump - Reggie Johnson, St. Luke Shot Put - Murphy McManama, St. Jude

2011-2012 Activities Report cont. 2012 WRESTLING Teams - 14 Participants - 175 Tournament Champion - St. Maria Goretti Tournament Runner-Up - OL of Lourdes 3rd Place - St. Pius X 4th Place - Nativity The 2012 Leo J. Mahoney Attitude Award was awarded to Evan Behringer, St. Pius 68 lb. - Sam Fair, OL of Lourdes 73 lb. - Matthew Minor, St. Barnabas 78 lb. - MasonMiranda, St. Michael, Indy 84 lb. - Evan Behringer, St. Pius X 90 lb. - Zach Melloh, St. Pius X 96 lb. - David Hannon St. Pius X 102 lb. - Eugene Stark, OL of Lourdes 109 lb. - Nick Ellis, St. Roch 117 lb. - Evan Eldred, St. Maria Goretti 125 lb. - Ross Boyd, St. Pius X 134 lb. - MichaelTutsie, Nativity 143 lb. - Nate Eble, St. Roch 153 lb. - Trace Wellman, Nativity 163 lb. - Max Kirk, St. Malachy 175 lb. - Simon Pachciarz, St. Maria Goretti 225 lb. - Jordan Sinknhorn, Holy Name 275 lb. - Brian Dade, St. Michael, Indy

2012 KICKBALL -SPRING Cadet Girls

Teams - 8 Particpants - 100 League Champion - St. Luke Gold

56 Girls

Teams - 20 Participants - 245 League Champion - Nativity Red League Runner-Up - Holy Spirit Indy, Grn Div. #1 Champion -Holy Spirit Indy, Grn Div. #2 Champion - Little Flower Blue Div. #3 Champion - Nativity Red

4th Grade Girls

Teams - 26 Participants - 300 League Champion - OL Greenwood Gold League Runner-Up - Nativity White Div. #1 Champion - OL Greenwood Gold Div. #2 Champion - Holy Spirit Indy, Green Div. # 3 Champion - Nativity White Div. # 4 Champion - St. Malachy, White

2012 CADET SOFTBALL Teams - 10 Participants - 150 Division #1 Champion - St. Jude Division #2 Champion - St. Simon League Champion - St. Jude League Runner-Up - St. Simon

High School Volleyball 2011 Girls HS Tournament Teams - 20 Participants - 175 Champion - Holy Spirit Geist Red Runner-Up - St. Jude Red

2012 Coed Volleyball Tournament Teams - 8 Participants - 85 Champion - St. Roch White Runner-Up - St. Roch Blue

Boys 4th Grade Results

2012 TRACK AND FIELD Track & Field Championship Results Girls Cadet Results

100 M Dash- Cydney Bomba, St. Charles, Bloom.

200 M Dash -Lindsay Welker, St. Patrick, TH 400 M Dash -Lindsay Welker, St. Patrick, TH 800 M Dash -Lindsay Welker, St. Patrick, TH 1600 M Run -Katherine Free, IHM

100 M Hurdles -Emily Ehman, St. Charles, Bloom.

4 x 100 M Relay -St. Charles, Bloomington 800 Sprint Medley -St. Patrick, TH High Jump -Rebecca Coan, Immaculate Heart Long Jump -Reilly Rueschoff, OLMC Shot Put -Emura Pascal, Catholic Academies Kickball Throw -Kari Kramer, St. Matthew

Girls 56 Results

50 M Dash-Chloe Henderson, IHM

100 M Dash -Chloe Winston, St. Michael, Indy 200 M Dash -Chloe Winston, St. Michael, Indy

400 M Dash -Olivia Allen, OLGrnwood 800 M Dash -Haley Sullivan, St. Monica 1600 M Run -Lucia Perez, St. Maria Goretti 4 x 100 M Relay -St. Joan of Arc 800 Sprint Medley -St. Simon High Jump -Emma Daly, OLLourdes Long Jump -Morgan Hoy, OLGrnwood Softball Throw-Grace Matthews, OLGrnwood Kickball Throw -Maddie Briggeman, St. Roch

Girls 4th Grade Results

50 M Dash -Elizabeth Origer, OLGrnwood 100 M Dash-Sarah Martinez, St. Charles, Bloom.

200 M Dash -Lauren Rinehart, St. Malachy 400 M Dash -Lauren Rinehart, St. Malachy 800 M Dash -Ellie Pederson, St. Simon 4 x 100 M Relay -Immaculate Heart 800 Spring Medley -St. Malachy High Jump -Erika Pemberton, St. Simon Long Jump -Sophia Colmenero, St. Barnabas Kickball Throw -Reese Kaminski, St. Simon Softball Throw -Abigail Reed, St. Pius X

Boys Cadet Results

100 M Dash -Ryne Benckart, St. Charles, Bloom.

200 M Dash -Jarrod Stiver, St. Pius X 400 M Dash -John Chavis, St. Joan of Arc 800 M Dash -Braden Harless, St. Luke 1600 M Run -Braden Harless, St. Luke

100 M Hurdles - Michael Sosnowski, St. Michael, Greennfield 4 x 100 M Relay - Holy Spirit, Indy 800 Sprint Medley - St. Joan of Arc High Jump - Sam Snyder, St. Luke

Long Jump - Ryne Benckart, St. Charles, Bloom.

Shot Put - Max Kirk, St. Malachy

Boys 56 Results

50 M Dash - Will Duffy, Christ the King 100 M Dash - Alex Brown, Holy Spirit, Indy 200 M Dash - Alex Brown, Holy Spirit, Indy 400 M Dash - Jackson Street, Mount Carmel 800 M Dash - Connor Schepers, St. Malachy


50 M Dash - Gabriel Wright, St. Joan of Arc 100 M Dash - Gabriel Wright, St. Joan of Arc 200 M Dash - Gabriel Wright, St. Joan of Arc 400 M Dash - Timmy McNelis, IHM 800 M Dash - Alec Viduya, St. Jude 4 x 100 M Relay - St. Monica 800 Sprint Medley - St. Simon High Jump -Hunter Huffine, St. Simon Long Jump - Will Scott, St. Malachy Baseball Throw -Nicholas Luedeman, St. Jude

2012 SOCCER Cadet Co-Ed League

Teams - 31 Participants - 455 League Champion - St. Michael, Grnfield Gold League Runner-Up - OLMC Blue

Semi-Finalists -OLMC Gold & St. Barnabas Maroon

Div. #1 Champion - Mount Carmel Gold Div. #2 Champion - Mount Carmel Blue

Div. #3 Champion - St. Michael, Grnfield Gold

Div. #4 Champion - St. Barnabas Maroon

56 Co-Ed League

Teams - 37 Participants - 525 League Champion -St. Louis de Montfort Red Semi-Finalists -Ss. Francis and Clare Navy & St. Malachy White League Runner-Up - St. Christopher Red Div. #1 Champion - St. Louis de Montfort Red Div. #2 Champion - St. Christopher Red Div. #3 Champion - Ss. Francis and Clare Navy Div. #4 Champion - St. Malachy White

2012 BASEBALL Cadet League

Teams - 20 Participants - 255 League Champion - Immaculate Heart Royal League Runner-Up - Nativity Red League Semi-Finalist - St. Lawrence Red Div. #1 Champion - Immaculate Heart Royal Div. #2 Champion - St. Lawrence Red Div. #3 Champion - Nativity Red

7th Grade League

Teams - 9 Participants - 125 League Champion - St. Louis de Montfort Red Div. #1 Champion - St. Lous de Montfort Red

Champion - St. Jude Red Runner-Up - OL of Greenwood Green

2011-12 HS Basketball Junior-Senior Boys American

Teams - 38 Participants - 250 Champion - Mount Carmel White Runner-Up - Immaculate Heart Royal

Junior-Senior Boys National

Teams - 24 Participants - 200 Champion - Holy Spirit Geist, Blue Runner-Up - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Silver

Freshman-Sophomore Boys American Teams - 40 Participants - 275 Champion - Holy Spirit Geist Blue Runner-Up - St. Matthew Red

Freshman-Sophomore Boys National Teams - 18 Participants - 125 Champion - St. Simon White Runner-Up - St. Luke Blue

Girls’ High School Basketball League Teams - 23 Participants- 175 Champion - St. Jude Red Runner-Up - OL of Greenwood Green

2012 CYO MUSIC CONTEST Saturday, February 11, 2012 Bishop Chatard High School Over 800 youth performed in Piano, Vocal, Instrumental, and Ensemble Divisions

Over-All Results Piano Results

Piano Solo - Class A - Ray Jiang,

Creekside Middle School

Piano Solo - Class B - Anna Montgomery,

Instramental Results (cont.)

Percussion Quintet, Class B - St. Matthew Trombone Solo, Class B - Christopher Erderle, St. Maria Goretti Trumpet Solo, Class B - Kara Anderson, St. Maria Goretti Trumpet Solo, Class A - Noelle Gal, St. Matthew Brass Duets and Trios, Class A& B Anna Ardelean, Mary Nahlen & Mary Kozlowski, St. Susanna Mixed Instruments, Class A & B - Cydney Granneman, Mary Nabler, Rebecca Collestone & Michele Rodriguez, St. Susanna Mixed Instrument Solo, Class A & B Alice Joson, Christ the King Instrumental Trio/Quartet/Quintet, Class A and B- Katie Ginder, Gracie Hamilton & MacKenzie Gonzalez, OLMC Clarinet Solo, Class A - Grace Jaisle, St. Susanna Clarinet Solo, Class B - Britney Blackburn, St. Maria Goretti Clarinet Due and Trio, Class A & B - Lorne Lewellen, Anika Kansky, Maddie Tarowsky, St. Matthew Instrumental Ensemble - OLMC Instrumental Ensemble - St. Louis de Montfort

OL of Lourdes Piano Solo - Class C1- Holland Dotson, St. Malachy Piano Solo - Class C2 - Adelle Murphy, Gorin Piano Studio Piano Solo - Class D1 - Gabriel Rodriguez, St. Susanna Piano Solo - Class D2 - Brynn Meister, Noblesville Piano Solo - Class D3 - May Zhang, Carmel Middle School Piano Solo - Class E1 - Anuska Dasgupta, Towne Meadow Elementary Piano Solo - Class E2 - Henry Elfert, OL of Lourdes Piano Solo - Class H1 - Yichang Cui, 2012 Honors Music Recital Carmel High School Held Sunday, February 19, 2012 at Piano Solo - Class H2 - Emily Spina, Cathedral High School in Indianapolis Guerin Catholic High School

Vocal Results

Small Vocal Ensemble - St. Maria Goretti Medium Vocal Ensemble - OLMC Large Vocal Ensemble - OL MC Vocal Solo -Class A1 -Katie Minton, Nativity Vocal Solo -Class A2 -Eva Sherrer, St. Luke Vocal Solo -Class B1 -Alice Joson, Christ the King Vocal Solo - Class B2 - Noah Field, St. Roch Vocal Solo - Class H1 - Danielle Hughes,

before an audience of 300 people

2012 Archdiocesan Science Fair Schools Represented - 16 Participants - 112

Approximately 500 students participated in their own school science fairs

7th Grade Biological Science

Guerin Catholic High School Vocal Duet - Class A - Theresa Hinkley & Jenna MacNulty, St. Maria Goretti Vocal Duet - Class B - Ellie Barrett & Kara Anderson, St. Maria Goretti

Over-All Winner: Aaron Williams, St. Thomas Aquinas Other Winners: Jake Christman & Cooper Nevitt, Christ the King Doug Kirman, St. Jude Grace Albertson, St. Mark Kevin Strenski, St. Thomas Aquinas Anne Fay, St. Thomas Aquinas

Instramental Results

8th Grade Biological Science

Roncalli High School

Vocal Solo - Class H2 - Elizabeth Rancourt,

Flute Solo, Class A - Sarah Bushman,

St. Susanna Flute Solo, Class B - Meg Kunz, St. Maria Goretti Flute Duet, Class B - Meg Kunz & Klaire Fosnaugh, St. Maria Goretti Saxophone Solo, Class A - Neyven Garal, St. Susanna Saxophone Solo, Class B - Kacie Darrough, St. Susanna Saxophone Duet, Class B - Madison Jordan & Allison Scroggins, St. Matthew Violin Solo, Class A and B - Nathan Lee, St. Simon Violin Solo, Class H1 and H2 - Monica Barren, Holy Rosary Violin Duet, Class B and H2- Nathan Lee & Kalysta Lee, St. Simon Snare Drum Solo, Class A - Hank Bates, St. Maria Goretti Snare Drum Solo, Class B - Zach Krieg, OLMC

2012 VOLLEYBALL Cadet A American Girls

Teams - 17 Participants - 125 Champion - St. Barnabas Maroon Runner-Up - St. Simon Royal

CadetA National Girls

Teams 20 - Participants - 145 Champion - Nativity Red Runner-Up - St. Roch Gold

Cadet A Boys League

Teams -15 Participants - 105 Champion - St. Luke Royal Runner-Up - St. Barnabas Gold

Cadet B American Girls

Teams - 30 Participants - 215 Champion - St. Simon Blue Runner-Up - St. Pius X Purple

Cadet B National Girls

Teams - 24 Participants - 175 Champion - St. Malachy Silver Runner-Up - St. Barnabas Black

Cadet B Boys League

Teams - 6 Participants - 65 Champion - St. Barnabas White Runner-Up - St. Barnabas Maroon

Cadet C Girls

Teams - 15 Participants - 115 Champion - St. Simon White Runner-Up - St. Luke Gold

56 A National Girls

Teams - 23 Participants - 165 Champion - St. Roch Gold Runner-Up - Holy Spirit, Indy Gold

56 A American Girls

Teams - 16 Participants - 130 Champion - St. Jude Gold Runner-Up - St. Barnabas Maroon

56 A Boys League

Teams - 14 Participants - 115 Champion - St. Jude Gold Runner-Up - St. Pius Purple

56 B American Girls

Teams - 33 Participants - 265 Champion - Immaculate Heart Royal Runner-Up - Immaculate Heart White

Over-All Winner: Brian Doyle, St. Pius X Other Winners: Atlas Walton, St. Joan of Arc Shayla Cabalan, St. Jude Molly Mitchell & Katie Coffey, OLLourdes

56 B National Girls

7th Grade Physical Science

Teams - 9 Participants - 75 Champion - St. Barnabas Gold Runner-Up - St. Jude Red

Over-All Winner: Reesie LaRosa, St. Barnabas Other Winners: Noah Servies, St. Barnabas Maddie Nelis & Drew Nelis, St. Barnabas Johnny Anderson, St. Barnabas Jacob Fryar, St. Mark Nick Clifford, St. Thomas Aquinas Joel Padgett, St. Thomas Aquinas

8th Grade Physical Science

Over-All Winner: Jack Kellison & Sean McCormick, St. Pius X Other Winners: Taylor Jarzyniecki & Nikki Hoff, Christ the King Olivia Mays, Central Catholic Brandon Dillon & Adam Eads, Central Catholic


Teams - 33 Participants - 255 Champion - St. Roch Gold Runner-Up - St. Barnabas Silver

56 B Boys League 56 C Girls

Teams - 23 Participants - 165 Champion - St. Monica Red Runner-Up - Holy Spirit Geist, Blue

4th Grade Girls American Teams - 34 Participants - 235 Champion - St. Simon Silver Runner-Up - St. Simon White

4th Grade Girls National

Teams - 28 Participants - 195 Champion - St. Jude Black Runner-Up - St. Jude Gold

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Leo E. Feldhake Deborah A. Felisky Joanna Feltz John & Laura Finke Mike & Peg Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. John W. Fitzgerald Mrs. Elizabeth Flagg Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Fluke Mr. & Mrs. Mark Francis Mr. Robert Lee Gauss Mr. William Gervasio Donna Graham Mr. Brian Gray Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Gutzwiller Ms. Carolyn L. Haag Mary Haller Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Hamburger Ms. Danielle M. Harbor Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Haugh Mr. Dennis Haworth Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hedrick Ms. Mary C. Henninger Mr. Terence Hickey Mr. David R. Hoefflin Mr. & Mrs. Joe Hollowell Mr. & Mrs. James R. Huser Mr. Aaron J. Irwin Mr. Brian F. Jennings Larry & Joan Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Keller Ms. Julie A. Kern Molly E. Kilbane Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. Killion Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Kinder Mr. Mark T. Kirkhoff Ms. Tinamarie Kline Mr. Peter A. Koers

Mark & Lori Kolbus Mr. Mike G. Konrad Mr. Steven E. Kunze Mr. & Mrs. KC Leffler Miss Valerie S. Leitner Mr. & Mrs. Herman A. Leonard Jim & Mary Lou Loughery Mark & Teresa Lubbers Mr. Gary A. Luckey Brian & Carol Madden Mary Fran Mahin Mr. Michael J. Markowski Mr. & Mrs. Keith Martin Mr. Joseph H Marxer Ms. Mindy Mayol Mike & Jackie Mewborn Bill Michaelis Mr. Ryan Milburn Julie & Grant Monahan Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph T. Mueller Mark & Janice Newbold Mr. & Mrs. James P. Norton Tom & Joan O’Brien Ms. Linda O’Bryan John & Barb Ockomon Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. Sean O’Connor Mr. Patrick K. Orourke Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Parsons Mr. & Mrs. Tony Pecoraro Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Peters Rebecca Peters Mr. & Mrs. David Peterson Fred & Alyssa Prazeau Mr. & Mrs. David Prechtel Mr. Richard D. Preston Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rauh

Mr. David Reitz Mr. Brad Ringer Mr. & Mrs. Jack P. Rossman Mr. Steven E. Runyan Mrs. Nancy J. Russell Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Ryan Julie Schaefer Mr. Steven J. Schaffer Mr. Charles J. Schisla Mrs. Karen Sensback Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shelburn Cheryl Siefker Jeffrey & Lisa Smirz Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Southerl& Christy Speitel St. Matthew’s Athletic Club Ruth Ann Stegemoller Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Steiner Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Strohl Mr. Thomas C. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Sullivan Ms. Karen A. Swickheimer Mr. Peter J. Szostak Mr. Kenneth W. Taylor Mr. Oliver A. Thibodeaux Jr. Jim & Kay Troy Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Tucker Bob & Mary Pat Tully Mr. Mark K. Urbanowski Mr. & Mrs. Jack Vannice Dr. Melissa Veenhuizen Mr. & Mrs. William Wales Nick Wehlage Mr. Jeffrey B. Weitekamp Mrs. Sandra A. Wilson Mr. Kevin Witt Mr. & Mrs. John Yates Mr. & Mrs. Neal Ziliak

Guardian Angel $500 - $999 Ms. Melissa Allard Mr. & Mrs. Edward Fowley Mr. William J. Bolger Rev. Robert Gilday Andrew & Carole Boylan Mr. Christopher Gilmartin Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brafford Ms. Beth A. Glynn Ms. Sheila K. Brewer Ms. Diane M. Gritt Ed & Emily Brown Mary & Joseph Gula Mr. Tom Callon Mrs. Nancy A. Haas Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Capo Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hammerschmitt Mr. & Mrs. Charles M Cassinelli Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Heazeltine Trish & Derry Condon Ms. Cheryl L. Helton Ms. Catherine G. Cox Mr. David B. Hennon CSO Architects Mr. James P. Higgins Richard P. Deitchman Mr. Chris E. Holewinski Mr. Michael J. Desanto Mr. Todd E. Jordan Mr. Paul F. Dugan Mr. & Mrs. John P. Kelley Duke Realty Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dunn Mike & Eleanor Kolbus Thomas M. Eckrich Mr. Daniel J. Lareau Tom & Jane Elliott Mr. & Mrs. John C. Lechleiter Dr. Jeffrey Emmick Mr. Robert E Lee Jr. Ms. Katherine England Annette “Mickey” Lentz Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Fischer

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Madden Mr. Thomas A. Malasto Mr. Nathan Mathews Mr. Thomas M. Maxwell Myron May Hugh B. & Jeanmarie McGowan Lisa & Bob Meiners Mr. Stephen J. Miner Mr. & Mrs. John F. Molloy Mr. & Mrs. Mike Morelli Mr. & Mrs. Jim Moylan Ms. Lynn Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Bill Nelson OLMC Athletic Dept. David Page Ms. Cathy S. Papesh PepsiCo Mr. Kevin C. Potter Bernie Price Mr. & Mrs. James Putnam Mr. Daniel J Riley


Mr. Michael Ruppert Ed & Cathy Ryan Mr. Patrick A. Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Jim Sapp Mrs. Paula Schaefer Mr. & Mrs. Joe Schott Mr. & Mrs. Stan Schutz Dr. Norman Sesi Ms. Kathleen Sites Mr. & Mrs. WM. Michael Smeltzer Brian & April Smith The Smolen Family Ms. Ann F. Stankiewicz Mr. & Mrs. Hugh R. Sullivan Mr. Anthony C. Sullivan Jeff & Carol Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Tinder Brian Treece Mr. David P. Trummel Ms. Lu Ann Vargo Ms. Robyn R. Werner Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Wilson

Bosco Scociety $1,000 - $4,999 Ermco Electrical &

Mr. David Lewis

Nancy Abbott

Communications Contractor

Barbara Huser

Mr. Richard P. Lux, Jr.

Mr. Donald Snemis Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Stone

Ali & Jay Archer

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Fagan

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Jenks

Marian University

Becknell Industries

Ed & Val Fillenwarth

Rose C. Johnson

William G. & Theresa Mason

Patty Stonesifer

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Caltrider

Mr. & Mrs. E. Tim Foley

Mr. Thomas Kaehr

Mr. & Mrs. Michael McNelis

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sullivan

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Carr

Mr. Mark C. Gargula

Ms. Carol Karp

Tom & Kathleen Miller

Mr. Kayser Swidan

Mr. Joseph D. Cathcart

Donald Graham &

Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Keever

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Taylor

Cathedral High School

Kathleen Berry Graham

Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber

Noel-Symser Engineering

Mr. & Mrs. James Tilson

Bishop Chatard High School

Rich & Anita Graves

& Paul Kirchgraber

Mr. Ralph G. Nowak

Tinder Co., LLC

Bruce & Jeanne Conner

Dr. Charles Hasbrook

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kirk

Mr. & Mrs. Rob Pruitt

Judge John Tinder

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Corsaro

Wayne & Mary Heisig

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Kucer

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Reed

& Jan Carroll

Greg & Susie Corsaro

Conrad & Marijane Hittle

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Kuntz

Robert L. Ross

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Tolin

Paul N. & Becky Corsaro

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hogan

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kuntz

Mr. Edwin Sahm

Russell Vannatta

Arthur & Julie Davis

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Huck

Ms. Theresa M. Lawrence

Mr. Barry T. Schneider

Dr. Robin S. Wagner

Scott & Erin Dorsey

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Hughes

Ben Ledo

Ms. Jenny Schnieders

Mr. Matthew J. Zimpfer

Mr. & Mrs. W Patrick Bruen II

Dr. Henry Bryant Ph. D. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Caito Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Cohoat Mr. & Mrs. Courtney Condon Dan Corsaro David & Kelly Day

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fehribach

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Sterrett

Indianapolis Colts

Mrs. Deborah Flanagan Tobias

Lilly Endowment Inc.

United Way of Central Indiana

Mr. Larry A. Mackey

Mr. William J. Witchger

Mr. James W. Murphy

Ms. Victoria Yamasaki

Mr. & Mrs. Tim C. Peterson

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Zinkan

Mr. & Mrs. David Petroff

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Zupancic



St. Vincent Hospital & Hcc, Inc.

If you would like information about other ways to give to the Catholic Youth Organization or are interested in including the CYO in your planned giving program, please contact Ed Tinder, CYO Executive Director at (317) 632-9311 or email him at

Other Donations In Honor of Donations John & Charleyne Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. John C. Lechleiter Mike & Peg Fitzgerald Reva Sahm Bill & Debbie Sahm Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Madden Shea Ford

In-Kind Donations Mr. Keith Cox Mr. Jon Grant Mrs. Anita Graves Mary & Wayne Hesig Eleanor & Mike Kolbus Mr. Zac Lewis Mr. Edwin Sahm Mr. Pat Sullivan Karen & Tim Peterson

Ken & Marinell Hinz Mike & Peg Fitzgerald Therese Andrews Mike & Peg Fitzgerald The Michael Dever Family Mike & Peg Fitzgerald Mary Catherine Hoffmann Mike & Peg Fitzgerald

The CYO is now accepting online donations through our website. Please visit to donate today.

Indianapolis Colts Knights of Columbus Northside Fro-Yo Yogurt Shop The Peterson Companies Inc.


In-Kind Donations cont. Sahm’s Catering St. Vincent Sports Performance Center-City Financial Asistance Fund Mrs. Karen Oberting Ryan Patrick Condon Memorial Fund Billie Bankoff Mr. & Mrs. Brian Alkire Mr. & Mrs. Courtney C. Condon Trish & Derry Condon

2012 Memorials & Tributes

David Soots Marie Shikany Mike Tinder Judge John Tinder & Jan Carroll Mr. Jim Weimer Mr. Richard Weimer

Jim Becher Rena K. Becher Gracie Bill Brian & Carla Bill John Bissmeyer Mr. & Mrs. Rick Thornburg Ryan P. Condon John & Barb Ockomon Bob Cottongim Mr. Patrick D. Miles Daniel Corsaro Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Corsaro Mr. Bernie Delaney Mrs. Mary Berry Mr. William Divine Carol Divine Mr. John Donnelly III Mr. Scott McGauley Ted & Kelly Munden & Family Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Smith

Mr & Mrs. Dick Kidwell Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Kidwell Jerry Kidwell Mrs. Carmela Kidwell Sam Kitchin Bill & Debbie Kitchin Mr. & Mrs. Wm F. Kuntz Mr. & Mrs. William A. Kuntz Mr. William F. Kuntz Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kennedy Frank & Trish Sergi Albert J. Long Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Long Fr. Tom Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Jeffers John R. Newbold Mark & Janice Newbold

Rev. John P. Elford Vincent & Mary Nagy

Shirley Nienaber Conrad & Marijane Hittle

Lou Erickson Paul & Diane Oefinger

Norval Nienaber Conrad & Marijane Hittle

James Flanagan Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Victor

Chuck O’Donnell Mrs. Donna O’Donnell

Sr. Mary (Annette) Frank, OSF Mr. & Mrs. Jim Jenks

Tom Roberts Bob & Peggy Elson

Edward Gabonay Mrs. Doris M. Gabonay Virginia Grande Don & Kathleen Murphy Eileen Hurrle Mr. Otto L. Hurrle, Jr. Ott Hurrle, Sr. Mr. Otto L. Hurrle, Jr.

Robert C. Robisch Mrs. Mary Berry Nena Ray Mr. & Mrs. Jim Robisch Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Sergi Mr. & Mrs. C. Weisenbach Posey Roembke Mr. & Mrs. Paul Looney

Tom & Marilyn Jeffers Mr. & Mrs. William L. Johnson

Mr. Albert Rohr Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber & Paul Kirchgraber

Mr. Brian F. Jennings Judge John Tinder & Jan Carroll

Julia Ross Robert L. Ross

Carl Kavanaugh Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kavanaugh

Joan Ruhmkorff Mr. & Mrs. David Ruhmkorff

Mr. Keith Kavanaugh Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kavanaugh

William S. Sahm, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bolt Mark & Teresa Lubbers Walt & Pat Sahm

Fran & Bill Kennedy Kathy & Thom Fairchild

Mr. Richard J. Elson Sr. Bader Company Becky Baker Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Beasley Mr. Sean Creamer Mr. Robert Dew Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dezelan Mr. Dan Hale The Halvorson Family Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Mates, II J. A. McFarren Mr. & Mrs. William R. Silvey Carol & John Stumpf Julie I. Wiesinger Nula A. Harmon Mr. David Alexander The Kate & Matt Barrett Family Mr. & Mrs. Patrick E. Boyce Mr. & Mrs. James W. Church Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Clarke Mr. & Mrs. John Corthier Mr. & Mrs. Robert Doyle Mr. & Mrs. John Dury Mr. & Mrs. Ferrucci & Family Ed & Val Fillenwarth Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Fillenwarth Mr. & Mrs. Tom Fletcher Mr. & Mrs. John Gleeson Mr. & Mrs. Doug Hall The Halvorson Family Steve Halvorson & Lisa Youngblood Ms. Lisa K Houze Mr. & Mrs. William Hunnicut Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Kinder Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Labus Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Leone Mr. & Mrs. Jack Marsella Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Mates, II Mr. & Mrs. Steven McHugh Mike & Jackie Mewborn Mr. & Mrs. Mike Morelli Mr. & Mrs. William Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Nester OUR 2012 SB, INC Mr. & Mrs. Gary B. Peters Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Rhoad Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Salvucci Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Sheddy Kevin & Kate Shine Ms. Julie Siegler Mr. & Mrs. Kim Stanley Mr. & Mrs. James Stehlik Mr. Mark Stephens Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Weaver Susie Kirkhoff Mr. or Mrs. Ashcraft Greg & Linda Bamrick Mrs. Mary Berry Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Bock


Marge & Denise Bogardus Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Carver Mr. & Mrs. Charles M Cassinelli Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Catton Mr. & Mrs. John M. Copeland Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Deck Mr. & Mrs. Mike DeLaney Mr. & Mrs. Robert Desautels Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dominguez Ms. Sheri Dudeck EM Company Inc. Mr. Charles R. Farrell Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fath Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Fath Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fath Ed & Val Fillenwarth Mr. & Mrs. Tom Fletcher Patricia Fralich Mr. & Mrs. Anthony K. Gearlds Mr. & Mrs. Stan George Mr. & Mrs. John Hannan Pat Henninger Larry & Joan Johnson Mr. & Mrs. William L. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jordan Mrs. James P. Kervan Mrs. Carmela Kidwell Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Kiefer Mr. Craig King Mr. & Mrs. Karl Klee Mr. & Mrs. Ray Mader Mr. & Mrs. Robert Maffett Mr. & Mrs. David McDowell Margee McHugh Mrs. Becky McHugh Mr. James McNulty Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Mehringer Mr. & Mrs. Philip Meuleman Mr. Joseph G. Miller & Joan Amati Karen S. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Nester Mr. & Mrs. John Newett Mrs. Donna O’Donnell John & Barb Ockomon Mrs. Julie Opel Mrs. William Pruitt Ms. Shelley R. Raper Mr. & Mrs. Bill Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Jim Robisch & Family Mrs. Margaret Robisch Mr. Dutch Roembke Ms. Claire Roembke Ms. Barbara Roembke Robert L. Ross Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ruth Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Sauer Mr. Charles J. Schisla Mr. & Mrs. Stan Schutz Mr. & Mrs. James Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Sergi Jim & Linda Simmons Ms. Emily Steinmetz Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Stuhldreher Ms. Joann Sussman Mr. & Mrs. Mark Thatcher Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Tinder Sister Rita Ann Wade Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Weiss Rosemary Wilder Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wiles Mr. & Mrs. Steven Yeager

Mr. Robert J. Matthews Rena K. Becher Mr. & Mrs. Richard Berg Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Carter Mr. & Mrs. James J. Curtis Mr. & Mrs. James J. Curtis Mr. & Mrs. Terry L. Fox Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Freije Kelli Hertz Druzilla Hertz Danny N. Hubbard The Kerkhoff Family Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Kitchin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Klein Mr. & Mrs. Paul Madden Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Mates, II Carol Matthews Mr. & Mrs. Todd Maxwell Hugh B. & Jeanmarie McGowan Tom & Kathleen Miller Mr. & Mrs. John Modrall Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Schaefer Dr. & Mrs. Christoher Sizemore Mr. & Mrs. Steve Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Sullivan Jack Price Mark & Becky Adolay Steve & Patty Armbruster Rena K. Becher Mrs. Kristine Becher Mr. & Mrs. James Bewsey Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Caito Mr. & Mrs. Matthew A. Cohoat Steve & Kathy Dildine Gary & Yvonne Dixon Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Egold Bill & Donna Goebes Kellie Goff David & Polly Gorden Roberta Green Mr. & Mrs. Rick Huck Debbie Johnson Rose C. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Kidwell McQ-s Pub & Eatery

Nativity Catholic School Athletic Committee Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Nester Mary Peoni Bernie Price Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Pulley Mr. Charles J. Schisla Frank & Trish Sergi Mr. & Mrs. Steven Smith Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Southerland St. Louis de Montfort CYO St. Simon Catholic Church Mrs. Deborah A. Flanagan Tobias Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Zachary Harry J. Sanders Mr. & Mrs. James Art Bradley / Bunch Family Mr. & Mrs. Alan Clements Mr. Mark D. Copple Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Dwenger Enhanced Telecommunications Co. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Frank Mr. & Mrs. John J. Griffin Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Griffin Paul & Concetta Groves Mary Grubb & Tom Swisher Mr. & Mrs. Dean Kelly Mr. & Mrs. James E. Kirschner Mr. & Mrs. Steven F. Kordesh Mr. & Mrs. Scott Kramer Mr. & Mrs. David Leaman Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. McClanahan Mr. & Mrs. Tom Nicholson Mr. & Mrs. James P. Norton John & Barb Ockomon Mr. & Mrs. Tony Pastorino Mr. & Mrs. David Richardson Mr. & Mrs. John Roeder Mr. & Mrs. George W. Salmon Mrs. Marie Slusher Mr. & Mrs. John A. Swisher Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Turk Harold Sullivan 9201 Group, LLC Mr. & Mrs. John Adams

2012 Memorials & Tributes Indiana Association of Homes & Services for Aging William Benckart, Jr. Mr. Joseph G. Bill Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Patrick E. Boyce Patricia Chen Timothy Coady Mr. & Mrs. Terry Collins Pat Corsi Ms. Linda Crawford Mr. & Mrs. Gary Crist Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dian Mary Alice Eckert Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Fagan Ed & Val Fillenwarth Mr. & Mrs. David Holeman III Allan Karlander & Jill Grossman Mr. & Mrs. Richard Knight Mr. & Mrs. Scoot Kohnen Mr. & Mrs. Paul Looney Julie & Grant Monahan Shirley Nelson Barbara Parlor David & Sandra Pasotti Priority Press Inc. Stoops Freightliner, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Sullivan Mr. Thomas C. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Sullivan Tyler Automotive Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Williams Zinkan & Barker Develop. Co.

Major Schnieders Dr. & Mrs. Michael Ball Joan & Michael Bindner Dr. & Mrs. Donald Bozic Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Caito Mr. & Mrs. Donald Camack Dixie Clark Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dezelan Mr. & Mrs. David A. Eckrich Mrs. Linda Elson Richard K. & Jo Ann Engel Kathy & Thom Fairchild Mr. & Mrs. Jim Fels Ed & Val Fillenwarth Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Fox Mr. & Mrs. John Gronas Bob & Elaine Holloway Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ivkovich Mr. & Mrs. Steve Jamell Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Kiefer Jenny Matthews Hugh B. & Jeanmarie McGowan Virginia F. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Mickey Quinn Mr. & Mrs. Robert Reineck Mrs. Reva Sahm Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Schaefer Mrs. Janet Schnieders Ms. Jenny Schnieders Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Smith Mr. & Mrs. Leo N. Stenz Mr. & Mrs. Steve Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Roger Trahin Jim & Kay Troy Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Witchger

The Catholic Youth Organization publishes this report annually in order to acknowlege and thank the hundreds of donors and supporters in the CYO family. Donors listed in this report gave gifts from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012. The included school/parish activites took place during the 2011-2012 school year. If there are errors or omissions, or to request more information, please contact Jennifer Peterson at or 317-632-9311. If you wish to donate to the CYO please visit our website at to donate online or call the office at 317-632-9311 for more information. Thank You!


The Sahm-Kuntz Legacy Fund was established in 2006 as a way for the CYO to join forces with corporate partners in the community in an attempt to bring people from diverse backgrounds together to inspire and educate young people about the qualities and characteristics that drive them to become self-confident leaders and caring individuals. CYO Corporate Partners make an annual gift to the Catholic Youth Organization in the amount of $1,500. Half of the gift is used for yearly operating expenses and the other half is placed in an endowment to support the future needs of the organization. A corporate partnership with the CYO is designed to support the youth of today and tomorrow in a very meaningful way.

William S. Sahm, Sr. William F. Kuntz A large part of the success of the CYO can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of two very special men, Bill Sahm and Bill Kuntz. Bill Sahm served as the Executive Director of the CYO from 1954 to 1973. Following Mr. Sahm’s death, Bill Kuntz was appointed Executive Director, a position he would hold until his death in 1984. During their tenures, these two great men were responsible for the rapid growth in programming for the CYO as well as the tremendous impact the organization has on the lives of countless young people. It is truly fitting that the Corporate Sponsorship program is named the Sahm-Kuntz Legacy Fund after these two fine gentlemen. For more information please contact Ed Tinder, CYO Executive Director, at 317.632.9311 or at


Sahm-Kuntz Legacy Fund

Corporate Partners A&F Engineering Co., LLC F.A. Wilhelm Construction Co., Inc. Beck Service Center Guerin Catholic High School Becknell Industrial Huntington National bank Beltrame Leffler Huser HomeCare Bingham Greenbaum Doll, LLP Indianapolis Colts Bishop Chatard High School Indianapolis Fruit/ Piazza Produce Kathy and Joe Caito Jarnagin Enterprises, Inc. Cannon IV, Inc. Jobsite Supply Cathedral High School Katz Sapper & Miller Commercial Finishing Corporation Kennedy Tank & Mfg. Co., Inc Distribution Management Associates, Inc. Laser Business Forms Duke Realty Corporation The Loughery Family Dury Investment Group Managepoint, LLC Enviro-Max, Inc. Marian University ERMCO McGowan Insurance Group, Inc.

Thank You

Mitchell Hurst Dick & McNelis, LLC Meyer-Najem Construction Noel-Smyser Engineering Corp. The Peterson Company, LLC Piano Solutions Pinnacle Partners Roncalli High School Ryan Fireprotection Sahm's Restaurant and Catering Schaefer Technologies, Inc Somerset CPAs, P.C. Southeastern Supply St. Vincent Sports Performance Wood Wind Golf Club Zinkan & Barker Development Co.

These Corporate Partners have joined together to invest in the future of the CYO through our Sahm - Kuntz Legacy Fund . We thank them for their commitment to continuing the heritage of this organization for the youth of today and tomorrow.


Volunteer Award Recipients

Spirit of Youth Katie Able, 1997 Jason Adams, 2002 Ben Allen, 1999 David Allgood, 2009 Amanda Baase, 2002 Sara Baker, 1997 Steve Baker, 1994 Jason Barnett, 1998 Joanna Barnett, 2006 Ian Barnstead, 2008 Mark Bartley, 2002 Melissa Bartley, 1996 Brent Bauman, 2001 Kyle Baumann, 1998 Morgan Beatty, 2007 Chrissy Beiriger, 2008 Katie Bell, 1998 Luz Benitez, 2011 Alisa Benjamin, 2005 Shalei Benjamin, 2009 Tom Berg, 2005 Patrick Beyer, 2006 Claire Bidmead, 2009 Patrick Blackwell, 2000 Margaret Blandford, 2011 Kaitlyn Blandford, 2006 Melissa Bodnar, 2001 Cortney Bolles, 2001 Josh Bolles, 2005 Cassie Bormann, 2010 Christopher Bova, 2009 Allison Boyer, 2001 Jennifer Branigan, 1993 Emily Brassie, 2010 Melissa Brassie, 2004 Alyssa Broughton, 2006 Claire Breen, 2005 Carolyn Bunton, 2003 Michael Bush, 2008 Emily Cahill, 1993 Michael Carper, 2009 Ashlee Cederholm, 2006 Jake Chalkley, 2003 Steve Chalko, 2002 Anne Chapman, 1993 Katie Ciresi, 2008 Colleen Coley, 2008

Amanda Dugan, 2003 Jacob Dugan, 2004 Kelly Dunn, 1996 John Duselis, 1994 Rachel Eaton, 2004 Brittany Eisenback, 2009 Kelsey Erlenbaugh, 2006 Scott Ernstberger, 2009 Wendy Faunce, 2011 Chris Feltman, 2005 Daniel Feltman, 2003 Jeffrey Feltman, 2009 Jennifer Feltman, 2011 Sarah Ferry, 2009 Victoria Figg, 2010 Alexis Fink, 2009 Craig Fisher, 2010 Scott Fisher, 2004 Jason Flagg, 1996 Daniel Ford, 2009 Jennifer Fowler, 2008 Elizabeth Foxx, 2001 Lauren Friedmeyer, 1999 Vinnie Frustaglio, 2007

Kyra Jo Gaerke, 2012

Claire Gall, 2007 Rachel Gardener, 1992 Charlie Gates, 2010 Larry Gates, 2010 Emily Gillman, 2009 Chris Gilmartin, 1993 Monica Giles, 1993 Stephen Giles, 1994 Anna Glowinski, 2002 Julie Goebes, 1992 Kristina Goebes, 1997

Cameron Golden, 2012

Breanna Goss, 2000 Brooke Grannon, 2010 Barry Greene, 2004 David Greis, 1998 Stephanie Grohovsky, 2004 Katie Groves, 2010 Alan Guillen, 2011 Carla Gunn, 2000 Aaron Haeberle, 2011 Katie Hammans, 2010 Scott Colon, 2012 David Hammons, 2011 Able Contreras, 1997 Theresa Hammond, 2005 Elizabeth Anne Corcoran, 2012 Jimmy Haney, 1997 Paul Haney, 2008 John Cougan, 2010 Brian Hanley, 2009 Brandon Courter, 2003 Michelle Harlen, 2004 Cassie Craft, 2006 Zach Hartley, 2008 Jay Crawford, 1993 David Hasty, 2000 Amber Crowe, 2006 Rachel Hauser, 1997 Ashley Crowe, 2006 Christina Hayes, 1994 Kelly Crowe, 2006 Stefanie Crum,1992 Ryan Hayes, 2012 Theresa Cummings, 2002 Stephanie Heiney, 2008 Devan Daeger, 2007 Michael Heisserer, 2006 Kim Daeger, 2006 Stacy Henderson, 2003 Katelyn Dawson, 2009 Emily Hensley, 2006 Maura Day, 1997 Josef Herkert, 2012 Maureen Day, 2004 Ben Hermus, 2003 Teresa Day, 2001 Augie Hibner, 2010

Pauline Dearing, 2012

Kate DeArmond, 2011 Ryan DeArmond, 2008 Tim Delaney, 2004 Karen Dicks, 2005 Melissa Dicks, 2003 Ryan Dimmitt, 2011 Nick Dininger, 2011 Andrew Dishman, 1996 Matt Dobson, 1993 Maggie Dodson, 2011 Noelle Dubach, 2007

Jason Hilton, 2002 Brittany Hizer, 1999 Allyson Hoch, 2007 Justin Hoch, 2010 Michael Hoffman, 2008 Lauren Hofmeister, 2006 Josh Holden, 1999 Stephanie Horan, 2002 Laura Horcher, 2010 Katie Hornsby, 2003 Elizabether Husted, 1993 Maureen Hurrle, 2000

Jennifer Iles, 1992 Jessica Iliff, 1994 Brittany Jackson, 2006

Shelby Jackson, 2012

Matt Jennings, 2009 Luke Johnstone, 2009 Todd Jordan, 1999 Karen Kavanaugh, 1999 Johnathon Keith, 2003 Bobby Keller, 1992 Kandace Keller, 2004 Caitlyn Kelly, 2005 Mary Kelly, 1998 Amelia Keenan, 2011 Zoe Kidwell, 2011 Amy Kiefer, 1994 Kurt Kiefer, 1992 Amanda Klaiber, 2003 Kimmie Klee, 2010 Jana Kleiber, 1999 Anthony Kocher, 2011 Greg Kocher, 2005 Katie Kocher, 2006 Elizabeth Konz, 2003 Ben Konz, 2000 Elizabeth Kostelecky, 1997 Katie Kramer, 2011 Whitney Kramer, 2003 Christopher Kreuzman, 2007 Elliott Kreuzman, 2010 Erin Kuntz, 2008 Aaron Kyle, 2007 Brandy Lanahan, 2004 Renee Landers, 1992 Danielle Lang, 2011 EB Laut, 2011 Emma Laut, 2011 Helen Lawrence, 1992 Katie Lawson, 2001 Randy Lazo, 2011 Elizabeth Lehman, 2006 Ryan Lents, 2000 Brian Leppert, 2005 Nicole Leppert, 2006 David Leszcynski, 2009 Casey Lewinski, 2005 Jacki Lewinski, 2009 Ricky Lile, 1996 Michelle Linden, 1992 Adam Livers, 2003 Aaron Logan, 1992 Devin Love, 2004 Erica Luna, 2004 Julie Lynch, 1996

Danielle Maher, 2012

Jennifer Maddox, 2000 Ashley Manifold, 2006

Thompson Manuszak, 2012 Brendan Massing, 2011 Molly McClellan, 2004 Alicia McKeand, 2008 Shawn McNally, 2000 Blaise McWhirter 2004 Anna Marie Miller, 2008 Cassie Miller, 1997 Kathleen Miller, 2007


Megan Miller, 1999 Ashley Mitchell, 2002 Kristina Mitchell, 2006 Liz Miskowiec, 2004 Chris Moran, 2002 Ryan Moran, 2001 Andrew Morris, 2005 Brandon Negri, 2006 Joseph Newton, 2002 David Nguyen, 2007 Jacob Niemeier, 2006 Ellie Nowak, 2011 Kelly Ort, 2007 Jason Oskay, 1994 Matthew Oskay, 1996 Christina Otto, 1997 Jackie Pappas, 2001 Lauren Pappas, 2002 Maria Pappas, 2006 Elisabeth Patterson, 2007 Stephanie Paul, 2006 Jessica Pawlak, 1994 Desiree Penno, 2009 Erin Perkins, 1993 Elizabeth Perrin, 2005 Jessica Peters, 2008 Katy Peters, 1997 Michael Petro, 1996 Megan Pfarr, 2002 Amy Phemister, 1997 J.R. Pierce, 2008

Jacob Pollard, 2012

Tanya Popper, 1997 Derek Povinelli, 2000

Beatriz Preciado, 2012 Brooke Propes, 2010 Billy Powers, 2008 Kelly Qualls, 2006

Annie Quigley, 2012

Staphanie Randolph, 1997 Jennifer Rea, 1998 Eddie Rector, 2011

Adri Richardson, 2012

Lynne Riley, 1996 Andy Risch, 2008 Staphanie Roberts, 1993 Janine Robinson, 2000 Lucas Robinson, 2001 Mary Rachel Robinson, 2004 Rachael Rode, 2011 Lisa Rosenfeld, 1999 Caitlin Rosner, 2003 Nick Rosner, 2007 Brian Ross, 2010 Matthew Ross, 2002 Drew Ruckelshaus, 2006 Matthew Rusler, 1994 Rebecca Sahm, 2007 Sarah Sahm, 1997 Adam Sangl, 2001 Katelyn Saylor, 2008 Colleen Scarry, 2005 Claire Schaffner, 2007 Amy Scheidler, 2004 Abby Schrage, 2004 Megan Schrimsher, 2008 Tricia Schutz, 2008 Gaetano Settineri, 2001

Sarah Sexson, 2002 Christy Schnell, 1996 Kristen Schreiner, 1994 Megan Schrimsher, 2008 William Schutz, 2010 Peter Scott, 1993 Jessica Shaffer, 2006 Monica Shaw, 2003 Robbie Sheehan, 1998 Bridget Sherer, 2002 Marissa Sherer, 2004 Lori Shreve, 2003 Casey Slattery, 2000 Aundrea Smith, 1999 Stacia Smith, 2010 Jeff Soller, 2008 John Sontag, 2009 Tori Spencer, 2009 Jessica Stawick, 2004 Samantha Stempky, 2009 Katie Stergar, 2009 Colleen Stimpson, 2009 Sarah Stockton, 2011 Rachel St. Louis, 2008 Christopher Strack, 1998 Phil Strack, 1996 Shannon Strange, 1998 Shannon Strevels, 2010 David Shrieve, 2000 Brian Stroup, 1996 Jill Suesz, 1998 Crystal Tackett, 2000 Kim Tackett, 2006 Emily Taylor, 2009 Jenny Thibo, 1992

David Tilly, 2012

Jeff Traylor, 2001 Lauren Traylor, 2002 Stacy Traylor, 2005 Michael Tully, 1993 T.J. Van Cleave, 2007

Carolina Villegas, 2012 Marissa Walker, 2007 Katie Wallace, 2001 Molly Wallace, 2003 Jessica Wallpe, 2003 Kiersten Walters, 2010 Adam Ward, 2009 Gretchen Ward, 2008 John Watson, 1992 Sarah Watson, 1997 Julie Watts, 1992 Alicia Weisenbach, 1999 Christine Weisenbach, 2000 Kayla Weisenbach, 2010 Clare Welch, 2011 Angela Werle, 2005 Kylee Westerman, 2001 Anna Whitaker, 2004 Michael, Wiegand, 2010

Kevin Wissler, 2012 Joe Witchger, 2011 Dana Wood, 1998 Byron Woods, 2009

Audree Zabel, 2012

Chris Zabriskie, 2007 Laura Zetzl, 2010

Kathryn Zielinski, 2012

Volunteer Award Recipients Bill Abbott, 1997 Nancy Abbott, 1986 Patricia Abbott, 1999 Kathy Able, 1996 Mrs. Jack Ackerman, 1977 James Adams, 2003 Mrs. H. Bates Adamson, 1971 Mark Adamson, 1991 H. Bates Adamson, 1970 Becky Adolay, 1990 Sam Agresta, 1995 Anthony J. Agresta, 1991 W. Gary Ahlrichs, 1979 Urban J. Albright, 1978 Donald A. Aldering, 1970 Mary Aldridge, 1987 Joseph P. Alerding, 1985 Miss Ann Alerding, 1979 Mike Alhand, 1990

Jackie Allard, 2012 Mitch Allard, 2012

Daniel G. Allen, 1984 David Allen, 2004 Jimmie Allen, 1998 Edwin J. Ancelet, 1991 Marc R. Ancelet, 1984 James Ancelet, 1978 Robert W. Anderson, 1981 Kate Andrews, 2002 Joseph M. Annee, 1980 Louis C. Annee, Jr., 1980 Mrs. Ann Arbuckle, 1981 Ali Archer, 2002 Susan M. Archer, 1994 Denise Ardery, 2000 Jim Ardery, 2000 Tony Ardizzone, 2003 Donald Armborst, 1976 Robert Armbruster, 1975 Philip A. Armbruster, 1983 Michael V. Armour, 1983 Bennie L. Arney, 1982 Michael Arnould, 2011 Jane Asher, 2009 Rick Asher, 2004 J.E. (Lou) Atkinson, 1971 Mrs. J. E. Atkinson, 1970 Sue Aton, 1990 Thomas L. Axon, 1988 Gene Ayres, 1984 Paul Ayers, 2001 Mary Alice Bachus, 2009 Robert H. Bader, 1991 David Bailey, 1998 John A. Bailey, 1972 Marigrace Bailey, 1997 Larry A. Bakeis, 1970 William Bakemeyer, 1985 Hugh G. Baker, 1972 Boyce Baldwin, 1995 Duard D. Ballard, 1972 John Bannister, 2003 Mrs. Marilyn Bardon, 1983 John D. Bardon, 1984 Thomas Barnhill, 2007 John Barnett, 2003 Tim Barnett, 1999 Garland Barr, 1978 Debra E. Barrett, 1986 Joan Bartley, 1999 Steve Battiato, 2010 Phil Bastnagel, 2010 Dan Bauer, 2011

Joe Bauer, 2012

Mrs. Joseph Bauman, 1976 Diana Bauman, 1996 Stephen R. Beck, 1978 Larry S. Beckham, 1987 Jeff Beckley, 2002 Bill Bedwell, 1997 Calvin Bembry, 2004 Chris Bender, 2010 Mrs. Louis J. Benedict, 1974 Miss Providence Benedict, 1971 Joe Benjamin, 2011 Gregg Bennett, 2010 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Benton, 1970

Ann Berkemeier, 1997 Art Berkemeier, 1997 Mr. & Mrs. George Berry, 1976 Terri Bertrang, 2008 Mark Best, 2003 Tim Bewsey, 2003 Joseph G. Bill, Jr., 1982 Edward E. Billman, 1982 George M. Bindner, 1978 Mary Bindner, 1973 Mrs. Donald T. Bissell, 1970 Paula A. Bittelmeyer, 1995 Ken Blackwell, 2004 William M. Blake, 1983 Mark Bohnert, 1996 Jim Boles, 2003 Terri Bolles, 1996 Mrs. Vern J. Booher, 1971 James Borgman, 1976 Robert W. Bossom, Jr., 1984 Jeff Bourquin, 1993 Marisue Bow, 2003 Kevin Bower, 2005 Terry Bower, 2010 Harold Bowling, 2003 Michael Bowman, 1977 Walter (Butch) Bowman, 1977 Dolores Boyce, 1980 Carol Boyle, 1980 Arthur A. Boyle, 1986 Pamela Brake, 1995 Leo Brandon, 1980 Roger Branigan, 1993 Rita M. Branson, 1983 Andy Bratton, 2008 Mike Braun, 1992 Tim Brazill, 2006 Pam Breedlove, 2010 Joseph F. Breen, 1982

Jim Brennan, 2012

Ted B. Brindle, 1981 Debbie Broderick, 2002 Patty A. Broderick, 1990 Mark C. Broderick, 1990 Mike Brown, 2004 Michael Brown, 2009 William B. Bruno, 1971 Clifford C. Bryant, 1972 Henry Bryant, 2005 Jeff Buckley, 2002 Albert J. Buennagel, 1977 Dick Buergler, 1997 C. Joseph Bullock, 1971 Thomas S. Bullock, 1971 Dean Burger, 2004 Paul Burger, 2006 Mrs. T. Ailbe Burke, 1972 Joyce Burke, 2002 Steve Burke, 2001 Thomas P. Burke, 1985 Mary Jane Burns, 2008 Garry Busald, 2004 Anthony Buschman, 2011 John Bush II, 2006 Russell Bybee, 1989 Kathy Caito, 1994 Anthony Caito, 1986 William F. Calhoun, 1970 Peggy O’Connor Campbell, 1988 Mrs. Walter Campbell, 1972 John F. Cangany, 1970 Larry Canterbury, 2011 Marianne Cappel, 2002 Paul Cappel, 2002 Jack E. Carey, 1977 Angelo J. Carnaghi, 1972 Michael A. Carroll, 1983 Edward Carson, 2006 kent Carson, 2009 G. William Carver, 1982 Robert Carver, 1996 David J. Caskey, 1983 Cathy Cassell, 1976 David L. Cassidy, 1979 David M. Cates, 1981 Thomas J. Catton, 1973 Braden Chandler, 1980

Monsignor Albert Busald Award

James Richard Chase, 1979 Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Chrapla, 1972 Nicholas G. Christoff, 1979 Kathie Church, 1986 Cathy Ciresi, 2009 Thomas M. Cisco, 1974 Wallace L. Clapp, Jr., 1973 Miss L. Geneva Clark, 1973 Bert H. Clausson, 1983 Mike Cleary, 1992 Sandy Clegg, 2007 Steve Clegg, 2011 Michael W. Clements, 1983 Robert H. Clouse, 1974

Mike Cmehil, 2012 Bill Cobb, 1994 William E. Cobb, 1973

Patrick Collier, 2012

Michele A. Collins, 1993 Walton A. Collins, 1972 John J. Collins, 1981 William R. Commons, 1972 John V. Commons, Jr., 1974 Charles R. Compton, 1980 Derry Condon, 1992 Robert A. Conway, 1983 Bruce Cook, 2000 Gary Cook, 2008 Laura Cook, 2000 James Cook, 2000 Sydney P. Cook, 1979 Tom Corbett, 2010 Dan Corsaro, 2002 Dan Corsaro, 2008 Paul J. Corsaro, 1979 Eva L. Corsaro, 1977 Kevin Corsaro, 1989 Tony Corsaro, 1992 Peter N. Corsaro, 1984 Frances Corsaro, 1985 Anthony P. Corsaro, Jr., 1972 Jerry Cosby, 1976 Daniel P. Costello, 1983 Mrs. Frank Countryman, 1972 John L. Courter, 1979 Clay Courtney, 2006 J. Jerome Craney, 1982 Stephen Crays, 1996 Joe Cripe, 2009 Tim Crissman, 2010 Dennis Cromwell, 2002 Steve Crossen, 2003 Michael J. Croswell, 1987 Barbara Crump, 1985 Rozanne Crump, 2008 David P. Cullom, 1991 Warren Culpepper, 1994 Lani Cummings, 1997 Roger Cummings, 1997 Greg Cunningham, 2007 Thomas R. Cunningham, 1981 Scott Curren, 2005 Tony Curry, 1994 James Curtis, 1978 Herman “Buck” Dailey, 1976 Jennifer Daily, 1999 Jeff Dakin, 1983 Norman Thomas Dale, 1982 Mrs. Daniel J. Daly, 1971 Mrs. Richard J. Darragh, 1973 Richard G. Darragh, 1987 JoAnn Davis, 1991 James “Greg” Davis, 1987 Mimi Davis, 2007 Miss Diane L. Davis, 1983 Dennis Davis, 1993 John J. Day, 1971 Kevin Day, 2011 Dan Deak, 2011 Paul S. Deak, 1978 Thomas L. Deal, 1973 Ruth Dean, 1992 Donald A. Dean, 1975 Terry DeBruhl, 1997 Charles B. Deck, 1983 Pam Dedinsky, 2006

Janet Deery, 2012

Jerry Deery, 2000 Joann Deery, 1994 Karen Deery, 1988 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Deery, 1974 Terrance Deery, 1984 Daniel T. DeFabis, 1986 Jerry DeFabis, 1981 Carolyn DeHoff, 1979 Robert DeHoff, 1978 Edward J. Deikhoff, Jr., 1974 Robert Delagrange, 1980 Dennis M. Dellinger, 1990 Charles R. Dennis, 1970 Talbott W. Denny, 1972 Larry Denzio, 1993 Patrick J. Devine, 1975 Herbert Devore, 1977 James M. Dezelan, 1973 John P. Dickey, 1974 Jeff Diefenbach, 2009 Shirley Diefenbach, 2004 George E. Diehl, 1973 Robert E. Dietrick, 1971 James A. Dilger, 1971 C. Larry Dillman, 1972 Cathy Dillman, 1995 Gene Dillon, 2007 Michael T. Dillon, 1983 Liz Dininger, 2011 Theresa Well-Ditton, 2008 Linda Dobrota, 1985 Barbara Doerr, 1981

Darrell Dolan, 2012

Edward J. Domnick, 1984 Joseph T. Donohue, 1982 Kevin E. Dooley, 1981 Jim Dossman, 2000 Dan Doucleff, 1990 Karen Downer, 1994 Joseph P. Doyle, 1993 Dennis A. Doyle, 1982 Rob Doyle, 2003 Dan Dugan, 2003 Marty Dugan, 2006 Robert Dugan, 1977 Keith A. Duncan, 1989 Maureen Dunn, 1982 Gilbert Durham, 1986 George Dury, 2008 John Dury, 2009 Theresa Dury, 2011 Rexford C. Early, 1973 Mrs. John J. Easley, 1974

Stacy Eaton, 2012

Tom Eckerle, 1992 Tim Eckhart, 1992 Bill Eckrich, 2011 John Edson, 1991 Waymon Edwards, 1988 Thomas M. Egan, 1989 Angie Egan, 1994 Thomas A. Egold, 1979 Robert H. Eichholtz, 1973 Robert M. Elkins, 1981 Joan M. Ellis, 1995

Brad Elson, 2012 Brian Elson, 2012

Mrs. John Ely, 1978 Mrs. Henry K. Engel, 1973 Richard K. Engel, 1986 Alan R. English, 1974 Michael English, 2005 James Erlenbaugh, 2004 John Ernst, 2010 Charles R. Esamann, 1971 Dr. Frederick H. Evans, 1973 Alex Faenzi, Sr., 1980 John R. Fagan, 1981 Patrick R. Fagan, 1995 Roscoe H. Fanning, 1970 William A. Farney, 1972 George Farra, 2010 Helen Farrell, 1980 Bain Farris, 1998 Kyle R. Fath, 1986 Fred C. Fath, 1970 Gina Faurote, 2005


Charlie Feeney, 2007 Kris Feldhake, 2009 Debbie Feltman, 2004 David A. Felts, 1982 Mark R. Felts, 1974 Mrs. David Felts, 1977 Arnold Feltz, 1988 Tom Ferguson, 2007 William J. Feribach, 1979 Marni Fey, 2009 Edward Fillenwarth, Jr., 1976 Catherine A. Fischer, 1986 John Fischer, 1988 Keith Fisher, 2008 Ed Fitzgerald, 2003 John Fitzgerald, 1992

Patty Haggard, 1997 Mary Kay Hahn, 1993 Nancy Haigerty, 1982 Larry Halbig, 1987 Mr. & Mrs. Milton Hale, 1981 John Thomas Hall, 1970 John P. Hall, 1984 Donna L. Hall, 1991 Rod Hall, 2009 Mary Lou Halvorson, 1982 Tom Hammond, 2008 William J. Hammond, 1979 Lenora Hancock, 1994 Eugene F. Hannefey, 1970 Peggy Hannigan, 1996 James M. Hannon, 1974

Pat Fitzgerald, 1992 James Flanagan, 1998 Andy Flickner, 1999 Jennifer Flickner, 1999 John W. Flynn, 1978 John Flynn, 2000 Gerald B. Forsee, 1980 Ronald Fosnot, 1986 Mark W. France, 1982 Dan Frederick, 1997 Debbie Freije, 1994 Ed Freije, 1995 Ed Frye, 2010 Mary Fuller, 2011 Raymond C. Fuller, 1971 Robert L. Funke, 1987 Mike Gabbei, 2002 Miss Judy A. Gabonay, 1974 George B. Gaffney, 1983 Steven A. Gaither, 1995 Mrs. Richard M. Gale, 1974 Richard K. Gale, 1993 Edward F. Gallagher, 1971 Richard P. Gallamore, 1979 John E. Gannon, 1978 Karen Gardner, 2006 Leslie Lynn Garr, 1988 Anthony E. Garr, 1978 Larry Gates, 1999 Robert J. Gates, 1972 Edward J. Gaughan, 1973 Shannon Gaughan-Kelly, 2009 Joseph Gault, 1996 Ralph E. Geier, 1971 Mary Clare Gibbs, 1983 Charles D. Giddons, 1979 Kenneth M. Gillum, 1974 Frank J. Giorgianni, 1979 Edward Franklin Glidden, 1980 David Goddard, 1998 Donna Goebes, 1992 Clarence Golden, 2006 Rob Goldner, 2004 Thomas V. Goldsby, 1979 Paul Goode, 1994 Gerald J. Gootee, 1978

John Hansberry, 1997 James E. (Mo) Haralson, 1984 Daniel W. Harbor, 1980 John P. Harbor, 1994 Stacey Harbor, 1998 Judy Harkness, 1983 Jerald Harkness, 1998 Jerry Harkness, 1981 Randal E. Harnish, 1975 Patrick J. Harper, 1986 Theresa Harpold, 1997 Kenneth Harrell, 1970 Dan Harrington, 1987 Dennis P. Harrington, 1998 Charles J. Hart, 1971 Lawrence F. Hart, 1973 Wilfred A. Hartman, Jr., 1974 Paula Hartzer, 2009 Barbara Hasbrook, 1993 Dr. Charles Hasbrook, 1998 Bob Hasty, 1999 Angela Hawkins, 2000 Marianne Hawkins, 2007 Timothy Hayes, 1975 Tom Hayes, 2008 Steve Heath, 2008 Patty Hebenstreit-Lane,1998 Casey A. Heckman, 1974 George K. Hedrick, 1984 Bill Heidenreich, 1992

Kathy Fitzgerald, 2012

David Gorden, 2012

Lawrence W. Gorton, 1971 Becky Goss, 2003 Michael R. Goss, 1988 Julie A. Gough, 1983 Robert Goyette, 1989 John Grande, 2002 Mr. & Mrs. John L. Grande, 1973 Nathaniel M. Grant, 1980 Clarence Grant, 1970 Roberta Green, 1992 Lewis L. Green, 1979 Jason Greene, 2000 Thomas R. Greer, 1978 Thomas W. Gregg, 1993 Terese Griesemer, 2008 Edward J. Griffin, 1971 John Griffin, 2004 Gordon Grindstaff, 1991 Carole Grindstaff, 1991 Steve Grohovsky, 2001 Concetta Groves, 1990 Joe Gruber, 2001 Joe Guilfoy, 2001 Mark Gumbel, 2007 Trudy Gumbel, 2000 Paul Guynn, 1996 Charles A. Guynn, 1973 Claude E. Hadden, Jr., 1970 Robert J. Hagan, 1972 Thomas Hagan, 1976 David L. Hager, 1970

Bobbie Hanny, 2012

Mary Heisig, 2012

Karl Heisserer, 1997 Donald L. Hemelgarn, 1977

Patrick Henn, 2012

Victor V. Hennessy, 1974 Albert J. Herbertz, 1975 Randy Herrman, 2008 Richard P. Hess, 1984 John Hiatt, 1979 Mrs. Barbara Hickey, 1977 Robert J. Hicks, 1973 Joseph W. Higgs, 1970 David Hill, 2006 Robert L. Hillan, 1973 Robert W. Hillman, 1978 Harlan H. Hinkle, 1983 Robert L. Hoffman, 1971 David A. Hofman, 1983 Mike Hoffman, 2006 Eric Hofmeister, 1999 Mrs. Fred Hofmeister, 1977 Frank W. Hogan, 1984 Darryel L. Holland, 1983 William P. Holmes, 1970 John Hornberger, 1991 Tim Horty, 2000 Barry Howard, 1998 Louis W. Howe, 1970 Kathy Hubert, 2011 Gregory Huck, 1979 Ed Huck, 1994 John L. Hudgins, 1983 Earl W. Huffman, 1987 Maria Hughes, 2011 Brian Hunt, 2005 Ty Hunt, 2004 Jeri Huntington, 2011 Joseph B. Hurley, 1994 Bill Hurrle, 1999 David Hurrle, 1990 Terry Hutchins, 2008 John W. Hutt, 1980 Mrs. Anna Hutt, 1977 Jack A. Illingworth, 1970 Phil Isbell, 2001 Joan Jacobs, 2001 Larry G. Jacobs, 1986 Patricia Jacobs, 1986

Volunteer Award Recipients

Monsignor Albert Busald Award John M. Jaffee, 1993 Susan James, 1986 Frank V. James, 1976 Ralph J. Jansen, 1972 Paul A. Jardina, Jr., 1972 Nick Jarnagin, 2009 James E. Jenks, 1975 Mrs. James E. Jenks, 1973 Paul Jennings, 2007 Jill Jockish, 1988 Christopher Jockish, 1988 Kathleen Johnson, 1987 Mary Johnson, 2005 Nancy Johnson, 1998 Ray L. Johnson, 1978 William E. Johnson, 1983 Miss Deborah H. Johnson, 1983 Sharon Johnson, 1982 Miss Catherine Jones, 1972 Matthew “Jack” Jones, 1988 Jerry Jones, 1995 Carolyn Jones, 1994 Phillip M. Jones, 1981 Michael Joseph, 1988 Thomas A. Joyce, 1973 Mr. & Mrs. James Jung, 1982 G. Edward Kaake, 1984 James Kahl, 1979 Kathy J. Kantner, 1975 Mary E. Kantner, 1975 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Kaster, 1971 Richard W. Kattau, 1970 John L. Kavanaugh, 1983

Kiernan Keating, 2012

Teresa Keith, 2005 Rex A. Keitz, 1980 Roy Keller, 1992 Joe Kelley, 2008 Lisa Kelley, 2002 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kennedy, 1971 Gary W. Kennedy, 1983 Dr. David B. Kenney, 1977 Colleen Kenney, 1995 Paul J. Kervan, 1991 John Kesterson, 1975 Kathy Keyler, 1996 Charles R. Kidwell, 1975 Richard Kidwell, 2000 Karen Kiefer, 1989 James Kiefer, 1989 Kevin Kieffer, 2009 Leo Kiemeyer, 1977 Mike Kiefer, 2001 Molly Kilbane, 2010 Pat Kilbane, 2010 George L. Killinger, 1974 Janie Killion, 1980 Stephen R. Kin, 1972 Cathy King, 2001 Mike King, 2008 Philip A. King, 1991 Mrs. & Mrs. Richard Kingsbury, 1974 Julie Ann Kingsley, 1990 Charles Kinley, 1976 Richard L. Kirch, 1976 Michael Kirk, 1986 Jeff Kirkhoff, 2004 Robert E. Kirkhoff, 1971 Maurice C. Kiser, 1973 John Kistner, 2006 Karen Klee, 1982 Olin G. Klein, 1974 Peggy Kline, 2001 Rita Kluemper, 1987 Ed Knoop, 1999 Jerry Kocher, 2006 Benedict T. Koebel, 1973 Justine Koeberlein, 1987 Michael C. Koers, 1982 Mark Kolbus, 1996 Wayne A. Kolbus, 1983 Gerald A. Konrad, 1989 Patty Koors, 2007 Angelo A. Kostas, 1985 Bob Korson, 2001 James Kozinski, 2007 R. Mark Kramer, 1984 Mrs. William J. Krier, 1971 Terry Kriner, 1996 Dan Kuhn, 2006 John M. Kuhn, 1973 Larry Kunkel, 2006 Joe Kuntz, 2011 Theordore H. Labus, 1973 Albert F. Lahrman, 1972

Al Landers, 1988 Mrs. William Lannan, 1972 Mrs. Barbara Larson, 1977 Gary LaSalle, 1990 Charles B. Lauck, 1989 Jim Lauck, 2010 Colleen Laughlin, 2000 Mrs. James P. Lawson, 1973 Ray Lawson, 2011 F. L. (Mike) Layden, 1973 John E. Leahy, 1980 Thomas C. LeBeau, 1985 Mark E. Lee, 1982 Larry Lee, 1999 Mr. & Mrs. Larry Lee, 1975 Mrs. Michael Lee, 1970 John Leemhuis, 2008 Mrs. Lewis Leffler, 1975 Gus Legeay, 2003 Eugene J. Leigibel, 1979 Frederick L. Lekse, 1980 Thomas E. Lenahan, 1984 Leo A. Leonard, 1987 Larry Leonhardt, 2005 Rick Leppert, 2003 William M. Levandoski, 1981 Richard Levins, 1987 Mike Lewinski, 2005 Mark Liegibel, 2007 John Linneman, 1989 Janet Linville, 1984 James E. Litzelman, 1979 Beth Lockridge, 2002 J. David Loner, 1983 Kevin D. Long, 1985 James J. Louzon, 1971 John B. Love, 1974 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Luckett, 1982 Alfred R. Lutgring, 1983 Dan Lutgring, 1998 Janette Lynch, 2006 Mrs. Waring L. Lynch, 1972 Robert M. Lynch, 1972 Mrs. William F. Lynch, 1973 Debby MacCalley, 2004 Sue MacGill, 2004 Jim Mackell, 1997 Brian Madden, 2003 Carol Madden, 2008 Jim Mahin, 1993 Michael A. Maio, 1979 Lori Malander, 2000 Pete Malm, 2001 Edward Malone, 2001

Lynda Manley, 2012 Frank Marino, 2001 Matt Marino, 2004 Dan Mark, 2008 Donald Marlett, 1976 Stephanie Marr, 2007 Cathy Marsh, 1984

Victoria Marshall, 2012 James Marsischky, 1986 Charles C. Martell, 1970 Mrs. P. G. Martich, 1972 Keith Martin, 2010 Melissa Mates, 1984 Michael G. Mates, 1989 Becky Mathauer, 1999 Jim Matis, 2006 Joseph W. Matis, 1971 Joseph Matis, 1998 Jenny Matthews, 1988 Pam Matthews, 1999 Robert J. Matthews, 1986 Tony Matthews, 1996 Raymond Mattingly, 1975 Tom Mattingly, 2010 Earl K. Mattox, 1973 Cindy Maude, 1994 David Maurer, 1984 Thomas McAndrews, 1996 Richard McCall, 1975 Miss Rosie McCann, 1972 Tim McCarthy, 2009 John B. McCaslin, 1973 Stephen J. McCaslin, 1985 Michael J. McCaslin, 1982 Carl McClelland, 1994 Mark McConahay, 2001 James McCoy, 1998 Michael McCoy, 1976

Patrick McCune, 2012 Judy A. McFadden, 1985 Lori McFarland, 1991

James M. McGinley, 1970 Tim McLaughlin, 2010 James J. McGovern, 1973 Hugh B. McGowan, 1986 Timothy McGrath, 1996 Stephen D. McGrew, 1984 Joseph T. McGuire, Jr., 1976 Mark McGuire, 2010 James McHugh, 1996 Mike McHugh, 2001 Michael F. McHugh, 1972 Miss Margaret McHugh, 1986 James B. McKenzie, 1974 Patrick J. McMahon, 1983 F. Daniel McMillan, 1990 Angie McNelis, 2006 Mike McNelis, 2005 Clifford W. McNicholl, 1972 Miss Nancy C. McNulty, 1974 James McNulty, 1996 Tom McNulty, 2011 Robert P. McQuinn, 1970 Christopher Meehan, 1975 Kenneth J. Meier, 1989 Frank L. Meier, 1976 James Meiner, 2004 Thomas J. Meiner, 1988 Bob Meiners, 2004 Ivy Menken, 1988 James M. Mescall, 1980 Mike Meskis, 2010 Raymond L. Meunier, 1974 Bryon P. Meunier, 1995 Devin L. Meunier, 1979 Mark Meunier, 2007 Miss Theresa M. Meunier, 1982 Vincent A. Meunier, 1985

Jack Meyer, 2012

Jeffrey A. Meyer, 1985 Edward Meyer, 1978 William F. Michaelis, 1971 James J. Michales, 1980 John Philip Mick, II, 1977 John A. Miller, 1994 Max E. Miller, 1973 Mrs. Max Miller, 1977 Scott Miller, 2006 Thomas & Kathleen Miller, 1979 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Miller, 1971 Joe Minatel, 1987 Thomas J. Mitchell, 1972 Robert A. Mohr, 1975 Mrs. Robert A. Mohr, 1976 Sheila Monfreda, 1981 Wayne L. Monson, 1989 Chris Montgomery, 2008 Tawanna Montgomery, 1996 Mark Moorman, 1994 Thomas V. Moorman, 1983 Mrs. William Moorman, 1975 Frank X. Moosbrugger, 1984 Mary Francis Moran, 1980 Gary Moran, 1991 Mary Moran, 1981 Charles P. (Pat) Moran, 1973 James T. Morris, 1979 Thomas E. Morris, 1975 Victor H. Morrison, 1970 Joseph A. Morrison, 1971 John F. Mulhern, 1971 John W. Mullin, 1984 Jackie Murphy, 2006 Kevin Murphy, 1998 Mike Murphy, 2006 Pat Murphy, 2005 William R. Murphy, 1980 Jerry Murrell, 1999 John E. Murt, 1971 Richard J. Music, 1979 Diane Music, 1980 Michael A. Myers, 1986 William A. Myers, Jr., 1982 P. Gerald Naaman, 1983 Thomas K. Nash, 1995 Mrs. Joseph Neff, 1979 Bill Nester, 2005 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nester, 1982

Dave Reitz, 2002 Pete Schroeder, 2002 Edward Neu, 1984 Daniel Renihan, 1977 Robert E. Schroeder, 1989 Chris Newett, 2000 Ronald L. Rennier, 1984 Stan Schutz, 2007 John J. Niehaus, 1973 Steve Rettig, 2007 Theresa Schutzman, 2002 Nelson J. Nix, 1982 William L. Reuter, 1971 Charles R. Scott, 1991 E. Randolph Noel, 1970 Eric Rhiver, 2005 John E. Scott, 1972 Jeffrey N. Noel, 1988 Donald R. Richardson, 1970 Edward Seib, 1996 Mrs. E. Randolph Noel, 1978 James T. Richardson, 1979 Joan Sells, 1988 Michael S. Noone, 1983 James A. Richardson, 1971 Paul Sergi, 2008 Tim Northcutt, 2001 Raymond J. Ries, 1970 Judy Shackelford, 1984 Jeanne Norton, 1998 Robert J. Ripperger, 1973 Bob Shackleford, 1994 Jim Norton, 1999 Mrs. Anita Risch, 1975 Lawrence Shackleford, 1980 William J. Norton, Jr., 1970 Becky S. Risley, 1991 John Shank, 1992 Albert M. Novotny, 1972 Chris Rito, 1997 David L. Sharp, 1985 Mrs. Marie Novotny, 1976 Mrs. Joseph Ritter, 1975 Joseph H. Shaw, 1978 Mrs. Carol Nungester, 1971 Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ritzi, 1982 Elaine Shaw, 1980 Burch Nunley, 1991 Chris Roberts, 2009 Lydia Shaw, 1998 Francis “Bud” Nye, 1975 Nancy Roberts, 1984 Frank J. Shea, 1988 Mark Oakley, 2002 Thomas M. Roberts, 1988 Miss Patricia Shea, 1979 Bernard F. O’Brien, 1984 Robert L. Roberts, 1984 Miss Margaret Shea, 1979 Kerry F. O’Brien, 1994 William D. Roberts, 1983 Mrs. Joseph F. Shea, 1972 Berton W. O’Bryan, 1984 Doug Robinson, 2006 Jeremiah D. Sheehan, 1981 Earl F. O’Connor, 1982 Robert C. Robisch, 1971 Sandi Scheetz, 1980 Nancy O’Connor, 1987 Alexander H. Rodger, 1978 Connie Shelburn, 2001 Charles A. O’Donnell, 1982 Terance A. Rodgers, 1982 Michael R. Shelburn, 1983 James O’Donnell, 1993 Miss Claire Roembke, 1986 Joseph Schembra, 1998 John O’Donnell, 2007 Miss Carol Roembke, 1986 Tony Schmoll, 2003 Jeanne M. O’Gara, 1987 Ray Roembke, 1997 Peggy Shockley, 1987 Tom O’Gara, 2009 James C. Rolles, 1976 Larry Shuman, 1978 Mike O’Maley, 2008 Lee Roseman, 1993 Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Sifferlin, 1971 Rita O’Malia, 1987 Rick Rosner, 2003 L. Michael Sifferlin, 1984 John E. Ockomon, 1979 John M. Ross, 1986 William Silvey, 1996 John P. Oechsle, 1970 Jack Rossman, 2001 Alan B. Simmons, 1989 Thomas M. Okerson, 1984 Lanny Rossman, 1990 Julie Simpkiss, 1992 Gene A. Oskay, 1990 Paul Rossman, 2006 Andy Smith, 2009 Gerald Ostrum, 2007 Paula Rossman, 1984 Eugene R. Smith, 1985 Cecelia Owens, 2010 Morand A. (Toney) Roth, 1972 Francis L. Smith, 1981 James A. Padgett, 1981 Ken Rowe, 2002 Herbert W. Smith, 1991 Kevin Padgett, 2004 Kathleen Rozens, 1999 Kurt Smith, 2007 James Page, 1990 Susan Ruhana, 2009 Larry D. Smith, 1995 Ann P. Papesh, 1991 David J. Ruhmkorff, 1984 Pat Smith, 2006 Sherry Pappas, 1999 Bill Rumley, 2011 Patricia A. Smith, 1987 Diana R. Parham, 1984 Thomas Rusler, 1976 Mike Smitha, 1992 Robert W. Patterson, 1974 Nancy Russell, 1980 Mark E. Snell, 1973 Geri Pearson, 1993 G. Richard Russell, 1974 Robert W. Snyder, 1972 Julian Peebles, 1986 Edmond Russell, 1979 Jack R. Snyder, 1982 Joseph J. Pendick, 1990 Linda Ryan, 1980 Susie Sokol, 2005 Greg Perkins, 1992 Ed Sahm, 2006 Pat Soller, 2002 Debbie A. Perkins, 1995 John Sahm, 2002 James P. Sommers, 1978 Mary Jo Perkins, 1985 Victor J. Sahm, 1972 Dennis L. Southerland, 1983 Mrs. James R. Perry, 1972 Paul Salvage, 1977 Tom Spalding, 1999 David Petroff, 1993 Terry Sangl, 2002 Patricia A. Spellacy, 1988 Peggy Pfau, 1988 Thomas F. Spellacy, 1972 Miss Theresa Pfau, 1979 Joe Schaefer, 2012 Marlene Speth, 1980 William Pfeifer, 1980 John A. Schaefer, 1984 Donna Spicer, 2001 Joe Phillips, 1992 Mary Kay Schaefer, 1999 Scott Spiegel, 1991 John Phillips, 2003 Paula M. Schaefer, 1988 Phil Squier, 2011 Kathy Phillips, 2003 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Schaefer, 1985 Fred D. Staggs, III, 1974 Mrs. Robert J. Pich, 1974 William E. Schaefer, 1971 Michael Stahl, 1996 Daniel J. Pierle, 1990 Neil Schafer, 2012 Rosie Stahley, 1991 Carol Pitzer, 1999 James A. Scharfenberger, 1973 Mari Jo Stallings, 2005 Pat Plasters, 2001 John J. Schattner, 1972 Charles J. Pluchar, 1971 Mrs. Joseph Schaub, 1979 Timothy M. Stapleton, 1982 Jim Stark, 2005 Edward W. Pluckebaum, 1989 Mrs. Irwin Scheib, 1976 Mark Steinmetz, 2010 Steve Pluckebaum, 2000 Larry Schembra, 1999 Dr. & Mrs. Ed Steinmetz, 1978 Mr. & Mrs. Edwin M. Presnal, 1975 Joseph K. Schiewer William F. Stewart, 1981 Mike Prestel, 1993 Deanne Schilling, 2002 David F. Stewart, 1983 Bernadette M. Price, 1987 Charles J. Schisla, 1978 Amy Stimpson, 2005 Cindy Price, 1995 Elaine Schloegl, 2002 Bob Stimpson, 2009 Douglas J. Price, 1990 G. Larry Schmalz, 1989 James B. Stockdale, 1995 Doug Prieshoff, 1994 Randy Schmidt, 2011 Dede Stomoff, 1998 Phillip P. Prieshoff, 1974 Mary Schmoll, 1999 Michael Stomoff, 1998 William Pruitt, 1976 Tony Schmoll, 2003 Toni Stoner, 1989 Doris Purichia, 1987 Francis H. Schmutte, 1970 Eugene Strack, 1975 Joe Purichia, 2010 Nicholas G. Schmutte, 1980 Terry Strange, 1988 James A. Putnam, 1986 Burke Schneider, 2006 John Strauss, 1999 Timothy P. Queisser, 1986 Patrick D. Schneider, 1991 William P. Quigley, 1972 Mrs. George A. Schnieders, 1972 Rosanne Strevels, 1992 Toni Stuhldreher, 1980 Francis B. Quinn, 1974 Paul J. Schnieders, 1982 Jess Stump, 2003 Pete Quinn, 2003 David J. Schnieders, 1981 Peter W. Quinn, 1976 Mr. & Mrs. Major Schnieders, 1984 Beth Sullivan, 2008 D. Stephen Sullivan, 1979 Michael S. Raia, 1988 Butch Schoettle, 1995 Hugh R. Sullivan, Jr., 1974 Joseph Ransel, 1981 John Schoettle, 2010 Jim Rea, 2000 Mike Schoettle, 1991 John Sullivan, 2012 Gerald Redfern, 1977 Charles E. Schooley, 1973 Kevin J. Sullivan, 1984 Thomas F. Redmond, 1970 Joseph A. Schott, 1974 Mike Sullivan, 1997 Mary Jo Reed, 2007 Bernie Schrader, 1992 Pat Sullivan, 2007 Steven H. Reilly, 1982 Lisa Patrick Schroeder, 1989 Carl Summers, 1978


Volunteer Award Recipients Liz Turner-Suscha, 2010 Bob Susemichel, 2006 Frank S. Svarczkopf, 1975 Vicki Swadner, 1992 Kevin Sweeney, 1997 Terry P. Sweeney, 1989 Rosie Swiezy, 1982 Andrew J. Swiezy, 1990 Jacqueline J. Swihart, 1995 Doug Sylvester, 2001 Crystal Tackett, 2008 Robert R. Taetsch, 1980 Joseph Tarpey, 1976 Chris Taylor, 2007 Thomas H. Taylor, 1979 Jeff Taylor, 2000 Mrs. Ruthe O. Tender, 1970

Miss Alyce L. Tender, 1972 Wayne Terry, 1977 Philip M. Thoben, 1993 Celeste Thompson, 1993 William D. Thompson, 1985 Fred Thorman, 1976 Patrick Timpe, 2004 Denise A. Tobin, 1995 James M. Tolin, 1970 Larry Toney, 1979 Stanley R. Tooley, 1975 Daniel J. Torzewski, 1972 John M. Torzewski, 1983 Ginny L. Tracy, 1990 Brian Treece, 2000 James A. Trefry, 1979 Delbert V. Tri, 1973

Monsignor Albert Busald Award

Thomas L. Trimble, 1982 James Edward Troy, 1980 Kenneth Troy, 2010 Jeff Traub, 2006 John Turner, 2004 Richard Turner, 1995 Paul S. Tuttle, 1972

Mike VanMarter, 2012 Jack Vannice, 1986 Lawrence Vendel, 1983 Bill Verhonik, 2000 Cade Verner, 1996 James Vigil, 1997 Carl E. Wagner, 1972 Daniel Wagner, 1997 Keith A. Wagner, 1975 Rick Wagner, 1988

Mr. & Mrs. H. Bates Adamson, 1972 Becky Adolay, 1990 Tony Agresta, 1996 W. Gary Ahlrichs, 1979 Mike Clements, 2006 James Ancelet, 1986 Bill Cobb, 2002 William B. Ansted, Jr., 1964 Nicholas J. Connor, 1965 Ann Arbuckle, 1990 Mrs. Agnes P. Connor, 1954 Donald Armborst, 1988 Eva L. Corsaro, 1979 Mrs. John E. Atkinson, 1970 Paul J. Corsaro, 1984 Bob Bader, 2000 Pete Corsaro, 1992 Larry A. Bakeis, 1974 Anthony P. Corsaro, Jr., 1976 H. Jack Baker, 1970 Mrs. Betty Ann Countryman, 1977 Mrs. Hugh G. Baker, 1969 John L. Courter, 1981 Marilyn Bardon, 1984 Clay Courtney, 2010 John D. Bardon, 1987 Mrs. Virginia Crockett, 1973 Debbie Barrett, 1988 Theresa Crowe, 1992 Joan Bartley, 2010 Thomas R. Cunningham, 1983 Edward R. Bauer, 1955 Jeff Dakin, 1999 Charles H. Bechert, 1957 Tom Dale, 2010 Mrs. Paul T. Benton, 1972 Rick Darraugh, 2005 Gregg Bennett, 2012 Mrs. Richard Darragh, 1976 Greg Davis, 1993 Ann Berkemeier, 2001 Diane Davis, 1991 Joe Bill, 2005 Dennis Davis, 1996 Mr. & Mrs. George Bindner, 1983 John J. Day, 1977 George A. Bischoff, 1956 Jerry Deery, 2009 Donald T. Bissell, 1968 Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Deery, 1976 Paula Bittlemeyer, 2000 Terry Deery, 1990 Mark Bohnert, 2009 Karen Deery, 1994 A. Raymond Bosso, 1968 Jerry DeFabis, 1986 Robert M. Bossom, 1992 Robert P. DeHoff, 1983 Jeff Bourquin, 1998 Joseph M. Delaney, 1959 Harry (Mike) Bowman, 1988 Robert C. Delegrange, 1982 Mrs. L. John Boyce, 1981 Patrick J. Devine, 1978 Miss Marjorie Boyle, 1954 Herbert E. Devore, 1980 Pam Brake, 2004 Joseph F. Dezelan, 1958 Mike Braun, 1997 Joseph Dezelan, 2000 Joe Breen, 1999 Robert J. Dietrick, 1982 Ted Brindle, 2006 C. Larry Dillman, 1974 Patty A. Broderick, 1990 Cathy Dillman, 2001 William B. Bruno, 1975 Michael T. Dillon, 1989 C. Joseph Bullock, 1982 Mr. & Mrs. Bert Dingley, 1954 T. Ailbe Burke, 1965 Robert E. Dinn, 1961 Thomas P. Burke, 1990 Peter L. Donna, 1962 Angelo J. Carnaghi, 1972 Jim Dossman, 2006 Kathy Caito, 2009 Joe Doyle, 1997 Charles P. Carpenter, 1969 Rob Doyle, 2008 Michael A. Carroll, 1984 William K. Drew, 1960 Mrs. Olan Cassell, 1978 Shirley Dreyer, 2005 Thomas Catton, 1977 Robert L. Dugan, 1980 Mrs. Felix A. Chiplis, 1962 Keith A. Duncan, 1989 Harry J. Chrisman, 1967 James Jack Durham, 1964 Nicholas Christoff, 1988 Rexford Early, 1979 Kathie Church, 1989 Tom Egan, 1993 Mike Cleary, 1998

Mrs. Richard Wagner, 1979 Thomas P. Wagner, 1984 Brian Walker, 1976 Rex Walkup, 1988 Kathy Wallace, 1989 Joseph Walsh, 1988 Patrick N. Walsh, 1989 Anthony Walter, 1996 Michael J. Walters, 1989 Tim Walters, 2003 Craig P. Walton, 1990 Gene Wantuck, 2006 Jeanette Warholak, 1996 Jack Warner, 2005

Mike Waters, 2012

Jack Watson, 1997 Susan M. Watson, 1993

Paul J. Weaver, 1970 Paul Weaver, 2007 Joseph M. Weber, 1980 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Weber, Jr., 1973 Nick Wehlage, 2007 Herman R. Wehmeier, 1970 Bernard J. Weimer, 1974 James L. Wells, 1983 Robert F. Wendling, 1972 Paul A. West, 1983 Kylee Westerman, 2001 David J. Wey, 1970 Paul E. Whalen, 1989 C. Thomas White, 1987 Clay White, 2000 Lyle Wilder, 1973 Greg Wilder, 1980 Joseph M. Wiles, 1972 James M. Wilhelm, 1973 Philip J. Wilhelm, 1970 Norman Wilkens, 1975 Jeanne Williams, 1981 Judy Williams, 1983 Norman R. Williams, 1970 Bert D. Williams, 1979

St. John Bosco Award Thomas A. Egold, 1983 Robert H. Eichholtz, 1979 Rev. John P. Elford, 1989 Mrs. Henry K. Engel, 1976 Richard K. Engel, 1991 Mrs. Cecilia Eschenbach, 1959 Leo S. Evans, 1954 Dr. Frederick H. Evans, 1982 William A. Farney, 1974 Fred C. Fath, 1970 Kyle R. Fath, 1991 Francis E. Fiddler, 1964 Edward J. Fillenwarth, Jr., 1977 Edward J. Fillenwarth, Sr., 1954 Kitty Fischer, 1993 John Fitzgerald, 1997 Patrick D. Fitzgerald, 1994 John P. Flanagan, 1968 Eugene E. Flesch, 1965 Gerald B. Forsee, 1984 Joseph M. Fox, 1964 Raymond G. Fuller, Jr., 1973 Charles S. Galbreath, 1955 Rick Gale, 1998 Edward F. Gallagher, 1971 Richard P. Gallamore, 1980 Miss Winifred Galvin, 1954 Anthony E. Garr, 1987 James V. Gavaghan, 1966 Mrs. Joseph Geiman, Jr., 1958 Homer R. Geoffrion, 1958 Rev. Robert Gilday, 2007 Dave Goddard, 2009 Donna Goebes, 1998

Rob Goldner, 2012

Bob Goyette, 2005 John L. Grande, 1980 Nathaniel M. Grant, 1984 Roberta Green, 2000 Thomas R. Greer, 1985 Edward J. Griffin, 1971 Thomas L. Griffin, 1964 Charles A. Guynn, 1974 Miss Rita Guynn, 1962 Mrs. Ruthie Guyton, 1971 Claude E. Hadden, Jr., 1970 Robert J. Hagan, 1974 Mary Kay Hahn, 1996 Phil Hall, 1993 John T. Hall, 1972


Mary Lou Halvorson, 1987 Moe Haralson, 1992 Judy Harkness, 1987 Kenneth Harrell, 1972 John C. Hart, 1965 Larry Hart, 1977 Charles J. Hart, 1975 Chuck Hasbrook, 2008 Bob Hasty, 2007 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Haunss, 1954 Bill Heidenreich, 1998 Karl Heisserer, 2001 Don Hemelgarn, 1997 John Hennessy, 1969 Albert J. Herbertz, 1978 Barbara Hickey, 1991 Robert Hillan, 1978 Robert L. Hoffman, 1973 Barry Howard, 2003 Richard E. Hudson, Jr., 1964 John A. Huser, 1968 Mrs. John (Anna) Hutt, 1982 Joan Jacobs, 2005 Larry G. Jacobs, 1991 Chris Jockish, 2001 Ray L. Johnson, 1981 Catherine D. Jones, 1975 Jerry Jones, 2006 Philip M. Jones, 1985 Mike Joseph, 1999 Thomas A. Joyce, 1975 Mrs. Ronald (Sue) Kaster, 1980 Richard W. Kattau, 1974 Mnsgr Richard Kavanagh, 1989 Thomas R. Keating, 1968 Richard R. Keating, 1966 Ferd L. Keller, 1969 Robert L. Kelley, 1968 Wilfrid T. Kelley, 1967 Colleen Kenney, 2008 Dr. David B. Kenney, 1983 P.J. Kervan, 2007 John K. Kesterson, 1982 Kathy Keyler, 1999 Charles Kidwell, 1977 Karen Kiefer, 1993 Jim Kiefer, 2000 Leo J. Kiemeyer, 1985 George L. Killinger, 1975 Janie Killion, 1988 C.L. Doney King, 1963

John Wilson, 1985 Matthew Withem, 1998 Margie Withem, 1980 Bud Witsken, 1980 Ed Witte, 2009 Karen Woldahl, 2002 Stephen D. Wolkoff, 1980 Scott Wood, 2000 Norman Woodruff, 1983 Anita Woodruff, 1983 Jesse A. Woodruff, 1971 Jack Woodside, 1979 Stephen R. Wright, 1971 Robert N. Wright, 1972 Robert A. Wruble, 1980 Thomas J. Yaggi, 1970 Jason Young, 2011 Richard Youngstafel, Jr., 1983 Karen Yount, 2005 Franklin Zeman, 1986 Norman Zernicke, 1971 Larry Zetzl, 2004 Bernard L. Zimmer, 1976 Tracy Zimmerman, 2001 Tom Zupancic, 2009

Jeff Kirkhoff, 2012 Robert E. Kirkhoff, 1972 Rita Kluemper, 1990 Michael C. Koers, 1989 Mark Kolbus, 2003 Wayne A. Kolbus, 1985 Bob Korson, 2011 Mark Kramer, 1998 Arthur L. Kranzfelder, 1963 William J. Krier, 1967 William F. Kuntz, 1989 Mrs. William F. Kuntz, 1984 Mrs. John (Barb) Larson, 1980 Gary J. LaSalle, 1994 Frank J. Lauck, 1964 Charles B. Lauck, 1991 F.L. Mike Layden, 2004 Thomas C. LeBeau, 1988 Thomas J. Lee, 1963 Larry Leonhardt, 2011 Mike Lewinski, 2010 Albert J. Long, 1958 James J. Louzon, 1975 Paul D. Luedeman, 1966 Edward N. Luman, 1965 Michael A. Maio, 1986 Jim Mahin, 2001 Norbert L. Mappes, 1965 Thomas Mappes, 1997 Donald J. Marietta, 1965 Mrs. Peter Martich, 1974 Mrs. Charles E. Mason, 1955 Melissa Mates, 1992 Joseph W. Matis, 1973 Robert J. Matthews, 1989 Cindy Maude, 2004 Tom McAndrews, 2001 Richard McCall, 1977 John B. McCaslin, 1978 Mike McCaslin, 2004 Dr. C.O. McCormick, Jr., 1969 Michael W. McCoy, 1980 Lori McFarland, 2008 Bernard W. McGinty, 1960 Hugh B. McGowan, 1989 Tim McGrath, 2002 Jim McHugh, 2002 John J. McHugh, 1965 Margee McHugh, 1993 James B. McKenzie, 1976 Frank E. McKinney, 1956 Patrick J. McMahon, 1985 Jim McNulty, 1999 Robert P. McQuinn, 1976

Volunteer Award Recipients

St. John Bosco Award Cont. Mrs. Robert P. McQuinn, 1968 James T. O’Neal, 1962 Frank L. Meier, 1987 Richard U. Obergfell, 1964 Kenneth Meier, 1992 John P. Oechsle, 1972 Jim Meiner, 2010 Mel A. Olvey, 1957 Harry A. Metzger, 1955 Gene Oskay, 1997 Bryon Meunier, 2001 J. Earl Owens, 1954 Raymond L. Meunier, 1980 James Padgett, 1986 Devin Meunier, 1996 Stephen F. Papesh, 1966 Mark Meunier, 2011 Geri Pearson, 1999 Bill Meyers, 2002 Julian T. Peebles, 1987 William F. Michaelis, 1978 Greg Perkins, 2003 George H. Michaelis, 1955 William M. Perry, 1958 John Miller, 2003 Peggy Pfau, 1996 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Miller, 1973 Joe Phillips, 2001 Joseph Minatel, 1996 Paul G. Pitz, 1963 Mr. & Mrs. Rober A. Mohr, 1979 Carol Pitzer, 2007 Raymond J. Monaghan, 1960 Frank W. Pluckebaum, Jr., 1966 Mrs. John (Sheila) Monfreda, 1982 Nancy Prather, 2012 Miss Cecilia Mootz, 1961 Mike Prestle, 1999 Mary Moran, 1985 Bernadette Price, 1990 Paul E. Moxley, 1964 Philip P. Prieshoff, 1981 John E. Murt, 1978 William R. Pruitt, 1988 Richard J. Music, 1982 James A. Putnam, 1994 Don Nester, 2011 James Rea, 2009 Robert A. Nester, 1985 Mrs. Leroy M. Ramsey, 1964 Edward Neu, 1986 Thomas F. Redmond, 1972 Mrs. John Nickel, 1959 Harold H. Reilly, 1963 E. Randolph Noel, 1972 Richard E. Retterer, 1962 Marvin J. Northcutt, 1967 Donald R. Richardson, 1971 William J. Norton, Jr., 1972 James Richardson, 1976 Carol Nungester, 1986 James T. Richardson, 1994 Francis Bud Nye, 1981 Raymond J. Ries, 1972 Bernard E. O’Brien, 1988 Anita Risch, 1994 Tom O’Brien, 2008 Bill Roberts, 2009 John Ockomon, 1997 Nancy Roberts, 1991 David S. O’Connor, 1969 George L. Rodenbaugh, 1957 John C. O’Connor, 1966 Alexander H. Rodger, Jr., 1983 Peggy O’Connor-Campbell, 2001 Carol Roembke, 1992

Raymond J. Roembke, 1968 Frank A. Rogers, 1962 James C. Rolles, 1982 William J. Rosengarten, 1960 Jack Rossman, 2006 Lanny Rossman, 1993 Paula Rossman, 2000 Edmond “Spike” Russell, 1984 Nancy J. Russell, 1990 John Sahm, 2008 William S. Sahm, 1989 Victor J. Sahm, 1981 Joseph F. Schaefer, 1957 Paula Schaefer, 2003 William E. Schaefer, 1971 Charles J. Schaefer, 1957 John Schafer, 1989 James A. Scharfenberger, 1976 Sandi Scheetz, 1981 Joseph K. Schiewer, 1975 Frederick F. Schilling, 1959 Larry Schmalz, 1997 Francis H. Schmutte, 1973 David J. Schnieders, 1984 Major Schnieders, 1991 George A. Schnieders, 1956 Raymond J. Schnorr, 1967 Mike Schoettle, 1993 Joseph Schott, 1979 Pete Schroeder, 2011


Edward J. Schurman, 1956

Stan Schutz, 2012

August W. Seyfried, 1956 Lawrence Shackelford, 1987 Elaine Shaw, 1992 Mrs. Joseph F. Shea, 1973 Frank Shea, 1993 Michael Shelburn, 1986 Leroy M. Silcox, 1958 Miss Doris Smith, 1965 Larry Smith, 2002 Mark E. Snell, 1979 Thomas P. Snyder, 1964 Tom Spalding, 2005 Thomas J. Spellacy, 1975 Robert F. Spitzer, 1961 Fred Staggs, III, 1981 Jess Stump, 2010 Mike Sullivan, 2005

Pat Sullivan, 2012

Carl Summers, 1985 Kevin Sweeney, 2002 Owen C. Sweeney, 1966 Andy Swiey, 2004 Mrs. Anthony J. Swiezy, 1983 Jeff Taylor, 2009 Phil Thoben, 1999 Wayne E. Thompson, 1965 Fred E. Thorman, 1978 Denise Tobin, 2004

James M. Tolin, 1972 Brian Treece, 2007 James E. Troy, 1984 Bob Tully, 2007 Richard Turner, 2006 Jack Vannice, 1996 Carl E. Wagner, 1979 Dan Wagner, 2008 Craig Walton, 2000 Paul J. Weaver, 1970 Mrs. Margaret Weber, 1977 Suzie Wells, 2011 Robert F. Wendling, 1980 Paul Whalen, 1996 C. Thomas White, 1998 Oscar W. White, 1965 Leo “Herb” White, 1965 James W. Wilhelm, 1974 Philip J. Wilhelm, 1970 Francis A. Wilhelm, 1957 J.R. Williams, 1968 Norman R. Williams, 1971 Rev. Jim Wilmoth, 2002 Henry J. Wolff, 1966 Stephen Wolkoff, 2000 Jack Woodside, 1983 Michael Wyciskalla, 1994 Thomas J. Yaggi, 1971 Mr. & Mrs. Larry V. Zapp, 1954 George Zavela, 1967 Mary Zimmerman, 1998

Catholic Youth Organization 580 East Stevens St. Indianapolis, IN 46203-1737


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2011-2012 CYO Annual Report  

Report of all CYO activities for 2011-2012.

2011-2012 CYO Annual Report  

Report of all CYO activities for 2011-2012.