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Guidelines for Using Blogs •

No personal information should be included anywhere in a school-related blog. This includes, but is not limited to, last names, contact information, email addresses, school names, and pictures. This guideline should parallel the school district's policy regarding these matters.

Information and ideas on a school-related blog should be on school-related topics. The rule of thumb is only post what you want the world to know and what you'd be comfortable saying to someone face-to-face. Do not link to personal blogs/journals from school blogs. Doing so may reveal information that you don't want made public or associated with the school blog.

Be respectful at all times. Do not flame or attack another person, organization or idea. You may state your opinion and offer counterpoints, but do so with respect. All writing should be school-appropriate, respectful, and free from harmful, hateful, or offensive language.

Make sure things you write about are factual; be prepared to support your posts with evidence, If you are writing an opinion piece, be sure to make that clear,

Always make sure you check over your post for spelling, grammar and usage errors,

Be aware of your blogging service's rules or "terms of service,"

Be aware of your school district's policy on blogging and appropriate usage.

Get permission from both your administration and your students' parents/guardians if you will be posting photos or videos of students.


Suggestions to students on how to effectively blog.